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BeautyFIX August 2016 Full Spoilers + Subscriptions Open!

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Beauty Fix Spoilers

We have the full spoilers for the August 2016Β BeautyFIX subscription box! (And subscriptions are now open!)

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.25.29 AM

The box includes:

  • Eau de Parfum by Tocca Beauty (fragrance will vary)
  • Sex Lux Pax Trio Eyeshadow by Vincent Longo (colors will vary)
  • Facial Cream – Nigerian Ginger with Sweet Lavender & Thyme by Pangea Organics
  • GREEN APPLE Peel Sensitive by Juice Beauty
  • CC Cream 10-in-1 Complete Correction Leave-In Hair Perfector by Alterna
  • Cork Pill Box by Danielle Creations
  • Aromessence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum by Decleor
  • Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Foaming Mask by Bliss
  • Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Creme Luxe by Luzern Laboratories

What do you think of the AugustΒ BeautyFIX spoilers?

This box is $24.95 a month for a subscription or $34.95 for a one-time purchase.

Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I was just wondering when we normally receive the first spoilers for this box. This is my favorite box so far and I really would like to know what we get next month πŸ™‚

  2. My Vincent Longo shadow was completely shattered and they didn’t have replacement, so I picked another Juice Beauty peel as replacement.
    I love the pill box. I always forget taking my vitamins and was looking to buy one anyway. It is great.

  3. I got the same Vincent Longo eyeshadow shades as I’ve gotten before in another box – the pink/purple/green “sweet melody” trio. If anyone wants to swap that has the same item in different shades , let me know.

  4. I received my replacement for the leaky Juice Beauty Apple Peel. Same item..identical expiration dates, but my new one is a creamy texture and smells different than the one that leaked. The defective one is clearer and more orange. Anyone else experience this???

    • I think the sensitive formula is more clear and full strength is more creamy – maybe you got different formulas?

  5. This is my 2nd box and I love almost everyyhing in it. I cancelled Sephora Play, kept this & Allure. Also the seasonal Fab, Fit , Fun. I love skincare products and finding what works for me and my 46 year old skin. I really like the face cream. It’s light but is really absorbent. The only issues I have with some of the other products, particularly the Delecor face oil is the smell. It smells like dirt and geraniums. I’ve read it works awesome so we’ll see if I can stomach it again. The face cream with lavendar & thyme is strong too. I just like my skin care products to be a bit more fragrance free or more “clean” smelling that way I’m able to enjoy them without getting a headache or without washing them off before they get a chance to work.

  6. I love this box. I’m 3 months in and I’ve loved every box!!! WAY better than glossy box for a few dollars more! (And I think the pill box is great! Way better than another make up bag!)

  7. I love the pill box. That’s the best thing in it. I already subscribe and it has been well worth it. But hate the green apple stuff from Juice. Three or four months ago it was their day cream. The smell sends my allergies into overdrive.

    • I can’t stand the green apple line stuff either! I don’t know why but the smell of all of it is unbearable to me lol. I liked the box otherwise, but the only reason I didn’t get this month’s was because of the full size peel. It looks like there will be plenty of pill boxes for me to swap for though ?

    • Totally agree. I love everything in this box except the peel. Sadly it’s the only full-sized skin product for this month!

  8. This has some good products I’d like to try! However, I’m not sure of the value. Since it costs twice as much as other subs, shouldn’t it have at least 10 items? πŸ™‚

    I would like either the purple or peach eye shadow separately, but those colors together in the same palette look unattractive.

    And I still can’t get over the bad idea of including a pill box in a box called Beautyfix! I notice that it has a mirror, too. Why would you need a mirror in a pill box? Not to mention, it makes the box heavier.

    Maybe next time

    • Re the mirror in the pill box… I was thinking the exact same thing too(!) when I watched the unboxing video.

    • A pill box??? Are you kidding. I’m not subscribing now. That’s an awful item to out in a beauty box. Are
      We all in nursing homes?

      • I watched a YouTube video recently on using the clear pill boxes to put your smaller jewelry in while traveling (like stud earrings). I have several fancy jewelry rolls and travel boxes that work great for certain things, but I bought one from the Dollar Tree to try this summer. It would have been a great solution, but it was cheaply made (hello, $ Tree LOL but it was an experiment) and the lids wouldn’t stay closed. But I could easily see what was inside. Anyway, if that’s your only hold off this box, this might be an option for you…or you could always swap it. (PS I haven’t pulled the trigger myself.)

