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Serendipity July 2016 Box FULL SPOILERS + Subscriptions Open!

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Thanksย toย MelissaDawnย  on the forum, we have full spoilers for the July 2016 Serendipity by LLB Box!

Each box will include:



  • MyKitsch Chevron OR Gold/Pearl Layering Necklace
  • Manna Kadar Fantasy 3-in-1 Blush Highlighter Shadow
  • Pre de Provence Riche Hand Butter
  • LeBlanc France Perfume Sachet
  • 100% Cotton Boca Terry Spa Headband

What do you think of the spoilers?

The subscription is $12.99 a box, and it ships every other month

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I like that there are options for the items that are very subject to personal taste. I have already swapped my pearls for the chevron and am hoping to trade the lavender lotion for coconut. The sachet scent is a little grandma, but it has a cat on it so I’m keeping it.

  2. I received my box today and am glad I didn’t look at spoilers as I would have been hoping for the pearl, then disappointed with the chevron haha. Since I didn’t know prior to opening I was just trying to figure what to do with it. I love the sachet, but it is going to be a gift to a sister in law as it is totally her style. I’ve been wanting a hand cream in one of those tubes because they are darling! Wish there was a snack though, because I’m hungry haha. Good box, can’t wait for more!

  3. Got my first box yesterday and I like most of the items. I got the gold/pearl necklace which I’m happy about since I don’t really like the chevron one. Always happy to have more hand lotion.

  4. This is my third and as funny as it sounds me and my brtter half open them together. He loved the snacks in both the last boxes and he uses the green cooler for golf everyday he goes out. Anyway needless to say he was kind of heartbroken there wasnt a treat,me to sorta… I love these boxes and they have been my best subscription box find. The last 2 box were sooo wonderful and this one wasnt bad its just not all me kind of stuff, but that will happen sometimes
    What I will say is alot of people who get this box love our beauty boxes too and are happy to see something in the box around beauty but I know myself that beauty it’s why I got this subscription. Also I love that there is alittle of everything and a snack will always be a win. Some of these items are very specific and when it comes to makeup and Jewery and scented lotion of that nature. Bigger items and things that people will always use will more likely work better. Bags, cute notebooks, anything to drink from, mult task things, snacks, kitchen anything, things to put other little things in. Sorry i know what i mean but it isnt coming out that way. Whatever they were putting together in the last 4 boxes were a huge huge hit and though I will use something but the last boxes I will use everything. I still am sooooo in love with you LLB?

  5. Got my box today and I love it—Thanks LLB and Serendipity!

  6. Mostly pleased with it – wish we could get sterling silver jewelry.
    After I did my review on their site – a survey came up with lots of info to give – monogram initials, sizes, likes/dislikes, hobbies, what you want in a Little Lace box.

  7. Loving it. I received the pearl necklace and lavender lotion & sachet (set)

  8. Just got my box. I’m okay with the items but not in love…

    The chevron necklace is not my style. At all.

    The lotion is nice.

    The satchet fragrance doesn’t work for me unfortunately.

    I have too many mask headbands although this one does match my robe.

    Haven’t tried the blush yet because I have a couple that are a similar color.

    All in all…okay box.

  9. Got my box today and love it. I opened the hamper today and oh boy. The sachet is going right in. Think I’ll leave it sealed because the rise scent is strong. I love the headband. Will use it a lot. Would have bought my own if I knew they were that inexpensive. I will probably buy a few for Christmas gifts.

    My necklace was the pearl one and I really like it. The only drawback is that each piece must be put on separately. Wish I could attach them to make the shorter one hang at different levels. I just learned how to use that highlighter at my play! Session on Monday so I’m very excited it is in my box.

    For those of you saying it missed the mark, wait until you see it in person. Don’t think of it as yet another box with hand cream and bronzer. This will be a collection of items I will use often that I certainly would not have bought for myself.

  10. I got my box today. While I will use everything in it, I am disappointed. This was my first time receiving a box from them, and after seeing all of the amazing previous boxes, I was hoping for more. I know it only cost $13, but I don’t think I would go out and spend that much on these items. I really wanted to like it, but it’s just not what I was hoping for.

  11. I got it…LLB is going to give us a robe for August to go with this head band! Look at the spoiler theme! They just put out a survey asking for your robe size, it might even be monogramed, or a coffee or tea cup with monogram, I think LLB will also have some nice coffee from a small company in it or tea or both. I think its going to go together…Serendipity and LLB just like the last one with the Alfresco glasses and the tasting papers from each one!!!

    • How did you get the survey? By email?

      • I received this e-mail as well. In it, there was a “reminder” to take the style survey, and there was a link, or maybe I just clicked on the LLB picture? I’m thinking if you go to their website you might be able to access the survey there, too.

