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GlossyBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – December 2016


GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. They have the best packaging in the business, their products are usually deluxe size or full size, and the value is usually good too.


This is one of my favorite box designs of the year – it is stunning!


My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


FYI: GlossyBox sends out multiple variations of the box during some months. So, there may be some variation between what I review and what you receive.


The Subscription Box: GLOSSYBOX

The Cost: $21 a month (save more with 6-month or annual subscription)

DEAL: Now through 12/31, use coupon code BRUSHES to get two free Studio 10 concealer brushes with your first month of GlossyBox

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products.

Check out all of my GlossyBox reviews and the list of the best beauty and makeup subscription boxes!

Ships to: US and Canada


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included:


Now, onto the items!


Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Eau de Parfum Spray in Love – Value $25


I think this is the best fragrance packaging I’ve ever seen – it’s SO cute!


The perfume is in the base:


This scent is described as a fruity floral with top notes of “Juicy Pear, Granny Smith Apple, Dewy Freesia.”

I’m not much of a perfume person and this scent isn’t for me, but this package is perfect for gifting. It would be a cute stocking stuffer, too.


MDMflow Semi-Matte Lipstick in Bossy – FULL SIZE! Value $18


LOVE the gold design of this lipstick! The finish is matte and I found the formula to be somewhat moisturizing, too.

I was expecting this color not to work for my skin tone, but I applied it over my lip stain and love the results. (Swatched in lower photo.)


MeMeMe Beat the Blues Skin Illuminator in Oyster Gold – 9 ml Value $6.75


This highlighter formula was super easy to blend into a natural looking sheen. I wish the formula was paraben-free, but otherwise, no complaints.

Here it is swatched below the lipstick:

glossy-box-december-2016-0024 glossy-box-december-2016-0022

Luxie Beauty Onyx Noir Small Tapered Blending Brush 231 – Value $16


This blending brush is made with synthetic bristles and it’s super soft. (No bristle fallout either.)


VICHY Pore Purifying Clay Mask – .5 oz Value $4


This thin, clay mask took only a few minutes and left my skin clean and smooth. I would have preferred this mask to not be scented with fragrance, though.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $70. I think this is a great holiday box and I like everything included, but one thing to call out is that there is variation in this subscription. Not everyone received the Harajuku Lovers perfume, and I’m not sure how GlossyBox determines which subscribers get what.

If you are signing up and want to make sure you get the perfume in your box, use coupon code HARAJUKU at checkout. (Code expires December 31st.)

What do you think of the December 2016 GlossyBox? Did you get the perfume in your box?


How do subscribers rate GlossyBox?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (98)

  1. I got the same box except for Vichy. Two tiny cleanser samples instead that are free if you ask for them. But hey! I scored perfume!

  2. I’m confused about the Harajuku Lovers G perfume also. I wasn’t even subscribed in December, but signed up on December 30, and still got the Harajuku Lovers G perfume! I thought it was only supposed to be for the first 500 people? So confusing. I actually bought a December box for cheap on ebay, and got the diamond eye mask. I loved them and was hoping I didn’t get the perfume, because I wanted the diamond eye mask again. A little bummed out, but overall happy. Will continue on to next month to see if I want to keep this sub.

  3. LOL just received my GlossyBox for December. Mind you… its January5th.. I received the perfume but also got the sad excuse for a sample cleaner… If the cleaner FULL SIZE was worth $25 why didn’t they just give us the full size? I know I shouldn’t complain… The box is worth more than $25 but I could have lived without the lipstick and brush which were the only two items I really liked.. Starting to think subscribing was a mistake..

  4. I actually received a different variation, I didn’t get the cleansers or the perfume. I received
    *MDMflowlipstick – Bossy
    *Krystals Diamond Select Anti-Gravity Soark Eye Mask
    *Luxie Onyx Noir Small Tapered Blending Brush
    *MeMeMe Beat the Blues Skin Illuminator in Oyster Gold
    *Vichy Laboratoires – Mineral Pore Purifying Clay Mask

  5. Decided to use my “generous” cleansing sample and had to use both tubes to wash my face once. I get more product in a foul packet most times.

    • Foil not foul. Stupid autocorrect.

