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POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box Unboxing

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PS Asst 1-027

We received a few variations of the POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box from POPSUGAR to show what you may receive in your mystery box.

Here are 5 different boxes:


POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box 1:

Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes – Retail Value $35 (From the November 2014 POPSUGAR Box)

Wine Glass Writer – Value $10 (From the November 2014 POPSUGAR Box)

Tarte Cosmetics Beauty & the Box Eye Shadow – Retail Value $22 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Terrapin Ridge Farms Pecan Honey Mustard – Value $7.30 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Deepa Gurnani Katie Crystal Headband – Value $56 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Capri Blue Mercury Jewel Box Candle in Rain – Value $18 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Total Retail Value: $148


POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box 2:

Capri Blue Mercury Jewel Box Candle in Rain – Value $18 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Govino Go Anywhere Wine Glasses – Value $22.95 (From the POPSUGAR Today Show Box)

Terrapin Ridge Farms Pecan Honey Mustard – Value $7.30 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Barr-Co Fir and Grapefruit Bubble Elixir – Value $32 (From the POPSUGAR Today Show Box)

Tiny Prints Thoughtful Heart Stationery – Value $15 (From the November 2014 POPSUGAR Box)

Deepa Gurnani Katie Crystal Headband – Value $56 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Total Retail Value: $151


POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box 3:

Capri Blue Mercury Jewel Box Candle in Rain – Value $18 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Tarte Cosmetics Beauty & the Box Eye Shadow – Retail Value $22 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Barr-Co Fir and Grapefruit Bubble Elixir – Value $32 (From the POPSUGAR Today Show Box)

Tiny Prints Thoughtful Heart Stationery – Value $15 (From the November 2014 POPSUGAR Box)

Terrapin Ridge Farms Pecan Honey Mustard – Value $7.30 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Deepa Gurnani Katie Crystal Headband – Value $56 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Total Retail Value: $150


POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box 4:

Wine Glass Writer – Value $10 (From the November 2014 POPSUGAR Box)

Tarte Cosmetics Beauty & the Box Eye Shadow – Retail Value $22 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Capri Blue Mercury Jewel Box Candle in Rain – Value $18 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Terrapin Ridge Farms Pecan Honey Mustard – Value $7.30

K. Hall Simpatico Ambergris Shea Butter Cream – Value $22 (From the November 2014 POPSUGAR Box)

Deepa Gurnani Katie Crystal Headband – Value $56 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Total Retail Value: $135


POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box 5:

Deepa Gurnani Katie Crystal Headband – Value $56 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Barr-Co Fir and Grapefruit Bubble Elixir – Value $32 (From the POPSUGAR Today Show Box)

Govino Go Anywhere Wine Glasses – Value $22.95 (From the POPSUGAR Today Show Box)

Terrapin Ridge Farms Pecan Honey Mustard – Value $7.30 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Tarte Cosmetics Beauty & the Box Eye Shadow – Retail Value $22 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Capri Blue Mercury Jewel Box Candle in Rain – Value $18 (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Total Retail Value: $158

FYI – this box was $19.95 and no longer for sale.

My thoughts: I really like that POPSUGAR sent a lot of items that would be great for gifts. (Pretty useful if you already have any of these items thanks to your subscription.) And these boxes included two of our all time favorite POPSUGAR Must Have products: the Barr-Co Fir and Grapefruit Bubble Elixir and  the Terrapin Ridge Farms Pecan Honey Mustard!

What did you get in your POPSUGAR Must Have All-Star Mystery Box(es)?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got box number 2 and was SO HAPPY! What a great score!

    • I just got my box, and it came a day earlier than expected. I had a shipping weight of 3.2 lbs. I got a totally different box than shown. I received a Chalkboard soy candle (smells wonderful), a really pretty chainlink 3 tone bracelet, Stoweawy creme lipstick trio, Summer Snow gourmet gum, a bar of Shoreline Shea Butter soap, and a Swing Design Nova Jewelry Box in Blue Mist. So, I was hoping for the wine glasses, but all in all not bad for $20. I will gift everything but the gum, which I will enjoy. Did anyone else get this box?

