FYI – Essence Beauty Box Subscriptions are Ending

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Thanks to Lisa, Maya, and Mirabel for letting me know that Essence Beauty Box just sent out this email. September will be the final box sent out. Check out their FAQ page for more information.

If you are a 6 or 12-month subscriber:

You will be refunded the remaining balance of your prepaid subscription for the boxes you will not receive. Refunds will be credited to the credit card on file between 8/30/16-9/16/16. If there is a problem crediting the money, we will send you a check via regular mail.

What do you think of this news? Any recommendations for replacement boxes?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I was nervous about ordering these since I saw that people had so many issues getting them and it is well after they discontinued the box. But I figured I’d give it a shot anyway. I ordered 5 boxes and then separately ordered 1 of each of the scarves (u can only order 5 items at a time). I did this on Mar 20th and got the emails confirmations soon after. Saw they were pending and high hopes everything would go smooth. But it went fantastic because I just received both orders today the 22nd. So quick and everything was great. Might have to get more now 🙂

  2. I ordered 2 beauty boxes and 2 festival boxes. The festival boxes came, but not the beauty boxes. No refund either… Boooo!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that earlier this month I ordered a Essence Beauty Box and one of each of the scarves. I wasn’t sure if I would receive the order since the subscription has been canceled. But late last week I received the order. I wasn’t expecting much of the scarves since they were only $5 each. But I was presently surprised. They are gorgeous! Each one measures approximately 3 feet x 3 feet. Both the boxes and the scarves will make perfect gifts for the holidays!

  4. I received all of my boxes, except for the May box (and that was the one I was really looking forward to). I called about them being on back order and was told by two different CSRs that they are out of stock and would not be replenishing them. I’m really ticked off because I ordered those boxes as soon as they went on sale.

    I emailed customer service about this, five days ago, and have not received a reply.

  5. I ordered 3 April boxes and never heard anything. So I then ordered 3 festival boxes (because of the Paula choice spot treatment, in both boxes). Received festival boxes today, but the spot treatments are trial sizes, for some reason I thought they were supposed to be full size? Went to check on their website and the beauty box page is gone. Kinda disappointed because that was the only item I ordered the box for and was expecting full size and now I can’t even check. And they paid $9.45 to ship 3 $5 boxes? I feel like every one involved (me and essence) lost on this deal!! Are jamberry safe to use? And do they even work? I read some conflicting reviews online. Ive come to sadly realize I spend way too much time on these subscription boxes!!

    • Received an email that the April boxes have shipped. I emailed them this weekend about not receiving the April boxes yet, to which they responded that I would receive them a few days after they shipped. I wrote back saying I ordered them over a month ago, when would they ship? Not sure if that had anything to do with it, but long story short, they supposedly shipped. Assuming ill get 3 more trial size spot treatments?!? Lol, they seriously look like full size on the essence website -different packaging then the trial ones I received.

      • Received April today with full size spot treatment!!

    • Jackie, don’t worry. The trial size of Paula’s Choice Vit C treatment is exactly 1/3 of the full size. If you bought 3 Festival boxes, you spent $15 to essentially get a full-size PC, which costs $55 — great deal! 🙂

      I got 2 of my 5 boxes a month ago, and 2 more today (with one more still backordered). I was happy to get them finally, but the Bioderma micellar makeup remover in the April box leaked and was 3/4 empty. I really wanted to try that, but I doubt contacting CS will help as these boxes are now discontinued.

  6. Wish I would have never placed an order. Purchased 4 beauty boxes for $10 each on 9/12 and today is 10/04 and still haven’t received. Called customer service and 3 out of 4 boxes will ship next week and one is on back order. Would have like to been informed of the waiting game before I placed the order. Bad customer service.

  7. I also got emails about out of stock boxes today, but I don’t see any charges on my credit card yet. I’m fine not getting the boxes but it makes me nervous that they say they’ll restock in 30 days because how is that possible when this was a closeout sale? Now I’ll have to keep watching my credit card. agh.

  8. Having problems!! I ordered the July Box on closeout, a full week goes by before they email that they are out of stock. I expected a refund, but instead they said they’re placing my order “on hold” until they get restocked.

    • I just checked my emails and I saw the same email. I ordered the April and March boxes and my order has been placed on hold with more stock expected in 30 days. If I have to wait a month, I’d rather just have a refund. Very frustrating.

      FYI – The email is coming from singlecopy (at) with no subject line, so many of you might overlook the email.

