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Oui Please Volume 2.3 Box Spoilers + Coupon!

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The theme for the Volume 2.3 Oui Please box is “Summer Escapade.” And here are some hints on brands that will be included in the box:

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More from Oui Please:

“This August, experience a glamorous French summer with OuiPlease.

Summer is a season for bold style, dining alfresco, rejuvenating beauty products and taking time out for ultimate relaxation. Next month, we’re transporting you to the sunny shores of France with OuiPlease Vol.2.3 Summer Escapade. This upcoming curated box features elegant brands including Diptych, Les Interchangeables and more.”

If you are interested in subscribing, use coupon code OUISUMMER to save 20% off a membership.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Disappointed to get a summer themed box on sept 1 ?

  2. I did some digging to find out more about some of the brands and products & thought I’d share in case anyone wanted more info!

    I went to the Aurelie Chadaine site (aka the shoe flap brand), and they have these cute leather purse tassels and lovely minimalist leather pouches for the same price or less than those horrible flaps…wish we were getting those instead! I wonder if they’re just trying to unload those horrible things, haha….

    I think the large Diptyque bottles in the first image are their room sprays ($65). I want one of these!! Fancy room spray is one of those things I love but never spend the money on.

    Saisons D’Eden is an organic skincare line. The product in the image is a perfume-free eye lifting & brightening gel (32.90 euros).

    C.Lavie is a natural skincare line, specifically formulated not to irritate the skin (according to the website). The red box looks like it’s the brightening serum (104 euros). A few items are in green boxes–day cream and eye cream (around 90 euros & 70 euros), and there’s also a micellar water (29 euros). These look like they have really nice ingredients–kind of hoping I get one!

    Pretty sure the rainbow-colored Le Jacquard product is a placemat! Listed on their site at $18 and 14″x19″. The beach towel is 100% cotton, 39″x79″ and is listed at $89

    Fay Maison makes gluten-free (and I think organic) french baking mixes! The one pictured is a gluten-free, lactose-free waffle mix. How awesome! I’d love to get one of these to try for myself or to give to a friend who can’t do gluten.

    The only things I’m really hoping not to get in this box are the shoe flaps (or god forbid, TWO pairs of shoe flaps), Nuxe (never loved their stuff to begin with & sick of seeing it at this point), or the placemats (cute, but I live in a tiny apartment & don’t even have a table to put them on). Everything looks awesome!

  3. It sounds like people aren’t thrilled about these spoilers, but if anyone DOES want to subscribe, they have a 30% off code right now–I paid $455 for the full year, so basically 6 boxes for the price of 3. Code is FRENCHSUMMER … I’ve been so tempted by this box for the past year, but the price had been keeping me away, so I’m pretty excited to get my first box!

    I hope everyone gets things they like this month! 🙂 I figure even if I’m not in love with every single item, I’m sure I’ll get at least $450 worth of stuff I like spread out across the six boxes.

  4. please please…no more perfume!

  5. So after sitting on these spoilers for a night I’m starting to turn the corner on this box and there are some items I really like!

    I just reviewed the Les Nereides website and their jewelry is really unique – it reminds me of some of the more feminine, flowery Heidi Daus pieces but without all the crystals. I would LOVE to own something from this company. I am so appreciative to learn of them!

    The Jacquard Francais products also look quite nice too and I think have pretty universal appeal. Score 2 for Oui Please!

    The Delphine Pariente jewelry is a miss for me (I think I’ve had my fill of sub boxes sending jewelry with words on it) but if I end up with that I’m hopeful one of the lovely MSA swappers might want it.

    I feel you can never go wrong with Diptyque either so that’s another win.

    Nuxe is definitely becoming an over-subbed brand and the cache surrounding the company has faded a bit ever since their products were made available at Target, but I’ve liked everything I’ve ever tried from them so no complaints at all. I will definitely use whatever they include I’m just not particularly excited about it.

    Any food item is a win in my book too. So another score there.

    So the only other real misses for me are the nail polish and the shoe flaps which I can’t imagine being very popular on the swap board either (and the les interchangeables too since we JUST received these bracelets but I know some people love them – they do look great with a bunch stacked together). I’m thinking the “misses” for me are all fairly (except maybe the Delphine Pariente jewelry) low value items so I’m hopeful their inclusion won’t dominate or ruin any box.

    I’m pretty excited now. Fingers crossed for the Les Nereides!!

  6. Shoe flaps? Really? For those of you who got two bracelets, that would have been better – I was shipped last week of June and got THREE perfumes…after requesting to get no perfume at all when I subscribed b/c I cannot wear it…This company is so frustrating!

  7. So loving the necklaces, hoping someone will be wanting to trade. ?

  8. I am so tempted to get another yearly subscription from them. I think the perfume in the next box is what is pulling me in. I actually loved mostly everything they sent me in the year I had the sub. I was just so stressed out from the waiting and the games they played. I promised myself I would be done with them when my sub ended. I am trying to stay strong and not sub again. I have my popsugar , zoe , julep , and fabfitfun boxes. Why do I feel like I am missing something not getting this.

