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August 2016 Allure Beauty Thrills Box – On Sale at Noon ET!

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The August Allure Beauty Thrills will be available for purchase for $49.95 plus $10 shipping today, July 26th at noon ET.



The August Allure Beauty Thills box includes:

What do you think of the item list for this box? I’m happy to see they are adding SkinFix to the lineup!

Check out our Allure Beauty Thrills May Box review to see what you can expect with this box. And if you are interested in Allure’s separate monthly subscription box, check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews, too!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Where did the box originate? Still awaiting shipping notification. (I ordered September 1.)

    • Hit enter too soon.

      How did it ship?


      • Mine came from York, PA via post office. I think it weighed 8 pounds.

        • Thanks for the fast response.

  2. My box has arrived! I only received the ship notification yesterday.

  3. Got my tracking info!!!

    • My August box is out for delivery today. Just got the shipping email yesterday.

      • Just got my box. The Rimmel lipstick is Oh-So Wicked. A nice dark berry color. The Sally Hansen nail polish is Flower Crown. It looks like the color in the picture, a light pink with shimmer. The one thing I am disappointed in is the Ritual shower gel, the picture in the book shows full size, but it is the 1.6 oz travel size. I am also not sure what I will do with the Wen. I really like my shampoo to lather. I am afraid to give it to someone and their hair fall out. Everything came intact and looks good. I wound up with the May and August boxes so might skip the December one. Will have to see what is in it and how many products I have used by then.

        • I know! I used Wen before and don’t remember having a problem, but I’m scared to use it now that there are reports of hair loss. My hair is thin enough! I don’t need any help! It’s too bad because I like sulfate-free and gardenia.

    • I just got my email too! Its already at my post office and will be here today! Finally!!

  4. I received this message on August 12th:

    “We know you’re anxiously awaiting your August Beauty Thrills box and hope you’re as excited as we are to enjoy the products!
    We’re in the process of preparing your box and, as always, we’ll be sure to send you a shipping confirmation email – so, be sure to be on the lookout!
    Thank you for ordering. Enjoy!
    Contact us at 1-877-356-9904 if you have any questions. ”

    Interesting. I ordered the August box the day it became available, and added on the May box at that time for an additional $24.99, and no additional shipping charge. I received the May box on August 8th, with no prior email notifying me of shipment/tracking number. The same day (August 12) that I received the shipment delay email (above) I received an email with my tracking number for the May box – 4 days after I received it! So I dont have high hopes of getting a shipment email for the August box, I think it will just show up, and a few days later they’ll let me know it shipped!

    • I got the same email the other day. And today my box showed up! No shipping email was sent. Surprise!

      • You receive your Aug box??

    • I received the discounted $25 dollar box a week and a half ago, but not my actual August-Full price box. I emailed to let them know and they said they’d rely to me soon but that was 2 days ago. Has anyone else received one and not the other?

  5. Any world on when this will ship?

    • *word

  6. Spoke to Customer Service and the August box is still waiting for 1 item to arrive from a vendor! They “hope” to have it by the end of the week and then shipping can begin. Definitely not the Beauty Thrills of the past.

    • Thanks for the info. So typical of Allure!

      • Thank you for the update! If only THEY were so kind as to let us know??? Jeez Louise. I keep thinking I didnt get a notification and it got stolen off my porch somehow. Sigh.

  7. I received the add on May box today but not the August box. I also didn’t recieve any notification when they were coming. Hopefully the August box will be here tomorrow. Weird that the didn’t ship together.

    • I just received the May add-on box today and never received any shipping notice either. This is freaking amazing for $25! I’m really excited to get it – for that price! The Burts Bees BB cream is light/med, so it looks like it’ll work for me! Now to wait for the other one!

      • I was pretty happy with what I received for $25 too. Hope the August box is as good- if it ever gets here!

