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GlossyBox Flash Sale – Buy One Box, Get Two FREE!

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This weekend only, use coupon code SUMMERFUNΒ to get 2Β free bonus boxes with your first month of GlossyBox.


Check out my GlossyBox reviews to learn more about this beauty subscription box!

Full Details: *Offer valid through July 17th, 2016; 11:59 pm EST. Valid only on the purchase of any new recurring subscription (Monthly, 3-Month, 6-Month or 12-Month) and will begin with the July 2016 Edition; no substitutions or exchanges permitted. Cannot be applied to an existing subscription/order or combined with other codes/offers/promotions. New subscriptions cannot be delayed and will begin the date the plan is created. Promotion of two free past boxes will be automatically applied at checkout and shipped separately from the July Box. Available while supplies last.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Does anyone know if they will be able to charge for August if you cancel through PayPal? Thank you:)

  2. This is extremely misleading. Almost false advertising. It should read 2 boxes for the price of 2. I will be discussing this with my credit card company.

  3. I just got my July box and I do have to say WOW! Nuxe oil (it’s a very large bottle), fango mask, the nail spray all are there.

    • So glad to see your comment because I joined specifically for the Nuxe Oil spoiler and then became concerned after reading other people’s comments here that it is “only a variation” and may not be included. Fingers crossed that I receive it my box! I’ll be sad otherwise. This will be my first GlossyBox

      • Fingers crossed for you!

    • Do you remember the weight of your box? Don’t know if that would make a difference but mine says 2.5 lbs and I’m dying for the oil too.

      • I believe it was 2.1 so fingers crossed πŸ™‚

    • I subbed for the 2 free boxes, and it’s my 2nd sub, I got my first box already, but the 2nd sub with the 3 boxes, still says packed, and it’s supposed to be july box, ahas anyones boxes ever shipped without it showing the tracking info.

    • That nail spray was HORRIBLE! It leaked everywhere any time I pressed it. And unfortunately I got the shimmer oil. No use for it. Happy you’re happy!

  4. From the Glossybox website:

    “NOTE: If you choose to subscribe to a recurring Monthly Plan between the 15th to the end of the month, you automatically agree to following month’s charge.”

    As of today (7/16), that makes the offer Buy 2, Get 2 Free. I have never gotten Glossybox before, so I think I will give it a shot anyway.

    • How does cancelling work if you pay and cancel via PayPal? Can they still charge for August? Thanks!

  5. I also sub for the 2 free boxes they also allowed me to use my points from a prepaid sub that I canceled when my time is up. So I got 3 free and I then canceled after it cleared my bank.

  6. I subbed today with just for July to get the 2 free boxes and cancelled online the same day. If you wait until tomorrow you will be billed for August as it says under FAQ on Glossy’s site. It’s worth it for 2 free boxes and even if it’s not the best I’m sure I’ll at least like half of the items. It’s a win win for me.

    • You can cancel right after? Are you sure?

      • Yes you can. I actually waited a couple hours before I cancelled. After you cancel it will say your last box will be July.

    • I read it as have to cancel by the 14th. If you sub 15th or later you are agreeing to that month and the following. Oh well I’ll pass because I’m not going want to get stuck with paying for two months if I don’t like the other boxes.

      • Well on my account under recurring sub monthly plan it says ending month July 2016. So it looks like I’m getting July and won’t be charged for August at least I’m hoping.

        • I did the same thing, canceled about an hour later. It also says for me that my last box will be July’s so if they try to bill me for August I can easily argue the point. Sure hope they don’t though lol.

          • I did that yesterday though.

    • When you entered the code for two free boxes, did it state anywhere that you are getting them? I entered it and the site is only mentioning the one box that I ordered.

      • Mine didn’t say anywhere that I am getting the 2 free boxes. I did enter the code and it accepted it. Really hope that they honor that, it’s the only reason I decided to try out this box.

