Play! By Sephora December 2016 SPOILERS!

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We have FULL SPOILERS for one of the December 2016 Play! By Sephora box variations thanks to Charlotte!

Box ending in 832 will include:


What do you think of the first full-box spoiler?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m disappointed in a lot of the negativity around here. This box is $10 a month and comes from a store that sells mid- to high-end makeup. That means you will get lipstick and mascara, and you won’t get full-size products! I actually already have the lipstick, and it’s my favorite liquid lipstick formula of all time. And I appreciate when we get reds because I’m a woman of color, and most “nude” lipsticks out there are unwearable for me. If you’ve been receiving broken or used products, that’s unacceptable, but otherwise I really see no reason to complain. This box sends out a handful of samples each month from brands that Sephora sells, which is exactly what was advertised. Sephora sells a lot of things, so sometimes they’re not going to send all of your favorite types of products. C’est la vie. I’ve had a great experience with this box and with Sephora in general, which is why they get way too much of my money…

    • I couldn’t agree more.

    • Great comment. I agree with you 100%

    • It’s true.! this box is always a hit for me. Even if I only like one thing its $10 and cool brands are always feature. Its a red lipstick yes! but its their liquid lipsticks, and its the 1st time I’m trying them!

    • Agree 100%

    • I totally agree and I love sephora play! Even when I’m not crazy about it, it’s money well spent. But the moment you spend your money on a product or service, you’ve bought the right to be unhappy and voice that opinion.

    • I agree with you. I think it’s a good subscription. I am on a very tight budget, so this is the only way i ever get to use high end products. I’m very thankful !

      • Right? I was able to try things I wouldn’t even glance at the store because of the price. For $10, we consistently get around $50-60 worth of product.

    • I totally agree. What we get well exceeds $10. Delivered to our door. Just like Boxycharm, it blows my mind how some people complain over a certain lipstick color…. you pay $21/month with them & your box ALWAYS has a value well over $100. All full size products. It’s like Christmas every month. But then you have to remember there is always going to be the Debbie Downers in life. ❤️

    • Amen Sistah 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • So you personally “see no reason to complain,” therefore nobody should complain. Somewhat authoritarian logic, no?

      I’ve noticed this trend in the comments on this site. Yes, some people complain, but those complaints are not an attempt to dictate other people’s reactions to and feelings about a box/product. But then the “anti-negativity” folks swoop in and “instruct” the complainers why their feelings and responses are incorrect and attempt to dictate their own preferences as the “right” ones.

      Why can’t we all have an opinion without trying to impose that on others? If “negativity” bothers some folks so much that a random complaint about a mascara sample agitates them, perhaps their grasp on “positivity” is rather tenuous to begin with.

      • As much as I love being branded an authoritarian, I’m going to need you to cite the part of my comment where I ban all complaining. I stand by the fact that I think a lot of people’s complaints are unproductive because 1) Sephora has never misrepresented the products being sold 2) the value greatly exceeds the cost of the box 3) it is statistically unlikely that every sample they include will please every customer. If you still want to complain, go for it! I’m not thrilled that I’m being sent a lipstick that I already own. And I do apologize if my tenuous grasp on positivity has caused me to infringe upon your rights.

      • I completely agree with you. I am sick of comments complaining about people who complain. We all have different opinions and just because we don’t agree we get called out for posting a opinion that’s different from others. Too bad. If you don’t like the negative comments than don’t read them. And stop telling people that their opinions are wrong and we all should love everything we get every month. IMO this months Play sucks. And i don’t care who thinks i shouldn’t have that opinion. I don’t get on here and scold others about the fact they like this month. This site is for everyone to state their opinion about whether they like a sub or not. Some people like it and some don’t.

    • !!!!! Yes ! 🎉🎉🤗🤗 I agree 100%!

    • I agree, especially about the lips. I haven’t cared for Play the last 3 months because all the lips have been horrible for darker skin (drivers seat was especially ugly). I’m glad there’s finally something we can wear.

      • Oh man, getting Driver’s Seat was particularly painful because I’m a liquid lipstick addict. Knew it would look horrible but of course I put it on anyway just to confirm. I recently tried Girl Gang and Miss Conduct in store, would highly recommend those colors if you like the formula.

    • Agree totally! Well said NN!