  8. Has anyone here received a ship notification?

    • I came here to ask the same! It seems like these should have shipped by now. Ugh! They took the money pretty quick, from what I recall the last date it should have shipped was Friday, 8/5. Hopefully we’ll all get shipping emails tomorrow!

    • I was just coming to ask the same thing. Glad to see I’m not the only one but really feels like it should have shipped by now…

      • Great minds think alike! Was trying to get this information online but no dice. MzBev is right – they took my money fast enough! Im about to get on chat through the allure beauty box site but I bet they will “claim” to not know anything about the Thrills box(es). Ugh.

        • I sent them an email after my comment here. They responded today, but gave me NO update. I asked when they’re likely to ship since its already past the 10 business days they stated as the latest to ship. Ugh!

          Dear Subscriber:

          Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Thrills.
          We apologize for the delay in your shipment. You will receive a email confirmation when your box ships that will include USPS tracking information.

          If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. To ensure your future concerns are handled in a timely fashion, please include all previous e-mail correspondence.

          Thank you,
          Carrie, Allure Beauty Thrills Customer Service

          • Well that’s not terribly helpful… :-/ With as many subscriptions out there, I’m not sure I’m going to keep spending money on this one. Got burned on the Foreo box mishap earlier this year, too.

    • I got a shipping notification for what I’m assuming is my May box. It’s already in Vegas and on its way to me. The August box, they sent me this email:

      Hi Bonnie

      We know you’re anxiously awaiting your August Beauty Thrills box and hope you’re as excited as we are to enjoy the products!

      We’re in the process of preparing your box and, as always, we’ll be sure to send you a shipping confirmation email – so, be sure to be on the lookout!

      Thank you for ordering. Enjoy!

      Contact us at 1-877-356-9904 if you have any questions.

      • I received the same emails back to back, I know it better be worth the wait since they took our money instantly but now taking their sweet time getting us what we paid for.

    • It’s coming!!! Just received my ship notification thirty minutes ago for the August box!!!

  9. When is this going to ship?

  10. I want to order this with the May box, but I don’t want the bridal box – just the regular may box. Has anyone received this with the add-on box yet? Which is it? I think the bridal box came out in May also, so I could see them slipping by saying it is the May box…

  11. Anyone know how long after you order one of these boxes, how long it takes for them to ship? I ordered this on Friday. 🙂
    I ordered both, the fact that both boxes are still available for purchase is kinda crazy. Particularly because I was on the fence about ordering the Spring one, and now that both are included for the discount… well, too good to pass up.

  12. I reached out to customer service and voiced my extreme disappointment. This is my second year of participating in the pre-sale. I can’t believe they would discount the May box. This box is supposed to be limited quantity. Well, I would say that is a huge no. Between all the issues over the years, Allure really needs to look at there customer service experience – from site crashes, to launching a sale and then re-launching a sale, to delays in shipping, to now offering this box discounted. For a company of this size, this is extremely disappointing. I have to honestly say, they have lost my trust and any future patronage. I asked to have someone from Allure call me back or email me with a response to my complaint. Let’s see if they follow up.

  13. Why did I get the email for the 26th on the 27 the ??

  14. I wss told by s rep that the May box was sold out, now you can add it for $25????

  15. Got em both, my total was only $84.94 though.
    Hope they were worth it, ill try it once and see.

  16. Liz,
    Do you know if there is a way we can just purchase the May Beauty Thrills if we already bought all 3 of the beauty thrills?

    • I’ll reach out and ask!

    • If you call their customer service phone number they will look up your account and add the $25 May box to your order. I was not charged additional shipping.

  17. I need to block myself from this site lol, major sub addict!!! I have way to many boxes and products!!!! But couldn’t pass up on these deal.

    • So true! This site is bad for my bank account.

      • Lol mine too!!!

  18. Looks like this one will sell out quick with the offering of the May box for $25 for a total of $87 for both boxes including shipping!! WOW!

  19. Updated link works! I ordered the additional May box for $25 (no additional shipping!) my total was $87 for both. Pretty great deal. I should be stocked for quite a while!

