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Allure Beauty Box Review – August 2016 + $5 Coupon

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Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. Each month they send out a mix of deluxe and full-size samples from mostly high-end brands!

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $15 a month

COUPON: Use this link to save $5 off your first box!

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: the US

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Each box includes an info booklet that details each item and why Allure editors decided to include it in the box.



Pixi Glow Tonic – 15 ml Value $1.75

(Good to know for swaps – comes with foil seal).

FYI – subscribers will either receive this, Mally Mattewand Eye BrightenerELF Small Stipple Brush or Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Base Lotion. (This is the one variant item in the box.)

This also came with a Target UPDATE: EXPIRED coupon for $2 off any Pixi purchase of $10 or more:



I’ve sampled this before and I recommend it if you are looking for a gentle toner. (No irritation on my skin.) This is an alcohol-free formula and the glycolic acid helps exfoliate too.


Wet Brush Midi Brush – Value $9

I first discovered Wet Brush thanks to POPSUGAR Must Have and now I know that this brush is MAGIC! I’m not sure exactly what makes this brush different than other brushes when it comes to wet hair. But it completely detangles my wet hair instantly.

This is the travel size version and is going in my suitcase now so that I never forget it!


Cargo Swimmables Eye Pencil in Pebble Beach – .8 g Value $12.60

This dark brown eyeliner claims to be water-resistant and smudge proof. And it still goes on pretty smoothly! I tried it out today and it held up well on my lashline. Waterline as another story – it didn’t make it til the end of the day! Here it is swatched:

Here it is swatched:


And the pencil looks like it is made of plastic, but good news – I had no problem sharpening it with a regular sharpener.


Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Conditioner – 50 ml Value $.50

Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Shampoo – 50 ml Value $.50

These aren’t listed in the info booklet, so I’m considering them a bonus in the box. We’ve sampled these before, and I like the scent, and they work well, too. (FYI – I’m still debating whether or not I need to avoid sulfates in my haircare products, but if you are avoiding them, these won’t work for you.)


Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum – 7 ml Value $53

(Good to know for swaps – this comes wrapped in a plastic seal.)

The full-size version of this serum is 15 ml, so this is practically half size! This lightweight gel absorbs quickly and isn’t scented. (I prefer my facial skincare items to be fragrance-free, so this is a big plus for me.) I really like this formula too – it leaves my skin feeling so smooth.

It’s also designed to diminish wrinkles and fine lines, depuff eye bags, and correct dark circles – basically all the eye area miracles! I haven’t noticed major differences in dark circles (my main eye area problem), but I’m happy to have a great sized sample to see if I get results over the next few weeks!


Supergoop Setting Mist with Rosemary – 15 ml Value $6

Make sure to REALLY shake this for an even application. (I learned that the hard way the first time I sampled this product last year!)

When you get an even mist, this setting spray is pretty great. It sets your makeup, gives you SPF 50 protection, and also a matte finish!


Pur Lisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer – 15 ml Value $16.50

(Good to know for swaps – this tube has an inner foil seal.)

This might be my favorite item in the box. Pur Lisse items can sometimes appear a little too frequently in boxes, but their products and formulas are great, so I don’t complain! This moisturizer is super hyrdating while still managing to be lightweight. And it’s another great sample size!


Verdict: This box has a value of about $99.85. As always, that’s amazing for a $15 box. It’s a shame that the variant item has such a wide range in value subscribers may get, but I think this box is the lowest possible value and it still is almost $100 so I’m happy. I hope we see more makeup in the September box, though. This box felt a little skincare-heavy!

What do you think of the August Allure Beauty Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I have never had a prob with Allure and I like getting the various brands so I can try before buying…. I will use everything in the box and was able to try a couple of new-to-me items, so I’m staying loyal, peace out!✌️

    • 🙂

  2. I received the Burberry. Pretty happy with it! I’m probably one of few that didn’t want the Mally item lol

  3. I have been subscribing to the Allure Beauty Box for seven months now. Each month I am hoping that it was better than the month before which is why I did not discontinue my usage. This month I did not receive the Pixi product, and two other months I was missing a product. In addition, when my Kardashian blush was crushed I was told they would send me another sample/replacement product which NEVER arrived. I am done with feeling taken advantage of- what a scam. I thought this was supposed to be “larger” sizes than a regular sample size. What a joke! I am done Allure!

    • Not everyone received the Pixi product. Did you have 7 or 8 products? Subscribers were supposed to receive either the Pixi toner, the Mally pencil, the ELF brush OR the Burberry lotion.

    • I was furious I didn’t get the Mango shampoo and cancelled but now I want back and see more skin I don’t need more than make up may cancel again

    • Tthanks for sharing and I just ordered my first box and already thinking of cancelling. I was reading all the reviews and decided it’s not for me. So how do I cancel, been everwhere on this site and no where does it say cancel.

