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Birchbox August 2016 Sample Choice Spoilers + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.18.56 PM

We have the sample choice spoilers for the August 2016 Birchbox! (July sample choice is on July 26th.)

The sample choice options are:

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.45.49 PM

Beauty Protector Protector Oil

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.46.25 PM

R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.47.06 PM

Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray


And here is the August 2016 Endless Summer featured box:

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.48.22 PM

It includes:

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.48.32 PM

Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.49.15 PM

Acure Coconut + Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.49.55 PM

Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Oil

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.50.50 PM

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.51.34 PM

Hum Nutrition Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.52.11 PM

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle

What do you think of the sample choices and curated box? Which one are you picking this month?

If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.13.27 AM

Now through 7/24 (or while supplies last), new subscribers can use coupon code BOLDLINER to get this free Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner ($18 Value) FREE with a Birchbox subscription!

Birchbox is $10 a month, and $110 for an annual subscription. Check out our reviews of Birchboxto learn more about this monthly beauty subscription box!

Full Details: Use code BOLDLINER at checkout to receive a full-size Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner with the purchase of a women’s monthly or yearly rebillable subscription. Offer available while supplies last. Your free gift will ship with your first subscription box. Please note that this code is only valid for new subscribers. Redemption of this code for existing subscribers does not guarantee receipt of these promotional items.


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Okay… Canceling my BB subscription after this month. No hard feeling BB, you have been great and I have enjoyed our time together, but we both need something new and different. I give myself $45 a month on sub boxes and am thinking of revamping/mixing things up and need your help. For $45 a month…will not go over… This NYC gal learned her lesson when looking at what apartments just above her budget will get her… Let’s just say, “Don’t text drive a Mercedes when you can only offord a hand me down Huffy…” Anyways, back to the point. For strictly $45 or under, what’s everyone recommendations on subcription boxes on the women’s beauty/fashion themed (excluding Birchbox) subs? I do have a/nother subscription(s), but, I’m willing to say goodbye if people really suggest others. Plus, I want to see if people suggest the it/them. Any help is appreciated and thanks everyone!!! ps. Liz… Thanks for this site! I’m a frequent visitor and just love the personal feel and reading everything people have to say! Just between you and me… When I open my subs, I love to review the boxes myself like I was reviewing them for your site. I know, super dorky, but it help keeps me honest of what I want to keep and what I want to swap! If you ever need a guest reviewing… My cat will endorse skills and years of experience! Thank you and awesome job with the site!

    • I just received my first ever beautyfix box from dermstore and I absolutely loved it. It had an amazing value and the products varied, so it had makeup, skincare, a lifestyle item, etc. Its about $26 ($24.95+tax) and the samples are pretty big. I also recommend the fortune cookie soap subscription box which is $20 per quarter and has a large sampling of soap, hair products, sometimes makeup, skincare, etc. If you’re willing to splurge on a larger box, FabFitFun is $50 per quarter (or $45/quarter when you sign up for a year) and it has a phenomenal value. Usually well over $200 value per box.

    • How do we get to choose the extra one??? I didn’t know we could do that??

    • Good Being. In the year I have subscribed to them I have only received one product I would not use.

  2. I’m torn. I’d prefer the curated box, but the last two months they’ve put it in the “gift with purchase” section if you spend $35. That means I could get a regular surprise box and also the curated one just two weeks later if I bought something… For some reason that annoys me, I don’t want a second curated box, but I might want both.

    When you use points to buy something does it still count as $ for a “gift with purchase?”

    • Yeah, it’s fine to pay with points — you can still get GWPs.

      I don’t subscribe any more but when I did, there was often a code to get the curated box as the first box of a new subscription. So I would sign up again with an old account, use the code, and get the curated box for $10 without having to buy $35 or $50 worth of stuff. So that is also an option.

    • Get two subscriptions; one for surprises, one for the curated box. If you do not like the curated box that month, cancel before the month starts or get two boxes of surprises.

  3. I have very long, straight, thicķ, hair. It’s pretty coarse, it gets frizzy and it tangles horribly. I could use any product that could help me fix that problem. I have to really tug on my hair to get the tangles out.

    I love Stila long lasting lipcolor. I wear it everyday, but I have never tried the color Patina. The color Dusty Rose looks really pretty and I wear pink all the time. That would be a lipcolor I would wear a lot. I think that would be the box I would choose.

