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Allure Beauty Thrills Box – December 2016 – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have EXCLUSIVE full spoilers for the December Allure Beauty Thrills Box! (This box is not available yet. We’ll update when we get a sale date.)

Here is what we do know:

The box is $49.95 (plus $10 shipping & handling)

And the December Allure Beauty Thills box includes:




What do you think of the item list for this box?

Check out our Allure Beauty Thrills May Box review to see what you can expect with this box. And the August box is still available for sale if you are interested!

FYI – the Allure Beauty Thrills box is separate from Allure’s monthly subscription box – check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews for more info.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This box has been permanently discontinued. They will only do the monthly boxes now. Can anyone recommend a similar box to this?

    • Why on earth would you want another box like this? I got two of these last year, and was extremely disappointed. They are all skincare and in fact mostly hair care products, NO MAKEUP. I didn’t pay much, but considering that I only had an actual need of many three of the products I received, the value was really poor.
      I say, good riddance, this was a horribly executed beauty box subscription.

      • *maybe three of the products, I meant

  2. it looks like they partnered with walmart or target for this box.

  3. I feel the same way about this one. The less skincare that there is, the better. I am allergic to Dimethicone and silicones in products. So I have to be *extremely* choosy on face products. And most if not all moisturizers/serums/treatments in the drug-store class have that as a primary ingredient for the “smooth silky feel” that’s both immediate and semi long lasting.

    People think it’s a great product because they have instant albeit temporary results. I always pay attention to how my face feels right after I wash it. If it’s dry and tight, my moisturizer isn’t working well enough to actually make a difference in my overall skin condition. If it only works when it’s physically on my face, time to start shopping for a replacement. But I have only found one truly silicone free moisturizer that works. And it’s definitely not drug-store price.

    However staples that I’ll use year round (toothpaste, hair products, a new cleanser, WEN addict but hate prices of it, lotion (although I won’t use Cetaphil because it’s as bad as Lubriderm or Aveeno. ) I’m super picky about my lotions and often resort to using pure oils as they absorb more and don’t take as much. And my industrial size jar (think those big mayonnaise jars at Costco ? ) of coconut oil.

    I pay because out of the times I go to Target. I definitely intend on needing to get toothpaste. But come out with a package of cute sticky notes, another millionth notebook, something for my Niece and Nephew (okay multiple somethings) , a new vegetarian item, probably something for kitchen/home/decor, perusing sale/clearance racks, looking at adorable kids’ shoes/clothes, something for my dogs, fruit, and probably ice cream… I spend 50$ Trying to fail-window-shop on one trip.

    I consider it an investment in not having to go to somewhere to get necessities. I just am terrible at not wandering. Admitting it is half the battle v_v Purchasing box with said-staple-items is the other half! I could probably just learn to discipline myself but that would be too easy.

    Then people wouldn’t be able to go with me on my “just gonna run in and get __insert random item here__” 10 minute in’Nout trips. That somehow turn into a 3 hour excursion from back corner to front. I don’t do Wal-mart. It’s just too many aisles and not enough time. I feel like I never complete my mission D: Hence Target + 5% & ONE-TRIP-OR-DIE; or nothing at all. I also don’t do in-between.

    So, personally I’m thrilled this box doesn’t sell out within 20 minutes now. It actually gives me a chance to get it without having 10 computers and 14 cell phones ready to open the link to login when the timer hits 12:00. That crap is stressful.

    • That is a darn good reason to get it! I am exactly the same! Lol! I felt like I was reading about myself!

  4. You know, sometimes memories can be faulty (mine sure is). After hearing over and over how unbelievably great these Beauty Thrills boxes used to be, I went and researched past BT boxes. Turns out they looked exactly like they do now: mostly drugstore items, including practical stuff like toothpaste, makeup wipes, deodorant and hair ties, with just a couple of high-end goodies thrown in. I think the real issue is the original BT boxes came out before there were so many competitors glutting the market. Everyone got excited about the huge volume of items and the retail values, the hype skyrocketed, and that made them sell out quickly. Now, years later, we are jaded and expect the BT boxes to blow us away, but it’s impossible because we are sub box veterans now and need bigger and bigger thrills to be truly wowed (kinda like a junkie, hence this site’s name). 😀 This box is still an excellent value and if I didn’t have a truckload of beauty products already, I might jump on it.

