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Revive Clothing Depot has announced that they will be suspending their  subscription service on December 18th to focus on enhancements to their site and operations.  Customers with pre-paid subscription should receive an email with the options available for your remaining credits.

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  1. Anyone have any info on this company? I’m contacting lawyers to try and find someone to fight for our money back. Has anyone heard anything? I only see 2 negative reviews on the BBB website, but am wondering if we have enough for a class action?

  2. Colleen, I am willing to be patient as Revive tries to pull itself together (I have 3 months left on my sub) but it would be nice if we heard something. Perhaps a line i.e. “Revive hopes to be back open for business by ________ 2017.” Just so we know you’re still out there somewhere.

    • Oh well, a month and a half and no reply, no word, no website. I guess they took the money and ran. I don’t think they meant to do this but probably got in over their heads.

  3. Has anyone with a prepaid subscription actually heard from Revive since 12/18? It’s been over a month now. I emailed Colleen a few weeks ago but have heard nothing. I really just want a refund for my remaining month at this point.

    • Same, to make matters worse, e-mails to Collen or [email protected] are now bouncing back. Does anyone know how to get in touch with them?

      • I tried to email her also and it was undeliverable. She had told me a while back that they would be issuing refunds but I have never received my refund of $124.95 that I prepaid to extend my subscription for 6 months after my current subscription ended March 2017. There is no way to contact them, I even tried to message them on Facebook but no reply. Should I report them to better business bureau or is there anything we can do to get our money back? This makes me so mad, I don’t even want to do subscription boxes anymore.

    • I paid through September 2017. I haven’t heard anything either. I did manage to get an email through to Chuck Trong in December, after having every other address bounce back, but I never received a response. I am not sure whether to go through my credit card company or not at this point. It’s very frustrating.

    • I haven’t heard anything either. I just tried emailing but got an “Undeliverable” error saying the email doesn’t exist. Argh.

      It’s a last resort but I will likely file a claim with my credit card if we don’t hear anything by next week.

  4. I also didn’t get to spend my credits and want to be refunded. I emailed them and no response yet. They probably have a lot of emails to get through. I am worried that my subscription will not be cancelled and will resume at some point. 🙁

  5. Thanks to hearing through this site (and through Revive Depot) that they were suspending orders, I did manage to place a December order in time.

    It was delivered, according to USPS, to some stranger halfway across the United States.

    I contacted customer service, and still haven’t heard a single thing back.

    Tomorrow I will be checking my statements and contacting my credit card company. I have never had an experience like this with any company, and I’m really nervous about the lack of communication. I thought I was being frugal by providing clothing for my family this way, and we cannot afford to throw money out the window. But that’s what it seems is happening.


    • Edit: And NOT through Revive Depot

  6. This company makes me so angry. They charged me shipping for Dec 2016 when I didn’t even receive the 3 months of shipments I had left. No email in my regular just junk. And with the holidays I was so busy I didn’t have time to go online and order my stuff by the 18th as my credits don’t even usually come up until the 18th anyhow!! This is such BS and fraud. They need to refund people completely for all the NOW fraud charges!!!

    • Hello Michelle,
      Please email me at [email protected] and I’ll be more then happy to help assist you with any refunds. We were unaware that these emails were going to spam or into other boxes until just a week or two ago. Honestly, I have worked for this company since they just about opened. They are very honest owners and truly care about the customer more so then I have ever seen at other places I have worked. They really do care about there customers and this is why they are closing for a few months to work on all the kinks they have seen and received feed back on. They are a new business and unfortunately things happen but they are 100% willing to fix whatever mistakes happen. Please email me and that goes for anyone and I will personally work on your issues. I’m sure some of you have already emailed me. Thanks so much for understanding.


