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UPDATE! December 2016 Allure Beauty Thrills Box FULL SPOILERS!

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UPDATE! We have the full spoilers for the December Allure Beauty Thrills Box! This box goes on sale November 29th at noon ET.

The Box: Allure Beauty Thrills Box

The Cost:$49.95 (plus $10 shipping & handling)

The Products:


Are you going to grab a box when it goes on sale?

Check out our Allure Beauty Thrills May Box review to see what you can expect with this box. And the August box is still available for sale if you are interested!

FYI – the Allure Beauty Thrills box is separate from Allure’s monthly subscription box – check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews for more info.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This was my third box of a 3 month sub. I got on the live chat to see about canceling so I could rejoin and get the ten dollar deal. For some reason I asked her what box this was and she said the 4th… hmmm I subbed in OCT so HoW did this happen?? she tried to tell me Dec was my 4th box.. BS. I reminded her I subbed in OCT.. Then i explained how she was going to give me a refund right away and oddly, she agreed. WARNING: Get on the chat and confirm that you were not charged twice at the beginning of your sub. Its a small amount of money but they would make a killing on getting a free 15 bux from every subscriber. Tisk Tisk Allure. I loved you most and well, I will subscribe again for the 4 month deal but I will be watching you, you little money grubber you!

  2. When will the December box be sent out?

    • That’s what I want to know also. Not happy. ☹️

      • This was their useless response to me:

        Dear Subscriber:

        Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box.

        We know you are anxiously awaiting your December Beauty Thrills box and hope your are as excited as we are to enjoy the products!

        We are in the process of preparing your box and, as always, we will be sure to send you a shipping confirmation email – so, be sure to be on the lookout!

        Thank you for ordering. Enjoy!

        Contact us at 1-877-356-9904 if you have any questions.

        If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. To ensure your future concerns are handled in a timely fashion, please include all previous e-mail correspondence.

        Thank you,
        Allure Beauty Box Customer Service
        [email protected]

        • Thanks

    • mine just arrived. Awesome as usual.

  3. Is this still going on sale today?

  4. Nope. Only thing I must have are Simple products. They are amazeballs. I can just mosey on down to Walmart to get my beloved simple products so definitely a pass on this.

  5. I got the last 2 beauty thrill boxes and there are a ton of duplicates (toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick, rimmel, redkrn…) I probably won’t get another for quite a while.

  6. Allure beauty thrills boxes used to be amazing. I can’t quite remember which box it was but I know it had an it cosmetics cc cream in it but ever since people went nuts on allure because of their site crashing when trying to buy that box the allure beauty thrills box went wayy down hill. I think they just don’t want to have to deal with the site crashing and people getting mad and freaking out on them so they just made the boxes less desirable. It sucks because I used to LOVE these boxes.

    • I agree, that box was AWESOME!!

    • I agree. I got my box this week, and it’s half the size it used to be. I’m not one to complain if most or even all of the products are drugstore items, but the difference between the August and the December box is staggering. The actual box is smaller, and that’s because there are fewer products in it. I am still using the products from August, and even some from April, but this December one is just underwhelming. If it’s going to be like this, the price should drop 10 bucks, to $39.99 + shipping. That’s what it used to cost, and I didn’t mind when it went up 10 bucks because it was great. I would rather the price go up than the experience go down, so if it’s the cost that made this box shrink, bring back the bigger box. I’ve gotten all but two of these boxes since they started coming out, and this is honestly the first that’s disappointing. I love everything in the box, but there just used to be so much more.

  7. Wow the Walmart Beauty Thrills box is a bit over priced…. oh wait this is Allure you say? Um yea still over priced and underwhelmed.

  8. First time getting Allure Thrill box.First time prepaid for all three boxes .never again very disappointing.

  9. How do I get ahold of Allure because I have not received my October or November box yet

    • Customer Service can be reached by calling 1-877-356-9904 or via email AllureBeautyThrills(@)cdsfulfillment(dot)com

  10. That is the least thrilling box I’ve ever seen. Shame on you, Allure.

    • I sooo agree.. awful! The monthly boxes are getting worse and worse too. Going to cancel this sub, it makes no sense to me that the boxes are so pitiful come on, they are Allure after all! That’s just the way they sell their box too, well the box never lives up to the “hype” of Allure!

