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Allure Beauty Thrills Box – July 2016 – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have the full spoilers for the Allure Beauty Thrills July Box! This box is available for purchase for $49.95 plus $10 shipping on July 26th at noon ET.


The July Allure Beauty Thills box includes:

What do you think of the item list for this box? I’m happy to see they are adding SkinFix to the lineup!

Check out our Allure Beauty Thrills May Box review to see what you can expect with this box. And if you are interested in Allure’s separate monthly subscription box, check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews, too!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Will there be a 2017 Allure Beauty Thrills Box?

    • Nothing in the Allure magazine. And the Beauty Thrills website is gone. I assume they aren’t doing it but would like to know too.

  2. Has anyone else had issues with not receiving their box ? It’s been about two weeks and my box is still in the last Vegas area.

    • Am from California. Mine also stopped in Las Vegas for about the week before it started its journey again.

  3. Anyone elses tracking not moving? Mine stopped on the 15th in Illinois.

    • Mine as well stopped since the 17th

      • Where did yours stop at? Have you called cs?

        • Mine stopped at Las Vegas. I’m from CA… I haven’t called because I was hoping it’d turn up, but am tempted to contact them very soon. How about you?

          • I called them Wednesday and they were asses about it. Told me to call the USPS but when I called USPS they said it was shipped by either fedx or ups to the local usps but it has not tranfered to usps so they cant track it. Called fedx and ups and they cant track it since i only have a usps tracking number. Allure wont give me the other tracking. I was thinking mine may have been lost due to the flooding or something. Either way its frustrating , $60 thrown out the window.

          • Hi crystal.. I decided to give them a call just now to get an update and the customer rep was very nice. She let me know that there might have been some issues with usps and updating the tracking information.

            Anyway, I ask asked what would happen if package was lost and she said to just call back customer service.

            Don’t feel hopeless! We will get it regardless! Hope this helps

          • Have you gotten your box yet?

          • Nope… Nothing on usps has been updated… Any luck with you? What are you planning to do?

          • Anna, its really wierd. I received different tracking yesterday and its not moving either. Not sure why I received another tracking but of course it stopped in the same spot and usps cant do anything about it.

    • Crystal, has yours moved yet? Mine is still stuck at Vegas

  4. Got my box today. I think it’s great. It was definitely worth the price. If you don’t think it’s a good box, just don’t order it. It’s not a big controversy. Let’s spend our energy on solving real problems.

    • I totally agree. There’s no way I could go to a store and walk out with all of this stuff for $60 (never mind the extra amazing value of the $25 add-on for the May box!). I find it REALLY hard to find a reason to complain about this box…the spoilers were out pre-purchase so you knew what you were getting, there’s no variation so there’s no box envy and the value is many many multiples of the purchase price…what’s not to love????

  5. So I finally broke down and sent an email asking what was going on…. about an hour later I receive an email with tracking information. Hmmmm

    • Just got shipment email!!!

    • I received mine,?, not worth$320. I checked prices ( most items can be get in Target) and ended up with $ 270ish.Skinfix daily lotion is travel size, so is Happy Buddha shower gel.

  6. Anyone else getting annoyed…. especially after the new beauty box?!?! I’m getting so impatient, I hope yhey throw in some extra goodies. Lol

    • I’m supwriting annoyed!!! I check my email everyday to see if it’s been shipped yet. I need that night cream in the box cuz I’m all out!! Grrrrrr :/

      • I was super excited today when I thought I got a shipment notification but no… It was for the beauty box that I received on Monday. Maybe it will just show up in the next few days. A girl can hope….

        • Just received the tracking emails for the August Beauty Thrills and the August Beauty box (that I received yesterday).

    • I am super extra annoyed…I gave into the May box…now they sent it and it’s lost!! It’s been stuck in some little town for 12 days!! They are investigating it now!!! I can’t wait anymore…

    • I finally got the August box today. No extras! I’m relieved to have finally received though! The add-on box had come already. I was going through it like Christmas! lol. I had forgot what all was in there. Somewhat disappointed that there are a few items that aren’t full size. This is one box that I expect it all to be full size.

  7. Anyone receive tracking yet?? After the beautybox I’m excited for this one to be in route!!

    • I haven’t received tracking. On the last Thrills box I ordered on April 26 and received on May 16. I think they were holding off on the shipping until more boxes sold. They used to mail them when they sold out but obviously that doesn’t work anymore.

    • I haven’t received tracking or the beauty thrills box. I am getting nervous that I am not going to receive it. I bought the subscription for the year. Has anyone receive the box yet?