    • Try It’s a 10 (cheaper, get at Ulta and usually they have a GWP going for an extra small bottle, get the kind in the dark blue bottle with the magenta lid) or the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Milk (get at Sephora or I use one or the other on damp (towel-dried) hair out of the shower, then comb through with a detangling brush (nylon bristles with balls on the end, or you can also use a wide-toothed comb). I let my hair air dry after that (it’s thick and down to my waist). That does the trick even in Georgia in the middle of summer (read: humidity and frizz) and there’s no pain or tugging.

      • Okay, I will try one of those. I always let my hair air dry. I have to comb my hair a few times throughout the day or at the base of my neck will get these huges knots. I bought a mini blow dryer from birchbox to have on hand if I go on trips. I will put it in my bag if I need it. It is really small and won’t take up a lot of space. I don’t want to use the motel’s blow dryer if I need one.

  4. I don’t like any of the sample picks. Does anyone know if the salt spray could work as a hairspray before French braiding?

    I don’t need or want hair oil…..don’t use it, don’t like it.

    Maybe the curated box? Even with the oil, it might be ok.

    I was hoping boxes would be great to keep us. I am giving them till the end of the year to wow me. Frankly, I was more wowed by my target box than birch box! that’s pathetic! Lol

  5. Birchbox is sending me a Third box. Because they keep sending me the generic pink lid box with the Navy blue bottom and that another empty coola primer. They sent replacement coola primer separate and it was a quarter of the way full. I was going to cancel an now I’ll wait. My daughter resubscribed with Free100 code and did her review and got 50 points for her 6 small samples. Give them one more month.

    • Same thing happened to me with the coola primer. It was practically empt and also received the generic box. So disappointed with them. I am also seriously considering canceling. This month’s choices are not great. I think I will stick with ipsy and Sephora play.

  6. I purchased a gift sub for myself last year during a Christmas deal I think? And have been debating on cancelling, but the curated box is making me want to stay. I only have 4 boxes left, so it’s not really a big deal, especially since I’m paying less than $10 a box. It’s still frustrating though, that I never use all the items. There’s always something I can’t use, either because of color (I’m red headed/fair skinned) or hair type (thick, curly), or it’s a perfume sample which I specifically stated I wanted NONE of. Ugh. First world problems.

    • Another redhead with thick curly hair here!! I know exactly what you are saying.. I have lots of sisters and nieces so I pass on everything I don’t want in their Christmas stocking! 😀

    • Wow. Another fair skinned, curly haired ginger who hates perfume samples here. I swear, if I get another dry shampoo sample I’m going to lose it.

    • Another red headed, fair skinned, thick, curly hair lady here who also HATES perfume samples!! Lol.

    • Lol! Fair skinned. Thick curly hair…..hates perfume samples…..but brunette. Not at all thrilled with these choices. I thought hair products would mean shampoo, conditioner, hairspray……not oils I don’t use. Ugh.

  7. Are you serious? Most of this stuff was in the past 3 boxes. So disappointed. I’m out.

    • I’ve gotten the last several boxes and not seen one of these products before. Seriously. Looking forward to this box.

  8. Does anybody know how many subscribers they have lost since changing their points system? I had two subscriptions and am definitely cancelling one of them. They samples seem to have gotten smaller and getting rid of the points was a horrible idea. My last box had two one-use samples. Pretty disappointing. I thought they would step it up a bit.

    • I cancelled last month. Earning points was the only thing keeping me subscribed because it certainly wasn’t the samples. However, since they changed that, I had no reason to stay. Cancelled my Ipsy too. They both have been disappointing.

  9. Has anyone successfully cancelled their yearly sub after the whole points change debacle? I’ve been debating about whether to try and cancel for next month. I only have a few boxes left in the subscription (maybe through November) but I’m seriously disappointed with the points change and not excited at all lately about any of the sample choices.

    I got a black Friday deal so each box costs me about $6.75 so definitely not paying the full $10 price. So that’s another factor to consider. When I do cancel, plan to subscribe to Play because their sub looks awesome.

