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Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2016 Classic Box FULL SPOILERS


We have FULL SPOILERS for the Winter 2016 Classic Walmart Beauty Box!


Source: Instagram user mzqbeautiful

There may be variations, but so far each Classic box includes:

Hopefully, we should have full spoilers for the Trendsetter box (Under age 35) soon!

What do you think of the Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2016 spoilers?

(Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.)

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Walmart Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (81)

  1. I’m new to beauty box subscriptions this year.

    I was so excited about the Walmart Winter Classic box. I ordered it on February 9, and I received it February 21.

    Compared to everyone who has responded, my box is definitely lacking. This is what I received:
    Ponds Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream (1.25 oz)

    Curel HydroTherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer (2 oz)

    Tresemme Dry Shampoo (1.15 oz)

    Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Restorative Night Cream (deluxe sample)

    Village Naturals Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak (2 oz)

    L’Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal foil packet (serum was nice, but moisturizer packet was empty)

    $1.50 coupon for Everpro Gray Away

    Okay, I know, it’s only $5. But I really feel disappointed. I definitely won’t be ordering a Walmart Beauty Box again.

  2. I’m late to the party on the Walmart Beauty box! Just got my classic winter box and I am pleasantly surprised! I was afraid that since I subbed so late in the season I’d get leftovers! Lol! Anyhow, here’s what I got: Dove deep moisture body wash, the Curel hydrotherapy moisturizer, the Tresemme dry shampoo, an Aveeno absolutely ageless restorative night cream (which I love!), a full sized LA Colors color last nail polish, Dove advanced hair series foil packet trio, and the L’Oréal age perfect cell renewal packet. This was my first Walmart beauty box and I am pleased 🙂

  3. I got a classic box almost a month ago, because I ordered one. I didn’t see mine processing, so I ordered one and that got shipped asap. Now I finally get my subscription one. It is even better than my first box! I kept reading how people were getting “left overs”, like only foil packs. My box I got today included everything pictured except the foil pack shampoo and conditioner. And in its place, I got a Dove deodorant, AND a deluxe sample of Aveeno restorative night cream. I’m very pleased with this late shipped box 😆

    • Yay,good for you glad you got good stuff

  4. I received the Classic box today. I did not get the Aveeno yogurt lotion or the Dove hair care series. In place of those I got:

    *Aveeno Restorative Night Cream
    *Aveeno Ageless Daily Moisturizer
    I also got:

    *Curel Wet Skin Moisturizer
    *Dove Body Wash
    *Covergirl Mascara
    *Ponds Anti-Wrinkle Cream

    It’s an ok box but it seems like there’s less items than usual. My Trendsetter box still hasn’t shipped.

    • I got the same as you and I agree, it seemed a little “light” than their other boxes. Oh, I tried the ponds tonight, the scent was too strong for me. 🙁

    • You got a great box. I got mine today and only got four items and no mascara or ponds both of which I was looking forward to.

  5. I received my Classic Box today, and here’s my variation:

    Ponds – Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream (1.75 oz pot)
    Covergirl – Lashblash Volume Mascara in Black (0.44 oz full size)
    Aveeno – Restorative Night Cream (0.5 oz tube)
    Aveeno – Daily Moisturizer (0.5 oz tube)
    Curel – HydraThearpy Wet Skin Moisturizer (2 OZ tube)
    Dove – Deep Moisture body wash – Nutrium Moisture (1.8 oz bottle)

    I love my “Old Lady” box! (Have my account set to 30, but I emailed in and requested the Classic Box. I was receiving the Trendsetter and didn’t enjoy it as much)

    • Received my box today and it’s the exact same that you received.

    • Same here, received yesterday with this exact variation. My Trendsetter box supposedly shipped the day after this one (though I never got an e-mail telling me so, as with the Classic box), so hopefully it’ll arrive today.

