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Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupons – August 2016


Note from Liz: Thanks to tons of reader requests, and a strong commitment to customer care, we are reviewing Little Lace Box again in 2016!

Little Lace Box is a bi-monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each box is curated around a specific theme. (FYI – they also have another bi-monthly subscription called “Serendipity” that does not have themes, and it is sent out on the off months of LLB. So, if you subscribed to both, you would get LLB and Serendipity on alternating months.)

LITTLE LACE BOX AUGUST 2016 - packaging

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

LITTLE LACE BOX AUGUST 2016 - all items

The Subscription Box: Little Lace Box

The Cost: $59.99 for a single box (Ships every other month)

There are also military discounts available – find more info here!

The Products: Fashion, beauty, or home items, with one item highlighting an up and coming designer.

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

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Each box comes with a letter detailing the theme of that box. This box the theme revolves around “Good Morning, Sunshine!”

This month is also their 2-year anniversary, and the roll-out of what they’re calling “LLB 2.0,” which is basically just the implementation of more personalized and individualized boxes for subscribers based on their style profiles. I think that’s fantastic – the goal for profiles like this is definitely to make sure each subscriber gets variations they’re happy with as well as items they specifically like. This month they included monogrammed items for each subscriber!

I liked how they said that by the August 1st deadline, only about a third of subscribers had filled out the online style profile, but they went ahead with monogramming things anyway since they can have a good shot and ensuring the letter subscribers would like based on their names.

If you haven’t filled out your style profile, go do so now! Just go to their website and click “style profile” at the top to get started.



The rest of the info card has the list of items and details and values of each one. The blurbs about each item are pretty cute/funny, so you should be sure to read them!


Gold Decorative Bath Bowl – value: $18.99

Subscribers received one of four different designs (It looks like they’re all very similar except for the pattern of the gold). This little bowl is included to hold little things like bobby pins or cotton balls, etc. Just as an extra touch to glam up your bathroom while still being utilitarian.

Haley Sadlo Kettle Cup Collection – value: $14.99

Subscribers also received one of four styles of these mugs. Mine says “good morning, gorgeous.” This mug is a nice large, stout shape which is fun (I love wide, short mugs because they provide maximum surface area for my whip cream and toppings – treat yourself!).


Here’s a better shot of the bowl – I think it’s very feminine, modern, and pretty.


Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bar – value: $2.99

These bars are made with grass-fed collagen, protein, and potassium and are soy-free, dairy-free, gluten free, and paleo! It tastes pretty good! It was a little squished in transit but that didn’t stop it from being a yummy snack.

Delray Beach Luxury Shower Gel – value: $7.99

What box themed around pampering yourself would be complete without a nice body wash? This shower gel is made with natural oils that hydrate the skin and has a fresh, neutral scent.


Contour/Blush/Highlighter Cosmetic Brush – value: $19.99

This brush is great! It’s a medium size brush with a bit of an angle, which is perfect for having a little more precision. I currently use an angled brush for my blush every day. The bristles are actually real brown goat hair so they’re very soft and pick up pigment very well.

Professional Salon Quality Wood Paddle Brush – value: $18.99

This may be my favorite item in the box, because I was just thinking that I need to get a new hairbrush! This one is nice and big, and I love that I got the paddle version; some subscribers got an oval brush. This brush is really nice quality and I’m really happy with it.


Boca Terry Monogrammed Face/Hand Towel in Ecru – value: $9.99

Boca Terry Monogrammed Spa Wrap in Ecru – value: $25.99

These items are the hero products of the month. The monograms are pretty, though I wish I received the white version instead of the Ecru, but hey, maybe these will give me more grace about looking dingy or accidentally having makeup on them. Do you think the read thread for the letters will bleed into the lighter fabric at all? I’ve never owned anything embroidered/monogrammed. Also, a downside I can think of for sending out monogrammed things, though, is that they’ll be harder to swap or gift if the specific monogrammed item isn’t your taste or something you’ll use.

Regardless, the quality of these are fantastic. In their info booklet, LLB says that Boca Terry makes these for “the Ritziest hotels and resorts in the world,” but they can’t say who. However, considering the word “Ritz” is bold, I’m assuming there’s our answer. Cheeky, LLB.

More pics of each below.


This hand towel is plush and soft and it’s a nice size, too!


This spa wrap is a big size so it’s a little hard to show, but it has an elastic top, and the fabric has a wrap front, plus a pocket! The fabric is light and soft, and it seems perfect for getting ready in the morning! I’m excited about this.

