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GlossyBox Limited Edition Fighting Pretty Box – Available Now!

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Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.50.46 AM

The limited edition Glossybox Fighting Pretty Box is available now. This box includes products from Biossance, DOUCCE, Deco Miami, EMK Beverly Hills, BORGHESE and Fango as well as the Fighting Pretty mini boxing gloves.

GLOSSYBOX and Fighting Pretty have endeavored on an exciting collaboration to create a limited edition box! The equilibrium reached between the two is rooted in our mission: to help women feel good about themselves. Together, we were inspired to educate new and existing GLOSSYBOX subscribers about how they can help a loved one that may be battling cancer with a small, but mighty gesture.

Retailing at $40, the Fighting Pretty GLOSSYBOX is valued at over $250 and available for purchase exclusively on All net proceeds will go to Fighting Pretty. 

 Are you going to grab a Limited Edition box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Liz… is this Fighting Pretty Limited Edition box still available? Thank you! Also… did everyone else eventually receive their boxes? I never ordred from Glossybox before and am definitely nervous with the reviews I’m reading. Thanks everyone!

  2. I ordered this box on August 11,2016
    I’m still waiting for my 3 boxes…..
    Their site and phone were down for a while so I ended up messaging them and I got a reply that they were working on sorting out my order………that was last week
    Today is September 8th and still,no boxes,no email from GB ,nothing, nada,
    Where are my boxes??????????
    Worst costumer service!

  3. OMG just got my fighting pretty box!!! I’m beyond excited!! I absolutely LOVE everything in the box!!! The lip color is amazing!!! Not too sure about the brow filler yet,I tried it on my hand but I had to really work at it in order to build any color. Either way I absolutely love this box!! Worth every penny and the box presentation was stunning!
    Glossybox / fighting pretty did an outstanding job with this box!!!

    • What color of lipstick did you get.? Mine is a rose gold color but the photo appears darker, so I am curious as to whether or not there was variation.

      • I got a peachish color with lots of golden sparkle in it! It’s very pretty! I’m not a huge lipstick fan, I typically only use gloss but, this color is amazing with a gloss over it. It’s called swoon.

  4. Have anyone received it yet? My invoice says it will deliver between Aug 16-28, but I haven’t got a shipping email yet.

    • Hi Ginger,

      I was wondering the same thing. I emailed Glossybox a few days ago and only got an auto reply. The shipping time with GB is always so disappointing. If they have a SE box, they should have the inventory ready to ship when someone orders. Why does it take so long and no communication.

      This is the main reason I cancelled this subscription, of course, in addition to almost always being disappointed with the items in the box.

      • Update! I got my box today finally. It was actually delivered on Aug 28th as GB promised, but without email notification. Well, good execution but bad communication. And the box is fantastic! I get all that Max got. The only thing I don’t enjoy is the Deco Miami nail polish. The shade was very dark violet which I cannot use. I would prefer the nude-pink shade as illustrated in their booklet. But other stuffs are all soooooo fabulous that I even want to buy second box!!! God helps my wallet! And did they say they’ll donate the net profit to Fighting Pretty? After such a generous deal, I sincerely wonder how much NET they can left to Fighting Pretty! But I love the box so much. If only they can keep such high standards for their monthly subscription too!

        • Still haven’t received mine or any tracking info. I think Glossybox could definitely use some help with communication. If I get a tracking number, I know that my shipment is on its way and I will just wait until delivery. Not having any information is irritating.
          I’m glad you like your box, I hope I feel the same way. Thanks for the update. 🙂

        • I also received my box but no tracking info was ever sent! I did contact customer service last week to find out what was going on and this was the response….
          Hi Sabrina,

          Thanks for following-up with us and I apologize on behalf of DHL for any trouble you’ve encountered thus far.

          DHL has informed us that they reuse/recycle tracking numbers within 180 days after the delivery. The previous tracking information was supposed to be cleared from their system once the new tracking number was reissued. However, it seems they were not able to clear this specific tracking number, so they will need to re-label your August order.

          Thanks so much for your patience at this time. Once we have your new and valid tracking number, we will provide to you. Chat soon!

