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POPSUGAR Holiday 2016 Limited Edition Box for Her Spoiler!

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We have the first spoiler for the POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Holiday box for Her!

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Holiday Box For Her

The Cost: $100

The Products: For Her: This holiday season calls for entertainment, celebration, and coziness. Prep yourself as either the gift giver or recipient of these wondrous Winter surprises, certain to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

And each box will include:


Pehr Designs Charcoal Muskoka Throw – Value $136


(POPSUGAR sent me this spoiler item in advance so I can answer any questions you might have about it.)


This throw blanket is made with 100% cotton flannel. It’s not a thick blanket, but it still has a good weight to it, and it will definitely keep you warm! (Yes, to all things flannel!)


It measures 50″L x 60″W. And I’ll hold it up for you to give you a better sense of scale:


UPDATE: Here is the blanket with the Pehr bin from the January POPSUGAR box to give you a better sense of the colors:



What do you think of this spoiler?

Personally, this is one of my favorite subscription box items of ALL TIME! It’s so cozy and warm, the design is fab, it is machine washable, and I think it would make a perfect gift (if you are willing to part with it!)

Are you going to grab a Holiday box? (I’m guessing these might sell out with this spoiler!)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Is this box ever discounted or does it hold fast to $100 price tag?

    • I’ve never seen this box get discounted or have any coupons. It usually sells out :/

  2. I know I am in the minority but I thought “Another Throw”???? Happy Rebel and this are sufficient for me. I am not big on candles (asthma) or throws.Home goods are not coveted by me as much as others (except that clock in last year’s Neiman Marcus box). Hoping no throws in the Neiman or Rachel Zoe boxes. I did buy this box and seriously hope it is better than last year’s horrible box.

    • Does anyone know the total value of these 2 boxes?

  3. Liz, do you by chance know when we will see a Men’s LE spoiler? I pulled the plug and ordered the women’s because I am OBSESSED with this spoiler 🙂 I have never ordered a LE box yet because I didn’t see the value in them, but all the Holiday (I guess now Winter) LE boxes seemed to by far be the best! I just hope they give us a spoiler for the men’s too!! LOVE YOUR POSTS BTW 🙂

    • I can reach out and see if they have a date!

      (And thank for the post love! 🙂 )

      • You are the best, and thank you!!! 🙂

  4. This one is a close one for me. Looking at past boxes, I wouldn’t have used a lot of those items… but I like this blanket. I am hoping for one more spoiler? I’m easy to please – just throw in a nice candle or something. 😀

  5. Any spoilers for the For Him LE box?

  6. A throw is the ultimate item to include in a limited edition winter/holiday box! Proud of Popsugar for this one! It looks so cozy and OH-SO-GIFTABLE for anyone who doesn’t like it or doesn’t need another throw (best possible scenario for these boxes is items you can keep OR give)!!! Also so happy that throw is cotton for those of us allergic to wool and more luxe than a polyester throw!

    • It’s one thing I love about the LE boxes. Whatever I don’t personally love is always wonderfully giftable!

  7. Liz, do you know the estimated total value of this and the men’s box? Thanks for the great spoiler!

  8. Finally gave in and ordered both boxes. Last year was my first and as others have mentioned, disappointing. This throw looks cozy and glad there was a spoiler.

  9. Is the blanket charcoal (per the link)? From the photos I thought it was brown. I was debating between this or Happy Rebel but cotton wins if it’s charcoal.

    • It’s a grey charcoal. I just added more photos of it with the bin from the January box. Hopefully that helps with anyone trying to get a good sense of the color!

  10. I caved. I’m redoing my living room, needed a new throw, and it will fit in perfectly. Knowing that one item alone is over the cost of the box makes it worth it.

  11. Nice! I was waiting for a spoiler to order and this did it. I love that it’s not wool. I live in a warmer climate and have a wool allergy, so a lighter, cotton throw is always welcome.

  12. You had me at “machine washable.”

    • 🙂 “machine washable” and “dishwasher safe” are two of my favorite descriptors!

  13. Just bought it! I’ve been looking for a cute throw so everything will be a nice bonus! Great spoiler PopSugar.

  14. Ooh! Okay, I’m in. Bought it! At least I know I’ll like at least one thing in the box. 🙂

  15. I went for it! That throw is just my style and I like a lot of the things from the previous holiday boxes. I love that Liz gets a sample spoiler to show us what it looks like in real life — seeing the pics made all the difference in my decision to buy.

    And it helps to have a little extra happy coming in the mail to help beat the holiday blues!

  16. Love this! just took the bait and bought this and the men’s box! If they still have some available in a week or so I may order a second women’s box as a gift

  17. But but but, I always find a way to justify the price and since I live in Florida that throw is perfect! Not like I bought the Happy Rebel box or have three Massi throws in my FFF cart…. I might cry.

