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GlossyBox July 2016 Spoiler #4 + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 10.01.46 AM

We have another spoiler for the July 2016 GlossyBox!

According to GlossyBox’s Instagram account, the  Fango Essenziali Mask will be featured in the July Box. (Not sure if this is in every July box, or if there will be some variation. I’ll reach out to verify.)

And in case you missed the other spoilers:


The third of the 6 products for July is Leighton Denny Miracle Mist.

If you missed the previous spoilers, the box will also include:

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 9.51.19 AM

NUXE Shimmering Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse and


An Eyeko Fat Eye Stick.

What do you think of the newest spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet:


Use coupon code POOLPARTY 2 receive Julep Nail Polish and L’Atelier Maquillage Mascara in your July box.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. WOW! All of the three Glossy boxes arrived today. I feel like I have received the Glossybox Jackpot! I subscribed to the buy one get two free boxes, and I got all the stuff in the July spoilers box, The Tonys box as one of the free ones and another really great box. I am new to the subscription box addiction (and, yes it is an addiction! + this site drives me crazy with FOMO, I check the site like 5+ times a day…). I just had to share….weeeeeee! Thanks Glossybox,

    • I got the same deal and all 3 of mine arrived today as well! I got all of the spoilers in the July box as well, along with the Tony box, and a 3rd. I couldn’t be happier!! ?(minus the Sinful Colors Polish, not nearly up to the level of any other product in the 3 boxes)

    • I ordered through the same deal but have heard nothing since. Did you get shipping notifications?

      • No, I received no notifications. Just checked the glossy box site under my orders. That said it had only shipped one box, and I did not even know which one it was. Also, look at your messages. I saw on that, they wanted me to review some of my purchases. It had all the products that were in the July box spoilers for me to review, so I figured that I was going to receive that July box only. It was a pleasant surprise to get all three boxes at once 🙂

        • Thanks for the tips. I don’t see that anything was definitely shipped, but it says the “next box” should arrive between 7/19-7/31. No messages or products up for review early. Well, here’s hoping for a Friday or Saturday surprise! (& I did try emailing them – no answer).

  2. I got Nuxe shimmering oil in both of my boxes so I’m not sure why some people didn’t get it and I ordered the second box on the 17th of this month, so it doesn’t have to do with the time you sign up. Maybe it has to do with the profile you set up and what you choose for everyday uses and needs. Even if I would have gotten the other box I would have been happy because it looked great too. I never saw it advertised on Glossybox and I only saw it on here so I’m not sure how this site got the spoiler, but it’s my guess that Glossybox chose at random who got it like some other subscriptions do with special items. So far I’m loving Glossybox and I will absolutely be keeping this subscription! 🙂

    • The spoiler originated on the Glossybox website. They later removed it, you must have looked after they removed it.

    • I’m a regular subscriber – almost a year – I got a shaving oil – no Nuxe.

    • It wasn’t just one other box – there were multiple variations of boxes, some extremely lackluster (like the one with the $2 top coat and $2 shower gel sample). I don’t think it has to do with the profile either (since I don’t have anything nail-related selected. That said, I don’t mind nail items I can’t get at a Walmart). I get that not every item will feel relevant to each subscriber every time, but it’s the discrepancy in value that really gets under my skin. For some to receive a box valued at $95, and for others to receive one valued at $45 isnt right.

      • Okay…this is even grimmer! The Kardashian nail polish and top coat are being sold at some of Colorado’s Dollar Stores. ?

  3. It’s now the 28th and my box still has not shipped.
    BOO on glossybox. if I even get it I betcha I get a crap box too. This is my sub with them and I am NOT impressed one bit

  4. Has anyone else noticed that the ‘chat’ option on Glossy’s site is no longer shown? Are they only taking calls until ‘the heat dies down’ from Nuxegeddon?

    • That may be good news for us! They are receiving enough feedback to know we are unhappy about the “False Advertising” on the worth of their boxes.