  6. I got the Pop Electric perfume.

  7. Sorry to hear so many were displeased but I wanted to share that there are happy Glossybox subscribers. Reading this thread you’d think the brand was horrid.
    I’ve been an annual subscriber for 3 years and more than happy with the value of this particular box and subscription. Yes, I did get a perfume (Harajuku Lovers G perfume and I’m obsessed with the scent – it’s amazing!). So theories about yearly vs month-to-month getting shafted seem silly. Don’t forget that you are buying a mystery box – there are NO guarantees! Liz has done a great thing by setting up swapping on site, so if you don’t get something you like, feel free to swap, gift or give away. Take the opportunity to sign up and swap.
    In regards to many reporting opened items or lack of response from Glossybox, I’ve never once had an issue with this in over 3 years. Anytime I’ve contacted customer service, they’ve ALWAYS responded within 24-48 hours.
    I’ve subscribed to just about every beauty box out there (Ipsy, BoxyCharm, Memebox, Birchbox, Glossybox, Popsugar). I’ve cancelled all but Popsugar, Glossybox and Birchbox because they have higher end / QUALITY products. If/when that ever changes, I’ll reconsider my subscriptions. But until them I’m team Glossybox 🙂

    • I agree with you on many points. I have been subscribed to Glossy for over a year and am generally very happy with my boxes. It is unfair though to advertise spoilers especially ones that say “in every box” and then substitute a tiny cheap sample or a $2 nail polish for the amazing spoiler. They should try to even out box values if possible and when there are not enough of the spoiler to go in every box they should advertise that one hundred or five hundred lucky subscribers will receive…. Otherwise, I do love Glossybox and accept that it is a mystery box. I also have had amazing help from their customer service every time I have needed to contact them.

      • I agree with you on many points. I have been subscribed to Glossy for over a year and am generally very happy with my boxes. It is unfair though to advertise spoilers especially ones that say “in every box” and then substitute a tiny cheap sample or a $2 nail polish for the amazing spoiler. They should try to even out box values if possible and when there are not enough of the spoiler to go in every box they should advertise that one hundred or five hundred lucky subscribers will receive…. Otherwise, I do love Glossybox and accept that it is a mystery box. I also have had amazing help from their customer service every time I have needed to contact them. Oh, and I did not receive the perfume, but I am okay with that.

    • I LOVED,LOVED,LOVED Glossybox,it was my favorite beauty sub. I cancelled all others and kept this one. Our hours got cut at work and I can’t afford to subscribe to monthly subs anymore but if I could only pick one then THIS would be the one. I was a very happy subscriber😍

    • which sugarpop do you like the most? Ive seen several but dont want to spend more than about 30 dollars on a monthly box. Im leaning towards trying glossy soon.

      • Look Fantastic beauty box is my favorite! You should check it out. If you sign up for the annual sub, it only comes to like $15 a box. Definitely worth it. Always great products and great value. Good mix too!

  8. I just re-subscribed hoping for the perfume, but got the eye masks instead. Also received the mineral pore purifying clay mask, which does not go with my skin type. Not happy at all with this box. Cancelling and never looking back!

  9. I’ve been with Glossybox a long time. I even purchased 2 Holiday Boxes…my december box… no perfume, no mask…two tiny cleansers. I don’t cancel subscriptions, buy 6 months at a time & buy every special box…and I don’t get what comes in these boxes. I wanted the perfume so badly. Idk Who Hillary is, but I doubt she cares what comes in a subscribers box, even the loyal ones.

    • I’m swapping my perfume on my page or would be happy to sell it to you 🙂

    • Exactly! I bought a six month subscription so I am locked in for a while…regretting this decision. I also did not receive the mask or the perfume! I revived the two half-filled tiny face wash tubes. This box was horrible and NOT worth $25.

  10. Ugh – is there any way to cancel if you bought a year sub? I subscribed for a few boxes in the middle of the year and they were fine… resubscribed in Nov and my Nov box was missing an item (the eye pencil – the only piece worth anything, though the CAP for the eye pencil was in the box – so strange), and I contacted them on their website twice and got no response. Then I sent a direct email and got a response like a week later, replied, and it took another week to reply and they said they’d send the pencil… but 2 weeks later now and nothing.

