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POPSUGAR Must Have November 2016 Box – More Spoiler Hints!

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The November 2016 POPSUGAR Must Have box is on sale now! (If you sign up for a subscription, this should be your first box.)

And POPSUGAR has given us more hints on what to expect in the November 2016 box:

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“As we head into the Winter holiday season, the November Must Have box will be your entertaining survival kit with everything you need for dinner parties and family celebrations.”

Any guesses on the items? I’m very intrigued about the dinner parties item(s)!

Here is the one spoiler we have so far:


Stowaway Cosmetics Dawn To Dusk Palette – Value $25


This palette includes a mini brush with a blending brush on one side, and an angled brush on the other (great for using these shades as eyeliner as well.)


The light shade on the top left is matte, and can work as a highlighter, or base cover. All other shades have some amount of shimmer/sparkle. (The dark blue and brown shades read as matte, with a little sparkle, and the other shades are high shimmer, high pigment, metallics.)

Here are all the shades swatched:


This palette is paraben and cruelty-free, and it’s made to be the size of a credit card so it takes up as little space as possible in your purse/makeup bag, etc.


Here it is in my hand to give you a better sense of scale:


So tiny and cute!

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box. (Check out our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what has been in past boxes!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I received tracking last night. Feels so early! My box is listed as 2.5lbs out of Gilroy

    • Me too ! Hopefully that means Liz got hers early and will have spoilers soon ?

      • Fingers crossed. I LOVE spoilers and hope it’s a good box this month!

        Come on Liz, feed the addiction! I’m stalking more than normal cuz Fall boxes are my fav 🙂

  2. I just got my tracking number for my November box… Sooo early right. It’s my first regular box from them beside one mysterybox each time they had that deal. My month dropped opened when I could grab this box for 25 bucks as a birthday gift for MEeee. I know many have been getting these boxes for a year or more but not me. I have been sooo jealous. I will only get this one box and maybe the deal that they have on black friday(thanks to Liz and this site). I would totally get the mini if they filled the box up like they do the bigger one. They seem to be hearing the comments and added another item and thats great but the 2 main items need to be wow items… I love Popsugar… the ?.

  3. I really, really, for real do not want another set of cheap plastic wine glasses. I’ve had to force them onto two friends already.

    • I 100% agree!!! I received them in a box. Had a delay on my box before that and their sorry gift was those cheap wine glasses. So I received 2 of them within 2 weeks. I will never ever use them. So I regifted them. I’m really hoping it’s not more wine glasses. I’ll be so disappointed.

  4. Liz your the BOMB….

  5. So this past weekend my sister and I went to a cute boutique store in the area. They have clothes, jewelry, candles, and seasonal gifts. They had a rack of colored fur poms on key chains(different but the same style as the fall LE box), and one of the candles I received from a Must Have box last year.
    Thanks Popsugar for keeping me current on the trends, at a fraction of the cost of buying the items at retail price. And thanks Liz for your website. I never would have started buying the boxes if I had not read about them here first!

    • Agreed!! This site is fantastic for providing a gateway to this fun addiction!

  6. This looks like a great eyeshadow pallet! I’ll probably be swapping for another to give to my mom. We both have a makeup addiction. Thanks for the post Liz. 🙂

  7. I would love a set of whatever those champagne/wine glasses are that they are holding! They look gorgeous!

  8. Awesome, thank you so much for sharing. I love to see the hints so that I can guess what is in the box. My guesses are: 1. A game 2. A candle 3. Something related to wine 4. A clutch or piece of jewelry

  9. Sorry but how is this a post? There is no actual information here. It just seems like free advertising for popsugar, whom I will never buy again after they sent me 5 of the same mystery boxes. Ugh.

    • I always post when POPSUGAR releases any new theme hints or actual spoiler items (in this case, new theme hints). Hope that makes sense, but I appreciate the feedback!

    • Reach out to them. They’ll send you labels to send back the duplicates and will replace them with other boxes.

      • This is great to know they’ll replace the duplicate boxes, but I thought the all star boxes were sold out. I got two of the same boxes…all I ordered was 2.

        • You’ll likely get sent one of the many duplicates of other versions of boxes that others are sending back. They are also offering to send an extra item per duplicate box if you elect to just keep the duplicate box instead of exchanging it.

          • That’s exactly what they offered me, not sure it’s worth the hassle to send an entire box back….wonder what the “special item” is they will send for each box?

          • My special item for the duplicate box was a little vase. It was pretty lame, really. I’ll gift it with a candle or something. The mystery boxes weren’t a big WOW for me, but they were amazing, amazing deals, and I have lots of stuff to use for gifts this Christmas and birthday season!