    • I was disappointed in the points change and also in the way they handled the announcement and fallout. I have an annual subscription that just renewed in April so worried they’d fight me on issuing a refund to my credit card, but I contacted them after I got my July box (and, of course, reviewed for my final points) and they refunded my card the remaining balance. I made a point of telling them that I knew from Facebook and message boards that other customers had been able to cancel their annual subscriptions and get a refund, so I expected nothing less for me. Just in case they wanted to try to offer me points as a refund as I heard they did with some customers. They did deduct the equivalent value of points from my account since I’d earned points with the purchase of my annual subscription, but I’m OK with that.

      I was also concerned that the company might wind up going under due to this mess so wanted to get whatever money back that I could. I’ll keep an eye on them and if things seem to improve I might consider resubscribing in the future, but my last few boxes have been so disappointing that I think it’s time to say goodbye for now.

    • Yeah, I did. They refunded me whatever was remaining.

  10. Can anyone tell me how the oribe sample choice would be for naturally wavy, long hair?

    • Also have wavy/curly long hair — I didn’t see a whole lot of effect on mine.

      • Thanks for your input. I’m so torn between that and the curated box:/

    • I’ve used it both when I had long hair and short hair (my hair is wavy/curly) – for me, it its more of a light texturizing spray that also gives a little more definition. I do find that for me it works better on my shorter hair now then it did on longer hair.

  11. I’m gonna go with the curated box. Looks good to me and I haven’t completely given up on BB yet.

    Liz! I heard you on NPR this morning! You were great!

  12. Target sales Acure products and the wipes.

    • Yeah, that’s why I’m not missing Birchbox! I can use the coupons from the Target boxes, too, plus put Acure samples in Target boxes sometimes ?

      • they* put

  13. I love love love the badlands dry shampoo paste – I use it almost daily.

  14. *Sigh* I was waiting to see what August brought, but I just cancelled. I haven’t used one product from my July box (NOTHING matched my profile) and am so underwhelmed. Birchbox told me I’ve gotten 57 boxes. =( I am sad to go, but the Birchbox I loved (with great plus items and lifestyle items and new-to-me brands and discovering new holy grail items) seems to be gone. I am hopeful they might come back, but not enough to pay $10 a month!

    • I canceled today as well. Sad to leave them but I’m going to use my $10 a month towards another sub.

  15. Was going to cancel this month, but I may choose the Oribe product- I love the brand but it’s so expensive. The curated box also looks pretty good but I just bought a full size of the BB cream ? Decisions, decisions!

    • I love Oribe and save my points to splurge. But, that wave spray-is like toothpaste in your hair. If you have thick or long hair- I would avoid it. If you have short, fine hair–it might be good.

      • Thanks for the info!! My hair is thick AND long!

    • How do you feel about the BB cream? I think I may go with the curated box. I didn’t love, just liked, my other Marcelle BB cream. It got the job done but I went back to my prior brand (Dr. Jart) and realized how much I didn’t love the Marcelle on me. I think the Dr. Jart just matches my (pale, cool) skin tone better.

      • I had the Marcelle in another box and liked it…but I think it didn’t have SPF in it? So not for me. My Dr. Jart is how I get my base sun protection.

      • I also received the Marcelle bb cream in another box. I didn’t like it personally. I found it to be thick and the color was orangey with my skin tone and I have olive skin.

      • I really liked the BB cream! I have light to tan olive skin and it matched perfectly, but I had to get used to only putting on a light layer- too much and it got really cakey.

  16. I absolutely love the curated box. I JUST got the BB cream for July, but I personally thought it was great. I don’t like foundation, but it was barely there so I was happy. And I love Living Proof brand, and I think that lip color is lovely.

    So far, I’m going to continue my BB sub. We will see how it goes. I will truly miss the points. I finally cashed in my $40 worth for some stuff I had been eyeing. I have this deep hope that maybe they will see it was a bad way of doing it and bring back at least a little of the review points. Even Ipsy’s eventually works out to get something here and there. And they aren’t nearly as generous.

    • I got it in June, I think, but I already bought a full size. I used to mostly wear BareMinerals, but now I feel cakey if I have powder on for my main coverage (I’m about 39). I’d rather just wear a BB cream and maybe some setting powder or bronzer on top.

    • I’m thinking I can’t use that BB cream because I’m very fair and it says for medium skin tones. Am I wrong?

      • I am also very fair skinned, and I got that in a previous box. I just went and looked at it to make sure I was going to use it before I chose the curated box! It looks fine on me, but I am fair skinned with freckles…if that helps 🙂

      • I have extremely fair skin and I got it in a previous box. I put it on slightly with a brush and it looks fine on me.

