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Exclusive FabFitFun Winter 2016 Box Spoiler + COUPON!

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FabFitFun is sharing the first spoiler for the Winter 2016 FabFitFun box exclusively with My Subscription Addiction readers! Each box will include:


A D.L. & Co Candle in Bergamot Woods or Blackberry Nectar ($45 Value)

What do you think of the spoiler? Which fragrance of the candle do you want? (Make sure to sign up for an annual subscription if you want to select your candle variant!)

IMPORTANT! The Winter 2016 FabFitFun Boxes are almost sold out so if you want to make sure you get a Winter box, make sure to subscribe ASAP!

Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter).

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect from this quarterly subscription box.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (91)

  1. Anyone have the complete fall box or the box without the colored pencils and book or almost all of it including pallet, scarf tumbler willing to sell??!!!!!!! I also am looking for the complete welcome box too please. Crosses fingers!!!

    • I think if you sigh up now you get the editor’s box which includes the scarf, palette, mug , colouring book and other items. You can always double check with them 🙂

      • You are not for sure getting the eyeshadow though 🙁

  2. I would like to know approximately when we will be receiving our winter box? Does anyone know their schedule….for each of the four they send out?

    • Per the FabFitFun Forum:




      Spring Season Begins Feb. 22
      Spring Box Billing Mar. 7 – Priority Billing
      Mar. 10 – Regular Billing
      Summer Season Begins May 23
      Summer Box Billing June 8 – Priority Billing
      June 15 – Regular Billing
      Fall Season Begins Aug. 22
      Fall Box Billing** Sep 5 – Priority Billing*
      Sep 12 – Regular Billing
      Winter Season Begins Oct. 8
      Winter Box Billing Nov. 21- Priority Billing*
      Dec. 1 – Regular Billing
      Spring 2017 Begins February/March
      Spring 2017 Billing March

      When will I get my box? Boxes will ship within 7-10 business days of billing. New members who sign up before boxes start shipping will be shipped on the Priority Date.

      • I bought and paid the $179.00 for the year to get every season box. But I haven’t gotten an email yet asking me what I want as my choices since I’m a subscriber like I was able to pick out which scarf and cup I wanted but haven’t sent anything for the winter box.

    • My FabFitFun Winter 2016 Box (2B) (Gold Candle, Gold Necklace, Green Notebook was shipped out yesterday from Downey, CA. I will expect delivery from FEDEX on Thursday 12/01/2016 and I’m in San Jose, CA.

  3. When I go to order my box it says editors box 1st edition. Is that the winter box? I assume they are sold out already hey?


    • The full contents have not yet been revealed. Only the candle has been released as an early spoiler.

      • I do not have burning candles in my home, do the battery operated ones Please!

      • If you can’t burn it, you could get one of those wax warmers…it basically looks like a cup warmer, but it’s for candles. It’ll melt the wax and smell nice, but then you don’t actually have to have a lit flame burning in the candle.

  5. I want this box , but I looked at the cancellation policy and it looks like a pain to cancel if I’m not happy with the box or my budget doesn’t allow it for some unexpected reason .Has anyone cancelled this box or had problems with customer service? I’m only asking because this is a pricey box for me , I’m not saying it’s not worth it , just sometimes my budget allows for these boxes and sometimes it doesn’t.

    • I sometimes cancel right after ordering a seasonal box because I don’t want to automatically get the next box without seeing spoilers. It has never been a problem for me to reactivate and the customer service for FFF are the best! Super helpful over phone/email/chat. Only problem with this winter box is it is almost sold out with only one spoiler out, so it is a gamble.

    • This will be my first box with them. I am doing what others do and I just cancelled my subscription. It reiterated that I will still receive the winter box, I will just no longer be billed for future boxes. I also received a confirmation email showing I had cancelled, and my winter box is still listed as an order on my account! I say go for it!

