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POPSUGAR Must Have Fall 2016 Limited Edition Box SPOILER

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Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.02.33 PM

We have the first spoiler for the POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Fall box!

Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.35.33 PM


Caeden Linea No. 1 Faceted Ceramic & Rose Gold On-Ear Headphones – Value $150


POPSUGAR sent me these early so I could check them out!


They are stunning, and exactly the kind of tech item I’d want to see in a “style kit ready to keep you looking your best when you’re on the go.”


The rose gold metal detail looks perfect with the white vegan leather, and the detachable cord also has a remote/mic function.


The sound quality of these headphones is good, the style is gorgeous, but my favorite part is the comfort and fit. These headphones are SO light and the fit is low-compression, so I was able to wear them for hours without any discomfort! (That’s a first for me!)

What do you think about the first spoiler?

More about this box:

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Fall Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: “It has a theme that stretches across fashion and beauty, and there’s also a big focus on a beautiful shade everyone is talking about…. Transitioning into next season is easy when you have a style kit ready to keep you looking your best when you’re on the go. You’ll always be cozy with just the right amount of shimmer.”

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Oh, no! Of all the things…darn it–mine will be up for swap.

    • i JUST bought a pair of rose gold/white ones by Frends x Baublebar, they were marked down to $80 and was so happy i got them as they are great! ah well, i guess i can save these ones for an xmas gift for my daughter!

  2. I think these are great–really excited. I have wanted the big Frends headphones that look kind of like this but haven’t taken the plunge. The rest of the box can be nearly anything now and I’ll be happy w it. I’m very happy that I rewarded myself with this box (I didn’t miss a workout for the whole month!)

    • You are awesome, Laura! I haven’t made a workout in, um, almost three years! Yay me!

      • maybe these headphones will be just the thing, Leah! 🙂

  3. So these are useless for us iPhone users… Wow

    • It looks like on the box it says compatible with iPhones and iPads. I think the wire is detachable and you can use them wirelessly.

  4. I already have a pair of the wireless version of these headphones. If anyone wants to buy these from me (for best offer) let me know as I don’t need two pairs. I can list them on the swap site, I have never swapped anything before so if someone would rather go through email thats fine too.

    • Hi Meg – Did you already sell these headphones?

      • I haven’t!! If you are interested feel free to email me noble . 128 @ gmail . com

  5. These are super cute! I wish they were wireless but I’m still loving these and I love that you said they are lightweight!

  6. Love them! I use this style when watching movies on my computer. My daughter will get my old pair while I rock these beauties! Lol. I can’t wear earbuds (too painful) so these are a win 🙂

    • Plus…I have a Galaxy Edge…so can use these with that too 🙂

  7. Would be thrilled if they were wireless. They will not work with the new iPhone that comes out in a few weeks. Bad move popsugar…

    • Not everyone upgrades their phones the minute the new ones come out. I’m still using a 5 and will be until it’s no longer functional.

    • This is a big fail, I agree.

    • All I will need is a lighting adapter and these will work just fine when I upgrade my iPhone, plus they still work fine in my iPad. I’m excited for these, they are stunning!

      • My husband has an iPhone 5 and it’s basically no longer fully functional – in a side by side test you would be blown away… Also, who wants to plug an adapter in their phone to use headphones when wireless is so much easier… To each their own.

    • I think they will have adapter to work with standard headphones I am sure they not going to alienate anyone. Since they own beats they would have to make new beats..

  8. Ah man, definitely not what I was expecting out of a fall fashion box! I just can’t take these giant headphones seriously on grown women! This seems like a teenager item. Plus I have long hair & an iPhone that it won’t work with. Definitely regretting this purchase already!! Hope the rest of the box is better & there’s no ‘vampy’ fall lipstick.