      • The pill box is actually one of the items I’m most excited about. I’m only 31, but I’m a huge fan of vitamins and supplements. Omega-3 and biotin, for example, are beneficial no matter your age. I travel a lot and I’m excited to use this instead of packing several pill bottles.

        • I take those, too, and a bunch of other things, and I’m only turning 35 Saturday. I was actually looking for a nice pill case anyway to take a new RX with me to work (has to be taken before breakfast but I work out first thing every morning). The jewelry idea, btw, was just in case somebody doesn’t *need* a pill case and could repurpose it.

          • Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!!! ???

          • Thank you!! <3

          • Happy birthday tomorrow!

        • I completely agree!!!

      • I’m 37 and care about beauty products, but I also have MS and carry a multitude of medications, so I appreciate a trendy pill box. That was kind of insensitive.

        • She didn’t mean it to be insensitive and she is saying its way too personal, in her opinion. I think it’s weird too. It’s not something everyone can use. And yes I do know you can try and make it into something useful for other things but I would have rather had no pill box and one more full size item

          • In that case, there should never be products for acne since I don’t really have a use for those.

            Plus, I’m not sure why being in a nursing home would preclude someone from wanting to use beauty products!

          • How is a pill box any more “personal” than other personal care items included in this and every other beauty box? Target just sent out toilet paper in a box for goodness sakes. If someone really thinks it’s too personal, just say exactly that, rather than calling it “awful.” Instead the comment clearly insinuates that pill boxes are only useful to people in nursing homes.
            If you expect to like or use every single item in every box every month, you should probably reconsider whether subscription boxes are right for you. And this particular box almost always includes a “tool” type item – an eyemask, a trimmer, a beauty blender, etc.

        • Lori, I totally understand. As a fellow autoimmune disorder patient (lupus), it can be difficult to keep up with all the meds that we have to take. I am looking forward to the pill box and I think it was a thoughtful, well-curated item for anyone (who doesn’t carry Ibuprofen or acetaminophen in their purse?).

          • Yeah, who says only geriatrics takes pills. I’m a little over 40 and I take vitamins and daily meds. I appreciate the stylish pill box thank you beautyfix

          • Fellow lupie here too! Nice to see someone else on here! Do you use IG?

        • Thank you, I didn’t see these comments before commenting. I have lupus and most people categorize only older people as being chronically ill. I hope you are doing well.

        • Completely agreed. I’m 33 and have lupas….I was happy to get the pill box as well.
          I kinda felt it was insensitive too, but just try to ignore it.

          • I ignored it too. I’m 35 but have been a pill popper (vitamins or Excedrin) since I was 16.

        • Agreed!

      • To me, beauty is about self-care, not just vanity. A pill box is an appropriate, and unique, inclusion.

        • Stfne, thank you for a beautiful (and wise) comment!!!

        • You’re my hero of the day

        • Well said!

        • I agree! Plus, I am always excited to receive something I’ve never gotten before in any box. I think this is a beautiful pillbox, too. I’ll definitely be looking for another on swaps for my mom.

      • I’m chronically ill, I have lupus and an anxiety disorder. Something like a pill box is actually very useful for me, especially when it doesn’t look like an awful plastic days of the week one from the pharmacy that I can put in my purse and be more discreet about if I’m going somewhere for a couple nights, want to keep an extra dose of my meds on me like I usually do, etc.

        Just saying, a lot of people are younger like me and don’t view pill boxes as something “people in nursing homes” need only. Even people who just take supplements or one or two pills daily.

        Sorry if this comes across sounding preachy or rude, but I feel like a lot of people are kind of ableist about health matters regarding people in their 20s. I know a large community of chronically ill people, most of us don’t look sick on the outside, but are very ill. I appreciate the inclusion of the pillbox and don’t see it taking away much value from the rest of the box. ?

    • The value of this box is phenomenal. Most products are full size, not samples. The cost of buying them separately far exceeds the box cost. There is usually one non-product item, for which people’s interest will obviously vary.

      I imagine the pill-box designer figured if you had your bag out and were taking pills, you might like to just check your hair and/or makeup for a quick fix. Lipstick from having had a drink with your pills, maybe?