  18. Very pretty but I have 2 massi throws coming from FFF and one from the happy rebel box so I’m basically throwed out and I’ll probably swap

  19. This may just be the spoiler I’ve been waiting for! I love it and the RV is more than the cost of the box…my criteria for luxe boxes.
    True, I have too many throws but just took a ‘throw inventory’ and they’re all kind of the same. This is something different being made of cotton and no fringe. I like that I could use it all year too. May need to clean out those old throws to the local animal shelter.
    Now, I need to think about the Massi throw from FFF…maybe that will go at the foot of my bed.

  20. Liz, Is the throw charcoal and off-white or more white? It looks really cream-colored from my computer. I have a cool color palette in my home… but am trying to justify another purchase! Thanks

    • It’s more of an off-white, almost cream color. Definitely NOT a stark white. Hope that helps!

      • Yes! Thank you:)

      • Are all the throws definitely Charcoal? Thanks.

        • Yes. Everyone gets the same charcoal color.

          Hope that helps! 🙂

  21. Is it super soft or just ehhh ok?

    • I think it’s soft and will likely get softer with every wash. (It’s not a fuzzy/furry soft like a faux fur blanket, though.)

  22. So glad I ordered this box.

  23. Omg I love. Must have!

  24. I’m really happy it’s cotton — I have one of those fuzzy polyester throws and while it feels soft, I’m constantly shocking my cat when I use it. And that doesn’t seem to happen when I use the cotton throw that doesn’t match my stuff any more.

    It might sound funny to worry about the shocks but he was mistreated before he came to me so and I don’t want him thinking me touching him is going to hurt ?

    • Oh my goodness! No shocks for kitty!! <3 Thank you for rescuing him and giving him a safe home!! <3 I love rescue animals even more than this gorgeous throw!! 😉 😀

      • You’d love my dad. 8 cats in one house. All of whom showed up on our porch one day and he rescued.

        • Judy your dad sounds awesome. My cat lady ways come from my dad too…right now he and my stepmom have three rescues and help take care of a feral colony ?

    • I hate being shocked too my bfs old car omg I would get shock every time ingot out the car. I would jump up and down when I got out .ppl would look at me in public ppl my small dog also was abuse when I bought it They didn’t say he was but u can tell he still screams when you try and pick him up but he’ll come to us it’s been a few years

  25. Ok, this sold me! I’m in South Florida, so it’s for sure nice to see something “warm and cozy” that can actually still apply to us, too!

  26. Hmm… tempted. I like that it doesn’t have fringe (my kittens keep nibbling at my other throws and I’ve had to hide them).

  27. Maybe this is just me because I live in a warmer climate and I’m warm-blooded anyway but I don’t need multiple new throw blankets every year. I skipped Happy Rebel already this season – theirs is really nice and I love the box in general but I just don’t need another one. For me, this is a thing that will actively turn me off of a box. But for those that love it I’m really glad! 🙂

  28. I bought both the men’s box and the NM so I think that’s enough for right now. However, I find myself preferring this spoiler to the two in the NM box. Too much stuff, to much stuff!

  29. I just purchased both men’s and women’s LE box. I have lots of throws but I think my sis would like this for Christmas. I’ll throw in the headphones from the last box and a few skin care/make up stuff and she’s good to go.
    Maybe more giftable items too!

    • If I received those two items as a gift I’d be a happy camper.

      • Sub boxes are awesome! I have lots of goodies from FFF and the Popsugar mystery boxes and I’ll make my own gifting boxes customized to each recipient. I might my even have to go to the mall.
        Lots of candles, shower gels, soaps and beauty items.
        I went to Paper Source and saw lots of sub box items at full price and felt pretty good about myself for having received them in subs.

  30. ? woohoo! I have a super thick faux mink fave from Frontgate that I paid a small fortune for. It’s almost too heavy, but I love it. And the white faux fur thinner (but very warm) that came in one of my last year boxes. It’s surprisingly the best and coziness blanket. So.., very much looking forward to this soft, thin, flannel one. And, the colors are perfect for our new velvet sofa at our lake house! YAY!!! So excited. Love ❤️ winter boxes most of all.

  31. Kind of relieved it’s a throw. I have enough of those and limited sofas on which to throw them. Now I can skip the box.

  32. Wow….i love this throw! I don’t think that I will be able to purchase this box though. I have the Caeden headphones (new in the box-never opened) if anyone is interested in swapping the throw for the headphones please let me know ?. I’m on the swap site

    • Most of the headphones had defects …there is a forum post on it. – The defect is only noticed once fully opened and tried on, the foam part comes off the headphones. First pair I got completely defective. Second pair fine, yet PSMH checked them / opened them prior to sending.

    • Those Caeden headphones are junk. The ear pads are not comfortable and my hair keeps catching in the hinges. Definitely not worth $100 let alone this gorgeous throw.

      • jillA, I disagree. My caeden headphones are not junk at all, they are amazing. I know some people had problems, but mine are perfect, no issues at all right out of the box and the sound is fantastic. They are on my followed list for Christmas gifts for my kids. They are not only beautiful, white and rose gold, but great quality.