    • Over the ear headphones block out outside noise better, often have better quality of sound, and they don’t hurt the heck out of your ears by shoving in those buds. PS make sure any of you who prefer buds clean your buds often they can lend themselves to ear infections.
      I happily have a pair of Studio beats, the over the ear sort and love the hell out of them. I’ll happily bop along while others judge me. 🙂

  9. Did i read correctly these wont work with the new iPhone ?

    • iPhone is updating to no longer have a headphone jack in them. Sort of makes sense since there are so many bluetooth speakers and headphones out there. However, not everyone wants that option. Personally I have my Studio over the ear beats and my Samsung Gear Circle, both bluetooth so this doesn’t even sway me in the least. But yeah… not going to work with the new products without purchasing something special for it.

  10. I am really glad I held out for a spoiler. No FOMO so far, especially if these headphones are the hero item. Like many others, I also prefer earbuds, or a wireless bluetooth headset. I will probably renew my FabFitFun sub instead of purchasing this box.

  11. Finally a spoiler! I do use earbuds a lot. Im still pretty excited to try these. So far I’m really happy about this box.

  12. I would be all over this if not for the situation it won’t work with new iphone.

    • I agree with you on the new iPhone ear jack news and also I don’t particularly care for the color white or rose gold. I’ll be swapping or selling these… :-/

  13. I have the Caeden headphones (they often go on sale on Gilt City, btw). They are really nice and have okay sound and are a welcome change from the Beat by Dre headphones. That said they are big and not practical for everyday use (I carry them in my travel bag for flights and long trips.) As much as I like them, I dont want another pair so I will likely pass on the Fall box.

    • the amazon reviews all say not to wear if one has long hair amongst other quality issues + such…

  14. So tempted since they will match my rose gold phone. But I don’t really *need* headphones. I could go either way at this point…it’s really a matter a of how quickly it sells out and how long I can hold off my FOMO. trying to stay strong

  15. um heck ya. ordered

  16. So disappointed that I ordered without waiting for a spoiler. I have no use for these headphones and considering that they are probably the higher valued item…. ugh!

  17. No FOMO so far. LOL

  18. Ooh, good spoiler! I am VERY tempted. Especially if this means the box IS focused on rose gold!

  19. The black and gunmetal ones aren’t faceted though. The black and gold listed for $47 are.

  20. Those are beautiful! Have they posted anywhere what the total box value will be?

  21. If I didn’t just color my hair with vivids, I would love these headphones. I find on-ear headphones to be more comfortable that other styles, but I am afraid that the hair dye will stain the white parts.

  22. I LOVE THE LOOK!!! I NEED TO SWAP… but I will never use… WHAT TO DO? LOL

  23. Well, that takes care of my daughter’s birthday gift. She’s been asking for a set but I couldn’t justify the price tag given that she will be 13. Everything else in the box will be a bonus!

  24. Wow – the last two boxes sold out without a spoiler. I can use another pair of headphones and while I wouldn’t pick white, they do look pretty great. It’s nice to know I’ll have at least one item that I can use!

  25. I was literally about to spend $200 on a pair of earphones. These headphones are absolutely gorgeous! Hopefully the sound quality is good as well. So happy that I took the risk on this box!

  26. Am I the only one who doesn’t wear headphones like these? They’re pretty, but I’d never wear something so giant. I wear earbuds.

    • Same here. I find other grown women using it look so silly. But that’s just my personal opinion. Thank goodness I didn’t bought the box

      • I have a bilateral hearing loss that requires me to wear hearing aids, so I can’t use in the ear headphones. I love pretty over the ear headphones like these! It makes me feel more sophisticated at work as our office gets noisy and distracting. I need background music to focus without distracting my office mates as well! The ones I was using were starting to go out, so I’m happy for the replacement!

    • These are really pretty but I just don’t use headphones. Are they pretty enough to go on display in the curio cabinet? 😉

  27. These are nice but I only use earbuds when working out and I have pretty much no use for headphones. Seems like every LE box I get, I regret and the ones I skip I wish I had gotten,

    • That is EXACTLY how I feel.

  28. Now drowning in buyer’s remorse on this box. Sigh. And as JoyW mentioned, will be useless when I upgrade my phone in a couple months. Maybe the rest will be better! Please no electric blue accessories or bright red lipstick/polish or dry shampoo.