    • The pill box is only a “pill” box because it has a dispenser in it, which is very easily removed. After removing that the mirror is a great inclusion. This box could be used to stash a collection of first aid items (including tylenol etc). You could put in a nail file, tweezers and nail clippers for another instance. Or maybe a trial sized mascara, and other assorted mini makeups. You could fill it full of shopkins! The possibilities are endless if it’s a quality box I’ll use it for sure.

      • Great ideas!

      • As the pill box appears to be plastic and removable, has anyone also seen videos where you can take remnants of lip products, heat low in microwave in things like pill cases, and let reharden to make custom lip palettes as well? Just an idea for anyone who doesn’t think they can put it to use. If not, it’s also a great gift item for someone.

      • It could also be used for jewelry when traveling for earrings and smaller bits. It can be used to store all kinds of tiny things. If the plastic can be removed, you could make it into a tiny emergency kit like some small sewing supplies, safety pins, blister bandaids for shoes, etc.

  9. I would love to sign up for this but I feel like such a sucker starting a subscription without a coupon or freebie of any kind. I did that with Luxor Box and now every time they run a promotion, I’m like “you idiot!”

    • I signed up for their emails and received a 15% off code, which brought my box down to just under $20 before tax. There have been better codes in the past, but I wasn’t patient enough to wait for one!

      • Carla, how did you receive the code? By email? Or did it pop up after you submitted your email address? I signed up last night, but I never received any code.

        • Yes, by email. The email said 15% off my first order but strangely enough the code took off 20%!

          • Same for me! I just subscribed with 20% off. This box looks amazing to me.

      • Thanks so much for the tip!!!! That worked for me too and that was enough to push me over the edge and order it?.

  10. I loe this sub! It is not the joke ipsy, & some of these other silly boxes are! Usually you get Full sized produts in this box. Definately worth thelittle more it costs. The decleor is the Diamond in the ruff in this box! Decleor products are more expensive than dept. store lines even. This little bottle will last along time, you only use a couple drops on your face, and it has neroli oil in it which is amaxing for your skin. Most of the spas use this line, it is top notch and i am surprised with all the other items they could put in a box they chose something from this line! Cant wait to get mine! Alterna is also a great salon brand and reviews are excellent! ive used the cavier shampoo and conditioner and they are super nice! Ive heard mixed reviews on juice beauty and i think its a good line, just a line seen many times by those of us with multiple subs, BUT THAT,IS A FULL SIZE JAR OF PEELS, a nice way to end summer and take care of snake ski if you live in a hot climate as i do. Peels are good for any climate but here it will be a blessing at summers end especially. The rest of the items will be nice except that pill box.. im not really into that, but thats ok, im still really excited to try all the other things in this box. If i had t choose to keep only 1 box, this would definately be the 1! Dermstore never has a crappy box, their customer service is always available and they love to give you products cause they want you to come back, a principal some of the other companies should be more mindful of! they dont use algorithms to choose your products so you get to see in advance what your getting which is preferrable to me as i am NOT whatever my ALGORITHMS say ism, found that out quickly with Ipsy and got out! too many complaints i read of people changing their profiles and ordering multiple bags with seperate profiles to get what they actually liked.. to me thats money flushed whe they could get a nice box likethis one.
    Anyways if your lookin for a good one, this box is definately the best imho ? Enjoy ladies! This box stays on sale all month unless they run out.

    • What is the difference between a peel and a mask? I would love to know!

    • Re: Juice Beauty Peel Pads – I got lucky when Ulta was offering the full-sized version of this product free with a $50 purchase.

      Background: if you’re not already familiar… if you want a GWP from Ulta you need to add the item to your shopping cart, then (in this case) it will show like you’re purchasing the gift for $50 (regardless of the true RV of the free item). Once you add $50 worth of products, the GWP will automatically switch to $0.

      So, I received an email about the full-sized Juice Beauty Peel Pads GWP offer, and had no plans to take advantage of it (I only take advantage of GWP offers if the GWP is greater in RV than what I’m spending, and the pads retail for $45). But, I clicked on the link anyways just to get to the Ulta site, and by clicking on the link it brought me to the GWP page where I could add the peel pads to my cart. Well, instead of it saying $50, it said $10 (which would happen if this was a GWP with a $10 purchase). So, following the logic above, I added it to my cart, then just checked out to see if Ulta would really sell it to me for only $10, and it worked!!!! I haven’t used them yet, but I will be soon!

