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Organic Authority Fall into Health Goodie Box On Sale Monday!

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The Organic Authority Fall into Health Goodie Box launches Monday, at 11 AM ET. (They recommend buying this through your desktop computer and not a mobile device because of known issues).

The Box:Organic Authority Fall into Health Goodie Box

FYI – that link goes to the Organic Authority blog post about the box. When it launches it will be available in their shop section.

The Cost: $129 plus free shipping

The Products: This Fall Into Health Goodie Box will give you a very personalized one-of-a-kind system to take charge of your health, along with great reads, lots of yummy and healthy sips and nibbles, and plenty of luxurious goodness for your skin and hair. There’s even something to keep your furry friend healthy, too.

Are you going to grab one?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I like the two books included in the box but I cannot figure out what is included in the personalized detox for 10 days. If it was a juice detox that included three bottles of juice per day for 10 days I would buy the box but it may be the personalized instructions for a 10 day detox that they offer online. The detox looks like index cards with instructions on how to detox and not the juice. In this case I may buy the two books used on amazon and skip the box. I have purchased most of their boxes and love the food, products and books they offer but I do agree the descriptions are vague and living in rural Wisconsin I am never able to use the coupons or vouchers they offer because the product are usually only carried at a few select places located in metro areas.

  2. I, personally, would advise against it.
    Unfortunately, I fell for this box last April and REGRET is not a big enough word for what I have towards the disappointment upon receiving it.
    $129 wasted.
    I can go on, and on, but will just leave it as a I strongly caution you to be cautious. Don’t get your hopes up, or spend money if you don’t have it to waste.
    To answer the prior question regarding the detox’s-I received two ($45 valued each) “detox tea’s” which went unused since I don’t trust the unregulated nature of these items. FDA doesn’t oversee these “suppliments”.
    This is my own experience, so please don’t let me discourage you if you, in the past, have enjoyed their boxes, or have already paid, and looking forward to it. I am not trying to rain on anyone’s parade.
    I just wish someone (like I am doing now) would have stopped me long enough to really investigate this purchase.
    I was underwhelmed with the curation. Unable to utilize the vouchers/coupons….(but paid $10 s&h for a “free” essential oil spray)!
    Between their claims of my 70+% savings?!?! And the $50 “all cotton plain Tshirts *in a randomly selected size XS” I am still sick of the waste of money it was.
    Sorry for complaining, it’s just still a sore spot for me. Good luck to you.

    • Hi Monica, thanks for your honest feedback. I was wondering if I should give that box a try because I like the idea of the box. Now I will definetly keep my money and spend it for something else.

      • Thanks Carmen, I was nervous to speak up. However if I can spare you the disappointment I went through…it was worth it.

        I am a subscription box addict (aren’t we all, lol???) so I don’t “get down” on a dismal reveal very often. Despite the approx. 10+ boxes I receive every month (well that’s what my husband knows about) ?
        I am generally a optimistic, easy to please type of gal.

        Even finding tolerance for my most recent Allure Beauty Trills boxes??

        >>>>40 years from present day>>>>>
        79 year old Monica to gaggle of young grandchildren:
        ” Grandkids, come, please gather round. Oma wants to tell you of a time…..long long ago.
        A time of SUBSCRIPTION BOXES filled with A BOUNTY of name brand TREASURES.
        Redken, Lancôme, OPI, st. Tropez and more…..
        From self tanners to peels to masks-n-lotions galore!!
        Where every item was a HERO!
        We all gasp, as we unveiled each new surprise! Oooohhing and aaaahhing from not believing our eyes!
        We would revel with delight, with the unknown, jaw dropping amount of generosity of such magnificent companies! Every mother, daughter, and son would be fulled with gratitude and overwhelming joy. Left to toil in their bountiful curations!!!”
        And then I will show them pictures of years and memories and beauty products pass. They would be left speechless, from such a grandiose display, unheard of In present time.
        And I would close my eyes, and remember……
        ***and then they would tell grandmpa that Oma is talking in riddles again, and wonder aloud what I had slipped into my morning coffee. Lol, ah, that was fun.
        Boy, I need to find a new hobby!

