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Allure Beauty Box Review – August 2016 + $5 Coupon


Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. Each month they send out a mix of deluxe and full-size samples from mostly high-end brands!

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $15 a month

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Get a free Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit (Full Size) with your first box! No coupon needed - just use this link.

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: the US

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Each box includes an info booklet that details each item and why Allure editors decided to include it in the box.



Pixi Glow Tonic – 15 ml Value $1.75

(Good to know for swaps – comes with foil seal).

FYI – subscribers will either receive this, Mally Mattewand Eye BrightenerELF Small Stipple Brush or Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Base Lotion. (This is the one variant item in the box.)

This also came with a Target UPDATE: EXPIRED coupon for $2 off any Pixi purchase of $10 or more:



I’ve sampled this before and I recommend it if you are looking for a gentle toner. (No irritation on my skin.) This is an alcohol-free formula and the glycolic acid helps exfoliate too.


Wet Brush Midi Brush – Value $9

I first discovered Wet Brush thanks to POPSUGAR Must Have and now I know that this brush is MAGIC! I’m not sure exactly what makes this brush different than other brushes when it comes to wet hair. But it completely detangles my wet hair instantly.

This is the travel size version and is going in my suitcase now so that I never forget it!


Cargo Swimmables Eye Pencil in Pebble Beach – .8 g Value $12.60

This dark brown eyeliner claims to be water-resistant and smudge proof. And it still goes on pretty smoothly! I tried it out today and it held up well on my lashline. Waterline as another story – it didn’t make it til the end of the day! Here it is swatched:

Here it is swatched:


And the pencil looks like it is made of plastic, but good news – I had no problem sharpening it with a regular sharpener.


Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Conditioner – 50 ml Value $.50

Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Shampoo – 50 ml Value $.50

These aren’t listed in the info booklet, so I’m considering them a bonus in the box. We’ve sampled these before, and I like the scent, and they work well, too. (FYI – I’m still debating whether or not I need to avoid sulfates in my haircare products, but if you are avoiding them, these won’t work for you.)


Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum – 7 ml Value $53

(Good to know for swaps – this comes wrapped in a plastic seal.)

The full-size version of this serum is 15 ml, so this is practically half size! This lightweight gel absorbs quickly and isn’t scented. (I prefer my facial skincare items to be fragrance-free, so this is a big plus for me.) I really like this formula too – it leaves my skin feeling so smooth.

It’s also designed to diminish wrinkles and fine lines, depuff eye bags, and correct dark circles – basically all the eye area miracles! I haven’t noticed major differences in dark circles (my main eye area problem), but I’m happy to have a great sized sample to see if I get results over the next few weeks!


Supergoop Setting Mist with Rosemary – 15 ml Value $6

Make sure to REALLY shake this for an even application. (I learned that the hard way the first time I sampled this product last year!)

When you get an even mist, this setting spray is pretty great. It sets your makeup, gives you SPF 50 protection, and also a matte finish!


Pur Lisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer – 15 ml Value $16.50

(Good to know for swaps – this tube has an inner foil seal.)

This might be my favorite item in the box. Pur Lisse items can sometimes appear a little too frequently in boxes, but their products and formulas are great, so I don’t complain! This moisturizer is super hyrdating while still managing to be lightweight. And it’s another great sample size!


Verdict: This box has a value of about $99.85. As always, that’s amazing for a $15 box. It’s a shame that the variant item has such a wide range in value subscribers may get, but I think this box is the lowest possible value and it still is almost $100 so I’m happy. I hope we see more makeup in the September box, though. This box felt a little skincare-heavy!

What do you think of the August Allure Beauty Box?

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (251)

  1. I was another unlucky ELF recipient, but I wanted to come back on and share that my biggest surprise from this box was the Whole Blends stuff from Garnier! My hair seems to love it and I catch whiffs of honey throughout the day. I actually went out and bought the full sizes of both the shampoo and conditioner, $4.50/ea. at my local drugstore chain (Bartell’s). Talk about a cheap thrill!

  2. I FINALLY got my August box today!!!!!
    I got the pixi glow tonic with the expired coupon, not the Mally, but am happy to have finally received the box. I do appreciate that Allure refunded me for August also, but not sure they would have if I hadn’t called multiple times about not receiving it yet.

    • So very glad you finally got your box! Hope you like everything.

