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Little Lace Box October 2016 FULL Spoilers + Coupons

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We have the full spoilers for the October 2016 Little Lace Box:

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 5.04.36 PM


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screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-10-13-21-am esr-1

  • Stoneware Bakers
  • LLB Cotton Pajama Pants
  • LeBlanc Linen & Laundry Care
  • Ivory Ceramic Measuring Spoons
  • Emergency Stain Rescue
  • Kilner Spice Jar
  • Sassy Dip Mix by Julia’s Southern Pantry
  • A View to Delicious Magazine by VRAI Magazine and Karista Bennett (subscribers will receive an email with a code for the recipe download)
  • Bangle (there are a few variations that were sent out)

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Comments (67)

  1. Well, I received mine today and I am pretty happy with it!

    I have the red pjs and they fit, yay! I have the greenish baker and the blue violet wash. Like everyone else I have the stain remover, the measuring spoons-so cute, the spice jar and I am waiting on the codes for the dip-can’t wait to try it-and the magazine. This is my first box and I am looking forward to my future boxes. I did not get a bangle in my box, I thought maybe they sent them after the fact? However according to what the rest of you are saying, you received yours in your box. I did email them to make sure and I have heard stellar things about their customer service, so I am hopeful.

    • Hey did anyone get their email with code for the dip or the magazine?? I’ve not gotten either? Anyone?

  2. This box is crazy awesome! The pjs are size appropriate, erring on the generous end (perhaps to accommodate possible shrinkage?) and a great addition to this box. They’re packaged in a cute pouch tied with a ribbon. Who can’t use pj bottoms ??! No complaints at all here. Everything else is great too – I subscribe to quite a few boxes and this one is the best. Despite the delay, kudos to LLB ♡

  3. I am so excited to receive everything in this box!!! Out of my 15+ subs, this one is always my favorite! Has anyone received pants that are larger than XL? I see a lot of people saying they are 2X and received XL, but is that because they didn’t fill out the survey? LLB survey had a 2X and 3X option, so I’m crossing my fingers that they would be considerate of all sizing when curating a box that will contain a sized item.

  4. Missed out on this box ? Sad.

    Was considering swapping for the PJ pants, but would love the matching top. Saw the link (thank you!) for the total set that retails for $22…??

    The swaps have the pj RV listed at $29. Did LBL inflate the price from $11 to $29 for the box listing?

    Curious about this- love to hear from anyone with info, thanks!!

    • What’s the link? I must have missed it!!

      • Hey Sarah! It’s under the swap listing for the yellow pj pant. The company has a bunch of prints & colors ?

    • I am going to swap my entire box if you are interested. It’s a great box, and but just not for me.

  5. I just opened my box, and oh my goodness, I’m in love! I will use everything! The pj pants are a little short on me, but I don’t mind rolling them up a bit. Happy to have another spice jar. My bonus bangle was a gorgeous maroon and gold. I wouldn’t usually spend money on higher end stain remover or lingerie detergent, but I am thrilled to see them in this box. What a great curation. This is definitely my favorite sub.

  6. I have always loved LLB curation. They always seem to come up with different items even if they are not always things I would use. I just recently cancelled because I did not feel I could continue at the price of their current subscriptions. Mine was a holdover from when they were cheaper before they went to every other month. I am glad I did seeing as I would be really disappointed with a clothing item I can’t wear. It’s one thing if something in the box isn’t to a particular subscriber’s taste, but to be sending things that are useless to the subscriber because of size is not acceptable to me. If they want to do clothing that doesn’t provide sizing for all, they should make it clear that their boxes won’t accommodate everyone, which is fine; I get it, and allow for current longer term subscribers to have a substitution until their subscriptions run out.

  7. Aww shucks… My first box is December. I would have loved this one!

  8. Cute measuring spoons but they look too big to fit in spice jars and they’d be broken after the first use. Guess they are more for display. And I totally agree, non-clothing boxes should NOT send clothing.

    • The ceramic spoons are actually pretty small. I think they look bigger in the pics

  9. Love it!! I have a 7 quart dutch oven – will love having the mini version! Love the pajamas – everything:)

  10. This is my first LLB ( I have the serendipity). I was very excited about the theme and was Really hoping for an APRON, maybe even a nice hot pad or oven mitts. I’m bummed that they sent PJ bottoms??? I’m still waiting on my tracking email.

  11. I just got my box. Wish I could share a pic, but it doesn’t look like I can on here. Very very nice!! I got the green stoneware baker, the yellow pj pants, spice jar, laundry soap, ceramic spoons and stain treater. The magazine and dip mix are going to be digital codes that come in emails ?. But I’m missing the extra. I don’t see a bangle and it doesn’t say it’s a digital code. Did anyone get it yet?