    • Zoe? what is this? unfamiliar. please do tell.

      • nevermind…I just figured it out. d’oi.

  9. No hero item? Those shoe things are bad, but I don’t know many of these brands.

  10. Hmmm, The last box was such a home run for me that I knew it was going to be a tough act to follow it. So I’m hoping that this will be one of those boxes that I like so much more when it’s in front of me instead of when I’m just looking at relatively vague spoilers. I can’t even figure out what the hero item is supposed to be (I feel like they had two last month with the beach wrap and the lingerie…did I already say how much I just LOVED that box??!!). The jewelry? The linens (but who knows what they would actually include from the specific textile brands)? And who knows if everyone will actually get those. I really liked that Oui Please started offering specific hero item spoilers and the boxes were a bit more consistent across all subscribers but this feels very random again. Who knows. Hopefully it will knock my socks off somehow.

    I was also surprised to see the nailmatic brand included in the box. I remember reading about that product a few months ago and I was so puzzled by the concept from a business standpoint – it’s essentially nail polish that is distributed through vending machines. I couldn’t imagine myself ever suffering from a nail polish “emergency” where running to Sephora or Ulta or Target or a drug store or wherever was just too inconvenient and too far away and I NEEDED to buy it from a vending machine. I get it for snacks or drinks, but nail polish? I found it so bizarre.

  11. I didn’t even know what the shoe flaps were from looking at them. Who uses whose? What am I missing? How do you style them?
    They need to offer pick your own spoiler item or guarantee a specific item to all(which they did last box) The biggest complaint of this box is uneven boxes sent out to people. Some get awesome boxes and others get dudes. Their shipping also stinks. Come on Oiu Please read and learn from your customers and change what is wrong with it and keep what is great. You have awesome items but spread them out better. Change shipping companies or get them ready earlier- all of them. We all want to love your box and will spend our hard earned money on it and this box is not cheap. We want you to be successful and thrive by keeping us wowed when we receive your box in the mail. Here’s hoping.

    • I had to google those shoe flaps. Those look … interesting.

      I get the feeling that to use them in a non-comical fashion I would have to go buy a new pair of shoes that are suitable.

      I was subscribed to this box the first year but haven’t renewed so now I’m just watching the boxes others get. Since I got an annual with a 20% discount I always felt the value (at least $86) was there. If I had paid full price or had a shorter term subscription then I wouldn’t have always been happy.

      • “non-comical fashion” I’m dying hahahahah. I love menswear and when I realized what they were, I was just like, “uhhhhhhh okkkkkk.”

  12. Great brands…first time im remotely interested in Oui Please but I could never deal with the variations in the boxes. Its totally unfair…

  13. Big pile of no. I was shipped in the last round of boxes and got a crap box. Im sorry but those Les Interchangeables bracelets from last time looked like a blinged out hair-tie we were being told to pretend was a bracelet. And I got stuck with TWO of those while others got lingerie and BangleUp.

    • Me too but I was so happy with the cover-up/scarf that I forgave them 2 bracelets.

  14. I just love Diptyque so so much…must…resist…

  15. I think I received the very last box shipped for 2.2. No candy or tea and the beauty item was from a previous box and not the item listed in booklet. No lingerie and received 3 bracelets all odd colors. Maybe it is just me but the jewelry items from the very beginning have never been my taste. The saving grace was the Sencha and Bourbon but was not a great color. After waiting and emailing for when my box would ship I found I was afraid to open my box for fear of disappointment. I just knew they would run out of items and I feel that is what happened. I have been an annual subscriber from box one but this may be my last year. I want to subscribe to boxes that bring happiness,not sadness. I look at the spoilers and know I will not get any of the items I had hoped for.

  16. I am sorry but how many people will actually wear those shoe flaps?? Let alone pay money for them. Maybe if I was a golfer or someone who was more preppy than I am I would understand this better but those just look hideous. It’s summer so I would think a good sandal or something more beach inspired or warm weather inspired would have been a better pick. I am with the other person who commented saying that I would inevitably get the shoe flaps and the nail polish if I subscribed :/

  17. I like how the last box guaranteed an S&B wrap. There are some nice things here, but I know better than to think I’d ever get them, unless they promise that everyone will get something specific.

    Otherwise, someone else will get a cool towel and fancy candy and flower jewellery, but I’ll end up with polish and shoe flaps, I just know it!

    • Agreed! I’ll be waiting/hoping for a second spoiler before I decide whether or not to get this one… Based on the pictures so far though, I might be sitting this one out.

  18. Still feeling stung from all the drama when I was a subscriber. Still don’t believe they will actually ship on time and still suffering from box envy. I may have to go to a psychologist to get over the trauma 🙂

    • LOL. oh, i’m 100% there. would never go back.

    • For sure. Great brands and they could be reaching out to better partners but this company has zero sense of business operations. I was so huffy about being (quite possibly) the LAST one to receive the last box, after several emails begging for updates – by the time I did get my box, the joy wasn’t there. So not worth it.

    • Haha, same here! I can’t bring myself to go back until they stop the variations that are so uneven!

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