    • I subscribed a week before the email went out stating they were ending. I emailed them back saying I’d just moved and gave them my new address. Their response? We are ending so there is no point in updating your shipping address. ? Guess who is STILL waiting on their September box that was shipped to the wrong address…

    • That’s interesting since I just looked on their website and the July box is still available for sale ? Makes me wonder what’s going on. Despite not receiving my September box, I ordered 5 past boxes. I haven’t received the out of stock email yet. At this point, it would not surprise me If I did

  9. Well, if Essence intended to leave a bad impression as they exited the sub box game, they hit a homerun! First all the mistakes with the close out sale (I still don’t know what the heck — if anything — I’m getting as I dispute the multiple incorrect charges on my c/c). Second, September’s box came today and it pretty much sucked, full of repeats, leaking things and foil packets. So, while I was initially sorry to see Essence bow out 2 weeks ago, now I am thinking: fine, fine…go! 😉

    • My box was fine other than no Keracare sample which I can’t wait to try! They graciously agree to send in 7.to10 days. I deal with other subs with horrid customer service so am pleased by ucsn get a replacement box!!!

    • Wow, that’s too bad that you got repeats & a leaker! I’d be disappointed too- what all did you get in your box? I’m wondering if there was variety in the boxes- cause I’m looking for more of that illuminator on a trade otherwise I’ll have to buy it. Dang.
      The going away gift was super nice tho!

  10. I somehow missed the email and all. Just got my box today and I LOVE everything inside. The even included a goodbye gift. I’ve been getting the boxes since May and even though I’m a redhead with super fair skin, I have loved every single box. This was my favorite subscription out of all since I use all most every single product in the boxes. Such a bummer!

    • I can’t wait for my box. Looking forward to the nail polish and all the other goodies in this last box. Maybe I will get a surprise too!

    • I received my box yesterday also, great box as always! I also received the thank you brush set, which was a nice gesture. I will miss my Essence Beauty Box monthly, it was becoming one of my favorites, the value was always good. I did however order 6 of the past boxes on the $10 special, so I will have a few more goodies to look forward to.

  11. Well….there went one of my new subs, I realize I’m not a woman of color, but I loved their boxes, but I never got one! Paid…but, no box! ?

  12. I am sad to see Essence Beauty Box go. I just recently started getting Cocotique and I really like it. I purchased the limited edition box for Summer as well. I have the least amount of rejects fromy the Cocotique box compared to the other boxes I receive.

  13. ? this had become my favorite box. Their hair products were the best match for my hair. Hope they decide to try it again in the future I would re-sub in a heartbeat.

  14. I just got the email last night. I’m so sad to see them go!

  15. That’s too bad! This looked like a great box and I always enjoyed the reviews of it.

  16. I am sad to know this! Just checked my emails and saw this. Great beauty box that truly catered to women of color. Besides my Onyx sub, I looked forward to receiving this box each month. I was never disappointed! ???

  17. This was my favorite box. I cancelled Allure and BB to sub to Essence. Great every month since I started in June. Sad to see it go.

  18. I am BEYOND disappointed! I really liked this subscription, and have been able to try to many brands that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. I cannot even believe it. Heartbroken, lol. 🙁

  19. September is the end of my six month sub. I’ll miss this box. So glad I had the chance to try it out.

  20. How strange and sad! I subbed to this box after getting it for the first box for $1 back in July and LOVED it! I absolutely could justify $15 a month where as I very rarely can do that with subs. I wonder if they were testing the waters with that to see how sustainable the box would be against all the other beauty boxes. At least they’re upfront with people, but still I’m still sad.

  21. Sad. This was such a great box. Maybe they are finding, like BB, that this business model isn’t profitable.

  22. I already got my refund via PayPal. Fyi

    • I did too! Very sad it’s ending though!

  23. Darn! I really liked this sub! I discovered a bunch of hair products that I love and have continued to purchase on my own.
    They will be missed!

  24. You will be missed, Essence ?

  25. From their Facebook page:

    Thank you so much for being a loyal subscriber. We launched ESSENCE BeautyBox to provide women of color with great products especially for our shade of beautiful. For the past 12 months, we’ve shared our favorite classic, cult and Black-owned brands. However, the landscape for monthly subscription boxes has changed over the past year and as a result we have decided to sunset the program. We will continue to focus on sharing the best in beauty through ESSENCE Magazine and ✨

    I just started a 6-mo subscription in July, and I liked their boxes. We should get a credit by Sept. 16th. From their email:

    “You will be refunded the remaining balance of your prepaid subscription for the boxes you will not receive. Refunds will be credited between 8/30/16-9/16/16, to the credit card used when purchasing the subscription. If there is a problem crediting the money, we will send you a check via regular mail.”