    • I’m really sorry you had a bad experience. I decided not to purchase the April box, as I felt it was not a good fit for me. The descriptions of the products offered didn’t spark any desire to purchase. The great thing about these boxes is that everything is revealed ahead of time. No surprises. I have yet to be disappointed in any of the boxes I have received. I usually purchased several as gifts (once I purchased 6 of one of the boxes offered) and have been told by everyone that these are the best gifts ever. I especially have loved the home items such as pizza stones, mixing bowls, juicers. These boxes can be a great value.

      Once again, I am so sorry you didn’t have a good experience. I am curious if you contacted customer service about your concerns and provided feedback. I found their customer service to be very responsive.

      • Thanks Kathy!

        You know I believe my dilemma started with me not doing enough (any) research before I took the plunge! That, and preconceived notions.

        I had seen the box, and thought all the items were just the “preview” of the box. Not EVERYTHING that was in it. It didn’t make sense. (Not for $129?!?!) snacks/coupon&vouchers/detox tea?? I incorrectly presumed it was a promising start….

        In the defense of MSA though, I wasn’t told incorrectly, it was my own assumptions that mislead me.
        In a rush to grab one of the 60 available boxes (BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!?!?) I didn’t think twice?

        I (incorrectly) believed/assumed that they would sell out, much like Allure beauty thrills used to always do! I had been left out of one of those before and it must have created some major anxiety and FOMO (fear of missing out) in my psyche.

        Once I realized I was equivalent to the “first five through the gate” I wondered why people weren’t piled up behind me?

        I had no idea what I was spending my $129 on, I am so ashamed. ??

        I think my embarrassment and maybe pride was what prevented me from contacting the company to complain. I didn’t need/want/use most of its contents. However, my dumb blunder, I believe, preventing me from telling anybody.

        So now, here I am telling everybody? It’s still upsetting to me, but I take responsibility for the oversight. Not wanting to look cheap prevented me, at the time, from contacting their customer service.

        If that wasn’t bad enough? I got the box, and it actually GOT WORSE.

        It had no pizza stones, or kitchen gadgets. It had tea, mouthwash, homeopathic throat medicine, an XS light blue T-shirt (that retails for $50 and had the strangest “logo” which looked like a blotch. Like I had spilled bleach on it? Idk…I had to go to the website bc I thought it was defective….but no, that’s just the way they are made. ?
        The ill fitting, blotchy-logo, $50 100%cotton Tshirts wasn’t torturous enough? The NutriBlend oil container came punctured (pre-shipping it appeared) the $60 blush wasn’t worth near $60 (company website didn’t offer that size, but estimating price per gram based on the larger/smaller versions they offered.)So the detox tea, replacement meals (2), and organic snacks was (just about all) that $129 will get you….and that’s when you are “saving over 70%” according to them. SMH

        It is so ridiculous I have to laugh now. I have been beating myself up over it for over 5 months, and it is time to get over it.

        The baked goods coupons were unusable in my area (for a specific shop no where near where I live). Then the online voucher for the free full size essential oil spray worked. After the six week wait, and $10 S&H fee….I have to admit it was a welcome sight, something I actually could enjoy.

        So after the initials mistake I made, with the usual policies regarding subscription box return/exchanges, and the embarrassment of my situation, should I have reached out to them?

        I pray that telling my experience will, finally, allow me to release it. Being a daily MSA subscriber, reading almost every review/spoiler/announcement they post, every time I saw this box my heart sank. After someone inquired about the detox tea….I couldn’t contain myself any longer

        That’s it. I have pictures to remind myself of the valuable life lesson I learned. Otherwise if someone would like the $60 organic blush….Its never even been opened. If you want it, let me know. Thank you for letting me vent.

    • I find the boxes can be either a hit or miss. I had that $50 random color/size T shirt that I have never worn yet, those coupon/giftcards where you have to spent more money to purchase any item is usually icky.

      However, knowing the contents before buying definitely help, although not completely eliminite the possibility of misses, but good enough that I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase if I think I like the content.

  3. Anyone have any idea what, exactly, the $129 “personalized 10 day detox” is? Given that it is a major component to the value of this box, I’d love to have a bit more info. Seems like there are quite a lot of coupons/gift cards in this one…

  4. Will grab at least one, maybe more for gifts. Some of my favorite product discoveries have come from these boxes. I do not buy every box they do, but this one has several items that I had been looking at to purchase anyway.

  5. Wish I could afford this one…

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