  6. These Walmart box reviews are hilarious. I got an entirely different classic box. I pretty much always do. I still liked it but other than the mascara nothing is the same as this box. My trendsetter was a little closer to the review. Two products were the same.

    • Did the Trendsetter box arrive before or after your Classic box? Just curious.

  7. I get the classic box and I got body yogurt but no mascara. Not a problem since I’ve been flooded by mascara in other boxes.

  8. I have trendsetter and was surprised I did get Covergirl mascara

  9. I received my Clasic box today here’s what I got, pleasantly pleased

    Cover Girl lashblast volume mascara
    Ponds Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream
    Cruel Wet skin moisturizer ( with 4.00 coupon)
    Dove deepmoisture body wash
    Dove cool essentials deodorant
    Garnier whole blends Green Apple &Green Tea shampoo and conditioner (foil packet )
    Would have loved to try the body yogurt hoping I get it in my trendsetters box

    • Got the bidy yogurt and another mascara yay

  10. Just got charged for both today ,I’ve been doing this for a year and I’ve never been on the first shipping list .It seems like I’m always on the last but as long as my whole box isn’t full of foil samples and nothing else ( and yes this has happened) then I’m good but I’m thinking we’re all burnt out on these boxes ,they don’t seem to change what’s in them very much.Maybe it’s tine for a break

    • Time for a break lol

  11. When do the winter box come out!

  12. I got both Classic and Trendsetter today. They were both a little lotion heavy. I wish if it was going to be so practical, they’d throw in some toothpaste, floss or deodorant. I can only use so much body lotion! lol I know, only $5, so still worth it, just would like a smidgen of variety in products.

  13. Ugh, got mine and it doesn’t have the Cover Girl (which was the thing I was most excited about). Usually I am in the first shipping group, but this time I was later. I see what some people are saying about missing items. I canceled all my other beauty boxes because I felt they were all going downhill, and I think this one is getting worse too. I kept paying because it’s 5 bucks, but both my Classic and Trendsetters aren’t exciting me anymore.

    • I got mine today and didn’t get the mascara either. I know I shouldn’t complain since its $5 but the box kinda felt like a rip off and not worth even that.

      • No mascara in mine either. Only think different was foil packets of Ken Paves shampoo/conditioner.

      • I got the mascara but no DOVE products (classic box)

    • Just got mine and there was no mascara in it either. Nor was there a coupon for anything Covergirl. It’s a real let down when a main product in the box is missing.

  14. Anyone get their trendsetter box yet? Mine had three lotions, a dry shampoo, and a body wash in it. Am I missing something? This is the first time I’ve been disappointed with a Walmart box.

    • I’ve not even got a shipping or billing notification yet. But trendsetter box spoiler this month looks very dull anyway. Does someone also still waiting for trendsetting box? Or it’s just me?

      • I don’t have either of mine yet.

      • I saw the trendsetter box on instagram and didn’t care for it either. Since I haven’t received a shipping notice yet I changed my age to over 35 for the classic box. I have SO many dry shampoo samples, I couldn’t do another!

      • I went in and changed my Birthday. Will that automatically change me to the classic box or do I need another sub?

    • I got my trensetter. I got everything you listed, except a Burts bee’s not a Vaseline lotion like many others got. And I got 2 foil pack L’Oréal face serums. I was very happy with it.

  15. Just got my billing notice on both boxes. Shipping soon.

    • Only got my box today with only 4 items.

  16. I have to make myself older to get the stuff I want, thanks to the tips from comments here. I don’t use anything on my nails or lips so I am just not a “trendsetter”. I will literally use everything in this box – I am so pleased. This box is the most consistent for making me happy. I don’t even bother with Target boxes anymore; they are too quick to sell out, have to check your email everyday, cost more. Lol- the $5 box is my favorite!

  17. Thanks Tamara!!!!

  18. Where do you get the option of getting the trendsetter box?

    • Just order a second box and change your DOB to a date that makes you under 35 years old :-).