    Now I get the Dec box and I have the eye mask instead of the perfume, well, sucks because I’d rather have the perfume but whatever – it is a high-priced item at least. But then I have two ultra small samples of the same thing (La Roche-Posay foaming cream, .1 oz). :-/

  11. Ugh. Canceling again! So tired of not getting the items in the spoilers. Such a cheaply put together box.

  12. I canceled once before and resumed month-to-month on Black Friday. After this month’s box…going to cancel again. Eye masks, ugly highlighter and uglier lipstick, and another brush. Not worth the $ at all. I am stuck with January (after the 14th). But I am done with the bait and switch.

  13. No perfume for me either but I actually really liked the eye patches by Kristal. On me they improved my deep crinkles and my puffiness is totally gone. I can’t imagine the results lasting for a full month tho!
    I didn’t get the Vichy mask but instead got a Vichy moisturizer. It should be ok, I’ve used other products of theirs and it’s not bad, not great either.
    But that shade of lipstick is AWFUL! Seriously, with so many beautiful shades out there they send “Day of the Dead” beige?
    What were they thinking?

    I’ve only been resubbed for 6 months, but it’s time to cancel for me. It’s not that I’m totally unhappy- but close enough. I loved the Xmas special box tho-& am hoping they offer them again at a discounted price.

    • I got the eye pads, too, instead of the perfume. I have not tried them yet. Overall, I have really loved my Glossyboxes. I wish they were a little less expensive, though. The boxes usually fit my profile 80% of the time and I think the products, overall, are pretty good.

  14. I wanted to chime in here in the Glossybox situation. I have been subscribed for just over 2 years. My sub renews each month. I have a few complaints with the box and am also getting ready to cancel once i figure out how close I am to getting a free box. I think one more survey will cinch it. If not, I am outta there. My first complaint is I am sick to death of receiving items that the caps are either so loose the product leaks out or the cap is rolling around in the box. I would actually like to be able to sample the products I am paying for. Another pet peeve of mine is that being over 50, I seem to get 75% skin care items in my boxes. At this point, I could open up my own skin care shop and sell every item I have ever received from Glossybox and probably drop a few C notes into my checking account. Maybe I should consider doing that because I have more skincare than any single human being should. My final complaint is about heat sensitive items I live in AZ. It is downright hot here one third of the year. We ran our air conditioner in our home from mid March until the end of November because that is how hot it is here. Our highest temp this summer was 124 degrees fahrenheit. Yes I typed that correctly, 124! I cannot tell you how many of my items either leak, explode and just turn rancid from extreme heat. My mail doesn’t come until after 4pm. This means that my box is sitting in a hot, non air conditioned truck, which can reach temps in excess of 145 degrees for over 5 hours. Let’s not even talk about how hot it gets when my postal carrier locks her truck for an hour so she can grab lunch. Do you have any idea what heat does to cosmetics? I have voiced my concerns to Glossybox for months and can you guess what their reply has been? (insert cricket sound here)

    My skin tone is pink and I am as light as a vampire. I cannot wear brown lipstick. What is the purpose of a profile questionnaire AND completing feedback every single month if no one pays attention to it? I am tired of hearing of this apparently nonexistent algorithm that never seems to work out in my favor. I hate nail polish, never wear it and over the past 12 months I have received 6 bottles. Really????

    I did however, get the perfume this month so I was happy about that. I did not get the facial cleanser (thank goodness) but instead of the Vichy clay mask I got the Vichy eye cream. In the grand scheme of things I was pleased with my box but that is one out of 12. I haven’t’ seen anyone mention the Vichy eye cream item so I thought I would let all of you know there was yet another item that was sent to subscribers.

    • Starting last year, I decided to only sub to boxes for the first half of the year, and restart subs in January (or as early as November when the sub deals start rolling in). One of the reasons for doing this is to keep it exciting for me (as I found out I start to miss receiving those surprises after a while), but another reason was exactly due to what you mentioned… the heat in the summer! I don’t get heat like you do, but it does get into the 90’s on occassion, and for the annuals I was forced to keep (which I had purchased before coming up with my new sub box plan) I got plenty of really hot boxes & products, and I hate to think how many key ingredients were spoiled due the exposure to excessive heat. So, needless to say, I definitely won’t be getting sub boxes past June, and my online beauty purchases will be virtually non-existent until October.