    • Amen!! Great Comment

    • I agree with this! Except that I can not wear reds at all but I don’t complain because I know it suits others better, I am very light skinned and most nudes look trash on me too :p I think people complain and forget that it’s a trial box not a safe box all the time 🙂

    • Amen for everything you said…!!!🙌🏼

    • Totally agree! Play is my only sub now. I like everything everything and I trust Sephora and the brands they carry. I can’t wait to try the MUFE primer and I love the UD setting spray. I can always use a back up of that!

      • Katt: I will not use the setting spray. Do you want to swap it for something?

    • Very well said! The whole point is to try items first without purchasing the full size and being disappointed. I’m new to Play, but I enjoyed the mix of items for December. For instance, I don’t wear reds often or tints for that matter, so they took me way out of my comfort zone for the lip stain, but I ended up liking it. I would never have sought that out in the store on my own! So I agree with you! So far so good! 🙂 #SephoraPlay

    • Subscribers feel like this is a place where they can come to express their opinions, both positive AND negative, about the boxes they receive. Some people just don’t have another outlet. Speaking for myself, my friends don’t do sub boxes and my husband gets the Homer Simpson blank look any time I mention one. I appreciate ALL comments because they truly help me decide if I want to try a box or not.

      • Well said and I especially liked the Homer Simpson comment lol

    • I agree!! Glad you said it!

  2. I am getting this box and am super excited!! These are ALL great items. I seriously can not believe how many people complain about what they are getting each month. You did sign up knowing that what they send is catering to more beauty goers than just you correct? I think it is pretty amazing that you get even one product according to your skin type in every months box….unlike others of the same price where you end up with a bunch of no name crap that I am too afraid to put on my sensitive face. This months box if you were to purchase full size products comes to $184.00 and we paid how much? Thank you Sephora!!!

  3. Kind of unrelated to this post, but wanted to share that Tarte has everything 30% off on their website with the code BESTIES. The deal runs till the end of 12/12, I think. 🙂

  4. Not sure why everyone is so upset, this is a great box!!!! Again, its $10! I heard great things about the mascara, the primer and setting spray. I wish sephora wouldnt do perfume samples and not a fan of samples, but hey, overall, what they send, is great!! Cant wait until mine comes in. LOVE SEPHORA!

    • I think it’s a good box and the items fit the theme well. I think a lot of people (including myself) are getting overloaded with certain types of products, partially between subscriptions and Sephora sales and sets, lol. It’s not Sephora Play’s fault that I recently accumulated a stockpile of primer or that I have to give away most of the mascara samples I get cause most of them transfer on my lower lids thanks to my oily eyelids. Any products that don’t work for me, I give to my mom or donate them, so I never feel like I just wasted $10 with what Sephora sends.

    • Agree ! These are great brands and really good products!

    • I love that smokey eye mascara! I have swapped for it numerous times after getting it a year ago in one of the old Allure boxes. It is a very good one that I love to rotate in! These all look great, can’t wait!

      • I might put my Smokey Eye Mascara up for swap since it seems popular! I know it doesn’t work with my oily skin.

  5. This is my box. I’m not going to use most of these products. If you have another box I might be interested in swapping! Let me know.

    • I don’t think I’m getting this box. Might be interested in swapping if there are things in my box that I don’t like or need.

      • Great! Honestly not attached to anything in this box…

    • I’m 199, but I don’t know what’s in it. Your box looks good.

    • I’d swap with you. I love this box. My box number ends in 816. We’re not sure what’s in it yet. Hopefully it’s a good one.

      • I’ve got 816 as well and I’m always happy with Sephora Play and Ipsy is fine too for $10 shipped. I could find $10 on the floor or in my change jar! lol

  6. I’m looking forward to trying everything in this box. I love the drybar smell of the dry shampoo and have used it in the past. I’m looking forward to trying a red lip for the holidays. The cheap price tag of $10 is worth liking even one of the samples. Basically two coffee drinks worth of $ to try a bunch of things that are higher end brands than some of the other subscription boxes.

  7. This is my box. Not very exciting but I always use everything. I was also hoping for something special for the holidays based on spoiler but oh well. I have found great products through Play and will continue my subscription even though this month is dull. I’ve always believed you get what you pay for and I found a great eye cream albeit expensive through sephora play.

