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BoxyCharm December 2016 Spoiler!

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We have the first December 2016 Boxycharm spoiler!


The December 2016 Boxycharm subscription box will include:


Pure Cosmetics Buff Collection Palette – Value $50

What do you think of the first December 2016 Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So excited to receive this palette. Funny how the color’s I see are more towards pinks and purples and that is considered neutral? To me that is color and if the palette had more browns that is when I think it’s neutral. Correct me if I’m wrong cuz I’m new to this makeup stuff and new at Boxycharm (December will be my 3rd box). For those wondering, I think this box is the best for under $25 and you get deluxe or full sizes. So worth it!!!

    Again MSA thank you for introducing me to my favorite beauty subscription box.

  2. I LOVE BoxyCharm, but this palette looks EXACTLY like the Urban Decay Naked Palette that I have…Hoping it’s not so similar in person or I might just gift to someone I work with lol hoping the rest of the box is dope, they usually do a really good job and I’ve been happy so far!

  3. Boxycharm subscriber since just November, new to beauty subscriptions in general. Is there anything wrong with canceling and then re-subscribing for only the boxes when I really want it? I mean is it frowned upon or something? I know it’ll be a good deal but I’m saturated with makeup right now and might want only half of the boxes next year, thanks to MSA spoilers.

    • Nope. Lots of people do that with this box.

    • You can unsubscribe whenever you want then re-subscribe, just as long as you do it before the month is over if you want that month’s box.

  4. Why can’t they just give us some color shadows!? I promise if they do one colorful palette the neutral girls won’t go into a frenzy. But us color girls are getting freaking frustrated!

  5. Oh joy. Another neutral palette. 😩

  6. I just subbed to boxycharm and thinking about cancelling my ipsy. What do you guys think? Who is better?

    • Boxycharm for sure ! i went from ipsy to this one and did not regret it a single second. Ive had it for 3 months now and im always super happy with pretty much everything i got. Of course, many times i dont receive the items im hoping for (ex last month : makeup geek blush, i got another brand instead) but it always turns out to be a good item, unlike ipsy where you get 1 thing you like and the rest is usually crap (in my opinion). I just love the fact that for boxycharm they actually pick quality products and theyre fullsize 🙂 Just my personal opinion tho !

      • I totally agree. Can’t wait to get my first boxycharm box

    • I got my first Boxy Charm box this month, November’s box. I am so impressed! I cancelled by Birchbox because I was getting repeats and the value just didn’t seem there. I know Boxy Charm is more expensive, but so far in my opinion it is worth every penny! The only other box I get is Sephora’s.

      • I get birchbox, boxy charm, and fabfitfun. I’m thinking of unsubscribing from
        birchbox too. I keep asking why I am subscribed to a box that only does samples. Surely does not cost that much for monthly samples and some aren’t even great. Love my BoxyCharm and FabFitFun. I’m thinking of maybe joining GlossyBox and just paying $10 extra a month for it instead of BirchBox.

    • I subbed to BoxyCharm in Oct. Subbed to Ipsy in Sept and after my first bag, I decided I wanted more than those tiny samples. So I joined BoxyCharm and am hooked! And I figure for $11 more a month to get the same amount of items, but FULL SIZED?? So much more for your money. And considering both the boxes I’ve received were valued way over $100, was definitely worth it!! I’ve been saying for 2 months I was going to cancel ipsy, but I haven’t brought myself to do it yet. I keep thinking “well maybe next month will be better”, and “its nice to get a makeup bag every month”, but in all reality, who actually switches makeup bags that often? I don’t need 50 makeup bags. So I think after the Dec bag, I’m really cancelling. I’m just hoping for a pretty sparkley red makeup bag for December. Lol!

      • That is actually the reason why I have never subscribed to ipsy: the makeup bags. It sounds trivial, but they will all end up in the landfill, and they have to be incorporating the cost of making those (materials as well as labor) into cost of the subscription.

    • I cancelled my ipsy for the LAST time. Kept getting only two or sometimes just one good thing and not even full size. Boxycharm is wayyyyy better.

    • I’m asking myself the same questions. I might stop ipsy and play and sub for this one.

  7. Liz:

    I am a new customer of Boxycharm. Will every box for December 2016 have the Pure Collection eye pallette? I am asking because I have seen some feedback on the web saying midstream the selection changes to may have for some of the boxes.

