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Play! by Sephora Subscription Box Review – September 2016

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Play! by Sephora is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription. Each month they send you six samples, a PLAY! BOOK of tips and tricks, and a PLAY! PASS for in-store learning.

I used to work at Sephora so I naturally couldn’t resist this subscription!


FYI – Play! by Sephora is currently in semi-waitlist mode. Their waitlist just opened, so if you’ve been waiting to be able to sign up – go, go, go!

Hopefully, everyone who wants a subscription is off the waitlist, but if you are still waiting for an invite, check the comments on this post for lots of tips.


Every month they included all of the samples in this adorable drawstring bag!


My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Subscription Box: Play! by Sephora

The Cost: $10

The Products: Five deluxe samples plus a fragrance sample, a PLAY! BOOK of tips and tricks, and a PLAY! PASS for in-store learning.

Ships to: US

Check out all of our Play! by Sephora reviews and all of our reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes for other similarly priced boxes!

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!


Each box comes with a Play! Pass, which is a card you can use at Sephora (in-store) to get 50 extra rewards points, and you can also get one-on-one tutorials and tips of products from a Sephora consultant.

Although I do have to mention, you can walk in and get shown any tips and even a “mini makeover” (which is where a consultant will do a small demo on you like a certain eye look, how to do your brows, how to contour, matching you with a foundation, etc) anytime! So if you don’t have this subscription (or can’t get off the waitlist), you can still go to your local Sephora and try out all the products featured, or any other products you’ve had your eye on.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask for samples! They should give you any you ask for (FYI – general guideline is 3 free samples, but if you ask for more they shouldn’t say no). Keep in mind I don’t mean they will give you free deluxe samples or pre-packaged samples (those are typically reserved for 100 point rewards) – Sephora employees can make you samples of any product!


Sephora has an excellent info card – it feels like reading a magazine! This month’s theme is all about “unbasic basics.”

Also – their info sheet is interactive! On the right side there, it says to download the Sephora To Go app for iPhone to scan product images in the info sheet and it’ll teach you more about the products and you can shop the full sizes. Very cool.


They have such thorough information on each product and brand! There’s also lots of great tips and tricks for application and use for everything.


Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer – 1 oz, value: $10.90

This moisturizer is a new product to me, though I’ve liked Dr. Jart+ skincare products for a while. This moisturizer hydrates with hyaluronic acid, which helps pull moisture into your skin cells. It also helps brighten your skin tone. The texture is silky and I really think it would be good for any skin type (Yes, even oily!). The silky texture actually makes this moisturizer double great as a foundation primer.

PRO TIP: If you struggle with oily skin, you avoid moisturizing, and you wash frequently, then I can tell you confidently that your skin is actually likely dried out and stripped from being washed, so it’s overproducing oil in order to try and hydrate itself! Wash your face at just night (and maybe in the morning), try using a moisturizer morning and night, and you’ll probably see a huge difference! It may take a couple days for your skin to adjust, but if you provide it with moisture (via moisturizers) then it’ll get the hint that it doesn’t need to try to hydrate itself as much!

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector – 1 oz, value: $7

I’ve tried this product before thanks to Birchbox, and I like it alright. I think it works well to hydrate and smooth my hair, but I don’t know if I really see a difference for a whole week like it says. The main reason I don’t love it is that I don’t care to sleep in hair treatments, but that’s just me.

FYI – the packaging says to apply to your hair at night (damp or dry) and comb through, and wash out or style in the morning. Based on the reviews from Sephora’s site, if you’ve been unimpressed when you’ve tried it and washed in in the morning, you may have better results if you wash at night and apply to damp hair, and then style without washing in the morning.


Kat Von D Tattoo Waterproof Liner in Trooper – .007 fl oz, value: $7

Yay! This is my go-to liquid liner. I have used this liner pretty much daily for years. I really love it because it has a brush tip which gives you so much control and makes you feel like you’re drawing or writing on your eyeliner instead of swiping it on like a pencil liner (or maybe it’s just me and I like to romanticize the act of applying liquid liner. I don’t know). The formula is a super intense, opaque black. I absolutely love that it doesn’t bleed into creases at all and I can trust it to maintain a stark line all day long and I’ve never had a hard time washing it off at night with a makeup remover!

I love using this liner for a cat-eye or kitten-eye (which is basically just a tiny, non-dramatic cat-eye) look, and it makes it easy.

