Rachel Zoe Box of Style Winter 2016 Review + $20 Coupon

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The Rachel Zoe Box of Style from The Zoe Report is a subscription box from Rachel Zoe. Each box includes a hero item which is revealed before boxes ship, and other fashionable items and accessories, plus a few beauty products and styling tools, too. I am a huge fan and love her taste, so this is one of my favorite style subscription boxes!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The packaging on these boxes is always amazing! (Each item is individually wrapped in silver tissue paper.)


The Subscription Box: Box of Style by The Zoe Report

The Cost: $100

FLASH SALE: Use coupon code WINTER20 to save $20 off your first box!

The Products: “Every season Rachel and our TZR editors will hand-curate more than $300 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.”

Ships to: US, Canada, the UK, and Australia

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The box comes with an info booklet with Rachel’s styling tips, and a letter from her introducing the box.

box-of-style-the-zoe-report-winter-2016-0006 box-of-style-the-zoe-report-winter-2016-0007 box-of-style-the-zoe-report-winter-2016-0008 box-of-style-the-zoe-report-winter-2016-0009 box-of-style-the-zoe-report-winter-2016-0010 box-of-style-the-zoe-report-winter-2016-0011

Now, onto the items!


Dylanlex Zoey Necklace – Retail Value: $200

This is a custom collaboration piece with Dylanex and Rachel Zoe!


This item is boxed and ready to gift, too!


This is one of my favorite Box of Style hero items of all time – it is STUNNING!


The Dylanlex necklace is 13 inches long end to end with a 3.5 inch adjustable clasp, it is made of antiqued plated silver and Swarovski crystals. It can be worn as a collar/bib or as a choker.


The quality of this piece is amazing – it will be my go-to piece for holiday parties! (And the ball chain detail keeps it casual enough to wear to less formal events, too.)


And here it is on to give you a better sense of scale:


The booklet also includes a coupon code for 15% off select styles. (Find styles at dylanex.com/zoey.)


Sunday Riley Tidal Enzyme Brightening Water Cream – Retail Value $65


The Sunday Riley brand is expensive (for good reason – their formulas are amazing), so it’s a rare treat to see this line in a subscription box!


This cream is SO hydrating! It’s infused with cucumber so that scent adds to the spa-like refreshing vibe of the cream. You can use it as a day cream, night cream, or even add a little over makeup to hydrate your skin and give you a dewy finish.

It’s a perfect beauty item for dry-weather skin, and I’m already a little addicted to it!


Soia & Kyo Olivia Cable Knit Hat – Retail Value $50

Subscribers get to select their color preference for this hat:


(Box of Style sent me each hat to show all options in the review, but subscribers will receive only one hat in the box.)


This cable knit hat is warm and cozy! Plus, I love wearing beanies in the winter – no worrying about bad hair days!


The booklet also includes a coupon code for 20% off sitewide at Soia & Kyo. (Excludes sale items. Expires February 15th, 2017.)

Here it is on:



Knit hats can sometimes have a slouchy, informal look, so I like that this cable knit pattern has a more sophisticated look to it. 


D.L. & Co. Birch Candle – Value $50

This is another exclusive collaboration made just for Box of Style subscribers!


The Birch scent is described as a blend of Amber and Birchwood accented with oak, cedar, and vanilla musk.

I love the sophisticated pine scent – it’s officially one of my favorite winter candles!


The booklet also includes a coupon code for 20% off sitewide at DL & Co. (Expires February 15th, 2017.)


And the actual candle is a classic black glass vessel with gold metallic letters.


This is a big candle, too! (8.3 oz.) Here it is in my hand to give you a better sense of scale:


(I love the clear glass base, too.)


Dagne Dover Leather Card Case – Value $50

I love that this exclusive collaboration also has a stylish gift bag to go along with it!


This card case also comes with a 25% off coupon code. (Expires December 2017.)


This case is much more substantial than I was expecting!


It has a back pocket and two inner card slots:


Plus! The inside of the case is lined in leather, as well! That’s a high-end touch, and makes this card case feel much more special.


I’m planning on using this for business cards, but it could work well for a slim wallet in an evening clutch as well – there’s room for cash and a few cards!


Clinique Lip Color + Primer in Berry Pop – Retail Value $18.50


The booklet also includes a coupon code for 25% off sitewide at Clinique. (Expires February 15th, 2017.)


This is a gorgeous berry hue – the formula is moisturizing and heavily pigmented, too. Here it is swatched:


And, for the final item, we have a Spotlight Product:


This Spotlight Product is sponsored by Juicy Couture Fragrances:


And it’s a perfume mini!


Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume Mini – 5 ml Value $7.40


I’m always happy to receive perfume minis in subscription boxes! I don’t wear perfume that often, so this is the perfect size for me, and the mini bottle designs as so cute and perfect for display on my vanity.

This scent is described as a blend of Wild Berries, Mandarins, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Jasmine, Amber, Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Praline.

Verdict: I think this is officially my favorite Box of Style of all time. Every item is such a hit for me, and I love that they included a home/lifestyle item in this box, too. (You can’t go wrong with a luxe candle in my book!) Plus, this box seems so perfect for winter without feeling like we’ve seen these items so many times before.

What do you think of the Winter Box of Style?

FYI – this box is still available if you subscribe now – use coupon code WINTER20  to save $20 off your first box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. After I left several negative comments on Instagram, someone with the @tzrboxofstyle account offered to help me. Fingers crossed.

    • I got a response! I hope that this is a good sign and they are finally getting their act together.