        • Me, too! I actually sent them an e-mail (couldn’t wait – was going to cancel if I didn’t get it) and they said the code was applied, and my two boxes will ship separate from my July box. yay!

  7. I just signed up for a 3 month subscription and it came to $58.50. That is 3 boxes plus the 2 free boxes. $14.50 per box is what it comes out to.

  8. Great offer but after reading some of the comments from past reviews and looking at past items I think I’ll pass.

  9. The April, May, and June boxes were terrible. Why risk getting one or two of them?

    • I thought the last two were really good. I lose track of which month is which:)

    • I just got off the phone with them and they are sending two past boxes for this promo, no way of knowing which and the ship seperatly

    Just signed up, and I’m so excited! I normally love this box, but had to cancel due to budget woes… but I can’t turn down a buy one get 2 free!! πŸ™‚ Thanks so very much!! πŸ™‚

    • Yay!! Thanks, Bonnie! πŸ™‚

  11. I seriously thought about it. I looked up the past boxes from December (which I have received since I signed up with the great deal they had for an annual subscription) – and realized I would any of those boxes again. I’ll take my $21 and go shopping on ebay and find something I don’t have.

  12. Nice! I got one. I’m worried about cancelling though, when must I cancel by to avoid getting charged for next month?

    • I figured it out! If you only want one box, be sure to cancel by 11:59PM tonight, or you will be charged for August’s box as well.

      • Are you sure that won’t cancel this order?

        • I think it will cancel the order, since it won’t be reoccurring. And you will lose out on the 3 box deal, and only receive the one July box. The terms said reoccurring. I remember people mentioning it last time they snagged the 2 free boxes deal. So in essence it’s like paying for 2 boxes $42 for 3 boxes of you want this deal. I hope this helps!

          • So it’s like paying $42 for 4 boxes (July, 2 free boxes, and August)?

          • I read it as the subscription is reoccurring, meaning if you don’t cancel you will be charged for subsequent months. I’ll wait and see how it plays out, but the deal is buy one get two free, if that’s not what they meant it should have said buy two get two free, which is still a good deal, but not what I signed up for. The promo code shows in my invoice, so we’ll see!

      • I just signed up for this deal and called (1-855-738-1140) to cancel. Even though you arent billed for August until that month, you have to cancel by July 15th. The promo is for 2 random past boxes.

        • I want to cancel before today is over since I know it’s their deadline but hope it doesn’t mess up my 2 free boxes

          • I think it might :/ feel free to call them before they close if you want to check. Let us know how it goes ^_^

      • I believe the deadline to cancel for August is July 14th. Here is what it says from the website:

        >What is the deadline to cancel?Γ—
        The Monthly plan cancellation request via your account page will take effect only if submitted prior to the 15th of the month that your existing subscription plan is due to renew. (e.g. you must cancel by January 14th if you want to cancel your February charge/box). Cancelling a subscription will not cancel and refund the delivery orders that have been paid for, it only stops future renewal charges

        The Fixed Rate cancellation request via your account page will take effect only if submitted by the 15th of the expiry month. (e.g. to opt out of your 6 month subscription, which starts with January and ends with the June box, you must cancel by June 14). A cancellation before the expiration will not be eligible for a refund on the remaining boxes in the subscription(s).

        NOTE: If you choose to subscribe to a recurring Monthly Plan between the 15th to the end of the month, you automatically agree to following month’s charge.

        • So it looks like by signing up for this deal you will automatically get billed for August as well.

    • I can’t find the Cancel button anywhere! Why is it not on my account?

  13. If I was excited about any of the July products, I would be sucked in by this deal. It is still a great offer, but I have to admit that I would sub and then cancel before being billed for August. Then I would probably swap 90% of what was sent to me, costing another $20! I subbed to Glossybox for about a year and cancelled when I culled my beauty boxes over a year ago. I would probably resubscribe to Allure or Beautyfix before I reconsidered Glossybox. I currently only subscribe to Sephora Play! for a beauty sub.