Tony Burch Jolie Fleur Verte – sample

This fragrance is meant to feel “tomboyish” and laid back. The notes include Lily of the Valley, Jasmine Absolute, Mandarin, Neroli Oil, Dewey Green Accord, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Musk. I like how it’s floral and green and not too sweet. This definitely feels like a summertime scent to me.


Here’s a close-up of the brush tip of the Kat Von D liner – more than 300 bristles!


Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick in #14 Love Spell – .035 oz, value: $3.37

The Sephora Collection has some fantastic products and it’s always going to be the lowest price point in the store. Don’t think that means low-quality; Sephora is owned by LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE) and you know those two names won’t put something out that’s low-quality.
This lipstick is a moisturizing, slightly cool-toned rose pink. It’s a sheerer formula and easily wearable. I think many subscribers will find it refreshing to receive such a wearable, non-intimidating shade from Sephora, particularly after receiving some super bold colors in recent boxes. (swatch below)

FYI – the Sephora Rouge Shine lipsticks are sheer and buildable. If you’re looking for a bolder/more pigmented formula, try their Rouge Intense lipstick. There are also 9 different shades of this Rouge Shine on sale for only $5 online!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel – .085 oz, value: $6.68

Yay, another favorite of mine! Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand that is all about the brows! They have some of everything as far as brow products and formulas go. This brow gel is clear and fantastic for setting your brows after you fill them with powder or pencil. Personally, I swipe it on to shape and hold after doing my brows with the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil, which makes brow-shaping super easy. (Brush with the spooly end, fill/shape with the pencil end, blend with the spooly end again to help it look a little more natural. Oh, and you have some control over the intensity of the pigment by how hard you press the pencil).

FYI – Anastasia Beverly Hills also has tinted brow gels! If you have full brows already or just prefer a more natural/less-bold look to your brows, the colored brow gels are awesome for a little bit of tinting. I once had a client come in and sheepishly say she used mascara on her brows. When I lead her to the tinted brow gels she loved that we found something that matched her hair color perfectly, worked better for brows, and was just as easy to use as mascara!


Here are some swatches of the eyeliner and the lipstick. The top lipstick swatch is with a few swipes to build color, and the bottom swatch is only one swipe.


Here I am wearing the Water Drop moisturizer (as a foundation primer), the Kat Von D liquid eyeliner, the Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel (over my usual filling/defining with her Brow Wiz pencil), and the Sephora Rouge Shine lipstick.


The liner is perfect for creating a cat-eye, and I love how natural and easy-to-wear the lipstick is.

The Verdict: This was a great Play! By Sephora box for me! There were some new products as well as everyday favorites of mine. The value this month adds up to $35.95 which I’m definitely happy with for a $10 box.

What do you think about the September Play! By Sephora box?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I see lots of comments regarding the small samples but these are some quality products. In my August box I got the Caudelie eye cream. I use it daily and am still using it today. My box came the 3rd week of August and today is October 2nd. My tube of cream is almost out but there really was a lot in that tiny tube. I used it twice a day, though a couple of times I did use a heavier cream when needed but for the most part it has lasted a long time. In addition the Lancome sample lasted me two weeks using it daily in the morning only on top of a sunscreen. Quality samples while small make me happy.

  2. Well, I would have loved to review this box, but I never got it. My boxes are coming later and later. When I called Sephora, their response was, sorry, it is out of stock. We can’t send you a replacement. It’s time to cancel. This is so disappointing.

  3. I don’t remember if it’s this box or anther box but I tried the Dr. Jart’s earlier this week. While the moisturizer itself was ok, I broke out. My skin was really irritated and itchy.. red like hives. Don’t know if anyone else has had that reaction.

  4. I just got my box (the Ole Henricksen variation) and it only had 3 samples + perfume. I was missing the eyeliner and brow gel! I emailed Sephora but no response…has anybody else had this happen? I’m really bummed since I was looking forward to trying them, plus I didn’t get what I was promised (5 samples).

    • I saw this on another forum, sephora gave then 200 points. I am looking into adding another subscription but these post are learing me away.

  5. Yeah this month pushed me over the edge, I cancelled. I’m not getting the value out of it, like other people seem to be. I get way more out of ipsy (which I know a lot of people don’t lol). Just such a toss up, but I know a lot of these are freebies and Sephora will give you samples in store. I’d rather go in and take my chances than chunk stuff in a donate or trash pile.

  6. I’m late to the party, but my lipstick looks nothing like the review or the one in the little magazine that came with my sub. The one I got is such a pale pink I can’t even see it on me (and I am so pale myself that I definitely need color). I keep hoping I’ll get a good lipstick color…I always end up mixing them with a gloss or applying super lightly or something to make it work, but I want a lipstick I can just throw on on its own.

