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GlossyBox November 2016 Spoiler + Free Too Faced Liquid Lip

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We have a SPOILER for the November 2016 Glossybox:


Lycopene Skin Care Crema Rinnovante


If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet, use coupon code MELTEDLIPS to get a free Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick with your first box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am surprised at the negative reviews about the November box. I have been a subscriber for over a year, and have had some less than ideal boxes but this isn’t one of them. The eyeshadow crayon is stunning! As some reviewers stated it is a sheer-ish tint, but I think its beautiful. I prefer the no makeup makeup look so this was a home run for me. The full sized cream is also super lux, the lipliner is a perfect nude shade, and although I haven’t yet tried the Grapefruit detox shampoo, I am happy that it was included. Glossybox always offers an amazing total value for the cost, and is probably my favorite beauty subscription box. Also, I was sort of shocked to see balking about not having a heads up for shipping… This was probably the earliest in the month I have ever recieved my Glossybox and I am certainly not complaining! It was a nice surprise. Overall I give this box an A!

  2. Mine showed up TODAY!! Right out of the blue, no notice at all!!!
    In got the Lycopene , Crush by Rhianna roller perfume, psssst! dry shampoo,Palmetto antioxidant mask, and De Bruyere eyeshadow pencil in Bubble

    • Hmmm. Well, that is….a box of things. Not sure what else to say about it. Pretty anti-climactic stuff, imo. Hope it’s an ok fit for you.

      Looks like there are some variations this month. On Instagram I’ve seen boxes that have the Lycopene, a Gerard Cosmtetics Liquid lipstick (the one pic on insta is Barbie pink), Beautiful Nutrition shampoo, the Palmetto Mask, and the de Bruyere eye crayon.

      Can’t say I’m too excited about any of the items for this month so far. Fingers crossed I DON’T get a Rhianna fragrance. I also don’t really want the eyeshadow crayon. This is the 3rd box in 4 months with an eyeshadow crayon/pencil.

      • Nope, gotta say I am definitely less than thrilled. BTW- the eyeshadow pencil is more like invisible ink. lol I rubbed it across my eye and an hour later all that was left was a couple specks of sparkle. Can’t comment on the skin care products. Altho the mask smells like menthol, not too sure about that on my face….
        The other variation you posted doesn’t seem too great either.
        I loved my first couple of boxes but that last few have been duds for me.

  3. I got my shipping info on the 4th. I was surprised. This is also a free box using my glossydots.

  4. Sweet baby Ganesha, I just got shipping notification for the November box! On the 3rd of the month?!? I don’t know if they’re intentionally working to improve shipping time or if it’s a happy accident for me, but Glossyboxes used to ship incredibly late – I first subbed to GB in 2014 and I distinctly remember receiving the October and November boxes the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve respectively (you read that right). Glad it seems they’ve improved significantly on that front.

    Box should arrive on the 8th (shaping up to be quite a day!). I’ll come back and post contents, if we don’t have full spoilers by then!

  5. I ordered the last deal paying 15.99 for three months and i had to put info in like 3 times and the last time i put the code i didnt press enter so when i looked at the cost it was 21 dollars. Not pnly that, it was Oct 31 and that ment i would get the Oct box then get charged in a few days for Nov (21 dollars, my fault).
    Anyway I emailed them 2 times saying I messed up and that if my sub wasn’t starting with Nov and that I didn’t put the code in right so I asked to cancel it all and they did…. I thought that was cool. I just hope I don’t end up getting boxes and so on out of the blue. Fingers crossed

    • Same thing happened to me. I was charged twice. and they refunded $5 for the next month. But yeah, my bad I subscribed at the end of last last. Hope its good.

  6. I hope its not Chihuahua, if i get another one of those I’m gonna mail it back.

    • No lie. I have to mix chihuahua with other colors to get a look that doesn’t make me look like “the walking dead”.

  7. Liz, I just got an e-mail from Glossybox offering $50 off a 12-month subscription with the code BEAUTY12 valid through 11/9/16 at 11:59PM. A 12-month sub is $210, so with $50 off it becomes $160, or $13.33/box.

    However, that’s not as good as the Gilt City deal they did last year (less than $9/box if you subbed for a year), and it is on auto-renew (Gilt City was considered a gift sub). Of course they may not do a similar deal like they did last year with Gilt City, but I thought this was a pretty good deal. I had my issues with them over the past year, so it’s not enough for me to take the bait, but far be it from me to deny anyone else 😉

    • Oh, and I can forward the e-mail if need be. Just need to know where!

        • Just sent 😀

  8. Has anyone tried the Lycopene skin care products? I’ve read good reviews, but Groupon has also sold their products.

  9. The spoiler looks nice, but after about 4 years of being a loyal, FULL PRICE paying subscriber, I had way too many issues and had to cancel. I emailed with my issues, (including being charged double on more than one occasion, not getting the extra boxes during the promo code events, etc.) & they took at least a week to reply, then, when they did, the last 3 times, they simply refused to help or fix the problem & were even a bit snarky in there replies. Very sad they wouldn’t assist because they lost a good customer.

    • I had a similar issue with billing, where I cancelled the subscription and it said my subscription had been cancelled but it was still valid through to the next year. I emailed and got a response that it was indeed cancelled. However a week later, I got a charge for a yearly subscription.. I emailed but could only get a partial refund even though the box hadn’t even shipped out yet. They said they did it out of courtesy. I was not pleased. SMH.

      • You should call your credit card company and dispute the charges. You were charged for something you shouldn’t of been so why should they keep any of your money. Absolutely ridiculous of them! Birchbox and Julep both lost class action lawsuits for auto renew shenanigans so every beauty box company should be on notice that somewhere is an attorney just itching for their own case to win.