  2. I just received mine today and it was a combination I haven’t seen yet. Mine was 5.1lbs shipped from NY and included: the candle, mustard, Tilo scarf, wine glass set, the bubble bath, and foot therapy mask. Was really hoping for the headband, so if anyone wants to trade I would be happy to.

    • I have the headband up for trade if anyone wants it.

    • Oh that’s a great box! Mine comes today!

    • Oh, mine is 5.1 lbs, coming from NY, and due to arrive today. I really, really hope it is this particular combination.

    • I finally got mine today and that’s the same box I got! Although the mustard busted and left a sticky, smelly mess all over everything! Thankfully the scarf was sealed in plastic, so I took it out and cleaned off everything else. What a pain! The foot exfoliant thing looks interesting.

  3. crazy that you got 5 boxes and ALL of them had the headband, mustard and the candle. Ill take a candle if you think you have too many though haha. 🙂

  4. I got my first box today (box #1)! Everything is repeats for me, but I’m okay with it bc I can gift so many of the items.

    I’m really surprised that the candle and mustard arrived in 1 piece too.

    And I don’t know what’s up with shipping, but this was seriously the fastest I’ve ever received anything from PS! I live in the midwest so usually its at least 10 days for me to get something from PS. But this was shipped from NY last Friday and was originally scheduled to arrive Saturday so I was blown away when I had it in my PO box today.
    I have another box from NY scheduled for Saturday and 2 boxes from CA that are scheduled for Saturday also. So even those will arrive way earlier than usual for me 🙂
    I was also happy to see that one of my weights for the boxes from NY changed from 5.4 to 2.7 lbs bc I originally had 2 – 5.4 lb boxes so this will hopefully mean less dups for me!

    and I really hope PS does this again in the future!

    • My candle was broken, which made me so sad — I LOVE that candle and had it on my wish list for this box!!! I’m hoping they will follow through and send me a new one, as they’ve said they would.
      This box seemed risky, but with the $20 price, I couldn’t pass it up, and I was so pleased that the items were from boxes from 6 months or so ago. Also, I love that many of them are things you can use more than one of. This was a favorite Popsugar move for me!

  5. No tracker for me. 🙁

  6. Yes! mine is out for delivery today 🙂 My weight went down from 5.4 to 5.2 and shipped from NY. I’d be happy with any of the boxes that were in that range. Really hoping for the wine glasses and mustard though 🙂

  7. Mine are still on the way…. I think they are walking them across the county from CA to NC. I’m *supposed* to get both Monday. One box is 3.1 lbs and I think that is the box with the bin and picture frame. The second box is 4 lbs – I’m not sure what that one will be….. Would love it if it were box #5 from above but from what I’ve read, I’m pretty sure it’s not. Very anxious to receive them – especially since most everyone has had theirs delivered already! Can’t wait!

    • I feel ya, mine isn’t supposed to come until TUESDAY (from CA to VT) and is also the 3.1 lb box. I’ll be disappointed if it’s that box – all I want is that damn headband (and yea, yea people, I know you all have it up for swap but NO ONE wants to swap for the items I have so no need to post that you’ve got it up for swap, chances are you’ve already rejected me!).

      Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

      • Do a search… lots of them around for cheap $. I just bought one on ebay for $13 including shipping.

      • If you don’t get the headband in your box email me: [email protected] I am 100% positive we can work something out. 🙂

    • Mine is coming from CA to NC as well! And will be here Monday. And one is 3.1 and the other 4! Box twins for real!!!

      • I also have a 3.1 and a 4! I really wonder what their method is for deciding who gets what. You’d think they’d send boxes out to people who live nearby (like I’m in Ohio; I should get from NY, not CA!).

