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It’s Back: GlossyBox Sale – 2 FREE Bonus Boxes with Subscription

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This deal is back!  Use coupon code COOLOFF to get 2 free bonus boxes with your first month of GlossyBox.

(FYI – your first box will be the July box, and then you will be charged for the August box, so essentially this deal is buy two boxes, get two free.)

We recommend checking out to comments on this post before subscribing as some MSA readers have had issues with GlossyBox recently.

Full Details: *Offer valid through July 31st, 2016; 11:59 pm ET. Valid only on the purchase of any new recurring subscription (Monthly, 3-Month, 6-Month or 12-Month) and will begin with the July 2016 Edition; no substitutions or exchanges permitted. Cannot be applied to an existing subscription/order or combined with other codes/offers/promotions. New subscriptions cannot be delayed and will begin the date the plan is created. Promotion of two free past boxes will be automatically applied at checkout and shipped separately from the July Box. Offer not valid for Canadian residents. Only valid in the Continental U.S., excluding Alaska & Hawaii. Available while supplies last.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I am very curious to see what my 3 boxes will be. I have seen the awesome July box that some people got, then I have seen the horrible one. I do see that my 3 boxes that are coming weigh 4.9 lbs. Idk how anyone can tell from that what in in the contents of the boxes. Anyways, hoping I get the good July box. I don’t mind whatever the rest of them are, but I find it crazy on so many levels that Glossybox would send certain people one great box, (of the same month) and others get $3 drugstore items, Just my thoughts & staying hopeful. <3

    • I contacted Glossybox and they told me my July box will come first and 3-5 days later my 2 free boxes will come. Not sure why some got them all together and some get them separately but my box also weighs 4.9. Just thought I would share.

    • I contacted Glossybox and they told me that I would receive my July box and the 3-5 days later I would get the other 2 boxes. Not sure why some get them together and some get them separately. I just thought I would share. My box weighs 4.9 lbs as well.

      • Did you sign up mid-July when they ran the SUMMERFUN deal or end of July with COOLOFF code? I signed up July 31 and am still waiting for shipping info. I thought there was a note when I signed up that said the boxes would ship by August 10?

        • I signed up with the cooloff code and I recieved my boxes today. They said they would be sent separately but they came all together.

  2. Hmmm I’m very happy with my three boxes. Will probably still cancel because of the recent reviews/problems

    • I’ve gotten my 3 boxes yesturday, the July box, June box and april box, I was happy woth them. But I have cancled because of reviews I have read, so august is my last month, we’re I didn’t get to cancel before the 15th. But I hope august is a good 1 were it’s my last.

  3. I signed up for Glossybox under the “SUMMERFUN” 2 free boxes deal (before realizing that I’d be locked into paying for August). Ordered on July 18th, didn’t get my tracking email until this morning (Aug 2nd), and funny enough when I got home it was all THREE boxes – July, June (the Tony awards thing), and a random one. The two bonus boxes were incredibly disappointing/underwhelming, but I’ll probably use everything in my July box!

    I feel bad that as a new subscriber, I got one of the “good” July boxes: Nuxe Shimmer Oil, Nail Miracle Mist, Too Faced melted lippie, Eyeko fat stick, etc. Really solid. This box alone makes me happy that I jumped on the deal, but given all the customer service woes and the unreliability, I’m very happy that I’ve cancelled Glossybox. Even if August blows me away, I’m too wary to resubscribe and play the lottery with hoping to get the higher-value box, and not one of the low-value variations.

    • Ah, to comment on my own post, I looked up some past Glossybox reviews, and it appears that my “random” box was actually the April box minus the mini-perfume (got a mini hair CC creme styling product instead). I’ll be giving a lot of the bonus box items away at work, whereI’m sure they’ll find happy homes.

      • I was one of the existing subscribers who got the low value variation – don’t feel bad! I don’t begrudge anyone their Nuxe oil because I didn’t get one ?