  5. Hi I was wondering has anybody else have not gotten there box yet ??? I have not gotten my box yet and it is July 28th this has never happen before and I did not even receive an E-mail telling me my box shipped out

  6. I received all of the spoilers, and I’m a new subscriber.

  7. Anyone get a reply as to why Nuxe oil was advertised as coming in July boxes but wasn’t received by all?

    • I’m very disappointed in gamba. I’ve kept a positive attitude and have been polite in cordial with my correspondence; twice writing and on phone call. During my CS phone call the young woman asked for my email and said she’d send me a list of replacement items I could choose from. Never received an email.

      • Who is ‘gamba’?

        • Oops, sorry. GlossyBox.

          • Oh, lol.

            Did you not get the Nuxe, either? Were they replacing that item for you?

          • We had two boxes come to our home for my daughter and myself. She had a new membership and received the “Deluxe” box. Mine was the last of a 6 mos sub and received the poor man’s box that included the hotel oil that had leaked on all my products. I wrote two emails and received no confirmation or answer. I was told on the phone I could choose 1 product for replacement and would be sent a list of items to choose from. I was told that through a phone call on Monday, June 22. I’m sure the list is stuck somewhere I the cloud.

    • I wrote CS, and got the standard “we got your email and we’ll get back to you” canned response, but absolutely no word after that. I got my annual subscription via a Gilt promo, and all of my boxes have been cheaper variations. I’ve never received a higher end featured item. Knowing this, I will not be renewing.

      For those who did get an option to pick a replacement item, what were the choices? Just curious…

      • Here are the replacement choices that I was given. :

        *AERIN BEAUTY Kaleidolight Palette
        *Benefit Cosmetics – Roller Lash Curling and Lifting Mascara
        *Crabtree & Evelyn – La Source ® Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy
        *Emite Makeup – Diamond Heart Base Primer
        *etre belle – Golden Skin Roll-on Caviar Eye Gel
        *Kueshi – Anticellulite Booster
        *Luxie Beauty – Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504
        *OROGOLD COSMETICS – 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer
        *POP Beauty – Kajal Pen in Sooty Black
        *RITUALS – Zensation shower foam
        *RITUALS – T’ai Chi Shower Foam
        *Teeez Trend Cosmetics – Oasis Gem Lipstick
        *Trust Fund Beauty – Champagne Socialite Nail Polish

        As a side note, I made my selection on 7/22 and have not yet received my item. So,I do not know how/when they plan to ship it.

        I hope this helps. 🙂

    • I Got Treehut (Walmart sells that brand) shave oil.

  8. I FINALLY got my July box in the mail today. It looks like leftovers just tossed in a box (with no information card either).

    -FANGO mask in Purify
    – EYEKO Stick
    – Sinful Shine Top Coat ??WHAT?? After just getting the awful Kylie polish last month?
    GLOV makeup removers
    -GLOW solid perfume in DREAM that arrived with the lid off. It is very small pot, and I don’t like to stick my fingers in perfume.

    NO Nuxe oil, no miracle mist. Very disappointed in the variation lottery this month.

  9. My box was part of the 12 month sub I bought at a discount on Gilt… and I didn’t get the Nuxe oil either. I’m curious as to whether those of us who bought discounted boxes didn’t get them or if it was just random? I wonder if those who paid full price got them?

    • I got the Gilt City deal, and I didn’t get the Nuxe Oil, but I did get the Miracle Mist. I’m usually happy with my box, but I find that I rarely (if ever) receive the high end items in the spoilers. I just know that when I see the spoilers, I’m probably not going to get THAT box variation. Once I’ve accepted that fact, I’m usually okay with my $8 box.

      I also got:

      FANGO mask
      EYEKO Stick
      Sinful Shine Top Coat
      GLOW solid perfume

    • I’ve sort of wondered the same thing. I purchased an annual sub, so I feel I’m in between those who got the great rate thru Gilt vs those who pay the full price monthly. I’ve noticed there seems to usually be three different levels of variations each month, and I always get the middle one. Not bad (IMO), but not the highest value variety either, and I’ve justified it in my head that it’s because I purchased it on a discount, but not a huge discount like others. Even though this may not be the case, my line of thinking has been working with my boxes so far! But, overall I’ve been pretty happy with my boxes. I’m just grateful I don’t get the really bad/low value varities.