  15. Dear Hillary from Glossybox,

    I’m happy to see that almost a year into my sub you’re finally trying to figure out why people are unhappy.

    I filled out my reviews every single month and on the total box reviews I repeatedly pointed out the value discrepancies in boxes.

    I was a subscriber for 9 months at $21 per box. Of those 9 boxes I never once lucked into the higher version so that leads me to believe that my profile must have leaned towards the “cheap substitute” outcome…..however, I never saw that question and since the variations have been a multitude of different kinds of products I find it hard to believe that my profile fit NONE of them.

    My December box was the free box I earned with Glossydots so I guess you get what you pay for and that being said, at least I enjoyed the pretty box. Too bad I didn’t sign up for a “pretty box” subscription or it would have been perfect.

    That was my last box, I cancelled. I figured that after voicing my opinion for 8 months prior would have been sufficient if you actually cared.

    I wish your company well and I hope you get it figured out in time to keep other subscribers happy, but for me, I’ve moved on to other companies that value my money as well as my concerns. They exist and I’ve found several.

    • Good job. Totally agree with you. I feel the same.

    • Traci, you’ve expressed my sentiments exactly! This month, I didn’t get the perfume or the Vichy products. I got the undereye pads from Kristals and two TINY samples (3 ml each) of LaRoche Posay “purifying fortifying cream.” Really disappointing when I see other people getting those really cool perfume bottles. At least I got a nice brush.

      • yeah, that’s what I got too. 🙁

  16. Since Glossybox seems to be reading this – I love that you’ve been doing celebrity fragrances these last few months. Would love to have one every month, but not rollerballs as much as sprays. I feel like my prayers were answered when this one was a spray! Spray is easier to get the scent on, and you can see the packaging, which is part of the fragrance experience. I really like trying celeb scents.

    I love the lipstick, but mine came with no cap! So I can’t take it with me and I have to keep it in a small closed container so it won’t dry out 🙁

    Otherwise, I like the box. I got Vichy eye treatment instead of the cream. A-ok with that. The brush is nice. The highlighter is meh.

    But the point is to try things, so I’m ok with not loving everything. I do love when it’s mostly makeup and nails though, and spray fragrances.

    • So random – last month I had a cap in my box but no item. geeeez

  17. While I did like the brush and lipstick, I was a little upset to get ONE tiny little cleanser instead of the fragrance.

  18. I have had a monthly subscription to Glossybox for over 6 months. Unfortunately we were hit hard by Hurricane Matthew and to I had to cancel all my subs (FYI you have to cancel Glossybox by the 14th if you don’t want the next months box!!!!).

    I had at least 10 sub boxes, and Glossybox was always one of my favorites. Somehow I was one of the lucky ones to always get the higher end products. But this month SUCKED!

    I am now a firm believer that Glossybox favors month-to-month subscribers, and screws those that pay upfront for a longer subscription, or cancel after the 14th.

    – Set of 2 “diamond”, aka glittery, eye masks (marked way up by a scam parent company)
    – Blending brush (have a dozen of this same brush range of color combos from one box or another for the last year)
    – A horribly ugly brown lipstick that reminds me of how bad 90’s makeup was
    – A highlighter that’s a cheap knock off of Benefit’s High Beam
    – 2 super tiny cleansers that together were enough for 3 uses if used very sparingly

    I have serious doubts whether I’ll resub to Glossybox once we get back on our feet. Although once one of my favorite monthly boxes, this month showed a serious lack of customer appreciation, and a undeniable amount of corporate greed.

    • Hey there Michelle,

      We are so sad to hear that you were unhappy with your December GLOSSYBOX! Reviews are important, whether positive or negative, as it is an excellent way for us to make changes and improve our services for the better. Therefore, I take your feedback seriously and will pass along your notes to my colleagues! Thank you for your honesty, it is greatly appreciated.

      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

    • I got the exact same thing you did and I am a month to month (relatively new). subscriber. I felt pretty unhappy with it too, but there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to their selections (it certainly isn’t based on my profile, despite their claims).

    • I just became a yearly member, and I got the same box as you! It was awful! I would have loved the box Liz got. There is definitely some sorting going on at the company! I wish I hadn’t subscribed for the full year now!