        I think all new subscribers may have gotten it, and some existing subscribers got it as well. I haven’t heard of any new subscribers getting a lower value box. My guess is that they wanted everyone to get the Nuxe oil, then they got a ton of new subscribers and couldn’t meet demand. Which would’ve been fine if they’d made up the difference with something equally good, but whatever, beating a dead horse. What bugs me the most is the lack of a real apology or explanation. All they keep saying is “sorry you were disappointed”.

        I thought a lot of people were getting June and January, so I’m surprised to see that you got April. Better ANYTHING than perfume!!!

  4. I’m not happy about any of it either. I still have not gotten my box and it is Aug 1st! I am pretty sure I didn’t get the Nuxe oil like the told me EVERYONE was going to get. I canceled and won’t be back until they make things right and at the pace they are going they won’t and the company will sink. Word of mouth hurts business, expetially if it is all bad words! ?

  5. So i just subscribed today used the code cooloff. So does that mean i get charged for july and august plus get two boxes for free? Im confused.

    • Yes. The free boxes are a past box and a review box from Oprah or something

    • I subscribed for the 2 free boxes on July 18th, and in the far it said if you joined after the 15th you’d get july, and be charged for august, just make sure you cancel by August 15th so you don’t get charged for september, but you will get the 2 free boxes with your july box. It will come in 1 box, mine shipped today finally and is scheduled to be here saturday, I asked the same question about when the 2 free boxes would arrive and another girl said hers all came in the same box and the tracking showed her 4.8lbs, and my first sub box I got I used the code pool party for the free julep polish and a free mascara, and it weighed 1.8lbs, so I know that this box is gonna have my 3 boxes in it cause it weighs 4.8lbs as well. But I didn’t recieve the free polish or mascara when my 1st box came, and I emailed them about it and they replied back to me telling me that they were out of stock on those items and gave me a good sized list to pick 2 more products from which I preferred because I would rather have the products I chose which was a Trust fund beauty polish in a really nice color and a angled face contour brush. So I am happy with glossybox for the time being I hope hey don’t dissapoint.

  6. I have really loved my glossyboxes. But I did not receive my July box yet. According to my glossydot surveys, I did not get the NUXE or the lipstick. I wish they would step it up. because the boxes are usually good. I cancelled.
    Even though this months Sephora is not really to my liking, I am keeping them. For 10 bucks a month, I will not cancel. But Glossy, charging 21 a month and not delivering, … poor business practice.

  7. I was so impressed with my first order from them, and the quality of the samples, that I wanted to try this order, too. I know the July box will be a duplicate, but will the 2 free boxes be June and January again, or different ones?

    I’ve emailed them, called them, and left queries on their Facebook page, with no response. Guess they didn’t want my $42 (for 4 boxes) after all. 🙂

    • Both their website and Facebook indicate that their business hours are 9-5, Mon-Fri and that they were experiencing higher than average call volume. I also saw a note that stated up to a 4-day response time on email, as well.

      With a good number of their 800k subscribers ticked off about Nuxegeddon and ridiculously tardy shipping, I doubt if it has anything to do with them not wanting to take your $42.

      There are a lot of highly annoyed subbers this month, from what I have seen/read. So, I suspect they (the actual human beings who have to answer the angry mob) are getting daily beat downs. Although GB’s questionable marketing of the July box brought this onto themselves, I could not imagine having to put up with that call after call after call. I would go off on someone and be so fired my first day, lol.

      • They have phone support on Sat and Sun, too, but not for me.

        Part of being a business is to get new money and orders, while also handling problems.

        • LOL

    • June and Oprah review box that’s all small samples

    • I should add that they did reply to me on Monday, too late for this sale. But they confirmed that the 2 free boxes would have been June and January, which I got the first time. I love the June Tony one, but don’t need a duplicate of it. Now wondering if the New New sale will also be either a free June or Jan?!
      I’m not familiar with the Oprah one.

  8. my july box label was just created on 07-28-16. At this rate I would be lucky to get my box by end of next month. This is terrible. I mean I’m in month 11 of my annual subscription. You would think that they would want to earn my business because my annual subscription will be up for renewal next month! Instead they are too busy trying to give all the good boxes to the new customers that will probably sub for one month to get the bonus items and then cancel. Their CEO should get fired for lack of common sense if not poor customer retention.