        I’m thrilled to get another bin, a picture frame, and the eye shadow. I don’t eat mustard so I’ll be thrilled not to get mustard, and I wouldn’t wear a headband (I sold it when I first got it originally!).

  8. OK I’m so obsessed with the hairband that I didn’t even wait to see if I got one… just bought it off ebay for $13.

    I want to buy the candle too but I’m afraid to have it shipped during this heat!

    • I live where temps have been 100° and my candle sat out in my mailbox til 7p and was in perfect condition. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks! I will definitely order one if my box doesn’t have it…

    • My candle arrived completely melted (everywhere) but it must’ve happened a few days ago because the wax had resolidified, it wasn’t warm. Of course I almost jumped on the mailman so I could open it since I was so excited it was here!

  9. I got box 4 and my candle was smashed to bits 🙁 I emailed Popsugar and they replied back with a replacement order has been placed and shipped. Does anyone know if this means just the candle or a whole new box?

    • The replacements I have gotten are just the single item being replaced.

    • Mine was broken too, replacement is 1lb so guessing it’s just the candle.

  10. 4 pound box from Cali and 2.7 pound box from NY according to my tracking numbers.

    • Do you know what is in the 4lbs box?

  11. Why is the weight so important? I’ve never seen interest in the weight of boxes until I read these comments

    • I believe people are trying to guess what their box will contain based on weight compared to others’ box weights who have already received theirs. A heavier box might indicate the bubble bath, mustard or books; a lighter box might indicate the headband, Pehr storage bin or paper products. 🙂 Just an optimistic note tho for all those anxiously awaiting: my delivery date was supposed to be this Sat, but I got it on Wed, so it appears they are overestimating the slowness of the shipping. Good luck, everyone, and stay safe out there. 😀

    • Haha, it took me a while to figure out what people were talking about! At first I thought there was something in the shipping notification that told you which version you were getting, and I kept searching and searching until my brain finally caught up 🙂

  12. Unless I see other variations beyond the pictured ones above, I got pretty lucky with Box #2 because it had only 3 repeat items for me, whereas all other versions had 4 repeats. Plus, the repeats I got (Deepak headband, mustard and CB jewelry box/candle) are already earmarked as gifts. I may even gift the note cards to my letter-writing mom and the Fir & Grapefruit bubble elixir to my hubby as he takes baths, I’m a shower-only girl. So that would mean I’d get some nice gifts to pass out at an 87% discount of their retail value (yay!) and keep only the wineglasses, their $24 RV covering MORE than the cost of box AND just happened to be one of the main things I was hoping to score as I don’t have any stemless glasses yet and I love the concept! The only thing that would’ve made it better would’ve been getting the Cravings cookbook, but I’m quite satisfied with this box. Sooo glad I didn’t order more than one, though, since there was so much overlap!! Curious to see what others get and if there’s any Holy Grail box out there that will cause me to cringe with FOMO (or rather, RAMO = resentment at missing out!) 😀

  13. If you want the head band head over to Amazon. The one that came I
    In my box is for sale for 15.99, far cry from the supposed 56.00 retail price!

  14. Mine says it weighs 5.3 pounds and is coming from New York! ? I’m really hoping for the pretty headband! ?

  15. My box had the govino glasses, Capri blue candle, honey mustard, grapefruit bubble bath- and the 2 other things I haven’t seen anyone mention- I got a foot therapy mask thing and a tilo ombré scarf

    • Seriously??? I haven’t seen anyone mention the Foot Therapy or the scarf either! I’d be super psyched if I got those. 😀

    • Ooooohh that’s interesting. That ombre scarf is gorgeous! I have a second box coming. Fingers crossed for that one.

    • Where did your originate, and what was the weight if you don’t mind sharing?

  16. I got a different box than any I’ve seen mentioned. Mine had a blue jewelry box, the chalkboard candle, a chunky link bracelet, a bar of shea butter soap and a pack of gum(!). It’s nice enough but just barely worth $20 to me. I don’t subscribe to PSMH but don’t feel too interested after seeing the stuff. I guess it’s OK but not exciting.

