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GlossyBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – July 2016


GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. They have the best packaging in the business, their products are usually deluxe-size or full size, and the value is usually really good too. The only issue with this box seems to be the late shipping – I would recommend just keeping that in mind and setting your expectations accordingly if you sign up for this box.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


FYI: GlossyBox sends out multiple variations of the box during some months. So, there may be some variation between what I review and what you receive.


The Subscription Box: GLOSSYBOX

The Cost: $21 a month (save more with 6-month or annual subscription)

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products.

Check out all of my GlossyBox reviews and the list of the best beauty and makeup subscription boxes!

Ships to: US and Canada

GlossyBoxJuly-008 GlossyBoxJuly-012 GlossyBoxJuly-011

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.


Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua – 5 ml Value $8.75

I’ve sampled this melted lipstick before and I love it! The formula isn’t sticky at all, and it has great pigment and shine. (This is a great sample size, too.)


(Swatched in photo below.)


Eyeko Fat Satin Eyestick – FULL SIZE! Value $12

I love the shimmer and pigment in this grey-bronze shade! It glides on smoothly too, and you can blend pretty easily before it sets. Here it is swatched below the lipstick:



NUXE Shimmering Huile Prodigieuse – FULL SIZE! Value $54

Before I discuss this oil, I should mention that I subscribed to GlossyBox in July. Apparently, this item was only for new subscribers and not currently subscribers:

UPDATE – thanks to MSA readers for letting us know that some existing subscribers got this version of the box. I’m still not sure how GlossyBox determined which subscribers received which boxes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 8.37.53 PM

I don’t know why GlossyBox would send this item only to new subscribers. I could understand if this oil was a gift with purchase offer for new subscribers, but it wasn’t. (Looking at Instagram, it looks like other subscribers received SinfulColors Nail Polish and Tree Hut Shave Oil instead of this oil and the Too Faced Liquid Lipstick.)

Back to the oil: no surprise, it is fabulous! It sprays on, so you can get just a subtle amount of shimmer and oil, plus the scent is perfect for summer, too.


Fango Essenziali Moisturize Treatment Sheet Mask – Value $7

This mask moisturized, was gentle on my skin, and my favorite part – I only had to wear it for 5 minutes!


Glov Quick Treat – Value $5

This is basically a washcloth you wear on your finger! It’s a cute idea, and worked well for me too, but since you have to hand wash it to clean it, probably not something I will use regularly.


Leighton Denny Miracle Mist – FULL SIZE! Value $16

This mist is designed to speed up the drying process of nail polish. Wait one minute after you apply your polish, then finish with this spray.

I was really excited to try this, and I think I took the “miracle” a little too literally – this does not make your nails instantly completely dry. Shorten the drying process? Yes. Allow you to immediately unload the dishwasher? No. (Lesson learned.)

Verdict: This box has a value of about $102. That’s amazing, but considering not everyone got the NUXE oil, I wouldn’t recommend going off of that value if you are thinking about subscribing. This was my favorite GlossyBox in a long time thanks to the Too Faced Lipstick and the NUXE oil, and I’m really disappointed GlossyBox didn’t give those items to all subscribers.

Hopefully things get more uniform with future boxes!

What do you think of the July 2016 GlossyBox? What items did you get?


How do subscribers rate GlossyBox?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have messaged them twice about my broken nail polish. It was completely broken and had no brush. I have not received any response from them about the broken nail polish. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get some response?

  2. When I emailed Glossybox about the missing Nuxe (which I did get the email showing it as a spoiler) they sent me this response:

    Hi Mandy,

    Thank you for taking the time to get in contact with us here at Glossybox.

    I sincerely apologize for any confusion and disappointment, as that image of the Nuxe shimmer oil was in a newsletter sent to specific subscribers who were scheduled to receive that item. We have learned that some people posted the images publicly, which is sadly out of our control, as they were not scheduled to be advertised on our site where everyone would see the message. However, we do understand that the terms should have been more clear and take note for future promotions.

    As you know, we do create multiple box versions per month to adhere to the broad range of beauty profile preferences as best as we can. We did try and add the Nuxe item to as many boxes as possible, but they will not be in every version, per our system’s targeting margins. Everyone was set to receive these 3 items: the Eyeko Fat Stick in Satin, the Leighton Denny Miracle Mist and a Fango mask. Check them out on our Sneak Peek page:

    While we typically do not offer exchanges, I would be happy to make an exception for you in this case. Please choose an alternative item from the list below and we will ship it to you right away!

    • Honestly, I think they are full of ?! If they are just giving out $50+ product to just a few randomly selected subscribers that is a really bad business model in the day of social media. We’ve all seen out well that’s worked out for OuiPlease and if Glossybox is going to start doing this then I’m out! I signed up under the Memorial Day plan and my subscription expires in September. I will not be resubscribing unless they offer some wicked awesome deal. Glossybox, Boxycharm, Birchbox and Ipsy were my first boxes and I loved Glossybox until early this year it seemed very…off. I cancelled and when the Memorial Day plan was offered I just couldn’t resist but now I regret my decision. I emailed them back a screenshot of their email to me and requested information about the various products they offered as a “shut up and go away gift” but I haven’t heard back yet. I emailed them 8/11 at 11:36 am and didn’t hear back until 8/11 at 2:36 pm, so they did make it within their 24 to 96 hour window. I really hope they don’t continue to do this. I would understand if the Nuxe was a promo for signing up but a lot of people who received it weren’t new subscribers and/or didn’t sign up using the promo code they claim they would have to use. It’s just weird!

