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We have FULL SPOILERS for one of the December 2016Β Play! By SephoraΒ box variations thanks to Charlotte!

Box ending in 832 will include:


What do you think of the first full-box spoiler?

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Play! by Sephora

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (231)

  1. I am not one to complain that often or even voice my opinion on these forums but today I can not resist. I am so disappointed in Play this month. I shop at Sephora all the time and the tiny samples we recieved are no different than what you can get when you visit the store or buy something online. Ipsy sent me a full size OFRA eyeshadow/highlight at least. Every item in Play was super small which I dont normally mind if its a really high end brand. However you sent the tiniest sample of Sephora lipstick? Come on Sephora. If Ipsy can do it so can you. I would rather pay Boxy charm $21 for 4-5 FULL size items!

  2. Has anyone received a 244 yet,I’d like to know what we’re getting

  3. Just got my #832 box and it was supposed to be everything in the spoiler, but they forgot my Make Up For Ever primer sample! It’s in the Playbook, but no sample in the bag! Oh well. I have emailed customer service and we’ll see what they do about it!

  4. Just got my Playbox this morning! I have box number 832, and got what was mentioned in the spoiler. Nothing breathtaking in my view, but all things that I can use. I think I’m satisfied, but I always get more excited for things that I haven’t tried before, or that I wouldn’t normally purchase on my own! heres my unboxing:

  5. 816 here too! Seems like a fair amount of us and I’m surprised no spoiler for it yet!

    • 816- received it today. Same as 832 except mascara is lancome hypnose drama and perfume is Elizabeth and James Rose

      • Thanks for letting us know! I’ll post about this variation!

  6. I’m not really that thrilled with this box. Even though my box number ends in 832, I hope I get some different products or they switch my box number.

    1. The cream red lip stain is fine. I’m sure it’s a lovely product. I just got a red liquid lipstick in my Ipsy box though.
    2. I’m natural, I wear my hair in twist outs and an afro. A dry shampoo is not for my hair texture–it’s too drying and makes my hair feel crispy. I’ll have to give that product way away.
    3. I don’t like that MUF primer. I’ve used it before and it doesn’t help my oily skin at all.

    I’m cool with the BB mascara and UD all-nighter spray. The UD all-nighter spray is awesome! I’ve purchased it in the past and really liked it.

    • I’m getting 832 as well. Honestly, this is probably my last box. I am Caucasian with slightly wavy hair, wash my hair every day, and also don’t use dry shampoo…getting a lot of dry shampoo and bronzer (received 2 over the summer) is cause for me to cancel a box.

      Sorry to hear the MUFE primer isn’t good for oily skin, that means it may not work for me either. I have also heard good things about the UD spray but this is not a type of product I use and recently got rid of about 10 of those minis.

      That leaves the lip stain (I like red but have dozens of reds), the mascara (have at least 50 although at least that one is new to me), and the fragrance (actually might like that).

  7. I’m an 816! So hoping for something good!

    With that said, I am living for this box spoiler! I’m so surprised about the negative comments.

    I LOVE Sephora Lip stain in Always Red. If you’ve never used it, the color is amazing and looks good on everyone. Just give it a try. I went in last year and a saleperson help me demo 6 different Red liquid lipsticks nad the Always Red was both the best red and the most affordable. Give it a try.

    Plus who doesn’t love MUF Step 1 Skin Equalizer, one of my favorite primers. -or- UD All Nighter to lock your face
    Might I remind you that if you were to buy the travel size Step 1 its $17 and the travel sized All Nighter its $14. I know these are slightly smaller than travel size, but for $10, the box is a steal!

    • Tes you are right about that ,I bought a sample box of smashbox primers and setting spray and it cost 28.00

      • Yes* not tes

  8. Oh dang. I bought the Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray back in the summer. After a week of use my skin broke out so bad, took weeks to recover. I ended up giving it away to a less sensitive skinned friend. Has that happened to anyone else?

    • Wow I’m surprised to hear you had trouble! I’ve never tried the De-Slick, but I’ve used both the Chill setting spray and the All Nighter without any problems, and I have very sensitive skin. The All Nighter is my top choice out of the three.

  9. No, it doesn’t work like that. I think you can even scan an old one, if you haven’t used it yet. Give it a try.

  10. Does anyone know what will be in the 096 box? Curiosity is getting the best of me πŸ™‚

  11. Does anyone else receive their box within a few days of the end of the month? It’s really irritating not to mention I can’t use my play pass since I only have like 2 days to use it πŸ™

    • You actually have until the end of the NEXT month to use it. I just used my November one this weekend!

    • Mine comes really late in the month too. Usually around the 27th.

    • Yes, mine comes really late too, like the very last week on the month… but if the look at the date on the Play Pass, like Ashlee said, it expired at the end of the NEXT month. So November Play Pass expires December 31st.

  12. I’m Item 1879816 this time!

    I really hope I get the primer and the setting spray in my box. I could do without the mascara (although Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite brands). Dry shampoo is never exciting to me but I’ll use it, and DryBar as a brand is great. I bet we all get the lip since it’s their brand.