      • I’m on the Gilt City deal, and while this month I got the cheapo Sinful Colors top coat and the 1.7oz shower gel, in previous months while on the Gilt deal I have gotten the higher value box variations – the Norell perfume, for example, and the absurbly inflated “organic” serum. Before the Gilt deal I was paying the full $21 a month and received low value variations multiple months. I really don’t think there’s a rhyme or reason (I don’t buy the “customized to your profile” line either) to the variations – pretty sure it’s random. I think any attempt to customize the variations based on what the subscriber initially paid would require WAY more organization than Glossybox is capable of.

    • Haha! At least you got a stick perfume, I got a stupid little $2.83 sample of sabon shower gel that you can’try even get out of the container… darn you glossybox
      *shakes fist*

      • Just a bad box. Sinful colors top coat really. Supposedly getting lotion and oil. Got the oil only, and all over the box . Will not subscribe after October. Use to be a great box. Not so much anymore.

  10. So disappointed … I got sinful nail polish and a tiny solid perfume instead of the shimmer oil that was posted everywhere
    the spoiler from Glossybox made the oil sound definite

    • Yeah, I agree about the Nuxe being promised. Very shady business practice. I’m done with my 3-mo. sub in August and already cancelled.

    • Same here, except I didn’t even get a solid perfume. It’s false advertising and it’s not ok.

      This box doesn’t even come close to BoxyCharm, and they’re essentially the same price. I would never pay full price for this subscription again, and I’ll probably cancel as soon as my year’s subscription is up unless they drastically improve.

  11. Completely ticked off that i dodnt get the Nuxe oil !!!

    • Really? I’m totally disappointed that I did! It’s so childish!

  12. I know I already replied to Kirsten on July 19th, because I looked at her Instagram post and my box is the same as hers!
    Not sure I understand why some posts go AWOL and others don’t.
    I had been a GlossyBox subscriber for months but quit them about a year ago due to declining value of products. I really missed the boxes tho! For sure it seems like the company splurged on new subscribers and ignored their reliable customer base. It’s what they seem to always do when they have big promos. We’ll see what the next few months will bring.

    • Me too. I guess the Tree Hut moisturizing shave oil is supposed to satisfy me????!

      • Haha, I got the shave oil. I will use it, but I am not really keen to get products in Glossybox that I can pick up at the local supermarket.

  13. Has anyone read the ingredients on the nail mist? I am afraid to use it. Ingredients are butane, propane and isobutane for starters. Seriously? As in lighter fluid and heating oil? Sound dangerous to anyone else? I thought the idea of a mist to help nails dry faster sounded cool, but with chemicals like that, no thanks.u

    My other items were the shave oil, cheap nail polish, mask, glow make up remover and the eye stick. I really like the eye stick. I love masks but have dry skin and received a cleansing mask not a hydrating one. I will try it though. I was bitterly disappointed not to receive the nuxe oil as advertised or anywhere close to the $95 value also advertised. I now realize others have received worse boxes than mine so I probably shouldn’t complain.

  14. if you guys are upset about getting your boxes late, I just got the June box :/ also, I’m pretty sure I signed up in July? what is up?

    • Same for me. Signed up July 1 and got the June box and just today got the July box. Definitely not continuing after my 3rd box. Already sent my cancellation. If this is how they expect to keep customers, they are going down the wrong path. I didn’t get the Nuxe oil that was the spoiler … but some $10.99 shaving oil. Perhaps the best thing in my box is the Glov makeup remover glove which retails at $14.99 on Amazon. Another cheap Kardashian nail polish in of all colors MAUVE???

  15. I haven’t received my July box yet!!! No movement on tracking info either..I’m going to cancel right now!!

  16. My Glossybox for July was terrible. I got the lowest value variation I’ve seen yet:

    -Fango mask ($7)
    -glov-on-the-go ($5)
    -eyeko stick ($12)
    -nail polish drying spray ($16)
    -sinful colors “step 2 topcoat ($3)
    -Sabon shower oil in delicate jasmine 1.7 oz (~$2.23)

    Total value: $45.23

    Meanwhile on GB’s homepage they are still claiming the July box is valued at “over $60.”