    • I got the exact same box, but mine came with a trio of lipsticks. Definitely not worth $20 to me, another reason I never subscribe to PS boxes. The candle smells bad, I don’t use bar soap, & I will never use a tiffany blue jewelry box. The only saving grace is the cute bracelet. Hate to complain, guess it is what it is.

    • I thought all boxes were supposed to have 6 items? It looks like yours was the below variation (on the last thread for the mystery box), but maybe they forgot the lipstick? If so, you should reach out to popsugar!
      C) 3.2- bracelet, chalkboard candle, gum, jewelry box, stowaway lip, studio hall soap

  17. I really feel like people should be asking more questions about why so many of us had our shipping weight change so drastically after the package shipped. Am I alone in this?? I’ve been all over the Internet an oddly enough I can’t find ANYTHING about this strange ‘phenomenon’. My package began at 5.4 lbs and now weighs 2.8 lbs in another state??? Unless the next state on my parcels journey to my home is on the moon I don’t understand how this could be….

    • I process a ton of fed-ex items and the easiest explanation I can think of is entered weight versus actual weight scanned by fed-ex. When Popsugar creates the labels, they’re required to enter the weight, but then the actual weight is recorded once it’s received by Fed-ex for billing purposes. Maybe they’re simply guessing as close as they can for the mystery boxes since the contents change so much.

    • my office does this actually, all parcels that use a spec box size are shipped with an average weight. the carrier will weigh the parcel sometime during transit and the new weight is updated to the system. (usually only if the box weighs more than what is stated, that way they can charge the difference . but the carrier may update the package details when ever they like).
      i guess my point is, the box most likely didn’t lose weight, it was just updated. if the box looks opened when you receive it, contact the carrier for faster claims processing.

      • Thank you! I have been searching for a LOGICAL explanation and had zero luck. I appreciate it, thank you. That makes sense and my curiosity has been satisfied. 🙂

    • same thing happen to me

  18. I think it’s weird you guys are getting the Govina glasses, because I got those when I subscribed and that was a very long time ago. I got the first Popsugar, and the first few after it. It was glorious. Wasn’t the Govina box like two years ago? Or more?

    Some of the boxes I’ve seen are pretty nice. I like the jewelry boxes and the candles. I’m kind of glad I didn’t buy it, because I mostly wanted the pompom bracelet or a scarf and I haven’t seen either of those yet.

    • There were tall govino glasses in the Dec. 2013 box and shorter ones in the Today Show LE box that was sent out in Dec. 2015.

      • Sorry Glenda, I missed your reply when I commented

    • The today show box from months back had them in there too.

  19. So the cookbook one is the 5.1 lb box? I’m scheduled to get mine tomorrow

    • Mine was 5.1 and I got #3. No cookbook.

      • I just got my box today and got box #2. Stoked to get the wine glasses! This was an awesome deal!

  20. It’s quite interesting that most of the items are from the November 2015 box. I received it from my normal sub and bought 2 from the 1/2 off Rue La La promotion in December. Crazy how it wasn’t popular at all when it was first put out but now it is. Great idea Popsugar!!! Brilliant!!! I still have the headbands and a few other things if anyone is looking for them.

    • Id love to get your headband! Its looking like I’m probably not getting it and that’s what I was wanting!

  21. I got my box today,I got box number 5,I loved everything in it,definitely worth the 20.00 and nothing was damaged….good luck with everyone else’s boxes,I hope you get some things you like and nothing is damaged.

  22. Holy moly, you got SO much OVERLAP!! What are you going to do with FIVE Deepa Gurnani headbands?? 😀 (I love mine, but don’t need more than one…) At least the five candles and five mustards you got are consumable.

