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Target Beauty Box Fresh & Fabulous Review – July 2016

Target Beauty Box July 2016

Every month, Target launches a beauty box, and it sells out very quickly. (This box is currently sold out).

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Target Beauty Box July 2016 Box Info

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

For July, Target released two boxes. This review is of the Fresh & Fabulous box.

Target Beauty Box July 2016 Items

The Box: Target July Beauty Box – Fresh and Fabulous 

The Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Tom’s of Main Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste
  • Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Garnier Clearly Brighter SPF Moisturizer
  • SweetSpot On-the-Go Wipettes
  • Umberto Beverly Hills Lifting Powder
  • NYX Butter Lipstick

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Target Beauty Box July 2016 Info

Each box comes with an info card and a Target coupon good for $3 off a beauty purchase of $15 or more. (Tip thanks to MSA readers – save these to use on future Target Beauty Boxes!)


Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo & Conditioner – 2 oz Value $1.20

These products are designed to repair damaged hair. I really didn’t notice a different after one use, but they did the job as a regular shampoo and conditioner!


NYX Butter Lipstick in Moonlit Night – FULL SIZE! Value $6

This lipstick definitely goes on like butter! Unfortunately, this color is way too dark for my skin tone. Here it is swatched:


Impressive pigment!


Umberto Beverly Hills Lifting Powder – FULL SIZE! Value $12

This bottle felt like it was empty before I realized it was just light because it was full of powder! Then I was shocked again to discover this was the full-size version!


I was impressed with this formula. I’m always looking for more volume for my hair, and this really delivered. Of course, with great volume, comes great responsibility hair stickiness. After using this I couldn’t run my fingers through my hair, and it took some extra shampooing to get it all out.

So, it’s likely not a product I’d use every day, but definitely something for special volume occasions!


Tom’s of Main Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste – 1 oz Value $1

Tom’s is the toothpaste I buy when I don’t have one from a subscription box, so this sample size will be perfect for travel!

Garnier Clearly Brighter SPF Moisturizer – 1 oz Value $6

This oil-free moisturizer also provides SPF 15 protection. I like how quickly the formula absorbs into my skin and it leaves a smooth finish. I’m not crazy about the scent, though. It’s not bothersome, but I usually prefer my skincare items unscented.


SweetSpot On-the-Go Wipettes – Value $1.50

These feminine wipes are 98% natural, paraben-free and pH-balanced. They are artificially fragranced, but I do like the scents. The Grapefruit Verbena was my favorite.


Verdict: This box has a value of about $26. I think that’s a great value for a $7 beauty box, and I’ll use almost everything in this box, so the value is there for me personally, as well. Out of both boxes, the Simply Radiant box was a better hit for me, though.

What do you think of the July Target Beauty Box?

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Target Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (59)

  1. (Copied Danon except code)
    $3 off $15 code for anybody who would like it. I got two last time (both boxes) and am only using one. Please comment “used” after you’ve used it.

  2. $3 off $15 code for anybody who would like it. I got two last time (both boxes) and am only using one. Please comment “used” after you’ve used it.
    Happy Monday!

  3. Did anyone actually order? I get errors too.

    • I was able to get it in the cart but when I went to check out there was a $4 shipping charge added… cancelled the order and will try again in a bit

    • I was getting errors but kept trying, then it became available. Just ordered two!

    • I just ordered, and even got confirmation. This is from my computer at home though. I clicked on the picture and then added it to the cart, not sure if that helps any. Seems there’s just one box. Still very excited.

      • Did it charge you shipping because the normal free shipping isn’t appearing for me? It’s trying to charge me $8 and I’ve never had it do that before. I even went all the way to the end of checkout thinking it would disappear but nope…

      • I didn’t get charged shipping, but did get charged sales tax. I live in California, so I’m always used to getting charged sales tax. After adding it to the cart, I signed into my Target account, and when I added the Red card and then it changed to free delivery. Doesn’t sound normal what’s happening to you though. I’ve ordered these Target boxes in the past without signing in (I forgot I had a Target account for a while) and still wasn’t charged delivery.

      • Same here…$4 delivery charge, on both computer and app!

      • I got a $4 charge at checkout for shipping on the one box, so I ended up adding my daughter’s birthday present to make total over $25. It reset to free shipping after that. I noticed this month’s (August) does not say free shipping on the box though so maybe that’s a change.