    • That’s a new response from Glossybox, but it still doesn’t explain the huge differences in value between the boxes that included the Nuxe oil and the boxes that did not. $46 vs $4.50 is not at all appropriate. The response that they sent me was that they try to make the variations as close as possible in value, but I have no idea how they justified the Nuxe oil and Too Faced lipstick vs a $2 drug store nail polish and a crappy shower oil. Makes zero sense. I mean, if those things were so great, why didn’t I get an e-mail touting the Sinful polish like the e-mails touting the Nuxe oil?

      Also, when it says the Nuxe oil “in every box”, that sort of gives subscribers, including bloggers, the green light to share it with everyone as a spoiler. I’m not sure how one is expected to interpret “in every box” as “specific subscribers who were scheduled to receive that item”. They also contradict themselves in that you got the e-mail – but apparently you were never going to get that variation. So they’re saying that ONLY the people who got that e-mail were getting the variation, except you’re proof that that’s not true. It sounds like they need to get their story straight.

      Their use of the word “scheduled” is also interesting – maybe “selected” would have been a better choice – because it makes it sound like some of us are scheduled to get high value variations sometimes, while others get low value variations, and vice versa. Frankly their variations should be similar in value, and there’s no hiding that July’s variations had enormous disparities in value that are still unexplained.

      • Rebecca,
        You’re exactly right on all accounts! I don’t understand why they used the term “scheduled” like some subscribers are going to be scheduled to get higher valued items at specific times? Weird! I find it interesting that in a day and age where social media, blogs and YouTube are so widely used that Glossybox would even attempt this bait and switch bull?! It’s not right and they’ve forever lost a customer. I was legit going to sub for a year when my six month sub expired. Too bad Glossy…guess I’m just going to have to pick a different sub! To be quite honest…the only reason I signed back up was for the boxes! LOL! ? I didn’t mind the $3 polish when it was a legit color and not part of a specific 2 step system. That was weird! I received the top coat which I will never use because I won’t be buying the polish. I might have tried it had it come together as a set. Is Glossy that cheap that they can’t include the other $2-$3 polish that should come with the top coat? Glossybox has just turned into a cheaper version of OuiPlease…pretty on the outside but disappointing on the inside. ?

  3. I got the sinful colors TOP COAT polish (not even a color) and the shaving oil. I actually turned out to really love the oil and I think I’ll buy it again. But the sinful colors polish was such a fail. Those are 2 bucks at the drug store and it’s a clear top coat. Annoying. On top of that, I didn’t receive my box until August 2nd… I emailed them to ask why I didn’t get the other things that were supposedly “guaranteed” and why it was so late and got no response. I emailed again to ask to cancel and still no response. So I just cancelled online. It’s too bad because I have been a subscriber for a year now but that was really uncool.

    • I wonder if their crazy “subscribe and get x boxes free” (x=2 or 3, depending on the day) are because long-term subscribers like you are angry and kicking them to he curb. I can’t cancel because I paid for the year through Gilt City, but once my October box comes, I’m done. If I could cancel, I would. I think they’re going to get an even bigger wake-up call when all the Gilt City annual subs run out, and people don’t resubscribe. I suspect that there will be another hard-to-pass-up subscription deal leading up to Christmas, and they’ll sucker in a whole new “generation” of subscribers to disappoint.

  4. I signed up for the 3 months at $14.99 a month. This is my last month and will be canceling. I have tried several boxes and this one is terrible! The boxes I’m useing to hold make up and seem better than the items I’ve gotten. My last straw was the 3$ sinful colors 2nd step top coat they sent me that only works with the one type of sinful colors gel type polish! I mean they.couldn’t even include the nail polish that you have to use with it! More and more complaints I see about them the angrier I am. Not to mention my July box came Aug.1 and that was after I was receiving emails from around the 12th telling me my box shipped. I got that email 4 times with 4 different tracking numbers and they blamed the postal service every time when I know it was them not having the boxes ready to ship! I’m done with Glossy Box!

    • Cancel before the 15th or you will get charged again. You can cancel online.

  5. I received the least valuable assortment of items and emailed their customer service their own photo stating that the oil is “in every box”. I received the same form reply and the offer to choose one of many far inferior products as a replacement. I just informed them that if they do not fulfill the order as advertised, I will report them to the Better Business Bureau for false advertising. I suggest anyone else who was deceived do the same. It is illegal to falsely advertise the way they did, and while a $50 oil isn’t the end of the world, companies should not be able to get away with such horrendous practices.

    • I never got a reply from customer service

      • I just went ahead and filed a complaint with the BBB. Tired of no resolution and no replies.

      • I looked further into this and found out they were dropped from the BBB a few years ago…not surprised

      • Not surprised. I went to their Facebook page to check out the newly posted spoilers, and I noticed that people are commenting on stuff, but I’m unable to reply to anyone’s comment or write my own comment. So I guess they’ve restricted my ability to comment due to my comments and commiseration over my horrible July box. It looks like posts by others is still disabled. I guess if you say anything negative, you’re cut off.

        I’m supposed to be getting a “replacement item” in the next week as a fauxpology for my July box, but I’m not holding my breath.