      I’m not drowning in buyer’s remorse, but I’m not sure about these. I rarely use headphones, and I got a new pair of earbuds in a Box of Style not that long ago, so I’m not sure if I have a use for these. They are pretty, though.

      • And no eye liner, please!

  29. It’s spoiler Monday! These are gorgeous, but I rarely use headphones. I might keep them around or I might swap. Not sure yet…

    • Yay for spoiler Monday! 😉

      • YES!!!

  30. I have a pair of beats that I am wearing right now (because I am supposed to be watching a math lecture). My problem is that I wear glasses, which brings discomfort within minutes. Sometimes I use earbuds, but they just don’t stay in my ear very well. I wonder if these are less compressed than the beats. Liz?

    I like the black and gold-I might put them on holiday my shopping list.

    • Yes, these are much less compressed than the beats I have. (I just tried on both to double check!) Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thank you so much Liz!

  31. I like them and I’d use them for traveling. But I think I’ll try to swap for them when the time comes. It’s not the push I need quite yet. (I already know I’ll regret this decision. LOL)

  32. LOL! Vegan leather? Did pleather get an upgrade? I’m now going to tell everyone my Prius has vegan leather interior 😉
    Still happy I bought the box but that description made me laugh so double win 🙂

    • Vegan leather, funny. I love these headphones! I lie in the bed and watch things on my tablet while the old man watches war stuff, and I am excited!

      Please, more spoilers!

      Lisa Stroup

      • Haha, Hello Lisa! I recently commented on your 5th Ave video. Nice to “see” you here!

  33. I own a pair of the No 10 wireless Caeden headphones. I’m so glad I passed on this box. I really like my wireless headphones and the quality is definitely there but I do not need wired headphones!

    I have long hair and have never had any issue of hair getting stuck in my wireless set. I wear mine all the time with my hair down and it has never happened once.

    • I read some reviews that long hair tangles so I plan on using a hair tie before wearing mine BUT the the all were favorable to the quality of the headphones just sad about the tangles. With the new iphone not having a headphone jack, I wish it was the wireless set or that we could have paid the $50 to upgrade

      • I totally agree. The wireless ones could have been used with a tv or a large stereo system too if you don’t want to disturb others. But I’m not sure when I would opt for these oversized wired headphones instead of small, easy to use earbuds. An upgrade option would have been fabulous! Hmmmm. Oh well.

  34. I almost caved but remembered I don’t need another pair of headphones (I have too many that I don’t use as it is) and if I do buy new ones, they need to be wireless for the new iPhone.

    But these really are gorgeous…

  35. Not at all what I expected, but I love them! And I have very long hair too…I guess I’ll find out how well it works with long hair.

  36. These headphones are $85 on Amazon so it will take a better spoiler than this to get me to spend the $100 for the box.

    • I agree! How is it that no one notices this? That’s not even a $100 value. Nice try, PS. I almost bought this box, when I don’t really even need headphones.

    • And the same ones in black/gunmetal are $26.99 on Amazon. So you really are paying for the white/gold look — which is really gorgeous and would admittedly look pretty slammin’ with my pink iphone — but is it worth it.

      I’m torn. I loved the August must have box, and the previous fall boxes were great. I got an email saying there were 300 Fall boxes left, but I need another spoiler before taking the plunge.

  37. Really pretty, but not for me – white electronics and I don’t get along and I love my Bose. I didn’t purchase this box, but hope you ladies love it!

  38. So, is rose gold the color they are referring to when they say “there’s also a big focus on a beautiful shade everyone is talking about….” Or is this the cozy/shimmer part? I never can decipher their spoilers.

    Regardless, I caved. I ordered. I usually love the LE boxes. Keyword: usually.

    Because I’m an idiot and can’t remember {*ahem, don’t feel like scrolling around looking….sorry, I recently had 5 pins/1 plate put in my foot, I’m lazy}….does anyone know when this box is due to ship?

    • sept 9

      • Thank you!

    • i think it ships september…..i forgot all about this NEW color, perhaps blue is not so bad after all, hah! at least everything will match for long time subs! i just bought the Frends rose gold/white headphones on mega sale, will use these as a gift to DD…..