  19. I have received emails for both accounts (Classic and Trendsetter) to make sure my info is up to date. So far only the classic one has shipped. The tracking isn’t showing me anything but on their site it says shipped on 12/16.
    Hopefully it really did and will be here soon!
    I am happy with the box shown above for only $5!

    • Once you sign up, does the box automatically ship to you when the next one is available, or do you need to continue to sign up each time a new box is released?

      • MJ – once you sign up its done automatically, the next season. I signed up when they first started doing these and have got it every time since – without doing anything.
        Its like any other subscription box, except they do email you about a week before taking the payment, asking you to make sure your info is up to date. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you. I ordered both boxes last time and logged into my account and noted that it does not show the order, nor have I received any emails….I am not sure why I haven’t been notified yet.

  20. Please remember your local shelters, woman’s programs, food pantries with any product/ samples that you won’t use. These items make women feel special and pampered no matter what income, what living situation. Women want to feel like women or women becoming women. Love to all!

    • Excellent point Linda! Thank you for putting that reminder out there!

    • Thanks for mentioning this, Linda! I’ve thought a lot about doing this, but I always worried that shelters and other programs wouldn’t be able to take items that aren’t sealed, plus I wouldn’t know how to find such programs, etc. I have social anxiety and my brain can think up soooo many rationalizations for not doing something, but this time of year would be especially nice to bite the bullet and look into it.

  21. when do they usually bill for this? I got the fall box, but i haven’t been charged yet for the winter one

    • I think they bill just prior to shipping your box. I usually receive a notice when the new box is available – asking me to confirm my address and credit card info. I don’t get any other notifications, but can tell that a box is coming when I’ve been billed. There’s been no pattern – sometimes I get the box early, sometimes at the tail end of the cycle.

      • I didn’t get an email….I hope I still get the box. 🙁

      • Go to the website. It will let you know if it’s on order. I swear mine wasn’t on auto ship. Because the order date was the date I went online and checked which was 12/14. It says my classic box was mailed yesterday and the trendsetter box is still pending.

      • how do you know it’s on auto ship? i checked my account, and don’t see any sort of option for that

      • I don’t think they have sent them yet, at least not all of them. I haven’t received mine either.

      • I haven’t received an email either or charged on my account. Someone mentioned they might mail out boxes in waves. I signed up super late in the fall and didn’t get much in that box. Hoping it’s not based on when you signed up.

    • Look in your spam or junk folder. I’ve had the emails slip in there instead. They haven’t charged yet. If your account is still active and your card is on file, I’m sure you will get a box.

  22. Looks like a great box for five bucks .Anything I don’t want always finds a home,too bad we won’t get them till after Christmas bacause some of the items would have been great for the Holliday baskets I’m making.Target please take note all this for five bucks not seven not ten

  23. As long as it’s only $5 I won’t complain about the walmart boxes. I always use whatever is in there. My boxes are shipped late (usually around the 12th-15th of the month – as in January for this box) but even with late shipments my boxes have always been just as pictured.

  24. I like this box! Unfortunately, I never get anything that I see others getting. I usually get the last shipment of the season and it’s full of packets and “leftovers”. But I love getting mail/subscription boxes and you can’t beat it for only $5.

  25. Ponds face creams are my go to cheapy face products. I have three of those jars on backup. Lol. And Covergirl mascaras out do some of the fancy brands in my opinion. This particular box looks awesome for $5. I can’t wait to see the Trendsette .

  26. The fall box was the first one I received – does that mean I’m subscribed? Or do I have to go in and order each one?

    • You’re subscribed 🙂

  27. No complaints here! Seeing the picture reminded me how much I like that Cover Girl mascara. And I’m excited for the Curel. I love a wet skin moisturizer for days when I’m running late. Received my shipping notice today so hopefully my box will be the same or similar.

    • Good to hear they are shipping yours. Maybe the rest of us will get ours soon, too?