    I also didn’t get the Dr. Jart 🙁 My first month and I’m a bit bummed.

  7. Each month both my email from play and my info sgeet contain the descriptions and products from last month…Anybody else have the same problem?

  8. For those of you on the wait list – I received an email this morning that the Play subscriptions are OPEN!

  9. Haley – I love your reviews and seeing the makeup products on – keep up the excellent reviews. I agree with others that the sample sizes are really nice to have for my purse and perfect sized for my pre-teen daughter to play around with. I consistently find “holy grail” items in nearly every box we’ve received so far. Unfortunately my eyeliner was dried out like some others mentioned, and when I called Sephora, they went above and beyond to fix situation for me. Very pleased with customer service and the Play box so far.

  10. Just sayin, but the expiration date stamped on my Dr. Jart cream is September 3, 2016. Anyone else get the same batch of past expiration moisturizer?

    • Ugh, I just took a look and it’s worse than that – I believe the stamp is EXP 19032016. Although I don’t know how Korea abbreviates dates, in Europe it is dd/mm/yyyy. I am guessing this expired in May. Kind of surprising Sephora would send this out, even though I always use things beyond stamped expiration date, since most are arbitrary.

      • Nevermind, should have scrolled down before replying. We’re in the clear till 2019!

      • Some countries put the date the batch was created

    • This was mentioned earlier but look at expire date again and see if there is a one in front of the nine. K beauty products are dated year/month/day. Mine was the same and then I saw the one before the none in the black area.

    • Since everyone is new to Made IN Korea products, Korea manufacturers stamp “manufacture date and also expire date.” This is a common practice and should also apply to all cosmetic here in the USA too.

  11. I don’t think you realize you said that if you have oily skin “avoid moisturizing and wash frequently”. I think you meant the opposite of that. If you have oily skin you SHOULD still moisturize, do not avoid it like is written. The more you moisturize the less oil the skin will produce. I think that’s what you meant in the review but it’s worded when it says to avoid moisturizer and to wash more. Should be the opposite of that lol

    • I saw that too. It threw me off there for a moment. NOT moisturizing oily skin does make it worse; at least in my experience.

    • Yeah. I think she meant “if you have oily skin, [you] avoid moisturizing, and [you] wash frequently, [then] I can tell you confidently that…” rather than “if you have oily skin, [you should] avoid moisturizing and wash frequently.” But it took several readthroughs for me to understand the intent.

      • yes, abmjem, that’s exactly what I meant! I’m so sorry that was worded confusingly. We’ve updated the review to make this clear. 🙂 Thanks!

  12. Sephora Play is one of my favorite boxes too, and I am totally loving this month!
    Haley, thank you so much for the detailed review, I always look forward to reading them because they have such good information, pics, and tips, but I would love to know how you draw your cat eye, it looks amazing!!

  13. Always love these Sephora Play! reviews. They’re fun and helpful!

    I’m disappointed I got the alternate box with the Ole Henrikson, because I LOVE the Dr. Jart. I got it in a Birchbox (maybe?? I don’t remember and I almost hate giving Birchbox that much credit lol) and it really works well with my skin. The Ole… does not. And I already have ONE BAZILLION of them from subscriptions / promos / etc. Womp.

    Also not a huge fan of the Living Proof, as I have other samples of this and it isn’t that impressive on my hair.

    BUT, still, an ABH brow gel? Is such a great thing to receive in a subscription box. And the KVD is nice too.

    I’m still more impressed with Play!’s brands than Birchbox’s.

  14. Another great box! I got everything Haley reviewed and love it all except the perfume. The living proof works great on my hair. I don’t wash it out the next day. It works better if you live it on without rinsing. The Dr. Jart is great on my dry skin. The lipstick is a nice color. The eyeliner is ok but I’ve tried better. The perfume is so strong i had to wash it off. It still stunk after scrubbing. Play is one of my favorite subs.

  15. I am really enjoying everything in my first Play box with the exception of the Dr Jarts which Im on the fence about. I’ve used it twice now, at night and before makeup the next morning and it leaves my skin an odd texture (tacky, maybe?) and I’m pretty sure its actually enlarging my pores. Im wondering if anyone else has had a similar effect or if its my imagination being too critical.

    • I haven’t had that tacky feeling at all. It works really well for me. I have extremely dry skin though. It might leave a residue if your skin is more oily.