      • UPDATE: I used their online chat option to ask CS about the shipping charge and she told me that it was “Tecnical issues” and would be informing the proper department to get it corrected. She then asked for my cart # and waived the shipping charge for me and waited as I went thru checkout to make certain it processed with the correct total. End result = no shipping charged.

      • I figured that was the case but didn’t want to wait and miss out, so I ordered some hair products that I like, used a coupon, and there was a thingie that said I got a $5 gift card if I bought four beauty products. Hopefully that last part will come to fruition!

      • I actually ordered 3. They are not honoring the coupons from previous boxes toward the boxes anymore and they are charging delivery unless you use the Red card. Still a good buy though.

      • My $3 off coupon code from the July box worked today. I ordered some kid shampoo, lip exfoliator, and an eyebrow product (those three totaled $9.58) so that plus the $7 beauty box put me just over the $15 min.

        FYI for whatever reason, EOS shaving cream did not count for the $3 coupon. I think it’s fairly particular about which items qualify…but ELF always works.

        To get free shipping, I ordered over $25 to be delivered. It does NOT say free shipping on this beauty box item anymore. Red Card users seem to be getting free shipping still.

      • Hi I used the umberto lifting powder and after week of use I have buildup that won’t wash out tried 3 different shampoos any ideas??

      • Mine went through exactly at 7AM EST

    • I actually ordered 3. They are not honoring the coupons from previous boxes toward the boxes anymore and they are charging delivery unless you use the Red card. Still a good buy though.

  4. August is up!

    • Just saw that online and came here to post too!

      I can’t add it to my cart though… I keep getting an error. And when I use the app, the “add to cart” button isn’t active

      • Same. I tried computer and phone…

      • Same problem here. Just get the error. Good to know someone else had the same issue. I was just thinking perhaps the forces of the universe knew I didn’t need it. ?

      • Try again, it worked a little later. I was able to get my order in after several attempts and getting errors.

      • It works now as of 7:16 est just purchased one!

      • Retype target beauty box in the search bar

    • It works now

  5. I actually LOVED the lifting powder!! My husband and son love it, as well!! The wipes are wonderful for my purse and smell amazing!! The moisturizer is really good too!! I am super impressed with everything ESPECIALLY since the box is so inexpensive!!!

  6. Has anyone seen any August spoilers yet? I hope they are releasing a box.

    • Nothing yet….. Hope it’s tonight……. Woot Hoot!

    • I just looked on their site, and they don’t have any spoilers yet. If I remember correctly, last month they didn’t provide any spoilers for either box, and just released them. I would check early tomorrow morning to see if they’re up for sale. ☺

      • Yep, I will do the same. Love those boxes!

      • Did they release on a Monday last year? They did things different last month. Then again, the 4th was on the Monday last year so maybe thats why they did it different.

      • Yes, They went on sale the morning of July 4th as they did Memorial Day too with no warning or spoilers at all so I’m thinking the same will happen again tomorrow morning. Be up early!

  7. I really liked this box this month. I can use everything in it. I received a different color Nyx lipstick though. It was a light pink, nude color and not the dark lipstick. It looks great with my skin tone.

  8. I’m very glad I checked the ingredients on the towelettes because they have aloe, and aloe in my nether regions would NOT be a fun experience. I like the NYX lipstick, but you’re right, it’s very dark and vampy. I like the garnier moisturizer, and it’s redeemed the brand (the shampoo/conditioner made my hair fall out and caused a lot of thinning that took years to correct). Overall not a bad box for $7!

  9. Got an email today from Target with a survey if I thought the beauty box should be a monthly subscription. Yes Yes of course!

    • That’s so cool!!! We’re getting closer! 🙂

      I got a survey one or two months ago from Ulta asking a lot of questions regarding their Ulta kits, and what types of kits I’d like to see in the future. Not only did I mention kits similar to Sephora Favorites, but I also highly recommended they start a subscription service like Sephora’s. Fingers crossed!