  17. loving the curated box! i don’t think i’ve ever actually got one of them; but this may be my first. Unless they do the coupon to add on a purchase.

    • I think it’s only going to be my second in a little more than a year.

  18. I may be in the minority here but I really like the curated box this month! Repeats and all. I am always up for trying new face wipes, I love the beauty protector spray, the Stila color looks so pretty, love the bb cream for camping and I haven’t tried the living proof oil before. I’m not so sure about the hum item but 5 out of 6 items is a winner for me.

  19. I’m excited for the curated box! I’ve been with birchbox for a year and the only product I’ve already received is the Beauty Protector and I don’t mind another of those.

  20. I’m prefacing this by saying I’m no longer a BB subscriber, but was for about two years.

    I hate to say it but there are some pretty good items offered this month. The PROBLEM is they’re items that HAVE been offered EVERY month for over two years!!!

    The Beauty Protector oil and spray conditioner are both AWESOME. I LOVED the oil. I have fine hair and it never weighed my hair down and it smelled amazing! The sample was small but it lasted forever. The conditioner has the same scent and was also lightweight.

    Also, that Oribe spray is coveted to me. I would love someday for someone to give me a full sized can of it, but no way would I ever spend the ~$50 it cost. It worked wonders for my hair and is probably the BEST “wave” spray I’ve tried (and I’ll try any beach wave spray I can get my hands on).

    I always enjoyed when BB included the lifestyle items (food, hair accessories) and I see that there’s a powder drink in the curated box. It’d be nice to see them go back to doing that.

    With that said, none of this stuff would make me want to resub but I thought maybe new subscribers might get use out of my thoughts.

    • Exactly. You aren’t a very good beauty discovery service if you’re “introducing” your customers to the same handful of products and brands over and over and over again.

      That being said, I’m with you on the Oribe.

  21. Oooh, Oribe… Beach Wave spray. Dammit.

  22. From the video, it sounds like you pick one sample from the list and then receive a surprise item based on your profile? I am leaning towards the curated box. I want to try the Stila liquid lipstick as I gave away the bright pink one from before.

  23. I was hoping the Oribe product would be any of their shampoos/conditioners or Impermeable spray–I use that like crack during the summer and it’s pricey so a travel size would have been nice. I already have an Oribe beach spray somewhere from either this or another box. None of the other choices are really calling my name.

  24. Glad I cancelled. I’m picky about my beauty products. Play allows me to sample brands I trust. I’ll stick with that.

  25. Although I really enjoy most of the items I get in Birchbox every month, I’ve been really disappointed these last few months with the sample choices, and the curated box. Sometimes I don’t want any of the products available to choose from, and sometimes I want only one, but sometimes I want all of them. I think they need to do a better job of choosing items, instead of the constant repeats. Oribe texturizing spray is always welcome – I love using it. But the marcelle BB cream is just awful, along with Coola products (their tinted sunscreen was horrible). They need to go back to celebrity curated boxes!

  26. Wow. So much of this is repeats from past boxes. That says to me that they’re having difficulty sourcing new brands. I guess maybe since Katia doesn’t care about samples new brands don’t want to fork them over.

    Glad I cancelled. I’d rather not spend my money on services where the CEO lobs thinly veiled insults at her customers in magazine interviews.

  27. Nothing exciting here for me. I guess getting duplicates (of things you like) won’t matter as much now since you aren’t losing any points for having reviewed them already.

    Oh, and the promo deal….did they finally find those Eyeko liners we were promised last year? And, for a company that says they really don’t want to be in the business of selling samples, they sure are trying hard to get new customers.

    Kind of really over BB now. Sigh.

    • I forgot all about those eyeliners! They sure have been stuck in customs for a long time! 😉

      I’ve gotten 2 black Eyeko’s from BB though otherwise so I am all set 🙂

  28. I really wanted to hate August’s box so I could cancel but I’ll definitely stick around for the curated. The BB cream and protect and detangle are products I use and love, so that will be good to have trial sizes – and the rest are things I will enjoy trying or would come in handy like the wipes. Glad they’re including a makeup item with COLOR again, and the non-beauty item is a fun change! I think I’ll stick around one more month to try that anti-brass balm they have in add-ons for $10. Hmph…Birchbox made it off the chopping block one more month….