  3. Cassie.
    Congrats in your success of taking Allure’s case to an organization that can help you. You certainly received speedy success! If all of our legitimate complaints could unite, maybe we would have more energy to post our make up ideas and celebratory thoughts.

    Remember, if you’ve been charged, have a paper trail or documentation showing you tried your best to resolve the problem, and the promised product arrival date (end of month) has past, you as a consumer have the right to contact and file with the Better Business Bureau.

    Sub Boxes are a big business. All companies want to show that they are an honest and driven to keep their customers happy.

    If we channel our frustrations and Allure is able to make changes and improvements, we will all be happier.

  4. So on the advice of another subscriber, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau today at 11:28 am. I just got the following response from Allure at 1:30 pm…only two hours later!

    Dear Subscriber:

    Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box.

    I apologize for the delay in shipment of your August Allure Beauty Box. We are currently experiencing a stock problem with this version of your box. We have refunded your card in full for the box, but this will not affect your August box delivery.

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. To ensure your future concerns are handled in a timely fashion, please include all previous e-mail correspondence.

    Now, why couldn’t they have been honest with all of us in the beginning instead of giving us the runaround saying the box was in the warehouse waiting to be shipped??? I would have been much less irritated if I had gotten this response to begin with! We will see if I still get the box since they are going to refund my money. It’s not showing up on my card yet. I also want to know why new subscribers received an August box and those of us who have been subbing for months or even years didn’t get one!

    • Wow…yea … a little honesty would’ve been nice! I chatted with them yesterday and still got nowhere and they offered little empathy. Wonder if they’ll refund all of us or just ones who report it to the BBB.

      • Maybe you should report too. Can’t hurt, can only help!

    • I’m so glad they actually did get back to you! Maybe they have finally started listening and will start to do something about it. Have you checked yet to see if they refunded you?

    • I got the same email earlier today.
      But don’t see the refund yet to my card as pending or posted. I called 3 times over the last 2 weeks and was told each time it was in the warehouse. I definitely would have appreciated this email more last week. At least now I finally know not to be expecting it. I hope they really do refund my card in a timely manner and that August box actually comes on time.

      • No ma’am, no refund yet! If I don’t get it by early next week, I will file another complaint with the BBB.

  5. I have not received my Aug box either. Charged on 8/2 .. just chatted online today. Told me to check account…nothing there of course. Then said it hasn’t even left the warehouse. So they knew it hadn’t left the warehouse and are still telling me to check my acct..okaaaay. I also asked for an explantion for the late shipment and she said “sorry I don’t have an explantation”. I wonder if we’ll ever receive this box. At what point do I call my credit card company and contest the charges?

    I’ve never received a box this late, and have had the sub for over 6 months.

    • Same here, Allison! I wonder if we call if we would get any better explanation.

  6. Well, it’s Friday, August 26, and I still have not received my Allure beauty box. I still do not even have any tracking information in my account. I have been asking them for a week about the status of my box, and all they keep telling me is that it is processing or being prepared for shipment. I’ve never received my box this late, and I’ve been subscribing since the beginning of the year. This is so irritating! I hate to keep complaining, but this is ridiculous! Spoilers are already coming out for September sub boxes, and I still have received my August box!

    • I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve been a subscriber for several months now & never had this problem. Called them 3 times over the last week & a half. Nothing at ALL showing in my online account other than I was billed/charged on 8/2. It’s always either “in the warehouse about to ship” or “you should be receiving tracking info soon”. Called yesterday & they had the nerve to tell me I should ” sign up with My (which I have already been for years) & check to see if I have any packages tracking there”. You can clearly tell they have no clue. Customer service, although friendly, is basically useless. Had the nerve to send me the email detailing the items in my August box & how to use them too. LOL If nothing arrives before the 31st I’ll probably cancel my sub & demand a refund for August. I sure hope yours arrives soon!

      • Debbie, Is it possible your credit card expired? the reason I ask is because my Allure account said I have been charged but when I called my credit card company I HAD NOT! I had gotten a new chip card with new expiry date and the rep never said a peep. It was too late for box when I found out. Maybe different case with you but just putting out there. I know some bloggers are having communication issues as well. Normally, Allure does a huge giveaway in August and also gave free full size giveways each month. No explanation to us or bloggers just stopped. Whatever they are thinking they are not sharing.