      • I am a yearly subscriber too, and I got the same box that Liz got.

    • I am a month to month subscriber, and got the exact same box you did. I was also pretty disappointed, but have gotten better boxes from them recently so I just chalked it up to a bad month. The feedback I do have, however, is for the ridiculously over-inflated retail values of some items, like those diamond eye masks. The page inside said full size (12 masks) was $400!!!! The other thing has to do with what seems to be wildly different total box values between the different variations. I think if the limited quantity products were substituted with items of similar value, people wouldn’t get so annoyed. Also, if one of the products is limited, it should NOT be used as the spoiler, unless the spoiler specifically said something like “a lucky 500 of you will receive the perfume” or something like that. Putting that limited product up as the spoiler without the disclaimer is pretty deceptive, and unethical in my opinion.

    • It is no better for month to month subscribers, I didn’t receive the perfume, and I always seem to receive the lower value items. It doesn’t seem fair. Thinking of canceling.

    • Michelle,

      That’s an interesting perception about the monthly vs annual subs. I’ve mostly gotten the lower-end items, too, and had a one-year sub. This month my sub ends, and I got the same as you (including the TINY samples of the LaRoche Posay cleanser!) And ITA about the lipstick, too. Matte brown is not my color! I’m switching from Glossy to Boxy effective this month.

    • I pay month to month and I got the crappy box this month. I didn’t get the fragrance, and got the two little Posay samples. I was also really annoyed that Glossy sent out special perks (the hand warmers and the eyelashes) to the YouTubers with followers. Really? It’s pretty annoying to watch a box opening and then have the YouTuber say, “Oops, my bad. These special things are just for me, not you peons.”

      I cancelled my sub this month, too.

  19. I just started an annual subscription, this is my second one and I didn’t get the perfume either. So disappointed

    • You’re not missing much. It doesn’t smell bad, but it feels like a “play” perfume for a child. This month was really underwhelming, I think

    • Hi Adeline!

      We’re so sorry to hear of your experience. Each GLOSSYBOX is hand selected based on your beauty profile. Whenever you get a chance, adjust your profile so can give you the best GLOSSY experience.


      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

  20. I got the cleansers also BUT I have oily/combo skin in my beauty profile and the cleansers are for oily/combo skin; maybe the box variations are their version of customization?

    • My skin is dry and I got the cleansers.

      • Same.

      • Same, dry skin but got the cleanser.

      • Hi Joy & Lola,

        Our Beauty Experts tested the cleanser and it proved to work well on multiple skin types. If you find it’s not for you, please complete your box survey so we can create a better GLOSSY experience for all.


        Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

      • Hilary at Glossybox, the surveys have ben completed regularly for months but I’m not sure how much attention has been paid. August was bad. I didn’t get guaranteed Nux. I can’t remember what September was. October and November had broken or defective products. Now is December with a missing item and a dried out lip stick and a highlighter that won’t mix together no matter how hard I shake the bottle, makes me give up. I sent an email to your customer service and so far it has been ignored. Not the way a valuable customer should be treated.

  21. How was the perfume a spoiler but yet not everyone got one? I for one LOVE fragrance so I hopped on the Black Friday deal they had. I haven’t received my box yet but having my fingers crossed

    • Hi there!

      Your box should be at your doorstep soon! Please, let us know what you think of it 🙂


      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

  22. I also received less than stellar products/sizes. I have one more box to go before I have enough points to get a free box, then I am cancelling. Tired of the ups and downs, especially since there are so many other better boxes out there. I have tons of makeup so am switching to a box that is mostly skin care – will probably try one of the “green” ones. Good luck to everyone else, though!

  23. I have two annual subs and I received the perfume in both boxes. However, I received my Allure Limited Edition box yesterday and the Charlotte Tillbury eyeliner was missing. I contacted CS via chat and was told that I would receive a replacement in 2 to 4 weeks.

    • Do not…I repeat – DO NOT expect Allure to send you whatever item you are missing! It would be a Festivus miracle if anyone was sent a replacement item from any box ever! Still waiting on August.