    • I actually cancelled a few boxes back, and it was such a pain. First they tried to say i hadn’t cancelled despite my having an email confirmation of it. So they billed me, and after fighting with them and sending my email as proof, they refunded me and cancelled it again. Then, a couple days later, i got ANOTHER email saying i’d been billed for the next box. Went back into my account, it still showed cancelled, and i had to contact them again and get refunded again. I should add that i cancelled right after the box i’d ordered had shipped, so it wasn’t that i’d cancelled too late. A couple boxes have tempted me since then, but i just can’t deal with that silliness again. lol

    • Yes i have. I cancelles after the summer box bc i was disappointed with it. Then i wasnt too impressed with fall so passed on that one. Im kind of regret it bc of how great everyone says the blanket scarf is but oh well.
      Anyway- cancelling was easy and no extra charges or weird timeline rules.
      When they announced the new welcome box i resubscribed bc that one sounded good. Then i had to email them bc it didnt give me an option to use my msa discount code. They emailed me back and said that i had the discount and i did! So that was good.
      But now its 10/18 and i still havent gotten the welcome box. So i just emailed again to see when i would get a box and which box it will be.
      If winter box doesnt sound good to u i wouldnt hesitate to cancel. I would reconsidering cancelling the box if they start doing a waitlist like sephora. Been waiting for months 🙁 and i was a victim of that false alarm email where they opened subscriptions for like an hour and then closed them again ?

      • Someone pointed out that the blanket scarf is in the “dollar” section at Target for $7. I went tonight and there were plenty there. They were really nice.

      • You know what? I was at target today and i do recall seeing a blanket in the dollar section. I bet that was the blanket scarf i just thought it was a throw blanket. Hmmm….might be headed back to target tmr…

      • It was similar but the scarf in the box was by mod cloth which I haven’t seen at target. You can always find a cheaper knockoff if you look.

    • Just a tip: I couldn’t afford a box one quarter and wasn’t a fan of the spoilers, so I emailed them and they allowed me to skip without cancelling. I was never charged for that quarter and had no issues getting the next box on schedule. Their customer service is great.

      • Oh that is good to know. Thank ?☺️

      • Such an awesome tip!!

    • You can Cancel pretty easy on their website.

  6. The Winter 2016 Box will be my first box as an Annual member. Does anyone know when they typically open up the customization and add-on options to annual members? The box ships in December so my guess is early November we would get to choose? Any pointers on how this works would be helpful. Thanks!!

  7. I would like to see earrings or the new long necklaces. Maybe a really cute calendar or organizer for 2017.

    • Yes kendra scott earrings are wishful thinking but that would be amazing. I would like an activity monitoring device. Even just one that counts steps would be cool in fff box. Also I think a nice hand soap or moisturizing expensive body wash would be good for winter box and different than same old body scrub sub boxes always have.

  8. Has anyone noticed that the “35 dollar modcloth blanket scarf” is at target for 7 dollars in the exact same patterns? Im kinda bummed

    • Its the exact same just different brand?

      • Yes

      • I do not see it on the Target website. What brand is it? I also do not see $7 🙁

      • Not sure if it is available online or not, but I found mine yesterday in the “dollar section” at the front of the store.

    • Can you link the one you’re seeing? I saw some on display in the store, but they were 19.99 and were more long/skinny (like 75″ x 30″, compared to 55″ square like the ModCloth one). Plus, the Target designs were close (especially with the blue/green), but the black/white and red/tan were really bad… meaning the colors were off in comparison to the ModCloth ones.

      Lastly, the Target ones I saw also left fuzzies all over my black work pants just from brushing against them in the store, which my ModCloth one hasn’t done (yet).

      If you’re seeing a huge Target blanket scarf for $7 or the ones that I saw for 19.99 a couple weeks ago are on sale now, I’m interested in seeing them! But I probably still wouldn’t buy them because of the issues I just mentioned! I mean, they’re both acrylic but the shedding was really annoying!

      • My modcloth one sheds too though. I didnt buy the target one but they are the same. I wish i could put a picture in here. I took a pic. Ill look for the link

      • It waa in the dollar spot at the front where they have the stuff ranging from 1 to ten dollars. I tried looking it up and couldnt find it

      • Well, this is actually fine with me because there were what, 11 items in the Fall box and I paid $39.95 for it… plus I got the fruit infuser water bottle included in that price, so I got 12 items for that price. I’m not going to count the deodorant and wipes in that since they were “sponsored” so that’s $4.00 x 10 items for me, plus free deodorant and wipes.

        I finally just decided last week that I will do the Winter box, but I also used a $10 code again to take it down to $39.95 again. If it’s a bust, I’m only committed for the one month and can cancel again.

        At the end of the day, you decide what something is worth to you. “Retail Value” is often not that – I wouldn’t pay anything near what some of these companies say some of their things are worth… that’s why I choose to get them in a box that is $40 for “$240 worth” of items, so see what they’re all about, right?

