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Field To Cup Tea Subscription Box Review + Coupon – December 2016

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Field to Cup is a tea discovery service that sends you 7 high-quality loose leaf teas to try every month (28+ cups). Each box includes a steeping guide for each tea and membership perks.


Each tea comes in a resealable pouch that has the tea description printed on the outside. The pouch shows the specific steeping instructions for each tea blend and it includes cold brew instructions for each blend!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

This review is of the Discovery Plus, $29.97 a month, box.


The Box: Field to Cup Tea Discovery Plus Box

The Cost: $24.97 for the Tea Discovery Box , $29.97 for the Tea Discovery Plus Box, and $39.97 for the Premium Tea Discovery Box.

COUPON: Use code MSA10 to save $20 (65% off) on your first month when you subscribe to the Tea Discovery Plus box!

The Products: 7 loose leaf teas (10gr each), 1 Customer Favorite tea: select from Green, Black or Herbal/Wellness (2oz), members-only 40% off teas from the current box, and a steeping guide with preparation instructions.

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Chocolate Cashew – Black Tea

Each Tea Discovery Plus Box come with a customer favorite in a 2oz pouch. The favorite is based on customer reviews and Chocolate Cashew is from the October box. This was one of my stand out favorites from October so I was happy to see this one! It’s a 3 out of 3 on the caffeine scale so I’ve been enjoying this as a breakfast coffee replacement. The nuttiness of the cashew comes through first for me, followed by the mild sweetness of the caramel and chocolate. This really does feel like a perfect cold weather drink. The steep guide suggests a 212° brewing temp and with a 4-minute steep time, you don’t have to wait too long to enjoy this one!



Cinnamon Orange – Sencha Tea

My box included 2 5g pouches this month! The first one I tried was the Cinnamon Orange sencha tea. The ingredients in this sencha tea are simple – green tea, dried orange, and cinnamon! I’ve been enjoying cinnamon teas lately so this was a nice bonus pack. I think you get more cinnamon scent and more orange flavor with this brew. The cinnamon flavor does come through a little bit at the end and compliments the light orange flavor. This is a 2 out of 3 on the caffeine scale and brews in a quick 2 minutes. This is one of the teas that suggests pouring boiling water in a cup, then adding the tea leaves after one minute (the water should be around 170°). I liked the combination of light green tea, orange, and the spiciness of cinnamon.



Organic Super Antioxidant Berries – Fruit Tea

I decided to try this as a cold brew because I prefer fruit teas iced. If you were to brew this as a hot tea, you add tea to water that’s boiled to 200°, then steep for 6 minutes. For cold tea, you add tea to half a cup of boiling water, then dilute with cold water. This was a pretty pink-peach shade and the smell of currants, rosehips, and hibiscus was so strong! The flavor of this was light and fruity. This was a really nice iced tea. A pitcher of this on a hot day would be amazing.


Stress Cure – Wellness Tea

This wellness tea had no caffeine and a really nice, light taste. I’ve had a lot of chamomile tea before but gotu kola, tulsi, and skullcap were new ingredients to me! Gotu kola has been said to help with circulation, skin, combating high blood pressure, rejuvenation. Sounds good for a stress cure! Skullcap is meant to help reduce anxiety and tulsi had a number of health benefits attributed to it. The lemon scent coming through made me think it might do well as an iced tea so I tried both brewing methods.


The hot tea had a very mild flavor. The chamomile with the lemon balm and lemon myrtle was really soothing. It’s a little on the plain side but for the purpose of winding down and curing stress it made sense. I actually preferred this as an iced tea. As a cold tea, the minty lemon taste was stronger and made for a really refreshing drink. It was great without sugar so this is a really nice sugar-free, caffeine-free option. I’m grateful it’s caffeine-free because I could drink a whole pitcher of this myself – I’d love this on a hot summer day.



Simply Cinnamon – Black Tea

Yum! Warm cinnamon is so wonderful and this tea is just cinnamon with black tea and natural flavors! A 3 out of 3 on the caffeine scale, this brews at 212° for four minutes. The cinnamon is strong but not overpowering and smells so delicious. This really is a simple brew and is a great addition to breakfast – I paired this with apples and oatmeal to brave the snowy weather.


Organic Forest Chai – Rooibos Tea

This rooibos tea includes cacao, carob, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, red clover, rosemary, and chicory! This has no caffeine and included two steeping options. The first is just 212° water and the tea leaves. But it also included a “traditional preparation” option so I tried both!