    • Good call.

    • You hit the nail on the head.

    • Yes, they did have many of the same brands but there used to be more items. I think one time it was counted at 10-12 more items. The more recent years do not have as much, as they used to.

  5. So dissapointed yet again with this box, these used to be awesome boxes with 26 full size products. And a few “high end” items. They just keep getting smaller & smaller and products are more generic each time. I am extremely disappointed that the company has im sure seen the bad reviews and obviously can see these boxes are no longer selling out in the 20 minutes they used to but refuse to do anything about it. Im out until they do something about it and put out the awesome boxes they used to have.

  6. I just ordered mine. I can’t wait to get it!! I always love this box.

    • Hey Tonya… If you just now ordered it, you must have ordered the August box. This is the December box and isn’t for sale yet.

      • Crap. I already have the August box and just ordered another one 🙁 There goes $50

    • Is August box still available?

      • yes

  7. I prepaid so I’m stuck. This box is so not impressive to me.

    I have a feeling this may be the last Beauty Thrills box Allure does. They just don’t have the “allure” they used to. I think the market is so saturated with beauty boxes that companies just aren’t interested in giving high end full size items for advertising.

    • Did you order the August box and that’s how you got your pre-sale invite? I got one for the August box but since I didn’t buy it I’m thinking that’s why I didn’t get the invite for the December box. Does that sound about right?

      • Rachel:

        I got an email in late 2015 asking if I wanted to do a pre-order of the 2016 boxes. That meant paying for all 3 boxes up front. I had done it the year before and was happy because I didn’t have to worry about missing out on a box. But this year the boxes are not selling out and they have actually discounted one. So, I’m not so thrilled with having done the pre-order this time around.

        • Agreed. I always rushed to buy the box when it was the original “Beauty Box”. They had better curated items — and what I especially liked were the multiple full size quality name brand sunscreens for the May box — perfect for summer.

          Now its…meh.

          So I wonder if they’ll continue. It was great while it lasted!

        • Have the December 2016 boxes shipped yet????

      • Rachel, you can also sign up for alerts from MSA to let you know when the presale is scheduled & how to sign up to receive an invite from Allure.

  8. Allure has just been on the decline. This box is def not worth it, at least for me. I cant wait to be done with both my yearly subscriptions with them, this and the allure beauty box

  9. Total value $246 based on prices above so if its even on sale half off value for $173 its good for around $62?

    • Same value as mays thrill box

  10. That’s it for $50? The last box was my first and with tax it came to $62 something. I felt it was a pretty good value. I don’t think this box is worth $62, granted I would use most of it but I thought there would be more things in it, and no nail polish? I think will have to pass on this one.

    • Yeah these are like drug store items that I can easily get on sale at Walgreens, I want higher end up and coming items! Not a toothbrush and toothpaste, I can get that free at the dentist! They raised their prices and lowered their quality of products! Such a shame cause they used to be a great sub! Glad I saw pics so I didn’t waste my money! You can get better stuff at Boxycharm for half the price!

      • I wish my dentist gave me a free spin brush and a full tube of toothpaste. Sounds like a great dentist. 😉

  11. There were 23 products in the August Beauty Thrills box and I only count 17 products for the December box. If 17 products is all that we are getting in the December box then it’s a pass for me. I usually love these seasonal Allure boxes, but they seem to be less impressive this year.

  12. I remember when this box first came out and how many higher end items it had. I first discovered IT Cosmetics thru this Allure box. The last few boxes have just been ok in my opinion. They need to switch up the toothbrush, toothpaste and Cetaphil products. This is going to be an easy pass for me.

  13. Yay ! Easy pass for me and my bank account is breathing a sigh of relief lol lol

  14. It reminds me of the walmart/target/ or amazon box…easy pass.

    • LOl thinking the exact same thing – no interest at all, blehhh

      • Yep. Exactly. Pass!

  15. With the plethora of subscription boxes, it seems like Allure is having a hard time finding products that we haven’t already sampled. There are a few things that interest me but I’m not sure if I’m interested in the price tag. I’ve got time to think.

