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Birchbox November 2016 Sample Choice Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the sample choice spoilers for the November 2016 Birchbox!

The sample choice options are:


And here is the November 2016 featured box:


It includes:

What do you think of the sample choices and curated box? Which one are you picking this month?

(Sample Choice opens on October 27th for all subscribers, and October 26th for ACE subscribers.)


There are also new November Birchbox Plus add-ons. (These are items you can add to your monthly Birchbox for additional costs – no shipping, though!)

Here are some of the Plus options:

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-10-56-03-pm screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-10-56-22-pm

What do you think of the Add-Ons for November?

If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet:


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I have 6 birchbox accounts. I got 2 of the curated boxes because I can use everything in the box. I will probably keep a bottle of the hair care product in purse because I have very long thick hair that tangles horribly. I have to brush my hair many times throughout the day. I got one of each of the sample choices. Then I am letting them put a box together for me.

  2. So, just a heads up. I am an ACE member and I was supposed to get early choice today. When I checked the site at 8am they were already out of the eyeliner and Jane iredale…this has never happened before!!! Looks like I am leaving it to the random box selection gods.

    • Weird I was just on at 5 am and those choices were open to me,you should check just to be sure,although I don’t know what eyeliner choice you were talking about.There was a brow pencil though

  3. I guess the highlight/bronze duo or the lip/cheek stain wouldn’t be terrible. I won’t go for the curated because I just don’t need or want any of the items. Consistently being let down by Birchbox.

  4. Not particularly excited by this box.
    This would be my 3rd birch box.
    I am wavering between cancelling or going for the surprise me box.
    Not impressed with the sample choices.
    Of course that could lead to disappointment.
    I realize of course that not every box is going to be a home run.
    The first box was ok, the 2nd was better.
    So I think give one more chance and then decide

    • Be aware that if you do not pick one of the choices they will often send 2 or all 3 of them!

  5. There are just too many repeat products in both sample choice and the curated box. And they weren’t great the first time around. It’s clear to me that the discovery aspect of BB is just gone.

  6. The curated box is awful, so I guess lesser of choice evils.

    • Is it just me or is that Benefit mascara the worst? It shows up everywhere!

  7. really hoping this isn’t one of those months where you choose one (that you deem the least bad) and wind up with all 3 boring samples :/

  8. After 41 boxes I am done. I have never been less excited about the sample choice and the curated. I was hanging on out of loyalty, but nope, I’m done. Could not reach for the cancel button fast enough.

  9. Yay for jane iredale lip balm i have been wanting to try!!! Would have cancelled if not for that. Oct so so disappointing 🙁

  10. The box is beautiful!

    I think I’ve said this before but I just do not understand the appeal to their “box add-ons”. When they first started doing that (when I was a subscriber) it was 3-4 items exclusive to that month. I don’t think they were really discounted, but they weren’t available in the store. All of these items are available any time in the BB store and if you’re an Ace you’re getting free shipping on them anyway. I just don’t see the draw.

    Anyway – BB, I’m not sad I quit you.

  11. I got so distracted by her nails while watching the video. They have a nail salon in the store … couldn’t they have cleaned up the edges?!

    Seriously considering cancelling (I decided to give it through December). Probably will go with the curated box since I’ve been wanting to try something from Ardency Inn.

  12. I have the coastal scents whole palette. I got it in one of my Boxycharm box’s. Its a good palette. The sample is small. I like the brow pencil I got that in one of my Boxycharm box’s also.

    • I was going to say the same thing, we got the full size in the boxycharm a few months ago. I tried birchbox and hit unsub as soon as I opened it. Such sad sizes, I was really hoping to love it cuz I love getting boxes ?

  13. Anyone have any thoughts on the Costal Scents option? I love blush and highlighters, but I’ve never tried anything from that brand.

    • I think those colors look nice in the video, but i have more than enough blush and highlighters. Wouldn’t mind if they threw that in my box, but not my first pick. Never tried tgis brand, but I have seen it included in other sub boxes.

    • I have a full sized Coastal Set from Boxycharm. The quality isn’t great at all as blush, bronzer or highlight plus the formula doesn’t agree with my face. It makes for much better eyeshadow.

      • Hmm. Well, I’m just stumped now.