        • I used Paypal and I contacted Paypal who then told me to contact the company, because they claimed it wasn’t grounds for an unauthorized charge, even after I explained my situation. Glossybox rep that responded to my issue claimed she accidentally looked at the wrong subscription because I had two yearly subscriptions. One was a voucher from Gilt and the other I paid for. I cancelled the other I paid for, but it said my subscription would end 9/2017 so I reached out and was then informed not to worry that my subscription was cancelled. Lo and behold, a week later I get a charge and I reach out to the same GB rep who then said I canceled too late and she would give me a partial “courtesy” refund. I hate when they use that word “courtesy” like I canceled before the month ended. Apparently, you have to cancel by the 15th of the month. I was charged the 1st of the next month, the box hadn’t even been shipped yet, but they couldn’t refund me completely, only partial and they basically told me I was lucky I even got a partial refund because by their “terms” I shouldn’t have gotten squash back. They lost me completely as a customer.

          • Wow! I am so sorry- I still feel that you have gotten the short end of the stick and should have gotten boxes and/or product to the value they took from you. Paypal just lost me as a potential user. I don’t even use debit cards (sorry if any of you are ever behind me at Target when I’m cranky & feel compelled to tell the clerk why no one on earth should use debit over credit- just for consumer rights & fraud issues-credit issues I totally understand but even the prepaid Amex gives you rights) but if it happened to you, it happened to others and eventually you’ll get an email regarding a settlement. A happy customer tells their friends and an unhappy customer tells everyone including the internet 😉

    • I have found their customer support to be stellar. They actually have a phone number you can call and get a live rep (unusual these days), and any time I have had an issue (damaged or missing product) they went above and beyond to rectify the situation. Last time they even sent me a gorgeous Aerin Kaleidolight Palette absolutely free! I guess it depends who you happen to get ahold of, but in my experience they are awesome.

  10. I had so many issues with glossy box but every time I DM them on instagram the next day I get an email where they have fixed the problem. I cancelled my subscription after so many issues :/

  11. I am totally digging this spoiler! However, as a huge advocate for Glossybox and the value that the box provides (if you get one of the BOGO or buy one get 2 free with a 3 mo. subscription deals) I have finally been convinced that the multitude of customer service complaints are legit and are a real problem. I referred two friends when they offered the buy one get 2 free deal. One got charged for an additional 3 mo. sub despite the fact that she cancelled within the appropriate time period. The other one placed her order on Sept. 27 and has yet to receive the first box despite emails and phone calls inquiring about same. I love Glossybox and the high end products that I have received. However, I am disappointed to learn that I am definitely in the minority of people who have not had any problems with shipping or other customer service issues.

    • I haven’t had any issues either. They are sticklers for deadlines and processes but I always complied so I haven’t had any problems.

      • I’m not sure if you realize this but it sounds like you’re accusing Laurie’s friends of “not complying” with the deadlines, even though she says they did. Sounds kind of dismissive.

        • Sometimes I wish we could upvote or “like” comments here!

    • I signed up on Sept 27th too and had to email customer service as my subscription was still showing as pending. The customer service rep got back to me quickly and I received my regular October box last week and my two bonus boxes yesterday. Have your friend check the status of her subscription on their site.

    • Hi, I’ve mentioned this before but I haven’t had any issues with GB except I would like them to send an email reminder when the boxes ship like other subs do. I’ve contacted CS with some questions and an issue with that serum being only half full (they sent another one that was half full, something to do with that company)? I subscribed for a few mon earlier this year, took a break switched to Boxy Charm for 3 mon. then did a 6 mon sub. Was going to quit and take a break but then I’m thinking on the deal they have now….so tough since I still don’t have a job and am cutting back on subs. However, the amt of money I’ve saved vs. what I get and can use is worth it to me and I love discovering new items through all of their boxes ( a lotion earlier this year, etc). So many people here seem negative and have problems, am sorry if they do but I’ve found overall if I ask nicely, give them a compliment on what they are doing right then maybe they are nicer in their response and treat me the same. I’ve received full size boxes plus the replacement from Allure, Birchbox, etc. and extra items also. I’ve had very few misses in GB for example I expected less drug store stuff like Not Your Mother’s in one box. Not knocking NYM, just doesn’t work for me. I’m lucky because I have a 14, 18, and 22 year old daughters that I can give items I have love but have too much of (mascara, eyeliner, blush, lip stuff) and stuff I don’t use/dislike (hair oil, dry shampoo, bronzer). I find other ways to use stuff like the oil on dry parts of the body, dry shampoo for volume, bronzer to touch up/tan swimsuit lines, etc.
      Just try to remember it’s not a personal, custom for you only box- they do the best they can and sometimes they are off. Depends on the sub box and the person and if you don’t like it, dump ’em!

      • I totally agree with your comment– if you ask nicely and are generally polite to the reps from Glossybox regarding any problems/issues, you wind up with a much better end result than if you are overly negative or critical.
        I haven’t tried Boxycharm, but it is on my short list of new subs to try. I couldn’t find any promo codes for new subscribers though… And I’m a total sucker for scoring a few dollars off on the first month of a new box 😉

    • Same thing happened to me – I signed up when it was buy 2 get 1 free and managed to earn a free month because I review EVERYTHING. After that 4th month, I got billed out of the blue, even though I had cancelled on time and had verified it as such. Even after a lot of calling and e-mailing back and forth, I’m still stuck with paying for another 3 months at full price. Here’s hoping it WOWS.

      • If you cancelled before the deadline and can prove it, and Glossybox won’t refund you, I’d dispute the charges!

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