Play! By Sephora September 2016 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have the FULL SPOILERS for the September 2016 Play! By Sephora subscription box! (Thanks to Reddit user mistakenforstars81 for the spoilers, and Nikki, for the head’s up!)

Each box will* include:


*there may be some variation with one or more of the samples this month. If your September box has shipped and you are seeing different samples in your account, let us know and I’ll update the post with variations!

What do you think of the September 2016 Play! By Sephora box spoilers? 


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Both the eyeliner and brow gel have parabens 🙁 the two items I wanted to love the most. Sadness. This might turn out to be another sub I cancel as well

    • oh what a bummer! I don’t want to cancel this one but I will if products with parabens are the norm.

      • Received mine today instead of With two different samples. I received Atelier Colonge in Sud Magnolia instead of Tory Burch,and instead of Dr Jart I received an Ole Hendriksen sheer transformation face cream. I actually prefer my variation .

  2. I’m getting totally different stuff in my Play box. It says im getting – Ready for Liftoff by caudalie (eye lifting serum) , Keeping a Low Profile by Cancome (moisturizer), Shimmer Takes All by Make-up Forever in color I-544, Rise To The Taupe by Sephora (12 hour contouring pencil), At Long lash by Urbandecay (perversion mascara), and the perfume is Right Under Your Nose by Clean Reserve (Blonde Rose). I think I like yours better. Oh well, this is my very first Play, we will see how it goes.

    • That is Augusts box

      • Idk why it’s saying that’s what’s in my box then that’s weird. Every time I checked before it said that I would see what was in there after it shipped and then today that’s what was showing. I ordered on August 19th and thought I’d get the August box but I never did. Good because i want the lipstick that’s showing in the September box anyways. I hope they don’t send me the August box instead. Thanks for letting me know, like I said it’s my first box. I’ll keep checking maybe it’ll change.

      • No it’s not. My August box had none of this

        • That’s the August box. It had variations, but everyone received the Urban Decay mascara, the Make Up For Ever eyeshadow in I-544, the Lancome moisturizer. The variations were in the Clean perfume, some people received Algenist instead of Caudalie and a different color Sephora pencil.

        • This is exactly what my august box had in it.

    • I think that was August’s box. At least, that’s what I got in August. 🙂

    • I believe those are the samples for the August box. (It’s a little confusing – my products in my account haven’t updated to show the September products yet.) Hope that makes sense!

    • What was your box number?

      • Her items are still showing from August. They haven’t updated all of the pages yet.

      • How do you find out what your box number is?

    • This is what I got in the August box

    • That was the August box, did you sign up in August or September?

    • How do I see what is coming?

    • The ones you listed are August’s play box products.

    • That was last months box….

    • This was last month’s box

    • That was the August box

    • That was Augusts items not September

    • Same here

      • Isn’t that from last month

    • That was August’s box.

  3. I really hope I get the ABH Brow Gel in my variation. I use the Brow Wiz everyday, but I’ve never tried the brow gel. I’ve been wanted to get one recently, though, so this would be perfect to try.

  4. i love this box but i’m getting the 080 box. hopefully, this gonna be something i like this month. i had no luck in the past couple months. i wanted to hv the other version of the box. it’s been too month i kept getting something i purchased before. i really hope i’m lucky enough to try something new this time.

  5. How do you know what box number you’re getting?

    • login to sephora, click on purchase history. there’s an item number under your play box.

      • Thank you!! I believe I”m getting box 80

      • Thank you

      • mine says Item 1850098 , what does that mean lol

  6. I am getting the box number 98 so i guess it will be the same as the spoiler. This will be my third month with Play and I love it. There is always a variety of products and I love getting a new fragrance every month.

  7. I have a theory that one of the differing items might be the living proof. Dr. Jart is good for all skin types but in the spoiler video she is putting living proof on the ends of her hair. I suspect it might be the oil or split end repair.

    • I find that theory believable. I have the 80 box and they would give me the oil. If I don’t get the overnight protector I’ll try to swap for it.

      • Honestly, I have the overnight protector and it’s not that life changing (for me anyhow).

    • I am so impressed with everyone’s detective skills! Mine hasn’t shipped, but looking forward to it. I wasn’t too impressed with last box. Only because it wasn’t anything I needed to try….but still love my playbox subscription altogether

    • I hope so! I’m getting the 80 box and listed my hair as dry, I believe. I really want to try that Dr. Jart so I hope that will be in both boxes.

