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Target Beauty Boxes for July 2016 – Available Now!!

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Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.01.28 AM

The July Target Beauty Boxes are available now! (FYI – As of 4:16 AM ET I could not add either box to my bag from the Target desktop/mobile site, but I was able to purchase them through the Target App when I was logged in.)

UPDATE: As of 6:01 AM ET, the boxes have disappeared from the app (I’m sure they will be back soon), but I’ve included the direct links to each box below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.08.49 AM

The Box: Target July Beauty Box – Fresh and Fabulous (UPDATED with direct link)

The Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Tom’s of Main Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste
  • Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Garnier Clearly Brighter SPF Moisturizer
  • SweetSpot On-the-Go Wipettes
  • Umberto Beverly Hills Lifting Powder
  • NYX Butter Lipstick

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.08.34 AM

The Box: Target July Beauty Box – Simply Radiant (UPDATED with direct link)

The Cost: $7

The Products:

  • L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Dessange Paris Purifying Clay Balancing Shampoo
  • Wet n Wild Max Fantastic Mascara
  • Derma E Firming DMAE Eye Lift
  • Acure Organics Facial Cleansing Gel
  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment


FYI – these sell out very quickly – make sure to buy soon if you are interested!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I snagged both, They do look underwhelming BUT, I have two daughters aged 11 &13 who will love them 🙂

    • They are a tad bit underwhelming, but on a positive note, they’re back down to $7.

  2. Another code for your use

    Please post if you use-.thank you

    • Just used this code, thanks so much for posting 🙂

    • Code was invalid oh well

    • I was able to use the code this morning, thank you!

  3. Maybe they made us wait without spoilers so we would pounce on these underwhelming boxes without looking at the contents first? I almost did but took a deep breath and looked. Yeah, not interested after all, lol.

    • It worked on me…now that I look, I am sad I bought 2 of each….

      • I did too,,?

      • Kim, I did as well, 2 of each just due to the waiting and how great theboxeshavr been in the past… These are HORRIBLE! I should have taken a deep breath before hand like poster above, they are REALLY BAD, so weird for target.. Oh well,,, I’m SURE I’ll wait up all night again next month, and buy what ever they put in a black box!!! Ughhhh!

        • Lol i did too. I was more worried about it being gone if i took the time to try and find out what was in them, as it was i had a hard time ordering because it said i was “locked out of my account ” so i had to have a password reset sent that still did nothing then had to just create a new account….i grabbed both boxes and as soon as the sale was done i went back to see what was in them….and they were GONE. Just like that. I really wish i had known. These suck

    • Those are my thoughts as well. I was checking my email and just happened to see the notification for the boxes and I ran to my computer to rush and purchase them but now that I see them I am kinda meh about it. The only thing I like from each box is the lipstick and mascara but even then I am not crazy about the products. I am glad I stopped to evaluate this and not buy this because this would have just been an impulse buy.

      • To those that bought the boxes without looking at the contents first I’ll say don’t waste emotional energy on regret ladies. I’ll bet you’ll be happy once you see the items in person and the MSA reviews. If anything, the people who didn’t order might regret it once they see the reviews, that’s happened to me before. It isn’t much money and the items are all usable, plus there’s the fun of getting your mail 🙂

    • I fell for it! I was so excited they launched that I bought both without looking. Then I saw what was in the boxes and got bummed. I received an email shortly after that my boxes will have delayed shipping. I told my hubby I should just cancel my order. He talked me out of it and convinced me to use the items in our travel trailer. He knew how excited I was anticipating these boxes. He supports my beauty box habit!

    • The Target July 2016 boxes are disappointing.

  4. Meh. Disappointing for $7. Passing on both as well.

    • Yep, same here.

  5. Bought them before even looking at the contents. Now I think I probably only would’ve bought the one with Acure (yay!) but am OK with that. I will make use of things. A little bummed that the Laneige streak has come to an end, though!

    Agreed that these look more like $5 boxes than $7 boxes.

    • I also bought without looking. I bought both, but agree that I only really want the Acure. I love their day cream….very excited to try the cleanser.