  8. yep I was planning on cancelling after December (thinking at least December might be something special), but I see that is really not all that, so I will be cancelling and opening up a spot for someone

  9. This is my box and I have mixed feelings about it. I want to love it, but there’s nothing here that I’ve been dying to try. I was really hoping g they’re would be some Anastasia Beverly Hills sample since my spoiler email and the sephora play site has been covered with it.

    • You do realize that ads are personally tailored to you, right? Sounds like you’ve been spending some time looking at ABH products. When we got the Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Cream in one of our bags a while back, I was obsessed with it and did a few searches to find the best price for a full size. For the next 2 weeks, that was the only thing that showed up in my ads across all the websites I visited. This week I’ve been getting ads for tarts because I spent a few hours on their site drooling over the grav3yardgirl palette!

  10. 816 here as well! This box looks amazing, I hope we get something similar. I would actually use everything in these spoilers.

    • 816 here too! Love this box hope ours is similar!

      • Same here! I hope we still get my fav mascara but definitely a non-mattifying primer (I have dry skin listed on my account)

        • They have been sending out different things based on skin concerns so hopefully we get the moisturizing one

    • I love this box. I’m an 816, though. I hope our box is this good. 😏

    • What does 816 have ?

      • Not posted yet, but probably very similar except I would hope the primer isn’t matte and super drying.

        I’ll donate it or swap at work if it is. No biggie.

        For $10 I love this box.

    • I also have 816 and am kind of bummed this isn’t the box i’m getting! It has everything I want!

      • Yes I agree with you. I looked at this box and was like I love all these things .I have two favorite mascaras bennifit their real and this one.Then I noticed the stupid number and went and looked and it’s not my box what a let down

  11. That’s my favorite mascara ever and I just ran out :’) this is my FAVORITE BOX EVER!!! I will be able to swap for a ton more now too!!! Best spoiler ever yayyyyy

  12. I LOVE SEPHORA PLAY! I can’t wait to try the primer, I love the setting spray, dry shampoo in travel size is always needed, I love trying new mascaras(I can never have too many) and the red lip will be passed along to my friend who will rock it. I have found so many new holy grails and my wallet is thankful for not wasting money on full size products. Thanks MSA for introducing me!

  13. I am getting this box (832) and am not bummed about it but am also not thrilled. I feel bad for complaining but I’ve tried all these products at some point. I like beauty sub boxes for trying new things.

    I’m not surprised about the red lippie as I feel every beauty company and store out there push red this time of year. I love s bright red, but rarely wear it. I just wish Sephora would give us other lip products to try other than their ow brand.

  14. Doubting this will be my favorite box :/ I do not wear red lipstick AT ALL, don’t use dry shampoo, and am doubting I will like the perfume. It was described by one review on Sephora’s website as smelling like a speakeasy. That’s not likely to be a scent I will enjoy.
    The only items I’m excited about are the mascara as I need a new mascara and the setting spray which I’ve been intersted in trying. The primer I’m neutral on… mostly because I just got a primer last month.

  15. Box 199. Anyone else?

    • Where do you see the box number you’re getting?

      • If you log into your Sephora account, it will be listed under purchases. The last three digits of the order number is what they go by.

        • Order number or item number? It’s my first box

          • Item number!

    • Yes, I’m 199 also.

  16. The only good thing is they didn’t include a horrid black eyeliner to go with another horrid black mascara! The only item that seems like it will vary is the primer type. However, I’m getting the same box (816) for oily skin and for normal skin… what? This box is for the most boring party ever

  17. Dear Beauty box Gods.. PLEASE no more Bright Red lipsticks/stains/color/glosses/balms!!! I was expecting alot more with the theme. I’m getting 832 and I’m so not happy with it. I have dreadlocks so dry shampoo is a NEVER for me, have millions of mascaras and nothing looks special about that wand, I always give away my perfume samples.. Smashbox is my holy grail primer so all other primers get given away… Only happy about the urban decay setting spray because it’s a product that I use… Maybe next month 🙂

  18. This month’s box might just be the best one so far for me! I’ve been subscribed for 3 months now, the first one I didn’t care much for but the second one was better. I can see myself using everything in this box! The Makeup Forever mattifying primer is my go to primer so it’s always wonderful to have back up. I use the Urban Decay DeSlick setting spray & I love it so I’m excited to try the All Nighter. I’m always using dry shampoo in between washes & you can never have enough mascaras & lipsticks, even if you end up not liking them & just gift them to others! Can’t wait for this box!