        BTW, I think the sachet is meant to be scattered on the carpet, then vacuumed up, and probably wouldn’t leave such a strong smell behind.

  12. Yay! Finally this sub is open! So excited, can hardly wait! Thanks MSA for the update!

  13. Easily one of the best values going in the sub box game. If you have the annual sub it comes out to $10 a box, exactly the same price as Birchbox and Sephora and there’s no comparison, IMO (I do love my Play box, though). Excited to get this!

    • Agreed!!! I am now only subscribed to Play, Revive, and Serendipity. ? My wallet is happy and I get plenty of treats.

  14. Thank you Liz for the update, I was really looking forward to subscribing to this box, I did!

    • Do you pay when you sign up or do they bill you before they ship September?

      • You pay when you sign up. I paid over a month ago.

  15. I like this spoiler but really hope I don’t get rose or lavender scented items because I can’t stand those scents. I will find out on Friday it looks like. I also hope that they do more non makeup/skin care/beauty items in future boxes because I subbed to this one because it was more of a non beauty sub.

    • I agree, I hate those scents. I don’t care for the makeup items in it either, I wish it was more non-makeup items. But it’s still an outstanding value for $10!

  16. This will be my 1st box, and I’m a little disappointed. None of the items got me excited. I would have liked a perfume sachet, but I’m not into any of the 4 smells listed. The necklace doesn’t seem like my style (hoping for the gold/pearl). But then again, maybe in person I will like this box better. And if not, it’s no biggie – we can always swap!

    • I wasn’t excited with the spoilers, but was much happier with the box in hands. Got the chevron necklace – which isn’t my typical style, but it actually looks so good over a plain top! I’m wearing it now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tossed the sachet on the trunk of my car (which needs some refreshing anyway) and might give it a go to trying the head/face wrap. Not bad at all for the price.

  17. I am a HUGE fan of the Serendipity boxes. They aren’t a huge investment (I have an annual sub so only $10) and the company does such a great job of selecting items that aren’t totally off the wall and in all likelihood will appeal to a lot of people (compared to, say, the Oui Please shoe flaps coming next month!!!). And the value is off the charts relative to the cost…especially when you factor in the cost the ship the boxes. This subscription makes for a very fun little treat every other month without totally breaking the bank. Two BIG thumbs up!!

    • I agree with all of this. Of course, there are going to be things you won’t like in this box, but they do a great job of including a variety of items. I, too (like others have said), have beauty product overload, but I don’t think there are a lot of those types of items, typically, in this box. For $10, it’s a great deal, and the things you don’t care for yourself would probably be appreciated by someone they’re gifted to!

  18. Not as excited for this one. The past 2 serendipity were better. This seems very small

  19. This will by my second Serendipity. I LOVE that chevron necklace. Of course, with my (total lack of) luck, I’ll likely get the gold/pearl. Would anyone be willing to trade if that’s the case? I’m new to the sub-box world (this site is dangerous) and am not set up to swap yet. Hope everyone who receives this box loves it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m hoping for the gold/pearl, so I would be willing to swap if I receive the Chevron (I’m not on the swap board yet, either).

      • My tracking says it should arrive on Friday. I’ll post again here when it comes. Fingers crossed we’ll both get what we’re hoping for!

        • Mine is scheduled to arrive on Monday ๐Ÿ™ But, will definitely followup with you!

    • I’ve got the chevron and would be willing to swap!

      • I got the chevron necklace and would be willing to swap for anything in the box except the highlighter!

        • Miraculously, my box arrived early AND I got the chevron necklace I wanted. Serendipity indeed! Hope everyone else is able to swap for what they want. Thanks for being so gracious to a newbie ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I got the Pearl necklace, so we both got what we wanted!

  20. This looks like a really great box for $12.99. I got that Manna Kadar highlighter in another box and I really like the product. I am locked into both Ipsy and BB for another 5 months. I think as soon as I can get out of those, I might go in this direction instead.

  21. This is my second box and I don’t love it as much as my first one, but maybe I’ll like it better once I actually see the items in person.

  22. That blush, highlighter I am so excited about! I got it in a Beauty Box 5 and dropped it and was devastated because it cracked severely. Yay!!!

    • You can take the broken powder, mash it, add drops of alcohol, mix and pat down – wait a bit to dry – good as new. More complete info – if you google fixing broken makeup.

      • Thanks!

  23. Hope I get the chevron and not the pearl necklace. Like the headband for when you’re doing face masks, hand cream is always nice, I like the Fantasy powder – not into the sachet.

