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BoxyCharm October 2016 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have the full spoilers for the October 2016 Boxycharm box thanks to Samantha Reilly! (Thanks for the head’s up, Rainey and CT!)

The October 2016 Boxycharm subscription box will include:


Each Charmer will be receiving either 1 or 2 of the following:



A Luxie Eye Blender Brush Pack (205,

And here are the new reveals:


What do you think of the full October 2016 Boxycharm spoilers? Which items are you hoping to get?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

FYI – if you sign up for Boxycharm in the month of October, you will receive the October box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This will be my first subscription with Boxycharm and so far I’m excited about the items I’m getting.
    *Girlactik Eyeliner Black Noir
    *Luxie 3 Piece Brush Set
    *IBY Beauty Eyeshadow Palette
    *Cargo Beach Blush
    *Ofra Beverly Hills Highlight

    • You lucked out for your first one! That’s a lot better than the standard one established subscribers are getting.

      • Yeah, I’m a little jealous! ?

      • Oh nice. I guess it was just beginner’s luck. 🙂

    • When did you place your order? (What day)

      • Lupe, October 6th. I still haven’t received my box. I emailed them asking what I was getting and when I was getting my items.
        This is what they replied:

        Since we have a high volume of subscribers for this month, we are making sure that the boxes are being shipped out by batch to ensure the safety and to avoid inconvenience. That is why we stated on our website that it takes 5-10 business days from the date of payment to ship out your box from our shipping facility. Rest assured that once a label is created, and your box is shipped out; you will automatically receive an email with your tracking number.

      • I’m getting the
        OFRA Beverly Hills highlight
        Luxie brushes
        Briogio hair cream
        The eye shadow palette

        • Jerricca,
          Nice! Those are all cool stuff. I’m hearing mixed reviews on the hair cream though.

        • Where do you check to know what you are getting?

    • How do you find out what your getting? I’ve been all over the BoxyCharm website trying to find something like ipsys “glam room” where it tells you what your getting, and I can’t find anything like that. 🙁 October will be my first box, and I’m kinda torn about it. I think the brushes and the palette are awesome because I love neutral eye shadows, but the rest, I could live without. How long does it take to ship? I subscribed on the 16th and still haven’t heard anything 🙁

      • There’s a section under their menu that says current box and past boxes. Or you can email them.

        If you ordered halfway through the month I wouldn’t be worried that it hasn’t shipped yet. It’s not like when you buy something online and it ships right away, they have to ship to the people in front of you first.

        • Thanks for the reply 🙂 I’m gonna check it out.

    • Am I the only one that is getting cuticle oil instead of the Briogio hair stuff? I feel like I’ve watched 1000 unboxings and I haven’t seen anyone receive cuticle oil… This is my very first box and I’m overall extremely happy with what I will be receiving, but I didn’t even see the oil on the website. I emailed BoxyCharm and asked what I will be getting since it’s my first box and this is the list they emailed me back

      1215 #5 NCLA Cuticle Oil
      Luxie 3 Piece Brush Set
      IBY Beauty Eyeshadow Palette
      Cargo Water Resistant Bronze
      Ofra Beverly Hills Highlight

      • Jackie,
        Thats strange Cuz I don’t see the cuticle oil on their site. Did you sign up late? Maybe they ran out of some stuff and sent you the oil.

        • Yeah, I signed up on the 16th. I figured I would have gotten that sponge thing I saw on the website or something. I didn’t see anyone getting the oil, but at least I got a box on the way so I can’t complain too much lol!

          • I got the exact same box and I also signed up late! I am happy because I got the OFRA highlight and the nail oil is really nice! I already have hair stuff that I like so I was not heart broken over missing that. I was dissapointed in the Cargo bronzer and the eyeshadow palette, they are both nice I just wish they incuded somethings that most makeup junkies don’t already have.

        • I too rec’d the cuticle oil. The rest of my box was a Konjac sponge, the iby’s shadow trio, luxie brushes & temptu brush set.

