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Oui Please Volume 2.3 Box Spoiler #3 + Coupon!

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We have new spoilers for the Oui Please Box. The theme for the Volume 2.3 Oui Please box is “Summer Escapade.”

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Here were some hints on brands that will be included in the box:
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This box is currently sold out. If you are interested in subscribing, use coupon code FRENCHSUMMER to save 30% off a membership.

What do you think of the spoilers? Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. JUST RECEIVED MY BOX TODAY! I really like my box contents.

    I received:
    1. The sweet little baby owl pendant bracelet by Les Nereides. The bracelet has very pretty detail and is much fancier looking, to me, in person over the online photo. The protective pouch is pretty.
    2. Saisons D’Eden revitalizing cream. It states it is designed mostly for spring and summer, which is almost over, but I have a feeling my skin will love it all winter, as well.
    3. Pomone Munificence Anti Aging day and night cream. Very small jar, so I am guessing a little goes a long way. I just tried it on the top of my hand and it is a very light yet dense cream that soaked right into my skin leaving it with a nice glow. I can’t wait to use these skin creams. They feel and smell so luxurious.
    4. Les Interchangeables. I have already received a very spectacular one of these in my last box that was loaded with sparkle. This one is much more casual. It’s the tan with stars. Very cute, and who doesn’t love swarovski crystals? Since there are only a few on this one, I may try it as a pony tail band. It may not work, but it’s a thought. It’s just so pretty.
    5. Happy to receive the Nuxe dry oil. Winter is coming and between the wind outside and the indoor gas heat, my skin will be parched quickly. This is a great sized bottle.
    6. Received two Nailmatic nail lacquers. One is a fresh light pink and the second is a pretty lavender. I will wear the pink as a neutral even in the winter. It adds a soft glow to my short nails that is perfect for my conservative work environment. I am thinking I can get away with wearing the lavendar for another month through the beginning of fall. Definitely next spring. I tried the pink and the brush is nice and wide. The lacquer barely had to be shaken to give a nice even coat. Very nice nail polish.
    7. The Clavie Serum Eclat had me at “boost the production of collagen that helps your skin maintain elasticity and firmness”. And, the bottle itself and packaging are so divine. Just lovely. The label mentions being made from ultra organic ingredients that work for even the most sensitive of skin. Looking forward to using this.
    8. Last, but not least, the BON BONS! Whoo hoo. So cute I can’t unwrap them yet. But I fear I will eat them all soon. Will be saving the tins to hold my bobby pins or something.

    I’m not really one to feel that I was cheated if someone else received more items unless it is a blatant omission that seems accidental. To me, quality of the items I prefer is higher value on my ranking list. I’m always surprised at how well my box is matched for my personality type given I haven’t completed any type of questionnaire to help them out. Maybe luck of the draw, but I feel “lucky” each time. This box scored big with my all time love of fabulous luxurious skin creams and oils to nurture my hair and/or skin. The dainty owl bracelet is just fun and something I would never find to buy for myself. I’m usually one to sigh or cringe when I see nail polish–just because the colors and types are so personal to the user. These are terrific. Not one complaint for a once in a while inclusion in the boxes. Always love some great and interesting candy treat. I’m pleased with my goodies.

  2. Just got an email saying my package will be delivered tomorrow! Can’t wait!!

    • Got my shipping confirmation today for Friday delivery!

    • Ooo- let us know what you receive!!!

      • Got it!! I posted pics in the forum, but here’s a list of everything:

        – Herbes de Provence – can’t wait to try this! I need to learn to cook…
        – Nuxe oil – smells amazing, and it’s actually my first time getting this product even though I know everyone else has like 4 of them 😉
        – Les Interchangeables bracelet in beige star – I like this much better than I thought I would; it’s beautiful in person
        – Fouta towel – in pink, which is adorable
        – Nailmatic nail lacquer in both lavender and pink
        – Saisons d’Eden spring-summer revitalizing cream – seems really luxurious
        – Fay Maison pancake/waffle mix, which I really wanted – can’t WAIT to make this
        – Aurelie Chadaine shoe flaps in white – least favorite item but I get how someone cooler than me can pull them off 😉
        – Pomone Paris day and night cream – mine’s the deluxe sample, but it looks like they also sent out the full-sized one to some people
        – Jacquard Francais beach towel – beautiful colors and design
        – Les Nereides necklace – HUGE WIN!! I wanted the necklace so badly! This is my favorite item by far!

        All totaled, with some estimating here and there, I get a RV of just about $350. Pretty phenomenal value for me since I got the 30% off deal, even with having to pay tax ;). I got several things I was hoping for, and a few that will go up for swap. I would have loved to get the Bossier candies for the tins alone, and a July of St Barth product, so I’ll be on the hunt for those on swaps. But honestly, I got 12 items. I’m ecstatic. 🙂

        • Sarah…we’re box twins!!! The sweet Les Nereides necklace (score!) and all!!! The only slight difference is my shoe flaps are grey and my Day & Night Cream is by Munificence (0.5 fl oz). And just like you, I am so happy with my box…all 12 items for just under $76 – yes please! ?

          • Oh yay!!! It’s an amazing box!!!! Are you keeping everything?

          • Oops – I saw that the “Munificence” cream is by Pomone ?