  7. I only found out they were shutting down today…after I had ten things or so in my account!!
    I suddenly got switched to a “coming soon” page and couldn’t order.
    I searched my emails for any news and found 3 emails(only) in my junk folder about the shut down and more importantly, the expiration of all my 22 credits!!!
    The weird thing is that I had been on their site on and off the whole week and it said NOTHING about this. If I had been told by popup like other temp technical outages I would have ordered my 22 things right then!
    It really sucks cause I had another month or two(not sure how much exactly) left and I don’t even know if I can use this month’s credits!!!
    I have loved Revive, recommended Revive, and this was my holiday/birthday gift to myself.
    I didn’t even mind too much about having to dig through to find my size and anything new, or that I had to send back on average 1/3 of my stuff, I just loved the price and convenience of it all!!
    Hopefully the (usually) nice CS will fix things and let me use my credits.
    Sorry for the mini rant. Has anyone else had the closure be a complete surprise to them?
    It certainly seems like they could’ve at least had it up on their site! 🙁

    • YES!! I’m so upset!!! I will contact my credit card and fight this if they don’t refund me and they also charged shipping for nothing in DEC. So mad!!!

  8. I don’t know why I thought that they were only charging active subscriptions that renew between 1st and the 5th…. mine renewed on the 19th so I thought I wouldn’t be charged again. I am super pissed off that not only was I charged EARLY.. on the 8th, but that they haven’t updated inventory and there’s nothing I want. I have reached out to customer service…. which I’m crossing my fingers on since when you hit the contact us tab you get a 404 message on their website. If I don’t hear from them tomorrow I am reaching out to my credit card. I’m really irked.

    • The same is happening to me. They took my money AND the delivery fee early. They will not let me use my credits! I am ticked! In going to have to file a complaint! They had the nerve to send a cart reminder…so I responded to them that way. It would not let me contact them through the home page. I have 15 items and they want me to pay cash??? They took 35.00 and will not keep up with their end if the bargain.

  9. Has anyone received the email on what the options would be? I only have January left, but haven’t heard anything. I received my December credits, but nothing new has been uploaded so I hope they do that before the 18th.

    • Hi,
      Please email me at [email protected] and I will be more then happy to help you out. Sorry and thank you.


    • I have paid for an annual sub through August of next year, and received nothing in the way of communication from the company. Additionally, all emails (including those to Colleen Trong) are being kicked back as undeliverable. What to do?

  10. I just finished my 6 month subscription. I canceled due to the limit style and sizes available. Most of the clothes were very plain and seemed outdated. I started getting more clothes for my 7 y.o. daughter towards the end. However, the customer service was great and they always promptly replied to emails. I think if they update their inventory and maybe used people to show off thier clothes (some items seemed shrunk or not true-to-size) they could have a really great sub.

  11. Agree with others, web page had lots of issues, cart would not save, and variety/ quality went down since I subscribed several months ago. I have gotten a few great pieces however.

    • The same is happening to me. They took my money AND the delivery fee early. They will not let me use my credits! I am ticked!

  12. Good. The website showed pretty items and trendy outfits on the picture ads. But when you go to the items they are very basic clothes. There was no way I could recreate an outfit they shown on their site with the quality of items they offered. I hope for the best.

  13. I do really like this idea of the subscription and I’ve had it for a few months. I do not mind going through pages to find items. I just hope the quality on the items are going to be better. All of the pictures on their site makes it the subscription worth it. But when you get to the selection of items it’s very basic. When they first introduced accessories, they had the picture as of the cutest items but when you actually looked at the items it was all old crusty purses. Not cute ✋🏽

  14. The first 2 months I was pleased but the last 2 months I found it difficult to find anything I liked. I ended up picking more items for my daughter than myself. I love the concept but I wasn’t impressed with the selection. Hopefully they make a great comeback.

    • I feel exactly the same. I’ve started using it for clothes for my husband and children mostly. That said, I still think it’s a pretty decent value. Kind of like goodwill shopping, which I enjoy. I have a couple months left of the six months I committed to, and then I was planning to cancel. Looks like I’ll need to hold off in that decision anyway. I will say I’ve had some quality issues, and the pictures sometimes don’t show the item’s real condition. Otherwise, I’ve been satisfied with the subscription.

  15. I too loved Revive and was bummed when they canceled the personal shopper service. So instead I would spend about an hour each month going through pages and pages of stuff to get my 8 credits worth. I didn’t mind but I would have rather had someone else do it! I had no problem with quality – Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne, Athleta, Cynthia Rowley, Jones are just a few of the brands I found in the last couple months.

  16. I love the subscription so I hope it continues. I get 4 items and its a nice treat to add new pieces to my closet for less than $10/month.