    • Where is the balm? I don’t see it?

    • FYI: the 12 Benefits anti-brass balm that’s in the add-on section for $10 is a single use tube. Seriously – it’s only 0.5oz. I have hair just below my shoulders and the whole tube barely covered it ?

  29. So glad I unsubscribed! If the deal is you pick 2 of the 3 choices (still unclear about 2 personalized hair samples), I don’t want any of them, except maybe the dry shampoo paste. Those of us with fine, straight, thin hair really get a raw deal when the focus is hair. The curated box is horrendous for my taste and type as well.

    • My hair is fine, thin and curly and I have the same issue. I have a closetful of hair care samples that don’t work for me. There is nothing here I can use. The only thing in the curated box that might interest me is the Acure towelette package.

    • I know! Until they bring back perms there’s no product in the world that is going to make my hair curl.

      • Believe it or not perms are coming back!! Try searching body wave perm. I used to have the nice wavy hair that everyone is sporting now but my curls are all gone. ?? Of course they disappear when it’s finally in style. I haven’t taken the plunge yet, but I’m trying to talk myself into it.

        • Mine too! I think it was from years of straightening it… now when I want to just let it be wavy it looks terrible. 🙁

        • Ooh, that is so tempting! Although the minute I did it, super straight hair would come back in style.

      • I got my hair permed yesterday. LOL I love it curly! I have a great stylist too so my hair looks like it is naturally curly.. The detangling spray is a must though!!

    • Fine, straight, thin hair here and I agree with you 100%!!!!

  30. I havent received my july box yet!!!! I’ve been in contact with customer service and nothing yet

  31. Did anyone else get a plain box for the month of July? My box top was pink and the bottom was blue, for some reason it wasn’t decorated like everyone else’s. Still cute but I am just wondering why I didn’t get a decorated one because I do keep them and really liked the July design. Aside from that, i’ll probably go with the curated box. Coconut and Argan Oil cleansing towelettes sound amazing (Recently I have been loving mild coconut beauty products) and the Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle is my holy grail that was introduced to me by Birchbox. Looking forward to this box!

    • I saw several people on their Facebook page that said they received the same box design as you. One of them posted the customer service response they received and all BB said was they were doing a sample test and trying something new. Guess they didn’t care enough to give y’all a heads up! Maybe they thought you wouldn’t notice…

      • They really should forewarn. Never understood why as a company you would try something out without letting people know. Thank goodness it is only a box!

        • BB came in a plain brown kraft-looking box for years. The fancy boxes were relatively new.

      • Sounds to me like they might do plain packaging instead of changing every month to save money.

    • Yes!!! It’s the ugliest box ever!!! I was really hoping for the cute design as I save the boxes, too! I can’t believe they said “here is what your box design will be!!!” and then sent out ugly pink and blue boxes to some of us!! GRRR!!!

  32. Zzzzzzzz….

  33. Ugh, disappointing. So does anyone know if we will still have the option to pick 2 personalized hair items (per post here from Liz on 7/8)? Not much to select from.

  34. Wait, wasn’t there a spoiler stating we get to pick TWO products? I really hope they didn’t go back on that because that’s the one reason I stuck with this another month

    • I think the spoiler was we are getting two hair care items. Not that we would get to pick them both.

    • I certainly hope we don’t have to pick 2 of these 3 hair products. I don’t even want any of them!

  35. Yawn…

  36. I got the email but can’t locate the video. Where is it? My Birchbox home page has a link to it, as well as the email, but all I get is the customize page with no video. Can’t find it under “Latest articles and videos” either.

    • I had to go onto their youtube channel in order to watch it

    • Same here, glad I’m not the only one 🙂

  37. This is overwhelmingly disappointing. I had high hopes when they said hair products, because I can always use those. Most of them are repeats though with the exception of the dry shampoo paste. I’ll most likely go with the Oribe because it’s always worth the cost of the box. But I’ll keep my expectations low for the other items they will put in my box. Most likely some ridiculous eye cream that will never get used, or perhaps a perfume sample… 🙁

  38. They’ve sent me both protect & oil and the Oribe beach spray in the past. And if any employee should be fired in their re-org, it’s the one who’s been designing the boxes the past few months. U-G-L-Y. Glad I canceled. Move along, now, nothing to see here…

  39. I think the feature box might be the best BIRCHBOX combo for me yet…. And I have been a subscriber since the beginning… Like since the second box ever❤️

    • Agreed. This is an EXCELLENT box IMO.

