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BeautyFIX October 2016 Spoilers!

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Beauty Fix Spoilers

We have a few spoilers for the October 2016 BeautyFIX subscription box! (Thanks, Dolly!!)

Each box will include:


What do you think of the October BeautyFIX spoilers so far?

(FYI – if you sign up now, your first box will be the September box.)

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The whole box was up last night on their Facebook page.

    • I’m not sure if I’ll purchase the box (it all depends on the reviews of Lash Food), but the video was fun to watch, as usual!

  2. I reached out to dermstore and they let me skip this box. Beautyfix is my favorite sub but I have some product overload and these spoilers didn’t do much for me. It seems like they’re previewing the full-size items so I’m good with missing this box.

    • I just tried skipping October’s box and was told skipping is not an option. I had to cancel my subscription and will have to re-subscribe when I am ready for a new box.

  3. Huh. I haven’t opted out for any months yet, but I just might with this one. Wish I knew what the other products are going to be… what’s up with the partial spoiler? Is that normal?

  4. I’m thinking the compact is pink because October is BCA month…

  5. I threw out the last Dermstore Lip Quench I received. It’s a substandard product/filler that is worth about $1. Yes, it’s really bad.

  6. Not excited for anything thus far. I’m not a pink person. But know people that are. So far most of this will either go up for swap or will be set aside for gifts.

  7. Yuck, for the first time not looking forward to my Beautyfix.

  8. I subscribed to Beauty Fix a while back and loved it, but had to take a little break (financial reasons). Trying to resubscribe, because I prefer skin care over make up. However, am not hearing anything from them so guess there is a waiting list?
    Had to comment because I’m not liking Juice Beauty either. I got a large moisturizer from BF earlier this year and didn’t like the way it felt heavy, oily, on my combo skin. Ended up just using it on arms, legs, neck, etc. Got another one in a special acne box from Birchbox (different mois) and hated it also! Just doesn’t work for me and it was interesting to know other subscribers didn’t care for this brand either.

  9. I’m super excited! I love this box and I’m only 3 months in, but I definitely get my money’s worth. I for one am looking forward to trying the blemish clearing cleanser from Juice Beauty. I liked the peel I got in another box. That pretty much pays for my box already, so the rest are the frosting on my cake ? ?.

  10. I cancelled. This month does nothing for me and I a at the point where I am overloaded on makeup items’

  11. I subscribed because of the Sept box, which will arrive Thursday. I was really excited to see what October would hold. So far, not thrilled. I can use an acne wash just fine, but I really dislike Juice beauty. Not one of the 5 or 6 products I’ve tried have worked for me and subs send them out like crazy. I’d rather get Purlisse! And while I don’t have anything against their lip product, I am overloaded with lip balms of all sorts, another popular sub box inclusion. As far as the compact, not something I’d buy, but I’m not opposed to putting it in my makeup bag or travel case. Would definitely prefer something a little classier, but can’t win all the time.
    From past comments, it seems like DermStore charges on the 4th. Is that what loyal subscribers have seen consistently? And are they good at full spoilers before billing? Thanks!

    • I think the 3rd or the 4th if I recall correctly. I think it may depend upon the day that the date falls on. And I do believe that I generally see full spoilers before I’m billed.

      • Thanks Melissa!
        Hoping the rest of the box gets better.

  12. Love this box so far!!

  13. Think me and my teenaged daughter will end up arm-wrestling over the compact! We may be splitting the contents of the box, too, since an acne wash doesn’t do much for me but will probably be appreciated by her.

  14. I just tried a sample of this the other day along with the blemish serum and moisturized and I don’t know if it was the face wash or serum but one of them literally BURNED my face!!! It turned beat red and was burning up stinging!!!

    • I took a look at the blemish serum. No telling for sure, but USUALLY things that stay on your face, like a serum, are worse than things that wash off. Personally, I have to be very careful about what face products I use and can’t use Juice Beauty products without issues. That said, some “blemish” cleaners are too harsh for most skin. The reaction you described is typical of skin that can’t tolerate salicylic acid (which is great for most people’s skin…but a lot of people have a reaction with it). If you don’t have trouble with bha (or salicylic acid) usually, then it could be that applying it after a shower was too intense, or that your reaction was instead to one of the many juices and oils, likely culprits being lemon, sage and lavender. I avoid all of those myself. I hope that helps you some in your search for blemish products.

      • Thank you! It was INSTANT within 5 minutes my face was burnt red I looked like I had an instant sunburn. I dabbed on my foundation and the redness still came through. So odd…. Never had a reaction to salicylic acid before. I will try the face wash again (both smelled awful). I’m pretty sure it was the serum. I’m 25 and just now starting to accept that no matter what I do I keep getting pimples ? Sulfur products are the only thing that helps. Kate Somervilles spot treatment is a lifesaver.

        • I swear by Jojoba oil for my face. Been using it for years now and it has cleared up the constant chin acne I had.

  15. Oh no….more Juice Beauty…make it stop! I think I’ve gotten pretty much every product they make in one box or another over the years and have yet to be impressed with any of them.

  16. That pink glitter compact looks like something you find in the Halloween section, alongside the fairy princess costumes. LOL

  17. Looks like I may have to opt out. My skin gets on the dry side with the cooler temps and I rarely have blemishes so the face wash won’t work for me. The Liq Quench is just meh. The compact is kinda cute, though. Hope we can see more before Dermstore charges for October’s box.

  18. Ugh, just cancelled not thrilled at all with spoilers and I loved last month

  19. I have really good skin and I love this face wash! I am tired of getting the lip quench though.

  20. I’m 32 and still get breakouts. I am definitely looking forward to the full-sized Juice beauty blemish cleanser. 🙂

  21. I like the compact. I’ll keep it in my desk at work.

  22. no thanks of that pink glitter compact. as someone who has been subbed to this box for a very long time and through all the changes, this is the first time i see spoilers and am not at excited about any of the three items shown here. I typically like juice beauty products, but i am almost certain this one will not work out for me. 🙁

  23. As someone who woke up this morning with a hormonal breakout, I’m definitely looking forward to the cleanser!! Love this sub.

  24. Not really looking forward to a glittery compact…. Yes this box does seem younger right now, but at almost 35 i still have breakouts before my period. My mother who is 54 has breakouts occasionally, so as far as anyone saying blemishes are a thing for the young, you are sadly mistaken. I love beauty fix, it is my absolute favorite thing to get in the mail each month. I think its nice to get THINGS and not just products every month.

  25. Not feeling this at all! I don’t know what the demo is for this box but this seems a little on the younger side to me. They just had a pillbox and now a glitter compact and acne wash?!

  26. This is the first Beauty Fix box in a long time that I’m not excited about. I’m 48 years old with dry/aging skin…so a blemish clearing cleanser just doesn’t do much for me! Oh well…will pass it along to my teenage son. And am I the only one who thinks that pink glitter compact is hideous? Again…I’m 48…not 11! ;-). As always with BeautyFix, the value is there in this box…but the items this month just aren’t interesting to me.

  27. I like the dermstore lip quench! I have received it as a free gift when placing orders before.

  28. Yesssss to Juice Beauty and yessssss to Mark! 🙂

  29. Can’t wait to see their video. The more they do it, the funnier the guy becomes. He’s super adorable and his candid comments are hilarious.

  30. Yesssss

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