      Thanks for your input

  4. I got the Burberry, not sure if I will use it though…. OK box, kinda wish I had gotten to try the Mally or gotten 1 of the other samples

    • I got the Burberry too! Very happy with it. Much better than Mally who is not one of my favorite brands. And ELF products are just cheap.

      • Whereas I am super thrilled with the color and waterproof Mally pencil!

        • oooppss Cargo pencil but did get eye brightener which I haven’t tried.

  5. My love affair with subscriptions is ending with companies like Allure and others Who put items in the box that can be purchased in store at places like target and Walmart. I want samples from higher and brands, things that are not readily available elsewhere.

    • Agreed…I have never “wanted” for something at the drug store…if it looks interesting I buy it, no need to sample because even if I don’t like it it doesn’t cost much.

      • Ladies, I agree with you! I received my Sephora Play Bag today and was thrilled with six high end, deluxe samples! This is exactly what I have been waiting for with GlossyBox and Allure.

        • So you recommend GlossyBox over Allure?

          • I think they are about the same. I got 3 Glossy Boxes last month and 1 this month. I have received 4 Glossies and 2 Allure not much of a difference in the two if you ask me. Cancelling both.

          • GlossyBox seems to slipping as well…they’ve had a couple months with Sinful Colors nail polish, for example, which you can buy at a drug store for between $1-$3.

            Another one to consider is Beauty Fix, I think it’s much more consistent and i think it is a better option at that price point.

          • Personally i love boxycharm over glossybox. Its the same price but almost always all full size and high values

        • I like Play x10 better than Allure. Much better customer service, never had a missing product and high end sample.

        • I love Sephora

    • I think Allure put the Garnier shampoo and conditioner in the box so you think you are getting more. The other samples are tiny even if they are “prestige” brands. I won’t use them but they are better than not getting them.

      • This months Allure reminds me of a Target box!!

  6. I might be in the minority here, but I like the brush. I used it this morning, and its pretty nice for a cheaper synthetic. I never would have used the Mally due to sensitive eyes, I have two full-sized Glow Tonics (which is awesome), and I wouldn’t want another lotion. So many lotions in boxes, and I tend to stick with my Laneige Water Bank anyway. So I’m pretty happy with it.

    • I hope I get the mally, but I will be happy with the other alternatives except for the elf brush, I don’t need another make up brush, but I will be happy to get the box all together. Cause I know there are some that were hoping for it, and not going to, so I shouldn’t complain, but I would like to recieve the mally, but I am grateful to be able to get a box all together.

  7. It drives me nuts when people complain that they haven’t received their AUGUST box during the second week of AUGUST even though AUGUST is not over yet. Unless it is September, I wouldn’t complain about not receiving your AUGUST box yet. Also, if you want to know where your box is, create an account on You will be able to get tracking information from any company/person you purchase from after they send the information to USPS despite you not receiving the tracking information from the company/person itself. Works great, highly suggest. You can also leave delivery instructions as well.

    • The reason people complain about the boxes arriving in the middle of the month is because of Allure’s FAQ about when the boxes will arrive:

      “Allure Beauty Boxes typically begin shipping on or around the first of the month. You can expect to receive it within 7 days of the ship date. A shipping confirmation email will be sent to your email account on file with a link for you to track your shipment.”

      So if they ship the first of the month we should have them by the 8th-10th not the 16th. Mine was charged to my credit card August 3rd, shipped August 11th, received August 16th. And still haven’t received the email they say they send. If they can’t deliver as promised they should update the FAQs. The boxes used to arrive by the 5th or 6th of the month so they can do it. And I do have a USPS account so I know when my box is on its way but the PO is telling me not Allure.

      • The statement says “typically” and “begins” shipping. It doesn’t actually state that all boxes ship on the first day of the month and within 7 days of ship date, whatever that date may be… they don’t charge shipping so you know it is the cheapest shipping method which takes longer… and according to your statement yours was received within 5 days of the shipping date so they are within their stated terms… I don’t see a problem… I don’t care as long as I get it by the end of the money. If I wanted something that I get as soon as I pay for it like a lot of people who complain on forums then I go to a store and buy it. Subs are not for those seeking instant gratification.

    • Agree! Tracking works wonderfully, so use it.

      This is what getting something in the mail is all about. If you need something immediately, go to the store. 🙂

    • I AM tracking my box; I always track my packages. It shipped on the 10th. Tracking says: “August 11, 2016 , 5:30 pm, Arrived at USPS Facility, HARRISBURG, PA 17107.” It is now the evening of August 16th; it hasn’t budged in 5 days. Not the first time. Maybe that’s not Allure’s fault but it’s mighty annoying. (My daughter’s box arrived in Harrisburg the same day as mine; she has it already. We live in different states.)