        As for this month’s spoilers, there’s nothing on their Facebook page showing the latest spoiler that MSA posted with the lipstick, so I suspect that is yet another rescinded spoiler item. I know I’m on their you-know-what list, so I’m probably getting the lowest value box possible.

        Oh, and the invisibobble hair pulls they’re now showing on their Facebook page, I bought two 3-packs a few months ago for about $3.50 apiece on sale at Nordstrom’s (always free shipping) because I’d heard such great things about them. They’re OK at first, but they stretch out too easily. Honestly I far prefer the grippy Goody and Scunci ones that sometimes pop up in Target boxes.

      • You have to pay to be a part of the BBB. Just as a point of information the BBB is a scam. I owned my own business and was threatened by them that if I did not pay $750 annually (for an owner operated 1 person insurance business that made practically no money) that they would mark me as a bad business. Terrible company in personal opinion. Companies get to pay to have glowing reviews and a profile, if you don’t you are marked as a non-trustworthy or bad business. I would not trust them for anything.

        I am sorry so many people had such a bad experience with GlossyBox. I have had similar experiences with other sub boxes. I guess with GlossyBox I have been fortunate.

    • I have come to believe that some of the comments here may not be from actual subscribers, or MSA fans. I’ve seen this happen before in forums when discussing a product or business. Just mho.

      And Dawn, the comment below, is absolutely correct about the BBB. I investigated them a while ago, here in Los Angeles, and in other cities, and they’re completely fake and useless. It took the LA Times a few more years to do their own investigation and conclude that, indeed, businesses pay to be listed and have comments there suppressed.

      If you actually believe an internet business has shady practices – and I do not believe this at all about Glossybox, or any box I’ve read about in 2 months on MSA – they’re just small businesses, and not always perfect – you should report it to your state Attorney General. They at least keep reports, although take action? Very rarely. But that’s our government!

      • I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. You think that some of the people commenting are complaining about a company based on others’ comments about their experience? I assure you, I’ve been following MSA for over a year and have been subscribed to Glossybox, among other subs, since November. I haven’t read anything from anyone else that leads me to believe that people aren’t actually subscribers, and I’m not sure why it matters whether or not they are existing fans of MSA?

      • I was wondering the same thing. Strange allegations. Smh

  6. My box had the glove, nail dry spray, sinful nail polish, eyeko, and the shower gel. I didn’t update my new address before the first of the month so my box was forwarded to my new address. The “sorry I missed you” slip left by the mailman said I owed $5.75 for the forwarding of the package. I just left it at the post office. Not paying an additional $5.75 for a box of stuff I won’t use.

  7. I got my box yesterday and I got the exact same box Liz did. Although the shipping was REALLY late I’m happy with the contents of the box. I love the Too Faced lipstick and was happy to get a new one.

    • Did you sign up recently? They are claiming that those who received the Nuxe were subscribers that signed up using the promo code “POOLPARTY” which I don’t understand since other subscribers signed up under other promos and also received the Nuxe oil. I’m glad that you received the Nuxe! 🙂 You’ll have to let us all know how it works. I’ve read quite a few reviews and it sounds like a fun product.

  8. I got my July box yesterday, along with the 2 extra boxes that went along with a new signup. My July box was great – I got everything that was listed, luckily. I can see why people are disappointed if they got the subpar substitute products. 🙁 My two extra boxes were the April and June boxes – not bad, but not great. I didn’t cancel before the August billing so I’ll be getting one more box, which is looking ok so far.

  9. I’m generally not one to complain but this had to be the most disappointing box I’ve ever gotten from Glossybox. I also got the nail polish and shave oil instead of TF and Nuxe. Very underwhelmed by the rest of the box too; the Eyeko stick is too pale for me and blends away to nothing but glitter, and I don’t even know when the heck I’ll use the Glov thing. I feel like I get a single-use sheet mask in every Glossybox lately, and we just got Sinful Colors polish last month. The only thing that *might* be cool is the nail spray, but I haven’t had the chance to test it out yet. Pretty disappointing though when you really have no desire to keep anything in your box.

    My sub was a yearly through the Gilt City deal from last year, and for the most part Glossybox has been pretty meh for me. This month feels like a flashing neon sign to let my sub end after the yearly is up. My July and August Birchboxes are telling me the same thing for my former favorite subscription…probably for the best. In a few months I’ll be down to just Play and Allure for beauty boxes; at least my wallet will be happier! :p

    • Same here, except I dropped Birchbox in June when they announced their point system change and just dropped Sephora Play because it just didn’t seem worthwhile to me after three boxes. It’s a solid $10 box, just not for me. I wanted to try Allure but was turned off by their own customer service issues that I read about here in May or June.

      So when my Gilt City GB sub runs out, I’m down to Target and Amazon boxes, when I decide to buy those. I’d like to start using up my stash, then pick up Boxycharm or a K-beauty sub.

    • Finally someone says the eyeko is a disappointment! I’ve been thinking I’m alone in that – there’s no color, it’s one of those ghost eye products that swatches fine but doesn’t deliver on your actual eyes!!

      I think I only like the sheet mask, which means this box was a waste of my money — even ON the gilt deal.

  10. I was disappointed in my box this month too; I thought we were all getting the Nuxe oil. I purchased the holiday special GB that had a full size of the oil (non shimmery) and love it. I got the shave oil and Sinful Colors nail polish. Definitely not an equal value in my book. The thing I was most annoyed with is the Sinful Colors Kylie line has multiple products. This was the ‘color’ step but they didn’t include step 2 (I know it’s a top coat, but considering the low pricepoint of Sinful Colors I think they should have included both). And comparing a TooFaced melted (even in a small size) to the full size shave oil or drugstore nail polish? Not even close. The June box was a yawn for me too. I’m up to renew in August, thinking about switching to BoxyCharm.

