Happy Rebel Box Fall 2016 Subscription Review + Coupon

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Happy Rebel Box is an edgy lifestyle quarterly subscripion box for women! Each box has a different theme, This box is focused on home and desk accessories.


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Happy Rebel Box

The Cost: $100 a quarter

The Products: Each box will contain 4-6 items that will vary box to box, so you will never receive the same types of items repeatedly. Each box could contain jewelry, fashion accessories, home decor, beauty products, as well as other various lifestyle items that fit the collection of the box as well as the Happy Rebel modern and edgy style.

Ships to: US

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Check out my Happy Rebel Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box.


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.


And with each box, Happy Rebel Box donates a portion of the proceeds to charity. For the Fall Box, they selected the Dress for Success:


Now, on to the items!


Gold Handled Scissors – Value $18


These scissors are made with stainless steel blades, and shiny gold handles. While these are gorgeous (I love all things gold), the most important thing is if they are quality scissors – and they are! These are sharp, cut well, and they have a good weight to them, too.


Lauren Moshi Gold Foil Art Notebook – Retail Value $40

(Subscribers will receive either this design or the LOVE design.)


This notebook is lined, with a ribbon page mark, and gold foil edged pages and cover:


Black and gold are my colors, so it seems like it is time for me to embrace skulls in design!


Russell + Hazel Tape Dispenser – Value $18

(FYI – tape not included)


Phrases I never thought I’d say: “This tape dispenser is stunning!”


Seriously, it looks so chic on my desk! Plus I love the subtle rose gold hardware accent.

Now for even more gold and acrylic:


Russell + Hazel Stapler – Value $18

Both of these pieces are a mix of acrylic and rose gold metal.


I was expecting these to be yellow gold based on the spoilers, but this rose gold metal is beautiful with the acrylic, so no complaints here!


Raindrop Paper clips – (Set of 12) Value $6


These are officially the fanciest paperclips I own! The retail value at first seemed high to me, but with some googling, I realized that’s actually in line with fancy paper clip prices.


Gold Foil Embossed Skull Art Prints – Retail Value $42

These are a Happy Rebel Box exclusive item.


They measure 5 by 7 inches and are embossed with gold foil on cardstock. Here is a better look at the reflective foil:


These can be framed, but the paper is thick enough for them to stand on their own if you prop them against a wall.


D. L. & Co. Rotten Luck Stationery Set – Value $50


Subscribers will receive one of three sets: Rotten Luck, Naughty & Nice, or Skull.


I am so impressed with the quality of this stationery set! There are 12 cards with matching envelopes. The cards are embossed with black and gold foil, and the envelopes are lined in matching black. Plus the best part – the seal on the envelopes is a removable sticker. No need to lick the envelopes!

Here are all the cards:


My set included 2 of each.



Verdict: This box has a retail listed value of about $192. I personally wouldn’t pay the retail prices listed for some of these items, but I think the value of the box is great. And, I love that Happy Rebel did a box that focused more on home/office items than fashion and beauty for a season. You don’t see a lot of this in subscription boxes, and it was great!

What do you think of the Fall Happy Rebel Box? What is your favorite item?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I bought a box and am very excited. I would love more skull matches, anything from the Fall box of 2016 or the necklace from their from the Girs’ Night out box (except for the false lashes)

    It is nice to buy a mystery box. What fun!

    I am so flad Happy Rebel put together a mystery box!

  2. I bought a box and am very excited. I would love more skull matches, anything from the Fall box of 2016 or the necklace from their from the Girs’ Night out box (except for the false lashes)

    It is nice to buy a mystery box. What fun!

    I am so flad Happy Rebel put together a mystery box!

  3. Just to clarify a couple of questions we have gotten, pens were given completely at random. Being a quarterly or annual subscriber did not affect your chances of receiving a pen. Due to the negative feedback we have received regarding this giveaway, we will probably not do bonus items in the future. We are considering gifts and rewards for long-standing subscribers in the future though, so stay tuned. Thanks for the constructive feedback!