    I received your #4 box today and am scheduled to get the 4 lb box on Saturday. I am pleased that at least my two boxes don’t overlap at all. 🙂

  23. Got the 3.1 today. Love it. Glad I did not get a candle or headband. Everything is usable or will be a Christmas gift. What a deal for $20.00!
    *Pehr Bin – for me – under my desk at work
    *Isaac Jacobs pic frame (very nice) – xmas gift for a friend who loves frames
    *acme paper straws – for me (work)
    *tarte eyeshadow – xmas gift bag for co-worker
    *studio hall shea butter soap – for me
    *patchology mask trio – will share

    • Gah!! That’s my favorite box!!! Jealous. 😉

    • I like everything. I hope my 3.1 is like yours, even though I wanted the candle.

    • I have a 3.1 coming and I LOVE what you got! It’s my favorite of all the ones I’ve seen so I really hope mine is the same!

    • I have a 3.1 coming tomorrow and while it is a great box, I’m sad I didn’t get the headband. But for my first ever box from PopSugar it wasn’t bad 🙂

    • We’re box twins! I am very pleased! Was hoping that I wouldn’t get another headband as mine has been listed for a while.

    • Box twins! I just got mine today, and out of all of the variations I saw earlier this week I was SO hoping I would get this box! This was the only box where nothing would get donated/gifted.

      Btw, it looks like the 3.1 lb boxes from CA are these ones… that I’ve seen anyways. 🙂

    • Box twins, loved it.

    • Ooo. This has some items from boxes I didn’t get. I would love the Pehr Bin, Mask trio and even the paper straws. A lot of the item Liz reviews above are from the few boxes I did get and while they are nice items and I loved them, I was hopeful that since I’ve subbed to only about 4 boxes over the past year + that I’d get to try some new items. Fingers crossed. I should be getting it this morning. Says 4.6 lbs.

    • Ohhhh….I’m getting a 3.1 and I HOPE it’s like yours! That sounds great…all usable items and no tassels! 😉

  24. Box 4 = 2.8 lbs or 2.7 lbs.

  25. mine is 4.9 lbs from new york. Its probably going to have the mustard yuck, I’m allergic to mustard. I hope i get the bubble bath, headband and candle. I don’t think the bins are coming from new york, i was trying to trade for those

  26. I got box #2 and candle is broken. My box weighed 5.3

  27. Still waiting for mine 🙁

  28. Box #1 arriving tomorrow from NY at 2.6lbs. Box #2 I have heard nothing, no tracking number, nothing. Anyone else get 2.6lbs from NY? Curious as to what’s in it.

  29. Am I the only one who thinks it strange that almost everything listed is either from November 2014 or 2015? Is November a really slow sales month? The only items I see that weren’t from “a” November is a Today Show Box, whatever that is(did it comes out in November??)

    • Wow, good catch! Weird. ?

    • I noticed that too but some of the other boxes have items from January 2016

      • And December 2015. 🙂

    • Manu people will cancel their subs in November so they have money for Christmas. Then will start back up in Jan or Feb.

      • It’s really funny to me because I actually pick up the boxes in October and November for gifts! Haha

    • This seemed to be the case too when Birchbox was selling (or GWPing) mystery boxes earlier this year and they were all from November 2015.

      • YES! Ohhhh that made me SO mad! I ordered 5 because the picture showed all different boxes! Then they were all the same crummy box. Grrrrrrr! I still have a couple in the packaging.

  30. These are all better than my first box, which is Happy Feet socks, Marie Kondo book, Not Soap shower gel set, Geo stopper, and acrylic frame. Glad I have another box coming. Really hoping for mustard and a Deepa headband.

    • Ha! Seems like your odds are pretty good for both items!

    • That’s the same box I received.

  31. That is the BEST mustard out there and I’d love to get more and more of it. Please feel free to swap me some!

  32. A couple questions…
    Whys is the 1st bottle of Barr-Co Fir and Grapefruit Bubble Elixir a completely different color than the other 2 bottles?
    Why does PopSugar have SO much of that mustard!? Insanity. And a good thing it’s a fav.