  19. This is my box and I don’t like any of these items. Red stain, more dry shampoo, E&J perfume – yuck. So disappointed 😑 There’s nothing in here I’ll use, and that’s the first time I can say that.

  20. Thanks for the spoilers! This is my box. It’s not bad, I just don’t care for red lip products 😐

  21. I’m getting box 614. Not too excited about the first box shown. Can’t wait to see the variations

  22. Except for the mascara. Really don’t need any more mascara.

  23. Wow! This spoiler is like my DREAM box! Seriously! I am really thinking about subscribing so I can hopefully get this variation!

    • If you subscribe now you won’t get December unfortunately you’ll start with january

  24. This is my box number – I’m pleased! I’ll use everything except the dry shampoo. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that perfume! This will be the first time I actually like one of the perfumes sent!

    • I’ll swap for the dry shampoo 😉 Can never have enough of those!

  25. I received my box today without any spoilers and was really happy with it. The primer and setting spray aren’t new to me but I really like them so I am happy to have them in travel sizes. I love dry shampoo and I have been wanting to try the dry bar one. The only thing I don’t use is the red lip stain, but the primer alone is worth the price for me.

    • Oh and the bag is so cute this month, it is black with gold.

    • How did you get yours so fast when mine still hasn’t shipped

  26. I’ll use everything but the primer. I’m soooo sick of primers. A sample lasts me like a year. I don’t need a monthly supply of primers. Since I need a setting spray and dry shampo, I’m actually excited to get my box. However, I’m also on product overload and will be canceling next month.

  27. Where can you find out what number box you have?

    • Never mind. I got 832.

    • Go into your account and click on orders. It will show you your order number and the last 3 numbers is the box your getting. Mine is 831

      • Actually, it’s the last three digits of the item number, not the order number!

  28. I just want to make one last comment – so many people say that these are things we can just get for ‘free’ at sephora, but technically, you do have to spend at least $100 to get a 100 point sample, so for people that might not shop there frequently and take advantage of this, the sephora box is a nice way to get samples for $10/month. Yes that means it’s $120/year, which is a lot of money still, so I feel like this is a better subscription for people who are curious about products and haven’t tried many and don’t want to spend the full price on an item they haven’t tried – or if the person doesn’t live close enough to sephora to sample the products (if possible) in store. If you’re on the fence about subscribing, I would say, do your research and look at the past boxes, and then if you can, go in store and ask to test out specific products you like and see how you feel about the products that are included in the box before signing up.

    I hope this doesn’t sound rude or snobby, I’m not trying to do that at all, but rather help some people that are on the fence out.

    • I think this is a really smart, articulate way to break down the value of this box. Totally agree with you!

    • Also even though it’s $120/year it you like make up it’s a good way to try the high end stuff without buying a $60 foundation that you never use or a $25 lip stick think of all that unused make up you have gathered through the years and I’m sure you have spent money even at the drug store on make up that you never wear these days even drug store make up is expensive

      • I usually return items I buy if they don’t work for me and I have never had trouble whether it’s Target, Macys, or Sephora.

    • You articulated exactly why I love it. My town has an Ulta (where I’m a Platinum rewards member), but no Sephora—the closest Sephora is an hour and a half away. It’s one thing to be able to buy something like primer or foundation or perfume after getting to try it in a store, but for brands that those stores don’t carry in-store…a box like this is a great way to let us try those things!

  29. I’m really hoping the red lip is more like a matte lipstick, but since it says stain, I’m not sure how I feel about it personally. I just always have super dry lips. I try to keep them hydrated, but they just seem to do their own thing, so I tend to wear lippies very rarely as then tend to dry out my lips from prolonged wear (regular lipstick, gloss, etc.).

    • It is matte! Also, a gorgeous blue red, universally flattering shade. Feels like nothing at all is on your lips though and takes some getting used to.

    • I think u will like the stain … it’s more like liquid lipstick with matte finish… the full size is 14$ n i pefer them over any other liquid lipsticks. I find them quite hydrating.