        • Mine were perfect too. I love my headphones. They are the complete opposite of anything I’d pick for myself. I actually bought rose gold earbuds afterwards. The Caeden headphones brought out my girly side. I guess I we were two of the lucky ones that received a pair with no defects.

  33. So pretty! I was holding out for a good spoiler and this was just what I needed to see! I’m thinking the size and thickness will be perfect for taking to the office. It’s always freezing in there and I totally need a lap blanket!! I figure it will compliment the Pehr bin I have stashed under my desk too! Hoping the rest of the box holds some more great treasures! 😀

    • It looks great with the Pehr bin! I just added pictures to this post with the blanket and bin side by side! Hope that helps 🙂

  34. I’m not complaining, but I am going to be on throw overload this December! This is the 3rd spoiler for throw/blanket from the boxes I subscribe to. I’m going to be one cozy sub box addict this Christmas!

    • What are the three boxes that they are coming in. I have a blanket problem.

      • Luxe Pineapple home box (but its sold out now)
        Happy Rebel Box
        FabFitFun (has faux fur throws as add-ons)

        • I ordered the Happy Rebel for the throw and did the faux fur add-on last year. The only one I didn’t get is the Luxe Pineapple. Thanks for the update

  35. I think I’m in for this box. I have already ordered the Men’s Holiday Box for my husband. Maybe this will be my present to me.?
    This throw will be perfect for outdoor fire nights here in Northern California!
    Thanks for the spoiler, I definitely needed it to decide on this purchase.

  36. Liz, thank you so much for the thorough review/photos of this spoiler. When I received the email from popsugar with the spoiler I foolishly went to the pehr website for additional info on the item (the description was minimal and the photo was worse than the spoiler photo). Then the lightbulb went off and I thought you might have posted something about this spoiler. Tada! Not only did you already have a post up but you included boatloads of actual photos plus details about the item and your opinion of it. Yay!!!!

    Once again, your comprehensive and super helpful review tipped me over the edge to sign up for this box. Many many thanks!

    • I agree! I ran here to see what Liz said after I saw the email. Liz has so much more information!

    • I agree! She does the best job!!

  37. I like it but I am getting the one from Happy Rebel already. So have a blanket issue. I think I might give in.

    • Never even heard of Happy Rebel until today….I must have been under a rock ?

      • You’re not alone. I thought I knew them all and since I didn’t know that one, it makes me feel like my sub box addiction isn’t as bad as I thought. That means I could probably get another one…or am I totally making justifications to fuel my problem?

  38. OMG….love love love.
    I am so glad I already bought one. I have hope that the women’s box is much better than last year’s. This might redeem anything else they might offer.

  39. This is gorgeous! First spoiler I’ve been excited about in a long time! So glad I bought this box!

  40. It looks like a hospital blanket.

    • Not any hospital I’ve been in. LOL! This is gorgeous! Hospital blankets are not 100% cotton flannel nor have a nice design. haha

  41. It’s okay, I’d probably like if it were larger and a bit thicker. Going to wait for now.

  42. I’m going to wait until next payday to decide on this box. And hopefully there will be another spoiler (and they won’t be sold out!)

  43. Hi Liz,
    Would like to see how dark the off white sections of the throw is (I like them on the lighter side). Is it possible to style and post a picture with the Pehr bin as a comparison? Thanks a bunch if you can!

    • Just added pictures with the Pehr bin as a comparison. Hope that helps! Thank you for the suggestion! 🙂

  44. After spending the last couple days happy I’m removed from the craziness in the U.S, I’m back to feeling the disadvantages of being Canadian :(. Looks like a great box!

  45. Bought it!

  46. Ooo, I do like flannel and I do like pehr. Win-win. I can see using this on winter days when I work from home or even wrapped around me at kids outdoor sports games. I wish the stripes were red for the holidays (plus it’s my favorite color!). Very happy with this first item.

  47. I love Pehr, but not crazy about the spoiler, still passing for now. I like a thicker, heavier blanket in the winter lol. Or even the big one throws at Kohl’s are my favorites lol, they’re light, but super soft and nice.

  48. Is this still only open to subscribers?

    • Open the everyone! 🙂

  49. I like it!

    Of course now my dilemma is whether or not to keep the FabFitFun add-on throw…

    • Agree!!! Wonder if they match in any way…..

    • I was thinking the same thing! I’m torn. The fabfitfun ones look so luxe and this one is flannel. I like the colors and pattern but the fabfitfun ones are also bigger.

    • I’m going to keep the fff one… it looks so fluffy and soft. This one may be better for fall, and the fff for winter.

      • I was really hoping to know $49 off my fff add in order as I really went overboard with the add ons but you just convinced me to keep it!! LOL!!

        • I love the one I got last year and use it a good share of the winter.

  50. Yay! Love it!

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