          The cuticle oil was actually in most of the boxes early last year. I used to sub – for over a year – but for various reasons stopped several months back. You definitely got a good selection…I would have been thrilled! My box is of course worth the $21 but I’m not thrilled w/ getting items that are left-overs from old boxes & that I know are being used as fillers, nor am I happy w/ how Boxy is handling their PR but ah well. I only wish it was the biggest stressor in my life!!!

      • I got the same box as you Jackie

        • Did you like it? I was a little disappointed in the eye shadow. It swatches so pretty, but it seems to be nowhere near as pigmented on the eyes. The bronzer seemed good and I traded the highlighter off but I guess it wasn’t bad for my first box.

  2. Just received my box today. Another variation is in the lip paint…instead of Starlooks lip paint I received the Japonesque Pro Performance Lip Lacquer in shade 3. It is a very pinky color instead of the mauve. Value is $20.

  3. Got my boxycharm today. The blow dry creme is not my favorite. I really don’t like the smell. It smells like a floor clearer. It takes longer to dry hair and it does live a little residue. It does make hair frizz free though. The lip paint color looks great on my hand but is way too dark on my lips and looks more brown. It also has an uncomfortable waxy feel. Eye Shadow just ok, it will fall down under eyes so be careful. The brushes are just brushes. Never something I’m excited about. I got the temptu bronzer and I’m actually pretty happy with it. It looks very natural on me. It wasn’t the product I wanted but it worked out to be the best in the box. Lol

    • How much did your box weigh?

      • Not sure but around 2lbs

  4. Do I have to resubsribe every month? Or does it do it for me automatically?

    • It should automatically renew every month until you cancel.

  5. Just cancelled 2 boxes and about to cancel this one too unless I get a red lipstick. After 5 months of boxes, I have highlighters, black liners, and neutral lipsticks, None of which i will ever use. I can always use some brushes, but really? I would love some blue or green liners or shadows or some sparkly ones, maybe pinks. I bought a huge organizer from Amazon which is full mostly of things I can’t see ever using. I’m at the point where I could use the 20.00 to buy one of my favorite lipsticks instead of all this stuff I can’t use. I really don’t care about the price if I don’t use highlighters. At first I was excited but now I’m cancelling each subscription one at a time. I still have 3 left, one is target which is always good for 7.00 and I don’t expect anything drop dead fabulous, but for 7.00 sometimes its better than other boxes.

    • They sent me a dark red lip paint which is a beautiful color but not on me …I would gladly given it to you as I can’t use it and don’t know anyone who can ? I agree with more color as I would some green,purple or mauve-ish color eye liner

  6. Does this box ever send not-brown eyeshadow? Seems like they’ve had a brown palette every month forever.

    • They’re sending out a Burgandy palette next month, but if I remember right, there are only 2 burgandy colors… The rest are brown lol.

  7. I really want the Cargo Blush or Bronzer…but knowing my luck I’ll get one of the other two options. I love everything else though! 🙂

    • According to the email I got from BoxyCharm, I am getting the water resistant Cargo Bronzer. I would send it to you if you’d like it. I’m not a bronzer fan and I’ve never heard of the cargo brand lol.

  8. Has anyone gotten their box yet? The two YouTube videos I’ve seen have both gotten the Temptu. I’m wondering what the variations are and if the lip shade varies. I’ll be a lot happier if there are variations in the lip color. Dark colors are not flattering on me.

    • I’ve seen about 4 videos and they’ve all received the Temptu and the same shade of lipstick so far. I’m waiting to see more to check out the variations 🙂

      • That doesn’t bode well. Thanks, though. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Ofra and a different lipstick shade.

        • Yes I got the temptu, it’s not what I wanted but after trying it, it’s my favorite thing in the box. I got a dark mauve color lip paint. Pretty on my hand but on my lips it’s a dark brown. Hate it! Also don’t like how it feels.

  9. I signed up in February of 2016. How far in advance do I need to cancel my subscription in order to avoid getting billed for the February 2017 cycle? THANKS!