      • Its not really dry or oily but probably more oily than dry if I had to pick. Im not using it again either way. Its not quite 3pm Vegas time and all my makeup is currently residing in every little wrinkle on my face and it looks grotesque up close. Im about to go wash it all off because my tiny wrinkles are the thing I hate most about my complexion. I just cant see myself using something that calls attention to what I dislike the most. Kind of a bummer because its such a nice sample size and now that Ive taken the seal off and used it I don’t know what to do with it. Cant win them all I guess.

        • Use it on your neck or chest.

    • I get the same feeling from all the “water” moisturizers. It’s why I don’t like the constant stream of of Laniege product in the Target boxes. They all feel tacky and like they sit on top, rather than fully absorbing into, my skin.

  16. I really dislike variations in boxes because I usually don’t get the one I want. I wish none of them ever did it.

    • Agree! I got the one without Tory Burch & Dr. Jart & I am sad. I don’t like this month’s box at all after receiving it. I just keep thinking I would definitely not pay $10 for this if I had picked it out.. $20 counting the crap samples I got from Birchbox this month. Thinking about dropping both and using the $20 to buy something I want. I’m loving Ipsy, Scentbird, Puravida Bracelets, & Serendipity & those all give a good variety of stuff. What to do…

    • I agree about the variations. I got a different box last month than what was showing on my account page. When I asked customer service about it, I was told there was no guarantee we would receive the box showing in our accounts. To this day, it still shows product samples I never received. No offer to exchange, just a semi-rude response. This seemed opposite to the nice CS experiences others have had.

    • I definitely agree with you!

  17. Great review as always! 🙂 I’d LOVE a tutorial on the “kitten eye.”

  18. That box is a miss for me. The only thing I’m excited for (as excited as you can get for a black liner I guess) is the Kat Von D. I just got that Dr. Jarts in another box, and Im not so impressed. It doesn’t leave me feeling moisturized, so I use another product on top of it. Oh well, there’s always swaps.

  19. I’ve gotten Sephora Play since May, but have swapped or given almost everything away. After this box, I decided to cancel and try Beauty Box 5 instead. The dollar value may be a little less, but I think I’ll actually use everything. I canceled yesterday, and this morning I had an email that said spots are open for this sub. I wonder if lots of people finally canceled or if they were trying to get me back. 🙂

    • I got Beauty box 5 for a couple of years, and I really liked it. It had tools as well as makeup and skin care items, and although they weren’t usually high-end brands, all the items were so useful, I found I didn’t care. The up-side of a box with drugstore brands in it is that if you find a product you really love, you can purchase another without breaking the bank!

  20. This box was such a disappointment. My Ipsy was way better. The Ole moisturizer I have so many of and the eyeliner is a repeat I don’t like the first time. The lipstick was so tiny and not a great color. I really wanted the Dr Jart. I love that brand. Haven’t tried the living proof yet, but if it keeps going this way I may cancel

  21. This is a GREAT box! I didn’t get the Dr. Jart moisturizer (which I’d love to try) but I’ve never had a Kat Von D or Anastasia product in a box before. This is why I CANCELLED BIRCHBOX.
    Sephora wins again!

  22. I ended up canceling because of the small samples. Last month we received a mini Sephora eye pencil and this month, a mini lipstick. Is it really that hard for Sephora to throw in a full sized product from their own line?

    • This is a sample subscription service, so its intention is for consumers to test out products, and even inspire some to purchase items they normally wouldn’t reach for. For $10 I think we get incredible value, and I love getting smaller sized items, because they usually end up in my purse. If you’re looking for subs with full-size items, you can read reviews on other beauty boxes on this site to find one that is more your taste.

      • I agree. For $10 (free shipping), you get great value in being able to try out these generous sized samples (IMO). Out of all of the beauty boxes I received in Sept. so far, this was one of my favorites just because of the brands featured. I also fell in love with the eyeliner, and I am going to buy it in full-size.

        • I actually LOVE getting small versions of things like eyeliner and lipstick because I never use full sizes up before they expire! Especially for items like eyeliner that I only wear for “going out” or special occasions rather than for everyday wear.

      • This was my first box and I feel like I got my $10 worth. I think the lipstick is cute and the perfect size for a tiny clutch occasion. Maybe Im not mad because its not in a shade Im going to reach for alot anyway and being its so reasonably priced Id rather go buy a full sized in a shade I will like.

      • What’s to complain about really for $10? Plus, the quality of the products far exceeds Birchbox. I got all the items reviewed and love it! My daughter took the Kat Von D, Living proof and the brow gel. At least I get to try the other products. Lol

    • Exactly why I’m thinking of cancelling. I get too many boxes that include full size products or larger samples, even, to continue paying for this box.