    Based on all of the repeats I’m glad I only ordered one but I would definitely buy another if the mystery box was offered again (with hopes that different months than Nov 15/16 would be included).

    • I was wondering why the bubble elixir is different colors as well…been waiting all day for someone to reply to your comment, haha

  33. I have 2 boxes coming Monday, 1 weighs 3.1 and the other weighs 4 pounds, can’t wait to see what’s in them ! ? Anyone have any guesses?

    • I have the same two weights coming to me Saturday!

  34. I have one box coming from NY (to CA) that should arrive 7/27 and weights 2.6lbs. BUT I received my second box today (even though I never got tracking info from it), and it was pretty heavy. Based on when it arrived, I’m assuming it shipped from CA since I live in NCAL. I was so happy with the one I got from CA because all those above are major repeat items for me. I got: Isaac Jacobs picture frame, Chalk Board Soy candle, Happy Feet socks, the Radio body wash set, Spark Joy, and the silver wine stopper. The last 3 are repeats for me, but the first 3 items are new! Overall, I’m happy. I’m very curious on the NY box that is taking 12 days to get here.

  35. I received box #3 my shipping from fedex said 5.1lbs but the tracking never moved (it just showed up) so I am not sure if that weight is right. I am really excited to try the bubble elixer! I also already really like the candle and the honey mustard. For $20 I think it was definitely worth it. I do wonder why so many items were from November 14 & 15.

  36. I got the second box and I love it! I’m fairly new to popsugar so I haven’t received any of these items in my recent boxes. I’m so excited to try the bubble bath item; it smells amazing.

  37. Box 2 or 5 is my dream box! I wish mine would ship faster! It has been stuck in the same place for days now!!!

    • I doubt its staying in one place… one of my boxes said it was still in CA but then updated yesterday to CT… no updates along the way…

      My other box is taking its sweet time though, and I see its progress in each state. Fun way to learn town names that you wouldn’t ever hear about otherwise 😉

  38. Who got box 1lb?

    • I have been dying to know what was in the 1 pound boxes!

      • Me too. My 1 pounder might arrive Friday.

      • The “LUV AJ” tri gold bracelet. Womp Womp.

  39. My 5.2 lb box= your number two box. I LOVED EVERY ITEM in it…especially the Bubble bath and mustard!
    Still waiting on my 3.2 lb box.

    I hope P’S offers more of these mystery boxes in the future!

    I guess no book…

    • Yes, my 5.2 was box number 2- I loved it all

  40. I’ve now got 3 sets of the Govino glasses. Sigh. What to do with so many. Loved everything else though!

    • I’m hoping for glasses!!

    • Drink more wine 🙂 Or swap with me!

      • Lol, no problems drinking more wine, just not sure I need to pour it all out into 12 separate glasses. I need one giant glass! I posted a box up for swaps awhile ago. 🙂

  41. I got a different box entirely! But I have another one coming next week! But I did have a strange thing happen last week. I got a box from Popsugar with the Govino Go glasses in it. Nothing else but a note saying thanks for being a popsugar subscriber. Anyone else get a box like that?

    • I got that also, & also will have 3 sets on the swap board

    • Did you buy the Popsugar summer box? If you did and had a delayed delivery, they sent out Govino glasses as a “thank you for your patience” gift. Maybe that’s it?

      • I did! Well that explains it! Thanks!

      • I got the summer box,mine was late also,however I have not received the glasses in the mail yet for an apology gift… everyone getting this or were we suppose to of contacted them to let them know the box was late in order to receive the glasses.

        • Hi Tina, I didn’t contact them. I just received the glasses. At first I was confused and then I checked MSA and lots of people posted about receiving these as an apology gift. Maybe if you email them and ask, they just might send you a set. God knows they have warehouses full of them. ?