      • I called USPS when mine was taking a long time to move and I found out that with the Allure box they have 2-9 days to get them to you because of the type of package it is. I hope this helps you 🙂

    • I believe the feature you refer to is, ‘MyUSPS’, which is not available to all addresses.

      • I have an app on my iPhone that I use – it’s called ParcelTrack. It isn’t perfect, but it helps.

        On a completely unrelated note, I find it interesting that other people post “argumentative” comments that don’t get deleted, but when I post something disagreeing with someone, it gets deleted. No one will see this comment though, cuz it will be deleted before it sees the light of day.

        • I’m so sympathetic. most anytime I post a negative comment about a product it disappears!

        • Hmm, I wonder if I can get that app for my android, too.

    • How do you track packages on without a tracking number? I have an account, but I can’t figure out how to do this without entering a tracking number first, and if I haven’t gotten an email I wouldn’t have it.


      • Never mind; I found that having an account on the USPS site isn’t the same thing as an account with MyUSPS–enrolling in that now!

        • LOL, yes I wanted to take the suggestion given but my address is not suitable for MyUSPS. 🙁

    • I recevied this message from Allure today after inquiring about the status of my box-
      Dear Subscriber:

      Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box.
      We show we are processing your box for shipment. We apologize for the long delay this month with your box.

      We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

      So boxes are in fact being shipped late. Which is something Allure should have let customers know in advance like other subscriptions do when there is a shipment delay. That’s basic good customer service.

  8. I am very upset about allure. I cancelled after the july box because it was the worst box i have ever gotten from any sub box. It only had 5 tiny items in it but this month there are 8 items. When i looked back at what were in other months they all had 6-8 items. I would have stayed subscribed if i had received 8 instead of 5. You would think they would give you the same amount every month. Now i will have to wait months again for a box if i decide to resubscribe.

    • The reason the samples were so small in July is that some of them were “high end.” If you read some of the comments above you will see that some people want products that aren’t “drugstore” type brands. Other people would prefer either more, or larger samples. It seemed like Allure was trying to do a little of both in their boxes, and it seemed to work for awhile. I don’t know what happened, but their boxes are not as good as they used to be, and their customer service really is bad.

      • I agree. I actually loved the July box. La Mer is such a rare treat so the fact that that was included was terrific. Plus Clinique, Estée Lauder, Glam Glow, and Smashbox. Even if some of the brands and even some of the exact products were a bit redundant, I’ll take that over Pixi, ELF or Garnier any day.

        As an aside, I stick with sulfate-free shampoo anyway so nine times out of ten the shampoo samples are totally lost on me, no matter what the brand.

        I’m not complaining though – the value is always there with Allure, but some months are definitely better than others. I still think back to that free extra box that they sent out to all subscribers around the time of the Oscars…that was something I won’t forget any time soon. It’s very rare that these subs acknowledge there existing client base – almost all of the promotions from other subs are geared toward new subscribers – so that alone put them high on my list.

  9. I have been a subscriber to each version of Allure’s sub and dropped them the final time after the May-June debacle (elected to cancel up front) so I pretty much read the reviews and comments to see what new drama is happening in the land of Allure. It never disappoints.

  10. I got no box. I’ve been with them for a long time but no box so far this month. I normally get them the second week of month except last months crazy box. I do not want to deal with their horrible customer service but I’m not paying for something I’m not getting. Website has no shipping status either. This box is going down hill so fast! Allure should be better than this!

    • If it helps i usually never get the trackibg info until the day before it gets delivered. Like, i just received it last night and it says it will be here tomorrow. If you email them asking they are pretty good about getting back fast.

    • I got mine yesterday, but no tracking info or anything beforehand. Maybe give it a few days and it will show up?

      • Same, got mine yesterday day, never got a tracking number and the site never even showed that it was sent. OP, I wouldn’t give up just yet. If you haven’t gotten it by the end of the week, then I would call up CS.

  11. This box was a home run for me. I love Allure! I was lucky enough to get the Mally Eye Brightener.

  12. I received the Mally, much to my surprise (and happiness). The cap on my Pur Lisse is missing, but the foil appears to be intact. Will need to put some Saran or something around it after I open it, I guess?

    • Empty it into another container, such as a travel container. Also, if you cut it open you will be surprised how much is still in the container that you thought was empty.

      • Thanks:-)

  13. I cannot believe they thought a $3 e.l.f. brush was an appropriate substitute for a $25 Mally item. Very dissappointed with this. Although, I’m glad I got the brush than the other two subs – at least it’s something useful and not expired….