    Not only that, but the laughably tiny shower “oil” (it’s a bath gel) I received isn’t even on the info card in my box. The 6th item on my card is something called “Glow for a Cause” solid perfume, so it looks like I got a variation on my variation. ?

    • Jay, I would also be frustrated! Have you thought about contacting CS?

    • I got the same box !!!! ???? After some decent variations I thought this might actually be a good box but nope. That shower oil is a joke ! It looks like something you would see in a hotel. And another cheap nail polish ?! I contacted glossybox yesterday I have not heard back yet.

      • Jen, keep us posted on CS reply. This was my fifth box, first one that I received the spoilers. I know this isn’t a problem for Gilt city subscribers, as I paid full price.


          i’m honestly angry at this point. I hoped for a good month after last month and its terrible.

          I’m going to email too

        • Same exact box here. I have the matching lotion from a few months ago, and “hotel” was exactly my thought when I got that. Plus the scent was sicky-sweet. I was beyond disappointed to see the shower gel, and I was extra disappointed to see another $2 Sinful nail polish after getting one last month, too – and telling Glossybox about it.

          The contents of my past two Glossyboxes looked like the contents of a Christmas stocking for a pre-teen. Hardly a $21-a-month beauty box.

          So did anyone get the Nuxe oil? I was really hoping to get that, but I’d hoped that if I didn’t get it, I’d get something comparably exciting, not $2 nail polish and hotel toiletries.

          • No Nuxe here … Tree Hut moisturizing shave oil is the substitute I guess. Glad I cancelled my three-month subscription already. You are spot on that most of this is stocking stuffer material for a pre-teen!

          • I got the full size Nuxe oil in my first July box. I had cancelled my sub and then re-subbed July 15 with the buy one get 2 free deal so I received a second July box as well. It also had a full size Nuxe oil- only this time the shimmery version. The rest of the items are the same as everyone else, but so happy to get the huge Nuxe oils. I LOVE them. Worth the cost of the box alone. In reality, I paid $42 for 4 boxes since I will receive August as well. Heck of a deal for 20 items!

    • Same box, waiting for a reply from customer service… bout done with glossybox 🙁

  17. Sooooo, here is a funny story.

    My July GB was ‘sent to FedEx’ on 7/13 and the weight was listed as 2.5 lbs. The box remained idle until 7/19, when it started to ‘actually’ ship. Somehow, the box lost weight during its hiatus as now it only lists the weight at 1.4 lbs.

    Wonder what that is about?

    • Yep same with me!!!

      • That is super weird, right? I guess it’s just a glitch?

    • Because they “guesstimate” the weight when making the labels then they get a real weight once they are received at USPS or whatever mail service they use. Happens to boxes all the time.

  18. Super odd, just got an email today advertising Nuxe oil “in every box.” Just for new people? It’s understandable they might not be able to get enough for everyone at a price that works, but then they shouldn’t advertise it! Meanwhile, my box has apparently been sitting somewhere with a shipping label for an entire week? 🙁

  19. I got the Nuxe oil in another sub awhile ago…still have a ton left. Glossybox switched out the Nuxe got some shave oil. I can always use the shave oil but not cool switching out expensive spoilers for cheapo items. The Kylie nailPolish is being given away….I loathe the Kardashians. Everything else I will use. I used my points for this box so maybe they sent me the cheap stuff because it was free. Giving them one more chance because I never get the higher end items.

    • I just canceled. Left a comment about the bait and switch. I am sure my August box (the last one) will be horrible because of my complaint…:(

      • Do you think with over 800,000 subscribers they have time to pick and choose for individual clients? I would hope not. My thoughts are that our contents are spit out by a computer program. Would love to hear from Glossybox.

        • I just pulled out my nuxe oil from the holiday box and sprayed myself down with that! Surprisingly it made me feel better since my box hasn’t shipped yet!

        • I have no idea how items are selected. However it would be in the companies best interest of their customers not to tease them with spoilers and then fail to deliver the goods.

