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Hanee21 Box Subscription Review + Coupon – October 2016

Haley Faye
ByHaley FayeOct 15, 2016 | 20 comments


Hanee21 Box
3.7 overall rating
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Hanee21 Box is a monthly styling subscription that sends exclusive and boutique clothing and accessories to your door. When you sign up you fill out a short and simple preferences survey to indicate your style, color preferences, size, and your desired subscription plan.

Then, they send you 4 items (clothing and accessories) to keep! But if you don’t love them, you can email them for a return label and send it back – HOWEVER (!) they have stated that they do NOT offer refunds for returned items. This is weird and confusing to me; I feel like the right thing for them to do if they don’t want to offer refunds is to just say that they don’t offer returns. I just don’t know why anyone would actually return anything and it seems odd they’d try to encourage you to “easily return anything you don’t like.”

Since my products were chosen for me based off of my personal style profile and preferences, my package will probably look different than others’.


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Hanee21 Box

The Cost: $39/month and free shipping, with discounts available for longer-term subscription commitments.

COUPON: Use code FREE21 to receive a bonus gift and 5% off any subscription!

The Products: 2 clothing items and 2 accessories each month. The types of items they send include shirts, blouses, outerwear, skirts, shorts, dresses, scarves, hair accessories, jewelry, and bags.

Ships to: US

Check out the Women’s Clothing Subscription Directory and make sure to add Hanee21 Box to your subscription list or wishlist!


FYI – My package came with a little promotional card, but it didn’t detail any of my items or packing slip. 


Tassel Bracelet – Value $14.99?

This is a very pretty bracelet, though more bohemian than I usually wear. I like the combination of different shapes and materials of beads. There was no tag or brand attached to this so I really am guessing on the value/price point.



Wire Ball Pendant Necklace – Value $14.99?

I prefer silver, simple, classic jewelry so this necklace is more up my alley than the bracelet. However, it’s very short.


The pendant is really interesting, though. I have some necklace extenders I think would make this necklace perfect.


USA Pride Tee – Value $17?

I’m not generally one to wear explicitly patriotic items, especially on any day that doesn’t involve a 4th of July BBQ, so I found this an odd inclusion for this time of year. I love a perfect tee, but this one is more of a generic unisex fit and the sleeves look huge on my arms. I like how the design is (somewhat ironically) in black and white, and I could see myself altering it a bit (like cutting off the sleeves and ribbed neckline) to make it a sort of edgy, more flattering summer tank.


Gilli Panel Dress – Value $40?

I love the brand Gilli so I was super excited to see it in here! However, I wasn’t able to model this dress for you because I’m really not sure how… It’s super sheer, and I just don’t think I have the right slip for it. So, the front (shown here) looks like a casual tank dress.


Here’s a close up of the front/neck. You can see the back has some interesting detail.


The back actually has this really interesting, twisty, panel detailing.


The fact that this is so sheer and paired with a summer tee shirt makes me wonder if this is supposed to be a sort of swimwear cover-up? That’s definitely how I’ll be using it (next year)!

Verdict: This is my first delivery from Hanee21 Box and I actually am pleased with it, but mainly because I think I’ll alter the tee and use the dress(?) as a cover-up (that may be its intended purpose anyway). Unfortunately, this delivery is so summery that I’m bummed to keep the clothing just to pack them away until next year. The jewelry is pretty, though, and I’ve already tried the bracelet with a few different outfits I’ve worn – it’s out of my fashion comfort zone but it’s been kinda fun.

However, I have to say that a red flag was raised for me when we reached out to customer service to clarify the return process and options, and they specified that “Yes, it’s simple and easy to return items… but you get NO REFUNDS for them.” (They also do not offer exchanges, which is more understandable based on the nature of their model/inventory.) To me, this just sounds like any returns end up in some kind of black hole and there’s zero resolution for the subscriber. I think that if they don’t want to offer any kind of refunds for returns, the right thing to do would be to simply state that they don’t offer/allow returns instead of saying “it’s easy and free to return any items.” I felt it was really important to address this clearly for readers.

As far as value goes, it was difficult to really nail down an approximate value, but I don’t think I got any less than $70 of items at the very least, and my approximations put it more around $86ish. For $39 cost, I’m happy with that.

What do you think about Hanee21 Box?