  11. I love this box! I actually am excited about the pill box.

    • I am excited about the pill box too! The cork cover makes it discrete and by far more attractive than a drugstore pill box. Great for organizing vitamins and supplements or jewelry or whatever!

  12. The CC Cream is 1 fl oz

  13. My box was shipped today. Yay! I really hope I get the eyeshadow shades shown in the picture! So cute and different from the usual shades of brown I always seem to get in boxes.

    I don’t think this will be favorite month ever but it’s still my favorite box.

  14. My favorite sub. I simply am more excited about it each month. Last month I bought 2 extra it was THAT good. I have found the best products to use…

    • I bought an extra last month also!! LOVE my beautyfix

  15. If I sign up today would this be my first box?

    • Yes, this will be your first box πŸ™‚

  16. Ack! I literally just convinced myself to cancel Beautyfix yesterday to start saving money for Christmas gifts for someone other than myself. Now I find myself tempted into subscribing again. That Alterna sample looks fairly good sized but I don’t need it. I don’t need it. I don’t need it. Right?

  17. I’m disappointed in size.
    Following comments though, interested to see what everyone else thinks ***

  18. Are there any active coupon codes for this sub? Thanks in advance!

    • I got my first box earlier this year for half price but I’m not sure if there is an offer like that still available. Their customer service is particularly awesome every time I have called (to cancel sub before resubbing later). I bet if you called and asked if they had any promotions running for first Beautyfix box and mentioned you had “a friend” who got a great deal a few months ago they would tell you if there was one and set you up with a code or on phone. I really like their CS even if you have to call to cancel and can’t pause the box for a month. They want to sell subscriptions, so if there is one I bet you’d get it.

  19. My BeautyFix shipped, my Ipsy reveal is up and I got the featured product I wanted… It’s a happy Thursday!

  20. Re-subscribed last month. This is really my favorite sub, took Allureso spot. Great box so excited???

  21. i dropped glossybox and signed up for beautyfix, SUPER EXCITED!!!!!! I also get ipsy and sephora play and dropped birchbox once they took the point system away. Can anyone suggest a good sub thats under 20.00 monthly?

    • Beauty box five 12.00 a month it’s getting better each month I get it

    • Kelly, I also have LookFantastic and Essence. LookFantastic is based in the UK, but I’ve loved my sub so far! it just takes a little more time to get here.

      • Ship to U.S.??

        • Yes, Lookfantastic ships to the U.S. πŸ™‚

          The U.K. actually some really awesome beauty boxes, but unfortunately most of them don’t yet ship to the U.S. (yet!) πŸ™

    • Petit Vour
      Serendipity by Little Lace Box

      • i just signed up for serendipity, will get my first box in sept

    • Serendipity for non-beauty or boxy charm for beauty $21 each sooo good

      • I really like BoxyCharm too.

    • For under $20 I second the BB5 & Essence recommendations! I also love Lookfantastic, but it only gets to below $20 if you do a longer term subscription. Otherwise, I think it equates to $21/month.

      Also, 3B is a fun way to try K-Beauty products, and Lip Monthly hasn’t been bad either. Like BB5, I hear they’ve greatly improved their offerings since earlier this year. I’ve only been subscribed to BB5 & Lip Monthly since March or April, and I’ve loved every bag. Lip Monthly always includes full-sized products, and they always include one non-lip product. Plus, like Ipsy, they always have really cute bags. πŸ™‚

    • Boxycharm is by far my favorite makeup box

    • I’m partial to the Allure Beauty Box. It was my favorite low cost box ($15) until Sephora. Now it’s a tie. I like them both too much to give them up. πŸ™‚

      • Me too!! Allure is one I would not give up easily. I love those red boxes full of goodies. I have canceled Ipsy, Birchbox, and Boxycharm but am keeping Allure, Play, Beauty Fix and Glossybox (GB for the time being-not sure I will keep it too much longer as I don’t like how they advertise an expensive spoiler and then exchange it for an item 1/4 the price).

  22. I’m excited to see the size of the alterna cc cream, if it’s on the bigger size then the box will totally be worth it!

  23. LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!! Beautyfix is the most awesome beauty box around. Got my tracking number today and I can’t wait to get my hands on these goodies. ❀️??

  24. It’s a good selection of nice face products

  25. Love it! Love this sub! Can’t wait to try everushing! My pores loves the Bliss mask! ?????

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