    • I don’t think people should complain about the pen. I’m ok with a little extra incentive item to boost box sales. The people who keep saying the gifts should be for long-time subscribers obviously don’t understand how business works. You offer extra stuff or a discount to get people to subscribe. It must be hard to run a business these days with people online discussing and tearing apart everything when they aren’t even subscribed. A note to those interested: Happy Rebel offered to everyone to email them with their preferred variations of Notecards and Notebook-I did email them and I received the exact variations I wanted. Thank you to Happy Rebel for outstanding customer service!

      • Thanks, Laura 🙂

  4. I love the clips and the stapler. The tape thing is ok but I am not in love with the skulls, and in an form probably. Like others said I really loved the first box with the pink and black items.

  5. Personally I liked the summer box best. This was a well put together box if you have a home office or don’t work in business where things are still very straight laced – I don’t associate rebel only with skulls so I was hoping for a little more variety. The only exception being I did love the prints; they are just gorgeous in person! Fingers crossed there will be a home decor box soon!

  6. I really want to like Happy Rebel. I want to sub and keep it going, but I keep seeing gold. I love these items, but gold is not edgy to me. Gold is in every other box. I’m sick of gold. That’s why I ended up passing on this box–I want all of these items.. but not in gold. I love skulls, but if we’re embracing edginess, I really want to see some silver tones. Please :\

    • I personally prefer gold accents to silver accents. To each their own!

      • me too!

    • I prefer silver for jewelry and gold for items like this. They’re really beautiful in person as gold as some items are, it truly fits the theme.

      This was my first Happy Rebel box and I cannot wait to see what winter is, as they’re always my favorite boxes of the year!

      Hoping this next one is a luxe alternative home decor cozy item box!

      • Haha I’m the same, Kitty. I am preferential to silver in jewelry but for basically anything else I prefer gold. Especially if it’s gold and black or gold with another one of my preferential colors.

  7. I said it over in the forums — I LOVE this box. I had hoped that the oft-hinted-at skull theme items and D.L.&Co would make an appearance for the autumn box. It’s such a natural fit. I am at a loss when people make snarky remarks about exquisite, luxe items with a skull theme. The prints, notebook and stationary are nothing short of gorgeous. Seriously gorgeous and luxe and exquisite quality. I am beyond happy to be done with sub boxes full of sea salt spray and self tanner. I love my autumn Happy Rebel!

    • Oh, and I didn’t get the pen either {sob} but I know one person who did and she says it’s just beautiful.

      • I got the pen, did you find someone else who did too? It’s really nice weight and unique. I am a pen collector of sorts, usually fountain pens, but this is well worth even grabbing one in the future!!!

        • I got the pen. Love it!

    • Hehe! I can so spell stationery. How is it I can spell better than my autocorrect?

    • I’m so happy you loved this box, too! I’m still admiring it! 🙂

  8. @MyMilkShake Thanks for the feedback! Just FYI, while our pen is listed on our site, it is not available for sale. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  9. it’s annoying that they gave only 5 people the russell+hazel Gold Metal Pen – they are selling them on their website. they could have awarded premier box annual subscribers. or send to everyone. or send to none.

    • Sounds like you didn’t get a pen… LOL

      • of course not. someone who ordered just one box did. and I took a risk with their first box – and paid for an annual box. Not so LOL

        • This wasn’t my first box, and I didn’t get a pen either. I think it was just luck of the draw, and I’m not mad about it. I think it was nice little surprise for those that did receive one. It probably made their day, and I’m happy for them. Not sure how it would be better for nobody to get one. I love the rest of the box without the pen. My desk is going to look so fancy and luxe! I am not a huge journal person, but maybe I will be now. The prints are so nice, and my girlfriends are gonna get a huge kick out of my Naughty and Nice notecard set 😛

          • You’re lucky you didn’t take the risk with the first box, which also included drug store items. It’s made me now question jumping into something new. So yeah, this as a first box plus bonus would be great. It’s nice for her for sure.