  26. I’ve really enjoyed this sub and hate to see it ending.

  27. I am disappointed as this would be my first box from Essence beauty box. I was concerned that I was billed on August 10th and have not received my box as yet. I thought I would have made it in time to get the August beauty box, I guess not now. I hope this September box is a great one. I would highly recommend as a WOC alternative beauty box We Are Onyx, beauty box. They bill you and ship amazingly fast! I’ve received 2 boxes so far and LOVE the contents! Great quality products full and sample sizes. I always look forward to checking the mail again due to the We Are Onyx beauty Box.

    • I’m happy to hear of onyx box. Just started with August box and loved the co- wash for my hair. I find coconut oil dries my hair texture so tried the leave in. Will Be happy to have one of their final boxes. Just tried them but happy to get magazine again!

    • I agree regarding the We Are Onyx box. I’ve subscribed to all of the WOC beauty boxes, and We Are Onyx was always been my favorite (they also have fabulous CS!).

      I’m sad to see the discontinuation of the Essence Beauty box. My 6-month sub ended with the August box, which I then cancelled, but now I’m tempted to re-sub just to receive the final September box. I haven’t checked, but I’m wondering if they’re even taking new subscriptions for just the September box.

  28. Im a WOC and I feel bad for canceling my sub and not supporting them while I have other many subs. Im going to re sub to onyx box asap lol

  29. Very disappointed. Just signed up for a 6 month sub in July and got my mom a gift sub. Was one of my favorite subs and I’m sad to see it go!

  30. This is too bad. But, honestly I am not surprised. I cancelled my sub after 2 months. I expected more from Essence. Their beauty box did not give me the experience I felt it should have being they have been around for over 30 years. JMO

  31. Hmmm, they didn’t give it much of a chance! Sad to see it go, even though it was not always a win for me. I was midway through a 6-month sub. I’m dropping Birchbox and BB5 when my annual terms expire, so I’ll have an opening for something new….or maybe I’ll be smart and save some $$. 😀

  32. What are some other boxes for ladies of color. I have only had essence box for 4 months. I will miss their products.

    • Two other WOC beauty boxes are We Are Onyx and Cocotique.

  33. Wow, what a let down! Finally a box for WOC and I had cancelled with my August box and was gonna try to start up in a few months. I hope they start it again. I wonder why they stopped.

  34. I’m sad that they’re discontinuing. I got this subscription for my teen daughter and I know she will be especially upset.

  35. I understand companies go out of business. However, I JUST signed up for my box, they sold it to me AND offered me the magazine subscription, all WITHOUT mentioning they were going out of business. I’m ticked. My box better be double packed with samples. No, triple packed! 🙁

    • Well, at least you will be receiving the September box! Things happen, I just signed up last month and have only received the August box, I don’t expect ” triple packed” samples because a business is closing it’s doors..

    • I don’t think the magazine is ending though…just the box.

  36. I’m very sad it’s ending too! This was my replacement for Birchbox, and it had much bigger sample sizes, full size items, etc. I too just bought a 6 month sub in July.

  37. I signed up for a six month sub back in July (I think). I hope they return my money for the months that I won’t be getting! I’m really upset!

  38. I loved Essence! So sad to see them go. Hopefully, they will go out big with the September box. Not sure if I’ll replace it though.

  39. Wow that sucks a great replacement box, would be Cocotique it’s $20.00 a month and has the same clientele.

  40. HOW SAD! This was an excellent sub. Very well curated. I was really looking forward to seeing how they would progress in the coming months.

    Sadly I had to cancel my sub a couple of months ago, but I had resolved that re-subbing was going to be my holiday gift to myself. So sorry to see it ending.

  41. I’m not their target demographic, but most of the items were of use to me because their color choices were complimentary imho. Any hair stuff I couldn’t use I passed on to a co-worker, so we’re both disappointed I guess, lol.

    I gave my entire August box to my coworker as a gift, and I’m jealous because I really wanted that NudeStix in Immortal… so if anyone has one they’d like to swap, please list!

  42. What happens with prepaid subscriptions? I bought a 6 month sub and September would be my 3rd or 4th month

    • Found the answer in the faq. I hope they credit the difference correctly.

      • My refund already processed and mine was right.

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