      • I really appreciate your reply Tanya. 🙂 No, it’s not a card issue. My Paypal Debit card on file is working just fine. I’m pretty good at keeping all that updated. They have the record of charging me on the 2nd & it cleared my bank a couple days after that. They just have no record of any box being shipped in August. I was kinda looking forward to this month’s box too because, apparently according to the emails I received, I was one of the lucky ones that would actually be receiving the Mally item. Who knows tho. LOL

      • Debbie, this is one of the worst customer service centers ever…worse than Comcast. Worse than Sprint. It’s a conde nast center so I think they handle a variety of magazines. All poorly serviced, I suspect. You, Marie and all others should not be treated like this. I love this box and have been with them a long time, otherwise I would cancel. I am definitely not thrilled with Michelle Lee, the new editor of the magazine as all changed when she came on board.

      • Debbie, they told me the same thing about signing up for a USPS account, but there’s no tracking information so nothing is going to show up in the USPS account. I kind of wonder if they didn’t run out of one of the products and they are waiting for it to arrive. It just doesn’t make any sense that it would take this long. It’s going to be September before we get our August box and that really irritates me! My bank account was debited on August 2, and I know it went through.

    • Same. I’ve been a subscriber for almost a year… never had a problem before. I was already billed (Aug 2nd).

      • No news here on my Allure box yet Marie. 🙁 I do hope yours arrives soon tho. 🙂

  7. Just got my box today. Really like the brush and all the other items will get used but..I didnt get the Mally which is the one item I really wanted. I got the pixie toner but afraid to use it, does anybody know if it’s still good even though the coupon is expired? Thanks in advance.

    • The Pixi toner should have a foil seal. If you unscrew the cap and there is no seal or its broken, don’t use it. The fluid should be clear, not cloudy and it should smell clean with a hint of citrus spice. If it smells foul, or its cloudy, don’t use it. Hope that helps.

      • It does have a seal and looks and smells as you describe. Thank so much for responding 🙂

  8. Still have not received my box. Call today and it still has not left warehouse nor do they know when it is leaving. I have been a member for almost a year. Not happy.

    • Ugh!!! I still haven’t received mine either! And no tracking info in my account. I have been a subscriber since January, and this has never happened. I’m so irritated!!! ?????

  9. Still haven’t received mine or shipping confirmation. I’ve been a subscriber since January so not happy about the delay for my box. I called and was told that they have had so many new subscribers that they now have 3 groups for mailing out. Guess it doesn’t matter when you subscribed , you can still get hosed on products and delivery time.

    • Teresa, have you received your box or tracking info yet? I still haven’t received either. I contacted Allure again yesterday through the chat feature and was told “label has been pulled and you should receive a tracking email shortly.” Still nothing. I don’t even have a tracking number in my account yet. I’m beyond irritated. If I didn’t love the beauty box so much I would cancel!

      • Hi Cassie, I still have not received my box or tracking info, how about you? I called again today and was told that they would send my account info to management because it was still showing up as in the warehouse without shipping info. I was charged on 8/2 so I feel like going ahead and disputing my credit card charge. I hate cancelling this sub because it has been my favorite beauty box, but the frustration of going this long without any communication from them is making me rethink that love.

      • Teresa, I just chatted with a customer service rep and was told the same thing as last time…they would have to check with the shipping vendor to see where my package is and to open a USPS account. I told her I already had a USPS account and that nothing is going to show up on it if there’s no tracking information! DUH!!! I told her I felt like something was going on that I was not being told. She then said,

        “I will forward your information on to my manager to follow up with the vendor mailing the boxes, to see if they are able to provide any additional information. Once we have more information, we will email you. Again, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.”

        This is ridiculous! I hope I get my box soon! They should also give us some kind of compensation for this, too, but I know they won’t.

  10. 3 products were repeat products for me from other subscription boxes. The hair brush is not for me, trashed it. The shampoo and conditioner is drug store brand so not excited about it but it will get used. I do love the cargo eye liner and the Burberry lotion. I’m happy I got the burberry instead of the pixie glow tonic since I have that coming from redeeming points with ipsy.

  11. I still haven’t received my box or a shipping notification. I emailed them, but haven’t received a response yet. I’ve never had a problem with them before, so I am disappointed. Bet I’m getting the ELF brush.