    • I agree, they should include full sizes of their products. I’ve even posted that on their facebook wall, I think last month.

    • House brands are always the highest profit margin in a retail store. I was totally shocked by how small the lipstick sample was in this box. This was my first and may be my last play box.

    • im starting to feel the same way Carolann. When samples are that tiny there is almost always a small change in ingredients or % of ingredients. the lipstick was so small it makes it hard to get an idea of the consistency from the tube, etc. i received a tarte eyeliner a bit back that was completely unusable it was so small. i very much liked the kat von d eyeliner and anastasia brow gel. the ole hendrickson is ok, lipstick a total miss and for me the living proof doesnt do much for my hair. last time i tried on damp hair th enext day it actually left my hair a little “crunchy” feeling which i thought odd.
      one thing i dont like is that i see a lot of repeats of waht is in this box with the 100 point perks. i am on the fence on this one.

    • Agreed…that is the EXACT reason I cancelled.

      • I don’t think you guys all understand the concept of a sample box. These are not supposed to be full size products. They’re intended to be sample size. If that isn’t what you like for only 10 dollars then pay more for boxycharm to get full size samples. But a 10 dollar sample box like this will quite obviously only have Samples guys, not full size. Come on now.

        • I agree. There sure are a lot of whiny people on these forums threatening to rage-cancel because a box sucked for them or they perceive the samples to be too small. You know what you’re getting yourself into when you sign up for a sub, especially a $10 one.

          • Rage cancel! I love it! Agree with you completely!

        • To be fair, isn’t Ipsy a sample box .. uhm bag… too? They occasionally throw in a fI’ll size something or a nice brush. So, even though the subscription sucked for me, the full size and the brushes kinda sorta evened things out. 🙂 Ipsy is also $10 and no tax on top of that.

    • I agree w/you. I get sample of this size for free all the time (GWPs, incentives, etc.) . I’m not thrilled with this value.

    • Right?! Have they researched the competition? I find myself seriously disappointed every month. I promised myself that if Sephora couldn’t send a full-size proprietary product, I’d cancel. I could get quite a lot every few months if I saved the money and bought what I want…

  23. First time trying the Kay Von D liner and it’s amazing!

  24. This is my first box and I loved it! I had the other variation (with the Ole and Atelier perfume). I was planning on buying the Kat Von D eyeliner, so I’m excited to try it out! I have super oily lids and have been on the hunt for my HG liquid eyeliner that doesn’t smudge. So far it’s pretty good. The wings on my cat eye are gone by end of day, but the actual line is still there.
    The lipstick color blends into my lips, so likely won’t use it.
    The magnolia perfume is pretty unpleasant, and I love florals. That was a disappointment. That will go to my Mom who will use any perfume.
    Have not used the moisturizer yet, so can’t comment on that. I’m sure it’s just fine.
    The Living Proof didn’t work that well on my hair, but I’m past due for a haircut, so I’m not discounting it yet. I have EXTREMELY thick and coarse hair, so I’m hoping it will work better when my split ends are gone.
    I love the brow gel, works great! Brows are still in place at the end of the day.
    For $10, I really can’t complain, I got try some products i have been interested in. I am very happy, if just for the eyeliner and brow gel!

  25. “PRO TIP: If you struggle with oily skin, avoid moisturizing, and wash frequently, I can tell you confidently that your skin is actually likely dried out and stripped from being washed, so it’s overproducing oil in order to try and hydrate itself! Wash your face at just night (and maybe in the morning), try using a moisturizer morning and night, and you’ll probably see a huge difference!”

    These are contradictory statements. Do these “pros” even know what they’re doing?

    • Dea, sorry if that comment seemed confusing! In that first sentence I’m not suggesting that people with oily skin avoid moisturizer and overwash. I meant that people with oily skin who do currently avoid moisturizer and overwash SHOULD try lessening the frequency they wash their face (once or twice a day is enough!)and try using a moisturzier, even though it may seem counterintuitive for oily skin. When their skin is super dry and stripped, it tells the skin glands to try to hydrate the skin by producing extra oil, and the more you wash and the less you moisturize the more oil your skin feels it needs to make! Therefore if you help hydrate your skin with products the skin will regulate itself and recognize it’s hydrated and cut down on the amount of oil it needs. Hope that helps! Thanks for reading.