    • Yes, I saw it in the Dollar Spot area, too. 🙁

      • I bought the same pattern and size blanket scarf as the tan/red one last year at Five Below for $5. Love that scarf. Used it for plane travel this past weekend.

      • They must not have them at my target then. Only the plaid scarfs listed online (none in dollar section).

  9. Perfect winter spoiler because if candles aren’t your thing it’s perfect for a hostess gift, holiday gift exchange etc. Their fall box was easily one of my favorite boxes ever, so I’m hoping winter lives up to it. I’m excited for add-ons, too. I did them for the first time with the fall box and it made it even more amazing.

  10. Do you all think it’s worth doing the annual subscription so you can choose what you want? I know it saves a bit of money too, but it’s a big chunk of money to pay at once. So, I can’t decide. I do want the blackberry nectar candle though.

    • You can always just swap for it. I’m sure there will be lots of people who want to switch theirs with yours.

  11. I’m excited for this box!

  12. Wait. A candle is worth $45?

    • I know!!! I can’t wait.

  13. I’m new to fabfitfun! I finally got the fall box and I loved it all. It’s my favorite box that I’ve tried. I look forward to winter.
    I hope they put out a winter welcome box or a holiday special box.
    The spongell product was so amazing and I loved the skin laundry too. I don’t know it all blew my mind!

  14. Do they auto renew???

  15. I hope that I get Blackberry, bergamont gives me Migraines, but I don’t want to sign up for annual subscription.

  16. I love candles and this is perfect for a fall/winter day. FFF boxes are the best!
    I’m excited when MSA gets exclusive spoilers just for us! Wohoo

  17. Not sure if I’m allowed to say this here, but for those who are in NYC area, DL & Co is having their sample sale this till 10/16. You might want to check it out if you like their products.

  18. I LOVE BERGAMOT!! That being said, I will probably pick whichever one is the silver one.

  19. FFF is one of my all time favorite subscriptions and they somehow just keep getting better. I’ve purchased an add-on item with every box, since they launched that option, and have been so pleased with everything. I hope they offer the Skin Laundry serum as an add-on this quarter, it’s one of the best serums I’ve ever used. I’m 42 and was starting to see some wrinkles on my forehead, plus I have fine lines under my eyes. I’ve only been using the serum for 2 weeks (every night) and my forehead is smoothing out and fine lines are less visible. Plus I wake up and my skin is clear and moisturized. Opening this subscription box always feels like a treat!

    • I have a couple bottles that I cannot use. Are you on swap? Or I’m willing to sell them to you at a discount. Let me know!

      • Jessica did you get my reply. I would love to swap you. Do you like nail polish?

      • What is this “swap” everyone is referring to? I am interested as sometimes there are things I don’t like or need….

  20. My favorite sub box! I’m getting rid of most of my subs as I have enough samples. Mascara and eyeliners everywhere! But this is the best box and worth the price! Cannot wait for more spoilers. I am an annual subscriber so I get to choose things as well. If you don’t do that, I highly suggest it. You will enjoy your box even more!

  21. Does this mean Zoe will take note and finally release their hero?

    Meanwhile, that spoiler got be to sign back up for FFF. Dagnabit. I’ve let Popsugar go, but that candle just blows my 30+ year old skirt right up.

    • hahaha! Made my afternoon

    • I think I might have to steal this expression Lindsay. You seriously have me ROFL here at work.

  22. Love this spoiler ! I decided to order the winter when Liz posted that they were almost sold out and I’m happy I did. I can’t wait to see the rest of the spoilers !

    • Lol Liz’s post about the sell out also hooked me!! Although it didn’t take much to suck me in! So excited for this box!

  23. I think they probably won’t do a big Black Friday because they sold out of Fall and are almost sold out of Winter. I don’t always believe what brands say, but Fall was soo good so I bet they really are almost sold out of winter. I just switched to annual because I’m not going to miss out on add-ons, they are THE best christmas gifts.

  24. I haven’t even had the chance to use everything from the Fall box and I’m ready for the winter box! This is my favorite sub and if I had to keep only one, this would be it!

  25. I really want blackberry! Fall was my first box and I have been so pleased with the scarf/ shawl, I use it everyday when working to keep warm. I wonder if there will be a food item in winter too?

  26. I love it! I’m tempted to buy 2. I wish I meant to use for gifts, but no. I just have a serious subscription box problem.