  11. When checking on my account, I just noticed that Glossy’s homepage indicates that we are slated to get a Trifle Lip Parfait in August, too?

    Not sure if that has always been visible or was just released.

  12. Even though I got one of the “good” boxes, I don’t like the Luxe oil. What do I dislike even more? A company who has no accountability. I’m cancelling on that basis alone.

    • I’m leaning towards canceling too. I’m going to give them one more month and see what I think. I got the two free boxes for subscribing, but honestly I just won’t use a majority of what was in them. Not sure how I feel about the Nuxe oil. I already use and love the Marrakesh oil (fabfitfun from spring or winter – I forget) so I’m a little hesitant to change. Any tips on using the oil in your hair?

      • I used the oil on my hair before hitting the beach, went a little heavy handed with the oil and put my hair up. Not only did it give a nice sparkle in the sun, it acted like a deep conditioning treatment and protected my hair from the water. After my shower that night to get off the sunscreen my hair was so soft. Highly recommend!

  13. I got the box Liz got. I am not crazy about the Nuxe oil either. I started a 3 month sub with the 2 free boxes code. One of the other boxes I got was the Red Carpet one. Just eh. The third was the June box I think. My 28 yr old daughter went through all 3 boxes and only wanted 2 items. That speaks volumes.

    • I felt the same! I’m 36 and I love good skin care items like a good eye cream or moisturizer, but I was just not impressed. :-/

  14. I signed up for a 3-month sub. Got Sinful Colors nail polish in both June and July. I don’t like to get nail polish very often or at all… and Sinful Colors?? seriously??? I thought this was a high end box. Apparently, they don’t care about getting and keeping new customers. Cancelled, unfortunately too late to not receive August.

  15. Well I surely wish my box would have looked like Liz’s!! My was a horrible MESS!! Instead of the Nuxe oil and melted lipstick I got a $2 Top coat nail polish and a gawd awful smelling solid perfume……….I as well contacted Glossy via email—No response, on my account page—no response, finally after posting on their FB did they respond and gave me some garbage response about sorry for the confusion subscribers were to get three items blah blah blah…..Um NOOO….there was no confusion you LIED Glossybox YOU put out an email that specifically said in EVERY box would be the Nuxe oil!!!!! I cannot wait till my yearly sub is up this box is going bye bye!! No accountability for their mistakes….to me that’s just bad business. They should send every customer that did not receive the shimmering Nuxe oil in their box one out and apologize. If you can’t follow through then don’t send out the spoilers Glossy!!!!!!

    • I want to send an email to complain. Does anyone have a screenshot or link to the nuxe spoiler in case they try to play dumb? I can’t remember where I saw it.

      • Liz has it posted above.

  16. I received the Nuxe oil, but could not use it. Does anyone else think it smells terrible? I tried to wear it, but the scent was awful.

    • I didn’t like it either – it reminded me of my grandmother. After all the hype, I was excited to try it, but I just ended up giving it away to an older lady at work.

    • Yes, I tried, and while I like how it looks, I had to go wash it off. The smell got to me. Yuck! Also, the pumper keeps clogging on me. I will give this to my daughter in law.

      • I am guessing you don’t get along with your DIL if you passing along a malfunctioning, stinky oil. LOL

  17. I was excited about the nail spray but then I looked and saw that the active ingredient is butane…not sure that I want to be spraying lighter fluid on my fingers.

    I also got the Sabon bath gel although the card indicated that I should have gotten a lotion too…and when I went to review my box it asked me to review the lotion too…that was an awkward one to complete. I would contact them for replacement but I really don’t need another sample size lotion. Disappointing all around.

    • So that’s what I’ve been inhaling every time I’ve been using the nail spray. 😛

    • Not only does the nail spray have butane it also has propane. No relaxing spa night to do your nails, it would end up being a barbecue. LOL.

  18. I got the same box as Liz–no idea how I got so lucky–and I love it! June’s box was so disappointing, and this totally made up for it. I have to echo everyone’s complaints though. It was deceptive of Glossybox to advertise that everyone would receive the oil and then not send it. I also think that if there are box variations, they should amount to an approximate equal value, and it would be nice if they were based on customer profiles. The value difference in July’s boxes is absurd! And this isn’t the first time they have done this. I was one of the people a few months back that got the $3 Not Your Mother’s hair spray instead of the expensive perfume. This time I somehow got lucky, but I don’t expect to again.

    In fact, I don’t know if I was even supposed to get these items. I had a weird experience with the shipping this month…. I got a shipping notification around July 20th, but every time I checked FedEx’s website for a few weeks it never updated past “label created” or something like that. In August, I checked Glossybox’s site to see if I could get more info, and my surveys were up. It showed that I was getting the shave oil and topcoat (of course I was so upset due to the Nuxe spoiler). Then a few days later my box arrived with the more expensive variations. Glossybox’s website still shows that I received the shave oil and the topcoat.

  19. I received a box with the Tree Hut oil and the SpaRituals nail polish. If everyone had gotten that, I would be satisfied with my box, but the spoiler for Nuxe oil had me very excited, and it was very misleading.