  6. Here’s a $3 off $15 beauty code.
    Comment when used 🙂

  7. Here’s a $3 off $15 beauty purchase (you will have to add a small something to make it $15 if you get both boxes).


    • Thank you so much! 🙂 USED 🙂

  8. Not interested in either box this time around. Glad they finally released them.though…LOL

  9. I ordered one of each. They are my first Target boxes – while they don’t look as awesome as some others, I’m always on the hunt for travel-sized anythings for trips or guests. I had a $5 gift card lying around that I just kept forgetting to use, so I applied it to the order, which made it less than $10 with tax.

  10. I”m skipping these, too heavy on the haircare, and I have enough facial and body moisturizers.

  11. Use this coupon! jns794mx77vbxml Notify when used.

  12. I ordered both boxes. They seem perfect for weekend travel, the community pool and just to have around for overnight guests and/or to try new things.

    Nothing seemed offensive…more like larger samples and fewer items than previous boxes, but not “less” in the scheme of things.

    Last month was good, as was two months ago, but this isn’t bad.

  13. It is a sad day when a Target box isn’t worth seven bucks. They are both quite shampoo-heavy this month and I don’t use shampoo. And the rest is like.. oily skin scrub (I’m dry), the derma-e eye lift that everyone seems to hate.. yuck on the mascara and lipstick selections.. wow.. not interesting boxes at all. Here I sit, credit card in hand, and actually walked away for the first time in a year, I think.

  14. I have a Target coupon for $3 off a beauty purchase of $15 or more. It expires July 9th. Here is the code: JNSJTNNJ747BXML. If someone uses it, could you please let me know? It’s only good once…

    • I used it. Thank you!! I didn’t get a box last month so I didn’t have a coupon. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      • You’re welcome! 🙂 Glad someone could use it!!

  15. The one time I’m actually “on time” to see the Target box announcement and I’m too underwhelmed by the boxes to order.

  16. Yawn. Not impressed with these at ALL. I’m hoping August will be better, because last year the back to school boxes were amazing.

    • They were! I found a use for everything! Happy times!

  17. Bah, was really looking forward to the box this month BUT nothing in either one screams at me “Buy Me” lol. First time in months I am passing. Even for $7, not biting. The La Ritzy mystery box kinda stunk and I just ordered 2 popsugar’s yesterday so I think I will cut my losses.

    • I completely agree with you on the LaRitzy, it was a huge disappointment. 2 lip glosses (one hot pink and one purple ) and a tiny thing of that black ash tooth whitener. Can’t win them all, I guess. I did expect more from their announcement, though. Can’t imagine what they valued those glosses at. LOL.

  18. I’m skipping, I agree these are more like $5 boxes. Loved the last two though!!!lol

  19. I have the RED CARD so I got a 5% discount and got them by logging into my account on

    Got 2 each- sending to my daughter since she took half of last months!

    I think they are a great deal for $7! Come on guys- you know how $$$ travel sized stuff is?

    • I agree with you some travel sized items are close to 5 bucks. I go away often on weekends so for me it’s worth it! All my travel items are from a Target box and i’m runnin out.

    • Lol,my thoughts exactly! I have been overwhelmingly dissatisfied with subscription boxes lately-I even cancelled the $5 Walmart boxes because they’re only throwing in sample size stuff now that I can get for the same price at the store! And the other subscription boxes are getting very stingy lately as well-obviously they’re taking advantage of the fact that many people will subscribe no matter what.And yet I’m happy with these boxes,lol,surprised at all the negative comments.

    • My mom and her best friend are going on vacation next month. It’s a condo rental and there are no toiletries. These boxes mixed with some stuff I’m not using from previous month’s will be a great set of goodies for them! The cost of travel sized items add up fast, this is a much cheaper option.

  20. I got the Simply Radiant box. The first one didn’t do it for me and I’m not completely wowed by this one either but the Dessange Shampoo sells for $10 and the mascara for $5 so right there you’re getting a good deal. I use the other shampoo and conditioner so it’ll be nice to have a travel size of it. I always love to try new eye creams as well so this should be an okay box for me!

  21. Just ordered both even though they aren’t super great…I just like having extra sample-sized stuff on hand for traveling. My email said it should arrive by the 15th. Hope next month’s box is better! I like when they do a women’s and a men’s version.

  22. I am underwhelmed by this months boxes. These seem more like $5.00 boxes of course even if they where cheaper there is nothing that would compel me to order. For the first time in months I’m not buying any target boxes.

  23. Passing on both of these.

  24. Oh Target and MSA… literally 2 of my favorite things!
    Only Target and MSA can make me wake up so early and spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to order Beauty Boxes, and these ones really aren’t that great either, but of course I ordered anyways bc its a “box” and from Target.