Verdict: This was a really great Little Lace Box! I wasn’t expecting spa/pamper stuff from the “good morning” theme spoiler, but a box full of things to help mornings and getting ready feel more spa-like is a great idea. Aside from the hairbrush (which I needed!) I don’t think I’d really have bought these items for myself so it’s nice to feel like someone else picked out some items for me to treat myself with. The value adds up to $120 which is great – twice the box’s cost!

What do you think about Little Lace Box? What variations did you get?

Little Lace Box

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (42)

  1. This will be my last LLB as my annual 12 month subscription I bought before the price change and switch to every other month has finally run out, but I am sorry to see it go. I just have to be more sensible about this subscription addiction.

    I have had to contact them or been contacted a few times and have never had a single problem getting a reply or dealing with whatever I needed. I know other people’s experience has been different, but I feel like it is just as important to speak up about my positive experience too.

    As far as the box items, I have received many things that I don’t have a real use for, but I have always appreciated the thoughtfulness and quality that goes into the box. It’s a box that I would recommend to my friends without reservation as long as they had the disposable income.

  2. Anyone else having trouble with customer service? For some reason my account has the Serendipity box twice as opposed to one subscription and the LLB as a second subscription. I have sent numerous emails and no reponse. Also tried calling and get voice mail everytime. Any suggestions???

    • Try posting a message on their Facebook page too–I’ve gotten a response that way.

    • I heard back from them this morning. They said they worked 20 days straight and took a few days off after the box shipped.

      Took care of my issue to my satisfaction and a tracking number appeared within seconds.

  3. I really love this box. The spa wrap is quite comfortable & I will be using the towel when I go to the gym -easier to find in case I misplace it …..

  4. I didn’t like this box at all. 🙁 I have everything up for swap except the shower gel and the chocolate bar (which I couldn’t finish it was that bad to me). I got the white mug. I’m 29. “Girl you got this” isn’t something I’ve ever said. Especially with an “xo” after it. It seemed like something for a college student. On top of that, I got the round brush which retails at Walmart or target for $8.99. Not at all my idea of a high end box. Very disappointed!

  5. Just realized that I didn’t get the cosmetic brush in my box. Off to send them a message. 🙁

  6. Hi Ladies I have a question if anyone can help? Would this fit a plus size 2-3 X ? I’m just wondering as I recieved my box yesterday but I don’t want to open the ribbon becsuse if it don’t fit my daughter in law is having another baby in Dec & we both have the same Initial do I could gift it to her. If it does fit plus size I will order another one & gift her anyway as I think this would be perfect wrap as she will be breastfeeding. Any help I would really appreciate! Thanks ladies ?

    • She is small I’m a plus lol

    • There are 4 snaps and some elastic in the back of the wrap so it accommodates a range of sizes. I use a middle snap and am a size 8. I think your idea of using this as a gift for a breastfeeding mom is a great idea! Perhaps you could test it out for yourself and rewrap in ribbon for gifting if it doesn’t work out?

      • Thank you so much! You are right! I will try it out tonight after my Shower & if it don’t work I can buy another ribbon. Thank you so much Dayne! ?

    • SubNanny, major, MAJOR kudos to her for breastfeeding!!! I’m a HUGE breastfeeding advocate and LOVE to hear about mommies nursing their babies!!! It sounds like she’s got an awesome support system as well and that makes it even easier for her. Make sure she knows that she is legally allowed to breastfeed anywhere she is legally allowed to be and she does not have to use a cover. I’ve been nursing for over 2 years and his head has always covered my breast 🙂 It’s way too brutally hot here in Texas to put him under a blanket, lol #NormalizeBreastfeeding #NurseAllTheBabies

      • Right on!

  7. This wasn’t a great box for me, but very useful items. Minus the spa wrap, its just something id never use. I love the gold bowl! I miss the old durations of 2014. I don’t like getting beauty items in a lifestyle box, I sub to enough beauty boxes. And the brush I got is a wet brush..

    • Curation***

    • If you are on the swap board my first initial is S and I’d love to swap for the spa wrap. I think I’d actually use it if I had one.

  8. Love the monogrammed items this month. Yes I would prefer white and white with thread in a neutral not pink, but I am STILL pleased. I find that I am consistently happier with my LLB packages than many other subs because 1.curation is great 2. I tend to keep most of the items which manage to combine practical with fun 3. arrives when it is supposed to!