  16. I can sum up my feelings towards this box in one word…”yawn.” Definitely no thrills there for me…easy pass.

  17. I’m into this box! I like that the hair stuff is more on the styling end (which I use) vs. treatments/masks (which I don’t. short hair = minimal damage). Also excited for the cleansing conditioner, the Wen body treatment and yes, the Chapstick (seriously, the tinted ones are game changers. LOVE) and the toothbrush/toothpaste. I realize I’m in the minority on being excited about those simple things but i just loving having a ready supply and not having to buy them.

  18. The unwash conditioner is awesome and hard to find. This box is worth it just for that

    • So true! I recently purchased the co-wash during Ulta’s hair/beauty steal event, and even though I got to the store shortly after they opened it was still very slim pickings, but I was able to get the 2nd to last one. Even the cashier was telling how great the product was. I’m so happy to be getting a 2nd one!

      (btw, I also purchased that Simple Cleansing Oil on the same trip, so I’ll be getting a 2nd one of those too! AND, I just got the Merlot chapstick in this month’s Target box… so a few dupes, but at least they’re good ones!)

      • I’ve never heard of this un-wash conditioner, but I may have to try it. So you don’t have to use a separate conditioner? I have curly/wavy very tangly hair and have to use a detangler/conditioner.

        • Although I haven’t yet tried this particular co-wash… co-washes in general are detangling and have very good slip, so an additional conditioner is not necessary. However, I still do use a detangler afterward (more out of habit than necessity when I use a co-wash) and my fingers slide right through my hair (I finger-comb my hair). It can be a very different scenario when I do a regular shampoo & conditioner routine (which is what I do more often… I only co-wash about 2 or 3 times/month). However, I received a sample of a John Masters detangler, and this works magic in detangling my mess of hair.

      • Totally agree about the Unwash product I got a sample in the mail, cant remember why, and fell in love. I have fine limp hair and this really made it light and soft. It also smells amazing!

  19. i dont know why some people are complaining because I think this is a good box with a good value. i am in

  20. I noticed the last box did not sell out immediately. Either they had a ton made up or sales dropped. I am not buying this one. Most of this stuff I do not need or want. Really sad how their quality of products has declined each season. It is still a great deal if you will use the majority of these products, though, but I won’t.

  21. I agree with the thoughts here. Not many high-end brands, kind of disappointing selection. But I pre-ordered, so I’m stuck!

    • Same here. I will definitely not pre order next year. I probably would not have ordered either of the last two boxes.

      • I’m with you on this! So disappointed in all 3 boxes! I wonder if we have to cance anything so they don’t go ahead & out of desperation charge us for another 3 seasons of meh!

  22. Simple brand products are truly wonderful and affordable. I love the micellar and the cleanser and they last forever. I bought a full size foaming cleanser at Walmart 6 months ago and I’m just getting to the bottom. If you haven’t tried Simple products do!

  23. Looks like a great deal to me. I would spend more than this at Ulta for just the hair stuff (and I love the Redkin anyway). 🙂

  24. Wow. Will never pre-pay again. The last box is still in the closet. This just reminded me.

  25. Toothpaste…chapstick?? That ranks right up there with buying kleenexes and toilet paper. I don’t consider those beauty items and am seeing more and more of these every day items in beauty subs. Jmo

    • I agree, not so thrilling. I like to get items not readily available or at least not on my grocery shopping list. lol Not for $50 anyway!

    • Yeah, I can understand basic things for a sub like Target or Walmart. This one? For the price? No way.

  26. At first I thought it was a good looking box. Then I saw the price.
    Too many things I might not love for $60.

  27. I would really like to try the Unwash cleansing conditioner, but not really interested in everything else. Surprised at this choice of items from Allure.

  28. Too much money for drug store products. There’s nothing that really stands out. I don’t know about everyone else but I have enough “oils”(hair and face/body) to last several years and I really don’t like them. For awhile I was getting lots of dry shampoos and now it’s oils. Oh well, just won’t be buying this box.

  29. Nothing I want, so an easy pass for me 🙂

  30. How about they ship October before we even start talking December. Im still waiting for my September box they charged me for Oct 2nd.
    I don’t care whats in December I am done with Allure before I even got a box from them, but yet I’ve paid for 2 so far (Sept and Oct)

    • This isn’t their beauty box. This is a quarterly box that has almost all full size items.

  31. Do we know if these will all be full size? In the past years I would assume, but this year’s boxes have surprised me with these in between deluxe-sized samples and full sized products.