  9. How do I know if it worked or not? I used the code cooloff it said code applied but I don’t know if that means I will get the extra boxes..

    • I’m in the same boat. The coupon code said it was applied, but that’s it.

      • Right.. You would think that it would indicate the extra boxes somewhere on your order.

        • It’s getting pretty annoying on my end. I haven’t received any type of shipment confirmation. So now I have been charged for July and August. I tried calling yesterday during their business hours and the recording said to email them and then hung up on me. Sketchy. So I emailed and the auto response email said it could take up to 96 hours for a response. So if I am lucky I will be contacted 4 business days later? Ughhhhh I just want to know if I will like the boxes or not so I can either cancel it or keep it.

          • When I emailed the it said the same thing but the emailed me the next day. I got my boxes today and I was very happy with mine. I did get the better July box and the Tony box and not sure what the 3rd one was but it was good. Hope you have good luck with yours..

    • Look at your invoice it will say if the discount was applied it will say cool off above the tax

      • It does thank you very much for the help..

    • I was concerned about the same thing when I subbed for 2 free boxes with the first code, and I was able to do a live chat and ask I was assured it was credited to my account, and due to the weight on my tracking info it was, so watch the weight for your tracking info when you get it, it should be around 4.8lbs.

      • Great!! Thanks so much for the help.I sent them an email and it said they were behind due to the high amount of emails.. lol Sounds like a bunch of unhappy customers..

  10. I got the 3 for 1 and I was THRILLED! Nice big sizes, unlike some I could name (Sephora). I got July with the oil, June, and some winter month.

    I would not want to pay $21 each for 2 of them, but this current deal for 4, $10.50 each, is still very good, I think.

    Yes, the inequality is very annoying, but there are variations in every single company beauty box, it seems.

    As far as shipping, I noticed that they used FedEx for part of the trip, but it was delivered by my postman. I think a lot of online services are doing this now: using the PO for the last leg. That makes it harder for them to give an exact delivery date, as everyone knows the PO…

  11. If you are new to Glossybox, I highly recommend reading some of the recent reviews before subscribing. They send out varieties and the total value difference became a big issue. I am a little over half way with Gilt deal and I have received both more popular varieties (higher valued) and less desired varieties. So, I don’t think it is new subscribers vs. current subscribers. This month was the Nuxe oil issue and I felt my box was about $40 less than highest valued box which is big, so I wrote an email to customer service without asking for any compensation. I basically suggested that the few variations are acceptable so long as all subscribers are given a fair variation and value. It would have been fine if some of us received Nuxe original oil and others with shimmery one. Hopefully many of us will continue to write/call with the hope of change. I didn’t receive responses until a few days later, but they offered me a product which was nice. I hear Glossybox used to be great and we all want to like this sub again!

    • You mean some people got the Nuxe oil, non shimmery?

      • Yes, if you see a thread under Glossybox August spoiler one, there are quite few people who received the original one. It has a sticker of “happy holiday” which indicated that the item was from EL holiday box last winter and someone here mentioned that it expires at the end of this year. As far as I remember, the LE box was sold out, but somehow they had inventory.

      • Some of us didn’t get a Nuxe oil at all.

  12. I am still waiting for my July box. 🙁 Stinky service in my opinion. lol

    • Me too!! I messaged them on FB about it and no response yet. My label was created on the 20th and nothing since then.

  13. Everyone seems to have a bad experience with glossybox customer service. … but i think theyre amazing!!! my boxes always arrive on time, and if there’s any issues they’ll resolve them right away!!!! I had some punk stealing packages off my porch and glossybox more than happily replaced the boxes that were stolen. (of course the police was involved in the usps investigation) They’ve always been so helpful and professional !! Due to my childs increasing medical bills , i had to cancel all my subs.. but as soon as i am able to , i am going back to glossy!!!❤❤❤

  14. Thank you, Liz, for keeping the blog open to discussion in the comments about this sub, too. I know a lot of
    us (myself, especially) are being very negative. You’re not giving an opinion, which I completely understand, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of being a cheerleader for every box, highlighting all the good while ignoring/suppressing the bad. Not everything can be awesome, and sometimes subs hit rough patches and may redeem themselves later. The openness to discussion convinces me further that MSA reviews can be trusted!