    • Coastal Scents is average to me as long as it isn’t near my eyes. I got the shadow sets that dupe Urban Decay’s Naked palettes, and they irritate my eyes. I think it depends on whether the shades suit you and if you have a brush that both fits in the tiny pans and applies on your face without making you want to toss it. 😉

  14. I was going to cancel after my not so good october box. Dr brandt dermobrasion was a good sample but i dont really like the product itself too much bc no big deal once used. I got a crappy perfume sample and i dont even recall what else bc it was ao boring.
    The only reason im not cancelling is bc i was going to buy that jane iredale lip stuff anyway with points. I know some ppl dont like it but im curious to see how it works for me. Most of the week i just wear powder and blush for makeup and this would be perfect for those days. I also just tried out the jane iredale smoothing and brightening product and im loving it so much i will probably buy it once i run out.
    The eyebrow pencil looks good too but i dont need it. Not too impressed with the curated box at all.
    Birchbox just barely hanging on for me.

  15. well i canceled a few months back then resubbed this month because of the curated box plus bonus box or whatever deal so i got that, the mystery box was a complete bust!!! and then the actual box for October i think there’s one thing in there i’ll use. and after seeing these choices for next month i’m definitely canceling again!

  16. They’re clearly cleaning out the warehouse ?
    October wasn’t bad, not amazing but not bad, the previous months, however, were not buena.
    If I didn’t have a subscription through next May…

    • I definitely agree that they’re trying to clear out the warehouse, everything in the curated box is a repeat, plus they have the deal going if you’re an Ace you can get a free mystery box with purchase.

      • I loved that deal is it still going on ? because I loved everything they sent me in my free box

  17. So lame, glad I cancelled. I loved looking forward to getting these boxes but I always feel remorse.

    • Completely agree, birchbox used to be my favorite box. It was such a fun company but them getting rid of the points and getting similar stuff every month, there wasn’t anything making it worth it for me. I miss how it used to be and now they are throwing out repeats and the same cheap samples as everyone else. So sad

      • I almost wrote exactly what you wrote. Dont hang on because of loyalty or the feeling you will miss out. This is not what it used to be and we need to let companies know they need to do better by not giving them our money. If you don’t love it, even $10 is too much to spend in my opinion.

  18. I was planning on re subscribing because I love the box pattern and because Birchbox worked well for me when I had the subscription before. But after seeing the reveals I’m feeling meh and I could put that $10 toward something else. Maybe I’ll wait to see if they change their incentive from the smashbox duo to something I would actually use.

    • I just tried to use the code for the smashbox duo and it didn’t work. Neither did the smoothie stick they advertised so I think I will just pass now. I have been wanting some new kitchen items so I think I’ll use this money on amazon instead. There is a cute bundt cake pan for $10 on amazon that I think is way more worth it than a few tiny samples.

  19. I know Birchbox got a lot of heat for redoing their point system but I still really love this box. It continues to be my favorite. I like that i get free very cool gifts with every purchase i make. I like the samples in Birchbox more than the Ipsy or Sephora boxes too. Plus, you can buy anything on the website that you’ve sampled and gain points to something else — so basically everything is discounted.

    • I agree with you re: Ispy, for me, Ipsy is junky brands (unless you’re a blogger maybe). I still like Birchbox even after the points mess, I feel like for me personally they do a pretty decent job matching to my profile and I get $10 of value out of the box itself, so I’ve kept it, even though with the points it used to be MORE than $10 of value. I have liked Sephora pretty well so far, but I’ve only been with them for 2 or 3 months so I don’t know that I can judge head to head just yet.

  20. A box called “The Finishing Touch” seems like it’s BEGGING for a finishing spray.

    More black mascara and more black eyeliner (waterproof at least), not to mention a perfume sample in the curated box. Last month’s curated was strong for me, but this month’s is totally opposite.

    I’ll go with the Chella, although I’m feeling a little meh about all the choices, to be honest.

  21. I joined last month and cancelled last month. The box was terrible. There are many other boxes to try and I’m having a good time doing it!

  22. Oh birchbox…. come on! I used to enjoy birchbox a lot. I liked that you could pick a sample, I liked the boxes and the points system that they no longer have. They were a very cute company. These samples this month to choice from are awful, especially if you receive more then one sub box. I have received that brow pencil twice, the bronzer ( full size) was given out by boxycharm and that Jane iredale is ok if you like a more nature lip (which I do) but I have received this twice, both from birchbox.
    Glad I cancelled

  23. Glad I cancelled!

    • boring, boring, boring. I really wish i could cash out the last months of my sub. i really don’t understand why they keep bringing back the same brands and product types month after month. where is their VARIETY ex, candles, hand and foot masks, nail polishes, stud earrings. something different, i’m just bored. there has been times i didn’t open up my box for weeks, i wont lie last month i was impressed by the size of the items in my box most were deluxe which is a big deal for BB, but receiving the same type of products each month and just not worth it even if it’s high end. I have to say other sub companies have blown BB out of the water. just my opinion..