  8. I hope the *variation in the box is only different colors of the lipstick or cross my fingers any other product than the perfume. I love this box.

    • Play! always has perfume in it. If there’s any variation there, it’ll be the specific scent you receive. From what I’ve noticed having read past month’s spoilers, it’s always the same designer. The variations they’ve had for the other products the past couple months have been same type product as far as category goes but not always the same brand for all.

  9. This is my first box and every single thing is a knock out! I literally was going to buy the Kat Von D eyeliner (glad I didn’t) and I need a brow gel. I’ve got the 80 box, so hopefully there isn’t too much variation. I can’t wait to see what color the lipstick and eyeliner are!
    So glad I followed this site and signed up for a subscription when I did, I’ve been on the “waiting list” for months and never received an email, only got on the sub list when it was posted on this site that they were taking subscription orders.
    I have only gotten two Allure boxes, but I’m already ready to cancel, considering how much cheaper and better this one is. I need another undereye cream like a hole in the head.

    • Don’t worry; the Allure eye cream is so tiny, it won’t clutter things too long. This was only my second Allure box and I cancelled.

    • Did you seriously already receive your box? Mine hasn’t even shipped! How do you find out which box you have?

      • I saw my box number by clicking on Order Status. My boxes are showing with a 9/1 date, when you click on the link you’ll see the item # somewhere in the middle of the page.

  10. Overall, I really like the Play box. I’m not too excited about this one though. I already have four black liners from all of my subs. Black is a good staple, but I don’t wear it that often because I’m really pale. I wish that we’d get charcoal, dark brown, etc to mix it up a bit. I guess I shouldn’t complain, since I received that awesome dark plum liner last month!! I love it.

    The Perfect Hair Day stuff smells soooo good! It seems like everyone loves it. I feel like it weighed my fine hair down so it wouldn’t hold a curl when I tried it before. It also darkened my hair temporarily. Has anyone else had this happen? I feel like a freak because it seems like the whole world is in love with it!

    • Ah, I remember the good ol’ days when I only had 4 black liners. After almost 3 years subscribing to beauty boxes, I now have a Glossybox and two Birchboxes full of just eyeliners. ?

  11. I’m excited for this box! I’ve always wanted to try that brow gel but have have always said “next time”! I’m so jealous that people have already gotten shipping notifications! Both Me and my mom’s boxes don’t ship/come until the very end of the month. It’s SO hard waiting!

  12. Looks like a great box,I don’t have a lot of brow hair but I find these products work great to set the products I use to make brows.

  13. Does anyone know what Liz’s box is considered? The 80 or 98 version? Thank you!
    P.S. I’m always so excited for Sephora! I know the samples are tiny but they always seem to be great quality 🙂

    • The box listed isn’t actually Liz’s, and it’s the 98 one. Someone on Reddit posted it. 🙂

      • Oh thank you!

    • How do you know if you’re getting to 80 or 98 box?

      • Go under your account and then orders. The item number ends in either 80 or 98. It took me a minute to figure it out too! It’s my first one so I’m really curious what the variation is!

        • Thank you! I’m curious too. This is my third box

  14. I’m glad to get the clear brow gel because I’m close to running out. However we received the tatoo eyeliner in a previous box and I never used it so it’s still on my drawer.

  15. I have a feeling the variations between the boxes ending in 080 vs. 098 are not dependent on skin type, but maybe by something else like skin tone (for lipstick shade?). I have two subscriptions where my profile is the same, except in one I have oily listed & the other I have dry listed, and I will be receiving the box ending in 098 for both subscriptions. I’m cool with that! I don’t mind receiving duplicates, and I wouldn’t mind receiving that lipstick shade.

    • My sister and I have the same skin tone and skin type listed and we have different item numbers. She’s getting the box posted and has been a subscriber since May, where I’ve been getting boxes since it launched and I have the 080 number. I’m really curious to see what the difference is.

      • Oooh, that fits another person’s theory that maybe the variations have to do with the length of the subscriptions. Isn’t it fun to speculate? 🙂

        • No because this will be my first month and mine is 98… who knows ?

          • Same for me.

      • Wasn’t the tattoo liner in one of the early play boxes last year? If so, then that could be the difference in variation. That way long time subbers aren’t getting a repeat product.