  13. Not excited about this box, even though these are good brands. It’s just the item categories that are so unexciting. I’ll eventually get around to using the mascara (I might already have that sample, but there’s no reason I can’t use two, and it might be a different Bobbi Brown). I’ll use the red lip (or at least try it – I don’t typically like that matte liquid lip stuff, but I don’t object to red). I have soooo many dry shampoos … two or one and a half years ago Beautyfix sent me my first beauty box dry shampoo, and it was either full-size or half-size, and I’ve been using it ever since. Meanwhile, all the others I’ve received from boxes have been piling up. And I don’t need to use it all that often. As for primer, I use sunscreen instead of foundation (sometimes with a little foundation on top), so primer doesn’t really work for me. And I don’t really see a need for setting spray – I’m sure primer works well for some people, and maybe some people even need setting spray, but mainly it seems like a gimmick. That said, I intend to NEVER quit Sephora PLAY.

    Once again, they have sent a color that they haven’t sent before (although I’ve only been in it since July, so maybe back in the mists of time they did, so I should say, they haven’t sent recently). They are doing a good job not repeating colors.

  14. Getting box 1880244? I’m expecting the primer or setting spray to vary. I’ll give the lip a try, but I’m so fair (Landome Ivorie 140N) I don’t think it will look well. Everything else seem great though. Excited for the perfume sample, I love this scent!

  15. I’m 816 as well. I imagine the only variation will be the MUF primer and maybe the fragrance. Personally I’m excited for this box.

  16. I just signed up last week when the enrollments were open (and then closed and then open again and then closed again…lol). Does anyone know if I’ll get the December box? I logged in and went to my purchases but nothing shows up for Play!…but it does say I’m really subscribed….

    • You probably won’t get a bag til January. You can contact them and ask so you know for sure.

      • Ooops. I went back and looked at the original post about the waitlist being open and Liz did mention that the first box would be January. Missed that part. Thanks so much!

  17. I’m getting #816 so hopefully it’ll be good. The UD setting spray has a $7 value so if that’s all you like then you basically got your money’s worth and just swap the rest or donate them.

  18. If someone doesn’t like their red lip stain. . .I’ll take it 😜 Lol it’s my favorite red!

  19. This is my first month and I’m happy they are all usable items. I have a question- do they notify you when they ship the box? All my other sub boxes ship at the very beginning of the month and sephora seems to ship much later.

    • My notifications have been hit or miss. Some months I’ll get an emails, and other months the box will just show up.

      • Same for me! But their notifications aren’t very good anyway (they’ll let you know that the package is ready to ship, but it won’t move for 3 days).

  20. I’m quite happy with these products…except the dry shampoo. Way better than my ipsy or birchbox. Can’t wait to try these samples.

  21. I flat-out do not want a red lip product, let alone another Sephora branded product. This box really doesn’t appeal to me at all…I despise dry shampoo, red lips and the Olsen twins. I’m only slightly interested in trying the Bobbi Brown mascara and having a travel size of the All Nighter. I’m not very happy about this box.

  22. This is the first time in 4 years of subscribing to beauty boxes where I already have every product in the box. Not “most” not 4 or 5 of the products, but literally all six of them. I suppose after 4 years, I’m at my saturation point.

    I do really love the setting spray, so I’m looking forward to that. I wish it was E&J Nirvana Rose fragrance, though – I received both it and the Bourbon as a promo from Sephora, and while I liked Rose, Bourbon gave me an awful headache.

  23. Got #832….only item I won’t use is the mascara. I got a sample of it in birchbox and it smeared on me due to oily skin and watery eyes (allergies). I’ve been wanting to try the ud all nighter so that’s my box favorite! As for the perfume samples, I like that play gives you one as a freebie every month so I don’t get a perfume as one of my 5 samples like I sometimes do in birchbox. I have asthma and can use very few perfumes so I either swap it or give it to my sister. This is my 3rd month with play and I’ve had good luck with my boxes so far compared to my birchbox and ipsy subs.

  24. I haven’t checked to see which box I’m getting but I’d be happy with this one, except the red lip stain. I’ve wanted to try the UD setting spray for awhile! My biggest problem with Sephora is receiving damaged products and they won’t replace them! Two different months I’ve received EMPTY tubes and they just put 100 points into my account. I don’t want points I want the items replaced. In November I received TWO empty items! Same thing, just got points. I’m thinking the 3rd time will be it for me and I’ll cancel it. It’s not worth it when they have poor customer service and won’t replace the damaged items. Last month with 2 of them really frustrated me. They need to step up their CS help.

    • Gosh. That’s awful. And you have to buy something to even redeem your points. They should’ve just sent you replacements.

  25. I didn’t know where to post this. I just got off the Glamour Doll Eyes wait list. I’ve been on it for a year. If anyone was on it check your email you only have 12 hours. It cost 8 dollars plus shipping so its 11.