      Thank you for contacting The Zoe Report Box of Style! I’m very sorry for the delay in response and for the delay your package has experienced. I see we did hand off your box to FedEx and they have not moved your package, likely from the holiday season.

      We don’t want to wait for them to find the package and begin moving your shipment so I would like to overnight a new box to you. Unfortunately, we are out of the vanilla beanie so I can overnight either the black or merlot beanie right away. Let me know which beanie you would like.

      Additionally, I am going to refund you $30 for the delay your box has experienced. We’re very sorry. Please allow 7-10 business days for the refund to appear back to your credit card.

      Let me know which beanie you would like so we can get your box out right away.

      Aaron from Team Zoe

      • I finally got a response too! Multiple emails over 2.5 weeks got me nothing…I finally resorted to calling them out on Facebook (which I don’t like to do…but I was desperate!). Apparently due to a “system error”, their system had never recorded my subscription, even though I subscribed/ paid for it mid December. So that’s why I never received a box. So, they let me choose my beanie color, are shipping overnight, and refunded me $20 (not sure why FedEx delay warrants $30 refund, but their system not recording my sub only warrants $20, LOL…but I’m not going to fight that one!) The customer service rep was very nice and apologetic…but still, I think it’s really pathetic both that their system is so glitchy that it does stuff like this (I also had issues when I tried to sign up, as other people have mentioned) , and also that the only way I could get a response was by going public on social media! I’m happy to be (hopefully!) receiving my box soon, but this whole situation has left a sour taste in my mouth. The CS rep also mentioned that they’re a “small team”…well, then either they need to ramp up the number of CS staff they have, or decrease the number of allowed subscribers if they don’t have the capacity to accommodate them…but no customer should have to wait WEEKS to get a response to an inquiry.

        • That’s exactly what I was told after several attempts at contacting them — the “system error” caused my box to show as “expired.”
          I was refunded for the box I never received, with no offer of a discount or making it up to me in any way. It’s a bummer because it was supposed to be a gift and was ordered weeks ago. I received my own subscription box on 12/24.

        • That’s great that you finally got a response! Just to clarify regarding my issue, it wasn’t just a Fedex delay. I had paid extra for two-day delivery by the deadline that their website was advertising guaranteed delivery by the 23rd. I assume that’s why my refund came out higher. I hope you love your box when you finally get it!

      • So here’s the continuing saga. On Tuesday Nicole T from Box of Style CS promised she’d overnight my box. It’s now Thursday night and I still don’t have it. Unbelievable!

    • Hi I am also trying to get a hold of them; I still haven’t received my box nor have I received any type of response. I don’t have an instagram account; can you or someone please give me insight as far as how I can get a hold of them? Thanks.

      • Eleanor do you have Facebook? I left a few public messages on Racehel Zoe’s Facebook page and that finally got a response. Good luck!

    • I ordered the box of style early December and still have yet to receive it after being billed. I’ve left several emails on their customer service site with no response.
      Very disappointed in their lack of customer service.

  2. I contacted CS initially on 11/20-ish letting them know I was double charged for my winter box. I got no response whatsoever. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company. Luckily they took care of it for me.

    I created another request to cancel my subscription due to the lack of customer service. I was finally able to get a response after calling them out on FB on 11/28. I was told to send a yet another request after I received my winter box so that my shipment wouldn’t be impacted.

    Fine. My third request was created on 12/19 and so far no response at all.

    I think Liz may need to address the customer service issue with regard to this box. After reading FB and comments here, I believe my experience is not isolated. It’s a true reflection of how this company treats its customers.

    • I’m 15 days in with no response to my emails, no box, no shipping info. (I paid for my box on 11/22) I’ve called them out on Facebook as well…with no response. Meanwhile, I get several emails from them every day to sign up for their box. What a joke. Why are they soliciting new customers when they can’t even accommodate the customers they have? I am LIVID! I would file with my credit card to get my money back…but I really want this box (in spite of the fact that all the holiday parties where I’d planned to wear the necklace have now come and gone…) and fear if I file a claim now, I’ll have no chance of getting the box. It just sucks all around. 🙁

    • I’m with you, strength in numbers ladies, I dread what may happen with the spring box, I will cancel probably, unless of course there is a complete revamping takes place, sadly I wouldn’t want them to discontinue as it’s a lovely box and my products to date have been very nice.

      “There is a special place in hell for women that don’t help other women”
      Madeline Albright – Former US Secretary of State

  3. Add me to the list of loyal, subscribed since the first box subscribers ready to cancel due to horrendous CS. I bought my mom a gift box using one of the numerous advertised deals back in Nov. The site stated that existing subscribers’ boxes would ship first yet the gift box shipped a full 3 weeks before mine did. I requested a shipping update the first week of Dec and NEVER received a response. Despite shipping first, my Mom’s box traveled to no kidding 13 different states and sat in NJ for 10 days before it finally moved to the correct destination state in WV. While it sat in NJ I emailed CS asking for help ASAP as the box was a Christmas gift that clearly wasn’t going to arrive in time to give. I got the standard “will respond in 6 business days” email. The gift box arrived yesterday, Dec 28; I got my first and only CS response today, dismissing my earlier requests as moot due to the eventual late delivery. No apologies or explanations, no justification for ignoring three separate requests (one having been sent when they charged me 3 times for my box during this debacle). At this point I don’t care what they include in future boxes (for me this one was ho hum at best and saved only by the hero item) if their CS is this awful. Get it together RZ Box of Style or risk losing many of your original subscribers for good.