  14. I’m happy with this month’s box. I received the toner, which was my preference. Value is subjective, I have very sensitive eyes and never wear eye makeup, so even though the mally brightener has a higher retail value, for me I assign no value to eye makeup since I give it all to my friends and family.

    • I feel like people only feel jipped when they see what other people are getting and not them . usefulness is more value than actual value. I wouksnt know how to use the mally wand lol but I don’t have much brushes or toner lol when I started my subs I was fine with getting whatever til I started reading long as the value is over or double I’m super happy since I love sample in general

      • Amen!! The comments lead to people feeling jipped. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever felt majorly disopointed by a subscription box….I have grown up problems! If it’s over the value of what I spent, I’m happy

    • I haven’t received my box yet, but I’m also hoping for the toner despite it being the lowest valued variation item. I don’t wear eye makeup so I won’t use the Mally brightening stick, I don’t even know what a stipple brush is, and I have oily skin so I don’t need that Burberry cream (which I think I read added shimmer?), but I have used that Pixi toner and loved it! Even though the RV may not be there, the personal value is definitely there for me.

  15. I got the SAME exact box you did Liz, down to the color of the wet brush! Arrrived yesterday and I did get a tracking email. No ELF, Mally, or Burberry though so I’m a little confused, am I missing something here? Otherwise pretty happy with it overall…. but that said, I am still taking a break for awhile to check out some other subs.

    • Oh nevermind, duh! I see the Pixi toner was the one of the group I got. I Need More Coffee, clearly! 😛

  16. Yep, I got the elf brush. At least the info booklet actually included the brush…which tells me they knew about now having enough Mally before publishing.

    Echoing what others have said, I don’t mind the product variation, but the drastically different RVs of the variations are not cool at all. Why can’t they just switch out the Mally (and include it in a later box, when they gather enough inventory) and give everyone either the brush or the tonic? I get it, the eye cream has high RV, so everything else has to be cheaper to hit the box’s usual value. At least Allure tells us in advance, unlike Glossybox.

    • I got the elf brush too and agree with your comments. :-/

  17. I think Allure is on a downward spiral. I keep hanging in there, but at this point, they’re just not even trying. Then someone mentioned a possible increase, I will definitely cancel. I’m struggling to justify the $15 at this point.

    • The price did go up. I got charged $16.05 this month!

      • Really? does that include tax. That is such an odd amount

        • This was my second month (my first month was only $10 even because of my subscription addictions coupon ??) so when I multiplied it on my calculator at 7% (my states tax rate) it comes out to $16.05 so yup they charged me tax on my box for August ? . I had never heard of that before. And none of my other subscriptions do that (whether it be beauty, food or hobby box).

          • I get charged tax on my Sephora play box every month. Sometimes in tiny writing there is a list of states they have to tax.

          • It depends on where the item is coming from also. For stores that are only in one location (like an indie shop) they won’t charge sales tax if it’s going to another state. If the company is in several states then you get charged your areas sales tax. Allure is a large magazine company and that is why I think we are charged for sales tax. Sephora has stores across the country. Target also. I’m in FL and our sales tax is 6% but counties can add an additional tax (based on elections though). I lived in one county for 24 years and most of that time it was 6% and then it was changed to 6.5% which was an adjustment, lol. I moved to another county and the tax was 6% which was awesome bc adding 6 cents to a dollar is easier mentally. I lived there for 8 years and in 2014 I moved to the next county but we’re only 2 miles away from our former county and it’s closer for us to shop and work in our old county than in our county. Sooooo…

            I signed up for Allure and was charged $16.05. Cue the cursing. Lots of tax is only six percent comments. Then I realized my county I live in has 7% tax.


  18. At least everyone else is getting their boxes. I signed up over three months ago and no box yet. I even signed up for year subscription of their magazine for the 5.00 that I saved in the discount.

    • Follow up with them. This happened to me and they had cancelled my subscription the first day for whatever reason without notice.

  19. It is worth it for a few months and then you get the same things over and over. Two of the items above were in a box I got over a year ago.

  20. I’m not sure why I was picked for it – but Allure sent me a survey to complete mostly about this monthly sub. It asked if I had any subs and if so, which ones, etc. But…it also asked me if I would sign up for their monthly sub for $18? In a comment area I wrote – It’s $15 now, are you raising the cost? Of course, I don’t expect any response from this. Just something to watch out for! They could be raising the price – it was listed throughout the survey 3 times.

    • MzBev,
      Thanks for the heads-up. If Allure raises their subscription I will surely drop it. It’s not worth $18 IMO. There are others subs I would try instead.