      • Thanks Haley,I understand what you were saying..It took a few really nice ladies on the forum to get through to me on that very subject.I can’t tell you how many fantastic products I have gave or traded away,thinking”no way can I use that.”After three years of sub boxing…You girls have made my face look better than it ever has.I went on for years…stripping my face down…Even doctors have given me things that just pealed it away.This year I finally listened,and started using the serums I have been sent….Wow!I am now a believer.Thank you so much ladies for putting me on the right track.Sub boxes and the forum have given me something Years of doctors andexpensive treatment couldn’t …Clear balanced skin…

      • I think you should go back and edit it though Haley because as it stands now, it literally says if you have oily skin to wash more and not moisturize when I know what you meant is the opposite of what you actually wrote. If you’re able to edit it I would because it’s giving everyone the opposite advice of what it should be and what I think you intended.

      • Should be worded to say “if you struggle with oily skin AND you also avoid moisturizing and wash too frequently you should instead do this”.

    • They aren’t condradictory at all. Your body corrects itself alllll the time, or did you not ever take a science class? When you overindulge in sweets and you have a terrible sugar rush and then crash, that’s your body correcting what you’ve done to it, same as with over washing your face.

    • The wording is odd, I had to read it a couple times for it to make sense. It should read something like: If you struggle with oily skin and as a result you avoid moisturizing and you are washing frequently…you are likely drying out your skin yada yada yada.

      • Beth, you’re exactly right. It needs to be worded differently to make any sense. I don’t think anyone is trying to be mean guys, but the way it’s worded right now IS contradictory like Dea said. Which is why everyone if suggesting how it should be changed to make sense to those reading.

    • It made sense to me. People on this site need to stop being so nasty in their comments.

      • I thought she was quoting from the package insert. If it made sense to you, then you must enjoy contradictions.

        • I enjoy tips from people who know better than I do. There is no contradiction anywhere in her statement, and she explains why your skin does what it does.

      • I agree. Good grief, find something better to do with your time. If there’s confusion, simply ask for more information. The reviewers are usually great at responding to questions.
        Anyway, love Haley’s reviews, they’re always so detailed!!!

    • You are completely spot on about this oft made mistake made by people with oily skin. ALL skin types need proper moisturizing to plump up cells and stay hydrated in the right way. Thanks!

  26. Another great PLAY! Box for me. I use Living Proof products, but have fine hair, so don’t think this item of theirs will work for me, oh well. Everything else is fantastic.
    Thanks for another great review Hailey, yours are always so detailed & the pics are very helpful. ??

    • I have never used Living Proof so this was new to me. I also have fine hair and in addition it is a short pixie cut. I can’t use hair oils or masques as they are too heavy but I decided to try this. Put a small amount in my hair last night and when I got up this morning I just put some water on my hands, ran it through my hair, did a quick towel dry and my hair was styled. It feels like I used a dry srpay wax in my hair without the heaviness and it is staying in place. This tube will last a long time for me and I’ll use it.

  27. This box was such a win for me. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the color of the lipstick bht the formula texture etc is nice. I probably won’t go out of my way to find one anytime soon but it’s nice to know when shopping online.

    • Totally agree. The lipstick had a nice texture but showed up as a chalky pink on my pigmented lips. You’d think they would’ve sent out a berry-toned lipstick since autumn is right around the corner. :/

      • I have really pigmented lips too, nudes do not look good on me! Even if I put foundation on my lips beforehand, it just looks odd. This lipstick was a miss for me.

  28. I love, love, love this box so much! The Dr. Jart moisturizer is my new holy grail. I cannot believe how amazing my skin looks and feels. The sample will last forever. The brow gel is something I wouldn’t necessarily purchase, but now I see the difference. The very best part is having my husband compliment my skin and eyes(all of last month’s eye products were fab too!!!) and I owe it to all of my Sephora Play products!!!! 😉

  29. Sorry for the double comments. Wasn’t paying attention to the enter and backspace buttons.

    As for the lipstick, I find it smooth like butter but on me it has no color so it’s a lip balm. Can’t wait to try in a darker color.

    • Thank you for the insights on the Lancome! Sounds like a nice day moisturizer.

  30. Am i the only one who received expired sample of dr. jart? Mine has expiration date printed at the top of the tube, and it says february 19 2016

    • If this is a kbeauty brand this might be the date it was packaged.

      • I guess it would be weird to print “EXP 021916” for the date the product was packaged, wouldn’t it?

        • It was “EXP 190216”. And thank you Amber for clarification on the date format, guess you are right about 19 year, not 16.