      • Yeah, I thought I had read that somewhere before. I went ahead and called anyway, it’s worth a shot. It was the one thing I wanted! 🙁

      • I needed replacement items once – Estee Lauder serum, I think, and it was supposed to be something else but I forget what – and it took weeks to get here and then it came in a strange package that had been partially opened, with the other item missing, and the package had a handwritten address from like some random dude in NJ or something. It was totally sketch. …

    • I believe I had a shower oil that blew up earlier this year ( April ) and I’m still waiting for that replacement lol. Allure customer service is a joke

  24. For those of us who didn’t get the perfume, Glossybox set aside 500 units for new subscribers. How’s that for equal?

    • After I receive a $2 nail polish instead of the $50 Nuxe oil they promised this summer I’m not surprised at anything this company does. Shady.

      • I got a shave oil instead of the Nuxe. I’m so glad my annual sub is almost over.

      • Oh yes, that was the other $2 item I got in that box. I think the total RV for that box was something like $25 and others got a box worth $100.

      • I got the shave oil also.

    • Hi Lola!

      We are so sad to hear that you were unhappy with your December GLOSSYBOX! We cater each box according to your beauty profile and we are working diligently to give all the best GLOSSY experience. Your feedback will be passed along to my colleagues! Thank you for your honesty, it is greatly appreciated.

      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

  25. I didn’t get the perfume or the mask. My value of my box is $41 which is actually less than my December Ipsy bag and I paid $21 for this! I’m out and will not join or recommend them again. My last three boxes have been such poor value with defective, dried out and missing products. Just say no to this subscription.

  26. This was my last box from an annual sub and I did not receive the perfume or mask and instead received the tiny cleanser samples that have a combined value of $1.15 and I received 2 gel eye patches that are from the shady parent company that sells Orogold and the other overpriced scam skincare products.

    • I also received the same box as you, and was wondering about those eye gels. When I saw their RV, I was immediately skeptical and thought about how all super high RV items in Glossybox had something to do with those companies, that I’ve been reading about from MSA commenters, with shady business practices. I’m still looking forward to trying the eye gels, but it’s good to know what type of company made them.

    • Hi Joy!

      I want to thank you for taking the time to voice your opinions and concerns. Our goal is to always make the members of our Glossybox family satisfied with the service we provide. I wil be sharing your notes with our team so we can better the GLOSSY experience for all.


      Hillary from GLOSSYBOX

      • have you even read the comment you’re posting on? :-I

  27. I have been with Glossy Box for over 6 months and i did not get the perfume neither i got 2 tiny cleanser samples very disappointed

  28. Annual subscriber via gilt for $12 and I got the perfume .. I have to agree that glossybox standards went super low in the tony box era but I honestly feel they have picked up since then … I mean IPSY has variations too so does birchbox and the occasional boxycharm
    And allure .. not sure on the reason for the glossybox bashing .. I got the the same box as Liz but I am not a blogger so I don’t think there is a process … I feel if anything the eye masks are more expensive which I did not get and was dissapointed to not get the lashes but I liked my box and would have loved to have the more expensive eye mask but you can’t win everything … I bet if people did get the perfume they would have complained about the eye mask like I am
    I love glossybox keep going xx

    • I completely agree with you! Personally I love my glossybox, I got the same one as Liz but with the “G” fragrance. I also got this box at 20% off so what a great deal! I also bought 3 holiday boxes and they are fantastic value with awesome products. I am very happy that I didn’t get the cleansers that probably would’ve upset me as well.

    • Here’s my reason for Glossybox “bashing,” as you termed it: the variations are not close to being equitable. This month: $1.15 in cleanser vs. a $25 fragrance. Over the summer in the July box: $50 Nuxe vs. $10 shave oil vs. $2.43 hotel size/brand shower gel. Yes, ipsy has variations, but every month ipsy releases a picture of 3-5 items and says that all subscribers will receive ONE of the items. GB, on the other hand, is much more cagey about this – remember the spoiler from July, advertising the Nuxe oil as “in every box?” Plus they cost twice as much as ipsy, and in the case of the tiny LaRoche cleansers, not in exchange for any higher caliber brand.