  17. My first couple months were good, but now I can’t find anything other than walmart and Kmart brands. Even though they are ending the subs they still want to take December money and give you until the 8th to use the credits. I never get my credits until about the 16th of each month so I guess they want my money but not my business.

    • You have til the 18th

      • Thought my email said 8th but I read it fast and deleted right away. Hopefully I can find some clothes. Or maybe I’ll just get some coats and donate them.

  18. I really liked the subscription when they had the option for the personal shopper. When that was cancelled in my opinion everything went downhill

  19. I have had a great experience with this subscription and I hope it continues. I agree that the website needs to be updated but I’ve found good ways of navigating it so I don’t have much trouble finding new things to use my credits on. I have the 25 item/month subscription and while I do find it’s hard to find 25 items a month I often just shop for other people in my family if I have extras I can’t seem to use for myself. I hope they continue this subscription! I get name brand clothing almost always such as Croft & Borrow, J Crew, Express, Ann Taylor, New York & Company, etc. For $30-40/month for 25 items as long as I like 8 items I receive I consider it to be a successful pick that month. I almost always end up liking everything but 1-5 items so every month I’ve had for the past 6 months has been a huge success for me. (I wear a small/medium and 4/26 in pants)

  20. I’m one of the few (it seems) that loved them til the end! I’m paid up to receive 15 items a month until the summer though. I’m waiting on pins and needles to see what they will offer as a replacement…..

    • Have you heard anything Amy? I’m paid through August as well and haven’t received any information.

  21. I’ve had a lot of issues with the website not working so I hope in addition to the selection and customer service, they’re planning to improve that aspect of the company as well. It’s incredibly frustrating to try and add things to my wishlist and wait 5 minutes for the tab to load only to be told that there was an error. In addition to that, I found that the sizing was unreliable; obviously a lot of clothing that’s secondhand is going to have issues with shrinking and vanity sizing but if I order a 1x top, why is it fitting like a size zero?? I’ve had about 50% of the clothes fit and 50% of them immediately go in a box for donation. I wasn’t planning on resubscribing after my subscription ended so this is good timing. I really do like the idea of it, though. I wish ThredUp would do something similar as that’s my favorite online thrift store to use.

  22. Agree with everyone else – the selection went down in the past few months. Have gotten some good pants for work but other stuff was just using up credits. Was not planning on renewing so this is fine.

  23. I’ve had really good luck with about half the clothes I’ve received, but in the past few months the shipments have smelled bad and felt a little damp. Despite claiming to offer returns, I never heard back from customer service when I inquired about doing so.

    So I was not planning to resubscribe. That said, I think it has been a great value. I always am able to get something from Loft or Banana Republic that I can wear to work.

  24. I was just choosing random stuff to give away anyway- just running out credits until my sub expired. Almost nothing in my size and some seriously unstylish (like from the 80s and early 90s) clothing that was mostly not good quality to begin with. I did get a few good things towards the start (talbots jeans and some nice brands for my bf) but lately nothing much restocked and it was hard to find anything at all. I am very happy to not have to keep using up the months of my 6 month commitment.

  25. I was just choosing random stuff to give away anyway- just running out credits until my sub expired. Almost nothing in my size and some seriously unstylish (like from the 80s and early 90s) clothing that was mostly not good quality to begin with. I did get a few good things towards the start (talbots jeans and some nice brands for my bf) but lately nothing much restocked and it was hard to find anything at all. I am very happy to not have to keep using up the months of my 6 month commitment.

  26. I had been planning to cancel my subscription when it ends in February anyway. I receive 4 items/month and I thought I would be able to find things for me, my daughter and my husband. The clothes on the site are old- not old enough to be vintage, but too old to be in style. It’s also hard to search for something in particular, such as a Christmas sweater. And if you search by brand, you can’t further refine by size, etc. I think I would be better if taking my $10 a month to the local thrift store.

    • Same here Aria! I got some stuff the first month (and a dress that honestly paid for the subscription I love it so much) but after that it has just been so hard. I’m not sure how I could POSSIBLY spend all my remaining credits in 2 weeks :/ I have like 16! Guess I’ll have to buy my nieces clothing.

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