  30. My box is 832 and I won’t use most of this – especially the red lipstick. I also don’t think a mattifying primer is a great choice for my skin for the winter. I’ve been on the fence about whether or not to keep Play! because I haven’t been “wowed” by any of the boxes so far. I just cancelled, though. If Sephora starts sending out products that are better than the free samples we get with any order, maybe I’ll consider subbing again.

    • I am getting 832 also and my profile either says Combo or Dry (I may have recently changed it due to the winter season) so I’m shocked I’m getting a magnifying primer. I’ll keep it though for the summer when I need it.

      • The primer they are saying this box will get is the smoothing primer..the picture is of the mattifying primer but this is the cover pic that shows up for all variations of this style of primer until you select a different one. The smoothing is in a light gray tube

  31. I would love box 832!!

    • I’m getting box 816 🙁I hope it has some of the same stuff!

      • Me too, but I’m hoping for different stuff. Pretty much the only thing I would use in this lot is the all nighter spray. I kind of figured this would be the case based on the previews and sneak peeks, though.

    • want to switch?

  32. Lol people complaining about already getting these samples from Sephora. This box is exactly that basically. Samples you’d usualy get from Sephora. But I’m an introvert and hate going to shop so these sample I hoard lol

  33. I like this box, much better than the last 3 months. What do people expect from a $10 box? Will use them all if some of these items are included in mine.

    • I mean, I can understand being disappointed – it sucks getting boxes full of things you can’t/won’t use. That’s me with every beauty box during the summer months. But I do find the hand wringing every month by the same people silly – if you don’t like what you’re getting multiple months., just cancel! I did it with Ipsy and Allure!

      And I think it’s a bit odd to complain that we don’t get full size products in $10 Sephora box. I mean, yeah, Ipsy does, fine. But Sephora sends out way better and more expensive brands, so, no I don’t expect full size products in Play, not even from the Sephora line. The box is fine for what it is.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever read anybody complain about full sizes in this box,now Boxycharm and Glossybox yes but those are 21.00 but not this one.I do read their opinions on products and I thought that’s what this room was about, info and discussions about products they do and don’t receive.

    • I can only speak for myself, but I expect to receive samples that are not half-empty, damaged, or broken. I subscribed in May, and so far there has only been one month that I didn’t have an issue. I also expect to receive samples that are interesting/potentially of use to me, and that’s been extremely hit or miss. Yes, it’s $10/month. But if month after month, my reaction is disappointment and frustration, then I’d rather take the $120/year and use it for something else. As I said, this is JMO, but I can certainly understand why others are not happy with Sephora Play and don’t feel that it has lived up to the hype.

  34. Could someone please tell me where do you see the box number… This will be my first box and I looked everywhere on the web-site and it just says ‘the products inside your first PLAY box will be here soon, check back later’ …

    • Look in your general Sephora account info, under Orders.

      • Thank you, Marion! Found it 🙂

        Looks like this 832 box will be my box too 🙂
        I like all items, and I’ll definitely use them all. Dry shampoo, mascara. Those are every day items. Red lipstick is kinda my thing, no complaints here either 😁

    • You can go to your “My Account” page, and on the right hand side, there’s a recent purchases section. You’re December Play box should be showing, and below that (don’t click on anything) there’s “ITEM (and the number).” Normally, people on the comments just use the last 3 numbers to indicate the box. For example, mine says “ITEM 1879816” so if I were to post on here, I’d just say, I’m getting box 816 (which I unfortunately don’t see spoilers for yet 🙁 ). Hope this helps!

      • Thank you, Mariah! Found it 🙂

  35. I canceled last month after I got the lip gloss “l like matt” and the hand cream it was a quarter of the full. I signed up for beauty box 5, allure for black Friday. I also get Boxycharm and Ipsy. I might sign up for play by Sephora again one day. Maybe something besides makeup next month. Jewelry sounds fun.

    • If you like skin and hair care with a little nail and make up thrown in beautyfix is an amazing sub!

  36. I cancelled mine too. I like sampling stuff but most of the things I’ve gotten are way too pricey, full size, so I’d never buy any of it.

