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UPDATED! POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box SPOILER #2!

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We have another spoiler for the POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box!

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

The Cost: $250

The Products:“We’ve created the ultimate box just in time for the holidays. Co-curated by Lisa Sugar and Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing, they’ve chosen the perfect mix of luxe surprises ready to gift to loved ones or to yourself — you deserve it!”

UPDATE: This box is valued at over $740!

(Check out my review of the 20152014, and the 2013 Neiman Marcus Box to see what you can expect).

And each box will include:


Alice + Olivia Stace Face Zip Wallet – Retail Value $198

(POPSUGAR sent me this spoiler early so I can answer any questions you might have about it!)


This graphic wallet strikes the flawless balance between chic and playful. Pair it with a little black dress or with boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt . . . the portable wallet is versatile enough to match your whole closet!


It’s well-crafted, made from leather and patent leather, and the sunglasses and lips add a fun dimension to the wallet as well:


This wallet is modeled after the Alice + Olivia’s CEO, Stacey Bendet Eisner, and her chic signature sunglass look.


Inside, there are two pockets for cash, 8 spaces for cards, and a zipper wallet in the middle.


Personally, I love that this wallet zips completely closed:


(If you’ve ever found all your credit cards/gift cards/reward cards in a pile at the bottom of your purse, I’m sure you understand!)


I think this design is fun, mod, and has a Kate Spade vibe!

And in case you missed the first spoiler:


Alexis Bittar Gold Crystal Studded Spur Lace Cuff – Retail Value $195


This bracelet comes in a textured gift box with an embossed logo.


And a lovely little cloth bag, too. (Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR box items are usually all giftable, and this bracelet is no exception!)



Take your holiday party look a notch higher with this Swarovski-crystal-studded cuff, which features both gold and silver tones in order to match any outfit. Lightweight and eye-catching, this elegant Alexis Bittar creation will solve your accessorizing woes for any special gathering.


This cuff manages to both be delicate and a statement piece at the same time – it’s perfect for me!


This cuff measures approximately 5.5 inches and it’s adjustable so you can customize the fit.


Here it is on:


I really love the lace filigree detail, and it has just the right amount of holiday sparkle for me!


What do you think of the latest spoiler?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Uhm, am I the only one that thinks they’re both hideous?! I’m SO glad I didn’t buy this immediately! I almost did since I loved last years NM box. Fingers crossed the Winter LE box will be better?!!?!

    • No. I thought the bracelet looked a bit cheap in the first promo, but that wallet is just awful. I’d be so embarrassed to pull it out in public.

      • Glad I’m not the only one! I don’t know what they were thinking!

    • Couldn’t agree more. Both aren’t my taste. Working in fashion allocations my whole life, I can tell you that it probably cost next to nothing in comparison to retail price point to manufacture that bracelet… plus it looks like something you’d buy at Charming Charlie or Claires. Eeeesh

      • Aye yi yi! Not my taste at all. Fingers crossed for winter spoilers that are decent!

  2. Just bought the box. The bracelet looks really pretty and I think the wallet is adorable and fun. I’m a bit worried that the box is going to go on sale or there will be some coupon code for it, but don’t want to take the risk that it won’t be available to buy later.

  3. So happy right now I chose Net-a-Porter instead.

  4. I like both of these. My style is eclectic and I would have fun with them both. Id consider this box but being that these two items are over half of the value of the box, Im worried I might be disappointed by the rest of it. I really like the wallet though. Its so fun. I bet a lot of women who aren’t very happy with it right now will end up liking it more once they have it.

  5. OMG, this is….not me…anyone want to swap for it, hit me up in December,

  6. Oh, I love the wallet!! I also find it funny how everyone loves or hates it. 🙂 I love the bracelet too, but I’m also afraid it would be too small. I wish I could afford the box, but it’s just too much for me! I hope to find the wallet for sale or trade on the sites when it’s out!!

  7. I am so disappointed…this is awful…but I’m also relieved at the same time. Now…PLEASE allow us to purchase some items from past Neiman Marcus boxes…would love to get my hands on the tray and clock from last year!