    • The bracelet is the bonus item for having to wait on this months box. It was in a little pouch next to the laundry stuff.

      • Yeah I checked all my packing. nada I emailed llb. I wonder if only regular subscribers got that? This was a 1 time box for me

      • You may want to contact Customer Service because all of us were supposed to get the bangle as a little “extra” for the box shipping late.

      • I sent them an email

  12. Nice box! As a keen cook I’m looking forward to receiving it fairly soon as I got tracking on October 31st.
    The pyjamas mystify me though. Who cooks topless in pyjama bottoms? lol I’d have thought an apron or potholder more fitting.
    My pyjamas will be up for swap, along with the ceramic measuring spoons, spice jar and dip mix.
    Still, I’m super excited for the baker and laundry stuff!

    • I agree. Instead of PJ bottoms I would have found a nice dish towel or potholder more useful and in keeping with the theme.

  13. Mine just arrived and I’m actually a bit disappointed. Ultimately it’s a great box, but I felt a little let down in a few areas.

    1. The “bangle” I received isn’t a bangle. It’s a hideous, cheap looking, chunky, coral and silver beaded horror. I don’t know anyone who would actually wear this. Total waste. Won’t wear it and can’t even imagine gifting it. I expected something a little more tasteful from LLB. “All were chosen by our team and will make a stylish addition to your fall wardrobe.” No. This is not a fall peice, and is NOT stylish.

    2. The pj pants are a bust. I love them, they are very cute. I’ve also filled out the survey and was pretty clear that I’m plus size. An XL isn’t gonna cut it for someone who needs a 2X. I understand if you can’t accommodate all sizes. But don’t just send something that clearly won’t fit. I would have appreciated is substitute item more, like another pair of the cute socks for the September serendipity.

    Everything else I loved though. The measuring spoons are adorable, the baker is nice, detergent and stain remover is always useful, and I love the little spice jars.

    • I feel the same way about the pJs. At least give me the option to choose another size if I wish to gift them. The XL won’t fit me or my daughter who is a small. I would have appreciated a substitute item or even a few dollars credit to their store.

      Swapping the red pjs.

      • I want, I want. I’ll be checking the swap site.

    • Bummer…maybe I didn’t miss much not getting the bangle then?

    • Totally agree, also plus sized and didn’t put in sizes on the survey. I got a size XL, that won’t fit, I don’t even know why they bothered sending them to everyone. Seems like a little bit of a waste, I would’ve preferred a substitute item.

    • Ditto!! A let-down for half the items- 2) pj bottoms are WHITE and boring and won’t fit my 2x bottom; 1) would have loved any color bangle but got blue beads that I won’t be able to give away! Glad I just bought a one time deal!

    • Oops, I missed your comment before I asked just this question. I’m so disappointed that I won’t be receiving pajama pants in the sizing I provided in my survey. 🙁

      • This is CRAZY that they bugged some of us to complete our survey and then aren’t sending the correct size!?! I put I was a XXL also because of their sizing. WTH? Waste of our time. I’ll have mine up for swap once they finally arrive…unless they found a random size that fits me.

  14. Has anyone received shipping info yet? I have contacted their customer service twice since LAST WEEK and I never got a response ☹️

    • Yes, I got mine this afternoon around 12:30, it was my spam email.

    • I got shipping email over the weekend. Box is scheduled to arrive today!!! The pants are a little out there but the rest is awesome!!

    • I still haven’t gotten shipping info, either. I emailed them yesterday, but haven’t heard back. I had issues with the last two Serendipity boxes not being shipped and they responded right away and sent the boxes out immediately both times. I’m getting worried that I haven’t heard anything on this box yet, though. I want it SO badly!

  15. This is an incredible box!! YAY!! I’m with the crowd that would have loved to see a sweet baked treat/mix in here, but I’m not going to complain ONE bit because it’s seriously wonderful for the price. Wow!

    I’m wondering – which of these is the “extra” item they put in? Does anyone know? I don’t know why, but it’s fun to know specifically what the bonus is. I guess it makes it more special :).

    • I don’t know, but I suspect it’s the bangle since it doesn’t fit the theme. My second choice would be the Kilner jar, since they included one in September’s Serendipity and they haven’t repeated items like that before.

      • The bangle is the extra. They stated that the reason they put the spice jar in this box is because it fit the theme and they know not everyone that subscribes to LLB subscribes to Serendipity (which I’m one of them).