    • korean expiration dates are labeled year/month/day. so i believe it should read expires feb 16 2019

      • I’m confused. If it was month/year/day, then wouldn’t that say expires the 19th month of 2022? Do you mean the format is year/month/day if it is printed 190216?

        • Nevermind, I read down further! I had confused myself. ?

  31. Super duper jealous of the folks who got Dr. Jart+ since I can’t use the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation. (It breaks me out.)

    On oily skin… Mine is actually an oily/dehydrated combo. What seems to do the trick for me is to add HYDRATING layers when needed (things like essences or moisturizing toners, just as much as I happen to need after cleansing) and then use a light moisturizer with a few drops of facial oil mixed in on top of that. My face is definitely less oily in the mornings. And in the mornings I just wipe away my nighttime products/sebum with a little micellar water before putting on my daytime products.

    • Face-twins! I do that in the morning too! When it’s really hot out, I’ll use a Cerave cleanser in the morning.

  32. Seems like I’m in the minority, as I tried the Living Proof cream last night, and I loved how my hair was (and stayed) today! I have thick, frizzy hair which gets poofier as the day goes on, even after I’ve weighed it down with mouse in the morning. I used maybe a nickel size of the cream last night after washing it then braided my hair, and this morning I put my hair in a ponytail, and my ponytail stayed really contained all day. I’m not holding my breath that this will keep all week as claimed, but so far my hair’s still looking tamed, so I’m hoping for at least one more good hair day before I wash it again tomorrow night. I love that this sample will last me a really long time, since the sample is a decent size and I only need a little once/week. I also found two other samples of this same product I happened to have in my stash! Yay!

    • Ha, ha… I meant to say ‘mousse’, not ‘mouse’. Ewwww!

      • I personally prefer weighing mine down with frog. It leaves a nice sheen, the smell I just try to look past !?

        • The frog is not too gooey? Lol.

        • Ha ha ha!!! Thanks for the chuckle this morning. 😀

    • I have stick straight, thick hair that tends to get oily at roots easily, down to my lower back. The Living Proof cream was absolutely amazing on the last 6-9 inches of my hair. I woke up and it was so soft and obviously nothing mends split ends but they looked so nice and smooth and soft and not at all any type of weird feeling or residue to it. I really enjoyed this product as well!

      • If it matters to anyone about how I used it based on directions: I applied to damp hair almost towards end of air drying and combed through with fingers and did not rinse it when I woke up.

  33. I loved this month’s bag so much! I thought all the samples were a nice size(albeit the lipstick, but I will still get plenty of use ) and gave me enough usage to determine if I want to purchase the full size. I feel like some people expect a whole lot from ten bucks, but hey, that’s their money and and their opinion, so to each his/her own. Me, personally, I am super satisfied, this month especially!

  34. I got everything, but the Dr. Jarts. I got an Ole Henriksen’s Sheer Transformation.

    • Same I so wanted the Dr. Jart, especially since it was one ounce

      • Double-same. I would have loved to try the Dr. Jart. I’ve already received the Ole Henriksen in other boxes and it’s just okay. I get more and more “iffy” each month about whether or not I’m going to keep my Play sub. I guess I expected more from the box, but I haven’t been blown away.

  35. I do wish their samples were bigger but I do like the brands they send. The only thing I am not happy about is the Living Proof. They just simply do not do justice to my hair.

    • I find I get widely varying results with Living Proof products, so if you haven’t tried that exact one before, it may still be worthwhile. (My box hasn’t come yet so I don’t know if this one will work for me or not.)

    • I agree. After waiting forever to get this sub I just cancelled it because I’m on tiny tube and bottle overload! I would happily pay more for this box if they offered a combo of larger samples and full size products, maybe more along the lines of Beauty Fix. That would be my dream beauty subscription box!

      • Yes!!!!!

  36. That look is so pretty on you, Hayley! Thank you for the reviews.

  37. Awesome review, I love all of the extra tips !!! I might be the minority here but I loved my box, I use the clear brow gel everyday so that alone almost covers the cost. Plus I’m really excited to try out the water drop.

    • I love this bag too! I’m obsessed with all the products. I’m newish to subs and only have three so not overwhelmed with samples yet. Love, love my sephora play ??

    • The Water Drop is amazeeeee. I was so excited for a mini of the clear gel to put in my purse makeup bag as its one of my must haves. Dr. Jart has never disappointed me skincare wise, the Kat Von D is a classic, loved the LP product which while I was familiar with other products this one was new to me…honestly the only thing I disliked was the lipstick color.