      • I don’t think anybody has received the Thrills box yet. People are receiving the $25 add on box without getting tracking beforehand. Allure sent out an email on August 11th saying the box is delayed but didn’t give a timeframe for when it will be sent. “We’re in the process of preparing your box and, as always, we’ll be sure to send you a shipping confirmation email – so, be sure to be on the lookout!”

      • I received my May box on Sat. after I emailed customer service on the 11th. Next day they sent me shipping info. with an email that said Aug. box was shipped. But I only received a box with all of Mays products.

        • I had the same happen to me. I emailed them about both boxes, received back the standard reply and then magically an email the following day that it is being shipped. I finally received the May box and another two weeks passed without the August box or an email as to when it was being shipped. I emailed them again and received the exact same standard reply that I would be notified when it was shipped. Well, guess what next day I receive the email that the box was being shipped. It sure seems like they are quick to take your money but don’t ship the box within 7-10 days as noted on the order confirmation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with the boxes once they were finally received but beginning to wonder if the only reason I finally got them was once I followed up. From all of the posts here with the same issues I suggest they look strongly into their service.

          • Same happen to me. I just emailed them this week regarding the Aug. box. Got an email it would ship soon. Next day I got the tracking info. It’s suppose to be here be sat. It’s been stuck in Arizona for a week already. I love the boxes am not complaining about that. It’s their lack of customer service & them not sending any notices out. I also believe the only reason I got the boxes is because I kept contacting customer service.

          • I received my box several days ago. I never contacted Allure customer service. I just waited. They were probably waiting on a certain product to be available. They were just late this month, guys. It’s not a conspiracy nor a scam. Just late. But for $60 you get a lot of products. It’s a great deal and i forgive them for their lateness. If they cancel the box because of customer complaints and dissatisfaction, that is going to be a BIG bummer for us who are patient. (No offense)

          • That’s not how it works. With customer service, they go through emails as they are received- which usually take a few days- and send replies. You got an email as soon as they could get it out to you after receiving your email. I can assure you, they weren’t planning on keeping your money. I know from experience working in customer service that sometimes when a humongous order of boxes like this are done, it can back up the mailing centers. So no stealing of money!

  8. Does anyone know when this ships? I ordered all three in May and have heard nothing yet. Started to get scared there is an issue. LOL

  9. This is my third attempt at trying to be a subscriber to this company. Their customer support is the most frustrating and unhelpful. My package went out for delivery and then was promptly “forwarded” instead of delivered. Either because of “forwarding instructions” or the address or zip code being incorrect. This was four days ago. My address on my account is correct. The only answer customer support gives me is that they are sold out of this months box so now I get to sit on hold for the next hour while I try to get hold of USPS for an actual answer as to what’s going on. I should have known better than trying to get involved with this company again.

    • They’re not sold out… My friend just got me August and May’s the other day… And when I called customer service to add the May box they were very gracious and helped me and my friend when she called back. try again!

    • I’m assuming you’re referring to the monthly sub box. I have mine going to a p.o. box and this month, my box number wasn’t included on the package. It shows up in my account, but it clearly wasn’t on the box.

      Luckily, I checked the tracking and saw it was going to be returned. After about 40 mins on with the main post office and then my local post office, they agreed to forward it to my box. In the meantime, I emailed customer service. It took them three business days to get back to me to tell me that the package was marked delivered, and my address is correct on my account — the same info I gave them when I contacted them.

      I’m axing all but 4 of my subs by the end of the year; Allure was never a cancel consideration. I am totally in love with their monthly box, but one their customer service (or lack there of) has one more strike (another time, they decided to randomly cancel my sub and I had to re-sub) and I’m out. (Sorry for the book – Just extremely frustrating – not relaxing which is the point of my subbing to these boxes in the first place!)

  10. With regards to WEN, the FDA is investigating the complaints about the products. People might have been using the product incorrectly, it could have been contaminated with something, or people might simply be allergic to one of the ingredients.

    If you want to try using WEN, why not start off with the smallest amount possible, follow the directions exactly and monitor your hair after each use? And for the longtime users of WEN who say that they don’t notice any thinning out of their hair, has someone else checked the top/back of your head or other areas that you can’t see to know that your hair isn’t thinning?

    It may simply be a case of something working for some people and not others.

  11. The link/URL still keeps going to the regular Allure page:
    “Want access to our August Beauty Thrills? Sign up below!”

    • Worked for me just now.

  12. SO is the link not working today?

    • Not working for me neither.

    • Nope, can’t get in. Why am I not surprised? Typical Allure.

    • looks like it? what the heck?