          • I just received my shipment but only got one box when I ordered two. I will give them a few days to see if they shipped separately and then I’ll just contact my bank for a refund on the one box not delivered.
            The contents of the box are terrific but I wish their customer care and logistics were better than this. It’s one of the worst out there next to Ouiplease 🙂

    • I just got 1 of 2 boxes (hope it’s not a repeat of the previous box sale, where I bought 2 and only 1 arrived…and customer service has not responded going on 2 weeks). No shipping notification. But the box is great! I got:
      – Miami Deco nail polish in Not Your Fortune Teller (beautiful purple, wearing it now). It’s $5 on FabFitFun site.
      – EMK face cream (1.7 oz)
      – Doucce brow pencil
      – Fango Purify
      – Borghese lipstick (gorgeous!!)
      – Biossance Revitalizer (1.7 oz)
      – Pink gloves (adorable)

      • I’ve sent several emails and no reply. This is just like Glossybox, par for the course that customer service is awful. Never again will I buy anything from them. As soon as I sort his out, I’m washing my hands off this sorry company

        • I was wondering the same thing and came looking under the post to see if anyone had written about it. I haven’t seen anything as far as a tracking number and I am waiting to get those gloves to send on to a friend who just announced that she has breast cancer. 🙁

          • I got my box yesterday. I guess they’ve sent the box out but just forgot to notify. Hope you and your friend can receive it soon and enjoy it. It’s a really great box!

      • Hi Max,

        Did you receive your 2nd box yet? I only got one delivered when I paid for 2.

        • Nope, still haven”t received the second box, did you? Glossybox’s shipping is so frustrating.

          • No I never received the 2nd box. After numerous emails without any reply, I contacted my bank and they refunded me $40.
            I wish my hands off Glossybox.

        • That’s terrible that you had to do that, I will also as a last resort. It’s a shame — they have some nice boxes, but I don’t like having to beg for the box I paid for.

          • It really is unfortunate that they’re shipping is so awful! I have been tempted to subscribe a few times but then see all the reviews about people not receiving their boxes and it always turns me away!
            There is a BIG problem when this many people are complaining! I really wanted the September box! I wish glossybox would pull it together!!!

    • Nope! I haven’t received mine and emailed glossybox but haven’t heard back from them! So disappointing

  5. Broke down and bought one and also started a new subscription using the subscribe and get 2 past boxes free. Over all it should be worth it, I have 2 teen daughters so everything will get used. $61 for 3 boxes plus the limited box.

    Product overload!

  6. Ok, I LOVE glossybox and haven’t had an issue SO FAR but I’m new….I have two subs…have y’all received Augusts boxes? I’m reading these comments and getting nervous now, as I prepaid for a year?

    • I haven’t received my box or a shipping notification yet, but I usually don’t receive the box until after the 20th of each month.

    • I just received a shipping notification today.

      • Ok,thanks girls! I have SO MANY I can’t keep track when they are coming, I don’t even know what alls coming! (YES ADDICTED!)
        I hope I haven’t subbed to any I’ve read about that took $ and continue to get billed and never received, but I think I did great research!

    • You will love it one of my best I mean best boxes never dissatisfied

  7. You need to use Chrome to view the GlossyBox website. All other browsers are not compatible with That might fix the errors everyone is having.

    • I’m not using chrome and it works fine.

  8. Does anyone know if there are any promo codes for this? I have two friends fighting breast cancer and would love to give them each one, but $80 for two is just too steep for me.

    • Why not just buy the mini-boxing gloves and then add whatever items you think your friends will like?

  9. I tried the Deco Miami polish when it was in the FFF summer box add-ons and it did not chip for many days. I recommend it.

  10. This is a good cause box. I still have a current subscription with Glossybox and I still had to enter subscribe. I purchased the mothers day box when I was not a member and had to enter subscribe then as well but it did not create a subscription for me. If you look under your subscriptions in your glossybox account you will see it listed as a one off or a one time purchase.

  11. I’m 0 for 2 on ordering one-time Glossybox boxes.

    This time it’s not taking my address. I’m seeing a separate box for my house number. I put that in, then there’s a separate box for my street address. I put that in. When I hit the “Become a Subscriber” button it says it needs a valid address. So, I omit my house number from Box 1, enter it into the 2nd box with the street address, but that doesn’t work. Then, I enter my house number in the 1st box & 2nd box along with the street address, still doesn’t work. Oh well. I don’t need anything from this box anyways. I always take weird things like this as a sign that it’s not meant to be.

    I can’t recall the weird things I was encountering when I attempted to purchase a past Glossybox when they became available a little while ago, but it was different than this address thing. The last one-time box I purchased from them was the Mother’s Day box, and the process was seamless, so I wonder what they changed on their site.

    • I have the same problem. They don’t allow you to start with with a number in the blank for “street address”. For example, if I enter “45th St” (which starts with the number 4) in that box, the website would say the address is invalid. But when I add anything else before the number, even just a space, it will work. I entered “-45th St”, so that their stupid system would let me proceed and the dilivery man wouldn’t be confused. (I hope so!)