      I have had the Marcelle BB cream, the Beauty Protect, and the Stila (in another shade) before and I liked them all a LOT.

    • 100% agree, I think this is an EXCELLENT featured box. It could be a TINY bit better if it had the Oribe spray from Sample Choice instead of the Living Proof, but maybe that’s just me 🙂

      I have had the Marcelle BB, the Beauty Protect, and the Stila (in another shade before) and I liked them all a LOT.

    • I’m really excited for the featured box too, been subscribed for nine months and this is the first box I’m really looking forward to. I hope not many people love it too because I’m not an ace, will have to wait till next day hope they don’t run out ?

  40. Is it even worth getting Birchbox if I have Beautyfix?

    I also subscribe to
    Sephora Play

    I tried Ipsy and cancelled after first month it was such a disappointment and if I saw those items in a store I wouldn’t have even purchased them for $5

    Beautyfix is the only skincare box I have (besides allure but they vary) I’m interested in Birchbox but have read about the point system changing. Should I even bother??

    • @Jerricca – I have at one time or another been subbed to all of the boxes you list and if I had all of those at the same time, then no, in my opinion, Birchbox is not worth you messing with. I locked in for a 1 year in January or I would cancel it. It was different when you got points to review the samples, making it effectively only $5 per month, or less if you had an annual. I ended up cancelling Play because after a year of being on the wait list, I felt it was almost a duplicate of Birchbox (I know many disagree and like their selection better), but for me it was more piles of tiny samples. Allure puts some interesting things, like the Foreo Luna, in every few months, that at least swap well if not up your alley. And Boxycharm blows me away every time with value and selection. I cancelled Beautyfix because the skincare was more than I could use up in an entire year, after only a month or 2 of subbing. I enjoy the hair care selections Birchbox has from time to time, in particular Davines and Living Proof items, which seem to be popular with them. But even that is hit or miss. The choice of curated box or sample choice does give you a degree of control over what you are getting, but beyond that, you seem to have your beauty bases covered with your other boxes.

      • Thank you so much!!!
        I feel like a dodged a bullet… Reading all the BB complaints

      • @Paige, you could probably get out of that annual subscription by complaining about the points change and how it’s altered the value of the box. My annual subscription just renewed in April but I sent them an email asking to cancel and refund my credit card the remaining balance and they did. You’re not the only one unhappy about the points change and they’ve already refunded many other annual subscribers who also complained.

    • I’ve really enjoyed the skincare items from Birchbox. I get a really good variety of masks, exfoliators, cleansers, and moisturizers. There’s the odd total miss, but that’s why you review items. I have been a subscriber for over a year, and look forward to this box every month. The point system is indeed changing, but it seems like it’s for the better. Instead of waiting until you get 100 points to get $10 off, each increment of 10 will count as a dollar off.

    • I think Beautyfix and Boxycharm are the 2 best ones. I haven’t been that thrilled with Birchbox, Ipsy or Sephora.

  41. *snore* I’m starting to get depressed with the number of products being repeated by birchbox. I mean really, Beauty Protector Protect or Marcelle BB again?

    • I agree, there are a lot of repeat products for a subscription that’s supposed to be a ‘discovery’ box. I just cancelled my second account after getting a terrible July box (5 things, one of which was a foil packet and the other was a repeat Coola sunscreen).

      On a positive note – I purchased the R&CO Badlands paste a while back from BB and it adds nice texture to my fine hair. I’m not sure how I feel about it as a dry shampoo, but as a texturizing cream it’s great.

      Racked just posted an article entitled “Is this the end of Birchbox?” It’s mostly interviews and twitter reposts from people complaining about the points change, samples not being tailored, etc.

    • Agreed. Total yawnfest for people who have been subscribed to Birchbox for more than a year, because we’ve inevitably received several of these samples. I’ve received the Oribe spray, both of the Beauty Protector products, the Marcelle and the hot pink version of the Stila lipstick.
      After the subscriber exodus, this is their idea of keeping the box fresh and interesting?

      • Did you not hear the news? Samples are boring and their customer is the woman who does not care about beauty products.

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