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I think the discussion on MSA is SUCH an important part of figuring out what subscriptions are best for you and I can’t thank everyone enough for contributing. Sometimes I don’t have a customer care experience to share because everything arrived correctly on time, or I was sent a box for review purposes, so getting additional perspectives is so valuable.

      • Yes, Liz . Thank you for this forum.

  15. I’m done with GB. I will cancel tonight (somehow it wont let me cancel on my macbook) The nuxe-oil-gate, the drugstore products (not luxury like they promote) and the fact that I pay full price while they are giving the boxes away to new subscribers. I liked the pink boxes and wanted to use them for the nursery :/

    • Hi Chantal, I would be happy to send you my empty glossy boxes. If you’re interested email me at [email protected]. I only have five so far but my sub ends in November so got 5 more coming.

  16. Sorry that lots of people have had problems but I have to say I just got my three boxes today and I’m THRILLED! The first one I opened was June and it was pretty mediocre but the other two, July with the Nux oil an older box with foot creme, hand lotion and primer, were great for me. This was a fabulous deal for $21!

    • Aww I got a review type box from Oprah or something I wish my other was that box

  17. I got all of mine in one day. I’m very happy. I added points and got 4 boxes. (Yesterday)

  18. I subscribed on July 18th using this same promotion (I think the code was “summerfun” though). Anyway, that was over 10 days ago and it still has not shipped. Does anyone know if that is a normal timeline for them or should I contact them about it? Thanks!

    • Yes, it’s normal for them not to ship. It’s also normal for them to create a shipping label, but not hand over the box to the shipper. Ten days later, when you manage to get a hold of a human at GB and ask WTF, they will say, “Ah, FedEx messed up, and they used a tracking number, and that’s why your tracking number doesn’t work.” You then ask politely (a) whether the nice lady understands that it was GB who issued the label, not FedEx, and (b) when GB had intended to send you the new tracking code (you already know the answer, which is never). The lady then gives you the new tracking number. You look it up, and point out to her that according to this tracking number, the box only left their warehouse 24 hours earlier. She pretends that she doesn’t understand what your issue is. You give up.

    • I just got mine yesterday! It had all three boxes in it!

    • I ordered on 7/18. Mine is not showing as shipped either. But I know from when I used to belong it does take a while sometimes.

  19. Speaking of poor CS –
    I changed my address on May 31st so the June box would be shipped correctly. About the third week of July I had a notice that I had a box from Glossy Box at the post office and $9.51 was due. I emailed them that I had changed my address and was not paying another $9.51. Three days later they replied with – We pull all of the addresses in the system on June 1st. You changed your address on May 31st and In order to ship to the new address you would have had to change it by June 1st. And to note that they may be forwarding charges.

    Ummm…..what? I replied I DID change it before June 1st. May 31 is before June 1. And again, I am not paying to pick it up, Please issue credit. She replied, oh sorry, you did change it in time. Due to our policy we cannot issue credit but we will reship you another box. Which I did get.

    All that trouble for the terrible June box. They are something else!

    • Just….WOW.

  20. I’m so over GB that if they were to pay me to take the boxes, I would still refuse.

  21. I just received all 3 boxes ( I got in on the 2 fee box sale.) It was worth it! Now I want to cancel. I’m pretty sure I’m locked into the August box, though. Can I cancel on their page?

    • Yes. I cancelled mine about an hour ago. It’s pretty easy to do from your account. Click on the link to the left that says reoccurring orders and the buttom will show up right above your monthly subscription. We are locked into paying for August already and it will give you a message confirming that but I’m OK with it. Still a good deal to get 4 boxes for $42 and atleast this way I was able to test them out.