    Any help on this question would be deeply appreciated. Especially since I am looking at doing some gift subscriptions.



    • Usually there is one larger thing that everyone gets, despite other variation. Last month it was the palette, the month before the Luxie eye brush set. So I would assume everyone will get this palette.

    • FYI – I read on Boxycharm’s post on Instagram that every charmer will receive this palette when they posted their sneak peak.

    • Everyone will get this palette-while supplies last. So if you want it, I would snag it quick! If they run out, they send items leftover from months past.

  8. I subbed 11/18 and boxycharm said id get the November box mailed to me as my first box. But i see i am going to get charged Dec on 12/2 does that mean im getting Decembers box too and November or only one box? I am so confused

    • Did you get charged for Nov? If so, you will get this months box. They charge everyone on the 2nd of the month if your an established customer, so if you don’t want the Dec box, you need to cancel your sub before Nov 30th at I believe 6pm EST. If you were charged for this month already, you can cancel at any time and still receive the Nov box. Hope that helped. It can take up to 10 business days (excluding holidays) for your box to ship, and up to another 10 days for you to receive it. I started my sub on Oct 16th and didn’t receive my Oct box until Nov 1st so hang in there!

      • Cool thanks that helped.

  9. My November box is taking a leisurely trip across the country. It didn’t ship till last week and won’t arrive till Friday. It is a new subscription but I signed up first of the month so I don’t know why it’s so late. Hope this doesn’t happen all the time!

    • Mine too! I keep checking the tracking to see if they might surprise me tomorrow…here’s hoping! Good luck on yours…I’m dying to get that palette!

      • The palette is everything! I cannot stop using it (I happen to prefer cool tones). My shipping said one day but I got it 2 days befor that!

    • I subbed/18 and boxycharm said id get the November box mailed to me as my first box. But i see i am going to get charged Dec on 12/2 does that mean im getting Decembers box too and November or only one box? I am so confused

      • i meant 11/18 is when i subbed*

    • I paid for mine on the second. Didn’t get it until 24th. My roommate also paid for hers on the 2nd. She still hasn’t received hers. So annoying. Fingers crossed you get yours tomorrow

  10. Boxycharm was doing great the past months, but now that they’re being famous, they changed how they send their boxes. Before, EVERY subscriber will get the SAME contents. Now, they will say, “…you may have this” on their spoiler on ig. I think that is unfair to the people (I for one) who will get less amount compared to others who got the most. They should stick to the same boxes for EVERYBODY. Or they should have an option on the site where you can choose what product you want to receive like BIRCHBOX. I am close to canceling my subscription because i keep on receiving sample stuff while get the good stuff. SO NOT FAIR BOXYCHARM! Beware if you are planning on subscribing cuz they changed!!!

    • I so agree with you! A few people I know were subbed so I finally subscribed last month, and so far the last 2mo have been all variations except for the eye shadows. Its not fair and creates a lot of box envy because some people are valuing at $150+ while others are only topping out at $110-$120. We all pay the same amount for the subscription, but the last 2 months I’ve got variations that weren’t even in any spoilers. Its like I got the leftover crap they have just laying around. I think if they are going to have such widely valued boxes, those of us who get the lesser value should at least get an extra item or something to make it fair.

    • same here, i get iteams that are not even in any spoilers that i dont see any where else and i watch alot of boxyxharm unboxings, if i dont get a decent one in december im done lol

      • I’m right there with you girl. My first box which was Oct, I got cuticle oil, and this month I got a Luxie contour brush and brow gel. Like wtfff

    • I know!! I hate this!! Very unfair! I keep getting the leftover junk

    • I was pretty disappointed last month because I got many “variations” from those that the YouTubers got. I got a blush and highlighter that don’t work with my skin tone. It happened to me in October too, but I was happy I didn’t get the Temptu and got the Ofra highlighter and Cargo bronzer. I am ok with variation, but then they need to use customer information like skin tone, hair type, preferences like other boxes do.

  11. I have 11 sub boxes and the December/Winter boxes will determine the boxes that I keep in 2017. Looks like BoxyCharm has earned a place on the keep list.