    • No way is it worth $18 if their customer service remains as it does now.

  21. ok i’m shocked no one has mentioned this, the reason the coupon on the pixi has expired is because Allure sent that sample to me about 2 years ago. I think instead of having a clearance like other boxes they just sent their 2 year old samples out when they don’t have enough Mallys to go around.

  22. To my surprise, I actually got the Mally brightener. (I guess I’m just used to getting the lower value variation thanks to my Glossybox sub! lol) I had resolved that I was ok with whatever I got because I do love the sub. I’ve never really been let down by its contents. (I’ve been subbed for a little over a year.)

    I do wonder why they sent the Pixi toner in a box with such an expired coupon. Seems that if they would have removed the toner from its packaging, it would potentially give them one less thing to be criticized about.

    • Haha, same here! I’ve gotten the dud boxes through Glossybox the last few months, so I fully expected to open my Allure box this month and see the ELF brush (which I already have). Was pleasantly surprised to see the Mally instead when I opened my box yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to test it out yet but I love the weight of it!

      I agree it’s unfortunate that they sent the Pixi with an expired coupon…not a good look. I love that toner though…I’ve been trying a few new ones the past several months but so far haven’t come across anything I like as much as the Pixi.

      • I had a sample of the Pixi toner I recently used and loved too! However, my fav toner is Secret Key Witch Hazel toner. It came in a 3B box last spring. I’ve actually repurchased it!

    • Re the Pixi toner… well said. I was also surprised that they didn’t bother to remove the toner from the box, which clearly indicates how old the product is. Seeing how Allure has been stellar at upsetting a ton of people this year (starting in January with the unprecedented bonus boxes/items only a select few received, and now with the $1 old Pixi toner vs. the $25 Mally product), I would have thought that they would have put forth the effort to deceive us (once again) about the age of the toner. But, ironically, in their honesty (or laziness?), they just upset people more! It is nice to see that a lot of people are receiving the Mally product though. Despite the toner being from last year & having the lowest RV, I’m actually hoping I receive that out of all of the variations.

  23. With Witch Hazel as the 3rd ingredient, this toner could be a powerful irritant to sensitive skin. I know I can’t use it in that amount.

  24. Am the only one that may or may not get a shipping notification?lol I got one in May and July but nothing June or this month so far. When I login in I only get my beauty thrills info!

    • *I

    • I didn’t get any notification and mine got here yesterday. I got the brush and my daughter got the Burberry.

    • I haven’t received shipping notice yet.

    • I got my box yesterday and no shipping notice.

    • Mine showed up yesterday out if the blue! Go figure. They struggle! I agree with Liz about wanting to see a bit more makeup and for me, fragrance also!

    • I signed up on the 10th bec I was told I would still get this August box, but I have no idea if I will, OR what is going on. There is literally NO information on their site. I was charged immediately, of course. And calling them is worthless, bec they can tell me absolutely nothing, and give me tons of attitude.

      • Ame, I signed up in april, for the may box, and I didn’t get a box till june. Hopefully you’ll get the August box. But they want to charge automatically, then make you wait a couple months before they send anything.

        • Yea that’s not going to work for me. I am sitting on a chat with someone now, trying to find out what’s going on. I logged in to my account and it says I signed up yesterday (contrary to the date I was charged, of course.) She’s been “checking” to see what the status is on what I will get, if anything, for about 5 minutes now.

          If I don’t get a favorable reply, I might just cancel.

  25. I received 7 of the eight items listed here plus the Elf stipple brush instead of the Pixi glowtonic. I am very happy with this box. The Super goop setting mist is highly fragrant, though.

  26. I got the Burberry & it’s a bit small but I will get a couple of uses out of it & the container is very cute! (I’m a sucker for small pretty containers lol) I enjoyed this month of Allure.

  27. My box came yesterday. I did not get any Supergoop, Pixi, elf, Mally, or Burberry items. Instead they threw in another Pur Lisse moisturizer (so I got two of those.) I’m not going to contact CS or anything, but I am disappointed. I already have a ton of Pur Lisse samples!!
    I get this sub to try NEW things.
    Get it together Allure!

  28. I’ll start by saying I love ELF brushes; they make up a majority of my brush collection and I can’t say a bad thing about them. BUT, the retail value is in no way comparable to the Mally Brightener. I’m just not a fan of variation in boxes. I plan to cancel Allure (again) and leave Sephora as my only monthly beauty box.

    • Yep, me too – as soon as my box arrived and I saw that I had received the ELF brush, I cancelled. I only signed up back in April to get the Foreo, which of course I didn’t, and I just really haven’t been that impressed since. Cancelled Ipsy two months ago, and am now down to just Sephora, which I’m still really enjoying. And trying in vain to work through my product backlog!