  10. Target will also let you exchange the lip stick if you want a different color, at least mine did.

  11. I enjoyed getting this box and will use most of the stuff inside. Will save the dark lipstick for fall/winter…I MIGHT can pull it off then. Giving the SweetSpot wipes to my teenager girl, who’s sweating her way thru Marching Band camp this week! LOL

  12. The powder was awful, my hair felt and looked horrible after using it!

  13. I didn’t get this box, but I would totally just wear that lipstick as-is, no blotting. I might even buy it if Ulta has a Nyx sale going on sometime. I have super pale skin but I like really dramatic lip colors (plus I like the way they work with the contrast between my skin color and my black hair).

  14. I’ve passed on the past few months; but got both this month and have enjoyed them both. It amazes me that they are till on sale on line. Target must have done something different this month on qtys.

    • Just this one on sale, which I already have. I also want the other one, after Liz’s glowing review, but has been sold out for days. 🙁

  15. I guess I did not read the packaging on the wipes….I think I will take them out of my purse and put them in the bathroom. I need some reading glasses.

  16. This latest round of 2 Target boxes was the first I skipped in ages. I’m on product overload and reallllly trying to be very picky about what I buy and use up what I have (hence skipping today’s Bare Minerals Mystery box which I really wanted). Both Target boxes look quite nice upon review, but I don’t regret my decision because I really had to stop collecting excessive stuff.

    Liz, I’m wondering — you get SO many boxes and yet you are so good about testing out products for reviews. Do you have piles and piles of once-used items in your stash, or do you just give a ton of them away to keep the stash manageable? I’ve often wondered what your “system” is for keeping products from taking over your house. (Because I know I get a lot less boxes than you, and if you could see my bedroom, bathroom and hall closet — aye! Not a pretty sight, lol.) Just curious…. 🙂

    • Yes. And I think we need a post here just about organization and clutter control. I saw that book you have about organizing, next to the box with the acrylic clock, Liz!

    • Agreed! It’s just a no. 🙁

    • That lipstick feels really nice, no weird lipstick smell……but it’s SO dark, way too dramatic for my extremely thin lips and my coloring. So somewhere I read to blot, blot, blot…..and it works! That lipstick is totally wearable, even for me, by blotting it to a stain and then a little balm on top. Happy with it now!!

  17. I got a different color lipstick color BLS16 fun size mini . Pale peachy brown orange.

  18. Liz,
    Take a piece of scotch tape and cover up the holes on the hair dusting powder…then take pin and poke out one or two small holes. Then you can use it and not go overboard with it, I have a similar product called dust it and that’s how my hair dresser told me to use it. A little goes a Long way! Just shake a very small amount at your roots. It great for back combing and teasing if you want to pump up the volume!

    • Wow this is a super helpful hack for pretty much any powder product! Thanks for sharing!!

  19. I love that lipstick-blotted or not! I would’ve bought the box for that lipstick alone!

  20. I did notice the lipstick was super dark- but once blotted was really pretty and lasted a long time 🙂

    • Oh! I should have tried that! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

      • Hey Liz, I purchased the Bite Beauty opal cream lipstick ( they also sell the gloss) at Sephora because they didn’t carry the unicorn tears yet. It def will change colors that are too dark. You can also blott and use this too. I recommend using a lip brush to put on over lipstick. But if your in a hurry its fine to do and then clean off. It has a beautiful sheen alone too. It can also be used as a hilighter on your cheek bones and or under eyebrows. I think everyone should have it in their makeup collection. It doesn’t have that lipstick taste either, it tastes good, lol.

      • YES! I have the Bite Opal too and I do the blotting/ Opal technique because my natural lip color is more dark. Regular nudes look horrible on me so I never buy anything light toned. I am super pleased with my Target box as I go thru lipstick like crazy! I never tried the Opal as a hi lighter tho- neat advice- Thanks.

      • ? awesome! I call it magic in a tube, lol. It’s really cool too to see How one person to another’s lip color can be different, or playing with it with diff colors and seeing the magic that can occur.

    • Good to know! I think I’ll hang on to it, then. Thank you!

    • My reply about blotting the lipstick was supposed to go here, not where it did. Sorry! But yes, blotting makes it wearable, even for my coloring and very thin lips (too dramatic lip color gives me the look of a stern librarian, lol). But it’s actually a nice lipstick, which I didn’t expect when I saw it… lipstick smell, feels nice on, lasted a long time blotted to a stain. I would definitely buy it, even though I never tried that brand before.

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