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FabFitFun Winter 2016 Box Spoiler #2 and #3 + COUPON!

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 12.54.12 PM

We have all the Winter 2016 FabFitFun Box select items spoilers! (Thanks for the head’s up, Dinielle and Suzanne!)

Here are the variants of the 3 spoilers:


D.L. & CO CANDLE (Value $45)
Your home will smell scent-sational with this chic soy-blend candle. Fragrance notes of either Bergamot Woods or Blackberry Nectar will bring winter into your home in the Warmest of ways.


These beautifully crafted necklaces are super versatile and perfect for pairing with your other go-to pieces. No matter which necklace you get, 2017 will be your year to shine.


Jot down all of your aspirations and stay on schedule with this exquisite weekly notebook/diary/planner, which is sure to become your new favorite sidekick.


What do you think of the spoilers? Which variants are you picking? (Annual subscribers have the option to select the variant of each spoiler. All other subscribers will be surprised.)

IMPORTANT! The Winter 2016 FabFitFun Boxes are sold out, but if you sign up now, your first box will be the Editor’s Box. (Check out the FULL SPOILERS for the box!)

Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter).

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect from this quarterly subscription box.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (92)

  1. i ordered the first box earlier this month.. the editors box?
    I cancelled today. If i sign up for the 3 month discount special will that editors box be repeated?

  2. Please bring on more spoilers ! can’t wait 🙂

    • Exactly! It’s about time for another one!

      • They had an instagram today saying they were revealing another spoiler today? Anyone see it?

      • Nope! I’ll go check it out , thank you 🙂

      • couldnt find any other spoilers! 🙁

  3. Side Note!
    I have a necklace that I bought from Gorjana a few months ago that is in silver and I was worried that I would change color if I wore it in shower so I started taking it off but one day I didnt and nothing happened. It’s a small necklace with a B on it and I now where in the shower and put lotion and so on and its just fine… For me anyway.

  4. Gah! Wish I could afford an annual subscription so I could customize this box.

  5. I’m kind of bummed. This is my first box and I’m only happy with the candle. The planner and necklaces are misses for me. :/ Oh well..

    • My first box was the Fall box which I loved, the spoilers for this one don’t excite me much. I’m very happy for those this is perfect for but I’m considering canceling before it gets billed and sent.

    • Can give what you don’y like in the box as gifts, one less gift to buy win/win.

    • Same here. This was my first box and I was incredibly disappointed. I saw the fall box and was super impressed which is why I ordered the winter box (fall was already sold out at the time I ordered). In my opinion, the contents and value are not even close to being comparable between the two. I’m interested to know from regular subscribers if the contents are typically more in line with the fall box, or the winter box. I’m hesitant to ever order again.

  6. So far I’m happy the winter box sold out and I had to get the editors box. I like the candle, but the necklace is “eh” and I only use digital planners.

    • Don’t know if I shall cancel ! I signed up for the winter box. At least there’s still a hope the rest of items would “overcome” the ones shown here! 🙁

    • I agree with you, this is my first box and i landed with the Editors box…I wish i could see the reveal for the editors box that way i would be able to chose to cancel or not…the candle is the only thing thats nice in my opinion.

  7. I thought the candle was nice for a gift, but the next two would have made me sad, so I cancelled.

  8. Is the kiernan gorjana necklace (the sliver one) better than the toggle one? I am select and cannot seem to decide, does anyone have any suggestions about picking out a necklace or deciding between the both.

    • I had a hard time deciding also! I’m more of a silver person so I ended up going with that one although I kind of like the style of the gold one more. They’re not very good pictures on the website so I would recommend googling the different necklaces and it will take you to other websites where you can see better pictures of them. (Nordstrom didn’t have the Kiernan necklace in stock anymore but it had lots of pictures of it in gold being modeled different ways.)

    • I am seasonal but I don’t know which I prefer either. If u are picky with silver vs gold than pick what you would wear more but it seems like the Kieran can be worn multiple ways like down the back for a backless top so that one seems a little more versatile if that is something that would be useful to you.

    • I would just choose the one that you like. I wear silver, so you know which one I chose. Yay!!! Silver for once!

    • I was going to pick the silver one but on Amazon, there is a warning to let any alcohol derived substance come in contact with the necklace.. like perfume. So, I went with the toggle one.