  37. Ugh.. this is my box and everything except the drybar have been frequent free gifts for Sephora recently. While I do love the setting spray, I really dislike the spray nozzle from the sample size, it does not spray as well or as fine as from the 1oz or larger size. There is nothing exciting here, just feels like leftover samples. Big miss for me unfortunately. I seem to be getting all the mediocre boxes while other seem a bit luckier! I do still feel like I’d rather spend my $10 on this box than birchbox or ipsy though so I’ll stick with it. I was hoping for a highlighter or some glitter this month though!

    • Blech. This is my box too. I don’t like anything.

      • Me, too and I usually like Sephora.

    • I agree that, even when Sephora gives some disappointing products, I am still usually happier with Sephora than I was with Birchbox (canceled) or am with Ipsy (giving them another couple months). I didn’t think I would like my Play box from last month that much when I saw the spoilers, but everything turned out to be completely usable. I thought I would hate the Cover FX illuminating primer because my face gets oily easily, but I actually really like it. I have enough primer to last for about a year, but maybe one day, I’ll buy it!

    • How do you get free products? Do you mean using your points?

  38. This is my box. A few of us did a great job guessing what would be in this box based on the theme and video. I have accumulated quite a few red lipsticks recently through various sets, but I actually don’t mind receiving another one, even though I end up wearing red lipstick maybe a few times a month at the most. I think I got that mascara in my first month of Birchbox and it transfers to my lower eyelids, so I will give that to my mom because she doesn’t have greasy eyelids like me. I look forward to trying the setting spray and dry shampoo, and I don’t mind receiving the primer, but I bought one recently and then got several samples of different primers in a short amount of time. I don’t think I’ll run out of primers or red lipsticks for years, lol. The perfume sounds interesting, but I’m also swimming in perfume samples and will probably not need to spend money on a perfume for years. Subscription problems, lol.

    • Subscription addictions. I’m on product overload like many others but I can’t part with Sephora. I love getting high quality products. Even when I wasn’t working, I would always splurge on high end skin care. For healthy happy skin the quality stuff is worth it. Now my point to be made about Sephora box is that each items breaks down to $2 per item if you don’t count the perfume sample and that is a great deal. These high end samples do tend to last for a while even though they seem small. On most you don’t need a lot of product but a small dab. For example, the Caudelie Resveratrol eye sample we got in August lasted me two month and I used it day and night except for a few times when I needed a heavier cream. A small dot warmed up would spread and cover my upper and lower eye area. It truly lasted that long. I am not exaggerating. I got a sample of the Caudelie cru eye cream, the sorbet, the soft cream, the mask, and just got their travel size set with my sephora reward coupon and now will try the whole family to see how they work together. This might be my new favorite skin care line. The Caudelie Cru eye cre is miraculous.I find it even better than Creme de la Mer eye cream and definitely cheaper. But no matter how many products I have Sephora is a great deal. Next in line is the Look Fantastic beauty box. A little bit more but still worth it to try things I don’t know about or wouldn’t splurge on.

      • I really liked that caudalie eye cream; I’ve been hoarding the last little bit of it for really dry days because I can’t really afford to buy a full size. That’s the one downside to this box…if I find a product I really like, it tends to be too expensive for my meager budget. But you are right that they last forever, and hey, I like having the chance to try some really nice stuff I would never get to otherwise.

  39. Bye Felicia.

    • LMAO!

  40. I’ve canceled mine last month. No regret seeing this spoiler. Even though the Nov box was the best among all the 3 Sephora boxes I had, but still not attractive enough for me to stay longer…
    I am kind of tired of beauty boxes and more enjoy the home box or the jewelry box… The only beauty box I left is the sisley one. So far I still like it.

  41. NO SPARKLE FOR HOLIDAY?!? Wow…think I am canceling…have not been impressed by the boxes and I gave them 6 months. I have already gotten 3 of these items free. Nothing memorable, and annoying that usually a few weeks later items from boxes are either in the free gwp or Rewards Bazaar. WHY are we paying for these sample sized items then? And when they give us Sephora brand makeup, why can’t they give us full-size instead of dinky free gift size?? Pretty much over the Sephora Play box, I’ll save myself $120/year and buy something I KNOW I want.

    • I agree! I cancelled a few months back because of the tiny Sephora brand items.