    • I’m pretty sure you need to cancel in March to stop them from charging you in Feb. I would do it mid March so if they try to charge you the last week of March.

    • They charge you at the beginning of each month so if you don’t want to be charged for February you need to cancel by the end of January.

  10. I re subscribed after being away for 3 months because of the palettes! I can always use neutral shadows. I rarely venture out to colors unless it is reds, oranges and some purples. I am not crazy about red lips unless it is a very deep red. I honestly would be happy if I got the Ofra highlighter. I’ve been wanting it badly since it came out!

  11. I was so happy with the last box that I preordered the next 6 boxes. I regret that now because I am not excited about anything in this box!

    • Hi Kendra, sorry to hear this but the items on this box are great!! The Luxie brushes go on smooth and that alone is $36bucks which pays for the box ? sub and then some. Boxycharm is one of the best beauty sub boxes out.

      • You might like the box, doesn’t mean they will.

  12. Is there chance to get the other colored palettes? I saw on their website that the eyeshadow comes in 3 different versions. Is there a possibility to get the other colors besides the neutral one?

  13. This doesn’t excite me at all. These eye shadows are to similar to what we got last month.

    • Yes, the eye shadow colors keep repeating month after month. I’m not very pleased ? and I personally don’t like getting make up brushes. I have a ton already.

      • I agree they need to give eyeshadow and brushes a rest .

    • Agreed.

      • Agreed too … so tired of these same shades… and black eyeliner …

    • I love Boxycharm, but enough with the palettes. I would like other products for a while.

  14. Ugh I wish I had canceled this month. I’m on product overload right now. None of these really excite me and this is just waaay too much of a variation for my taste. I’m definitely taking a break after this box.

  15. I think this is a great box. I have been with boxy almost a year. I had to cancel BC I didn’t have the extra money this week but I will resubmit this week. I really want the the OFRA highlight. It’s so pretty! The cargo blush is also very pretty. I hope I will get a pink or neutral lip color BC last month I got a deep reddish color. I don’t really wear red that often. So a more wearable every day color would be great.

  16. I’m actually hoping for the liquid bronzer. I now use liquid bronzer to darken my foundation, which I always seem to purchase too light – especially for the summer months! I found this tip on this site for the bare minerals sheer sun bronzer. It has worked great!

    • Did you end up getting the Temptu?

  17. This is the first month that I’m not impressed with boxycharm! They can’t all be winners, I guess

  18. I’m so in the fence on this box. I love Luxie brushes. Getting the 3 brushes alone is a good deal. I really don’t want to get stuck with that temptu product. I already have the cargo beach blush but I can gift it to my niece. I hate when the boxes are a type of lottery with what you get.

  19. I’m actually hoping for the bronzer, I’m almost out of my current.. then I won’t have to buy one. I’m happy to get a lippie in every box (I have a problem). I just hope it’s not so dark, the last one was too dark for my fair skin. Thanks to Ipsy I have like 101 eye shadow brushes, so I’ll give these away unfortunately. Always happy to get eye shadow, I’ll use through them, neutrals are my fave! I do hope next month will have different shades, could use some silvers and purples. Love that Boxy does a lot of make up. My other boxes are mostly hair, moisturizers, eye creams, and nail Polish that I never use.

  20. There has to be an alternate use for all these bronzers. Maybe a game of Jenga?

  21. I LOVE it all !!??? The conditioner is something that I always look forward to having.

    My fave box.

  22. The hair product is something I need and so are the brushes. I have a big eyeshadow collection and the other product which ever one will be fun. I hope the lip product is more nude.

  23. I love this month box. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Thankfully this is my last month. They have horrible customer service, will do anything to bill you early for another six month membership and then announce that they cannot refund you even though you still haven’t received your last box of your original six month membership. Then on top of all of that, they decide to stop giving any skin care at all, and focus entirely on eye shadow palettes every month. I am so disappointed with Boxycharm, although I did love my boxes last winter when we received full sized face masks, Spongelle bath sponges, etc. Now they are the most boring box going. Eye shadow and brushes, maybe another red or brown lipstick? A bronzer? Is that all they know how to do? Beauty fix is much better for my purposes.