    • Help me I have been trying to cancel my service for the box for a month now with numerous emails and not one response from them. Horrible customer service

  4. I am so sorry to see the MANY continued customer service issues with Box of Style. Here’s my story, I hope none of you are in the same boat but some inquiries sound similar:

    I first contacted customer service on 12/2 when they charged me full price for the box after they had processed my cancellation request. The customer service response time was listed as 3 days. I got my first response to that email on 12/27! 25 days. TWENTY FIVE DAYS. The response was they had a technical error which was responsible for the charge and they would process the refund, I should expect my money back in 7-10 days!?!?!?!?! I had sent other emails, facebook messages, etc. I did get one response on facebook (after 4 days) that said they would notify customer service but then nothing happened until i got the email on the 27th. Unfortunately you may have to stick it out or start the chargeback. I was in the process of doing that when they contacted me.

    The really sad part is I emailed them back to let them know what a terrible experience this has been and how it’s totally unacceptable for them to take 25 days to even respond to the “error” and that I couldn’t afford to loan them my money during the holiday season (which is why i cancelled despite the great box)….she came back with “we release the money immediately, it’s the CC company that requires the additional processing time.”

    That was it for me. I will NEVER buy another Zoe product after this fiasco. Too much worry and work on my side and no conscillatory words or understanding of the wrong doings on their side. D.O.N.E.

    • I got through to them on Instagram. Was told there was a issue with the company contracted to ship boxes. Okay things go wrong and I get it. But I don’t understand how they can simply ignore everyone. Let us know what is going on. To not respond to multiple emails and phone calls is unacceptable. Why couldn’t a mass email be sent letting everyone know there is a problem and they are doing all they can to fix the problem along with sincere apologies. My box finally arrived this week and it is an impressive box. But the customer service issues need to be resolved or they will lose many customers. Hopefully all who are still waiting get their boxes this week.

      • Glad your box finally arrived! I’m still waiting. Did you ever get a shipping notice, or did it just show up? Also…you mentioned phone calls…do you have a phone number for them? I’ve tried email and facebook. I’m not on Instagram and don’t want to start up an account just to deal with Box of Style. The box looks great…but their CS is HORRENDOUS!

        • CalifoniaJanet I did finally get a tracking number. But FedEx was really slow and my box did not arrive by the delivery date. Sorry I don’t have a phone number. A lot of people on Instagram said they called with no luck and seems like most calls go straight to voicemail. I would think they are overwhelmed with calls and emails judging from the number of people having issues and it would seem the Zoe team can’t keep up. However that isn’t our fault as all of us bought and paid for a product that isn’t being delivered in a timely manner. Makes me wonder what Rachel would do if a company she ordered from treated her this way.
          The plus side is I love everything in this box. Certainly hope they get their CS issues in order.

        • For assistance on product information, size and fit, placing an order, returns, exchanges or styling advice, please call 1-855-254-3440 Monday – Friday 9AM-6PM EST or email: [email protected]

          Hope this helps!

    • That credit card excuse is a lie. I worked in that industry. There are very strict rules about processing and settlement and that amount of time is way too long. If they charged your card, it would’ve have to been “settled” within 10 days on RZ’s side, not the card’s. It’s in their agreement.

      I feel very lucky I actually got a person and got my box. However it’s all left a bad taste in my mouth and I think I’m going to remove my CC info and cancel.

      • Will your bank issue one time use cards o you account. Mine will and that is what I use every month when I deal with these companies. Just an idea if you are concerned with cancellation issues. I never have to cancel because the card info I give them can only be used one time.

    • I am in the process of trying to cancel. I sent emails and received a “ticket” but my account still shows active with no cancellation being made. To make matters worse they started a subscription for me twice. There is no reason they can’t make the cancellation process easier. Really disappointed. If you can’t properly staff your company maybe you shouldn’t be in business.

    • I am having the same problem I have no idea how to cancel this

  5. My box never shipped and finally this past Monday I was finally able to get someone to help me. First on Tuesday a box was sent 2 day priority and it is still sitting at FedEx with no movement at all. So then a second box was sent overnight on Thursday and Friday it was not out for delivery. Finally on Christmas Eve it said it was on a truck and out for delivery. But by 10:30 last night it was back at FedEx. The Zoe team really did try to get my box to me before Christmas but FedEx wasn’t going to help. So now I’m hoping it arrives this week.

    • That’s crazy! How long did it take you to get a response to your emails? It’s been 6 days for me, and still nothing. Granted, today was a holiday….but to me it’s still an unacceptable response time. I ordered the box over a month ago…

      • I sent my first email on the 13th. Try a direct message on Instagram. That is when I made contact with someone. And I paid for a year back in February and annual members are supposed to get first shipping.

      • What do you think it means if my status says Expired in my account? I ordered two boxes, one for a gift, and only one came on 12/24. Sigh. I wrote an email last week and didn’t hear anything yet.

        • Account expired is not something I’ve heard of. It seems that they need to redo the website because judging from various comments the site has serious flaws.

          • Their customer service also has serious flaws! I contacted them on 12/19 and have yet to hear back. Even allowing for the holidays, this is well beyond the “6 business days” they said to expect in the automatic email reply I was sent. Now when I sent another message requesting to know where my box is, the message posted on their website says to allow TEN business days to hear back. TEN!!! And yes, that is BUSINESS days, not regular days…meaning add on additional days for the days they are closed. What other legitimate business require 10 business days to respond to an email. am SO DONE with Box of Style. Ordered a box on 11/22…and have received nothing, including no shipping email, since then. Not sure how to get through to them…I am about ready to call my credit card and request a chargeback!

