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Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review + Coupon- Jul 2016


Peaches and Petals is a monthly lifestyle box that sends you “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern” items. You can expect items like fashionable jewelry, accessories, and beauty samples.


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Susbcription Box: Peaches and Petals

The Cost: $19.99/month with free shipping

COUPON: Use code PEACHCODE10 to save 10% off of your first month-to-month box. Coupons deactivate once their limit is reached. PEACHCODE50 and PEACHCODE25 have already deactivated.

The Products: “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle” items

Ships to: US

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This month’s theme is “Dance to the Music.” This is the information card that was provided, detailing the contents of the package.


Every month, Peaches and Petals does a pretty awesome giveaway, and this month they are giving away this beautiful Fossil bag! To enter, subscribers just have to share their unboxing on social media with appropriate hashtags.


Boombotix Boombot Mini Bluetooth Speaker – Value $39.99

I love little bluetooth speakers, and this one is super lightweight and gets a decent sound. It’s not an overwhelming sound, but it does just fine. It also says it’s water resistant, which is helpful in summer. Mainly, the name of this speaker cracks me up, and I immediately went and listened to this song with it.


Chroma Lights Temporary Hair Color – Value $15.98

I haven’t tried this yet, but based on the reviews (in the link above), it looks like all temporary hair colors in that it works on some people and not on others. I don’t color my hair with anything permanent, but I love playing with temporary hair colors. Fun!



The Chill Tube Cooling Towel by Cool Core – Value $8.85

It seems like every season there’s one item that shows up in almost all my boxes, and this year it’s the cooling towel. I just sent the kids to camp with two or three of these, so I hope they get a bit of relief from the heat. I don’t find much difference between brands, and I don’t find a huge difference between these cooling towels and regular towels that have been dipped in cold water. The only real difference is that regular towels warm up with your body heat; they are made to warm you up after you’ve been in the shower or the pool, and they are usually fluffy and insulating. These towels are thin and perforated, so they don’t really retain your body’s heat as much. Useful? Yes. Revolutionary? Not really.


Makeup Cleansing Wipes by Global Beauty Care – Value $7.99

These wipes have a nice smell and do a pretty good job removing makeup. We go through tons of cleansing wipes in my family! They are so handy for so many things, especially when you have kids. I’m always happy to get more.


Flower Headband – Value $10?

I couldn’t find this exact headband online for sale anywhere, so the value is a guess. This is pretty, but it’s not my style. I think when I was a kid, I imagined I would spend a lot more time in my adult life frolicking in meadows. If that had happened, I would probably wear this kind of thing more often. Is it too late?


Engraved Song Lyric Bracelet – Value $15?

I couldn’t find this for sale online either! I’m guessing on the value here, too. The lyric says, “Don’t Stop Believin’.” How inspirational! I tried to get a close-up of the engraving, but my zoom wouldn’t pick it up very well. In any case, cute!

Verdict: I am really enjoying my subscription to Peaches and Petals! It’s always full of such nice surprises, and the packages are always really well curated. The items are not the highest quality items in the world, typically, but the box itself is inexpensive. This month’s value (if my estimates are close) comes to about $98, which is amazing for a $20 box! I think Peaches and Petals is a really great way to treat yourself to a lifestyle box on a budget.

What do you think of Peaches and Petals?

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Written by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Anna has been a fan of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013, but didn’t become a true addict until discovering subscriptions she could share with her children. Her favorites include Kiwi Crate and Fab Kids.

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Comments (31)

  1. I really liked this month’s box, but I didn’t receive the cooling towel, and I redeemed points and didn’t receive my surprise item. Hoping customer service will fix this…

  2. I’m genuinely glad this subscription makes people happy, but as for me I’m happy I got rid of it. Many of the products are consistently too low quality to pay even $20, especially when boxes were often delayed with no notice to the customers (unless someone specifically asked on Facebook). I do still check out the reviews in case there’s something in there I do want as I can usually buy it off of Amazon or Aliexpress for much, much less. (BTW, if anyone is interested in the Boombotix blue tooth speaker you can find it on Groupon right now, for $11 and some change with free shipping! I also found the headband on Aliexpress for a little over $3 and free shipping.)

  3. I’m 34 and would totally frolick in meadows if I could! Unfortunately, there aren’t very meadows in South Florida & the ones we do have aren’t really the frolicking type… 🙁 The headband is super cute, IMO. I would wear it & not just for frolicking!