    • Wow. Color me impressed, LLB. This is my first box for this sub & I couldn’t be happier. The presentation in the box & the quality of items is amazing. Plus, we got a lot in the box. Even though I peeked with the spoilers, it still felt like opening a birthday present for myself and I was even more impressed with the selection in person. Thank-you, LLB, for restoring my faith in subs!!! xoxo

  9. This was an amazing, thoughtful box! I don’t have anything monogram (to the point that my kids actually asked me what the monograms were!), so it’s nice having something special like that. I’ve never used, much less owned, a spa wrap, but I love the conept and I can’t wait to try it! I love the cup, which I’m using now, and the little bowl, which I should keep in the bathroom but instead I put on my desk and filled it with the myriad of chapsticks that were are around my monitor.

    I’m not a dark chocolate fan, but this one had it in a low enough proportion that I really enjoyed it – and I didn’t realize it was everything-else-free until this review.

    Anyway, this was another knock-it-out-of-the-park box for me.

  10. This is a pretty cool box. I was SO relieved to see that LLB sent a towel wrap, rather than another towel. I do I wish the wraps (mine was white) had all been ecru. It would have been nice to have a matching set like the one the reviewer received. I understand that some people like white, but I tend to fear it as I’m worried it will stain when I inevitably spill my coffee on it ??!

    However, kudos to LLB for such a including such a thoughtful item. The wrap is very cute and while I would have rather had the beige color, that’s only because it would match my morning latte ?!

    As much as I love the items LLB has sent out in the last two boxes, I want to point out that sending a bar with chocolate in August isn’t such a great idea. It’s 96 degrees in Oklahoma, so my bar arrived melted and mushed. It might sound crazy, but it actually makes me a little sad when items are included in a box that are sure to spoil. I’d rather they are omitted all together. It’s just not realistic to send food items with chocolate anywhere in the South from the end of May through at least the beginning of October.

    Finally, this is the second box in a row I’ve received from LLB with a broken item. The lovely picnic box they sent us with the Host chillable wine glasses? One of mine cracked the first time I used it. I was on vacation when the box arrived, so I didn’t have a chance to use the glasses for almost a month. The glass cracked and the silicone or whatever it was leaked out the first time I put it in the freezer. The other one has been fine. I never contacted LLB because I simply didn’t have time and had waited so long to open the box. It wasn’t damaged during shipping and now I wonder if the glass hadn’t been cracked prior to being shipped.

    The beautiful gold bowl I received this month arrived with a chip in it. The chip is not in the wrapping and again the outer box was not damaged during shipping – so the bowl must have been chipped prior to it being sent. It seems curious, but I know this is just bad luck.

    I am going to take the time to contact LLB about the bowl, since this is the second broken item in two boxes. I’m interested to know if anyone else had a problem with their Host glasses cracking. I made sure my glass was dry when I put it in the freezer, so I know excess moisture wasn’t the problem. Chances are there was a small crack in it before I ever used it.

    All in all, I like the products this sub sends. I have seriously cut down in the number of subs I receive, but this is still one of my favorites.

    • I had a chip in a heart-shaped tea cup/saucer set and contacted LLB. They asked me to send a photo, and when I did, they sent a replacement straight away. They have terrific customer service!

      • I agree. One of my cups from the serendipity box arrived shattered. Sent pics and was sent a replacement.

    • Just an update – I contacted LLB about the items from the June and August boxes that were chipped/cracked and they very kindly sent me replacements within 10 days. Very happy with the great customer service ?!

  11. I love LLB – awesome curation and value in every box. I’ve been a subscriber since 2014 and I have found their customer service to be wonderful.

    This is a great box BUT I can’t get over the fact that my spa wrap is white and my towel is ecru! It must be an oversight. Also, I monogram anything that has a blank space…it never goes out of style in the south! BUT the thread color isn’t my favorite on the ecru and the font type and size are way off. Larger font in white would have been much better and my S just isn’t pretty in the font they chose. Despite my buts (maybe I’m too picky), I love that they are taking their curation to a more personable level, and while this attempt may be kinda messy, it’s not a miss.

    Can’t beat June’s box though…definitely their best yet for me. I’m still hunting down plates and napkins!! Might even monogram those napkins! Lol

    • The info card states that the wrap comes in white or ecru and that the hand towel was in ecru. I also got a white wrap and ecru towel but since I wouldn’t be using them together, I don’t really care. I loved everything in the box!