  6. I ordered on the 20th and paid for two-day shipping, which they claimed on the site would get me my box by Friday. My card was charged and I got a confirmation email. Days pass and no shipping notice, no box. Then on Thursday I got an email saying that I needed to confirm my order! But in my account it says that the order is complete! What kind of an excuse for a system is this? I’ve got a support ticket in, so hopefully this will get straightened out, soon. Definitely disgusted with this company, though. I’ll be unsubscribing and going back to getting what I want off ebay.

  7. Got my box today! It didn’t have the beanie color I had request. I received the black and had requested the merlot color. I was torn between the colors so it’s fine.

  8. I REALLY want to order this box, but these complaints have me concerned. I may have better luck trying to swap for the items I want.

  9. Hi all,

    So I have a saga about shipping as well, but it seems that I had better luck. My box shipped on the 12th, but FEDEX messed up the address and returned it. I contacted customer service, who at first told me to contact USPS (?) to try and get it returned, but saw my history and noted that it was their fault, not mine. Since the box was returned, the CSA resent me a box via two day air, and it arrived today. Actually, BOTH boxes arrived today. So, I’m not sure what to do with the second one. I guess I could swap it, but there is a glut on the site.

    Also, is the necklace made for a small child?

    • Hi Jackie! If you are got two of the knit hats in either merlot or black, I would love to swap with you! You can click on my name to see the items I have listed. Really, I like almost everything in this box, but since I live in Chicago and the weather is already terrible, I know I would get good use out of the hat! I’m hesitant to buy the box though based on all of these comments and the price point is a little higher than what I want to pay for it. As an alternative, would you consider selling the entire duplicate box to me at a lower rate than the site is offering?

    • I’m wondering if the might ask for the 2nd box back – sending a return label. PS did that in past years.

      • Ok, keep me posted!

        • Thanks for letting me know, Jackie. Sorry for the nightmare everyone had to go through with this! Maybe I’ll just go buy a hat at Nordstrom Rack and save myself some trouble!

      • Yeah, I’m going to be honest and let them know. I don’t want to get charged. I’ll let you know the results.

        • Ok, good luck! Sometimes, places will let you keep extra stuff they sent out when they were at fault for it, so I hope they do let you keep the second box. Since the items are a higher value, they may not though, as you suggested.

          • Hey Samantha,

            I got an answer back and they want the box back. They emailed me a return label. BUMMER. But, I had signed for it, and I didn’t want it traced back and charged for the second box.

            Hopefully you’ll find someone to swap with.

        • Ha! I love how they can’t be bothered to return emails from those of us who have attempted to contact them multiple times because our boxes STILL haven’t shipped…and yet they oh-so-promptly get back in touch with you to tell you that you need to return the box to them. Classic.

          • Agreed. It takes some serious chutzpah to do something like have me send a package back on Christmas Eve Eve, yet allow someone else to keep it, and still have boxes not sent. But, I can totally see them going after me as a small win in their part with all the screw ups.

            Their fulfillment system is horrible. They should sue this vendor for breach of contract. Inexcusable.

  10. I am an annual subscriber and finally got a shipping notice about a week ago. I had also purchased another box on Thanksgiving to be given as a gift, although I never received any shipping notification for this one. I have called, emailed and sent support tickets to customer service but have not gotten any response. I checked FedEx Delivery Manager today, however, and noticed that a second box has appeared and it’s being sent two-day shipping, slated to arrive 12/22. Obviously, this is all ridiculously late and Box of Style customer service leaves much to be desired, but for those of you who haven’t gotten tracking notices or responses, it’s definitely worth checking out FedEx to see if your box has shipped! The shipper is listed as Capacity LLC. Hope this helps!

    • How do you check FedExFedEx for items being sent to you if you don’t have a tracking number?

      • If you create a FedEx Delivery Manager account it shows anything being sent to your address via FedEx.

  11. Has anyone who ordered a gift gotten the lunares jewelry holder yet?

  12. I’m not very happy right now. I just got my box and I asked for the wine beanie and got the cream. it will be listed. Between the late shipping, the poor customer service and the lack of honoring the request, I have emailed to cancel this box. I don’t think I’ll be lured back in by the specials either as most items can be had on the swap board.
    Both LLB and this came today and both were disappointments.

    • How disappointing. I hope you can swap for a wine hat (as I don’t think there’s a shot in hell of getting one out of customer service).

    • Definitely dissappointing but at least you actually got a box. It looks like BOS will be losing a lot of customers.

  13. I am also a annual subscriber and I haven’t received my box. Just an email that says my Winter Style Box is on its way. No tracking number and this was on the 6th. I live in CA and it usually takes three days for my box to arrive. No response from customer service.

    • I’m in the same boat. I was planning on re-subscribing but their customer service is so frustrating.

      • Me too. I got the same general email on Dec 6 and then nothing. I keep seeing them advertising ordering a box and getting it as presents for Christmas and I’m thinking “what about all the subscribers who paid upfront months ago? Shouldn’t we have our boxes for Christmas first?” I sent an email inquiring about my box ship date last week and got nothing but an auto reply. I just sent another one today. I am one unhappy customer right now.

        • I got this email today:

          Dear Valued Customer,

          Our fulfillment center has been working around the clock to ship orders as quickly as possible in time for holiday delivery. To ensure delivery by 12/24 end of day and maintain order priority with FedEx, we’ve upgraded your order to overnight shipping at no additional cost to you. You will receive a tracking notification email so that you can monitor progress. We appreciate your patience during this busy season. Please use this contact form so that we may address any additional concerns you might have.