    • I agree! This is also my box and I have 3 items in here! I just received the UD setting spray with a purchase I made recently, the primer was a 100 pt gift recently, I have the full size bobbi brown mascara which is just ok, nothing special. I received it with a bobbi brown gift set I purchased. That dry bar dry shampoo will never work on my hair type so I’ll be giving that away. Will I use the products? Yes, but I’m so unimpressed yet again.

  42. This is my box and I think this is the first time I’ve been this disappointed. The setting spray and the perfume are pretty frequently samples that aren’t hard to get, I think I already have like two of each. And another Sephora lip product?? The other products look fine though.

  43. This is my box! I love this primer and currently use the full size. Also love and use the setting spray. Not too excited to receive things I already own but I guess I can’t complain about having more!! They’re good products 🙂 excited to try the dry bar dry shampoo because I use another brand but I see this one around a lot. I’m pretty new to dry shampoo too. Sephora red lip is eh. Not the biggest fan of red or Sephora brand but at least it’s a matte liquid tho, my favorite type of lipstick. I’m drowning in mascara but I like trying new brands and at least I’ll never need to buy full size mascaras in my life lol. Bobbi brown is a new brand for me completely. Very very curious about the scent. Overall a good box, nothing too exciting but nothing bad!

  44. This may be the end of Sephora Play for me. I look awful in red lipstick, and the other products aren’t that interesting. Who really needs another dry shampoo or mascara? I had such high hopes for Play, but overall it’s been disappointing. Too many missing/damaged samples too.

  45. This is my box, and I dislike every single item in it. Bye Sephora.

    • We had the same thoughts at pretty much the same time. 🙁

    • Agreed!! BOOOOO!

  46. Oooh, this is my box. I am not a fan of the Elizabeth and James fragrances I have tried, though this particular one I haven’t sampled. Everything else will get used. Thanks for the spoilers! !

  47. Mine ends in 832. I like the top row! I just tried dry bar dry shampoo and didn’t care much for it. I’ll use it, though. I never got the hang of setting spray. Never seemed to make a bit of difference. Any tips?

  48. This is my box! I already like Dry Bar and use the All-Nighter Setting Spray everyday, so I guess it is good to have travel sized versions. I was hoping for something glittery, though.

  49. Mine ends in 244

    • me too. I’m glad it’s not this one because I’m not really a fan of anything on this spoiler set though I’m sure at least a few of the items everyone will be getting.

      • 244 in the house! Hoping its nothing like 832 which looks like my “worst of” samples from all previous subscription boxes – red lipstick, mascara, perfume. Blargh.

    • 244 here as well. Pale redhead with dry skin and straight hair that I marked volume for. Wonder what variations will be.

      • I have dark brown hair, somewhere between light/medium skin tone, oily skin, wavy hair – and we’re getting the same box! Wonder what they base it on?

        • You sound like my twin so I can see why we got the same box 😮

      • Yes I have this number too,but I’m a brunette with med skin tone,combo skin and wavy to curly thick long hair

    • 244 as well. Porcelain skin, dry; long, straight, thin hair. Can’t wait to see what is in ours!

    • Mine is 244. Anyone else?

  50. This box looks nice…most things I would use. My box ends in 816… hoping for some goodies!! 🙏🏻

    • My account shows 816 also.

      • Mine also, I hope it’s just as good!

        • ::joins the 816 prayer circle::

          This will be my first box!

          • Also 816 here, will join your circle! I like a lot of these items. I have a ton of red lippies but I have a total weakness for them and keep buying more, lol.

        • Also 816, can’t wait to see what’s in it!

          • Also 816!

          • Also 816!!

      • Where do u found account number at ?

    • Here’s to 816🍻

    • Same 🙂 can’t wait to see

    • One more for the 816! 🎉
      After one year subscribing to beauty boxes, I hope that I will finally get a dry shampo sample 😛

    • I agree. I’m 816 as well.

    • Another 816 here! Can’t wait!

    • Mine is also 816 … fingers crossed 😋

    • I’m an 816 too. The one item I’m hoping we all receive is the UD setting spray! I’ve been wanting to try it for so long.

      • Oh me too! I’d love to try that setting spray. I’ve been trying to swap for it…no luck yet.

    • Also 816! Probably willing to trade boxes if anyone with 832 wants to 🙂

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