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FabFitFun Subscribers Only Warehouse Sale!

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  1. The warehouse sale is now closed.

  2. I ordered on the 26th, and it still hasn’t shipped. Does anyone know when these orders ship? I got some winter stuff and things for an upcoming vacation to Europe. I hope they arrive before spring and my departure on the 25th!

    • When ordering it stated they would not ship until Jan 13th. Hope that helps!

    • My order shipped on the 6th. I believe I also ordered on the 26th.

    • Mine shipped last week and should be here tomorrow- but I only ordered 1 thing.
      Some orders are “held up” bc an item is now out of stock… and for whatever reason they haven’t contacted the customer to let them know. So I’d highly recommend contacting customer service to check on your order… especially if you’ll be leaving for vacation

    • My order shipped last week and I’m scheduled to get it tomorrow. But I only ordered one thing.

      But other orders have been “held up” bc one of the items ordered is now out of stock. So instead of letting the customer know, the order is just sitting there… so I’d highly recommend contacting their customer service and checking on your order, especially if you’re leaving for vacation

      • Thanks, All! I’m going to contact them. One of my items was out of stock, they let me know last week and gave me a credit.

  3. Did anyone get the Mint Speaker that could tell me if they like it or not?

  4. SO it is my understanding that you have to be a member of this sun=bscription box to get something on sale?

  5. Would there be anyone willing to let me paypal them the cost & shipping for the lionel cat bags? (Maybe someone close to Los Angeles so the shipping won’t be too expensive to ship?) I’d super appreciate it! I linked my swap profile to my name so you can see my feedback (or whoever would like to swap for one *crosses fingers*) Spending $50 to get access to the warehouse is just not feasible for me ):

    • I can help if yoy are willing to pay for whatever cheapest shipping option I can use to send them from WA to you. But MSA does not let me put my personal contact info in my comment. How can I contact you? 🙂 My Facebook is Mily Nguyen with th profile picture is a group of student standing in front of a forest and this photo has a purple W with the phrase “Let purple reign again” for my school UW, if you have Facebook and can find me there. 🙂

      • I don’t have Facebook sorry! Could you send me a swap request and we can chat from there? Thanks so much!

        • I’m still on MSA swapping waitlist, sorry. I’m new here. 🙁 Let me know if you have any other way for me to contact you personally. Otherwise, I’m sorry.

  6. Interesting that the Massi throw on its own is the same price as the sold out bundle which included more😟

  7. A lot of the bundles are sold out already – maybe they’ll be back in stock later. I had an order of $26 and it automatically threw in the free earbuds for me too.

  8. I just got some great things, including the shawl that I couldn’t justify buying for myself while Christmas shopping. Yay!!

  9. Poop, looks like the Briogeo mask sold out before I got there. Oh well, grabbed one of the Marrakesh sets and the Zoya polish!

    • I have the Briogeo up on my swap page if you click on my name!

  10. I picked up another Massi throw. Those blankets are really worth the price and so comforting and warm. I also got a free pair of frends earbuds, which i am happy with, because they are great earbuds.

  11. Do we have to actually check out with our selections or does it auto bill us like it does with the add ons?

  12. Merry Christmas to me. I am now an annual subscriber to FFF! I am not sure if I’m going to purchase any of the warehouse sale products yet. My first box will be the spring box. Can’t wait!

  13. Wow, what a deal in the Massi throw bundles! I got two. Thinking of getting more and stashing them for next Christmas….

  14. LIZ, what’s the link? Every time I click – in either browsers – it shows me a page requesting for my email address. when I add it, it asks me to log in. when I log in, I get my history. Other option is to log in from the page asking for email address (without giving it) and I still can’t access this page.

  15. This makes me wish I was a subscriber, but it also makes me think that people on the swap site should not be so stuck on “retail value” when swapping. That berry eye cream says it’s a retail value of $88 and is now on sale for $9, plus no one originally paid $88 for it when it came in a box. If you’re not using something and there’s something you would use at a lower retail value, it is still worth swapping. Just my opinion.

    • Amen. I consider shipping cost much more important than retail value. We didn’t, and probably wouldn’t, pay retail value for most items we get in sub boxes.

      • Right! That’s the reason I love sub boxes in the first place. Usually, I am content if I like one or two items in a sub box that exceed the value that I paid for the box, so everything else is like a bonus item that I’m more than happy to swap for something I would like more. On a related note, I’m new to swapping, but do a lot of swappers use USPS flat rate boxes to help keep the cost of shipping down on heavier items? Just wondering for future reference.

    • Apparently that serum was in the 2014 winter box, so it’s probably 2+ years old– not good for a serum as serums tend to expire fast, and it’s probably close to its expiration date.

      • The packaging is way different than it was in the Winter 14 box (it was in a pump then) so I wouldn’t be worried about it being expired or anything! I think they just have good relations with that brand because they’ve had a lot of their products in boxes

        • Even still, I think the ones listed on the swap site are the old ones that Ellen mentioned. The ones listed on the swap site have the same photo as the one in this post, but it’s possible they are newer but I wouldn’t count on it, given the deep discount. If you go to the Passport 2 Beauty website, they sell the product in both a pump and tube option, so the ones on sale may be the 2+ year old ones.

  16. Just ordered a few items and also got a pair of Fends Rose Gold ear buds for free with order! Awesome! Thanks for the heads up Liz!

    • Awesome! How did you get the earbuds for free?

      • FFF added when I checked out.

      • If your cart is $25 or above, the earbuds are added for free!

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