          Box of Style Member Services Team

          No tracking email yet, but I live in hope for 2 more days. Hopefully I will get my box.

          • I just got my box an hour ago, via overnight Fed Ex. Upon opening the box I also received a bonus item : a posh cupcake kit, with a card saying it was an extra thank you for being an annual subscriber. The items are as gorgeous in person as they are in the photos, and I am wearing my necklace as I type. I hope Zoe’s company gets their shipping act together for future boxes, as I really love her curation. It would also save them money to get them out on time and not have to pay big bucks to overnight them out. That being said I am going to stick with Zoe. I look forward to another wonderful Spring box

  14. Liz would you be able to reach out to the Rachel Zoe Box of Style team? I’m seeing many posts here, on Instagram and Facebook that many of us have not received our boxes and we have no shipping info and we can’t get a response from any at customer service.

    • I will reach out. Sorry about this!

      • Thank you so much Liz, we will all be checking back to see what you were able to find out!

      • Thank you Liz. I know many of us are hoping that you will be able to find out what is going on.

      • Hi Liz. Have you been able to reach anyone from the Rachel Zoe team? Many of us still don’t have boxes or even tracking info. Just don’t know what to do.
        Thank you Liz.

        • Yes, I’ve been checking back to see what Liz found out as well, what say you?

        • I’m still waiting on mine, as well. My attempt to contact them got me a canned email reply that they’ll get back in touch with me withing SIX business days. Really? That is SO unacceptable!

      • HI Liz, did you ever hear anything back from Box of Style? I have left several messages in the past 10 days…I still have not received my box, and I can’t get them to respond to me. I’m extremely frustrated!

      • i had issues with BOS too, from the summer box and i had to get my credit company involved – if was SUCH an ordeal and took months to sort out but my card co credited me and i was advised by my card to let them deal with it, so i did…..i know i posted a few times months ago but was so sad to let this go after being an annual sub, ah well, i still love popsugar! also, the 4 boxes i rec’d prior were always late and i had to pay twice to ship it myself as i was between 2 states and not once did it ever arrive by the date promised + i never rec’d any perks from being annual sub! hope y’all have been sorted + thx liz for helping…..did the winter boxes sell out or did they do another ½ off gilt city or rue deal? have a good one girls!

    • If you haven’t yet, try the contact form under FAQ on their website. I did and the next day had tracking # (still no box yet, though). Good luck.

      • several times yes have used that form

      • I’ve tried the form and I direct messaged them on Instagram. That got me a response that my request was being sent to their customer service team and still nothing from customer service.

  15. I received both my box and my gift box (that was supposed to be shipped to the recipient’s address) at my home yesterday. Still no word about the orders I’ve been trying to cancel because there were credit card issues (they say “pending”). No one is replying to emails over there or Facebook either, yet they’re still promoting it in my inbox like clockwork.

    • Alexa I’m right there with you! When I tried to sign up, it kept refusing my credit card…multiple times, for no apparent reason. Finally I tried it under another email, and it worked…but it still shows that I have an order pending. Same here with getting no response to emails…but I get like 3 emails a day from their marketing. I’m SO done with them…now I remember why I cancelled in the first place! If you hear anything re: the pending orders issue, if you could respond back I’d really appreciate it. 🙂

      • They told me they canceled my “pending” orders, but they still show on the account. They also shipped a replacement gift box to
        my giftee’s correct address, and told me I could keep the one they sent me since it was their error? But given that they told someone else they wanted an extra box back I’m not sure if they will reverse that decision. If I do get to keep it, I would like to swap it for the PSLE for Her box.

        • Yeah, I’m pretty annoyed I have to attempt to send this box back before I get on a plane today. And now I’m super annoyed that we’re getting different messages about sending it back/keeping it.

          Granted, I am a little disappointed with this box, and I wouldn’t know what to do with doubles of everything, but it’s the principle.

          Oh and the lipstick is the exact same color as the winter shade of lipstick (Honest) from last year’s winter box.

          Good luck to you!

  16. Hi Liz! Do you think there’s any chance there will be a deeper discount on this box after Christmas? The more and more I think about it, the more I want it, but I’m sad I didn’t pull the trigger during the BTBF deal, which was better than the WINTER20 promo. Thank you!

    Also, if anyone got the hat in merlot and doesn’t really think they’ll use it, please let me know if you would be interested in swapping for any of my listings (name linked to profile)! I live in Chicago and most certainly could get some use out of it.

  17. Anyone else convinced they aren’t getting this box? This should be the fourth box in my annual subscription so I paid for it back in February. I paid more than anyone getting this box at a discount. No box, no shipping notification, no response to my inquiries. I am pretty livid. I was hoping to wear the necklace for holiday parties, but they have all passed. This was probably my favorite subscription box before this debacle. Now I can’t imagine renewing.

    • I’m in exactly the same situation.And no response from customer service. Plus I tried to orders a gift and kept getting error messages and now I have several pending transactions. Love this box and I’m really upset. I’ve also missed the chance to wear the necklace to several parties and I’m really starting to think I will never get my box. As seasonal subscribers our boxes are supposed to ship first.

      • I had luck contacting them with the form under FAQ on their website. I was an annual sub with no tracking info, but a day after I contacted them through the form on the website I had an email with tracking (though it didn’t actually ship until days later and isn’t supposed to arrive until 22nd). Good luck.

      • Another email just now promoting their fast and superior service if you purchase a box as a gift, WTF how dumb are they hoping we are? Anyone else heard from them today?