  38. Meh, this box hasn’t impressed me yet and I’ve had it for several months now. I think it may be time to give it the boot.

  39. I loved this box ? So happy to try all the products. Was initially on the fence about trying Sephora lipstick but it turned out to be amazing quality and such a pretty color! And Kat von D products are always a win for me. Super impressed with the sample choices.

  40. I canceled because I didn’t get the Living Proof sample and They gave me 100 points for the sample. I didn’t like the lipstick or eyeliner. At least Ipsy came thou and gave me the Too Faced lip product and a different Living Proof sample.

  41. Disappointed – the Kat Von D liner is a repeat from March. For box that has been only around for a year, I wouldn’t have expected repeats already – especially in the same color!

  42. The eyeliner I received is all dried out – So disappointing. And the lipstick shade completely disappears on me. Five months in, and I continue to be unimpressed by Sephora. This month might be my last.

    • Mine was dried out too! I had to swipe it several times and it still didn’t look good. I emailed them about it and they said they’d put 100 points into my account. (I need to verify that, I forgot to check it!) I really wanted that eyeliner too.

      • I called, and was given points too. I’ve had a problem every month since I subscribed, and would rather get non-defective samples than hear (when I call), “I’m sorry, but we can give you points” over and over. The eyeliner is one of the only samples this month that I actually would have used. Kind of takes the fun out of the whole thing!

        • Mine started flaking off within an hour. I’m ready to unsub. Tiny samples and so many repeats.

      • I had a problem with an item in my very first box (May 2016). They refunded me the entire cost of the box which is why I’ve stuck with them even though I’ve been unimpressed. I thought they had great customer service.

  43. I finally got to sign up on sept.16 so does that mean I get this months box because I really want them 🙂

  44. Does anyone know the value of the other moisturizer sample? It was ridiculously small. I really wanted the Water Drop.

    • I too was disappointed with the size difference between the two moisturizer samples (I got the Ole Henrikson). I’ve had this subscription since May and this is the first time I’ve been unhappy with it.

    • Last month I received the Lancome moisturizer same – and it was insanely small.

      I’d like the Sephora collection items to be full-sized. It would be nice to get at least one full-sized or travel sized item each month.

      • I’ve been using the Lancome moisturizer for 7 days now. It is just about out. So I got a good idea of what the product does. It is a thin moisturizer so a little goes a long way. No too bad for a small sample.

        • Interesting. My Lancome tube didn’t even seem half full. Not sure if that was intentional or if a defect. I’ll have to see how long the sample will last.

          • It has a watery consistency and spills out of the tube real fast which may be why it didn’t last so long for some. Just dab a drop and spread and then another drop if you need to do so. It’s like their genefique serum, a drop or two or three wil do. I use three drops of this product. No more than two on the genefique. And it’s a day moisturizer not a night.

          • It has a watery consistency and spills out of the tube real fast which may be why it didn’t last so long for some. Just dab a drop and spread and then another drop if you need to do so. It’s like their genefique serum, a drop or two or three wil do. I use three drops of this product. No more than two on the genefique. And it’s a day moisturizer not a night but I do use a sunscreen also.

    • It’s $5.41 if you do the math with the largest container available at Sephora. Of course, smaller sizes usually cost more per ounce.

      I thought the lipstick was ridiculously small – I measured it – 5/8″ and narrower than most lipsticks. I feel like it’s going to break right off with any pressure.

  45. Such ridiculously samples!!! I’m canceling now!!!

  46. I got my first box today and I love it. It was fun to open and I liked the info sheet. The bag is cute. I don’t care much for the lipstick stick shade but that just gives me an excuse to head to Sephora to find a shade I will like and use my Play Pass. The eyeliner is awesome and I like the scent of the perfume pretty well. At least it isn’t “old lady.” Im looking forward to trying the Dr Jarts after I wash of today’s face and trying out the Luving Proof on my daughter’s long hair and I’ll give the brow gel a whirl in the morning.

    • I always figure the lipstick sample may not be a color I’d buy, it’s there for me to judge feel, lasting power, application ease, etc.,then, if I like it , I go back and buy a shade I like.

      • I really like the formula especially on top of my lip plumper. And its a great price point so Im super excited to head into Sephora this weekend to find a shade I will love.

  47. Beautiful!

    • Just received my first Sephora Play box. I am also surprised at how tiny the samples are. When Sephora Play first started the samples they gave in the boxes were much larger. Seems now that Sephora Play is available to mostly everyone the samples are tiny. I do love that they give a fragrance sample each month. Going to wait and see if the boxes get better.

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