      • Really? That means I’m going to get the gold one and swap/gift it. Darn.
        Thanks for letting us know.

      • Oops to not let alcohol derived chemicals touch it…

      • hey I have a necklace from this company in silver and i thought the same thing but I forgot to take off on day and it was fine as well as when I put lotion or use face wipes. Its still fine. For me. Just dont spray perfume on it and it should be fine.

  9. Do you think they will sell winter boxes as add ons like I think they did briefly with the fall box or something because I missed the winter box but really want it.

  10. Can someone describe what bergamot smells like? I was intending to get the blackberry nectar candle, but would much prefer the silver one.

    • earl grey tea

      • Thanks Amber. I love the way Earl Grey smells, so maybe I’ll switch it. 🙂

    • It’s a citrus. I personally think it’s between grapefruit & orange.

      • Thanks Marion. That sounds like it might smell really nice. Maybe I’ll get that one and just swap for the blackberry if I don’t like it.

    • It looks to me like the holders are actually both silver, and its just the candle color that differs. I’ve been squinting at it for ages now but that’s the decision I’ve reached. You can see at the top of the picture that it looks silver, it’s just the candle showing through that makes it look gold…

      • Thanks so much for this Theresa, I was all about the bergamont but then I read on this site that it has patchouli in it and it’s one of the smells I just can’t handle at all so now I’m thinking I have to switch to the blackberry to avoid it, hahaha. I had no clue it would be in the bergamont one so thank you for the link!!!

    • I was wondering the same exact thing!! Lol

  11. This box looks fantastic so far!! Great job, FFF!

    • You think ? I was thinking to let go of it and get the editors box instead. Don’t know ..!

  12. I’m select so I can choose my options. I love the candle but kind of hate the necklace options. I’ll get the good because I think it will be an easier option to swap/sell. I’m a bit baffled by the planner. If you use a paper planner, won’t you have a planner by December (when this ships)? I’ve had one since late September. I think the planner would have been a better option in the autumn box.

    • I actually select my planners the last two weeks in Decemmber to 1st couple weeks in Jan. im organized but not enough so that I buy my coming year planner in Sept.

      • Me too. Plus you get them 1/2 price if you wait until the end of December.

      • Interesting! My husband’s job books a year in advance so we need one early. Thanks for explaining!

  13. Love these!! Very happy because if nothing else they are very gift able. I’m thinking blackberry, double pendant and green planner:)

    • Lol! It’s funny! I love all opposites 😀 maybe we can switch !

      • Awhh, that’s sweet but I am annual so I get to pick:).hope u get what ur after tho!

      • You’re sweet 🙂 Enjoy your stuff gorgeous

      • Do you know when we’ll be choosing the items? It is at the end of November?

      • Today is the last day to select your items.

  14. Me likey! I hope I get the blackberry woods candle. Sold spoilers so far!!

    • Thanks for sharing the link, love the necklace 🙂

  15. *Clicks heels* “Bergamot WoodsBergamot WoodsBergamot Woods”
    There! That shoud do it! 🙂

    Although really nice, I’ll definitely be swapping the necklace and planner.

  16. When do we get to choose the variants?
    I keep adding more and more add ons, getting expensive ?

    • If you are an annual subscriber, you get to pick your variants now. (Box-to-box subscribers do not get to select their variants.)

      Hope that helps!

      • Oooh, thanks for the reminder!!!!

      • Thanks Liz! I just chose my options. ?

  17. The only thing that I don’t like about this box is that they NEVER email me about add-ons times or choice selection time. I ONLY find out about them from here. Which means most of the good add ons are sold out by the time I get there.

    They have my email address because I get the reminders that tell me to hurry up and buy more stuff

    • Same!! I get emails galore about add ons but never when it’s time to select your choices.

  18. I’d rather get the winter box than the editors box but I was too late. I’d really like the planner. Guess I’ll try to swap for it.

    • I’m set to get the winter box. I don’t want the planner nor the necklace! but I want the mug from editors box !

      • Me too I don’t really care for anything so far in this box . But I defiantly liked the mug .

      • Give them as gifts if you don’t want them; that’s what I do. The person receiving it will never know

  19. wow! this box is GREAT. will be looking to swap for more candles. love!