    I’ve had Glossy for about 1.5 years now. The first time, my husband bought a yearly subscription as a gift for me. I wasn’t going to renew because the value didn’t seem to be there, but then the Gilt City deal came out, and I continued my subscription through that. I will not be renewing again unless they make some pretty big changes.

  20. this is not the first time glossybox has sent me a WAY undervalued box as compared to as what others received.. it is completely random because i have never asked for shower gels or nail polishes as ive received……ive subscribed since 2013! there is not customer loyalty or anything either. just very disappointing…i still liked the other 3 items….but geesh….pretty unfair…i dont think any box should send out different variations unless its doen like ipsy where they are all different. the values should definitely be more equal!

  21. And let’s just throw it out there that the boxes have never been based on profiles not for me !

    • You’re so right…they’re NEVER based on profiles. On their FB page, when tons of people were complaining that they didn’t receive the Nuxe (as promised in the spoiler), GB repeatedly responded that “your box varies based on your profile”. This is a load of BS! Many people (myself included) noted that our profiles listed dry skin as an issue…yet didn’t receive the oil. I don’t know how they determine who gets what…but it definitely doesn’t seem to be related to what we state in our profiles…and for GB to repeatedly spew that BS is, frankly, insulting!

  22. Glossybox dropped the ball on this one.

  23. It gives me a stomachache every time I see the nuxe oil in this box – I didn’t get the oil or the lipstick, I got a $3 sinful colors topcoat and the $2 shower oil AND it leaked everywhere.

    It’s embarrassing to sound so pouty, and I do apologize —- but I also feel I shouldn’t have had such an unpleasant boxing experience compared to other people. My box itself is destroyed from the oil, and everything in the box had to be washed. It was really just awful.

    Please get it together Glossybox. You have so much potential, but your customers shouldn’t feel so discouraged.

    • No i am in the same boat as u , i got the same thing and was very dissappointed.

    • Same here, still disappointed in Glossybox and their lack of positive follow-up customer service. I got a regular pink box, too, whereas it looks like Liz got a cute summer box. I suspect that they intended for everyone to get the cute summer box with the Nuxe oil and then couldn’t meet demand, so all newbies and some existing subscribers got that, while the rest of us got horrible substitute items with plain boxes.

      Boo, Glossybox, boooooooooo.

      • Liz’s box looks like a regular pink one. All the U.S. boxes for July that I’ve seen posted on social media were regular pink boxes, regardless of content. One pic in this review is of the product card folded up – maybe you’re thinking that’s a pic of the box?

        (Regardless, they totally need to get it together. False advertising, $50 variation disparities, and evasive denials from CS aren’t the markers of a thriving sub box.)

        Has anyone else noticed that the Glossybox rep, ol’ “Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX” hasn’t chimed in on these threads for a few months? Not that I’m complaining – her posts weren’t a particularly helpful or informative source, but I wonder what (if anything) her recent absence indicates.

      • Ohhhhh, yeah, you’re right. I think I was mixing up the card for the box lid. Would’ve made a cute box, though!

        I did notice that Gabrielle is strangely quiet. I can’t imagine she is permitted to say much. I do feel bad for the reps taking all the hits for this. They have nothing to do with what is in our boxes or the false advertising, and they probably have no authority to offer anything more than an extra item.

    • You don’t need to feel embarrassed for being dissatisfied in a product you’ve paid for – especially when it differs radically from what the seller advertised. Don’t let anyone complain-shame you!

    • I had the exact same experience with July’s Glossybox. Extremely disappointed. Now they have out right lied to me by telling me they are replacing the leaky shower oil with a product of my choosing. According to their email the replacement item I was promised should have arrived this past Friday and I have yet to see it. This keeps up and I will be canceling soon.

  24. Anyone else also get a travel sized nail spray? Mine was half that size.

    • The one in the picture is the one we all received – full size is only a little over 2 ounces.

  25. I’ve been contemplating what to do with this sub but after reading all the comments I’m officially cancelling. I cannot justify paying full price for a box that has lower value than of those that bought it on a deal or newly subscribed.
    Treat your loyal, full price paying customers better.

  26. I’m pretty sure I commented on the last 2 or 3 posts about Glossybox, too, all concerning the July box. 🙂

    I was thrilled with the one plus 2: july, June, and January, as it turned out. Wish I could get more of their past boxes at a bargain price like that. Someone below mentioned 3 for $15? Wowza.

    I’m not sure if the Nuxe oil I got was shimmering, nor had I read spoilers, or I forgot – but I gasped when I saw it Such a pretty glass bottle, with the great illustration. Design counts. Now I have to figure out how to wear it…I still don’t understand oils yet.

    • 3 for 14.99 each – everyone is confused by the wording of that one

      • Yes, that is what I paid for a 3 month sub. You get 5 boxes total.

  27. I received the exact same box as Liz this time. I don’t believe it has to do with when you subscribed, nor how much you paid (my sub is a guilt city from earlier this year). I Just received my box on Friday (8/6) so, yes very late. All I can think is that they try to even things out. The last few months, it seems I’ve gotten the lower $ variations, yes, I’ve been sad, but finally I have one worth more. The three items I was interested in (Nux shimmer oil, melted lippy, & nail polish spray) almost pay for my year sub. So, from now on – I really can’t complain and will look at everything as a bonus! Here is to hoping everyone gets a month that pays for the year! 🙂

  28. I got your exact box, and I have to say that I Looooooveeeed It!!! From all my subs Glossybox is not my favorite, but really close to. Anyway, this July’s box was my favorite, i hope they can continue aweing me. Keep it up Glossybox!

