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Serendipity September 2016 Box FULL SPOILERS!

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Thanks to Randi2 on the forum, we have full spoilers for the September 2016 Serendipity by LLB Box!

Each box will include:



What do you think of the spoilers?

The subscription is $12.99 a box, and it ships every other month.

If you sign up now, your first box will be the November box. The theme for the November box is “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year.”

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I was slightly disappointed when I opened the box and saw how little was in there but then I realized how greedy I was getting for a $10 box – I’ll use everyone and I definitely needed more spices in my VERY lackluster collection!

    I am extremely happy I bought the year long subscription!

  2. I love this box! The value is incredible. I can’t wait to use the spices. I also subscribe to rawspicebar and it makes such a difference to have high quality spices. The spices in this box would make a great gift along with the enclosed recipes for those who don’t cook or bake. The jar and socks are cute, too.

  3. I am oddly annoyed by the Handwrytten card. I love writing cards to friends and family. My handwriting is very distinct too; if I’m close enough to you to send you a card, you would recognize my handwriting in a heartbeat. I don’t understand how ordering a card online could really save you that much more time. Get online, go to the website, pick a card, pick a handwriting style, type your message, pay for your order. I suppose if you don’t have a card on hand it saves you a trip to the store….I guess I feel like it’s a cop out – for Serendipity, for even including it in the box, and for anyone who uses the service instead of jotting a quick personal note. Oh well. I do love the spice jar! And I’m sure this will fit right in with the Oct LLB box.

    • I use for holiday cards. They keep my addresses on file so all I need to do is pick a card. I always pick one that I can upload a photo to. I never seem to have the time to write 30+ handwritten notes in December so I type up one note and send to all my friends and family. They put a stamp on and mail them for me. I have used them for birthdays as well when I’ve forgotten. I’m not sure if handwrytten is the same but I sent a personalized card to a tween that had her age and name on the front. Would a handwritten note from me be better? Probably yes but I’m not really a card person and if it wasn’t for this type of service I’d probably just not send a card at all.

  4. I recieved my box on Thursday and I am in MA. I get a text saying its shipped and the day it’s gonna be delivered and when it is here and its from LLB, not from Post Office. I also get emails from them too. I think you can sign up for that on there site.
    Anyway it’s wasn’t one of my favorite boxes but I guess I will use almost everything so that is cool with me. The handwritten note was cute but I most likely won’t ended up sended a card to someone but who knows. I love the mix of things. My boyfriend and I open everyone of the boxes together because there normally is some sort of treat inside. Anyhow always love the thought and ? that LLB putting into these boxes and its breaks my heart that I have to wait 2 months again…..

  5. I like it! The spices smell great and the colder weather we’ve been having has been making me want to cook.

  6. Has anyone NOT got a shipping notice yet? I haven’t heard anything and was wondering if it’s time to contact LLB.

    • My tracking just showed that it was stuck in FL and then the item showed up today… In central TX like magic.

  7. Loving this box – I wear boots often here in Seattle. Also love to cook – so loving the spices too!

    • I totally agree with you. I open this and was totally thrilled with everything. The socks are adorable with boots or just to snuggle up with. I love the thought of the different spices included also. This box is everything the word Serendipity defines. I get Birchbox for makeup, I get Serendipity for a pleasant surprise.

  8. Not blown away with this box this month. Did like the boot socks, they will come in handy this fall/winter.. The spices and spice jar are kind of a waste, I never used the last salt I received in a Serendipity box from a few months ago. Hoping that the next box is better.

  9. Not for me at all, but I haven’t even gotten a shipping notice so I guess I don’t care. Off to see if I paid for it though….hopefully not.

  10. I would be open to any swaps for those of you that are not into this box, I understand that spices may not be exciting for all 🙂 I will take them, my family is rediculous, they are the people that cook and post pics of their food on instagram to outdo the other! LOL!!!

  11. Didn’t read the spoilers or the comments, but my box is apparently stuck in FL. Hasn’t moved at all.

    • Mine too! I thought I was getting it today and it wasn’t in the mail so I checked online again and it just updated that it was received in Orlando, FL and won’t be to me until maybe the 1st. Oh well not anything I can’t wait for. It might “only be $10” but I would not spend $10 on these items so it was a $10 waste to me.

      • I agree. I’m not thrilled with this box at all.

    • Mine too. Sill in Orlando from sep 26 no movement after that. LLB blaming it on Florida being a battleground state and usps not scanning packages because of that? Idk, odd!

  12. I love this box. I don’t sub to it, however. I need to learn how to swap. I have so many items from other boxes. I like the boot socks. I went to the sock website and they have a monthly sub. Uh oh, I think I am about to add another sub to my too long list of sub boxes.

    • I don’t cook and live in Texas, so this box is pretty useless to me. I will gladly swap it with you. My email is chewsulin at gmail

    • Oh my goodness, “Boot Cuffs and Socks” DO have a boot cuff/sock of the month club! That is wayyyy too tempting!!

  13. Nice box! I agree with someone else who said this is the best inexpensive sub out there. I mean, it’s the same price as IPSY or Birchbox and to me there’s just no comparison. But I understand we all see things differently. I’m excited for the boot socks, I think it’s worth mentioning their letter says they’re for *ankle* boots; which makes sense since they’re in a warmer climate. Probably won’t use the Handwrytten code but even without that, very happy as usual.