  39. Besides the fact that I have very long hair, I’m a big Apple iPhone person and will be getting the next phone as well being released this fall that’s rumored to have no headphone jack, so I will pass.

  40. I would NEVER spend money on headphones. BUT, getting this gorgeous pair in a box, is fun for me. That being said, I hope there’s more cool stuff, cuz this ain’t quite enough to make me love the box…but it’s a good start!

  41. I’m actually pretty excited for these. I’m not one who will go and spend a lot on headphones, but know that I would enjoy a nice pair for traveling… and these are gorgeous!

    I love that PSMH is sending you items ahead of time Liz so you can test them out for us 🙂

    This isn’t something that I would have expected for the Fall LE box, but I’m excited to get them!

    • I totally agree! I looked into the Bose headphones but would never spend $300 on them. Even $85 is too high so I’m excited for these. I hope they work well on the plane for my next trip (noise cancelling)!! That is what I want them for anyway and even when there is no more jack in the iPhone, I still have my iPad! Thanks for the spoiler, Liz!!

  42. Omg, dying. I’ve needed something like these for SO LONG for work and these are the most beautiful headphones ever ever ever. LOVE the colors. I honestly could not be any more happy!!! Amazing bday gift from me to me hehe 😉

  43. Just an FYI, you can grab these headphones in black and gunmetal for only $27

    • Where?

    • Where from?

      • Amazon – apparently my post w/ link was deleted.

        • Oh! I lied – see above for direct link.

    • Where? I can’t seem to find that color combo anywhere

      • The rose gold/white combo is $85 on Amazon, the black and gunmetal color is $27 on Amazon.

    • From where?

    • Wow thanks! Just got a pair. Like that color better anyway. Love amazon!

    • LOVE this color combo. Darn!

  44. Oh man, I am so glad I waited for a spoiler as these are not something I’m interested in at all. Yay for beating FOMO! I hope they are awesome for everyone who did order.

    • I’m with you. I was dying to order this box but an expected dental expense came up…I was so sad since this would have been my first LE Box ever. But now, I am so glad I didn’t end up ordering. I never ever use headphones. Ever. Unless there is something beyond awesome coming up I think I can feel better about not spending the cash.
      Not to say I am not excited and dying for the Nieman Box lol, I think that one will rally live up to the hype. At least for me.

      I’m glad a lot of you are gonna get use from the headphones! They look sharp and probably have great sound too, so if you use this type of item I bet you are super happy. :_)

      • I actually use headphones semi-regularly at work (I have been known to wear them with with just the noise cancelling function going and nothing playing if I’m really trying to focus on something and tune coworkers out, haha), but my awesome boss let me cash in some of our fedex reward points for a pair of Bose, so I’m set.

        I’m thinking of pulling the trigger on the Nieman Marcus box this year, but I’ve never spent that much money on a single box. I might have a heart attack.

    • What does FOMO mean? Thanks!!

      • fear of missing out

      • What stfne said 🙂 I’m always so worried I’m going to miss something incredible.

  45. These are beautiful ❤

  46. Love.

  47. In a million years I never would have guessed this item with the theme…excited to see more since the is my first ever LE box!

  48. Oh these are so pretty! Exactly my style…I will be looking for these on the swap board!

  49. I am very happy with this spoiler. I am in desperate need for new headphones & these are so cute.

  50. I almost bought this box after this spoiler because I love rose gold! I had rose gold accents all over my wedding. I read reviews first and found that people do not recommend these headphones for people with long hair. Your hair has a good chance of getting stuck in the sides of the head phones. Unfortunately, I have very long hair 🙁

    I wanted these so badly!

    • Ooo, good to know about the long hair! Not that it will stop me from trying to get them…rose gold and white are a weakness!

    • Maybe a pony tail when you use them??

    • 42 reviews on amazong and 4.5 rating out of 5 for excellwnt sound will make me put my long locks in a pony. I love rose gold 🙂

      • typos! my phone hates me.

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