  29. I received the variation with the sinful colors topcoat and tiny shower gel. So disappointed. And it doesn’t have to do with when boxes get shipped out – there was a review posted on a different blog in mid July of this same box Liz received (and it was posted a good week before I received my box o’ disappointment). What really steams my clams is that Glossybox issued false promotional material. Look at advertisement headed with “The Heat Is On” which Liz has posted here in her review – the Nuxe shimmer oil is circled, and written next to it is “In Every Box.” There’s no asterisk, no fine print there about variations – it literally says it will be in every box. When I contacted customer service the rep was very polite (and so was I), but claimed that Glossybox had ONLY issued promotional material promising the nail spray, Fango mask, and eyeko stick would be in every box. When I sent them a copy of this advertisement, they responded with “Sorry for any confusion! To make up for the inconvenience, please choose a courtesy item from the list below that we can send out to you this week.”

    The problem is not my “confusion,” Glossybox. The problem is at best your disorganization, and at worst your willful deception. There was zero accountability taken for what is fairly incontestable false advertising.

    I should also note that I received the message promising a “courtesy item” on July 29. I responded within an hour, and requested a tracking #. 96 hours later I received a response that my selected item was out of stock. I responded again (within the hour), made a second choice, and haven’t heard back. That was 155 hours ago (almost a whole week). ☹️


    • I couldn’t agree more. Complete lack of accountability on the error, willful or not, on their part.

    • There is even an ARROW pointing to the oil with “IN EVERY BOX” written next to it. I don’t sub to Glossy anymore, and after this fiasco I never will.

    • I dropped GLOSSYBOX after a couple of months. Too many very small sample sizes. I received a lipstick damaged. Contacted them sent a pic of the damaged lipstick. Chose a replacement item. Emailed them 3 more times asking when. It would be shipped over a few weeks. Finally they sent the replacement item. Plus the lipstick. Customer service is poor.

    • I mean the arrow is literally pointing to that specific item indicating that is that item that would be in “every” box. There’s no way to “confuse” that Lol That’s definitely an excuse so they don’t have to take accountability.

    • Same feelings, same box, same response, same results. I posted to their Facebook about the issue when they had a girl unboxing the video, didn’t get anywhere. So frustrating. I did hear from that though that some people got to pick 1 replacement, but others up to 3 replacements. Not sure how they figure that out either.

  30. I’m a new subscriber. Will I receive the Nuce oil? If not, I will be upset ?

  31. I got the shaving oil, which I won’t use since I use intuition razors, and the top coat. Pretty disappointing. I do not believe it is based on profile, I believe nail polish was one of the questions (years ago when I started my sub) and I said I do not wear nail polish. My annual ends again next month and I won’t be resubscribing. Just more times being disappointed than not the past year or so. Glossybox was my first sub ever and this is the first time I have cancelled a sub. I think I was one of the first subscribers and I really enjoyed trying new high end products. But a $3 top coat is not the reason I subscribed. If that was a bonus item it would be different. I feel there is better value in other subs.

  32. I resubscribed and they sent me Nuxe Dry Oil instead of the Shimmering one.

  33. I just received my box yesterday. I have subbed for about 10 months. I received your exact box. very excited!! sometimes I have high values, sometines low. but it evens out. I bought my sub via gilt city. I am actually very happy with Glossybox. They have been helpful with customer service when needed. I dont expect my box early in the month or to get everything I want however I use most everything, it was purchased at a great value. Im happy.

  34. I got the Sinfulshine top coat instead of the oil and Too Faced lipstick. I was ok with not getting the Too Faced lipstick again because I got it several months back in my Glossy Box and I still haven’t used it all. I only resubscribe because of the three month deal for $14.99. I canceled again so August will be my last box.

    • Monica, Can you tell me more about that deal? A month ago I signed up for one month plus 2 past months, but it was $21.

      Last week Liz posted one about buy August and get a past one free.

      Is your deal still available anywhere? Thanks!!

      • It was 3 months at $14.99/month. Not $14.99 total. FYI

  35. I have been a month to month subscriber since May. My July box had the regular Nuxe oil plus all items in Liz’s box. I was so excited, I resubscribed using the b1g2 deal. I did not realize that I would get another July box! Oops! My 2nd July box had the shimmering Nuxe as well as all items mentioned above. Meanwhile, I had also gotten the Ipsy Nuxe deal because I wanted to try the shimmering Nuxe. Now I am on product overload but I will use it. Both shimmering oils expire 12/16 and the regular expires 11/16. My guess is that Nuxe had a bunch to unload. Maybe Glossybox did not get this until late in the month? It seems like many of the late boxes got the shimmer oil. I think Sabon has great products and the Tree Hut reviews were great. Unfortunately due to the price discrepancy, I am afraid these companies are getting a bad rap/poor reviews.

  36. I did the 3 for 1 deal and then cancelled just because I don’t really need another beauty subscription. I got this exact box for July & then 2 others that both had amazing products too! It was an awesome deal for $21 for sure! I absolutely LOVE that Too Faced lipstick! It is an awesome color, it’s moisturizing & it smells like a raspberry tootsie pop! I’m not a fan of the Nuxe oil, I think it is very obviously shimmery. I’m a blonde & live in Vegas so if I wear this out anywhere people are going to think I am a stripper for sure! 🙂 I would maybe wear it next summer on pool days but it expires this December so…

  37. This was my 2nd or 3rd GlossyBox and I received it several (3?) weeks ago. I missed the deadline to apply any codes or subscribe at a multiple-month rate so I paid the full price for this box.