    • You should definitely subscribe to Boxycharm! It’s my absolute favorite sub box and you get your money’s worth for sure!!!! It’s only about twenty dollars a month and you get FULL size products and the box value is usually around $100+ and the products are all from great brands and they’re products that are in season or new upcoming products!

  29. I received the Mally eye brightener…it’s a nicely weighted pencil. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m loving the color of the waterline pencil end. I just have to figure out the other end ( how to use it correctly.) I did not realize that the Freeze eye product was so expensive. I received the freeze product before and didn’t really notice a difference, maybe now that I know how expensive it is…it will work? Lol…maybe not. I was really impressed with this month’s box and it’s value. All of the items I will use except for the setting spray goop ( did you read the info on it? It didn’t sound too appealing).

  30. Got my box today, and was surprised to actually get the Mally brightener. On initial trial I’m not impressed…both the liner and shadow are pretty chalky, plus it’s a very light color…I felt it made me look kind of clownish! But, my personal opinions on the item aside, I can’s see any justification in sending some subscribers a $25 product, while others get a $1 item. It doesn’t matter what the overall box value is…that just doesn’t seem fair–if they have to differentiate they should at least try to come up with items that are more similar in value!

    • I agree. I felt kind of guilty that others received a low value item. However, the weight of the pencil and overall feel of it blew me away. I wish all eye liner pecils had that ” feel” to them. I have not tried it yet, but the waterline color appears to be a natural tone and I like that ( but I’m pale). I love that the other eye pencil is not black…I’m older and the black pencils make me look like an old prostitute.

    • I hope when my box gets here it has the hair brush, and not an elf brush, don’t need anymore makeup brushes, but excited to try the hair brush.

      • Heidi, it should. I think all boxes came with the hair brush. I lucked out getting the Mally stick instead of the ELF brush. I’m like you–way too many brushes here!

        • I hope I get the mally, and I also sub to ipsy and I have gotten about 6 brushes from them, and my husband bought me a really nice brush set about 2 months ago, so I have plenty right now. I have my fingers crossed for the mally though. I hope so

      • Luckily everyone gets the hairbrush! The thing that varies is whether you get the Mally pencil, the pixi toner, or the elf makeup brush.

        • Well I’m glad I will get the hair brush, but I want the mall als, not the elf brush, so we will see, I wish everyone gets what they want. Thanks

  31. “Welcome to Allure! We’re sampling a really great new product…….or….you can get a Walmart bust box…no worries, at least you didn’t pay the same amount for your box…uh err…nevermind….BUT….if you’re unhappy you can contact our CS and be treated poorly!!!!”

    I think I’m starting to get slap happy, it’s almost funny now…oh well, off to use my ELF brush (I better use it gently as those are really hard to come across :p )

    • That’s what I thought!

  32. I’m excited about the Swimmables eyeliner. I’ve used the larger eye crayons and found them a bit difficult to work with since the formula is so thick. It’s really effective, though! I wore it at a water park all day & didn’t have a single smudge!

  33. I received the Burberry and from the comments, it looks like I am in the minority. The product is Fresh Glow at 0.17 oz so it is fairly small.

    • I also received the Burberry. I did not get the Pixi toner. But some how I received two of the Freeze 24/7 eye serum! I can’t complain…

    • I got the Burberry too. I’ll try it, I would have rather got the Mally pencil, but seeing as some people really did badly with that low value ELF stuff, I’m not going to complain.

      Am I the only one who though it was bizarre the write up for it in the box book. They sounded like they didnt really like it, but wanted to like it, and justify adding it. So they told us to mix with with our foundations cause its awesome if you do that, and not use it as the primer is marketed as cause you’ll look like the Tin Man. Haha. 😉

  34. I got my box today. I actually got the Mally item and it was what I was hoping for but half the time I get the item I don’t want. I figured I would get the Pixi item and I am not crazy about their products. Elf does not bother me. I think they have great products for the price including their brushes. I just don’t need anymore brushes. I wonder how many got the Burbury lotion and how big the sample was….and how they liked it.

    • i got it, it is only .17 ounces and i believe it was in a previous box from allure last year?! if it wasnt allure it was another beauty box…but duplicate for me. bummed about no mally! but glad that i did t get pixi or elf,…lol

      • I got the Burberry as well! They must have something against girls named Lindsey lol! I am glad I didn’t get the elf brush or the expired pixi tonic. But it’s not fair to send people a $25 eye pencil and then send me a teeny tiny little bottle of Burberry cream that you can probably get for free at any department store! Like someone else had mentioned above, they shouldn’t of sent out a variation of products with such a drastic change in retail value if they didn’t have enough to send to everyone! And they obviously knew it based on the booklets they sent out. And the value of the other products barely amount to fifteen dollars! I’m done with Allure! Especially since I hear they’re raising their price to $18 a month now! That’s a few dollars less than Boxycharm and you get FULL sized products that aren’t expired.