          • I completely agree! This was my first time I received the spoilers, and it is my fifth box.

      • I’m with you and August is my last box too. I cancelled before I got the July box and told them I didn’t expect to get the June box when I signed up July 1. And I contacted customer service about it but never was acknowledged for my question why I was sent an old box. So I think my August box will be the junkiest of all. Not a good way to build a business but I guess their promotions bring in enough people that they don’t care.

    • Alice, I am glad you got the Nuxe oil. It amazing and you will love it!

      • Alyce, I am glad you got the Nuxe oil. It amazing and you will love it!

        • Sarah, Thoughtful for you to take the time to respond, thank you! You are right, it is very nice. I did not receive the shimmer variety, but I’m so happy.

          • I got the shimmer variety and I HATE it! It’s like something from Claire’s!

    • I cancelled my sub after the Tony Awards box and received this box as my last one. I didn’t receive the Nuxe oil and received the shave oil instead. I was disappointed at first but just tried the shave oil and I LOVE IT!! I will be buying it on my own at Ulta in the future. I understand it isn’t Nuxe but it is a great product. Hope you give it a try. So disappointed in Glossy and their box. It used to be one of my favorites. It just doesn’t have the WOW factor anymore.

  20. I received notice last week that my box had shipped, and have been waiting to see movement. When I reached out to glossybox that I hadn’t seen movement was told that I received the wrong shipping code. I have the FedEx app on my phone and know that it hadn’t shipped yet and responded as such. I’m not too optimistic that I will get a good box.

  21. I think I got blocked on Glossybox’s Facebook page. I posted their email response about not getting the Nuxe oil and now I can no longer access the comment page or post any comments.

    • Kristina, did you discover if you are truly blocked? That would be sad business practice.

      • I’m assuming. I cannot see the visitor comments or leave any comments. I can’t even private message them. I guess I made them upset!

    • Yes you’re blocked! I posted a comment on yes to carrots Facebook page because I bought three of their coconut body sprays in each one has broken. I very nicely asked them to please look into the issue came back a few days later because I hadn’t gotten a response yet and I could no longer access visit a proces yes you’re blocked! I posted a comment on yes to carrots Facebook page because I bought three of their coconut body sprays in each one has broken. I very nicely asked them to please look into the issue came back a few days later because I hadn’t gotten a response yet and I could no longer access visitor posts. I assumed that was blocked so I went to leave a one star review and a little bubble came up saying I couldn’t leave a review because I’m blocked. So you are definitely blocked which is ridiculous. I cannot believe companies actually act like this with their customers. I will no longer by yes to products and not believe a single page because they block the -ones.

      • Sorry about the typos, I use talk to text. I was saying that I could no longer access their visit tour posts and went to leave a negative review and was told I was blocked. I also said I will no longer believe any of their positive reviews because they blocked the negative ones

  22. Was super excited to get the NUXE – it did NOT look like it was going to be an item that only a few got. VERY disappointed to yet again get a $10 item subbed for a $45 item – not the first time this has happened. Feel very much like this is bait and switch. Wrote to CS…hahaha…they didn’t care at all. Excuse after excuse.

  23. here is what i got in mine.
    1. Nuxe dry oil $45.00
    2. Leighton Denny Miracle Mist $16.
    3. Too Faced Melted long wear lipstick in Chihuahua.
    4. Fan go Moisture sheet mask.
    5. Eyeko fat stick in satin.
    6. Glov quick see a picture click here:

    • My GlossyBox just came today and I got exactly what you got except my Nuxe Oil is the Shimmer version. I’m really happy! It’s been over a year since I quit them, and I really kinda missed their awesome keepsake boxes. I hope to keep them for at least 6 months or more cause I always liked what I got- I simply wanted to try other options and my budget won’t allow me to overindulge!