  32. Nothing in this box looks exciting to me so I’ll pass.

    I received a phantom box wrapped in brown paper last week. My address was hand written, and I believe it was shipped from Iowa or Idaho. I can’t remember which. Anyways, I opened it, and it was an Allure box. The box contained deluxe sizes of Canyon Ranch gentle shampoo and nourishing conditioner and the Foreo Night Cleanser. There was no note, no explanation. So I’m not sure why I received this. I don’t know if it was an apology for the August fiasco or an apology for not receiving the mascara or Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum in the September box. Or maybe it was a bonus box of some kind? Did anyone else receive these items? I’m not complaining . . . just curious!

    • I got something similar but it had a note in it saying I won some contest or something from their website. I didn’t remember entering anything but I guess I could have.

  33. I did the prepaid thing which I regret as these aren’t selling out like the old ones so really didn’t need to spend extra on the guarantee of getting it. I still like the boxes bc I can usually swap the items I don’t want. My mom puts a dent in it and I always donate the full size shampoo type stuff. I’m excited about the invisibobles, glov both of which I have been wanting. I can always use the clear lipliners and extra lipstick. The simple Cleanser is useful, indo miss the amazing old boxes hr still happy with these 🙂

  34. I preordered this but if I hadn’t, I’d be skipping it. I don’t need hair thickeners or fake nails. Nothing in the box too exciting for me

    • It seems all I ever get in sub boxes is hair thickeners. I know this is useful to some but it’s a total fail for me. My hair is a already mufasa thick and no amount of layers or thinning out make it thinner. Easy pass for me

  35. Passing also
    really no wow item that grabs me
    I don’t use hairspray or need hair thickners

  36. A random box full of drugstore items I certainly have no need for. Pass

  37. Yawn.

  38. Looks like the best Thrills box of 2016. I’ve been wanting to try that WEN body treatment and Cetiphil is a staple at my house! So funny too, I was thinking of getting some fake nails, just for fun! Excited about that Simple Cleansing Oil too!

    Will absolutely try to grab one…Maybe even two! 🙂

  39. I’m in!!! This box is so much better than the Spring box, I wasn’t even tempted to buy that one. Thanks for all the info, this layout of the spoilers is so much easier to view than the previous ones with just one big pic.

    • Yay!! Glad the layout is helpful, too 🙂

    • @Erica, I agree — it’s so much easier to read the spoilers this way! Thanks, Liz!

      There is nothing terribly exciting here, but I am one of those oddballs who likes getting everyday items like toothpaste, electric brushes and makeup wipes because I know they will be used. I will probably pass though because I am still working on last December’s Beauty Thrills 10 months after delivery. If only I had a bigger house…lol!

  40. So excited, this will be my first AllureThrills; I’m not on product overload yet so can use everything! That glove make up remover is amazing! I got the finger one from Glossybox and was going to buy this version. The invisibobbles are great too and much better in the clear color. Very happy ☺

  41. Love the WEN 623 body treatment. That alone makes me want to buy it but already have 2 of them stocked up.

  42. Some good items in here! I still haven’t used even half of the Summer or Spring box (that I got on sale) though. I’ll be skipping this one due to having so much still to use. I still wish they’d go back to how amazing they were a few years ago!

    • I’m in a similar boat. 🙂 I think I’ve only used one (maybe two) items from the Spring & Summer boxes so far. But I was just thinking this morning that I’ve put a sizeable dent in last year’s December box, so I felt pretty good about that! (I’m actually about to finally(!) use the Algenist serum after I run through a few other serum samples I have.)

  43. I would use everything in this box, minus the nails, which my 16 year old would most likely use. I may just have to buy this box.

  44. Looks good to me! Even though it’s on the ‘low’ value end (it’s more than $200 in RV less than last year’s December box), I’ll still use all but 4 items, which makes for a good box for me. I wonder if they’ll sell the Summer box at 1/2 price like they did the Spring box. I hope so!

    • Yeah I think I may pass on this unless they offer the summer box for 1/2!!! I haven’t missed an allure box in like 3 years…I tried to miss the spring box but they hooked me with the half price but nothing wows me in this box!!! Not sure if I’m bummed or happy….lord knows the last thing g I need is another box.

    • whats the 1/2 price summer box ur talking about? is it the first allure beauty thrill box for this year and they gonna resell it for half the price?

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