        • I agree. The vast difference in retail price in the variant items annoys me, especially when they make such a big deal of including it in their books.

          Its not even a fair swap, really. Allure really are their own worst enemies when they do stuff like this. Especially since they have to be well aware of the “unboxing” videos on YouTube.

          I also subscribe to Glossybox, which I like, and BoxyCharm, which I love.

    • I received the Burberry and it is small. But you only need a pea sized amount. I mix it with my foundation for an all over glow. It’s a nice product to me.

  35. I actually got the Mally Eye Brightening Pencil,I usually get the crappy item,must be they finally felt sorry for me,or it was my turn to get the featured product lol

  36. Got the ELF brush, I knew it.
    This box was pretty unimpressive and the only thing I was looking forward to was the Mally wand. That eye cream is total junk and I’ve had enough Purlisse and Supergoop from this and other subs.
    Well, at least the wet brush is nice….

  37. So did anyone actually get the Mally besides MSA receive the Mally eye Brightener?

    Received my box today, completely by suprize. I never got an email, and even logging into my account it didn’t show it had shipped.

    The sprayer for the Supergoop setting spray had detached and spilled out. I was also super bummed to get the ELF brush, already have 2 and never use them (purchased one about a year ago and got another in an ELF box). Come on, how is that even comparable to a $25 product, really? I feel like they tried to make up for it by throwing in the “bonus” cheap shampoo and condition samples – at least they weren’t in foil, lol.

    Emailed customer service, hopefully they will make good on it. This is only my second box since subscribing in early May.

    • I just got my box today, I got the Mally liner, but missing the Cargo liner. Just emailed CS.

      • I also am missing the liner.

    • I got the Mally as well. I’m actually traveling for work so I made my husband do an unboxing video via FaceTime. I’m excited to try the eye cream and was actually interested in trying the Cargo liner, so excited about getting that.

    • I got the Mally liner 🙂 Not a fan of the eyeshadow end but the eyeliner side isn’t bad.

  38. Got mine today and was actually very pleased! I ended up with the Mally brightener and liked it more than I thought I would. Between that, the Cargo liner, and the brush, I thought this box had a great array of items.

  39. Am I missing something or was the Mally product not reviewed or not in this box?

    • The mally product could have been substituted for one of three different products.

  40. If the coupon is expired is the toner expired too? It’s a sample size I thought it would at least be full size…

    • Right? If the coupon expired 10 months ago how old is that sample???

      I canceled Glossybox because of the wide variation values and now that Allure is doing the same thing I’ve canceled them too.

  41. Did you guys review the July box (with La Mer)?

    • No, sorry! I had to switch credit cards, but unfortunately that resulted in my account being cancelled so I had to sign up for a new one and I missed the July box. 🙁

      • Hi Liz, I can send you the box to review. I’m not going to use anything in it. I only swatched the cubby stick but everything else has not been opened. I’d love to see a review on it. ?

  42. I was missing a product completely. Chatted with CS and they said they will try to send me something out. I’ve this before from Allure and never receive the extra something. Sephora IMO is becoming the better box because while the value isn’t as much, I’ve never had a missing product or a replacement product.

    • Same for me. I was missing the Cargo liner. CS said they’d send a replacement, but we’ll see if it comes. I also got the Burberry glow product, which I won’t use. Second substitution I’ve had lately and couldn’t use.

      • I’m missing the Cargo pencil too! I just emailed customer service, will see if they will replace my missing item.

  43. I got the elf brush. 🙁 I’m going to at least try it but it’s pretty disappointing.

  44. Has anyone not received their box? I haven’t received tracking or anything.

    • Yeah I was charged on the second and have yet to even receive a shipping notification and tracking number. This month is kind of the make it or break it month for this sub for me as it has a horrible track record with me thus far over the past several months and I have yet to actually get a box in my hands yet.

      • Thanks for all the replies! I’ve been with allure for awhile and I’ve never not received a shipping notice email. I’ve checked my account a few times since last week and no tracking there either. I actually spoke to CS lat Friday and they said it was still in the warehouse. So who knows what’s going on. Hope I receive mine randomly! And get the mally!

    • I still waiting on it too

    • Haven’t got min yet. Send me email that it shipped but it’s still hanging around being packed according to the site.

    • I just received my box today with absolutely no tracking info whatsoever sent.

    • You know you can go on their website and log into your account and it will have your tracking number. I never get an email with tracking so I just check it that way. Hope that helps!