    Thanks for all the info and updates Liz and everyone!

  25. I ordered both boxes, but it says its delayed. Anyone else? And what does it mean?


    • It means that Target originally told people in their confirmation emails that boxes would start arriving 7/7, which is pretty unrealistic. I’m sure they don’t want the Crazy Subscription Ladies on their tails two days from now when the boxes aren’t on their doorstep. I would think it would have been easier to just correct the confirmation emails instead of sending two messages, but what do I know…..

      For what it’s worth, I just ordered with no issues at all via the desktop site.

  26. Got one of each. 🙂 Hello stocking stuffers

  27. 6.42ET, purchased fresh & fabulous box from my phone, no app. I am up early everyday and had been trying off/on since around 5:30. I refuse to download the app. Anyway, the purchase went through with no trouble. I didn’t use any coupons or buy any other items. Didn’t buy the other box as I’m not interested in it.

    Side note, my Target June box arrived in a timely fashion even though they said it wouldn’t arrive until like the 13th or so.

  28. Two boxes this month and I am underwhelmed by both of them. Think I might have to order a second PopSugar box if they are still available.

    • Me too. Happy that I’m not tempted after throwing$40 at PSMH yesterday, though!

    • Underwhelmed as well. Bought both LaRitzy mystery and Popsugar mystery boxes so this was a very easy “no” for me.

  29. I was finally able
    to get these boxes…I purchased both. I agree that they don’t look as good as some I’ve seen in the past. Still a good deal though and I can give some if it away. I got mine on the regular website.

  30. Grabbed both through the app, then saw it was BOGO 50% off for random items and grabbed some Pacifica and Acure wipes, used my $3 coupon, very excited.

  31. This was a hassle! I was SO frustrated! First, I went to the website (didn’t notice Liz’s disclaimer), the boxes showed up, but when I added to cart, nothing showed up & I got a generic msg, saying something went wrong. Downloaded APP, easily got things added, signed in, went to put in 1 of my 3 promo codes, from last BB & it said, the codes didn’t apply. So, I added in “beauty” products that I needed to restock anyway, so it’d add up to $15 (without Target BB value). I assumed Target got fed up with us “crazy subscription people”(term of endearment)? trying to be sneaky! Entered code- It worked!! Since I had 3 promo codes, I thought I’d just do 3 seperate orders, with beauty items I needed, so I could take advantage. Guess what? It said neither code applied~ AGAIN! UGH!

    Turns out, if I had read the fine (& by fine, I mean BOLD) print.. 1 promo code was for $3/off- $15+ in the beauty section & the other 2….. (drumroll) are specifically for “Personal Care,” not Beauty!!! Then came the Oprah ‘Ah-Ha” moment: ?Last month I ordered 2 Men’s boxes (son) & with those came with specifically Men’s promo codes!!!

    SOOOOOOOO, Me adding extra things that equalled $15+ in addition to the Beauty Boxes, wasn’t necessary at all!!! It’s just that only 1 of the codes, fit the qualifications!!!

    Sorry for the Target novel, but I noticed in the comments that others were in the same state of WTH, as I was, hence the novel~ maybe even a “Made for TV” minI series.. ?? Moral of the “I have a Dream” speech: Add something for $8 to your Beauty Box, put in the code & pay $12. Lol!!

    FYI: When you actually go to Checkout, the shipping discount is subtracted. You’re NOT charged for shipping.
    FYI 2: (omg..) I received 2 confirmation emails. One confirming the order, another saying my Boxes would be delayed?! CONFIRMATION quoting an ETA of July 8th. New ETA: between 7/13-7/15.
    I swear I’m done!?? Everyone have a great week!!! Xo?

    • Good to know about shipping! I used a code someone posted here. I ordered two boxes and added some Neutrogena wipes frantically trying to raise my cost to $15. When I saw the shipping charge I opted for in~store pickup for my travel size wipes ?

      I have four days to retrieve them, so I guess I will make a trip in the next few days and pick up some other beauty goods while I am there.

      I also didn’t know they carried Acure wipes!!