  14. I got my box and I’m not anymore excited about it in person. I’ll never wear boot socks, I really don’t wear boots anymore. Last winter we didn’t even have one (in Missouri) it wasn’t cold at all hardly. The spices, while nice, I don’t care for the smell of them, but I do like that they included recipe cards. I love the little spice jar though, I think it’s adorable.

  15. I tried to avoid the spoilers but couldn’t resist…lol. Seems like a decent box to me. I will probably end up gifting the socks but the other items will be used.

  16. I am oddly excited for this box. I love getting spices/condiments that I would never purchase on my own. I also have been wanting a pair of boot cuffs for forever! Yay!

  17. They did include three recipes in the box, Each recipe calls for one of the spices

  18. I just got mine today and though its not the most wildly exciting box its growing on me….I had the smoked paprika on a baked potato for lunch and its really good! I was out of paprika and cinnamon so this worked out well.
    There are variations on the socks, white/ivory/taupe or mint…I got taupe! They are for ankle boots, I’m not that tall and they come up about 1/2 way

  19. Yeah, I’m with almost everyone else. Meh… Fall is ALWAYS supposed to be the best box of the year, but this is underwhelming. Practical? Yes. Super fun? Ummmm… That being said, I DO love Serendipity and I’m not going anywhere as a customer. 🙂

  20. I’m loving the spices and spice jar. The other two items are meh, but they will get used. I bought a 6 month sub @ $10/box so I’m happy. Considering that I only live ONE CITY away from where the Serendipity boxes ship, I’m surprised that I don’t even have my box yet. Grrrr….

    • I’m off I4 and still havent gotten mine yet. lol Though it does say out for delivery.

    • I’m
      I’ve in the town Birchbox ships from and it oddly takes me longer to get my box now than when I lived in Texas ….. I will never understand the shipping patterns of the sub box industry

  21. I hate to say it but I’m kind of regretting buying the year-long sub. I liked May’s box but July and September were misses for me. I might like it better once I see it in person.

  22. Meh. Has anyone else noticed that they increased the price of the annual sub? Now it breaks down to the individual price of $12.99 a box. That’s really disappointing.

    • I just noticed that! I’m glad I got mine at the old price of $10/box!

      • Me too!

  23. Fail

  24. I have an annual sub so this is $10 for me. I’m thrilled with this box for that price. How do they do it with shipping?! I love to cook, wear boots all fall and winter and love to write cards so I will use everything. Best cheap sub out there in my opinion!

  25. I am almost out of smoked paprika, so I am stoked to get more-I am a chili fanatic. I figure the boot socks would be the cost of the subscription, so everything else is free and my daughter and I can share the boot socks.

  26. I’m actually excited for the spices! Can’t wait to try them.

  27. This is my first box and I’m a little disappointed. But it is very reasonably priced, so I need to remember that! The spices and jar would make a cute hostess gift for Thanksgiving. 🙂

  28. I was pretty meh when I read these spoilers, but then I read LLB’s descriptions in the accompanying letter (find pics along with Randi2’s post on the forum) and I’m kind of excited now. I’ll decide when I have my box in hand.

  29. I totally love this box…I love getting spices and I love the glass jar. This is a total win for me!

  30. I love spices and keeping them in glass spice jars so this is perfect for me! I’m excited 🙂

  31. Looks like a very practical month. Everything will get used which is great. Nothing over the top exciting but as long as I can use everything I am happy. It’s better than having to trade everything. =)

  32. Not exciting per say but I’m still happy with it

  33. Hello my name is Sara, and I have absolutely no self control lol. I could not resist looking at spoilers even though mine is being delivered today. I can’t say I find it very thrilling..

    • Sara, mine is being delivered today too! I like to look at the comments to see if everyone at least liked the box haha

      • Mine is too! No self control at all. Also not a huge fan of the box… I was really looking forward to it too! :/

    • Same here! Spoilers are my weakness 🙂 This box is BORING… There are so many fun things for Fall and this just didn’t hit that. I have wanted some boot cuffs for awhile but my legs are huge so let’s see if they even work for me. But 3 items are spices??? Boo!

      • I totally agree with you Julie!

        • I’m a bit disappointed, too, but know I have spent very little money on this box. I totally have the same legs, as well! The saddest thing is that I have no idea when my box will arrive. It started the process on the 20th, and mine is still in FL according to tracking…

          • So’s mine! I think I’ve gotten spoiled by the two-day shipping on the regular LLB….

          • Same here as everyone else. 🙁 This will be my first box, I bought the 6 month sub, even at $10, I don’t care for this box. I am not really a cook that uses these certain spices. I have no idea what to even use them in??? I guess I could give the boot things to my daughter, and a card? Blech. I never would have bought another box if I didn’t get the 6 month sub.

            My tracking hasn’t moved, it’s still in Florida as well.

      • They should have included a jar for each spice and also maybe something other than salt, cinnamon and paprika. So many other fun spices out there…..

        • I was thinking the same thing about the jars. They strike me as something I could get at the $1 store.

          I don’t cook, send cards other than birthdays and Xmas, I don’t use boots. So this box is meh for me.

          The box started out strong but looks less to me month by month.

    • Mine will be here in 15 minutes and I STILL looked at the spoilers, lol. 🙂

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