    I agree that this box was a bit of a letdown, but not so much that I think MSA is way off in the review. $20 is still a great price for this box, to me anyway. There aren’t many lifestyle boxes out there at this price point and even though this month wasn’t as good as previous ones, I still would have paid $20 for it. It’s a cute box that does a good job with curation & value, in my opinion. It definitely cannot be compared to PopSugar or FabFitFun, but they cost more, so the items are always going to be better & have more value. Peaches & Petals is a great starter sub if you are looking for a fun & cute lifestyle box, but cannot afford PopSugar or FabFitFun (but if you think about it, FabFitFun is actually cheaper in the long run, since it’s seasonal & not monthly… just throwing that out there!). Every box is going to have a month or two that feels like a ‘letdown’. I start to worry when that box starts having consistent ‘letdown’ months. I haven’t seen that happen yet with Peaches & Petals. Hopefully next month will be better & everyone will be satisfied/happy once again! *crosses fingers*

    All this being said, this was a great review, Anna! I love reading your thoughts and views on the boxes you get! You are honest, to the point, & you always make me laugh a bit. Thanks for that!

  4. Not overwhelmed by this box. The headband and hair color will be going directly on to the swap site as soon as my box arrives. The cleansing cloths are great and the cooling towels are always welcome here in AZ. One of my kids will be delighted with speaker as I already have several. The bracelet is cute.

  5. This was the most disappointing P&P to date with the exception of May’s party box, I am an adult. Yes I really needed a new bluetooth speaker so if this is really a $40 speaker, ok. And wipes are always good. Everything else? Plus I redeemed 250 points for a beauty surprise and got those horrific pointless press on eyeshadows. Such a fail. If last month hadn’t been the most useful box on the planet, as in, everything in that box is in use, this would be a sub killer.

  6. I tend to sign up for brand new subscription boxes as soon as they launch. Usually, these fizzle out after a few months but they are super awesome the first few months like they’re trying to compete or trying to prove something, I think.

    Unfortunately, I’m nervous this is what’s happening with P&P.

    Also, a lot of these boxes end up increasing their prices but they usually always honor the early subscribers and keep them grandfathered into the lower rate. I was disappointed with P&P because when they upped their rate from $14 something to $20, they changed my rate too. I sent them an email explaining that I felt I should be grandfathered into the lower price because I was lower from the first month. I told them that I understand if someone pauses or cancels then resubscribes and their rate needs to change, but as long as I left my account alone, it should stay the same. They said they didn’t follow that rule/protocol so my rate went up just like everyone elses. It was easier for me to justify this box at $14 something a month but getting it closer to $20 now means its competing with these higher priced boxes too.

    Maybe that’s silly but at the lower price point, I grouped it in with the cheaper subs, like Ipsy, Birchbox, and other $10-15 subs. At the $20 price point, it brings it into a different category that I think it’s having trouble competing in. This month really shows that too since I think it was their weakest box yet.

    Typically when I open their boxes, it is completely full and I get excited and wonder where to start. My immediate impression this month was that the box looked very empty. They maybe should have used a smaller box so the large one didn’t look unfilled.

    I’m just rambling now.

    • You make a lot of good points–I was in the same boat and finally cancelled since this box was sometimes WEEKS late ( I would get September’s box the third week of October) and felt at $15 bucks it was OK but at $20 ( and their promise of higher end items with the higher price which was a lie) it had better bring either the WOW or the value. I bet you that necklace and headband are worth a couple of bucks each and the speaker a few dollars more but intentionally they don’t post the honest value. That being said, their customer service is friendly and responsive, but reading the reviews these past months I am missing nada.

    • My contents DID come in a smaller box this month–maybe they are listening to you! 🙂 Mine shipped out in the last wave and was delivered on July 30.

      I really miss the spoilers. Remember how the boxes used to have a card spoiling an item for the upcoming box? Now the spoilers seem late and random, like when we were told about this month’s speaker. It’s August 9 and I don’t think we know we have a spoiler for the August box yet, do we? So there’s no way to know the spoiler before you are billed.

  7. I totally agree with the reviews. I ended up canceling my subscription for P&P before I even got this crappy box. I got this one with my 50% coupon, it wasn’t even worth the $10 I paid. Not impressed. Plus, I was going be billed for my next box before I even got the first one, what the heck? I kind of feel like Subscription Addition is way off on this one. They can say all the positive things about this worthless box because they got it for free. What a rip off.

  8. I may be the only person I know who doesn’t already own a Bluetooth speaker, so I’m happy to have this one. I enjoy listening to audio books while doing other things around the house, so hopefully this will be an improvement over my kindle’s sound quality. The hair color is fun, and something I’ve never received in a sub box before, plus it goes well with the theme. I love cooling towels! To really get the full effect you have to wave or spin the towel in the air after getting it wet. Also, if used dry, they are so much better at wicking moisture than a regular towel. I used this one at a festival over the weekend and it was perfect. They are also helpful in yoga, to help prevent slipping when you start sweating. I can never have too many packets of wipes. I keep them everywhere, at home, the office, in my car, my purse, etc. Again, took the wipes to the festival with me, to help keep my face feeling fresh while dancing in the heat all weekend. The headband would’ve been perfect for the festival too (I’m 31 and frolicking through fields has me in better shape than I was at 18), but I wore the hat from the PSMH resort box instead. I feel pretty ambivalent about the bracelet. Overall, I’m happy with the box, and impressed by P&P’s consistent dedication to each box’s theme.