  11. I’m so disappointed. The Rituals, Chapstick and Arm & Hammer are all repeats. Some type of Not Your Mother’s in every box. How about a new brand. They didn’t even include a normal body wash or shampoo and conditioner set. This is the last one for me. Totally not worth it.

  12. Ha…no way! This is $60?! (including shipping) Is that a joke? I have received several of these items in my $7 TARGET box!

  13. My wallet is safe again!! I’m disappointed that this once THRILLING box is now just ehhhh… Last year this was my favorite box and would be so excited to purchase. I would share with my all my friends. Oh well, maybe they will pick up again next year.

  14. Bahahah, no…..they are trippin.

  15. I’m really disappointed with Allure Beauty Thrills. Their boxes used to be amazing. Here we have yet another Thrills box with the Arm & Hammer toothbrush and paste….I’m all for toothbrushes and paste but switch it up!
    I have started getting these boxes stirctly to have gifts on hand.
    Though the WEN product will make the purchase with it.

    • I agree–especially about the dang toothbrushes/paste. I don’t like using the power toothbrushes because of how they feel. I give these to my son, but I’m so over them. The toothpaste should be ANY other brand. Seriously. It’s not bad, but what about all the other toothpastes out there? Walmart even sent a nicer kind to try.

      I prepaid like an idiot because the boxes were selling out last year. I found a lot to use in the last box but this one is underwhelming by quite a bit. Frustrating.

  16. Wonder if they’ll offer the last box for $25 like last time. If so, I’m definitely buying both. If not, I’m not sure there’s enough in it for me to justify the purchase. Really wish they would have found just a few more items to put in the box, even if they were drug store items (which has never bothered me unlike some of the other comments).

    • I LOVE these boxes! The Wen and Rituals alone in the last box would’ve sold it for me! Could I do without press-on nails in this box? Absolutely! But there is plenty other stuff to make it WAY worth the price!

  17. So glad I cancelled by pre-order deal with them after the first box. I remember when they had super nice skin care creams that did cost a lot. Now I looked at this box and there are only a couple of things I really like but they cost maybe 20 bucks.
    They have gone downhill on what is offered. Sad. I used to be so excited to get this box as it had so many things, and most were wonderful. Sorry Allure, Target 7 dollar boxes are better these days!

    • You can cancel the preorder deal?

  18. Pass unless they offer a discounted rate…lol

  19. Umm, okay…I’m just gonna say it…I kinda LIKE this box.

    For me, the value is there.

    Cetaphil is a staple at my house (although this pic looks smaller than 16 oz) and I really want to try WEN body treatment (the cheapest I could find it was about $30 from a reseller and that’s assuming it’s the real product). The Unwash Bio Cleansing Conditioner looks promising too.

    Yes, press on nails can be campy and a little juvenile, however, I’ve had a couple of times in my life when they did-in-pinch, so I’m not complaining about them too much. I will agree that two selections may be a little much. And frankly, I haven’t met a cleaning oil that I haven’t liked! 🙂

    For $3.33 an item, I’ll absolutely pick up a box. I’m a little tempted to grab two for the items I named, but from these posts, no rush. Looks like I’ll have plenty of time to decide and may even be able to get it at a discount if I’m willing to wait a couple of months.

  20. Not really sure what’s thrilling here. A bunch of drug store items and that Wen cream. I won’t use Wen anything after the class action lawsuit filed against them over their hair products. Women had their hair fall out. My friend was one of them. Yikes. No thank you. I’d expect something a little more cutting edge from an Allure box.

    • I am one of the people who lost more than half my hair last year. It has been traumatizing and just finally started getting back to normal. I will never buy anything from a brand that sells anything Wen

  21. This is the third of 3 boxes that I paid for already. Have to say it’s a lot of the same that were in the first two boxes. Don’t think I’ll sign up ahead again. Although I still think the box is worth it I really don’t need more of the same. I will donate much of it as I have in the past.