    • I signed up back in February as well! I am pretty angry that they used the excuse of “holiday rush” for their problems with shipping. If we paid for it almost a year ago, then they should know how many boxes to expect and to ship ours first as promised. I was really excited about wearing the necklace as well for holiday parties, but they have all come and gone. It boggles me that they promoted this box as perfect for the holidays, but then by the time I get mine the holidays will be over. It was also discouraging to see the box discounted so many times throughout the year. My box finally shipped and I have a number, so as soon as I get it I am cancelling. I hope you get yours soon!

  18. So I am very worried about getting this box on time. I ordered the box on the 3rd, but never had the option to select my hat color or anything. Does anyone know where I was supposed to select that? My payment still says pending and I don’t have any shipping information. And I’ve emailed with no response. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift but now I’m really worried..

    • If it says pending that means your payment probably didn’t go through.

    • You pick the hat color at the same time you place your order. I can’t remember exactly, but I think it takes you to the selection page right after the purchase is completed. When you go into your account what does it say? Does it say selection made?

    • one last question – did you get an order confirmation email immediately after ordering it? If not it may not have gone through. I ordered on the 3rd too, but I got a confirmation email right away and then the shipping notice on the 14th and it’s supposed to be here tomorrow.

    • I started a thread on the forum about the “pending payment” issue. People there who actually had talked to BOS CS in the past for this said that their website sends you into a pending status if they can’t charge your card, and the box will never ship. Even CS can’t push it through. The apparently happens if you have a past card on file that doesn’t work and you can’t remove it, and sometimes just because you place your order on a mobile. If you haven’t gotten an order confirmation, you apparently won’t get a box.

      I placed another order and got a confirmation right away. The pending is still sitting there. Also, I didn’t get prompted to choose my beanie color but when I went back in the prompt to choose was in my account

  19. I ordered on Dec 4, emailed customer service last night, and a shipping notice appeared in my inbox this morning. It’s supposed to arrive by Dec 22, which is too late for any gifting I was planning to do with it. I’m canceling after it comes because that delay is just too long for me.

  20. I ordered on the 7th (with the coupon) and finally received my shipping notification today. It’s tracking to arrive on the 21st.

    • You give me hope!!!

    • I have had nothing but trouble with this box! I cancelled my subscription, they confirmed cancellation, but a week later they charged me for the box. That was on 12/2! Not a peep from them since and I have emailed 3 times! I never chose a color for the beanie, I have no shipping info. Nothing. I don’t mind taking the box because it is great but I’m so annoyed at their complete and total lack of customer service. I will try calling now that someone has posted a phone number.

      • I had to laugh, I just got an advertising email from them, offering their two day guaranteed shipping option, by air. They are laughable at this point, clearly there are big problems.

      • Hey there,

        Any luck with the phone number, I’ve been calling it but goes straight to voicemail, we shall see what the beginning of the work week brings. I did send an instagram to then and got a response says no they would pass my note along to the cs team on Monday

        • Nope – no luck with the phone number for me either – straight to voicemail. I’m beyond frustrated. Beyond.

    • Do you know where is ships from?

      • Mine says LA

  21. Anybody have a customer service number?

    • I sure do please call 1-855-254-3440 Monday – Friday 9AM-6PM EST or email: [email protected]. Good luck I’ve tried it many times

    • Try the contact form under FAQ on their website. I did that and a day later had tracking info. Ridiculous. Good luck.

  22. Has anyone noticed that the Dagne Dover Leather Card Case does not smell like leather? Mine smells a little like plastic.

  23. I just received and unwrapped all the fabulous items in my Rachel Zoe winter box of style! I’m love every single item! This is officially my favorite box of all time! Thank you Rachel Zoe!

  24. Has anyone else not received a shipping notification yet??? Seems awfully late in the month, and December for that matter!

    • I’m right there with you. I have not heard a thing from BOS regarding shipping. I’m an annual subscriber and I typically receive my box the first week of the month. It’s a bummer that loyalty means nothing to sub boxes…I will not be renewing my sub this year.

      • It’s unnerving that others have received their box and are wearing the contents and I’m sitting here still waiting for shipping info, I’m going to email them again, I also have their phone number but shouldn’t need to chase them urrrgghh

      • I am an annual subscriber as well. I emailed them and asked if it had shipped yet, and they just assured me that it would be shipping shortly. It’s a little frustrating because annual ones are supposed to ship first. I was also a little disheartened that all the boxes all year were discounted so often. Make it seem a little pointless to be an annual member when I can just sign up season to season and get it cheaper, and opt out if I don’t love the box. I do not think I am going to renew. I did sign up for the FabFitFun box instead, so I am excited about that one!

        • I’m an annual subscriber, and I’m still waiting for shipment info., too. 🙁

      • Been a subscriber for over a year. This box is great but shipping this time is too late bc all my Christmas parties are done and over with. No shipping info.

    • I still don’t have shipping info yet, either. Just a generic email that my box is on its way, but no tracking. Getting nervous.

    • I only received one after I emailed them asking when my box was going to ship.

    • I’m also an annual subscriber and haven’t heard a thing about shipping. I emailed them a couple of days ago and am waiting on a response. Sucks cuz I live in CA and usually one of the first to get the box. What happened to annual members getting the box first?

      • I wonder if they’re shipping by location…I’m in CA as well and haven’t heard anything.

        • I live in PA and received my shipping notice Friday 12/9. My box will be here Thursday. I am an annual subscriber as well,

    • I haven’t gotten a shipping email either.

    • I got an email saying my box shipped – but there was no tracking information attached. It wasn’t even listed anywhere in my account.

      It took about a week though from the time I got the email, until I received the box. Not sure why I didn’t get tracking.