    • I had this problem as well and I just spelled my street which is a number out and it worked.

      • I can get subscribed either! The first time I got an “unknown error” message. Tried again with a different credit card on my pc instead of phone, then got an “unable to decrypt data” message. I checked my credit cards and the first one has a pending $21 charge, then a pending $21 credit. Any suggestions?

  12. That box is so pretty and it’s for a good cause! I have to think about this though…I don’t need any of these items but I want it….ugh…decisions, decisions lol.

  13. I wish there was an option to pay $5 for the mini boxing gloves! Those are so cute! I had thought about this box, when it was posted last week or so – for the cause. It’s really hard to order ANYTHING from Glossybox. There will end up being a problem with my box and it’ll take at least a month to get it sorted out.

    • OMG I know right?? I looove those gloves, had to have them for my rear view mirror!!

      • They sell the gloves, on their site, for $10. I think I’m gonna do that! Then I don’t have to wrestle (in my head) about dealing with GB. 🙂 The money goes to a good cause.

    • I bet you’ll see a few of the boxing gloves pop up on the swap board, so with a little luck you’ll probably be able to get a set 🙂

  14. I ordered 2. One for me and a gift. Thinking about getting another one. I’m not a subscriber so have no issues with them. But it is for a good cause and the box is very nice.

  15. I will not be purchasing this great looking box due to the issues I have had with glossybox lately. I never received my July box, which I redeemed with my glossydots. I have already been charged for the August box and they told me they could not send me the July box as it is no longer available. I have cancelled my subscription after being with the company for over two years.

  16. It’s tempting because it is such a good cause and decent products….. but it’s Glossybox. And I just can’t even with them anymore….

  17. I snagged a few of these to give out as presents. I also have a friend who volunteers at Cedars Sinai and she just got diagnosed with cancer. This will bring a few smiles amid the fight.

    I also have a huge issue with Glossybox and how they’ve become so mediocre. I have cancelled my subscription with them and highly unlikely to sub again. When I closed out this order, I had to click on a box that said “confirm subscription”, it was the only way to finalize the order. I clicked, but I will check later to make sure I’m not subscribed again.

    • Good, that bothered me too. Although it states one time box, you have to hit subscribe. I do not want to subscribe. I thought about emailing them to double check. Pretty deceptive if that’s what happens.

      • It’s more of a case of them just being incompetent with updating forms. If you were a subscriber and you saw some of the silliness from their monthly surveys (like “did you enjoy the taste of the nail polish”) it would make more sense.

        That is just what they have on the button instead of “buy.” You won’t be subscribed.

        • Omg!!! ???they need a whole new set of executive management. In every level.
          If I worked for Glossybox, I would read MSA for honest feedback and make it a priority to resolve these issues immediately.
          There is so much potential that isn’t being harnessed.

    • I think by clicking that button it just means that you’ve subscribed to their email distribution list but you never know with Glossybox…they seem to find new ways to screw things up all the time so I think you’re smart to double check.

      • I subscribe to a few boxes but not GB. I read the reviews though and comments. That nail polish comment…way funnier than it should’ve been, just wow lol I’ve noticed a good bit of subs can get screwy, which takes a click of a button and is immediate yet when it comes to fixing a screw up the wait time is significantly longer. So I’ve been burned before, very hesitant about hitting a subscribe button!!!

  18. So torn, I love to support a cause and the box has the value (those gloves are adorable) but…….I’m struggling big time with Glossybox.

    I’m sure I’ll get it though

    • I feel you Traci. Although the Biossance and EMK should be enough to nudge you to make the jump. It looks full size, I hope. ?

      • Haha, unfortunately I don’t need much nudging. I’ll chalk it up to supporting the cause and NOT Glossybox 😉

      • The Biossance does not look like the full size bottle that I have, which has a pump instead of a dropper. It looks more like the much smaller travel size. I hope that it is just different packaging because I will definitely get this box if it is a full-size Biossance. I will wait for the reviews as I am overloaded with beauty products right now. Too many subs!

        • This may be the older packaging, because I have a full size bottle of the Biossance and it looks the same as mine. Which makes me think of another thing – I received the Nuxe oil for July’s box and it expires in Dec 16, so perhaps Biossance wanted to unload older product with GB. Just food for thought…

      • I caved :p

        • That didn’t take long…addict ?

          • Some days I sit here just looking for ways to spend money….I need help lol

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