      • I would cancel on the spot if they sent candles and earrings; there are plenty of places for those.

        • well then we differ because I’m on mascara over load and eye liners.

          • Oh, don’t get me wrong – this box is awful. Even my 13 year old nieces don’t want my (always black) liners and mascaras, anymore!

  24. Cancelled. I’ve tried to hang on but these are ridiculous. Nothing new at all, not exciting. I already cashed out my points so this made my decision very easy.

    • Same here. My yearly was (finally) up and I chose not to renew. It got to the point that my makeup-loving teen daughter would say “gross” whenever our BB arrived.

  25. Yawn. This is not tempting me to resub at all.

  26. Well. I have all three of the sample choices already. I have several of the items in the curated. November is the last month of my subscription, so I guess I’m going out with a whimper, not a bang ?
    Leaving it to the whims of fate and it choosing ANYthing… living on the subscription box edge.

  27. I’ve got the brow pencil in a past boxycharm box. I like it and use it. Nice for dark eyebrows. Danity retractable pencil for fine lines.

    • I have nearly black eyebrows. Do you think the eyebrow pencil would still work, or would it be too light?

  28. I want to thank you all for the negative and positive reviews on this forum. With so many more options now for make up subscriptions, it helps me decide which to start subscribing to and to gift for xmas!

    • Since everybody has such differing opinions, you should also look at past reviews of the boxes you’re considering to see the products they’ve offered in past months. I think that would be a better gauge in determining if a box is best for you or not. I think sometimes people can get too easily influenced by others opinions (IMO 🙂 ).

    • I wouldn’t personally recommend birchbox as a gift for a teen or young twenties. In my opinion it’s more mature, giving usually more skin care then trendy make up. Ipsy and Sephora play are both also $10 and better for that age group. Sephora could be good for any age. Ipsy is cute since you get a make up bag every month and can be more trendy plus they usually always give one full size product unlike Sephora and birchbox.

      • I agree, I have a young teen and she loves her Sephora box

    • It helped me to watch youtube videos and check out photos posted of what is actually in the variety of bags and boxes. From those I learned I would probably like Ipsy best, but I decided to also try a variety of boxes. In the end it is ipsy that works for me. I loathe birchbox.

      • Just adding that my reason for loving ipsy is the fun make up I receive, while birchbox sends me mainly single use samples and perfumes I will not use. Checking out what people are getting will let you know what to choose.

  29. Only thing I like is the box!

    • Agreed:( Going to go for all surprises this month!

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. Blah sample choices I’m not remotely interested in and have received before. The curated box is awful, which is sad since this month’s was pretty great. The box is pretty, that’s the only thing I can say for next month.

    • Same here. Cancelling??

  30. I’m going to pick the eyebrow pencil. I haven’t given up on BB yet. I thought last month was great!

  31. Has anyone tried the tinted eye cream before? Is it like a BB cream, but for the eyes? Just curious, since I’ve never heard of a tinted eye cream before. Thanks!

    • I’ve received the tinted eye cream before and I didn’t care for it. There was next to no coverage and it gave my undereyes a very wet and greasy look.

      • Thanks for your input! 🙂

  32. I have a gift subscription I still haven’t used yet, and I might use it for November just to get the curated box with the Juliette has a gun perfume, that’s my favorite stuff!! But the sample choices are nothing new or exciting.

    • I have been wanting to try this perfume! I may resubscribe just to get it. I can use my points on a monthly box, right?

  33. It’s sad how quickly BB went from my total fave (as a subscriber for many many years) to totally blah. My sub expires in April, and then I’m done. I never get excited for the samples any more, and I only end up using 1 or 2 from each box. None of these remotely appeal to me.

  34. After the whole points change debacle, I saw TONS of people flee this sub, never to look back again. I, on the other hand, thought, “Well, maybe Birchbox will up their game and the boxes will get better.” Boy was I wrong. Is it just me or the boxes just getting worse? I got my October box today and it was just junk. Teeny tiny samples and I got TWO lipsticks and I don’t even wear lip products. November samples choices are just all repeats. I’ve been with Birchbox since the beginning and I used to LOVE it because I was able to sample lots of new products, which I went on to BUY full sizes of. I don’t think I’ve sampled a product in Birchbox that I’ve bought a full size product of in at least a year. Sad. I think it may be time to cancel this one and put it to bed – forever.