  25. Can anyone please tell me if true that they charge shipping? Please.

    • I didn’t get charged shipping…just the straight price of the box.

  26. Does anyone know if the WINTER20 code still works? I was about to order it today but I couldn’t tell if it was taking the coupon code or not. I didn’t want to click submit and not know if it was going to be $79 or $99…?

    • It is working for me … it would be 79.99 with the coupon.

      • Did you order from your phone or a computer? When I enter the coupon code, the price doesn’t change and my only option is to click submit. Did it change for you before you finalized your order or after? Thanks for replying!!

        • the WINTER20 code did not work for me and I was charged full price. Emailed twice well over a week ago and have not received a response email.

          • Exact same thing happened to me, still no response to emails, still no box. WINTER20 worked for trial run on mobile but when I actually placed the order from my desktop the coupon didn’t take and I was charged full price. Very frustrating experience all around for this first time BoS shopper, going forward I may just swap for their items.

  27. I just got my box today – wow! The necklace really is stunning and the packaging of everything is beautiful – this would be an incredible gift to receive. The beanie actually looks good on me. I’m tempted to order another to gift the necklace, candle, and card case but get another colored beanie and more Sunday Riley for myself…

    Now I have to decide if I want to buy a Dagne Dover bag – I’ve seen lots of bloggers rave about them but buying something sight unseen for that kind of money…

    • I bought their mini tote and it was HUGE on my 5’2 frame! Although I loved the inner pockets and slots, it just didn’t look good on my size. I ended up returning it. Returns are pretty painless–you just have to put in a return request and reason and they will send you a free shipping label!

  28. Is everyone getting a white box this time around or are some people getting black? I feel like I’ve seen black boxes in Instagram. Because I am really loving his white box

    • I received my box today and it is white. Great box, love everything.

    • I just opened my box…somewhere in there it said that this was a special white box.

  29. This is my first box. I got an email that my box has shipped but no tracking number in the email or on the account. Is this normal?

    • Same here. I also got one as a gift and got no info. about that at all.

      • This is kind of driving me nuts–not because I am excited to get the box, but because I need to know when larger packages are arriving and how… Last December I had packages stolen off my front porch.

    • This is the first time I ever received a tracking or shipping email. I’m an annual subscriber, so I’m glad to receive an email this time. If it helps, I received my email notification that it shipped on December 9th. When I check the tracking at FedEx.com, it looks like it was shipped on the 8th via FedEx Sure Post (slooooow), and the estimated delivery date is the 16th. I live in New Jersey. Hope that helps and that you get your box real soon. 🙂

      • How do you track the package on fedex without a tracking number?

  30. Doesn’t she usually include a styling item (like lint sheets, double stick tape, etc.)? For the life of me, none of these items seem to fit into that category. I really liked that she still had the stylist’s point of view to include something each time…..

    • Yes she usually does. I think this is the first box that didn’t include a styling item.

  31. They’re not responding to emails at all. Had a problem when one payment failed (an old card that was saved) and although I have a shipment confirmation for my seasonal and a confirmed email for my gift, there is still an extra order that says pending payment. I’m just worried they will try to charge my other card for an extra order I don’t want. Will try them on FB.

  32. I had cancelled my subscription after my year was up, but now I want (most of) this box! I tried to order it today, and my card was declined, which doesn’t make sense since I’ve had other payments go through today (and there’s no reason for it to be declined). Is anyone else having this problem? Maybe it’s a sign that I shouldn’t get it, and should just try to swap for the things I want.

    • I had this same problem, and I re-submitted and even tried a different card. I kept getting declined, but when I went to my account history it shows each submission as pending.

      There aren’t any pending charges on my account though. I saw others below had the same problem and haven’t been able to get in touch with customer service.

    • Yes I think they are having issues with their website. They FINALLY responded to my email & told me how to correct it. They said they cancelled that subscription & asked me to update the saved credit card & order again. I’m not going to do that because I feel like they are having issues with their website. Instead of fixing it, they are asking customers to work around the issue. Something is up with this company. They don’t respond to emails anymore & their payment processing isn’t working. They don’t seem to care about any of these issues.

  33. I couldn’t be happier that this is my first BOS. I like it better than any of the previous boxes reviewed and it was such a good price. These are things I would never have bought for myself, apart from the Clinique, but will def enjoy every item in this box.
    Thank you Liz for getting us a great price.

  34. Is the Sunday Riley full size or travel?

    • Full size!! 🙂

  35. I think I would like everything in this box and I regret not buying the Better than Black Friday deal. I’m not sure how much use I would get out of the necklace, but it’s beautiful. Also, in the photo they have of the girl in the red dress with the necklace, I don’t think the necklace goes with her outfit at all. I think it would look nicer with a more basic outfit, like a black dress with no texture in the neckline (like the lace in the photo). I think I would actually use everything in this box, ugh, still tempted to buy it.

  36. Mine arrived yesterday and I love, love, love it.❤️❤️❤️
    I even wore the necklace today for a boudoir shoot.

    • I still haven’t received a notice of shipment, should I be concerned?

      • I haven’t either!

  37. So am I able to just order this box. I don’t want it 4 times a year.

    • You should be able to order this box and get $20 off using the WINTER20 coupon. You will be signed up for a subscription, but it sounds like it’s pretty easy to cancel…just have to wait until the first box is shipped and go into your account and cancel before the cutoff for the spring box (the date is in the FAQ I think). I was going to do the same thing unless some awesome spring spoilers come out and I change my mind!