  9. It’s never too late to frolick in a meadow while wearing a flower headband, IMHO.

    • Couldn’t agree <3

      • Couldn’t agree more* oops!

  10. I always love reading your reviews, Anna!

    As for this box, I’d dig the speaker and temporary hair color… Not so much the headband or towel.

  11. This box was a giant let down for me. I subscribed because June looked nice and was excited for the free hammock. The hammock seems extremely cheap unfortunately. I will be giving away everything from the box – definitely dollar store comparable items. Oh well!

  12. This box still feels like leftovers that didn’t sell at a dollar store. I am pretty glad I cancelled it before the price went up.

    • Totally agree…discount and dollar store crap…or maybe the “better” items from the clearance table at Kmart…;-)

    • This was my exact thought! That is why all the boxes are slightly different. Also, I find hair color in a sub box very odd. I suppose when you are buying pallets of rejected items, you put in the box what you get.

  13. I am well beyond what their intended audience is but I like getting a box of fun surprises some of which I can use each month. That being said, this was probably the weakest box out of the 8 that I have received– I will probably only find use for the towel. My headband had red flowers. Did anyone notice that there was no “surprise extra” included in this months’ mailing? And in other P&P news– my mystery box is out for delivery today and shipping info says that it is a whoppong 9.1 lbs– did anyone get theirs yet?

  14. I haven’t received my July box yet (ordered June 16th – deadline they’d said) but it should be here soon. I’ve already been charged for Aug. I’m fine with that in theory, but it also caused me to end the subscription. I’d like to have a spoiler or at least have my first box in hand before I pay for another box.

  15. I subscribed Saturday using the 50% off code. The website said that that July box was still on sale but now the site says August so I’m not sure which month will be my first. I liked the July them but after seeing the items I’ll only use the speaker, wipes, and towel probably. I won’t keep this sub long.

    • The 15th of each month is the last day you can get that box (I ran into this problem myself and contacted them directly). They update which box is available manually and area always behind, which is very confusing for new customers. So if you ordered on the 16th, that puts you in the first wave of August boxes.

      • Oh phooey. I really liked this box, was really looking forward to the speaker, but I got my confirmation on July 16–so I’m stuck with August? I had a feeling something was wrong when I checked my account and my next payment was going to be late August–if my payment had been applied to July, I suspect they would have charged me much earlier for an August box. Well, I guess I’ll see what they have for August….but right now I suspect I will unsubscribe immediately.

  16. I subscribed to the box with the 50% off coupon and I don’t really think it was even worth that.

    I haven’t tried the speaker yet, and I’m glad to have it, but it sells for just $10 at Amazon.

    The wipes are made in China and they sell for $2 at the discount supermarket by my house. The headband and bracelet are cheapy things that you can get in Ali Express for less than $1.

    I got the aqua temporary haircolor. I’m not impressed. It doesn’t show up at all on my dark hair. On my daughter’s bleached hair it looks like a drab graying-blue.

    Finally, the towel will be used, but it’s ultimately just a towel.

    I had unsubscribed before the box arrived but it definitely not made me want to subscribe again.

    • I’ve seen that towel and speaker at my local discount store, too. Haha

  17. LOL @the song! I’m glad I passed on this and canceled after June TBH, after the month long wait last time, none of this wows me. Granted, if I didn’t have a good wifi speaker already it probably would have. My golf-nut mom would have gotten the cool towel, the wipes I would use, maybe the haircolor spray, but probably not the bracelet (unless a diff color) and definitely not that headband. I guess I was thinking more boho/indie music festival style than flowery Woodstock music festival style 🙂 but hey, YMMV 🙂 Now if it had some beads or feathers or multi-wrap pieces or something that could be cool. I wonder if there are variations on it, and the bracelet? Not too bad for the price, I guess though, but maybe just not my personal style. Its so hard to find one that has everything I want, ah such problems to have!

  18. It made me think of “Boombastic” by Shaggy lol!!

    • I thought of that one too! LOL

  19. Also, as a side note, you are hilarious to have linked to flight of the Conchords. I flipping love it! Thanks for a great review.

    • Thanks Beka! LOL

  20. Oh snap! I’m so stoked to find out that the lyric bracelet isn’t some gangsta rap and that’s it’s JOURNEY!! Don’t stop believing, hold onto that feeeeeeeeeeling! While I will never wear this bracelet, I’m glad it’s from such an epic song. I can pass this along without feeling like a weirdo ( like if it had been Fergies lady lumps or something)

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