  24. nice; i’m happy with this box. I hope i get the chevron necklaces (but i’m sure i’ll get the pearls); love a good headband for masks and even though i feel like i have a million; the bronzer looks like a nice color… more pink. I’m not a huge smell person; so hoping for lavender for the hand cream… but the satchel thing… nope. I just hope it doesn’t make the rest of the stuff smell … ha. All in all; i’m happy!

    • I’ll swap if you get the pearls ๐Ÿ™‚ I received the chevron

      • Could you let us know the smells on the hand cream & the satchel please?

        • Tracy, the scent options are listed in the second photo:
          Hand butter – lavender, coconut, amande, or starflower
          Satchel – rose, lavender, peony, or lily of the valley

          • Thank-you Stfne. I totally missed that! Now I know where someone figured out that one of the scents might be lavender. LOL I’m hoping for coconut or lavender myself….but that’s only b/c I don’t know how Amande or Starflower smell like.

          • You piqued my interest. I had to google amande, at least! Apparently it’s the French word for almond ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Thanks for looking that up. I love the scent of almond lotions/oils so I have a 3/4 chance of getting a smell I love. Yay!!

          • My sachet was vanilla… not on the list. Smells ok, already has a home in my unmentionables drawer. lol

            I have the coconut lotion up for swap if anyone would wanna swap the amande or starflower. I also have the chevron necklace listed and the mana kadar product.

  25. I thought in the past LLB always used Priority Mail 2-day shipping? Has this changed? It’s not a big deal to me – I wait a week to ten day days for other boxes. Just wondering if anyone else recalls this, or if I’m making it up in my head ha!

    • That’s the main box. Serendipity uses either first or priority, I imagine depending on the weight.

    • Box is only 10 ounces and was very tiny.

  26. I can’t use anything scented, so the lotion and sachet are going into the gift stockpile! Hoping I get the gold/pearl rather than the chevron necklace…the highlighter looks nice, though! This is my first box, and while it isn’t a total win for me, it’s a good value, and I’ll be able to find a home for everything.

  27. Eh i’m not really feeling this box either. The necklace doesn’t look like it would be my style (if I get the chevron one but with my luck I will), I don’t do headbands, I doubt I’ll like or use the make up product, I may or may not use the hand butter as I tend to neglect my hands with that sort of stuff, the sachet will be dependent upon the scent. So most, if not all, will be put up for swap or set aside to be gifted.

    • You can wear the headband to keep your hair back when you do a face mask.

      • I rarely do face masks, and when I do I just put my hair in a ponytail. I don’t really have to worry about flyaways or anything like that. Thanks though!

  28. Well the value is undeniably there. (I mean, seriously!) But I think I’ll be judging what I think when I have mine in my hands. I’m sure I’ll use the sachet and the headband looks handy.

    But I’m never happy to see makeup in Serendipity. It’s too… common, maybe? The months that I’ve been the most psyched about have included more interesting, unusual and yet useful items (the canister?? Yes, please! And the entire Stonewall Kitchen box!!) I have more blushes/bronzers and hand creams than I know what to do with.

    For $10, I can hardly complain. But instead of jumping up and down and going “Woohoo!” I’m nodding my head and saying, “Yeah, okay.”

    • See – that’s why a sub has no way of pleasing everyone. You prefer no makeup – I prefer that there is makeup.

  29. Depending on scents I receive I may have a few of the items listed for swap as well. My box is out for delivery now so fingers crossed I like what they sent! This is my first month getting it, was hoping for a totally awesome box but this one may be fine, once i see it in person.

  30. I’ll likely be putting both Serendipity boxes up for swap!

  31. This is one of my favorite subs, as well as being one of the cheapest. I wish they were monthly!

  32. Why am I always charged 12.00 dollars???

    • It used to be 9.99 a month and now it is 12.99.

      • Oops – thank you so much for letting me know! Updated the post. Sorry about that!

    • I believe if you pay month to month its 12.00, to get it for the discount you need to buy the annual.

    • It’s $12.99 if you do it monthly, it’s $60 if you pay for a year at a time

  33. This will be my first Serendipity box & I wasn’t going to cave & look at spoilers, but I did. (oops). I’m extremely pleased with the contents as I will use everything except for the bronzer, which can be swapped. (or maybe I’ll give it a try ~ who knows?) Bottom line is that I love the hand cream, love jewelry, and will use the spa headband & the perfume packet. Very useful & lovely items. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • This is me! It’s my first Serendipity box, and I caved to look. I’m glad I did, because it’s totally worth what I paid for it! And if I don’t like one of the items in person, I don’t worry.

  34. Just not feeling this box. I have loved the past ones but this one just isn’t for me.

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