  20. Wow. I like all the selections on all the variants. It’s a “can’t miss” box! 🙂

  21. I would buy two of these if I could. I want both variations of everything.

  22. Looking good so far but I have to admit that after seeing the huge haul in the editors box, it might be hard to not be disappointed. I haven’t used a paper planner in years…not sure I know anyone else who has either! Too bad, because moleskine is nice.

    • The editor’s box is almost identical to the Fall 2016 box..

      • yeah, but I didn’t get that one. 😀 It looks like some people might want to swap for the planner though. 🙂 How many items (minimum) are supposed to be in each box? 6?

      • It’s normally around 8 items and sometimes gift cards, but seems they are dong away with gift cards. I think last box was like 11 items (9 regular and 2 being sponsored), but the Fall box had by far the most items of any box I’ve received from FFF in over a year!! Hopefully they keep that up for the Winter box 🙂

    • Moleskine notebooks are by far my favorite. I carry a notebook with me every day, though I haven’t been able to bring myself to spend money a moleskine in years. I’m really excited for this.

    • I’m one of the few who still uses a paper planner! I’m never without it. Granted, I still have everything electronically syncing with my paper planner…haha I guess you could say I’m an OCD planner/organizer with everything electronically and on paper ha! I am so excited for all of these spoilers!! I love planners, candles and jewelry! I also think it’s pretty awesome they are giving a silver option! I am a gold girl, so I am always happy when gold is in the boxes (which sub boxes seem to always put gold in), but I am happy that people who don’t like gold have an option for silver – so awesome! Great spoilers FFF!!! 🙂 The fall and winter boxes are always my absolute FAVORITES!

    • I still use a paper planner. I must be one of the few. lol

    • I use a paper planner every year for the last five years, and clip in stuff as I go, so it’s sort of a makeshift scheduling scrapbook. 🙂 I love it! I never put any dates in my smartphone. But, I’m not thrilled to get one, as mine always run through the academic year (even though I haven’t been in school any of those five years).

  23. Love the choices! I normally go with silver jewelry but the last couple of layered necklaces tangled horribly so I gave up on wearing them. Happy to get a new planner – I’ve enjoyed the one we got in PopSugar last year (even though I forget to use it for weeks at a time…). This should be a fun box!

  24. Wow, they’re off to a great start! I selected the bergamot woods candle (LOVE the scent of bergamot), the kiernan gorjana necklace (tough choice, but thought I’d get more use out of the silver), and the purple planner (also a tough choice – green and purple are my favorite colors).

    • Is the kiernan gorjana necklace (the sliver one) better than the toggle one? I am select and cannot seem to decide, does anyone have any suggestions about picking out a necklace or deciding between the both.

  25. They are off to a very good start. I am keeping it all 🙂

  26. Hoping for the green planner. The necklace will be up for swaps.

  27. I know I will never use a planner. I will never swapping it. It’s nice though!

  28. Wow! I am psyched about that planner. I haven’t picked one out for next year, and Moleskine is fancy. I’m not a jewelry person, so hope the necklaces are swappable.

    • I want the gold necklace and green planner.

  29. For sure giving my mom the candle, now that I have my precious Nest candles. I love both necklaces! I like that all the choices are good ones 🙂

  30. Home run so far!! Almost wish I had select but I like everything so it will be a fun surprise what I get!

  31. My first FFF box and I am pleased. I am not an annual member so I get to be “surprised”. That’s okay because I love all the options!

  32. So happy I signed up for this one! After a few seasons of nothing of interest for me, this box looks amazing! So excited to get it. So we know when it will start shipping?

    • The cut-off for selecting Add-Ons and spoiler variants is November 19th, so I’m assuming shipping will be start soon after that! 🙂

      • It says regular billing dec 1 on the site so do you know if they are sticking to that? I have not been charged yet for seasonal. Seems like they are very early this year since selling out is quicker.

      • I’ll double check with FabFitFun on the dates for shipping and billing and follow up!

      • Yes, it is Dec. 1st. I checked with them last week.

      • The add-ons page says we will be billed for add-ons on the 21st, and then add-ons will begin shipping with priority boxes. I wonder if that also applies to seasonal subscribers.

  33. Thank you! I just selected my choices before heading to work 🙂

    • Yay!! I love how every spoiler item is also giftable on its own! 🙂

      • I will be gifting the planner. It is beautiful, but I use a BIG planner! 🙂

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