      • Right! Thanks liz for posting. I loved my box and this November with my first ever box from them and for 25 is a steal. I am crazy about PopSugar.

      • They sent me labels for my duplicates and I sent back 2 or the 3 same. Only 1 box is being sent back. My Fed EX tracking only shows 1 box being shipped (1.7 lbs out of Watsonville, CA)

    • Well, it’s not free advertising, it’s affiliate advertising, which Liz discloses right at the top of every post. I appreciate this type of post, especially about Popsugar who sends out roughly 427 emails a day. Since I know I’ll find the information here on the blog, I send the email spoilers straight to my archive folder in gmail.

      I looooove me some Popsugar, but sometimes their “spoilers” are just lists of random words that inexplicably aren’t even all the same part of speech. But I appreciate that Liz posts whatever they give us so that I can scratch my head over whether “elegant” means we’re getting a set of champagne glasses or a bedazzled toothbrush without cluttering up my inbox. 😉

      • LMAO @ ‘bedazzled toothbrush’. Now, I want one.

    • I like Liz’s post. I haven’t subscribed to Popsugar before, or bought any of their mystery boxes, but I like to watch too see what catches my interest. I haven’t found a box yet that works for me but this eye shadow palette has me interested. I’m more into beauty products than I am lifestyle items so hopefully this might be a box that I might like. I also don’t think it’s fair that you bought 5 boxes that they said they would try to not duplicate and your mad because they couldn’t make that happen. There was no guarantee, and from what I read the company was still nice enough to let you send the dupes back for new ones. I think they went way beyond exceeding your expectations and your still complaining. You chose to buy five boxes knowing you had the chance of getting dupes don’t blame them.

      • It sounds like she is really upset with Popsugar & taking it out on Liz. Geez. Although there is no spoiler, the hints are still fun and leave us guessing. I love to come on here to read the comments & see what others think. If you’re mad at Popsugar, keep scrolling.

        • Yeah, I agree I think her anger was misdirected. I watch all of these spoilers to see if they have something I want. I would be disappointed if Liz quit doing them because of somebody mad at Popsugar. I think she should not only apologize to Liz, but she should also take responsibility for her mistake. She bought five boxes knowing it was a gamble she didn’t get what she wanted so now it’s everybody else’s fault. I remember looking at the previews for these mystery boxes they said they would try to not send dupes. Then they go out of their way to let people with dupes send the boxes back for exchange. I’m really impressed that they are trying to make everyone happy. If they ever have a box that fits me I will order from them for sure. I wish they would do like wantable and have different types of boxes I’m just not interested in lifestyle items. Games, postcards, unmatching glasses and dishes to my stuff just doesn’t fit me. I did like that cute necklace, but I knew my odds of getting it would be slim so I didn’t waste my time.

        • Amen. The last boxes had a ton of the same items in every box. There are so many things you can do here as well. Deal with sending back get EXTRA GIFTS on top of getting nice stuff in those boxes. You can swap, sell, or even give as gifts for Christmas or Birthdays. And after all everyone that ordered lots of boxes had to know that they would get alot of the same items no matter what.

    • that’s hilarious lol

    • I am in the same place as you for the Mystery boxes. I was excited to open up the boxes when they arrived and was extremely disappointed when I discovered they sent me 3 of the exact same box. Who needs 3 Bingo games I ask?

      • I did reach out to them as many suggested. You are all correct. They contacted me with in a few hours and provided me with options. I loved the customer service I received.

    • Email their a Customer Service and discuss your dissatisfaction. They offered to send me refund labels or receive extra products they chose. They were extremely nice – I was sooooo disappointed and mad too. The company replied within hours.

  10. I find myself less and less excited about the spoilers every month. Maybe it’s time to take a break.
    But, if they have the same Black Friday deal they did last year, I know I won’t be able to resist.

    • What was the Black Friday deal??? Thanks!

    • Yes what was the Black Friday deal? It’d be great to figure out what subscription boxes will be offering Black Friday deals to prepare my bank account for some heavy hits haha.

    • Yeah same here! I got the email where they same something but aren’t really saying anything lol. I’m such a addict, I get the email 3 times to my different email accounts ?
      Every 6 months, Popsugar has a 6 month deal where they take like $75 off so each box averages $25- $27 each but you have to pay for all of the 6 months upfront. It’s definitely worth saving up for, but I also see them selling past boxes that haven’t sold out for about the same now.

      • Ooooh, that sounds awesome! I hope they do that again this year! Thank you, Queen Khaleesi 😉

      • I have heard several comments about Black Friday deals! If I subscribe to MSAill I being seeing/receiving the deals? Or are their other sites I should subscribe to?

        • We’ll be posting all the black friday subscription box deals! Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive offers, too! 🙂

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