      Now I have some pretty pink boxes too! lol. I’m going to pick up some Washi Tape for $4 from Target to cover the logo and use them in my vanity area for storage

  22. I feel bad that current subscribers weren’t given the “good stuff”. I signed up specifically for this deal earlier in the month and received the Nuxe Oil, however, if it’s any consolation to the people that didn’t get it I noticed that it EXPIRES 12/2016 so barely 4 months from now. Such a short shelf life makes me feel like they just gave us leftovers that they couldn’t already get rid of. Probably why only some received them. I was excited to get mine but I’m turned off by the smell. It has a very strong odor in my opinion. Reminds me of wet cardboard. I’m not sure if it’s normal or already starting to turn rancid (maybe from the heat?).

    In any case, I hope they make it up to their loyal subscribers somehow because companies shouldn’t only use marketing tactics to lure new people but need to perform well to also keep the ones they have in order to succeed.

  23. I think people will have to look at past Glossybox posts to see people’s specific complaints.

    For those not up to speed, Glossybox released a spoiler for July saying that Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse would be “in every box”. Then that spoiler inexplicably disappeared, and GB’s line, IIRC, was that some but not all boxes would have it. No explanation or apology. I have a screenshot of the original spoiler. The July box was also billed as a $90 value and would make all your dreams come true (OK, I made up that last part).

    Every box had four of the same items and then two of three different variations:

    1) Nuxe oil and Too Faced Melted lip color (value ~$46)

    2) Treehut shave oil and GLOW solid perfume (not sure of value)

    3) Sabon shower gel and lotion and Sinful nail polish (value less than $5)

    A few people got a mix of numbers 2 and 3. Some people got number 1. A bunch of people, including me, got number 3, which was my second month in a row of getting Sinful nail polish (value $2), and my box was missing the Sabon lotion. Not that I cared because I got it a few months ago and hated it then – a thought I expressed in my Glossydots survey. I also told them in two surveys last month how a $2 nail polish had no place in a Glossybox. It seems that a lot of people’s Sabon shower oils leaked all over their boxes, too.

    From what I read here and on GB’s Facebook page, a lot of boxes shipped super late, meaning people missed the deadline to cancel their August box, and/or have yet to arrive as well. Customer service seems to have black holed a lot of these complaints.

    To cut to the chase, a lot of people, myself included, are very upset. Their Facebook page was full of complaints until this morning, when a bunch of negative comments and posts disappeared, mine included. Now visitor posts have been disabled, as well as the ability to view past visitor posts. I read on Wednesday that their online chat had been disabled. I don’t know about calling them, but they promised a 72-hour response to my complaint e-mail and took 4 days. It was pretty much a canned blow-off defending the supposed value of my box and offering me one consolation item (nothing particularly interesting). I replied in short order but haven’t heard anything in roughly 48 hours.

    To me, it looks like they’re in panic mode. My sister writes and advocates for a consumer advocacy group and has an article to be published on 8/1 about their terrible cancellation policy.

    Proceed with extreme caution and expect to be disappointed, is all I can say.

    • I received a different variation than those mentioned above. I got:
      4) Tree Hut Shave Oil and Kerastese Hair Mask

      • Well, that’s a new one! Any idea on value?

      • I got the same variation of #4 along with Glov Quick Treat, Eyeko fat stick, the nail mist and a fan go sheet mask which was so complicated that I just used the serum in the packet as a mask. My value was $73.63.

    • I got number 3 too. The lotion was missing and the shower gel leaked. Glossybox use to be my favorite. It ranks with Birchbox now. Will not renew. Just got my July box Tuesday.

      • This box and last month, which also has Sinful polish, was far worse than Birchbox (except maybe the Milk lipstick sample that’s reminiscent of the tiny free Avon lipstick samples my sister and I played with as kids).

        I’ve had issues with GB before, but this was the final nail in the coffin of my renewal unicorn.

      • My lotion was missing too and the shower oil wasn’t sealed and leaked all over the box. CS wanted a picture but I’m swamped with finals and can’t bother. All I can say is, soon as my gilt sub expires I’m outta there.

      • I’m new to subscription boxes. Which are your favorite?

    • WOW…thanks for sharing!! I’d read some of the reviews of past boxes and had already decided that I wasn’t go to try this sub and now I’m glad that I did.

