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GlobeIn Club November 2016 Box Spoilers

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We have spoilers for the November 2016 GlobeIn Club box!

The Subscription Box: GlobeIn Club

The Cost: $10

The Products:”GlobeIn Club members will receive one artisan product (it can be anything from a mug to jewelry to home decor products) each month. In addition members can add more fair trade products to their monthly package (the “empowerment pack”) at exclusive, members-only prices.”

Members who join before October 31st will receive their first package by mid-November.

And, here is what will be in the November GlobeIn Club subscription box:

fabricorganizer5_1024x1024 img_1677

Hanging Wall Organizer, Peru (Retail $30).

Offer some reprieve to that over-flowing drawer, or cluttered counter top. Fill with kitchen gadgets, gardening tools, toiletries, or office supplies.


img_1681r img_9347

Artisan Story:

In the Sacred Valley of the Peruvian Andes, the village of Wanchaq receives a steady stream of tourists, yet disabled residents of the region find themselves cut off from this line of income, and from society in general.

Unable to use his feet, artisan Freddy Flores sews with one hand and moves the sewing machine pedal with the other. Freddy is a member of ASWAN, an organization dedicated to promoting education, entrepreneurship, and social integration among the disabled of the region. Membership allows Freddy and his fellow artisans the opportunity to exchange ideas and to teach each other new skills.

In the future, ASWAN envisions establishing a rehabilitation center for disabled persons, which would be the first of its kind in the country.

What do you think of the spoiler for the November GlobeIn Club subscription box?

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  1. Does anyone know what the club add ons for November are?

  2. I cancelled my full box when the price went up and missed this item. I am really glad to be getting it now. I understand the frustration of signing up thinking you would be getting all new items and then getting repeats. At least we all know now that repeats are likely and can cancel if that isn’t something that we’re open to.

  3. Hi all,

    Liza here from GlobeIn.

    To clear things up: as any other GlobeIn product the GlobeIn Club subscription was created to further our mission of giving remote artisans access to the global marketplace. With Club’s $10 price we were hoping to give more people access to handmade, fairly traded products.

    As I mentioned before we will be happy to cancel or provide a refund to anyone who doesn’t want repeat products. As much as we cherish every product that artisans make we don’t want anybody to receive something they don’t want or need. (We are not able to allow skips with the Club though.)

    We were indeed planning on featuring new products in the Club subscription but the demand for it quickly outpaced the amount of products we could source. Our goal is to provide the best value to all our customers and we believe that our Club offerings have done that.

    We always take customer feedback into account so I appreciate all the comments we received so far!

  4. I’m confused at to why I was charged on September 9th and then again on October 9th and I only received 1 box in October. I also must say I agree with the sentiments of the others…I feel deceived as they promised new and exciting and now for the second month a leftover.

  5. I don’t sub to any other Globein boxes so all of the club items are new to me. I like this organizer and will use it in my closet.

  6. I have only purchased a few Globein boxes and this item was not in the ones I purchased. Thank goodness. This is definitely taste specific and it is not my taste. Well, two Starbucks would equal $10 so I will gift it if I know anyone who would like it. Sorry for the negative comments must be having a bad day.

  7. As a club subscriber that doesn’t subscribe to any of their other boxes I’m thrilled with this option.
    I know last month they were letting people that weren’t happy with repeats to cancel.

  8. This is gorgeous, and I am definitely going to snag this for $10.

  9. It disappoints me to say I agree with the other comments. I jumped at this new box since I’ve loved my other GlobeIn subscription (and shop orders) so far and based on the comments on the original announcement that there “may” be some repeats but also new offerings including in the first month. Then before they shipped the first month they changed it to be a previous product and I gave them the benefit of the doubt since it’s a new subscription and maybe timing didn’t pan out as expected. But the second month is another item I already have too?? I signed up for a full year on the hope that although there may be “some” repeats overall it would be another great box with new offerings. So far all I will have is duplicates of products I already own…

  10. Only because I see this trend happening now with PSMH – are these companies SAYING their mini boxes will not be repeats of larger box items? I see a lot of people getting angry about it, but to me, if I could sign up for the full box, I would. I think the smaller boxes allow people to enjoy the benefits of the boxes, while not having to pay for the full box. I am just not sure why one would subscribe to both a mini and a full box from one subscription company unless of course they made the claim that there would be no repeats.