    I received the same items that Liz reviewed, however instead of my Nuxe oil being the shimmer kind it was plain. My oil also had a “Happy Holidays” sticker along the side and an expiration date of November 2016. I wasn’t happy with that but I guess I am happier than not receiving any oil (though there is pretty much no way I can use up all of the oil before the expiration date!). Besides that, I loved the nail spray and Eyeko stick. I swapped my Fango mask and Too Faced lipstick and am kind of just staring at the Glov thing.

    I’ve since canceled my subscription but may consider resubscribing if there’s a good deal.

  38. I subscribed on July 15th for the 2 free boxes deal and I’m still waiting on the July box and free boxes. According to my tracking which I received a week ago (2 weeks after I’d subscribed) it’s still in NJ and the weight is pretty low so I don’t know if the free boxes are even in the same shipment. I’ve been billed for August which is fine, I read the fine print and knew I’d end up getting the August box as well but what irritates me is that I have one week left to decide if I want the September box (third month) since you have to cancel by the 15th and I have not received anything yet. Hopefully the July box and free boxes arrive this week! Frustrating experience to say the least.

    • The weight for all 3 of my boxes was 4.8lbs, and I subbed for that deal on July 18th, and got it friday. So hope yours gets to you soon, and if the weight on your tracing says more than 1lb, and is around 4lb then it should have all 3. I got july, june, and april boxes, I will use everything except the melted lip stick, and the red lip gloss from the april box, but my daughter.

      • Thanks for the info Heidi. The weight on mine says 1.7lbs so I’m guessing it’s just the July box. I will just have to wait and see. Glad you liked your boxes!

      • My July box was 1.7 lbs and I got the shower oil and Sinful polish. I think I saw that those who got the Nuxe oil had heavier boxes.

      • My original GB sub (cancelled in mid June) weighed 1.4 and included the Sabon duo and Sinful topcoat.

        My current GB sub (resubbed on 7/8 via B1G2) weighed in at 1.7 and included the Nuxe/TooFaced. The 2 free boxes arrived the same date but had been shipped individually under separate routing. The tracking did not indicate the ‘freebie’ shipment.

        So, who knows, lol?

      • lol, at this point I guess I’ll just go with ‘anything can happen’ and try to be patient. Thanks for the feedback Lori and KC!

    • I’m guessing they haven’t even shipped your stuff out. If you manage to get a hold of a human, I’m guessing that they’ll blame FedEx. They’ll lie to you. Happened to me recently.

      • Sounds like a crappy experience for you Julia. I had read all the negative comments about Glossybox and was really hoping my experience would be one of the good ones. I just want to receive them so I can decide if I want to continue with this sub!

      • I’m in the same boat. I would like to receive my B1G2 boxes before I decide to eliminate this sub.

  39. I am a regular subscriber and I received Glow for a Cause Solid Perfume and SinfulColors SinfulShine Top Coat instead of the oil and Too Faced.

    • Same here. I am really happy with the Eyeko and the nail spray, and probably wouldn’t have used the oil, so I’m not disappointed with my box overall. I am disappointed to have received Sinful nail products two months in a row.

    • My insert said I would be getting the solid perfume, but instead the shower oil was in the box and loaded to my online reviews.

  40. I just subbed in July, I got the same box as Liz plus 2 additional boxes June and January boxes. I did a 3 mth sub and all 3 boxes were great and if August and September are a bust I still feel like I got my monies worth. In a different note, some of the current subscribers got the regular Nuxe oil.

  41. Glad I DIDN’T get this oil. I was very happy with the box I got – especially after April, May, and June were so bad. Glossybox was my best box of all my beauty subs in July. Agree that the Eyeko satin is gorgeous and high-quality.

  42. This box is sooooo much better than what I received it’s absurd.

    Instead of the Nuxe and Two Faced products (which together retail for almost $63)m I received a Sinful Nailpolish and a tiny tiny tiny bottle of Sabon shower gel (similar in size to what you would get in a hotel for one time use), which together retail for less than $5. And on top of it, the entire contents of the shower gel leaked all over the inside of the box, so everything was covered in gunk (and on top of that, when the black packing paper got wet from the gel, the color bled out so the gel goo all over everything was also discolored and totally stained my hands when I touched it!)

    It was, hands down, the worst Glossybox I’ve ever received, and that’s not even counting the fact that the box and its contents were a total mess. I reached out to Glossybox and they offered me a single replacement item. That just doesn’t cut it for me considering the entire box was a total loss. Unless they surprise me with something better, I will absolutely not renew my subscription. This was a truly terrible experience all the way around. I used to be a Glossybox defender but you can now add me to the list of people who have been burned by them. Very disappointing.

    • I got the same box as you. It sucked. And that is coming from someone who got the Gilt deal. I can’t wait for my yearly subscription to be over in a few months.

      • Maybe they’ll make it up to us with a tremendous box next month (dare to dream!!!)…it’s pretty hard to swallow when so many people received boxes with RVs of over $100 and ours was about $40 (and that doesn’t even factor in the fact that I tossed my entire box in the trash due to the mess from the shower gel). Sigh…..