Steeping the tea leaves in water resulted in a really nice blend of flavors. This was one of those moments where I really appreciated the steeping guide because I sometimes over-steep my tea. With so many flavors in this tea, brew time really makes a difference and this was perfect! Flavorful with a nice cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger scent. I’m so glad I tried the traditional preparation because I love a nice chai tea latter and this was awesome! I used unsweetened almond milk for this preparation and it tasted so creamy. The mix of all the spices with the hint of chocolate and earthiness of the carob made for a really cozy treat.



Organic Peppermint Zing – Black Tea

This one was a really straightforward peppermint black tea. Peppermint tea always feels like Christmastime to me and this was no exception. This has a quick, 4-minute steep time and is a 2 out of 3 on the caffeine scale. The peppermint and spearmint flavors came through the strongest, followed by the clove and ginger. I think this tea felt the most standard out of all the flavors in this box.



Organic Market Chai – Green Tea

This tea gives you a couple options for hot brewing. The steeping instructions are to add tea leaves to 175° water for 5 minutes. The traditional preparation is a little more time consuming but I really like the creaminess of chai tea so I went with the traditional prep! After boiling unsweetened almond milk and water, I let it sit and then added the tea and a pinch of sugar. This steeps for 6 minutes. The scent of this tea was awesome – I mostly got clove, ginger, and cardamom. But the peppermint cuts through the earthiness and gives this a nice minty kick. I like green chai tea because green tea tastes a little lighter to me and this allows all the stronger flavors to mingle. This tea has a calming taste but is a 2 out of 3 on the caffeine scale.


Organic Orange Creme – Rooibos Tea

Orange Creme is a really interesting flavor for tea! The combination of citrus and licorice smelled vaguely familiar but it took me a while to place it. It kind of reminded me of a cough syrup which isn’t bad! It was just odd at first. This tea has a 4-minute steep time at 212°. I brewed this as a hot tea but I think this would make a really refreshing iced tea too.


The orange and licorice create a really nice, smooth taste. I liked the orange in this and the slight vanilla flavor sweetened it a little bit. Lemon is probably the most common citrus flavor to have in tea so orange is a fun alternative. When I added a tiny bit of creamer to this, the flavor sweetened and reminded me of an orange creamsicle. A hot orange creamsicle may sound weird but I really liked it!


Organic Irish Breakfast – Black Tea

This is a nice, strong black tea. The malt scent comes through the brewed tea nicely. This steeps in 2 minutes at 212° and scores a 3 out of 3 on the caffeine scale. I don’t get the hint of chocolate as much as the malt but the black tea on its own is so good that I don’t really miss it. This is strong! It definitely suits the “breakfast tea” name and a splash of creamer made this the perfect morning tea for me.

Verdict: This tea box feels like a great value at 40+ cups of tea for $29.97. I really love the steeping guide because it’s not something I paid enough attention to before and now my brews definitely taste better! The packaging of the tea is so sleek and having the steeping guide and caffeine guide right on the pouch is such a nice detail! I think this box had a great mix of new flavors to try, as well as a couple familiar teas. The variety of flavors gave me the opportunity to try ice teas, hot teas, and a few chais. My favorite from this box was definitely Organic Forest Chai – I think I could drink that every day! I really enjoyed the process of brewing and tasting each tea. The wide variety of types of tea and ingredients has introduced me to some new favorites.

What do you think of Field to Cup?

Written by Sarah Paul

Sarah Paul

Sarah’s first box was Honest Company and she was excited to learn that there are boxes to cover many of her interests which include coffee, sci-fi, books, pop culture, comics, and makeup. She’s currently loving Stars Hollow Monthly and Vegan Cuts, and can’t wait to find more!

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  1. So interesting of a review! I’m not that educated on teas brewing times etc so I really enjoyed this review and now am tempted to expand my world to include tea time!

  2. Do you know if they allow substitutions for allergies? I’m allergic to cinnamon so there were multiple items in the review package I couldn’t use.

  3. Signing up! I’ve been wanting to drink more tea but have a difficult time finding quality tea around here, and that coupon makes it super cheap to try. Thanks MSA :)!

    • Yay! The quality of the tea is great and the steeping guide is my favorite thing – I was shocked at how much of a difference it made in my brewing. I hope you love your first box! 🙂

      • Yes, that steeping guide is going to be exciting, I actually ordered a thermometer off Amazon at the same time I subscribed lol so I can truly get that water temp right! I’m super excited 🙂 about this box. I used to be a beauty box subscriber but I’m evolving to books and teas and coffees these days. And I contacted them about when the box comes out and Shirley was so very nice and quick to respond, so this is already looking like a great sub! Thank you for sharing it with the MSA audience!!

  4. That coupon is really tempting! I just wish they had more options for customization for folks who prefer black or herbal or green teas over others.

    • I know what you mean! You do get to pick what kind of tea you want for the customer favorite bag so you can guarantee the larger bag will be your preference!

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