      • Wow, that’s an amazing extra then! I suspected it was probably that since it didn’t match the theme. Can’t wait to see which variation I got! 🙂

  16. Amazing box LLB….great job!!! I love everything.

    • Me too! Is it weird I’m most looking forward to the stoneware bakers! This will be my first box with them (I get Serendipity and I hated it last month, so I was worried it would be all baking/cooking spices stuff again) but this box is pretty cool!

      Now my friend can have 2 Kilner spice jars 🙂 I gave her my whole Serendipity box last month haha.

      • You get 1 baker….not bakers

      • Yes, I understand that.

    • I do too!! Super box!!

  17. Are you freaking kidding me?! Incredible box. LLB has outdone themselves with this one. I’ve always wanted one of those cute ceramic measuring sets but never bought one for myself. And I’m one of those weird people who loves doing laundry and always enjoy having fancy laundry supplies (kind of like fancy toothpaste, makes a mundane task more exciting). It all looks incredible. Can’t wait to receive!

  18. This is amazing! Totally worth the wait. everything is so practical that if you can’t use it yourself, it’s something you can easily gift.

  19. I love this box. Again LLB did a fantastic job. I have only subscribed for the last year, but I have loved every single box. I don’t know how they do it for the money. I will use everything in this box. Glad I filled out their survey so they have my sizes! Can’t wait to get home and crack open my box! I love that LLB sends me emails and texts so I know when I my box was delivered, I’ve never had a subscription do that before.

  20. This box is chock full of great items! As always, LLB knocked it out of the park, seriously how do they do this at this price point? I am on my second full year and have loved every box for one thing or another, but I really feel like they get better and better as they understand their customer and that we love these unique boxes that are not full of makeup, there are makeup boxes for that! LOVE LLB!!! Cannot wait to see which colorations I will get!

  21. I went to go sign up for this because I thought this was the box I’d be getting and after paying I see that it was sold out so I’m getting the December box and I’m pretty pissed off about it. I hope December is just as good. I wish I had seen this box sooner. Looks like I need to start living more on this site lol ugh oh well I might get lucky and they still send me a box. That has actually happened to me with a few subscriptions were they said they were sold out but ended up getting the boxes anyways even tho I confirmed with their cs I would be getting the next months. SO fingers crossed!

    • They may have extra boxes since they were allowing subscribers to get a refund for this box. Their CS is pretty quick to respond.

    • Why are you pissed off? When you sign up, they’re really clear that you’re starting with the December box.

      Meanwhile, I suspect there’s a line of people asking to get their October box. I asked to start with it a month ago (I forgot that they don’t auto-renew, so it’s my own bad) and then again, last week. They haven’t been able to tell me if I’ll get one or not yet, so, like I said, I think there’s a line.

  22. Love LLB ❤ ❤ ❤

  23. I will either use or gift most of these items. Pretty cool & loaded box. 🙂

  24. I wonder if you didn’t put in sizes on their survey what you get? Or will they just send pants that don’t fit?

    • I got my box and they just sent pants that won’t fit 🙁 which is fairly disappointing. I loved LLB’s old curation from ’14; I don’t like that they’ll start sending sized items.

  25. This is a pretty amazing box! I didn’t expect so much stuff! I think I’ll use almost everything.

  26. I am SO excited!!! Kitchen lovers dream for this price point sub. WOW! Well done, LLB, well done.

  27. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. This is an amazing box! I love to cook and look forward to getting this today!

  29. Nice box but kinda glad my 1st one will be December.

  30. Wow- I think this box looks great! So excited to get mine ?

  31. I still haven’t received shipping confirmation, so I came to peek at the spoilers. I love it…just can’t wait to receive it!!!!

    • YAY…mine has shipped. I cannot wait!!!!

  32. Whew, I am relieved that I do not have FOMO. Everything is great in this box but the 3 cooking items I don’t need/already have similiar items. Love the pajama bottoms.

  33. Whoo hoo what a box! I get mine tomorrow and was going to try to go spoiler free but who am I kidding? Love everything!

  34. WOW! I am BUMMED that I missed out on this box :[ but their sub is SO hit/miss!! I signed up last year, and I hated 3 consecutive boxes. Such a disappointment!

    • I find it hit and miss too! Everyone else seems to love it, but it’s usually just mediocre for me. I’m getting December’s because with $15 off, I think even the swaps I get out of it will be worthwhile. From the October box the only thing I love is the pajama. I’m going to try to swap for that!

    • I totally agree! Really wish it weren’t sold out. Been on the fence with this sub (though I’ve gotten 3 Serendipity boxes so far) and wish I’d taken the plunge with this one, but just wasn’t sure since they are so hit/miss… Maybe some stuff will be up for swap. Here’s hoping!

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