  26. This is a great box … urban decay, Bobbi brown, make up forever, dry bar and people are complaining. I think everyone just has too many products.

  27. I hope this lipstick sample is sealed, the one I received in October wasn’t and appeared used. I tossed it.

  28. This mascara has 5/5 points in my book. I got it around a year ago in Allure box and I was impressed. It’s a second time I see it in a sub box so I am happy about it. Even though I have around 30-40 other mascaras in my stash :-/ But otherwise nothing else here I want… I will try this lipstick and rest will go to swap…

  29. I love the spoilers shown above!

    My box is 244 – excited to find out what I am getting. I love the Sephora Play box.

    • Mine too! I wonder what the variations will be. I like this box except the red lipstick.

  30. Mine is 816. Not thrilled at all with yet another red lip or dry shampoo. But happy with the other items. Play! is always a good expenditure of $10.

  31. I was considering canceling my Play! subscription until I saw this. I’m getting box 832 if they don’t change it and this box is perfect for me. Love the UD setting spray, love lip stains, love dry shampoo and I’m excited to try the perfume, mascara and anything from MUFE!

    • Me too! I was going to cancel Play just because I really don’t need samples every single month, but I’m so happy with this box that I’m thinking about reconsidering…

  32. I’m getting 816, but I’ll be happy to get the UD spray..

  33. I’ve got 816, but man, I actually want to try everything in 832 so I hope it doesn’t vary too much.

  34. Just checked & whew, I’m getting #816, whatever that is. πŸ‘ Play! has never disappointed, but this bag would have been practically useless for me. I’m underwhelmed by dry shampoos & setting sprays, fully stocked on red lippies & have the primer sample dept covered for at least 6 mos thanks to my combined Subs. I always like their perfumes, except last months, it smelled like old cigars & wet wood ash, I think it was “Replica”. Oh well, can’t win everytime. Still love them for $10! Now c’mon 816, bring me something good!!πŸ˜€πŸ™ŒπŸ’Ž

  35. This is my box, and I am really excited. I love the UD finishing spray, and everything else will be fun to try!

  36. Is that Urban decay setting spray actually the 1 ounce one? If it is that’s a pretty good deal! Most of the other travel sizes are just the .5 oz ones.
    I already have the detox spray and don’t use it that much cause the smell lingers to long. But other then that not a bad box. Well worth the money, that’s what counts.

  37. that is my box and finally, sephora is back on track! I am meh over the UD setting spray, but am eager to try every thing else – including that matte lip stain – I am not a red fan, but I’ve seen swatches & it looks great. A lot better than these bubble gum pinks that have been littering the boxes.

    last month was so awful, so I am glad that this box looks really good.

  38. How do I know which number box I am getting? I tried to look it up in my purchase history but could not find it on the entry?

    • If you’re on the app, it won’t show. You have to be on the web browser version of the site.

  39. I waiting so long to finally subscribe to this beauty box and out of the 10 I’ve received so far I’ve liked only.. 3?! I’ve been toying with the idea to cancel this box just helped me decide rp go ahead and do just thatπŸ˜•

  40. I am getting 832. I can’t complain. But how do I get into the swap group? There have been previous months I would have loved to swap some items.

    • Go to the “swaps” button on the top of this web page. I just signed up. I was put on a wait list for about a week. So far have only swapped once but it seems to be harder for new people to get started.

  41. The red lip isn’t my thing, but otherwise I love all of the products, I have quite a bit of All Nighter spray so I’ll probably gift it to a friend. I haven’t had the detox shampoo but I had their dry conditioner and love it (i’ve also used triple sec, which is incredible).

    Definitely a good fit for me!

  42. I am getting #832 and this is the first month i am not happy at all. Another red lip. I have gotten 3 so far this month and don’t wear red at all. Just cuz it’s the holidays it doesn’t mean i want a red lip. I am getting primer from ipsy whose bag this month sucks too. And more dry shampoo. This has been a really bad month of subs for me. I usually love play.

    • Sorry becs

  43. This is my box 832 it isn’t that bad….I just hope they send the right primer as I have dry skin. I just purchased full size Urban Decay Setting Spray so I will put this small one away for when I travel. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the Red Lip Stain I don’t wear reds so I will give that away. For $10 a month I’m not going to complain I’ve got to try a lot of great products that I never would have tried and also tried some not so great that I probably would have purchased and ended up wasting my money on.

    • How or where do I find out what number box I am getting? Please and thank you πŸ™‚

      • Log into your account on the Play by Sephora website, then click on “account” on left side of page then go to “orders” then click on the December order (that’s your bag) look at ITEM number. Hope this helps ❀️

      • They use the last 3 numbers of your item number on these spoilers. ❀️

      • So, why doesn’t my account show it? I’ve been a subscriber for two months now and neither month did it show under orders.

      • Make sure you are signed in.

      • I am signed in. It shows everything else I’ve ordered. Just not my play box.

      • Go to, “MY BEAUTY BAG” and THEN go to “purchase history” there. NOT through your order history trhough your account. Hope that helps! (:

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