  8. Oh my god that thing is just awful.

  9. NO, NO, NO. What were they thinking?? The demographics of who would like each item seem so far apart.

    Soooooo very glad I waited to buy the box. At that price I would be really peeved if I got such a kitschy wallet, even if they do claim it’s worth $200!

    • I agree. I do think the two spoilers appeal to completely different demographics. I hate the bracelet…it looks cheap to me. But I love the wallet as I love “loud” accessories.

  10. I bought the box based on the first spoiler, and when I saw the second one was going to be an alice and Olivia wallet, I was excited until I saw the design; definitely not for me. Take the face details off, and I think it would be great. This wallet must not have sold well when it was in stores so now they have added to a box I’m guessing.

  11. I wear Alice and Olivia clothing! I love the brand! This wallet is adorable. Who says you can’t have fun with accessories when you are older? I like to rotate wallets anyway. I I am going to buy this box!

  12. I would be a bit embarrassed to pull this out of my purse at checkouts, lol. It really makes me think of something I would have bought at Claire’s in the mall when I was 13. I do think the cuff is pretty though.

    • My thoughts exactly!

  13. I would love both of these for my daughter in law, but they are over my budget. So sad…

  14. My niece walked behind me and said “Glam Minion” when she saw the wallet so that’s all I see now :/

    • LOL

    • I see Willy Wonka (2005 era) or Yzma from The Emperor’s New Grove when she is in her lab gear. However, the wallet is growing on me so still not unhappy with my purchase.

  15. Is this Ken Downing”s first year curating with popsugar?

    • This is at least the 4th year.

  16. Didn’t buy the box but I really like the wallet and would gladly swap someone for it! 🙂

    • Hit me up in December, Megan. Especially if you have something good! 🙂

  17. As the judges on Project Runway say “I feel like you’re designing for 2 different women here.” The cuff is elegant and the wallet is kitschy. I LOVE the cuff! The wallet is ok. I’m sure it’s high quality and well made, thus the RV, but not my style.

    • Right?! The spoilers feel inconsistent and rather polarizing. I understand wanting to be bold and edgy, but make sure there’s consistency in the box whichever way you go.

    • Yes! This exactly!!

      (Meanwhile, I totally heard Heidi Klum’s voice reading that line. :D)

    • This stuff is not high quality if it’s made in China. Support local small businesses in the USA.

      • Uggs are made in China and they are high quality.

  18. OMG – I love this wallet!

  19. I do love the wallet , I love stace face! Sadly 250 is still too high for me. Anyone remebers if the neiman marcus box went on sale last year?

    • Nope. 🙁

      • I’m actually worried that it will go on sale later if I purchase it now, like the CFDA. Does anyone know if early buyers have any recourse (refund of difference paid?) if it does go on sale later?

  20. Based on these comments it looks like people who like one of these items would not be likely to also like the other. I’m certainly in that boat! Love the wallet, do not like the bracelet. This might make it hard for them to sell all their boxes. There were leftovers of the NM box last year.

  21. Love that wallet!! But I do not like the bracelet, and can’t think who I would gift it to as it’s pretty bling-y. Plus I read in the blog that the Alexis Bittar ring in RZBOS turned people’s skin green. Glad to not be tempted as this is an expensive box!!

    I was sad to not be able to afford last year’s NM box, but I did end up getting to buy the picture frame/clock from someone. So lovely! The tray and necklace were beautiful too. I really hope PS sells parts of past LE boxes like they did last year. I was able to snag the Swing Design glass box, the Missoni candle, and the white picture frame from a past NM box. 🙂 If they sell the round stone frame/clock, tray, and/or necklace from last year’s NM box I will buy those with no hesitation!

    • They were beautiful weren’t they!

  22. This item confuses me. I always thought that these PSxBM box items are products actually being sold at NM. I couldn’t find this wallet anywhere on the website. Additionally, I thought this box was about winter and/or the holidays and this wallet really isn’t festive or wintery…maybe it’s resort for after the holidays. It’s a pass for me.