        • Yep, it was in the March box.

        • That makes sense. I’m a fairly new subscriber (this will be my 3rd box), and I am getting the box ending in 98 which matches the spoiler with the eyeliner. Based off of Adele’s response she’s been a longtime subscriber, and her box ends in 80, whereas her sister who is a new subscriber ends in 98. It’ll be fun to see out of everybodies theories who is right. 🙂

          • this will be my first box, and i’m getting 80

          • I’m only on my 3rd box and I’m getting 80

          • This is my sixth box and I’m getting the 80 box

    • I think you are right because the the Dr. Jart+ is supposed to be good for any skin type.

    • I have the 80 box and I am in the normal to dry group, so I agree, it’s not by skin type this time. Maybe hair type? I hope not because I want that hair product. Maybe random? I don’t think they have enough info to vary the lipstick shade for us, and I have pale skin/blue eyes/brown hair which in my case doesn’t go with that lipstick but for some people, does, so they don’t know. I get the feeling they are varying the boxes so that more brands can be highlighted. For instance, Caudalie and Algenist weren’t varied for a reason, but now those of us who follow this stuff are aware of those products or probably more importantly, both brands wanted to participate.

  16. Does anyone know what color the lipstick will be? I wish they would give us the liner in brown instead of black, but I’ll be happy either way! I’m actually getting a black liquid liner in my Ipsy this month, too! Oh well! They won’t go to waste!

    • Those of us with ebony skin hate getting brown eyeliner.

      • Don’t speak for all of us (ebony girls). I like and use brown liner.

    • They might give the brown liner…I know they have samples available bc it’s in the vib appreciation bag. I also got the black liner earlier during the year and didn’t think much of it…..until I actually used it, then I looovveeed it,so I would love another black, but since this is about trying new things out, I would be happy with brown too.

      • I got that bag this morning and chose between two bags – didn’t choose the one with the brown liner because I didn’t know that’s what it was.

        • I also got the 2nd choice…but I was kinda torn between not too exciting 1st bag spoilers and myster/too small to see 2nd option. Now they show all of the items, and I think I would have liked the 1st one more…idk. Ours will have moisture bomb, they’re real mascara ? (its great, but i have so many i dont really care, just grab whichever is whithin reach) fresh foil packets, artlier Cologne, origins cream, beauty blender soap bar, este edit foil lipstick samples and the dr. Brandt microderm.

          • Thanks for telling me. I think I made the right decision, just because I like the Belif. I don’t care about most of the stuff in either box – I’m looking forward to trying the Estee Edit lipstick, but both bags have that.

  17. Darn! I was looking for an excuse to cancel this box but nope, way too good. Now I need to figure out a different box to let go of.

    • I think I may drop Allure — so tired of all the drama with them…I have been pretty happy with this one so far!

      • I just dropped Allure today after getting their September box. What a disappointment! I haven’t got a mascara and eye serum, which were listed in spoilers for this month. Aveno eye crem was just 2ml! Lip balm was also the tiniest I’ve ever seen! It does not worth 16.50$ ( with tax ). I highly recommend to sign for Look fantastic beauty box, it’s only 15$ a month now ( if you subscribe for a year, free shipping and no tax) and way way better than Allure!

        • I love LookFantastic! And I just cancelled Allure too. There’s no contest the LF is better. I hope they start doing reviews every month for it on MSA!

          • I’m intrigued by LookFantastic!

          • Is Look Fantastic’s sub box available in the US? If so, is it internationally shipped (that would be cool, but probably expensive). I am checking out their website and the packaging and products look amazing!

            LookFantastic is listed on MSA reviews!

        • Is Look Fantastic’s sub box available in the US? If so, is it internationally shipped (that would be cool, but probably expensive). I am checking out their website and the packaging and products look amazing!

          • Yes, it is available for US subscribers and is shipped internationally for free. They bill at the first of the month and send an email notification of shipment on the same day. Takes about two weeks for delivery from the UK.

            Last month’s theme was Best of British and it was great discovering new brands (which can be purchased from their online store if you fall in love with something that cannot be purchased locally). I am thoroughly impressed with Look Fantastic and highly recommend it!

        • This month was the first month I was seriously let down by Allure. Almost everything is dollhouse sized samples – mostly of stuff that doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve needed to let one go, I’ll give Allure one more month.