          • @MyMilkShake How would you have any way of knowing when I became a subscriber? I signed up as an annual subscriber starting with the first box after the spoilers came out. I thought the items were great, the curation cohesiveness was way better than other boxes, and I felt like I understood and identified with their vision. Plus the fact that they give back with every box is a huge plus. I don’t subscribe to a lot of other boxes because I don’t want a lot of “stuff” just because I can pay a low price for a high (inflated) RV of items (like FFF, PSMH, etc). What good is any of it if I don’t actually like it? Swapping to swap is expensive. I want a thoughtful box that delivers a good value, and matches my personal style. This box achieves all of that. By “drugstore items” I’m sure you are referring to the nail polish and eyelashes. Yes Essie is available at drug stores but it is a great brand and the matte formula was a unique selection. Eylure is available at Ulta (which I will agree is not too far off from a drug store) but it is one of the top high quality brands of eyelashes available. It was a fun treat since it’s something I would never buy for myself, but I loved wearing them on a night out. The rings were just fantastic and I have already bought other items from the designers Etsy store because she makes some really cool and affordable pieces. Those were a great find. I get compliments on the necklace and clutch every time I use them. All of that for $82.50 (including shipping with the discount code) was way forth it for me, so I pulled the trigger. They had commented that they would be able to increase the RV as they get more subscribers, and they have done that. Plus I appreciate that they gave out the pen at random, and didn’t treat subscribers differently. Honestly subscription box companies get less money per box from annual subscribers than they do from monthly subscribers so it is probably in their best interest to keep monthly subscribers happy and coming back anyway haha. I don’t feel entitled as an annual subscriber that I deserve more. I’m just happy I have the opportunity to pay less per box. You don’t seem like the person who would normally take the risk of purchasing a subscription box without knowing what’s in it, so I have no idea why you would have done that in this case, but that was your choice. It was a risk that you chose to take. A lot of people enjoyed the box and they can’t please everybody. Did you ask them for refund if you were really that unhappy with it? I am sure they would much rather give you your money back than have you complaining about it months later. Anywho, I don’t normally go on like this, but I felt the need to balance out the negativity with my own positive experience. I like how they seem to have taken the constructive criticism to heart, and I hope they ignore the petty haters. Keep up the good work! #positivevibes 😀 And I will not be responding any further, so feel free to get the last word in if you like.

        • I got the pen and this was my first box. I kinda think maybe the only people who got the pen were people who only ordered this box as a way to try to keep us subscribing. I love the pen but feel it’s pretty bad business to give a high value bonus to so few people.

    • I agree that it is not a good step to have fomo between subscribers so early on with a random gift that is of a decent value. One of the main complaints about sub boxes is variety between subscribers. There were various ways they could have gone with offering a free add on. They could have held contests in various social media platforms. I’m a pen hoarder so I would have definitely been disappointed as a subscriber to have not have been on of the ones to get a pen. Especially at a box that costs so much to subscribe to. The pen wasn’t a necessary addition and with so few people being the ones that get it, it then puts the majority of subscribers feeling a little tinge.

      • Love the contest idea, Melissa!

    • I guess I can’t be one to talk, but I’ve been a long term subscriber of other boxes that include high value earrings in maybe 1 to 3 boxes regardless if it’s a first box or your second year subbing. Lots of subs have done this.

      I’m very thankful and would have loved my box at the value without the pen, which I certainly never expected to receive. I’ve “won” exactly one giveaway in my entire life now. I don’t know how many subscribers they have, but it would have added up for a recently launched box. I wasn’t even aware of the potential pen until a couple days before my box arrived, either I missed it or overlooked it if there was an email, etc.

      I hope they continue to do this for subscribers even if I never get lucky again, I think it’s a thoughtful, fabulous way to show appreciation regardless how many boxes you’ve received etc.

      Can’t wait to see what winter is bringing theme wise.

    • MyMilkShake, I agree with you, it might be the minority but I feel like those of us who had blind faith and jumped on for the annual upfront were let down. It’s the same as when boxes offer promotions only for new subscribers I get a little frustrated. It kind of feels like they don’t care all that much about loyalty. I also am thinking twice about jumping on board with new boxes/staying with this one.

  10. While I definitely wouldn’t pay full RV for those items, I wouldn’t mind having those skull prints 🙂

    • There are a few up for swap. Including mine.

      • I’ll check it out! 🙂

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