  20. Got it!! But anyone else notice its called a Bridal Beauty Box?!?

  21. Yay!! Got mine <3

  22. I was just able to order, and I added on the May box for $25. There were enough products I used for $25 to make it worthwhile!

    • Thanks for being our leader, Liz….got them both when you updated the link lol!!!

  23. For anyone interested they are also selling the May Beauty Thrills for half off added to the August thrills beauty box order so only 24.99 for the May Beauty Thrills $84.99 for both.

  24. I’d love to purchase since there are a couple of items in the box that I use regularly that add up to more than the price of the box, however, I can’t find a good link to purchase. If I go to the web address linked, I just get a page that asks me to enter my email address.

  25. Hey, if you order the August box, it looks like you can add on the April box for $24.99.

    Also weird, my confirmation page has the Allure August Thrills Box at the top of the page, but goes on to say I ordered the Bridal beauty box in the details.

    • Same thing for me – Bridal Box?? Okayyyyyy.

    • Same here…Bridal Box

    • Same, at least they didn’t charge additional shipping!

  26. Click on Updated Link at the top of the page to order.

    • Thanks!

  27. I can’t seem to purchase this. The link takes me to something that asks for my email. I put my usual email address and it says it’s an invalid email address, and it is valid. I then tried to use my work email and didn’t receive an email. Bummer.

  28. How do I order? not showing up like it usually does.

    • Not working for me either…

    • Not working for me either!! Argh

    • Updated link up top..i jist ordered

  29. Anyone have a working link? It keeps taking me to a page that tells me to enter my email to learn more.

    • Me too!! Help!

    • Updated with working link!

      • Thanks Liz! You’re the best! 🙂

      • They are offering the May box for $24.95 when you buy this one. I already bought that one when it was offered but heck! $25 bucks for all that is a deal!

        • Yes! It is an awesome deal!!! 🙂

  30. Is anyone else having trouble ordering?

    • All I get is the sign up for access email page. Anyone else?

    • Yeah it is not working for me. Keeps telling me to enter an address.

      • Okay it finally worked. Whew.

        It also let me buy the May Beauty Box at a discounted rate of $24.98 or something. So I did. *shrugs*

        Funny on my confirmation page it states that its the “Bridal Box”. Wondering if thats showing up for anyone else??

        • Says that on mine too.

        • Mine also said Bridal Box. Hmm, weird!

          I was in such a hurry I missed the option to buy the May box!! I totally would have 🙁

          • Me too…rushed thru without buying..oh well..i jist got the glossybox buy 1 get 2 in the mail im good.hahah.

        • Mine says Bridal Box too

    • Yes. Same thing. No link.

    • I can not even get the site to come up. Just says they are sorry and are aware of the problem. 🙁

  31. I purchased the New Beauty box which had more premium brands than this for the same price. This isn’t that exciting for me.

  32. Will these be full size items or samples?

    • I was wondering the same thing…if so, this box is certainly way better than their last one.

      • They are usually ALL full size items.

    • I think they usually are full size, although it seems like there MAY have been one or two item included last time that would not be considered full sized. (I think it may have been hair ties (2 tie pack) and a whipped butter by Rituals.) Still a good value IMHO.

  33. This box looks a little better than the last one, but it’s still not up the ‘Thrills’ level of the past. I think this is still a good value if you plan on using all or most of the items in box.

    I will say that even with the less than stellar boxes, I never really run out of the essentials anymore.

    I’m planning on trying to get it, but we’ll see. I second that it will be interesting to see how fast (or slowly) it sells out this time.

  34. I’m tempted. There’s a good variety this time, and A couple $30 items I wouldn’t mind trying…….

  35. I’m curious to see if this one sells out in 15 min or stays on sale for months. It looks better than the last one, but still not great for the big allure box.

    • It is almost 10 pm and the box is still available,must not be very popular

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