    • Whomp whomp your crazy this box is the BEST VALUE!!

    • I agree.

    • SERIOUSLY! “customer service” is crap

  25. Pass. Easily. I’ll wait for the November Boxycharm spoilers.

  26. Hoping for the blush or hilighter. Anything else will be saved to be used later or given to friends.
    Hoping for multiple colors to be sent on the Lippie too I really don’t need another red.
    And some color would be nice in some eyeshadows soon boxycharm 🙂 this is the third neutral eyeshadow pallet in as many months. While they have been beautiful I can only go through so much eyeshadow.

    • I wish they would listen to our comments.

      • It’s kind of Sad they don’t read these comments and try to adjust to make all happy! November will be my 2nd Boxycharm box. So I’m hoping they start listening, because I don’t want the same stuff month after month! If so I’ll quit! Hopefully that’ll be easy if it comes to that. I am getting, Boxycharm, Glossybox, and Ipsy, so I’m deciding this month which one I’m keeping! I have not been happy with Glossybox and Ipsy has been crap! Little dinky crap! IT’S only 10$ but that’s 10$ in crap! LOL So hoping for a good box! IF IT EVER GETS HERE! I don’t like they take my money then take forever to get the box to me!

  27. Subbed just for the brushes. I’ve been looking for good blending brushes for a while. I’d prefer the Ofra highlighter out of all the options, but would be happy just for the brushes. I really hope they don’t oversell the October box. Fingers crossed.

  28. My guess is everyone will get.. The Luxie brushes, the lipstick, the eyeshadows, and the hair protectant. Then I think will will get the ofra as one item or others will get the temptu/cargo blush or cargo bronzer/cargo blush.

    • Your guess would be right as thats what the post pretty clearly says..

      • Lol

  29. I like the looks of the lip paint! My problem lately is that I dyed my hair a deep violet-brown, so it seems to clash with lip colors that aren’t fairly neutral. Oh well, can’t have dark berry hair and dark berry lips too! 🙂 I usually love getting OFRA products, but that highlighter looks a bit too sparkly for my 35 years.

  30. I’m thinking everyone will get …the Luxie brushes, the lipstick, the hair protectant, and the eyeshadow pallet. My guess is they will give us the ofra as one item, or others will get a temptu/ cargo blush or cargo bronzer/ cargo blush.

    • In the one unboxing posted so far on YouTube, she got just the Temptu out of those products.

  31. Hope we get a colorful palette before Christmas, so we can go for some bold holiday looks! Great box! Can’t wait! ❤️

    • I know I need some purple eye makeup in my life.

      • I sooo agree!!! Purples and greens would make me so happy!

        • Id love to try a dark green liner.

          • I actually did receive a dark green tarte eyeliner, I think from Boxycharm a while ago. I love it!

  32. I’m not disappointed per se, but I’m not super excited either.

    I’m hoping to get the ofra highlighter and the temptuu if I get a second item. I’m not a powder bronzer girl and I’m not a fan of Cargo in general. I’m a bit let down by the neutral palette and I hope there is some variation in the lip colors. I don’t do dark reds because I wind up looking like Morticia Addams. I am stoked for the brushes and I’ll happily take briogeo anything.

    I’m going to be super depressed if I don’t get the Ofra. Anything I don’t use will make great gifts if nothing else.

    • Thank you, you described my feelings to a tee!

  33. Ughhhh, where are the Popsugar spoilers!?!?!?!

    • Meanwhile, I’m dying for Sephora spoilers ?

      • Ipsy, Boxy and Lip Monthly are all a bit disappointing for me this month. Sephora is all I have left! Lol.

  34. I’m hoping like hell for the blush and NOT a second item. No bronzer or highlighters for me, thank you. I’ll take 100 eyeshadow palettes of the same color over any bronzer any day. If I get the blush, brushes and the other 3 items just spoiled, I’ll be one happy subscriber!