      I don’t consider the eye mask as legitimate prestige skincare. There is nothing in the ingredients to justify that cost. The trace amounts of “diamond powder” is a gimmick – there’s no scientific basis for diamonds as a beneficial skincare ingredient, except in some cases as an exfoliator – and exfoliation is not the purpose of the eye patches. I would literally see the same benefits by putting Aquaphor-coated gauze pads under my eyes for 15 minutes. The exorbitant cost is bogus. Kristal Cosmetics is an offshoot of an unethical and exploitative company. The president and CEO is the same as Adore Organic Innovations (another Glossybox favorite) which is currently facing a lawsuit for fraudulent claims, misleading information, and mislabeled products.

      So no, while we “can’t win everything,” I’d like to think we can expect better than pocket change’s worth of drugstore “substitution” products and bogus products from scammy and disreputable brands.

      • Preach! I would never recommend this box to anyone at any price. Allure is a poorly run sub on a logistics and customer service level, but the only questionable product I received in the years that I had them was the Kardashian bronzer. Glossybox on the other hand is packed full of empty promises and sketchy products.

    • For me it wasn’t so much that I didn’t get the perfume, it was the fact that in it’s place I got two tiny little cleansers and I didn’t get the lashes either.

    • What I notice from all the comments on all beauty boxes is most people seem to complain about getting perfume. Now people are complaining to Glossybox that they didn’t get the perfume. I love getting perfume, but it can be tricky to figure out what scent people like, it’s so personal.
      I have had a month to month GB sub earlier this year and a recent 6 mon. sub. Now with
      Dec. I’m starting a year long deal that I got (so not paying $21/box). Overall, I’ve been very happy with the products/size and the pretty boxes. There have been a few things I didn’t want/need, but I either gave it to my daughters or found another use for it. I agree about the over inflated values, but a lot of companies seem to do that.

  29. I didn’t get the perfume and I’m disappointed. This had the potential to be such a nice box but instead Glossybox sent me a tiny cleanser sample. Not fair! I’m so sick of Glossybox advertising terrific products then sending out cruddy substitutes.

  30. I’ve been a subscriber forever and was on an annual (this is the last month for it) and I received the perfume. I could have sworn that I saw somewhere everyone was supposed to receive it?

  31. I’m absolutely not surprised that Liz received the perfume while most of the rest of us were stuck with a tiny cleanser sample. I don’t think that was an accident at all.

    I haven’t been impressed with Glossybox in a long time, and this may be the worst box I’ve ever received. On top of everything else, my lipstick was dried out and broken.

    I’m so glad my yearlong subscription is finally almost over.

    • I’m not sure what’s going on with GlossyBox, but I recently signed up for a new subscription (GlossyBox hasn’t sent me a box recently), and I’m wondering if newer subscribers are getting better boxes than annual? If anyone recently signed up for a subscription, please let us know if you received the perfume.

      • I’m monthly and started a couple months ago and I didn’t get the perfume. I thought everyone was supposed to get it also. Very bummed.

      • This is my second month with Glossybox and I got the perfume. I didn’t get the clay mask tho, I got 2 tiny cleansers instead. Everything else matched what is shown above.

      • Hmmmm, that may be. Either way, I’m definitely not resubscribing, even if a discounted rate is offered.

      • I had the glit deal and I got the same box as Liz (perfume included) but with Decembers box I “subscribed” so I could use my glossydots to get two free boxes.

      • I’ve been with Glossybox since July, and I got the perfume. Mind you, I’ve canceled and resubscribed a few times in those months, because they had awesome buy one get 2 boxes free with a 3 month sub.
        I’ve been very happy with all my boxes, and even though I got 2 September and October boxes, both sets had awesome, and different, products. I’ve been VERY pleased with Glossybox this year.

      • Proves to me that longevity as a subscriber and paying full price doesn’t pay off. I feel ripped off and as I look back it’s been a consistent rip off as their profile questions don’t mean a thing.

      • I always resubscribe every month to get the special deals and I always seem to get exactly what you get or what variation was the “best one/value”. I got this exact box. Have another one on the way so I guess I’ll see if they are the same.

      • Missy, When you resubscribe do you use different emails, mailing addresses or credit cards? Any problems canceling? Sounds like a great idea.

      • Actually no I use the same account. (Although I do keep another account in case there’s a delay) I use prepaid cards so I don’t have to worry about the whole cancelling debacle! I sub to ALOT of subs and a pre paid card is the way to go! I never use my debit card from my checking acct.