    • I also got the white wrap and ecru towel. I don’t mind so much, but it does seem that would have been a consideration when they put the boxes together. That said, I LOVED this box! It came the same day as my PopSugar box, so it seemed like my birthday with all those goodies! I’ve been very happy with LLB and Serendipity, and this box was well curated and everything is useful and nice.

    • I agree I also loved this box. However, I was also disappointed because my spa wrap was white and my towel was ecru. I would have loved if matched. The wrap is hung on a hook right by where the towel is hung.

    • My wrap was also white and my towel was ecru. I would have preferred a matching set but I still will enjoy using them

  12. Love this box!! Love this sub!!

  13. I love this box ! I think everything was thoughtful , great quality , and items I wouldn’t necessarily purchase for myself but enjoy having! I always enjoy the letter with the explanation and little stories about the meaning of each item for the ladies . And once again the value sits well for me, so I don’t feel guilty about the items being luxuries, as I received them at a value. LLB is quickly becoming my favorite sub box. That is saying a lot since I currently subscribe to most of the popular boxes plus some ! I have been dropping some due to being disappointed instead of happy when receiving boxes. LLB is a keeper !

  14. I don’t get this box but I am not happy with the trend of collagen and gelatin in protein bars. I used to just be able to eat them without thinking about it and now, every time I encounter a new brand I have to question whether it’s vegetarian. Give me whey any day (and there are a few vegan ones that are good, too).

    • Ragan, I’ve had that concern before too, but have discovered it is often seaweed gelatin, which is more and more common (easier to produce?). You could check with the company to see which they use. (:

    • “Grass fed collagen” – that means cow, right? I mean, collagen doesn’t eat.

      • Ragan, I hate this trend, too. Why on earth would a product include animal by-products when plant proteins are so much better (for health, for the environment and most importantly, for the poor animals!!). And as a vegan, I will never understand why products can’t be more universal……i.e. there are far more vegetarians and vegans who can’t consume these products because they don’t eat animals, but there are VERY few people who eat animals who don’t also eat plants!!!! I suspect it is due to animal by-products being very cheap to obtain….think dog and cat food. YUCK!!!!!

      • Oh my…I didn’t even think to check that! Thank you for the heads-up! I’m glad I didn’t gobble it up before I saw this! 🙂

  15. I’m excited for this box. I’ve never had a wrap before. I hope I get the white to match my spa headband from Serendipity. And I love the little dish & the mug. I have a lot of food allergies, so the primal kitchen bar is a hit for me since I can actually eat it. And I’m crossing my fingers on the paddle brush. Yes, I would have loved some coffee but I have coffee at home & none of the other things, so I’m happy. 🙂

  16. I really liked this box. My husband said I looked so excited that it might be my favorite sub box ever.

    The “bar” was not for me, and I tried maybe 3 bites (hoping to get used to the taste) and just threw it away. But it’s a low cost item, so that’s fine.

    I love the spa towel, which I never would have chosen but will totally use. My daughter already said she’d give me a spa day at home! Everything that came will get used! Love it.

  17. LOVE this month’s box, and everything in it! I actually swapped for wraps for my mom and my daughter in law. Turns out Monogramming is hot again, who knew? My kids sent us a throw from West Elm for Christmas with our monograms on it and I was surprised because I too thought, that it was old….but what was old is new again. LOL…OMG…I am so old!!!! When did that happen?

  18. Love this month’s box!

  19. Great well rounded box – the only thing I would have wished for is no monogramming. When I think of monograms I think of the 70’s. Are monograms really in style now? If so I will not be in style because i dont like the look and never have.

    • Yes monograms are really coming back in style now. But I do agree with you (and I know I’m being picky, but it’s a preference thing) I do not like monograms either. When it was on the survey, and I chose none for all my initials, I was hoping whatever I received would have been blank. But if I had to eliminate all my subscription boxes but one, this would definitely be the One subscription box that I keep!

    • I had a friend from Texas who was always obsessed with monogramming, and after a couple of years of her talking about doing it to everything all the time it grew on me. Especially now that I’m married it’s something I do appreciate on certain things.

      Buuuut – I wouldn’t want them on my towel or wrap, haha While it isn’t a deal breaker for me I could see why that would be disappointing to some people. However, I purchase wraps like that regularly and who can’t use a washcloth? I think even with the monogramming they’re both really useful and valuable items.

      I’m not a subscriber but I do appreciate the thought they put into this box – I definitely get the theme they were going for.

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