    • In a comment on the original annoucement on this website for the launch of the new Club subscription, someone from GlobeIn said that they would try their best to not do repeats, but they could make any promises YET. However, they said the first month would be a brand new item that would be exciting. Then a little while later, they expressed their regret but they had to change the first month to a repeat item. I was more than willing to overlook that and assumed they would try to make up for it in the second month or maybe push the “new item” that was supposed to in the first month to the second month? I was also still thinking that if I got a “few” repeats in my year subscription, I could still live with it. Now it just seems like this is just going to be a subscription of repeats for those who are not signed up for the other ones or maybe don’t want to pay as much. That is understandable and great, but I wish they would have communicated that clearer UP FRONT instead of making it seem like it would be mostly new items. They do also have a Benefit basket subscription that has one item plus a basket every month and those do not typically repeat with the full Artisan box so it’s not a stretch to assume a “mini” box from this company wouldn’t be new items….

    • The way Globein framed it, it sounded like the Club box would be in the same spirit of the Benefit box in which the one item compliments the larger Artisan box but is only available to Club box subscribers. That’s why some people who already subscribe to the Artisan and/or Benefit box signed up for it. Globein said there may be some repeats of items in previous Artisan boxes but that most of the items in the Club box would be new items. But in the two months since the Club box has been offered, the items are things that were in previous Artisan boxes. I think the majority of comments are from people who have been long-time subscribers of the Artisan box and are understandingly upset that they are receiving duplicates of items they already own. But I do agree that the Club box is a good option for newer Globein subscribers who don’t or can’t pay the full price of the Artisan box.

    • The way Globein framed it, it sounded like the Club box would be in the same spirit of the Benefit box where the one item compliments the larger Artisan box but would only be available to Club box subscribers. So it’s not a mini box in the sense that people who subscribe to it are simply receiving fewer of the same items that people who subscribe to the Artisan box get. The Club and Box subscriptions are more like additional items. That’s why people who already subscribe to the Artisan and/or Benefit boxes signed up for the Club box too. Globein said that there may be some repeats from previous boxes, but so far their first two shipments have been repeats. I think most of the comments are from people who are long time subscribers of the Artisan box and are upset that they are receiving duplicates of items they already own.

    • Oops – sorry about the somewhat double post. I didn’t think the first comment went through.

  11. I’m not happy with this either,If it’s going to be a repeat I wish it was the mug.

  12. WOW, am I glad I waited to sign up. I don’t sub to any other GlobeIn plans so I figure $10 is an awesome way to get even ONE fair trade item (after all this box is about giving back). They promised there wouldn’t be any repeats for people who got their other boxes. This is starting to look like the $10 leftover box that was created to get rid of their old inventory – so fair trade or not, overstock in business is no bueno – which is fine, just be upfront about it. Don’t blatantly lie to people saying there will be new items when your first two boxes are repeat items.

    • I agree, it looks like leftovers! If it were the mugs or the glasses though, I’d totally sign up! I’m disappointed in the October gather box, but I know everyone else likes it. I wish the glasses from the benefit box were in the artisan box.

  13. This is about 30″ long from the pics? Wondering if it would fit on the back of a car seat.

  14. I just emailed them to skip this upcoming month. I agree. I never received the box in September and when I got my October box yesterday I was disappointed to see it was something from when I subscribed to the larger box. Don’t get me wrong… I’m really hoping for one of the upcycled totes or the water glasses to be popped in if they are going to repeat…

    I’m going to hold out another month or two after to see if they are going to provide new items or just provide old items.

    • Are they letting you skip a month? I actually already have 2 of these hanging organizers from previous boxes and don’t really need another….if I could skip a month it would make me a bit happier.

      • I emailed them to request it but haven’t gotten a response yet. The bottom of their website says to email to skip or cancel. So… we’ll see.

      • I emailed them too, and just got a response. You can skip a month with the Artisan Box, but not with the Club. They offered to cancel the subscription instead. I asked CS if I could expect more repeats of Artisan Box products…haven’t heard back on that one yet.

        • Thanks for the info Tonya. Can you please post another update when you get a response about future repeats? I’d hate to cancel my whole subscription if they really plan on making changes and offering new items too. I just wish it was more clearly explained on what the intent of this box was going to be…

          • Here’s what I heard:

            “The Club products won’t duplicate Artisan Box products in the same month, but you might see an Artisan Box product featured in the Club from time to time.”

            I’m not sure how often “time to time” is, but so far it’s been twice in two months, so I opted to cancel my Club subscription. The Club is definitely a great deal if you don’t already get the Artisan Box, but it’s turning out to be not what I expected (or, at least in my opinion, what GlobeIn initially promised).

  15. Not happy with this as I already received one in my artisan box. This is the second month that is a repeat of items already available and/or received.

    • I was worried that might happen so I haven’t signed up for it yet. I hope they break this trend soon.

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