  12. It is very similar to the palettes I already have. They make a wonderful box in general, though!!

  13. Awesome can not wait. BoxyCharm is the best!! I have dropped a few others but will keep BC because it is the best.. may be me but their products and colors are classic and very tasteful. Thank you BoxyCharm:)

  14. I’m exited!! I do own a pallet from Pure cosmetics and the quantity is amazing. Boxycharm’s pallets in Nov and Sep by studio makeup are high quality and I believe they have a curation process were they make sure the palette quality is up to part with prestige quality.
    Boxycharm 2016 is a complete upgrade from boxycharm 2015. Many great brands and the items are well curated. I’m not how can a beauty junky not get boxycharm. What else do you need in life?

  15. Uggg… just another Naked dupe that’s “valued” at $50. (I promise you this price is highly over-inflated). Getting so tired of these crappy dupes flooding the subscription box scene. I may leave myself out of next month’s Boxy, but sometimes just one item makes it worth it.

    In case you are thinking about getting this box subscription, I can tell you a little bit about it! Lately, I believe the boxes have been disappointing. However, I mean be biased because I am a huge makeup junkie. I love weird, bold colors and experimenting with new products. This box does a lot more of the second than the first. You will get new products from unknown brands and some well known brands and it’s so much fun to get to try new things at a pretty decent cost. However, lately, BOXY has been SUPER generic. I’ve been getting the same nude/brown/gold colored palettes since this summer and the same mauve lip color as well. It’s been getting old, but usually there’s one awesome skin/hair/other product that makes the 21 bucks an investment.

    If you are a makeup junkie, I do not recommend this box until you’ve seen the full box to make the decision yourself. Like if you have VIB Rouge Status, you are better off with Ipsy in my honest opinion. If you are just starting out and think the prices at makeup stores are intimating or if you only have drugstore makeup, this is a great box to really start loading up on some awesome products. In case you are getting this box with hopes of new makeup brushes, you can buy tons of cheap, high-quality sets from BHCosmetics or Amazon or AliExpress.

    I hope this helps anyone who is thinking about getting BOXY or a newbie reconsidering their subscription.

    • *may be biased

      Ooops sorry for the typo! 🙂

    • If you are a makeup junkie then I suggest Hautelook. It’s Nordstrom’s super sale site. I just got 2 Morphe Palettes for under 30$ and a Royale USA curling iron five piece set for 32$ (MSRP 419$). Right now they have Butter np for 8-10$ and Stila starting at 9.97-25$ at the most. They also have Alterna, Terra Nova, and Mirabella right now. Each sale is limited to supply and or a certain number if days. Whichever comes 1st. Hope this helps.

    • Yeah, what is up with these overinflated palette prices? I actually love the palette from last month, but it isn’t a $50 palette. There is no mirror and the cardboard packaging doesn’t even have a magnetic closure. The price on this palette is also nuts. No one is buying it for $50 when the Naked 3 is $54. I think they price them that high so they can say what a “good value” they are in boxes, and the brands can offer steep discounts on their own sites for a “good deal.”

  16. This seriously just made my whole day!! I just subscribed to boxy a few days ago…because who can pass up this month’s palette?? And then to see that there’s a whole nother palette for next month?!!? Definitely made it super easy to say bye-bye to Play!

    A friend of mine gave me a Naked3 palette a few months back…but it’s sadly a knock off and a struggle to get the colors to blend and stay put…so I’m hoping that this one is more pigmented and blendable, because I adore the colors!!

    Keep sending all of the palettes, boxy. All. Of. Them.

  17. The colors are pretty pale and run of the mill in my opinion. Palettes are great if you can do a whole look with them. This wouldn’t do it for me. Just because a company prices something at $50 doesn’t mean its worth it. I can get 2 UD palettes on clearance on their website for $50.

  18. I’m so torn, I love getting palettes and love this subs valuable but sometimes it would be nice to get something other than neutrals, I only own neutrals. I would love some autumn or winter colors. But again I can’t complain since having this sub I have gone and cut down on my make up purchasing and in the end saved money and found some products and brands I would norally never try.

    • I agree! I LOVE boxycharm but it would be nice to get some palettes that AREN’T neutral or nude colors! I like to have a little color! I have porcelain skin with blackberry colored hair, so neutral colors just down me out and make me look like I’m sick! Even if they just send a random color in a pan, we could add it to the z palette we got. I’d rather start getting more pans of colors than nude palettes with the same washed out colors. Oh well, someone’s getting this December palette for Christmas lol

  19. boxycharm is the reason i plan to go on a no buy for 2017. if they send a palette a month, lippie, face product, a tool and specialty item each month; I can forego spending money at my two temptation stores.