  22. I am a newbie and am not excited for this deal. There isn’t $50 worth of stuff that I would use. That you to all the experienced MSA Subscribers for your comments.

  23. Fifty bucks for hairspray, press on nails, and toothpaste is steep–even if the RV is way more than that, I’d be better off spending that $50 on brands of my choosing at CVS.
    I don’t buy boxes for the retail value alone–I buy boxes for things I wouldn’t have thought to buy otherwise, or for new things I haven’t tried or haven’t even heard of.

  24. I liked the last two boxes but this one…no. Not prepaying next year.

  25. Not tempted by this. Pass.

  26. Oooh this is not exciting at all. Boring drug store items, what a let down. I feel sorry for the people that prepaid :/

    On the bright side, I was happy to get the last 2 boxes at a discount. That was a sweet deal. I have a feeling this will go on sale too. Step it up allure!

  27. Feel like a sucker. Did the prepay based on last year’s boxes. Won’t do that again.

    • So agree with you!!! I will not prepay again!!! Such a waste of money and very disappointing!!!

    • I am with you. I did the same.
      I had hopes that the winter box would be over the top great, since the summer boxes didn’t sell out and were discounted when the fall box came out and the fact that the fall box is still available ( I see a discount coming for that one also). So I am really disappointed in this box.
      I will never do the prepay again. I had the luxury of paying more for each box (paying $200 up front) to be guaranteed thrilling boxes that all fell short.

    • I pre-paid as well. Won’t do that again next year for sure!!

  28. You would think that when past brands get the best of beauty award they would want to promote their products even more with some pretty nice samples. Only a box here and there have a more higher end product. Allure is definitely in a position to provide better samples. Sephora is too

  29. Not even tempted a little, yuck! Allure is supposed to be about the best and current products out there. This just looks like a lot of clearance.

  30. Hmmm. There are a few things that I would use, but I’ve found that so many of these items from these boxes are heavy and low value making them difficult to swap without investing a lot in postage. They tend to select very hair-type specific products that lack mass appeal. Also, the RV of the WEN item from the link is $59, not $80. Not a bad box, but not one I’m immediately jumping on.

  31. Both relieved and disappointed. The previous two boxes were slightly tempting, but this one – not at all.

  32. Is this a joke?!
    Surely this isn’t the ALLURE Beauty Thrills box!! I feel like this is a glorified Target box. What the actual F, y’all?

  33. I’d only use 4 of those things, and 2 of them are toothbrush & toothpaste. Definitely passing on this.

  34. Honestly, I remember when these boxes were amazing and I was broke. Now these seem kinda blah. The Wen Moisturizer valued $80 is $59 on QVC…definitely inflated RV prices but everything still comes to about $3.33 an item.

  35. did allure team up with a drugstore to get rid of excess stock?

    this is SO weird.

  36. Only interested in 3 things, but they don’t add up to $60. I didn’t realize press on nails were still a thing. I have a sonicare so not really interested in a $9 toothbrush I would take camping and then throw away. Blah. I do love that shower foam though.

  37. I feel bad for the people that pre-bought theses boxes when they were high quality…

  38. So…TWO sets of press-on nails? That seems a little excessive. Most of the rest of it looks decent, but I definitely won’t be pre-ordering these boxes in 2017.

    • I had the exact same reaction. Press on nails are very middle school to me, it seems like a weird inclusion in a beauty box aimed at women.

  39. You know, when I think of Allure I think of high end brands. This is not high end. It’s all stuff I can buy at Target. NOT interested.

    • I’m one of those who prepaid because previous Beauty Thrills boxes were wonderful, I’m extremely disappointed with the mingy amount of so-so stuff in the Winter Box. TWO sets of press-on nails?! Tacky. Not my style, Allure!! And more toothpaste and another spin brush. And a chap stick. Yawn!!

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