      • I saw you could pick up in store. It gave you a 4 day window?? Does that mean, I could’ve gone immediately today and picked up?? That seems like a way better option than waiting 10-14 days. This time of the year, it’s difficult getting boxes with the heat. If I don’t retrieve them immediately, everything blows up!!! (I’m looking at you New Beauty Test Tube & PSLE gummies) To be fair, it was 119° that day.. I decided not to complain for once & just deal with the mess.
        I also ordered wipes… I didn’t know they had Acure wipes either! I really love them, they’re so simple & clean. I grabbed a few different “Pacifica” wipes. They looked really interesting, even though they were kind of expensive. Overall, I think picking up the boxes would be a great option for me because once I get a red cart in my hand, things get out of control real quick! lol! Thanks for the idea.. ?

  32. Worked for me on the app just now! Not as good as last time 🙁

  33. Wow-these boxes are a huge letdown! I would be okay paying $7 for the contents of both boxes combined but not $7 each.

  34. 5:50 am ET – it’s not working for me on either the computer website OR the mobile app. Disappointed over here.

    • Same here…

      • I was just able to order one through the mobile app at 5:05 am CT. Still waiting on my confirmation email but no glitches when ordering.

  35. I’ve got an extra coupon- $3 off $15 Beauty purchase. Can be used for the beauty boxes too.

    Promo code: JNSM7T3XD7WBXML

  36. Good morning everyone!!!! I have 2 codes that people can have, once you have used them please post so no one else will use. FYI: I had to buy 3 boxes to use the coupon.
    Happy Shopping!!!!



    • I used JN6JW73DGNHMBTY (the second one). Thanks!

  37. I put in all my payment info, but then it never gave me an order number & and have received an email that i made a purchase…grr, and now they aren’t showing on the website

    HOPEFULLY, there will be some left when I wake up later. It’s 2:46AM ?

  38. As of 2:36am, PST, July 5, the beauty boxes were not available on the website nor on the app.

    • I got mine at 4 am.

  39. Can’t order from my laptop or mobile site. Can’t find where to use desktop version on my phone. 🙁 Also when I tried ordering from the app it was charging me shipping. Yeah, but no. lol

  40. I had to download the app as well and it wanted to charge 8 for shipping but once I logged in it took away shipping costs

  41. Looks like I’m able to order through the app. When I try to order one box, it says shipping is $4. When I put two in my cart, shipping shows free… Interested in the Fresh and Fabulous one but not so much the Radient one. What to do : p

    • Update: I logged out of the app, and logged back in. Then, the shipping showed free so I ordered my one box : ) (hope this helps if anyone else is having the same problem!)

      • That worked for me, thank you!

  42. I had to download the app too. I knew I could only use 1 coup9m for my order so when I had 4 codes from last month, only 1 worked, the others were invalid. I ordered 4, got free shipping and 2 coupon worked for 3.00 off. I just couldn’t help myself. And I don’t need a thing. Lol

  43. Woo just got my boxes!! ? I’ve been checking since Friday. Although I must admit I’m not blown away ;(
    And the same thing happened to me, it wasn’t letting me add them to my cart so I had to use my laptop, wish I would have tried the app first so I wouldn’t have had to get out of bed haha

  44. I ordered one of each with no trouble. Was not charged shipping either. I think it helps if you are logged in when you order.

  45. Got them both through the app! Sucks that you couldn’t order them through the website though…

  46. Anyone else like meh with these two boxes- I’m a little let down….I think I’m skipping this one

    • Yep! I feel the same way. I could only see one of the boxes on the Target site, but luckily I’m not impressed with either and don’t want them, anyway. I’ll be skipping the Target boxes this month!

  47. Shipping on 1 box isn’t Free, it’s $4. Also, my beauty coupon from the June box didn’t work this time. Target does have free shipping at $25.

    • I had no shipping fees applied when I ordered both boxes. It shows an $8 shipping discount at the end.

    • I have a Target RedCard so the shipping is free (plus a 5% product discount). I always have issues with their promo codes. Contact the rep via Chat while placing the order and supply the Cart Number and the Promo Code and they will apply the promo code after you place your order. It’s tedious but it is the only way I can use the promo code online. It happens to me 90% of the time I try to use the promo codes on their website.

  48. Lol,just made it! I kept getting thrown off the site,got it when I downloaded the app!

  49. I ordered then got an email that my order is delayed. Target must be hungover from the 4th! ?

    • I received the same email.

  50. The mobile site isn’t working. If you’re purchasing from a cell phone then you need to request the desktop site.

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