    • I totally agree with you

    • Wow!! No buy 2017….. i love it!!!!!!! Your idea just gave me a new years resolution! And my wallet thanks you lol ☺️ Yes!!!

    • I have a subscription to both boxycharm and ipsy. I ❤️ them both. I don’t like or use every product, but it’s so much fun to get a few surprises in the mail every month. I have also saved so much money. I had such an addiction to sephora. I would buy things I never used or needed just because they looked cool and were on sale. Now I only buy my cleansing pads from them and pass on all the other stuff. This is a much cheaper way to satisfy my addiction. My husband is much happier. Haha!

  20. I am way excited for another palette! Coming from somebody who cannot afford to spend $50 on 1 eye shadow palette, I will never be disappointed in receiving 1 in a $21 subscription box! This is amazing. Please keep it up BoxyCharm!!

    • Same!!

    • I got one in the FFF fall box from this brand. As someone who owns every UD naked palette, I think they’re decently comparable. 🙂 Definitely not a disappointment, IMO.

      • I got that one too, is this a different palette with different colors?

  21. I’m so excited. I want another palette!!!

  22. Can anyone tell if they do any deals on Black Friday??

    • I dont know wish I did ???:( lmk too

  23. geez I got so confused. I thought this was PÜR and got so excited. How is “pure”, are they any good??

    I’m a little overloaded on less-pigmented, not-blendable eyeshadow (though the ofra shadows boxy sent were amazing!)

    • I got a pure palette in my fab fit fun box and I wasn’t in love. I’ve become picky with palettes so this one just didn’t live up to expectations. When I swatched the colors they weren’t very pigmented.

    • I also got a Pure palette in the fall fab fit fun box. While the pure shadows don’t compare to Urban Decay, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. They’re smooth, blend well, and apply evenly. I’d say the pure shadows are on par with palettes I have from the Balm and Stila–higher quality than most drug store makeup. (Clearly I have too much makeup ?) Not sure if there is variation or quality control issues between palettes, though.

    • I am in love with the one I got in fabfitfun, I am pretty sure I use it almost everyday. They are very pigmented for me and blend super easy. Even if I pull out a different palette I use the brush (when I am adding some rose colors in). I live in the neutrals world though as far as makeup goes… so my opinion may differ from someone who likes to spice it up a bit more. Also, Ipsy had one of these similar type palettes for $18 and included greens and some blues!

  24. I can’t believe anyone would complain about a full sized eyeshadow palette. Its a $21 box and you get 5 full sized items! I am loving this subscription

  25. Does anyone know what kind of black Friday deal they have had in the past? It’s one of my favorite subs but I had to cut back bc of my funds lol

  26. Yay looks great=) would be great of they could have a blush palette and a concealer palette in the future=)

  27. I’m so excited!!!! I can’t ever have enough pallets. This is awesome – Boxycharm is my favourite sub!

  28. Eyeshadow pallettes are my favorite. I can never have enough. I really love these colors.

  29. I will never complain about getting a $50 palette in a $21 subscription box! Love getting new palettes to play with 🙂

  30. Omggg yessss I cannot waittt!!! Can never have enough palettes! ????

  31. I am loving all of the eyeshadow palettes in boxy charm. I’m hoping they will send a nice body Cream this month.

  32. Long story short: I got a bundle of Make up Geek highlighters. Planned to keep 2 for myself and give one (along with the cat makeup bags from FFF add ons) to my best friend for her birthday. But, I REALLY wanted that 3rd highlighter for myself. Now, that I see this, and I already have the Naked 3 (which this appears to be a dupe for) I can give this to her and keep the highlighter for myself and everyone’s happy:)

  33. At first I thought this was the same palette we got in FFF and was kinda bummed but now I see the subtle difference and think I will like this one even more then that one.

    • Was the one from FFF pigmented?

  34. The palette looks warm on their website but I found a YT video and the colors look cool. Pure Cosmetics has a Simply Matte Buff that is beautiful – that’s one I would really like.