    • That’s because the design from Alice Olivia is reallllyy old. Feels 2009/2010 to me. Didn’t like it then, Don’t like it now!

      • I am not sure this is correct. Alice + Olivia have this design all over their website currently. A few purses, coin purses and key chains. This specific wallet is not on it so perhaps they made it just for Neiman Marcus?

      • Nope. Stace Face is very current. It is an icon of the brand. Stace Face styles are ever changing. I can’t believe how little people know about this iconic style!

  23. I like the cuff but have a large wrist I wouldn’t want to break it adjusting it the bracelet. While the wallet is cute it’s not worth $200

  24. Already, I’m amused by how polarized the reactions are. It’s either super cute or super tacky! Yup. Totally taste-specific.

    (Personally, I think it’s pretty cute in a kitchy kind of way, but I don’t think it’s really me.)

    • I agree… I was laughing at the comments left on the popsugar FB post… almost felt bad for them!

      I also agree that I think it’s cute but not for me…

  25. Soooooo glad I waited to purchase this. I hate the wallet and the value on it is so high that it would be impossible to swap. A shame, because I usually enjoy the Neiman Marcus box. But not this year.

  26. So glad I didn’t get this box…terrible. I really hope they send out a spoiler for the holiday box.

  27. So, just checked the RV for last year’s box and it was $627. There were three big ticket items in the $150-$200 range. The rest were under a hundred. Which is just a long way of saying nope. Although I will be looking for the bracelet on swap and sale pages. 🙂

  28. This wallet is really awful!! We are adults not kids and $198 value??? That’s not even worth talking about. Maybe a dollar or two. At the dollar store I might find it. I can’t even or I might say something that’s really not in my being!!! People just think before you buy this box. . . . .just think. It’s is not worth it!!! The bracelet is lovely but to value that wallet, just bad.

    • If you have not SEEN the wallet how can you say anything until you have it?

  29. I’m pretty sure they learned from previous boxes not to put a RV on it that people can dispute, lol. That said, the wallet is way to tacky to cost almost $200. This is something I would expect to find at Kmart.

    No FOMO here.

  30. I only carry Hermes, Chanel, some LV wallets, and maybe a few others when I am being nice, but but but I can use this when I travel abroad. I think it is cute. I will try it. South Africa, here I come with my new wallet lol lol lol

  31. Ohhhhh…. I simply hate that wallet. It will most definitely be up for swap.

  32. I wish I didn’t want this box. I love both items. ug.

    • Johna, you can buy my wallet if you want. I sure don’t want it.

  33. Ah!! I might be the minority here. But I think this wallet is super cute! I love it!

    • I like the wallet too, the bracelet, not so much, I’m trying to, but I’d rather just purchase more add ons for my fabfitfun box. Unless there’s something spectacular revealed next. Of course, I’ll still do the fabfit fun add ons. Lol

    • Me too! I imagine someone pairing it with a classy black patent leather purse (perhaps from Kate Spade). It’s whimsical and makes me smile.

      • Agree this feels very Kate Spade to me!

        • Ok, I was hating on the wallet until I read your comment about it looking like Kate Spade, and then I actually started to like it. Which is good, because I already bought this box lol. I have a pretty red scalloped-top bag from Kate Spade that this will look cute with.

          I think it matters how you “style”it. As in, with a cute bag I think it can work. Otherwise might look too young/immature. Hmmm. We’ll see. Hoping the other items are nice home items.

    • I think it’s cute enough, but it just looks like vinyl – does not say lux to me.

  34. Zero FOMO here. Not interested in either spoiler…which is probably good for my bank acct.

    • Same here, don’t like gold jewelry and it almost never fits me anyway. And the wallet could be cute for someone, but I would never carry it. If it was a hobo wallet, I’d sign up in a heartbeat lol.

      • Boho…or did you really mean hobo? 🙂

        • Literally meant Hobo lol. Hobo leather wallets, I have a clutch wallet and ADORE it, have had it for about 4 years now. It’s holding up fantastically.

          • It’s $128 normally, I found mine on clearance in Colorado, for $50. But when/if it goes, I’ll gladly pay full price for a new one.