    • Haha – I totally understand your thinking! 🙂

  27. Oh man…. I said I’d wait for a spoiler to confirm my order, and this confirms it! I am sticking with the one seasonal box, since I tend to always hate spring/summer boxes (and is the only time I get a break from spending, lol).
    Ugh, so that means I have bought 2 PSMH Mystery boxes, 1 FFF box, and 1 Pusheen box in the past couple of weeks! I know that’s nothing compared to most of you, but it’s a lot for me!
    I have officially canceled Glossybox for the last time (and Nov/Dec will be my last GlossyDots redemption boxes), and the only “true” annual subscription box I’m considering is Pusheen… all others will be one-offs. I think that’s acceptable and totally not an addiction, right?

    • The first step is to admit you have a problem 😉 I’m totally on board lol I started with FFF summer but have quickly become super addicted to reading into all the different subscription boxes and possibly picking up a few more subs.. But I try to be really picky about boxes where I’ll actually use the stuff and get great value, My Subscription Addiction is the PERFECT website for that! I got 1 PSMH Mystery Box, Summer and Fall FFF box, Walmart beauty box, a Memebox, and someone was kind enough to gift me a free month of Ipsy… lol. But its so fun getting stuff in the mail! I was watching the Pusheen box too, its SOO CUTEEEE and even trying to get my BF in on this waiting for updates on the South Park Box from loot crate.. I definitely have a problem 😀

    • CMB are you intersted in selling your FFFbox to me?

    • CMB are you interested in selling your FFbox to me?

  28. Aaaaand done, just upgraded to annual lol.

    • Lol nice! i was considering upgrading to annual after a few spoilers. I don’t think id care too much which candle scent I receive but if another spoiler drops where I really really want a specific version of it.. i may drop the hammer. 😀

  29. I need another spoiler before I decide. I don’t really like burning candles unless it is beeswax, which is expensive, so I only really use essential oil diffusers. I hope they don’t sell out before releasing another spoiler. The Fall Box was awesome. I can wait for Spring box if that’s the case.

  30. I finally caved, and signed up. I’m really excited for this sub. I was pretty bummed I missed out on the fall box. The candle doesn’t quite do it for me (but it can be gifted this Christmas if I don’t like it) but I didn’t want to wait for another spoiler lest it sell out beforehand! Fingers crossed I don’t regret it

  31. Well, I may have to purchase an extra one as a gift, maybe two. FFF is one of the only boxes (that I receive) that gets better all the time.

  32. I love candles (obsessed really) but $45 eats up a good chunk of the total value of the box. The fall box has been my fav sub box received yet so I have faith FFF will pull through with another stunner. So glad I signed up for the annual sub. I say if you’re on the fence, do it!!! I like being able to choose my variation of the box.

  33. I wouldn’t say that the spoiler excites me, but I am happy to see an item I will most likely use or could easily gift. I would prefer the bergamot, but would be happy with either. I am planning to switch to yearly, but since they charge immediately, I am holding off until I see the add-on spoilers.

  34. Makes me want to buy 2 …yikes! I am so excited about this box.

  35. Pretty much the exact spoiler I needed to finalize my decision not to cancel before winter. I’d never spend that retail price on a candle, but will happily accept it at a deep discount via a subscription box!

  36. Yay! I’m so glad I signed up for FFF, I’m really enjoying this box. Great spoiler, I want the woods candle..

    • I wNt the berry so I will totally swap with you is I get the opposite.

  37. I’m so torn, I’ve been wanting an annual subscription to fff for awhile but I’m waiting to take advantage of more of a sale/discount. Has fff had black Friday sales in the past??

    • I am wondering the same thing!!!

  38. amazing! just going to fully switch from Pop Sugar to Fab Fit Fun 🙂
    The PS have been such a dud for value and use and the FFF have been so great lately.

    • Same here! I decided Sept was my last month for PS (just wasn’t into it anymore) and just grabbed a Winter FFF! So excited to make the switch 🙂

    • Liz, I came on here to say the exact same thing! Thanks for typing it all out word for word ?

  39. I’m so excited! I really wish they would do a monthly box. I would so buy it. 🙂

  40. Their fall box was such a hit, I can’t wait for this one!

  41. Yassssss! I want this! Finally a spoiler!!!!

    • ? I think this will be the only spoiler we get before this box sells out – it’s a good one! 🙂

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