    • Dude, that is a high-value box! Instead of the Nuxe oil and a Too Faced lipstick, I got a $2 Sinful nail polish top coat and a crappy shower gel that looks (and smells) like it was picked up at a Holiday Inn in 1994. (I got the matching smelly lotion from GB several months ago, so I guess now I have the complete sadness duo.) I understand that there will be variations, but mine is absolutely pathetic compared to yours, like less than $5 ($2 for sinful, and let’s say $2 for a crappy shower gel) vs your $60+ for Nuxe and Too Faced.

    • This is the same box I got, yesterday! I LOVE it! Haven’t been this impressed for a long time!

      • Good for the two of you to receive the oil!! Out of curiosity, are either of you 1st time subscribers? One of the ladies called GB CS and was told that only new subscribers were receiving the Nuxe Oil. Thanks,

        • Take what they said at GB with a grain of salt. I signed up July 1 … as a new subscriber … and did not get the Nuxe oil. I guess I signed up too late in the month to “get” one of them. LOLOLOL. Glad I cancelled my sub yesterday. They don’t deserve repeat customers.

  24. Yet another disappointing box?. Revealing spoilers to build excitement and then not delivering is unacceptable. Yes, we understand there will be some variation but if it’s so extreme then DO NOT release “spoilers.” Plus, stop sending out Sinful nail polish, it’s a terrible product and we are all sick of receiving it. You will continue to lose customers with the low quality products and the bait and switch tactics.

    • I agree and cancelled my subs with Glossy I felt mislead by the spoilers and got crap got mine today waiting on 3 more gbs not happy at all should have purchased 2?more popsugar all star boxes instead of this crsppy box then others get way nicer boxes smh

    • Well said. Wonder if they read any of these comments.

  25. So excited! This is my fifth box and I received the spoilers. ?
    Nuxe Oil – full size!
    Lenny Deighton Nails – full size!
    Too Faced Melted Lipstick – Chihuahua
    Eyeko Fat Stick – full size
    Fango Sheet Mask
    Glov reusable makeup remover

    I’m thrilled and feel blessed I hit the lottery – I wish we knew the “why” of such discrepancy in our boxes.

    • I would have been happy with your box too u got a good box

  26. I got my box today and I’m happy with it. I didn’t get the Nuxe but to be honest I wasn’t really excited about it anyways. This is what I got:

    Leighton Denny nail spray
    Vichy thermal spa water
    Eyeco eyestick
    Fango mask
    Tree Hut shave oil
    Glov makeup remover

    The spoiler for next month is:
    Too Faced mascara melt off
    I’m excited to try that let’s hope they don’t change it

  27. eyeko stain or the nuxe oil is for the elite clearly …this is what I got in my July box in spite promised spoilers

    Tree hut Shave oil – $10
    Fango mask $7
    Leighton nail spray half filled 16/2 $8
    Washcloth GLOV – $5
    2 Kylie Jenner same color nail polish $3 + $3 = $6

    Enough said !

    I know that this forum is screened by glossybox and I can see the effect in my box every month .. As product value declines faster then I can say ” glossybox” ..I have to assume it can’t get any worse than this hence the honesty ….

    • UPDATE

      reached out to customer service who have offered me the missing eyeko stain and a bonus product .. Thanks glossybox 🙂

      • Did you email, talk online chat or personally call? I want to call them, but am unable to locate a phone #. My box is identical to yours and I received it today.

  28. So bummed to see I did not get the Nuxe oil in my box 🙁 Honestly, I feel like I never get the “good” products shown in the spoilers. Maybe because I subscribed as part of a Gilt deal? Do you think they delegate box contents by what you paid for the box? I don’t think I’ll be renewing when my subscription is up, as there just hasn’t been a stand out box so far for me (and I subscribed in December!).

    • I paid full price for a year and have not been getting the “good” stuff either. I don’t plan on renewing. I feel like it is a “bait and switch.” Glossybox used to be really good a couple of years ago. I plan to switch to Boxycharm.