  12. I tried the setting mist yesterday. Surprisingly, I like the way it feels on my skin, and it does set my makeup. I accidently got some in my hair and it made my hair really stiff and starchy…thought about throwing it away. Tried it again today (hair was in a ponytail) and it is awesome. This afternoon I took an hour nap and I woke up, my makeup looked so fresh. I was astounded by this…it had to be the mist. WOW! It’s great, just don’t get it in your hair cuz it does not brush out. Also, my 12 yr old son took over my wet brush. He loves the way it feels so now its his LOL! So far I am pleased with my box. It turns out the ELF brush works well and I’m so glad I did not cancel…I know I would have regretted it.

    • Update: setting mist was not my friend after all….dumped it down drain. Tired of it getting in my hair, and I was VERY careful while spraying it. Nice little mist sprayer…rinsed it out real good and will reuse in future.

      • Yeah, I didn’t like it too much either. But that idea of reusing the bottle is genius! I need a spritzer to carry in my bag for touch ups, and this will be just the thing. Thanks!

  13. I am beyond frustrated! I still have NOT received my Allure beauty box nor have I received a tracking #! I know many subscribers have said they received their box BEFORE they received the tracking email, and this has happened to me in the past with multiple subscription boxes. However, normally Allure adds the tracking # under the order date in your account, and I still do not have one! I’ve chatted with customer service on two different occasions this week to find out if it has shipped, and they both have told me it’s being processed or prepared for shipping. How long does it take??? I have been a subscriber since January or February so it’s not like I’m brand new. My card was charged August 2 so I know it’s not a billing issue. I love this box, and I’m not planning on cancelling, but c’mon Allure! What gives?!?! If you can’t handle the masses, then have a waiting list like Play! by Sephora!

  14. Just got my box and so glad it’s my last one. I got the expensive ELF brush. My brochure had it as an item so they obviously knew in advance that they wouldn’t have equal boxes for everyone. I have a few too many boxes so I don’t really need another. I’ll be giving away the brush as I don’t need any more and the Garnier hair products which I am allergic to. Not sure I got the value with what remains but my past boxes have been okay so I have gotten my trial samples worth.

    As a side note: I have noticed when I get a gift with purchase, whether Lancome, Estee Lauder, or Clinique, each sample is listed as a value of $2 per item regardless of sample size and adjusted value based on full size amount. Using that formula, I got a usable $10 of product from a $15 box so not sad to say goodbye to Allure.

  15. I’m having cancelations remorse lol

    • I canceled yesterday and resubbed today lol

  16. I received my tracking email the day AFTER my box was delivered! I was disappointed with the ELF brush. The ELF substitution coupled with the shampoo & conditioner left this month feeling more like Target box for me. I think I was most excited about the wet brush-I still have the Freeze 24-7 from Boxycharm last Fall as well as several Purlisse products, so the brush was the only new item for me. The Supergoop setting spray is good, but my HG setting spray is the Urban Decay Allnighter and I have yet to find a product that out performs it. Overall I have 5 subscription boxes and this month Allure was the most disappointing!

  17. Finally received my box yesterday. No tracker/shipping confirmation email. I got the brush. I used it today and really like it. I wish it was bigger. I guess Allure has so many subscribers, they have to start subbing stuff. That’s fine, I suppose but the values of the substitutions should be equal or close to equal.

    • I will probably get the elf brush, too. It seems that those of us getting our boxes late are getting the brush. I think I already have that brush, but I guess one can never have too many makeup brushes. I agree that the values of the varying items should be the same or very close.

  18. I have a question, has anyone that was supposed to get a bonus box for referring anfriend, get the bonus box, and if so how many months did it take for you to get it. Cause every time I contact allure and ask them if they can tell me when I might recieve it, all they say is that it’s being processed and can’t tell me an estimated guess when I might recieve it. They say it’s processing, and they aren’t sure when it will ship to me.

    • Haha! I am waiting in two boxes. Keep the referral confirmation links as you may need for customer service. I list r federal link for first one and someone they didn’t have so keep other two. Heidi for her first box June and on third box and Amy just got box one signed up June 9 hoping for box like Heidi. Funny thing is Heidi signed up late May and got June box and Amy had to wait til this month. They tell me same thing so I hope before Christmas

      • I signed up in april, hoping for the may box, and didn’t get my first box till june, I used my sister in laws link, so she is still waiting on her bonus box also, and she signed up in april also, but she did get the may box. But I got my mother in law to join using my link, and I have recieved the email stating that me free bonus box is on its way. So hopefully it will come soon for both of us. I’m not gonna hold my breath though. But thanks.