  35. Oh, gee. I had the November palette ear-marked for my best friend for Christmas, but this one may be even more perfect. My mom would also like it, but I just bought a Tarte palette for her in the Sephora VIB sale. What a conundrum…

  36. I love boxycharm!!! Keep the palettes coming!! Thrilled to build up my pallete collection !

  37. ALL THE PALETTES!! I’m not even mad, I could have 1,000 different nude palettes and still want another one…

  38. I’m actually pretty palette’d out and the last few palettes I’ve gotten are going into stockings for the holidays. I just condensed my shadows into two large z palettes and I really don’t want another towering stack sitting precariously in my bathroom. -_-
    So this very well might be a pass for me depending on the rest of the box (and the variations.)

  39. I! I love these palettes! I have the natural one already so I’m excited to check out the buff one!

  40. Am I the only one that is paletted out? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE boxycharm but they have been sending eyeshadow palettes every month for like 4-5 months in a row! I keep it because the other products are more than worth it but this looks like a dupe for the naked3 and I have that one. I like choosing my own palettes and I’m now getting so many that I don’t have room for any that I want. Oh well… can’t wait to see what else is in there!!

    • I’m kinda there with you on palettes. At this point, I’d be happier with one that has several colors that I don’t already have. I’ve never tried this brands shadows and reviews seem pretty mixed. I’m not sure what I’ll do with Boxy for December yet. I’m hoping for another sneak peek before the end of Nov!

  41. I have been watching for this particular palette on eBay! If I sign up now will I get this box?

    • this is for December. You’d sign up Dec 1st for it.

    • If youignore up now you will get Nov and Dec box

    • You get whatever months box you sign up in. So if you order in November you get Novembers and December in Dec etc. That’s the thing I like you can order at any time, unlike most subscription boxes and your points never go away either. I just keep mine ongoing though because I love it so much

  42. I am a palette junkie so I am loving this! Keep ’em coming Boxy!!!

    • I feel the same way. One can never have too many palettes

  43. Oh, the palette gods are kind! I am loving the pinkish tones in this palette.

  44. Boxycharm always get me with this item I feel I can’t live without! Not fare, you’re taking advantage of my weakness?
    Just kidding I love you boxycharm

  45. I haven’t subbed to BoxyCharm yet. I’m going to hold out and hope for a Black Friday deal. I’ve been loving most all their boxes!

    • same!! i am waitjng for bf and hopefully score a good deal

  46. I am so excited! Those colors look beautiful! I have really fair skin and a lot of the colors they have been sending are too dark on me (I like a more natural makeup look)- this looks perfect!

  47. Yes!!! So excited!!!! Still waiting for this month!!!

  48. I love the palettes they’ve been sending out!! I LOVE that one from FFF, the colors are gorgeous. If only I didn’t have so many eyeshadows and palettes to use already, I’d re-sub to Boxycharm. It was my favorite sub

  49. I am excited! I love the Pure Cosmetics Nude pallet that I got in my fall FabFitFun!!

  50. I saw the post and my first thought was “I bet there’s a palette”. I’m clicking and… LOL

    • I thought the same thing!!! The should call this sub “Palette Charm” 🙂
      I’m not a fan of palettes and don’t use makeup much, I’ve been a subscriber for 6 months now and I don’t really need this but I can’t get myself to cancel because sometimes they send some cool skincare stuff.

      • I would get glossybox if I were you then. Boxycharm is makeup subcription so it would be a waste of money to stick around. Personally I am a makeup person and pretty particular about my skincare so I love all the eyeshadow palettes.

        • I was subscribed to Glossybox and cancelled because I was more disappointed than excited about what I receive. I subscribe to Beautyfix so that’s always a win for me. My lil sis takes all the makeup stuff from boxycharms so she’ll be thrilled about this one.

          • Karen, go ahead and deactivate your Boxycharm account. Wait until the full spoilers are up (could be December 15). Then decidec if you want that month. If yes, log in and reactivate. After they ship it out, deactivate again. That’s what I do. In 2016, the only Boxycharm boxes I got were January, June, and November – because I liked the full spoilers. This way you only get the boxes you really want.

          • Thanks Dea. I just might do that! 🙂

          • I didn’t know you could do that! I just subscribed to November because I like what’s in it, but was wondering if I could cancel as soon as it ships and then subscribe later with a possible black Friday code, would that work?

          • That’s what’s great about MSA, lots of good ideas. ??
            I’ll take Dea’s advise and save some ? when it’s too much makeup and not enough skin care

          • If you unsubscribe and then resub do you risk the chance of being wait listed again? I was thinking of unsubbing and then resubbing but I don’t want to be on the wait list again.

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