      • Boxycharm did the same thing they showed a malley eyeliner in ice blue but only some people got it I got an eyeshadow brush instead ? So I cancelled also. Allure beauty box is better than glossy & boxy and first box is only $10 reg $15, beauty fix is good too but mainly skincare but a lot of full size

        • I found out from Glossybox CS the only new customers got the Nuce shimmer oil and I had created a new sub in July it arrived today and was awesome had Nuxe shimmer oil too faced liquid lipstick nail spray eyko eyeshadow stick tango mask and the glo cleansing thing the box was awesome worth 5 times the cost of the box but it’s sad that current subs didn’t get s box even close to as nice as this my other box was terrible

    • Amanda & Tracy, I also paid full price and have not received the featured items for the last two months. I’m really hoping for the nail spray! You know, for many of us this is a monthly splurge, disappointed.

    • I got the Gilt sub deal and I never get the good stuff.

    • I was told by Customer service that only new subscribers got the Nuxe oil

    • I am thinking along the same lines as you. I signed up for a 3-mo. at $14.99 ea. and they started me out sending an old box, and the July box only has 3 of the 4 spoilers. I got the Eyeko fat stick, the Fango face mask and the miracle mist — but a much smaller can than they showed and feels empty.

  29. When do these usually ship? I cancelled my sub after the disastrous (for me) June box but didn’t get it done prior to the cut off so have already pre-paid for July.

  30. This will be my first month getting glossybox. Do they only show a few spoilers and the rest is a surprise? Does everyone get the same thing or are all products different? Thanks

    • This is only my second box but not everyone gets the same. I didn’t get two of the July spoilers (the more expensive ones, of course). I’m very disappointed and will probably never try another subscription box. Wishing you luck in getting one of the better boxes.

  31. Really, another mask? This has been the umpteenth time Glossybox (and other subscription boxes) gives out.

  32. Yep glad I’m not getting this one it’s so blah and June was the worst box I have ever received so I’m sticking with boxycharm and thinking about trying beautycon or whatever that one is called 29 quarterly might be perfect for me sooo over stocked atm

  33. And now the Nuxe oil is mysteriously missing from their instagram page and if you look at their facebook page, they did not comment when asked if it will be in every box. I resubbed just for this oil. Not Happy!

    • Oh, that is not OK. I was given that crappy $3 sea salt spray a few months ago instead of the perfume. Didn’t like it but, fine. Last month’s dime store Tony box was a slap in the face.

      If this month, the Nuxe is first announced then pulled for a ‘select few’ again, I’m out. Done. Finished. I will find someone else who wants to take my money.

    • If you have amazon prime nude oil is only 16.89 today

      • Sorry autocorrect, nuxe oil

  34. Can I use the code? My order has already ran through this month.

  35. What caught my eyes are the tiny barbie donut floaties! Anyone here knows where I can get them? Thanks!

    • Google “donut beverage float” and you will find them 🙂

    • They are from target! I have a set and love them!

  36. Really hoping I receive these items, but honestly if I don’t I probably won’t be able to complain too much. I usually enjoy the variation boxes too, assuming they don’t replace a really nice item with sea salt spray! 🙂

    I LOVE Glossybox – Hoping they have another Black Friday deal again, so I can keep this sub!

    • Agh. Can’t believe I missed the 30% off sub code (SUMMER). Now it just takes 30% off the first box. meh. What was the Black Friday deal last year? Maybe I can hold out…

  37. I know there tend to be a lot of variations, but i hope I get all these. I contacted CS about getting a second box with my glossy dots, but they haven’t gotten back to me.

    • I contacted them twice about using my glossydots for this box with no response. I finally did a “chat” on the website and was told that I was too late. The deadline is the first of the month, apparently. I was asked if I wanted to use my glossydots for the August box and I responded that I didn’t want to use them because I didn’t know what was in the box yet. I was told that they don’t release information about what is in the boxes ahead of time (???). I said, “What about spoilers?” and was told that these are for new subscribers and to promote “excitement.” I am seriously done.

  38. Does anyone know if the the nuxe oil will be full size or sample size?

  39. Hmmm. I definitely don’t need a super-hydrating mask this time of the year, but I can always add it to my stash and save it for winter.

    • I think it’s good for “too much sun” days.

  40. I feel like GlossyBox’s curation has gotten a lot more fun & on-trend these past couple months.

  41. I really hope we’re all getting this item, I have a huge weakness for masks.

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