      • There is no place in my account that shows that info

    • I received my box today, and never did receive shipping or tracking info. Sadly, I did receive a little Elf brush. ?

    • I havnt recieved my box yet either, I messaged allure through live chat friday, and asked when my box would ship, and to ask why I wasn’t able to view any info on my account again, she said my box was processing, and that my refer a friend bonus box was processing also, so I hope my august box arrives soon, and we will see about the bonus box, I’m not really looking for it. But I hope I’m wrong. So far not impressed with allure.

    • I haven’t received my box or tracking information yet.

    • I haven’t received my box waiting on it hopefully I get the mally brightener

    • My DIL and I haven’t received ours either. We’re in San Diego and I usually don’t get the email before I get my box. I am a new beauty box addict and I am having issues with this box. Started with Ipsy in April and saw the great reviews here on this blog and subscribed in April and was part of the May box fiasco. I got first box in June and my Kardasian was crushed which couldn’t be replaced so I opted for another Purlisse which I did get July I really wanted to try the GlamGlo and it was almost empty..I think Im done with Allure after this..especially if I get the Elf. Really wanted it to be great. Btw I’m new to this blog 1st time poster!! I have been following MSA since April and have gotten in on the buy 1 get 3 last month from GlossyBox my cancellation didn’t go thru so got this month’s too!! Not impressed. I got my first Play last month and am looking forward to this month’s. I also have been getting Lip Monthly since May and I’ve been surprised by the products. My name is Pamela and I’m 65 years old and still love make-up!!!

      • Pamela castleton, I have ipsy and I love it, I have birchbox but this is my last month with them, I have subbed to julep maven, it’s a little more expensive that these subs but they send products woth the money I think, and if you subscribe there’s usually a code to use to get free gift set, or half off, or something. But allure I signed up in april and didn’t get a box till july, and I have not had the best time with them. But if you are looking for a different sub that’s good walmart has a good box it’s quarterly but it’s only $5 and always worth it. But good luck. But I have ipsy, bb, allure, sephora, julep, glossybox, walmart, and target when I can get them. My best experiences have been with ipsy, julep, walmart, target, and last month was my first month with glossybox, and so far I like it. But I am canceling my bb this month and possibly the allure not sure yet gonna wait and see next month spoilers first. Hope this helps.

  45. The Pixi Target coupons expired over 9 months ago.

  46. BTW, has anyone else gotten the little perfume sampler they said they were going to send out? I got the package for it today, but it was open and nothing was in it. I have quite literally NEVER had that happen before, at this residence or any other. Anyways, if you got it, is it worth me calling up customer service about it? I wasn’t too psyched to begin with since I don’t use perfume, but can’t deny I’m a little annoyed regardless. If they were deluxe sizes, I might consider it since they make good gifts, but if they were just the little sample vials, then eff it, ya know?

    • I received an email about it but I haven’t received it yet …. just like everything else with this sub so far Lol

    • Received an e-mail but never actually received it.

    • Kendall I got my perfume sampler yesturday, it is really neat, so hopefully you get yours soon

    • I cancelled my subscription with them they are awful many damaged boxes and then they say they send replacements with no tracking info and surprise they never show up! Awful business birchbox is way better.

  47. I chanted “please not ELF, please not ELF, please not ELF” as I opened the box this afternoon.

    I got the ELF brush.

    • Lol this also happened to me. );

    • Haha to funny

    • I got he elf brush to, I can use it but didn’t need it was wanting the mally, but was ok with getting to try 1 of the other alternatives, but didn’t want the brush. But I liked the box, and the cargo liner is great, it stays on all day, and it’s a brown wich I was very happy to see, usually I get black liner in my beauty subs and I don’t wear black, I wear browns, golds, and greys. And I love the hair brush and it’s so cute. But I chanted the not the elf brush also and it was I the box.

    • SAME. Ugh. Almost threw the darn thing across the room.

  48. I wish I had gotten the Pixi instead of the elf (lol looking at that sentence, it’s kind of amusing). Even if estimated retail was less, it was still a product I would have liked to try. Although the expired coupon would have annoyed the heck outta me. Oh well, still pretty good retail value for the price. Just wish they wouldn’t jerk us around so much.

  49. Too bad the coupon is already EXPIRED!

    • Oops! I totally missed that! Thanks for letting me know – updated the post!

    • I guess that kind of dates the actual product too! Hopefully the actual product doesn’t/isn’t expired too.

  50. The only variant I’ll be really unhappy with receiving is the ELF brush. I’m actually hoping for the Pixi since it’s a favorite toner of mine. I think I’ll try to swap for as much of it as possible!

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