          • I think I’ll keep it all except the shoe flaps and maybe the two face creams (curse you rosacea!)…It’s such a great box! PS – I love roasting cut potatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper & Herbs de Provence (gives an almost slightly sweet, very fragrant flavor) – so easy & delicious!

          • Those shoe flaps are so hard to pull off! I like them but they just aren’t for me! Did you get the dark blue towel or the more turquoise one? Oh, and with the Les Nereides necklace, I remember pulling out the ends of it (the two red hearts) first and thinking that was it, like it was just those hearts on a charm bracelet, and I was SO sad. Then I kept pulling and out came the heart! Best feeling ever!! haha.

          • I got the dark blue towel, which is gorgeous…Which did you receive? I bet the turquoise is beautiful too. Your story about the necklace is too funny…I also first pulled out the end with the little hearts and for a moment was sad…It almost made opening up the portion of the necklace with the large heart so much more exciting ?

  3. Is there anything on their website or social media that offers a guarantee of value and/or number of items? This will be my first box, and I’m wondering what to expect beyond the six items that everyone will get. Two more? Four? Etc. The only things I really really don’t want are the shoe lace ups and the Delphine pariene necklace. Which means I’ll probably get both. 😉
    but I have to say I’m so excited about this box! I know people have had problems but I couldn’t resist the 30% off deal, even if I don’t get all the things I would prefer in each box. I was surprised to be charged to tax though. Not every box does, and that was a pretty big number that I hadn’t budgeted into my purchase. Oh well!

  4. I’m hoping I’m off of the swap waitlist by the time my box arrives….already know I won’t be keeping the Nuxe or the Les Interchangeables jewelry.

    Hoping I get at least a few items I’m really excited about. Those Les Nereids bracelets in the first pic are so cute! Of all the things though, I actually really really want the awesome looking gluten-free baking mix from Fay Maison.

  5. The only thing I miss about this sub is the beautiful box. Does anyone know where I can buy these boxes? They are great for storage.

    • I have one for swap/sell on the site, just FYI 🙂

  6. Wondering – is it possible to ONLY get the items in all boxes? Or will you always get some combination of the extra items? I only got the last OuiPlease because of the wrap, so I’m still a OuiPlease newbie. 🙂

    • All the items listed as “confirmed” in the blog on OuiPleaseBox will be in your box plus 3-4 more items from what they have listed. It used to be worse with box envy but it seems to be getting better with everyone getting a box value of the same amount. Hope this helps.

      • It does, thank you!!

  7. Isn’t summer basically over for most folks though? 🙁

    • That’s what I was thinking. I like a lot of these items, but my focus has already shifted from summer to fall. Even though I live in a climate where it *feels* like summer until Mid-Oct, I am over the summer vibe long before then.

  8. this subscription has the WORST jewelry out there.
    its the smallest wimpiest items i have ever seen, they don’t quality as “delicate” jewelry – just awful!

    • I like a lot of it. Just because it is not your taste does not mean that it is “awful”. Others likely think things you wear are “awful”, but likely manners prevent them from telling you.

      Since it is such a large part of the box, you probably should not subscribe.

      • Lol

      • I’m with you. I have actually really liked the jewelry. It takes me out my gold and silver delicate jewelry comfort zone. I actually wear the black Charly earrings about every other week, the bangle up bracelet every week, and the tallisa canellis earrings drop earrings at least every 2 weeks. I never thought I would but I actually love these pieces.

      • I got the prettiest bangle up bracelet….i love it and I really liked the Les Interchangeables bracelet that I received in the last box….and I am sure I spelled that wrong…lol….but you can figure it out!

      • I am considering to purchase another year of its subscription just because of its jewelry!

    • I’m inclined to agree with you. I remember the earrings from last year that were so small they got lost in the corner of the envelope they came in.

  9. According to their blog, the following items are included in all boxes: LeFouta Blanket/Towel(I think I spelled that correctly, I don’t have my glasses right now) (Hero Item), Saisons D’Eden, Nail Matic, Nuxe, Les Interchangables, Herb De Provence. I wonder when the boxes will ship!!!

    • When a striped towel is a hero item… [covering my mouth]

    • I especially enjoyed my string ring. Literally a ring made of thin string. Nothing else, just string tied in a knot. Right up there with the black pleather earrings that had gold stickers on them that rubbed off in transit. And how can I forget the nearly invisible teeny chain “ring” from last year? It was literally invisible on a human finger and fit only my pinky finger (my ring finger size is 5 incidentally so I don’t have large fingers to fit). So yeah, I didn’t sub for the jewelry. Thankfully it was never the main value piece of any box I received (subbed since the first box until the one before this) but it looks like the trend continues.

      • I forgot about the chain ring. That really was a classic 🙂 I think that ring kept me entertained for hours as I wrote so many scenarios in my head about what the heck they were thinking.

  10. A little nervous about those shoe flaps…

    • I actually have wingtips but I am not sure I want to put those on them….

  11. No FOMO here…

    • Same here. No FOMO… Not to mention they never made up for the 2.1 (I believe it was 2.1) debacle and sent my “free gift” as promised…

  12. The website says to order now for the box shipping in October, so it looks like this one is sold out.

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