  18. 1 item i can’t wait to try (the eyeliner), 3 more items to keep for sure (hair mask, face cream, tory), one to gift to a friend (the lipstick) and one to add to my swap stash (the brow gel). Cool box! Between this and my regular + limited popsugar, and recently added globein, I think i’m box covered for fall! To bad i peeked at all spoilers and I have no surprise left…

    • I always look at the spoilers! My friend waited to find out the sex of their baby until it was born & I was like I can’t even wait a month to receive my Birchbox without looking at the spoilers! 🙂 Maybe for next month I will avoid spoilers…Doubtful!

      • ??? I’m right there with you!

  19. I’m excited but I’m also a little worried because I got the 080 box so this likely is t exactly what I’ll get. Really hoping that the Dr jart is in both, though, because it sounds like a really interesting item. Still, pretty much everything in this box it right up my alley and I’m so looking forward to the brow gel!

    • I received the Dr jart in a birchbox, and it’s pretty awesome. Literally feels like water on your skin. I wouldn’t be upset if I got another

    • How can you tell the item number of the box shown?

      • Look under your orders in your Sephora acct.

  20. I love that brow gel! I can always use more liquid liner. I hope I like the lipstick. Looks like a good box. 🙂

  21. My box already shipped. ..where do I look to see which box I am getting ?

    • Ha nevermind I figured it out 🙂

  22. Looks like they will be repeating the kat von d liner. I got that same one in the shade trooper back in my march box

    • Yes, yes we did

    • I thought so too! Maybe that’s only for the newbies and the veterans will get something different? I love that liner but I already owned it, plus the play sample, so I wanna try something else since I don’t use eyeliner too often.

      • I hope we get something different. My item number is different than the one assigned to the box posted. Mine is 1850080.

  23. I might try the Dr. Jart+ if I read reviews that the fragrance isn’t strong or bothersome to slightly sensitive skin. Most of the ingredients look really good.

  24. Glad I could help! I had been searching for spoilers for weeks ?

  25. I wonder if the variation has something to do with your skin type. I have the 1850080 item #, and I have oily skin. Maybe the Dr. Jart moisturizer will be replaced with a gel? Just a thought.

    • It is a gel itself and not a traditional cream. It’s thin and watery with a light finish.

  26. This looks like a fabulous box. The Living Proof Nightcap is phenomenal and it’ll be nice to have a travel size. Excited about everything else, it’ll all be stuff I use (minus the perfume). Yay!

  27. Yaay a brow gel! I though it was yet another mascara so happy it’s not. Can’t wait to get my hands on this box ?

    • Same! I have so many mascaras. So glad it’s a brow gel.

    • I am also happy that it’s a brow gel and not mascara.

  28. Aaah! I really hope I get the liner and the brow gel!

  29. 3 products I want to try and one staple item I use. This is a 4 star box.

  30. I like it now and I am always more excited once I know how to use all the stuff. ha!

  31. I have been not so patiently waiting for this!!! Yay brow gel!!!! Love Dr. Jart and Living Proof!!! Best box yet!

  32. It’s awesome. I’ve never had a liner like that or a clear brow gel. I always like Dr. Jart’s stuff and that looks like a hair product I’d like to try. The only thing I don’t like is that lipstick color…is that the color? (And perfume gives me migraines so it’s no better or worse than usual from that standpoint).

  33. Ooohhh! Good box except I already have two of those samples. I can’t wait to see what’s in my variation. That Dr. Jart is a good size! I rec’d it from birchbox a few months ago.

    • That is the full size they are showing.

  34. Have they started mailing out the boxes? This will be my first one and noticed I got charged last week, but haven’t received anything yet…

    • They don’t ship till about mid month. They always charge around the 1st of the month.

    • Me too ?

    • This will be my 5th Play box, since getting off the wait list. My boxes have been shipping on the 12th or 13th, each month. The date I’ve been charged has varied more, sometime between the 1st and 4th.

  35. Love this box! Great variety of items. I have been wanting to try that water drop stuff & I love all the Tory Burch perfumes I have smelled so I’m sure this one will smell fantastic too! I love lip products so I hope the lipstick is a good shade & more Fall-ish. The eye liner is not for me but my sister will love it 🙂

    • Have you tried Kat Von D liquid liner? I don’t like any other liquid liner, but I adore this stuff. You can get such a fine, smooth line. It’s awesome.