  19. Just wanted to share I finally got an email that they are shipping my box. The funny thing is I received my box on the 13th and that’s what the tracking information states. Get it together Allure. I received the Elf brush which wouldn’t have been my first choice but you can’t win them all.

  20. I didn’t receive the Mally and was shipped the Burberry instead. Looks like a nice product and I’m excited to try it.

    Wish I could have sampled the Mally and will likely buy it through Sephora, if available. Looks like it’s gotte some good reviews online.

  21. After never getting sent the replacement item and this month’s brush. I had to cancel. I was thinking about canceling but that brush. That brush that I have so many of but dont use. I would’ve love anything but that brush lol

  22. Allure just had the nerve to send me an email with a 10-second tip on the Mally product!

    I’m one of the unfortunate souls that received the ELF brush. Slap in the face, or what?

    • I think it was a merge email sent to everyone not specifically sent to hurt you. Though it sounds like it did. I am curious as to one what one does with a tool like this so will watch it.

      • Yes, I realize it was a mass email, but why would they be sending it out to everyone when maybe a quarter or less of subscribers received it?
        I don’t like the way they handled the substitutions and are now acting like it didn’t even happen.

      • Because it was sent to all subscribers is my guess. It did seem more organized under Beauty bar but Allure chose to use a different call center and also the marketing staff seems to be stumbling in other regards. I plan on gsrnding emails to editor and marketing team timbale my points. Perhaps you can do so to let them know how u feel about the pencil. Squeaky wheel …

    • Yeah, I got that too. I thought it was hilarious. Like, really Allure? You couldn’t do a tutorial with ANY other product than the last minute variable one? Allure, I’mma come take take your shovel away, because you just. Keep. Digging!

  23. Just got my box today. Got the Burberry Fresh Glow, which I’ve tried before and won’t use. I was actually kinda hoping I would get the ELF Brush, since that is something I would have used, unlike the rest of items in the box. The only item I will keep and use is the Wet Brush, the rest is going in a pile of other unwanted beauty box items to take to work.

    I love the idea of beauty boxes, but in reality I find that most of the products end up going into the “take to work” pile, and most often because what comes in these boxes are poorly formulated products that are not good for anyone’s skin, regardless of the price of the product. The only box I have really enjoyed getting is the Target Beauty Box: it’s inexpensive, usually has a ton of good sized samples in it, and I end up using most of the products myself instead of giving them away.

    So unfortunately, I think I am going to cancel both Allure and Sephora and just buy the Target box when I like what is in it.

  24. Seems like the first shipment of boxes had the Molly…crap…I still haven’t gotten my box yet 🙁 I am disappointed wh Allure..I liked that we all used to get the same items. That’s why I cancelled Ipsy…for Allure…I wss about to cancel Sephora play. ..but will cancel Allure if I get Elf product…I can.get that at Walmart myself…theres nothing ‘Allure’
    about elf…

  25. I don’t know if this has already been addressed because I don’t have time to read 162 comments and counting, but these items have already appeared in the Allure box in previous months/years: ELF Small Stipple Brush, Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Base Lotion, and Pixi Glow Tonic. It seems like maybe they were trying to get rid of old stock, especially since the coupon on the Pixi is already expired.

    • I agree! If these items have already appeared in the Allure beauty box, that is most likely what they are doing. In addition to the expired coupon, the fact that the varying item has so many options that range in price from very low to high is also a clue.

  26. No matter what the variation, the Allure box is always pretty hard to beat from a value standpoint. Some months they exclusively showcase higher end brands (such as the July box) and other months is more of a mix, like this one. I prefer the higher end products, but even when they include the lower end items, I just see them as filler and they don’t bring down my impression of the box as long as the other items are good, which they always seem to be.

    The one thing I will always remember and love about Allure is when they sent a free extra box to all their subscribers around the time of the Oscars. It’s so rare that these companies acknowledge and appreciate their existing client base (all the percentage discounts, free gifts, etc. offered by sub boxes are almost always only available to new subscribers). And it was an AWESOME box too (that was my first intro to SK-II!!). Just the additional postage to send those out must have cost quite a bit so that gesture went VERY far with me – they could have saved on postage and just thrown an extra item or two into their next box, but that wouldn’t have been the same…this was impressive…and for EXISTING SUBSCRIBERS! Allure will always hold a special place with me because of it. I felt like a highly valued customer. How often can you say that about a sub box?