  35. I like the cuff, but definitely not the wallet. I was waiting for a second spoiler before deciding if I should purchase or not, and now I’m thinking no.

  36. IDK. I might have carried this wallet in my 20s as a novelty but there is no way I could have paid $198 for it. Now it is simply not my taste. At all! I am on board with all the others who have been pushed off the fence – onto the won’t buy side.

  37. This is an interesting choice. I don’t hate it, but it’s not my style at all. It feels very Zoe Deschanel to me. I can see some people loving and others hating it. It’s certainly not making me regret not getting the box. I’ve only done the NM box once, and that was the year it had the Clare V. clutch, which I still love and use often.

  38. Hmmm…I feel panic setting in after purchasing this box.

    • same….. 🙁 🙁

    • Same I should have waited for more spoilers before buying.

    • Me too MemphisMom!!! Me too!!!!

  39. Wow that is… really not my taste. Possibly not anyone’s taste. I can’t understand what they must have been thinking to put something so… lets be real… tacky in the box.

    That and the Alexis Bittar bracelet. I don’t know who the target clientele is for this box.

    • I’m 33, no kids, full time job, my whole wardrobe is anthropologie and nordstroms, I like to mix in fun funky finds and mix match patterns. Apparently I am the target audience since I love both of these items.

      I don’t find the wallet tacky at all. I think its super fun with a vintage flair. Would I ever spend $198 on it? No but I would def still want it.

      • I am similarly in this target audience, and I love both items as well! I appreciate you making this comment Regan, since there are many comments from others who have chosen not to purchase the box but seem to vehemently dislike the items enough to make negative or disparaging comments …I typically regret reading the comments here since it can have the effect of dimming my enjoyment about fun things with all of the negativity. There are people who like the items, are excited to receive something unexpected or quirky and not crazy or tacky for doing so!

        • I like both items – the cuff more than the wallet – but I can see why it confused people when compared to the cuff. But things are always pretty negative over here and everyone always thinks someone is tacky or pictures aren’t good enough or it’s unfair that Liz gets the good stuff……

          • I like both, too! The cuff will be perfect for all the holiday events coming up, and the wallet will bring a smile to my face every time I whip it out to pay for something. I might even use it as a clutch if it fits a mini lipstick in; great way to add some fun to a LBD!

      • You obviously have great taste. I absolutely love anthropologie! Loving this wallet too!

  40. Hmm. I already bought the box because I adore the cuff. I’m not sure what I think of the wallet, though. It is, as Laura said before, rather taste specific. I’ll reserve judgement until I have it in hand, but I’m leaning towards not liking it.

    I don’t mind not liking one thing in a box. I just hope I like everything else. 🙂

  41. That thing is worth $198? I wouldn’t pay $1.98 for it! So dissapointing.

  42. This box is an easy pass for me. The cuff is ok, but not worth almost 200. The wallet is not my style, for me personally it would end up looking silly and immature. Im sure someone else could make it look fun and cute. I wonder what the total value is, if these 2 items are worth almost 400. Im guessing there will be some beauty item like lipstick and a home item, plus a food item.

  43. This wallet just made me not want to purchase this box. Thank goodness!

  44. NOPE. I was on the fence about this and just wanted one more spoiler to nudge me into buying. Instead, this shoved me in the other direction and I will not be purchasing this year. Bummer.

  45. I think it’s so cute!

  46. Yuck, that wallet…feeling ok about passing!

  47. This wallet is ADORABLE.

  48. This wallet makes me totally regret this purchase. Wow. It’s very taste specific…definitley not mine either.

  49. Love the cuff! Want! But that wallet is just not me in any shape or form.

  50. Liz, did they say what the total value of the box would be this year? This is already nearly $400 of value

    • I do not believe have not shared that info. I’ll reach out and see if it’s possible to get a value estimate. Thanks!

      • You’re the best! THANKS

    • POPSUGAR just confirmed that the box this year is valued at over $740!

      Hope that helps! 🙂

      • You’re the best! YAY. Very excited

        • Happy to help! And happy that we still have over $300+ worth of value to come in this box! 🙂

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