  14. The title caught my eye but then I realized there is nothing in the July box that I actually want…..

    • Me too! Then I looked over the June box and figured I didn’t need any of that either. It might be great for somebody who is just starting out or needs more items to start swapping.

  15. Does anyone know if you were a previous subscriber and re sub, are you at risk for getting a box you’ve already received?? I have already gotten April and May and would really want a duplicate…

    • wouldn’t….I wouldn’t want a duplicate.

      • I literally just cancelled a few days ago but I can’t pass up this offe ? I hope I don’t get duplicate stuff, I did a whole different beauty profile, but if I do guess that will go to the swap community.

        • I am in the same boat. I did not care for the June Tony box at all and my July box will be a duplicate but I am hoping for some a variation since I created an entirely different profile as well. I got the Feb. box as my free box when I initially subscribed and I loved it,

  16. Such a great deal. I’ll have to wait til I can. I’ve got mine and my daughters Ipsy, birchbox. Also my Play by Sephora and Boxycharm and bulu. Also one time Popsugar All Star.. My mail lady is flipping out not to mention my husband. I know I canceling Birchbox after August and bulu. Then maybe for black Friday deals I’ll check it out.

    • Ugh, me too, although I just went after this deal. I already have 1 Glossybox sub, Allure, Birchbox, Essence, and now Lookfantastic (really excited about that one) and this new one. lol!

      • I have Lookfantastic too! It’s a great box so far.
        I also went for this offer. Hope they actually do send the two bonus boxes. I put in the promo code SUMMERFUN but don’t really see it anywhere except when I review the invoice on my glossy box account. Does anyone see the code show up anywhere else on their account? Just checking πŸ™‚

        • I just talked to the customer support. They said even though it doesn’t show up, it went through. I had a previous account which I had cancelled, and I was still able to get the 2 free box promo. Hope this is helpful.

          • Thanks so much for the info!

      • I’m really excited about Look Fantastic, too! I’m not sure if Visa debit card charges for foreign buys – still waiting to find that out before i make a move.

        • I use a Visa card, and I subbed for 6 months which brought it out to around $16/month. I think the charge is minimal, if that helps! I’m super excited to get my first box.

  17. I closed out my sub last month after the June box although I still have July coming because I didn’t do it soon enough. This, however, is such a fantastic deal I’m sorely tempted but does anyone know if I could still get in on it or does the fact I’m already getting July box exclude me?


    • I would use a different email address.

    • I’m in the same boat! I signed up last month and got June’s box plus a free previous box (ended up being February 2016). I forgot the cancel or edit in time and was billed the full price for July. I canceled earlier this week but am getting July.

      Even if they honored you as a new member, you’ll end up getting 2 July boxes. I guess since there is a variation you have a chance of getting some different items between the two boxes. For me, July looks blah so I’d rather not have 2 boxes from this month.

      I’m passing on this offer but may sign up again if there’s a similar deal in August.

    • Yes, same here. I called and they said I would get the 2 free box promo. I cancelled in May or June.

  18. This seems like a great deal! 3 boxes for the price of one! Just subscribed πŸ™‚

    • Me too:)

    • Hi Victoria, when you subscribed and applied the coupon code, did you see anything other than `coupon code applied`?

      • no, and then I got worried, I hope it worked!

        • Me three! First time to subscribe to Glossybox. I’ve purchased lots on ebay before but couldn’t pass up this offer. Past boxes look exciting. Full of items that I’m not seeing in EVERY beauty box. Fingers crossed.

        • I literally just cancelled a few days ago but I can’t pass up this offe ? I hope I don’t get duplicate stuff, I did a whole different beauty profile, but if I do guess that will go to the swap community.

    • Me too

      • I’m in the same boat, was going to place the order, but don’t see where it would credit the 2 months. Are you supposed to buy a 3 month and it gives you two of the months free?

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