    • It was an apology for the summer limited edition box coming out late

    • I got a box of Govino glasses for getting a delayed Summer box.

    • I think PS sent these GoVino glasses to those that ordered the LE Summer box, and it shipped late. Did you order the LE box?

    • Once I got a random handwritten notecard and lipstick from popsugar and didn’t know why. A year ago. It was nice, just didn’t know what I’d done? I hadn’t complained etc.

    • Yes, Karen is right, apparently the SE Summer was considered to have shipped late so they sent the glasses as a “sorry”

  42. I can’t wait to see mine. It is 3.1 lbs. Im going insane not knowing.

    • Mine is also 3.1 lbs! And won’t be here until Saturday!

  43. I got box two and was SO pleasantly surprised. The only items I got that were duplicates of something I got early on were the headband, candle and mustard and these three items were some of my favorite items of all time. That mustard is awesome on a Honey Baked Ham. The headband is beautiful and makes for a awesome gift. The candle smells awesome. I plan on buying more candles in the very near future from the candle company. I bubble elixir smells wonderful and I can’t wait to use it. This is a first for me in a box. I really like the glasses and stationary too. Never had those either. SO SO very pleased with this box. YEAH POPSUGAR!

  44. Wow so many Deepa headbands, I’ve keep hoping one will show up in a box. I was really proud of myself for resisting this, but now on wish I’d indulged.

    • If you’re looking for a Deepa headband there are over 250 up for swaps (I have 2 on there). 🙂

  45. Awesome! I have two coming on Monday. I’m super excited and hope I get the honey mustard and headband. Thanks for posting these! 🙂

  46. Great unboxings. Would love to see what the shipping weight of each these boxes are, so I can speculate which could be closest to the one I ordered. 🙂

    • I received #3 yesterday and mine weighed 5.1 Lbs. The candle arrived broken so I emailed them and they shipped a replacement to me today. I’m happy with my box!!!!!!

  47. I got box #2 and nothing was broken! The only items I didn’t already have were the note cards and bubble bath. I am pleased with my box and my 6 y.o daughter is happy with the headband….she really wanted it the first time around. I feel comfortable giving it to her now that it is on clearance for 10 bucks 🙂

  48. I got the box #2 and my mustard apparently exploded all over the box. I was thoroughly disappointed. 🙁

  49. yes, but how much does each of the boxes weigh? haha I like boxes 2, 3, & 5 the best, but mine is only 3.1 lbs so I think I will probably be getting #4. :-/

    • My box weighed 3.1 and I got a box that wasn’t one of these 5. It had a Isaac Jacobs picture frame, acme paper straws, studio~hall soap bar, tare eyeshadow quad, patchology masque trio, and a pehr canvas bin.

      • Interesting. thanks. It seems like the ones that have the bubble bath and candle are all at least 5 lbs.

      • I got the same box as well! I really wanted the headband. The only thing I will use is the Tarte Eye shadow quad and the psychology mask trio kind of bummed.

      • You got the pehr canvas bin!!!! There is hope! I really want another one! Still waiting for my box to arrive.

      • Ashley P I got the same box and I am so happy. I feel like the straws were a throw-in but everything else it totally on point for me. I wish I had bought two of these.

    • One of my two is only 2.6 lbs….. :/

      • Wow. Hope i get your box. My twin daughters n I all got boxes. 3.1, 3.2, & 3.3. Very strange.

    • I received #3 yesterday and mine weighed 5.1 Lbs. The candle arrived broken so I emailed them and they shipped a replacement to me today. I’m happy with my box.

    • Sorry I don’t have the weights! (These were shipped together in one box.) I even tried weighing them on my withings scale – but no luck! 🙁

  50. Great boxes! Overly heavy on November 2015 though. Funny thing is I wasn’t a subscriber to PSMH at the time and coveted that candle terribly. I had searches set up on ebay and kept trying to get it for months. Then they released the box for purchase and I ended up buying it. Now watch me get another two of them 🙂

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