  28. This looks great! No repeats from past boxes finally. Definitely interested in the Ponds & Aveeno. I am signed up for both boxes so I hope the other one has a good amount of different products this time.

    • Maybe I’ve been getting these for too long because everything except one item is a repeat for me. The Pond’s, in particular, I’ve received at least twice before.

      • The Pond’s is the only item I haven’t received haha. I just put a “beauty” gift bag together for my friend and it had all these items in it lol.

  29. I’m subscribed but they never gave me an email when they would sale the box. Has this happened to anyone else. Can someone tell me if there’s a date when they tell all the subscribers.

    • I got an email weeks ago that they were preparing the boxes and to be sure my account information was correct. It hasn’t shipped (mine usually ships later than most), but I did get an email.

      • I got no notification. I saw that they were available now, so I went online. It said nothing about it shipping soon. So I checked that I was subscribed. Plus I added an extra box. After I left the website it them emailed me saying that they will be shipped and a couple days later I was charged. Either it was a total coincidence, or you have to go in and make sure it’s on auto ship. Last month was my first biz too.

  30. Pretty happy about it. It’s definitely stuff we will use. I can’t remember the last time I had to buy toothpaste.

  31. I got both boxes this past year. I never saw any real difference in either box. My boxes always felt like I got the leftovers. In one year I got 3 full size tubes of toothpaste and 3 full size packages of the Goody hair ties. A more than average amount of foil packets. I got so many Crest white strips I ended up with a full weeks worth. I’m single and couldn’t possibly go through all those tubes and hair ties. I donated most of what I got. I cancelled the sub and I thought I would sit back and see how the boxes go. For $5 it’s a decent deal, but still a tube of toothpaste each month was a little too much. I generally have Ipsy and Allure on hold and wait for reveals before starting up again. I’ve managed to gift and donate all my extras so I will sub here and there. Then I’m not so overwhelmed with too many similar products and it feels fresh and new again

  32. Pretty good! Pay just $5 for all this stuff is amazing.

  33. This box looks great, but I’m sure I’ll get less than half of this like I usually do. Maybe this time is the time I’ll get the same box as the earlier ones mailed. Fingers crossed.

  34. It looks great for only $5.

  35. Looks like a good box of standards. My grandma swore by ponds cold cream her entire life. Either Ponds or Avon nutura. Hope the sizes are good.

    • I zoomed in, looks like the Ponds is 1.75 oz, which is pretty decent for a sample 🤔

      • Which is full size on many pricier brands.

  36. I changed my birthdate to make me 29 years old awhile ago – before the last box. But I’m getting the Classic box, and I’m not sure why. I know this is only $5, but it looks pretty boring. I have a feeling the under-35 box is going to be a lot better. 🙁

    • That’s a great idea, to change your birthdate! While I like all the skin care, I have so much of it now. I’m eager to see what the Trendsetters box will look like. I’m a little miffed at the name, like it’s saying that we People Of A Certain Age are stodgy, but oh well.

      • I got the idea on a beauty forum I used to frequent. It worked once, but not such a great idea, I guess, because it didn’t work for me this time. 🙁

      • I wanted a box for myself and one for my teenage daughter and that’s how I was told to do it (just change my DOB on the one for my daughter) by the Walmart service rep in an email. I’m surprised it didn’t work for you this time…maybe it was long enough ago that they now assume you are over 30???

      • Oops…just realized it was under 35, not 30 for the trendsetter box.

      • Yes, and it has me as 29 years old right now, so I definitely should not be getting the Classic box even if the cut-off was 30. I don’t know what happened, but I’ve always liked the “young” boxes much better. I check my profile from time to time specifically to be sure this doesn’t happen! :-/

    • My sister in law and I got these boxes for the first time last month. I’m over 35,she is under. I loved half my box, half hers. And some items were identical. So this month I went ahead and got two boxes, one of each. Fingers crossed to two totally different boxes! If not, I have an 11 year old who loves to steal whatever I don’t care for.

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