      • No I haven’t. Liquid scares me & I also can’t wear black. If it’s a different color I might try it though. Thanks!

  36. Aaaaaand of course they pull out the Kat Von D….AFTER I cancelled 🙁

    • Hi Traci, are you on the swaps? I’m not going to use the eyeliner I’m receiving and would be happy to swap with you. ? Colleen

    • Exactly! I been wanting that liner and now they pull it out!

  37. This looks like a great line up. I love gettinf minis of products that I use so much because it means i dont have to spend an arm and leg to buy the full size! I dont even think i have ever bought the kat von d liner before(full price/full size) but have gone through quite a few of them!

  38. I have no brow hairs ??

    • LOL Kp!!! Mine are very sparse as well! ???

      • Are you guys on the swaps site? I have a ton of brow hair and would be more then happy to share. ???

        • This is funny! Took a moment to fully register since I’m use to seeing people offer swaps and then it fully hit and I couldn’t contain myself

        • Omg lmaoooooooo ???

        • Where is the swap site?? Ty in advance!

        • I’ve never swapped before, but I’m intrigued. What site do you use to swap?

  39. I always love my Play boxes, but wasn’t the Kat Von D liner in the March box? I hope they aren’t repeating items, especially after less than a year. Looking forward to trying everything else and hope I like the lip color.

    • The eyeliner was reformulated recently, so it’s not exactly the same… 😛

      • Thanks! Even reformulated, it’s too soon to repeat a product. It’s only been 6 months. I would think Sephora wouldn’t have a shortage of the brands they could feature in the box.

  40. Ooh, yay for all of the items especially the liner (mine ran out)! 🙂

  41. I hope the Tory Burch is a cute little glass bottle like the one pictured and not just a mini sample vial.

    • It will likely be the sample vial – sorry to disappoint!

  42. Can’t wait to get this! One of the best boxes thus far.

  43. I love that Anastasia clear brow gel ! Also I saw someone post this same box on Reddit and it is item #1850098.

    • Mine is listed as ITEM 1850080 but I can’t see what’s in it. I’ll update if/when I figure it out.

      • Mine is the same 1850080, I hope it isn’t too different as I like this one!

        • I am new to this sub. When do they usually show you what’s in your box? I have the same number as you guys but nothing showing for what I’ll actually get. Thanks

          • Hi Tammy ! They normally show you after it ships.

          • For reason I can’t reply to you. So thanks Jen!

        • Mine is also 1850080, and I too hope it’s not too different from this one.

          • How can you tell? This will be my first box.

      • Mine shows item 1850098

        • It shows this where exactly?

          • Look at ur purchase history and it will be there.

  44. Wow, just wow…

  45. I’ve been wanting to try the Dr. Jart Water Drop, so I’m pleased!

    • It. Is. Awesome.

    • I got a sample of it in my July Birchbox and finally tried it a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I need to get in the habit of using it more, lol.

  46. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner was included in one of the 500 points reward, I have too many of them already…

  47. Oh, thats a nice box.

    I’ve been on the waiting list for this for months. :/ How often do they open up for new subs?

    • I would keep an eye on here, because MSA is really good about posting when they’re open. It seems like it’s been monthly recently.

      The waiting list is BS, you need to just go on when they have open spots.

    • I was on the wait list forever too and never received an email from them about it. I just kept putting my email address in on their website every couple of days and a few weeks ago it finally let me in. I was shocked. This will be my first Play! bag and I’m excited.

      • Same here! I never received an email and it just let me in. My first box as well! Yay!

        • Well if you just ordered you might not get it until next month. When I signed up I waited all month for my box it never came. When I called they said u won’t get the month u signed up for u get the following.

    • I just went onto the play site and the suscribe now button popped up when I clicked I wanted to join

  48. Oooohhhhh! One of these I already got in a Birchbox (the Dr. Jart) but I love it so I’m not upset to get another one at all. And the other items, I’m excited for also! Tory Burch perfume, Anastasia brow gel, Kat Von D liner, Sephora lipstick…I’m really happy with that for my first Play! box. Will keep an eye out for variations, for sure!

    • And the Living Proof sample also! I’ve been enjoying what I’ve tried from them since my last Ulta hair salon trip, so I’m definitely open to trying more of their products.

  49. Is it too late to join?? Haha

  50. This looks amazing. So glad I dropped Birchbox and joined this sub instead.

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