    • Yep! Love me some SK II which was such a nice sample that I noticed my pores looked amazing and skin glowed! I dropped L’occitane and bought the SK II.!! Thanks for the memory that was damn awesome! I have two referral boxes coming so how neat it would be if that one was one . But whatever coming I will ur or gift!

      • Just and FYI…Costco sells SK-II now!! Yay!

      • If you don’t mind, how much is costco selling it for? we don’t have a costco around here, the closest is about 70 miles away, so I would join if it made sense because you can order it online. It won’t tell me on their website since I’m not a member. thanks so much

      • Really! I couldn’t find online but said could be in my Cosco.. Thanks Katen for the tip. It may not be discount but immediate in my hand!!!

      • They’re selling the 11oz SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for $189.99. This is the only SK-II item they’re selling right now.

        I recently purchased 4 different beauty items from Costco for the first time, and was pretty disappointed with their shipping. So much so, that I’ll never buy anything online from them again. 🙁

        Even though 3 out of 4 items shipped on the same day, they shipped separately, so I have four different tracking numbers to keep track of. Like I don’t already have enough shipments to keep track of with all of my subs and other online purchases! (1st world problem alert!) Even though I understand large companies have different distribution centers, I still personally don’t like it when companies do multiple shipments for one order.

        I received one of the items yesterday, and the box was very poorly taped (there were gaps in the lid), the box was pretty beat up (I know that’s not Costco’s fault), and there was a poor excuse for padding in the box (one small plastic pillow which did nothing to protect the item… the box was much too big for the product so it was moving around like crazy in the box). Fortunately, and very surprisingly, the product wasn’t damaged. One good thing is that they shipped really fast though.

        Also, I was one of the un-lucky ones who didn’t get an Oscars box. Wah!

    • Except not all of us received the Oscars box. I didn’t get it even though I’d been a subscriber from the beginning. Apparently my information never was imported into the Allure system even though my regular boxes always came and I hadn’t moved or otherwise changed my address the entire time. I did call them on this and, of course, there were no more boxes. They did send me a few samples which was nice. But to not receive the really good box when I had been a subscriber since it was Sample Society was disappointing.

    • It was nice of them to send out those free boxes but not everyone got it, my self included. There was a lot of complaining up happy people as i remember. I love Allure, this month wasn’t a huge hit for me but it usually is.

      • Are you talking about the 4 different fragrance sample box. I got 1 and my sister in law subbed the same month I did, and I got the sample box and she didnt, just curious how many didn’t recieve it.

      • I saw a post on a different blog about a 4-piece fragrance box that somebody recently received associated with Allure Beauty Box. It looked pretty nice! I was curious how they, and you, received it. Was it a new subscriber deal, or one of those bonus boxes that are sent out to people “randomly” like the Oscars box earlier this year. Thanks!

      • I didn’t get it or any extras ever. Only way I knew about it was from the comments here. I just cancelled my subscription. Sick and tired of going through the anxiety every month.

  27. Second time I canceled my subscription without ever receiving a box. The first time was with the whole Foreo disaster and then I decided to resubscribe. Contacted customer service to see if I was getting this months box and she said yes it would be shipping out shortly. Saw everyone else got theirs so I contacted customer service again and lo and behold, not getting this month’s box. Sorry Allure, but no. Get your shit together.

  28. Got my box yesterday. Got my email shipping notice today. Oh well, made me laugh.

    • I still haven’t gotten my box nor have I received a shipping notice. I don’t even have a tracking number listed in my account like I normally do. I contacted customer service a couple days ago, and he told me my box was being prepared for shipping. I can’t remember the time of the month I usually get my box, but I don’t think it’s ever been this late.

      • One day your prince/box will come …. whenever I contact them via email regarding my referral box (now actually two) they tell me they are being prepared. Eventually they will come. I do plan to get in touch with the new Editor-in-Chief Michelle Lee just to find out if she has any awareness regarding the new call center. Ugh!

      • I contacted allure yesturday to ask when my box might be shipped, and was told it was still processing, and it was in my mailbox today, along with the 4 piece fragrance sample also. It is cute as can be.