    • I just ordered / subscribed and will receive this box. I was still able to customize which color of hat I wanted. Says next payment is March 7th, so I’m sure you can cancel before then.

  38. I would order this box if they would reply to my email. I tried ordering on Black Friday but it wouldn’t take any of my cards. Now it says payment pending & I can’t get a reply from them. It’s probably for the best because I don’t really NEED this box & their customer service is horrible. I also don’t trust their website since they obviously have issues. I really like the necklace so maybe someone will post it on eBay.

    • I had the same problem. They had to cancel my order so I could place a new one. Then I placed a new one for the annual subscription with the BF 50 dollar off coupon code, and when I confirmed the order it changed it to a full price seasonal subscription. I emailed them immediately (and sent a follow-up), and I still haven’t heard back from them. Their website is definitely awful, and the lack of response is worrying me. I don’t know that it’s worth the hassle at this point to keep subscribing.

      • the only way they respond to my emails is when I facebook messaged them.

        • I phone them, I did a corporate records search, works for me

      • I had a similar problem. I used the code, but they won’t honor it. They actually pretty much completely screwed me over and charged me full price. And it was nearly impossible to get ahold of them and they were so difficult. I’m canceling after this box just because of the poor customer service. They basically told me they couldn’t honor the promotion price because they had charged it at full price and since it was already charged they couldn’t refund the $30 dollars. They were frustrating, and not worth the headache to get these items.

    • I had the same problem three times. I tried to order the Fall box three times and each time it wouldn’t take my payment. I finally gave up.

  39. Uuuggghhh. I don’t know what to do! I know I won’t use half of the stuff in this box but I want the necklace. But I know I’ll wear it like once a year. Haha. What to do. What to do!

    • That’s how I feel. I really want the necklace but I’m wondering if I’ll actually wear it.

      • I would probably wear it once. But $80 for a $200 necklace (and some other stuff) is pretty good! I honestly don’t think I’d use anything in the box. Maybe the skincare and lipstick but I certainly don’t need it. Haha.

    • i will be putting most of my items up for swap

      • Awe. Sorry to hear! I’ve never participated in a swap before. I’d love to get into that. I have so much stuff. Hahaha.

  40. It’s a nice box. But I was hoping to see the special extra for annual subscriptions like they did last year. It was such a thoughtful gesture but it also kind of set a precedent. I was debating my annual renewal but now it’s decided. There is really no benefit in doing the annual considering all the discounts we’ve seen this year and the boxes don’t sell out so might as well wait and see if the box is right for me.

  41. Tempting. Everything is usable or giftable. Nice box.

  42. Gosh
    I am sorry I got this box. I really loved the summer box, I have enough hats and no candle is worth $50

    • I would be interested in trading!

  43. Hey Liz- is the Dagne Dover code a unique or generic code? thanks!

    • It is a generic code.

  44. Liz can. You tell me what the fiber content on the hat is, please?

  45. I have never been overly impressed by this box on the past so o havent paid much attention to it. But this box, oh my! I so wish I sinsceined for this box. It is worth it for the necklace and Sunday Riley alone!

  46. I had to skip all the LE Holiday boxes this year– but the RZ BOS and, for me, the PSMH boxes for November and December all make up for it. 🙂

    I LOVE this subscription and I adore her choices which are so classic but modern- just my style.

  47. I received a notice that my box was shipped but with no tracking number included, is this normal for BOS? This is my first Box from them and I am so excited for everything!!!!!

    • Me too… I was hoping it would come by this saturday but no tracking 🙁 I logged in to my account too and didn’t see anything there either.

      • One of the ladies on the forum was amazing and reminded me that I could look up all of my FedEx shipments on their delivery tracker tool and I was able to see that my box has left LA and should arrive on Friday!!!! I am so excited about this box as I have a holiday party next week and that necklace will look amazing with my outfit.

        • Yeah for some reason the fedex delivery manager doesn’t work quite right for me and shipments don’t appear automatically 🙁

        • Actually… I canceled and then re-enrolled and now it’s working! Yay! I think it was messed up because I enrolled before I got married and I changed my name – I updated my name on their website but it hasn’t worked right since then. I still don’t see the box of style tracking but I just received my shipping notification today so maybe it will show up tomorrow. My popsugar shipments showed up that weren’t there before 🙂

          • Just an FYI the BOS shipment is listed as: from shipping company CAPACITY LLC. Hopefully it shows up for you today!!!

  48. I want to pull the trigger and subscribe to this box so bad, but the price point makes me hesitate.

    • At $80 after the coupon, that makes the cost breakdown:
      Necklace $36
      Skin cream $12
      Hat, Card holder, Candle $9.60 each
      Lipstick $3.20
      I’m having a hard time because, while I like the necklace and it’s about what a full price necklace at Ann Taylor Loft would run…I still don’t pay full price for those necklaces (BOGO sales all the way), I have a ton, and that company isn’t selling well on eBay… I would probably sell the card holder, too. I’m a card-holder-built-into-my-phone-case girl.

      • Most of the items on eBay right now are “Dylanlex inspired” and have initial bids under $30. They’d be a far cry from the original in price in quality and many werected so poorly inspired that those wanting the originals wouldn’t settle for them.

        I only saw one that claimed to be an original product and it would have the opposite problem. How many people are willing to buy a $500+ piece of costume jewelry through an auction site instead of a retail storefront or webpage?

  49. I am so anxious to get this box! No shipping notice yet – hopefully soon.

  50. I just got my shipping notice today! I’m really excited for the candle…that is my favorite type of scent this time of year. I can’t wait to see the necklace in person!

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