  35. I hope I don’t get let down. I wonder how they decide who gets what ?

  36. Not SUPER excited (unless I get the Ofra highlighter, then I will be). But $21 is worth it just for the 3 brushes, so Im happy. And none of the products are “bad”, Ive just gotten a little numb because its been do repetative the last 3 months

  37. Easy pass!! I was tempted to subscribe when I saw the eye brush spoiler, but that’s pretty much the ONLY thing I would like! Don’t need any more eye shadow (especially neutral palettes!) and I hate bronzers! (Hate was probably a little harsh, Lol) I hardly even use blush let alone bronzers, have like 50 Lippies that are still new, and have enough hair products to last me till mid 2017. ?

  38. If we are getting one or two of the bronzer/highlighter products then it is safe to say we may not get everything else that is mentioned. I wish I knew what product that may be. I could forgo the eye palette especially if it means getting the Ofra highlighter:)

    • I am still pretty interested in seeing how the box plays out. I mean, if I get the Orfa highlighter and one of the other options, then the brushes, the eyeshadow and the lipstick then Id be pretty happy with it. But I think thats the only way I would be happy with this months box. But Im thinking if someone were to get two of those possible 4 items, that the value of those 2 items plus the value of the brushes might mean that they would be getting a 4 item box.

  39. I’m very exited!!

  40. They have gotten exceptionally redundant as of late and not just in their social media rehype of the same products all this week. I regret paying for my box on time this month because I would have skipped it had I seen this before deciding to buy it. I don’t even own a hair dryer, this is the 3rd eyeshadow set in a row of the same colors and I’m drowning in red hued lip makeup. The only great points are the bronzer and highlighter but there are no guarantees I will get them and then the Luxie brushes, which I am happily looking forward to. I had a feeling the rest of the box was gonna be a dud due to the extreme focus they have been putting on the two spoilers that were revealed first and I was right.

    You are awesome though! I have been on this Boxy stuff like white on rice waiting for the whole box to be revealed and this is where its at. Im always impressed with how up to the moment you and your site stay when it comes to what I consider to be hot ticket sub box news.

    • I feel the same the brushes was really the main reason i didnt skip. I have two subscriptions to boxycharm since the one won’t cancel and keeps processing which i didn’t mind when i knew the first reveal since i can gift the second box… but the same shades of red or brown lipsticks the same eyeshadows is causing me to wavier on cancelling both now. Hopefully November will be more exciting.

    • Totally agree, they were being too hush about the rest of the box so I definitely had that feeling

      Glad I passed!

  41. this looks like a nice box, what I don’t use will be nice for gifts, and you can’t beat the price!

  42. I am still curious as to why October is a good month for bronzer-seems like such a summer item. And this is the second palette in two months… Interesting… That being said, I am really looking forward to trying the hair product and brushes. Just would really like a break from neutral eye palettes! Time for some color- or something different please! That being said, I love Boxy and it is the one beauty sub I have no desire to give up anytime soon, I could just use a few months with no black felt eyeliner (I think June and September both had one) and neutral eye palettes (July, September, and now October). Can we wait till next year for more of those products so I have time to go through my growing supply!

  43. Summer’s over…no more bronzers, please. Otherwise I might be tempted (but with 2 out of the 4 knowing my luck I’d get 2 of the dang things and I don’t even use bronzer on the regular) and isn’t Temptu airbrush mu?

    • Yeah,looks like they’re trying to dump the last of their summer stuff with this box.

  44. At first I thought that was the HAIR MASK and was literally laughing out loud. Then I realized it was a heat protectant cream- cue sigh of relief (and I am not even subbed to this lol)

    • Same here. Lol, I am subscribed though.

    • I actually would have been happier with the hair mask. I love their mask. Unfortunately, I don’t use the heat protectant because I never use heat on my hair. Luckily, my best friend adores the stuff so it will make for a good Christmas gift. I’m kind of meh about the rest of the box, aside from the brushes.

  45. Seriously how many neutral palettes can they send, this is why I cancelled.

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