    • Same same same. It’s so unfortunate.

  35. Oof. These are not working for me. I don’t care for that lippie, I’m pretty devoted to my Anastasia Brow Wiz (I even have that Chella and haven’t used it yet), and I almost never use blush. The curated box doesn’t work for me either. I’ve tried all of those products. I’m one of the dozen or so people on the planet who hates They’re Real.


  36. Yay I’m excited! I don’t know which to pick though. I love lip products that use your PH to determine the color but I also would use & want 4 of the 5 samples from the curated box (not the black eyeliner). I love They’re real & need some more, eye creams are always welcome, heat protection for my hair is always needed, & I absolutely love JHAG Not a Perfume but I just got a large vial from Scentbird. So I’m not sure. If I pick sample choice they could still send the hair balm & eye cream but I doubt I would get that lucky. Hmmm.

    • If you’re a current subscriber you can choose the regular box for your monthly choice and buy the curated box from their store for $10. That’s what I did for October!

      • The one time I tried to do that was in February,they ran out of them so I didn’t get the items I really wanted .But Im currious why nobody likes the curated box ,I love that mascara it’s my favorite at this time.And I’ve really wanted to try that not a perfume.I guess the old saying different strokes for different folks apply here lol

      • I do not have ACE status so they also charge shipping when they put these boxes in the store.

  37. I usually love BB but there are too many repeat offenders this month… The Jane Iredale lipstick is awful FYI

    • Good to know, thanks! That was the only sample choice I was leaning towards.

      • I’ve tried it in the past and liked how moisturizing it was and it smells like strawberries! There wasn’t a huge color payoff though. I’d treat it more like a chapstick. My 2 cents…

        • I second this opinion – a nice balm, but not a lipstick

          • Thanks. I actually kinda like that its more of a balm. Lipsticks are hard for me because I’m super picky on the shade.

        • Thanks for all the tips on the lip color. It is the only sample choice I’m interested in at all; so I’ll enjoy it as a lightly tinted balm.

      • I got a peach one in BB several months ago, and I actually really liked it. I have very light colored lips to begin with, and after a few swipes of the balm, I had quite orange lips. I learned to be a little lighter-handed with it. I also had one in a pink color, and it was also bright. I liked this product

        • I had the same experience as you. I also have lightly pigmented lips, and the color turned a coral type tone that was very pleasant. Being light handed with the product is essential though! Clown lips aren’t exactly sexy…

      • I loved it. The color changes depending on your own body chemistry, so it’s different for everyone. The formula is really nice.

        • Oh good to know! I hope it shows up on me. If it works like the usual ph lips, it will show up on me somewhat brightly! 🙂 I hope!

    • I’m actually really excited to try Jane Iredale. I know so many people who love the products! The fact the lipstick is more like a balm is even better! I have so many lipsticks (especially in red) and I have one balm that I broke down a bought because the sub boxes just were not sending any. The only downside is I might not get the Juliette has a gun not a perfume sample. Thankfully that should be coming next month thanks to scent bird. (If you lover perfume, check out scent bird. I love them)

  38. Well, I’m glad they’re not tempting me to renew! This is going to be it for me and Birchbox unless they have some ridiculous Black Friday deal or they bring back points for review or something otherwise huge and unlikely.

    • I wouldn’t recommend coming back for a good Black Friday deal. I asked for a gift sub for my birthday and have regretted it. I’m just not excited about sample choice or the boxes anymore. Everything from the samples to the packaging feels significantly crappier.

  39. The box is really pretty, and I like the Chella, but everything else is just *meh*. Plus one of the samples in the featured box is a perfume that we’ve received before, and I don’t think the scent would appeal to too many people. And it’s really expensive. What is the theme for the featured box?

    • The theme is “finishing touch” according to the video 🙂

      • well, the curated box definitely follows the theme. it’s pretty much what i thought they were going for. so at least they got that haha

  40. My Oct box was great but I’m not excited about this one.

  41. I’m so glad this is my last box. May just let this last one be a surprise.

  42. Eh. Glad my subscription is up in December. I just need to spend my points.

    • Same here!

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