      • I am a new subscriber (Nov was my first box) and I did not get the perfume.

      • I’ve been a sub forever and got no perfume and no mask :-/

      • Hi Liz,
        I agree with some of the other gals that GlossyBox is still good. So many boxes have variations. Some of the lux boxes have SEVERE variations that make the difference of hundreds of dollars. While I have been fortunate in the past, this round I got the cleansers and eye patches, I may not have been thrilled by the cleanser but I am not going to beat the company up for the variations and no perfume. I do believe it is totally random and not deliberate. To be honest I am more annoyed with the lipstick color choice lol, not all of us can pull off nude brown. I still think GlossyBox is one of the better beauty boxes and I enjoy it. I am month to month with them with no discount or deal as I missed the boat on those. The gold glowy stuff and the box itself made it worth it for me this round, I also like the eye masks but I could never afford to buy them!
        Thanks as always for the review! Glad you found a way to make the lipstick work for you! My way was gifting it to a co-worker 🙂

      • I’m annual and didn’t get the perfume. I also didn’t get the Nuxe back when all that happened, ended up with the shave oil instead. Super glad my sub is finally over this month, all I have left is to redeem my points. I haven’t enjoyed a box from Glossybox since March or so.

      • Don’t expect a good glossydots box. It’s supposed to be a reward box for reviews etc but it was the worst box ever.

      • I actually have several boxes coming from Glossydots due to so many issues during the subscription, they kept giving me some. I’ll be getting free boxes until April. Fingers crossed that I end up with at least one or two decent items.

      • This was my last box as well, and I redeemed my Glossydots by specifically asking for the January box as my free box. I was going to cancel my annual sub a few days later, but when Glossybox got back to me, they confirmed that I would get the January box, and they went ahead and cancelled my annual sub for me to ensure I wouldn’t receive two January boxes. They said if I’d like to resume my subscription to subscribe by a specific date (they provided the date, but I can’t remember what it was) to ensure my first box in my new subscription would be the February box, and not a 2nd January box.

        I have to admit for a split second I was a little perturbed they cancelled my subscription without me even hinting that I wanted that to happen (my email was just to redeem Glossydots, and I was going to cancel a few days later through my account), but then I realized that I actually liked & appreciated the initiative they showed by cancelling my sub, and providing guidance on when I should re-subscribe, to ensure I didn’t receive two January boxes.

        I’m crossing my fingers I still receive the January box, as promised, but now that I read Lola’s comments, I’m now mentally prepared in case I get a box of leftovers.

      • I think they have boxes set aside just for the purpose of fulfilling the free box. A few times I noticed the outer box has a zipper type opening not the sticker and slide in sides so I can reuse the box for storage and such, and they also have a sticker on them that has the year, the month, and the version. Each time I have gotten the zipper open boxes they have been of low value and problems with products. I think they have them ready to go for whenever, grab the nearest box and slap on a label. That does not signify any consideration of a person’s profile in any way at all. I know I’ve made many comments on this thread but after three bad boxes in a row, it is just frustrating. Needed to spend the money to get the points to get the free box before i cancelled my sub. After all who can resist a “free” box.

      • Hey guys! I have been with Glossybox for a long time and have redeemed glossydots before.

        Sadly, due to their outdated system it seems, they have to cancel your plan if you have the long-term sub (like the 3 month or 12 month). Their system doesn’t allow those plans to skip months … as I’ve had a monthly plan and a 3-month plan … the glossydots are used differently for each plan.

        With the monthly, you basically skip a month, don’t get charged for the Glossydot box and then the charges go back to normal the next month. When I had the 3 month plan, it had to be cancelled, so that I didn’t receive two of the same box. The process sucks, but I guess that is all they can do.

        I think it was great how well they explain things. While the process is not wonderful, I always have a good experience with customer service.

        I don’t believe the free box is a “leftover” box. have gotten the same box as my sister and mine was free. Since they have multiple box versions per month (based on your profile I guess) they send one of the version’s of that month’s box.

        Hopefully I was able to shed some light on anyone’s thoughts on glossydots. You definitely have an easier experience with the regular monthly plan.

    • And I received two tiny cleanser samples instead of the Vichy clay. Everything else of mine was the same as Liz’s except my perfume is the silver “G” variation.

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