"HANEE21 Box offers All Exclusive & Boutique style clothing and accessories designed to help you look and feel your very best, delivered to your door monthly as low as $35 a month with free shipping. The Perfect Style Box Subscription will include 2 pieces of clothing plus a gift."
Haley Faye
Haley Faye
Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

Haley Faye
Haley Faye
Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.
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This subscription has come a long way, ok no refunds, but that is typical of a sub box, check out their sight, and you will be surprised, I got a butiful green dress and a kimono, and bobbles, well worth the 35.00$ the other review are old, I think they took some time to get it right!! The did I say give them a shot!!


it concerns me there is no tags on any of the clothing items – is hanee21 even an authorized retailer of these “brands”? i say “brands” because the necklace only says “fashion jewelry” which means they sell them in large batches to big inventory stores like wal-mart.

this review is far too nice – i’m wondering what it takes to receive a negative review.


Did AliExpress start a sub box? Seriously, this all looks like closeout/irregular stuff. There’s no way this is worth $40, let alone $70. “Exclusive and boutique?” Nothing says “boutique” like a sweatshop-made men’s t-shirt with a generic and poorly-conceived “patriotic” design, unless there’s a lesser known meaning of “boutique” that amounts to “dead stock sitting around a Chinese warehouse.”

The “free return with no refund or credit” is nonsensical and speaks volumes about the reputability of this company/subscription. The text on the website is full of common EOL errors, as are the 6 poorly-written 5 star reviews on CrateJoy proclaiming this “the best” clothing sub box.


I noticed all of those reviews are from 2 months ago. Is that when Hanee21 launched?


Isn’t not offering any kind of refund a violation of some FTC rule?


It’s sorta reminds me of peachesandpetals box or the people behide that box. I can’t believe they would send this for 40 dollars. You can buy a PopSugar box for that. This is craziness.


Seriously, can you even imagine the fallout if an October PSMH box included only cheapie costume jewelry, a knockoff 4th of July men’s tee shirt and an odd summer dress with twisty details right on the fanny?! I get it, they can’t all be PSMH for the price.. but just no. And free returns if you want you spend $40 a month for nothing, I guess!


Wow. What a mess. I think this review is very kind-hearted and generous. This is out of season junk. The necklace looks really cheap to me, something you’d buy on ali for 99c. I’m not just trying to be rude, it really does look that cheap and poorly made in the photo. A men’s T shirt. I’m assuming it was a closeout somewhere because it makes no sense to reference pride in the colors, then print in cheap black on a cheap white shirt. I don’t get it, it’s not ironic, it’s cheaping out to make a buck. The “give it back for free” policy (I refuse to even call it a return policy) is the clincher. Not even a credit toward your next shipment? Nothing? Bizarre.


“It’s simple and easy to return”

AKA: please return so we can pawn that item of on someone else later. You get nothing and we save money on not having to buy new inventory.


That bracelet was the only thing that I thought was cute (IMO) everything else not so much.


I personally think it’s weird that they sent out a Patriotic shirt because some people may not be as patriotic as others plus it’s just the wrong season for it.


This doesn’t tempt me at all. The items seem completely random and very out of season. I think you were very generous in your valuation of the items you received. The t-shirt is inexplicable and the dress (?) isn’t useable for most of the year. The “return” policy is nonsense. You’d be better off donating unwanted items to charity and taking a tax deduction vs sending them back for nothing.


Love the jewelry pieces, the shirt is ok maybe for lounging around the house. For $39, I wouldn’t sign up for it. Just kind of weird policy for returns. “Easy return” yet no refund. If you return all the items and don’t get refund, where did your money go then? Hmm I don’t know but it sounded like a scam.


Oh my goodness that t-shirt hahaha. I mean, if they were going to throw in a “festive” type shirt, it should have been a Halloween one.


This box seems really sketchy. The items were out of season and random and the “return policy” is bizarre. It’s like the people had a whole bunch of leftover stock/clearence items and threw it together. Pass.


So…if you return something they offer no refund OR exchange? That makes zero sense and frankly seems like an illegal business practice. Not to mention a giant men’s tee in a women’s fashion sub is bizarre. I feel like this one won’t be around long.


Indeed that is illegal unless they state clearly, up front, that they do not accept returns for refund or exchange (federal attorney and judge here). This sounds like an operation being run out of someone’s garage using lots bought on AliExpress and eBay. I will all but guarantee they aren’t authorized brand resellers. Let’s call this what it is: a flaming box of crap. And pricey crap at that considering how little they sent and the laughable quality. there’s nothing impressive at all about this ragtag box of leftovers.


I saw this on Cratejoy, and it just seemed really cheap, and aimed toward very young girls. This box was definitely very random


What a mess. Thanks for an honest review!


Similar items can be bought for less than $10 each at the stores right now. Even good-quality dresses are clearanced down. Miss for me.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.