    • I got my box Saturday, elf brush and all ?, and got my shipment email last night…

  29. I’ve learned that the best way to contact Allure is by phone, NOT by chat. First, I “chatted” with someone named Shay C. asking why my card wasn’t charged yet this month and why I hadn’t received my box yet. She said they were having problems with my card. We verified my card number and she said they’ll try it again. I asked if that meant I would receive the August box and she said “no, the August boxes are gone”. Soooo, why would you charge my card now? She told me to call, I did. The woman on the phone verified my card and said that they WERE NOT out of August’s boxes and they ran my card again with no problem and charged me. I wouldn’t mind skipping August if that Mally item isn’t in there and I’m sure since mine is coming late, I’ll be getting the $3 elf brush. Grrrr.

    • I can’t even get them to send the box and I was charged on the second Lol I didn’t get last months box because of some shipping error that the postal service said that the box may eventually end up back to me BUT I don’t see that happening. Can’t blame allure for that one but they didn’t do anything at all to help with the issue. Just told me they were out of boxes that month and that I needed to hunt the box down through the postal service myself. Back to this month, they finally got back to my inquiry as to why my box hasn’t shipped yet and this was the response

      “We apologize for the delay in your shipment of the August box. We currently do not have an explanation for the delay in delivery. You will receive a email confirmation when your box ships that will include USPS tracking information.”

      I’ve been trying to try this box out since May and I have yet to actually get a box in my hands. This sub makes me want to bang my head against a wall and I think this is the last straw.

    • I got Shay earlier … Lol. She has the skill to be snippy in while chatting. Yikes!!!

      • Ha! Totally, Tanya!

  30. I received the Mally product which I really liked. I wouldn’t have been happy with the other items. I think that since Allure took over the box it has been hit or miss. Some months it is wonderful but some months it feels like a lower end box. I just canceled Birchbox because once again I received 4 tiny skincare samples and a lipgloss that made me look dead. This Allure box this month was good in my opinion but nothing like they used to do.

  31. I really liked my August box too. Sadly I received the E.L.F. stippling brush (value $4.00) instead of the Mally eye brightener. That’s a bummer but still a really great box! I do wish if there was going to be variables then the values should be a bit closer…mehhhhh first world problems nothing to be upset with just a note that Allure will never see or appreciate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  32. i’m still waiting on mine.. i normally have it by now.. but i contacted them and they said it is still in the warehouse waiting to ship out… i’m having box withdrawl and no one can help except allure and you are playing with my emotions..

  33. I do like the box…right away the cargo pencil works great for brows in high humidity! I LOVE THIS. The shampoo I won’t use so gave away. OFF TOPIC…my referral received a great 4 pack perfume sample but according to Shay … “not on my account and no you won’t be getting one.” I hope it is the full moon and job rejection that has me feeling so hurt and left out…. 🙁

    • If it makes you feel better, I was supposed to get the extra gift…and when it came the envelope was open and missing. It didn’t look like it was deliberately opened, just didn’t get sealed well enough. ?

      • It doesn’t…that’s awful…I hope you let them know.

      • I had thought about it, but I’m not really a fragrance person (and already have a ton anyways!) It’s just not worth dealing with their customer service about. If it had been anything other than perfume though, I might have pursued it. I’m really sorry that they are being such jerks about it to you though!

    • OMG! Brilliant idea to use for brows! I tried it on my hand when I received it and it stayed on until the next day when I used a makeup remover to get it off.

    • I just got the cutest 4 different colored glass perfume from Allure today. It is super gorgeous. I got an email saying I was getting this about a week ago and it got here today. No tracking though, it just showed up.
      The email said it was for signing up I believe. I had signed back up for July but cancelled again for August box. As much as I love my AllureBeautyBox and it always my favorite beauty box I have boxes and boxes of brand new samples and also I can’t stand the not knowing what will happen the next month became to much for this girl. But I will say…… THANK YOU ALLURE FOR MY TREAT❤

      • Curious what brands?

  34. I don’t subscribe anymore but I like reading the reviews and seeing what everyone thinks about the products. Maybe I’ll resub eventually.

  35. I received the Burberry. I went through all my old Allure products that I haven’t gotten around to using and I see that I received the SAME Burberry product back in Dec 2014 or Jan 2015. Way before the Pics Glow tonic. Seriously Allure??

    • Even though it was a repeat it was one from over a year ago. And there are so many subscriber turnovers that it’s probably not a repeat product for many since it was from 18 months ago. I would be more concerned about an expiration date from such a long time ago.

    • To me, the bigger issue other than the fact that they’re sending repeats, is that they’re sending out products that have been sitting in their warehouse for almost 2 years? Yuck! These things do have a shelf life! 😉

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