    • This fiasco and the Birchbox points thing has me wondering about the sustainability of these subscription businesses over time. It seems like at some point the selection, value and quality hits a wall with many of them. And with all of the social media feedback, new subscribers might be scared away. Along the same lines, the Subscription Box “industry” owes everything it is to social media–without the reviews, unboxings and discussions, it would never have taken off, so blocking comments is…not a good move. As fun as they are, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them start folding in the near future.

      • I totally agree.

    • There were other variations than just these three. Some people got a Kérastase hair mask, some people got Vichy canned water, some got a sinful colors base coat, some got shimmer Nuxe oil. And for the past week their homepage has advertised the July box as “valued over $60.” But overall, it was a disorganized, disastrous clusterf*%!.

      I received the $45 value one (sinful topcoat and Sabon shower oil). I also received a different product card than what was actually in the box. I finally heard back from CS – their email response took 5 days – not kidding. They claim that:

      “After some investigating, we found the warehouse did not pack the Sabon lotion and oil together. Instead, the Sabon lotion will be added to your August Box.”

      Whatever. I don’t particularly want the lotion sample, but I’ll take it if it’s an addition to the August box. If they try to make it one of the August box products, however, I swear to god I will pumpkin the CEO’s house.

      I’ve been a subscriber since October 2014, with a three month hiatus from July-sept 2015. I’ve had problems with their widely-discrepant-in-value “variations” since February 2015. I got suckered back in by last October’s “French Box,” and then bought the Gilt City year long sub (against my better judgement, too. That’ll learn me!). Overall, Glossybox is extremely hit or miss. Sometimes you luck out and win the GB “lottery” box, but imo, that’s not what this should be about. Opening the bid should be fun and exciting, not accompanied by a vague sense of unease every month.

    • I posted a response here but it looks like it’s been removed. ☹️ Did I unknowingly violate the comment protocol?

  24. Awful 🙁 still waiting for Mt July box. Shipped 9 days ago, hasn’t move since then. Contacted them through email and phone, nothing works nobody follows up. I almost feel like its just a scam

  25. I would NOT recommend Glossybox. Their customer service is HORRID!! My June box was awful and July even worse. I emailed them 3x’s and have not gotten any response. They seem to only care about roping in the new customers and the reg subbies get their garbage inventory……..cannot wait till my subscription is over!!!!

    • This week I’ve learned that you really need to call in to get any response from them, the email responses take forever. I’ve had more luck calling before 12 pm EST than any other time too.

  26. I still haven’t received my July box but was able to peek at the contents through their surveys, and I’m not impressed since they released high dollar spoilers without saying you won’t get ALL of these things AND I’m getting crappy drugstore nailpolish for the second month in a row – same brand!

  27. Just so everyone knows, if you sign up today using this promotion, you will subscribed for July AND August since it’s after July 14. So know that you will actually be charged for two months.

    • I am so glad I read the comments first. I was all over this deal until I saw that without a doubt I was paying $42. That’s still a good price for boxes but with all the problems everyone is having I will pass. Thanks for giving me a heads up fellow MSA friends.

  28. I got this last time and it was a great deal. Pretty much the only way Glossybox will get any of my money at this point.

  29. Of the 26 back boxes they put on sale, only 7 sold out. That’s a lot of back inventory to get rid of before makeup expiration.

    Only a (slightly) separate note, I was very pleased with the July box! I thought April, May, and June were terrible, but July was so good, I liked it better than my ipsy and Sephora boxes.

    • Mine’s been in FedEx purgatory for sixteen days. Called GB yesterday and they said they’d follow up. They haven’t. 🙁

      • Same with mine…

  30. Wow, they must be desperate. I’ll keep passing on them though!

  31. Really great deal. However, I think it’s so unfair that they give some of us super crappy boxes & some get the really awesome boxes. Just not right imo. <3

    • I agree. Are there full spoilers for August yet? Cause I would end up with two of those since I just cancelled from my sub when they ran this deal 2 weeks ago. 4 boxes for $42 is hard to pass up.

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