      • I got the same box and had the same problem with it leaking. I am livid that our boxes were worth less than half of the one Liz received. This is the shadiest sub box and one I will never subscribe to again.

      • It’s amazing that people who did the 3 for 1 subscription (basically paying $7 a box) got fantastic boxes but yet they totally screwed so many of their annual subscribers. Stupid way to run a business.

      • Got the same crummy box with the same issues.No longer a glossybox fan.

    • I got the same box. I was very underwhelmed, and especially disappointed at the false advertising that’s been mentioned in other comments. The box value also varies too greatly with this sub, and I always seem to be on the low-value end. I’m waiting for them to put my glossydots towards my next box (thought this would have already happened, but I keep getting charged), then I’ll be cancelling.

      • You have to call them and ask them to apply your glossydots otherwise they will continue to change you.

    • Same with me. It was laughable. By far worst box, and I have been subscribing 2.5 yrs. It’s insulting, really

  43. July was my first box and I just got it about 4 days ago. It contained the Nuxe oil and the rest of the contents as above. Just from reading things on this site it seemed alot of people who got their boxes really really late got the oil. Maybe they ran out for the first wave of boxes and only had a few? Could be something as simple as that. I will say while I liked this box I am not impressed with their customer service. I contacted them twice about a delivery date for the July box and the two addon boxes I ordered the same day…once they sent me a canned email about how the billing cycle works. I was like, yeah, i understand that part but where is my box? No answer to that response. I joined for the 3 months for $14.99 each month and have just the August box left so I will most likely be cancelling before September. If there is a super black friday deal, might sign up again but its not worth the full price to me.

  44. I’ve had an annual sub. This is month 11 for me. It was late for the first time I think. I called customer service about the box being late, they gave me an extra 200 glossydots. I received the exact box as Liz though. It just arrived last saturday 08-06-2016

  45. I am a new subscriber to GB as well. I got this box with the two free boxes the same day. So I was delighted to say the least! But I do feel bad that not all got even close to the value of the Nuxe oil.

  46. I’m really bummed I didn’t get the Nuxe oil I love that stuff , and wanted the too faced lip too and got the sinful color cheap top coat instead . My year sub is up soon and I won’t be resubbing this one?

  47. I actually got this same box and I am NOT a new subscriber. I’m a gilt city deal from last year. I’m not sure how they decided who got the oil and who didn’t but in my case it wasn’t because I was a new subscriber.

    • Thanks for letting us know. I updated the post to reflect that some current subscribers received this box as well!

    • I have an annual sub from some deal, probably a gilt city one. Anyway, I received the nuxe oil. When I received the box, I was surprised because there were so many items. Apparently they sent me 2 of 3 bonuses they had for new subscribers (a mascara and something else). I think I got the rest of the items the same; it is all still in the box. I’ll get to it sometime.

  48. I think this is the first subscription I’ve gotten super frustrated with and regret subscribing too, I got the nail polish and shaving oil…not even close to the same value or as nice. I think the most upsetting thing is they made it seem like everybody would get Nuxe when they released the spoilers. Ugh sorry I hate being negative.

  49. I got that exact box for July and I’ve been a subscriber. For the record probably due to profiles. I dont know but Any time Glossybox has said they are doing blank as a teaser I’ve gotten whatever every time. I’m not a blogger or anything – just wanted to throw that out there. I just am a bit tired of reading negative comments on a lot of these businesses. I’m sure there is a reason. Wish I could fix for everyone though.

    • Um ok. I got a $3 nail top coat and a $2.50 bottle if shower gel as variations on the nuxe oil and melted lipstick. I can’t see how these are profile based substitutions.

      • EXACTLY!!! there is no f*%$ing excuse for sending us crap for the second time in a row (for the sinful crap from June, that went to the trash just like this one did) and the hotel size oil that spilled over everything and ruined the rest in the box.

      • Oh wow I feel bad for complaining about the shave oil now, sorry you had an even worse experience! I had no idea some had gotten full size bottles of Nuxe because my poor mom received a tiny bottle like they send out for samples, a solid perfume pot and that horrible topcoat. It was only her 2nd box but she was unhappy enough she canceled.

      • Even if they are based on profile preferences, the false advertising and extreme variance in value are unacceptable.

      • That’s where I completely agree. I am down with variations, so long as the variations are relatively equal in value. My biggest problem is the complete lack of accountability on Glossybox’s part. In exchange for my crap box, I am getting a MSRP $9 Crabtree & Evelyn hand creme (which I do love), but I’ve bought them for $3 before. So I got a $4 variation instead of a $46 variation, and all I got was a small hand creme. I told them I would gladly forego the extra item if they would issue an apology and an explanation to their subscribers. I mean, if you screw up, own up to it. It happens. But their choice to ignore an infuriated segment of their customers shows that they do not care. At all.

        I don’t care if there’s another awesome Gilt City deal; I will not give this company one more penny of my money.

      • I feel the same way and it’s always the people who got the expensive box saying we shouldn’t complain about our 5.00 box.I have never responded to others who have been or felt cheated in a negative way.Its just not nice

    • I don’t think it was due to profiles. My profile states that I have dry skin…so you’d think I’d get the oil…but I didn’t.

    • Glad you got a wonderful July box. Many didn’t, and are still waiting for a resolution from Glossybox. If you’re tired of reading negative comments then simply don’t read them. There – problem solved.

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