      • I get the sign up for more info link. So, I entered my email and still nothing…

    • I have been on the same link for the past half hour and no box?
      It just says to sign up for the August beauty thrills?

    • It’s live now!

    • The link was not working on my computer, and I tried it on my phone and they posted a link called “updated link”. I just ordered mine off my phone and it worked!

  13. Wow, i’m honestly dissapointed. 🙁 I thought the last box was boring but I got it anyway. This one, ugh. The stuff isn’t anything thrilling, honestly I wish they would do something everyone would enjoy, like a moisturizing face oil or something actually interesting! I remember when I was so excited for these boxes, I forgot it was even coming out they’ve recently been nothing exciting and they’ve cut down on the number of items. For the first time since I started buying these religiously a few years back, I will skip this one. I hope they put a bit more effort into the next one. 🙁

    • It’s missing the high end makeup it used to have. I’ve discovered my teeth whitner, tarte mascara and my It cc cream from these boxes years ago (which I now buy all the time). I don’t discover anything anymore. Just stock up on drugstore nail polish, toothbrush/toothpaste and cheap lip crayons/lip stick.

  14. I liked the last one better. There isn’t a single product in this one that I really want to try. At least it’s an easy pass for me!

  15. Better than the last one, but I’m still on product overload AND still have products left that I haven’t opened from the one I got back in November.

  16. Is there going to be august box?
    When can we purchase this box?

  17. Not the most exciting box I’ve seen, but I think it’s a slight improvement over the last one.

    Interested in trying:

    •SkinFix Daily Lotion
    •Sally Hansen Big Cuticle Oil & Miracle Gel Duo Pack
    •Toppik Hair Building Fibers
    •One ‘N Only Argan Oil Treatment
    •Redken Glow Dry
    •Grande Naturals GrandeLIPS
    •Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner
    •Rusk Styling Collection Elixir Mist

    I think I’ll use the items mentioned above, so definitely worth the price of the box for me. Plus always good to have another toothbrush & chapstick, so I’ll attempt to get one, but if I can’t, it won’t be the end of my world.

  18. I am someone who used Wen for awhile and experienced hair thinning in an obvious spot in the front that has changed how I have to part my hair. Be VERY WARY of it regardless if someone people have no had reactions, because you could be the one who DOES end up with one. I wish I’d never let it touch my head. Look on YouTube and Google carefully before you make the decision to try it or toss it.

    • I have used wen for years and it has changed my hair for the better. Mthe hair used to be very dry frizzy and dull , but now I have the hair texture I was always jealous of other people for having. You must have had some kind of reaction to it.

  19. Very underwhelmed. 🙁 If I’m going to spend a total of $60 on drugstore makeup you can bet your booty it will be on stuff I want specifically…so much is hit and miss. Blagh. But hey, there’s always the bareminerals mysterybox lol

    • Exactly – I keep asking myself if I have $55 to spend on beauty, why don’t I get something I have had my eye on? Or even better wait for Sephora to offer some great sample bag and get two $25 items with some freebies thrown in.

  20. I think seeing the spoilers for this box on the heels of the release of the totally impressive New Beauty – Beauty Choice Awards Box made for a tough comparison. It’s still a great deal for sure but I’m just not as excited about it as I should be. It seems like it’s missing that knock your socks off hero item to lure us in (usually a crazy expensive skincare item that I would otherwise never buy!).

    I’ll probably ride the fence until the 26th then buy it anyway. Exactly like I did with their Spring box…I have zero self control when I see a bargain! Thanks for the preview!

    • Where did you find the New Beauty box? I have been looking everywhere.

  21. Should’ve called it “Beauty Bores”

  22. Worst company ever. They charge me for a beauty box and they can’t find me in the system. Emails after emails and no one answers questions. Friday I will be stuck on the phone trying to get a refund. I was excited, now I don’t care, I just want a refund.

  23. I’m not paying fifty bucks and another 10 on top of that for this.They’ve had better boxes.

  24. Wow, absolutely nothing that is a premium item or premium brand. This box is really stepping down from it’s golden days.

  25. I have purchased 4 of these boxes in the past. There are many products from these boxes that I have not even had the chance to use yet. However, the Allure’s Beauty Thrills box is such an awesome deal it may be hard to pass up. Some of the items alone are worth $16 to $20 if not more. I surprised my niece with last Summer’s box as a bithday gift. She was thrilled; no pun intended. So maybe just maybe……. I will try to snatch one up on the 26th!?

  26. Ho Hum…lots of drugstore brands and nothing that looks too exciting to me. It’s an easy pass for me…thank goodness, since I just shelled out for a few Goodbeing one time boxes, a few Terra Bella Box choose-your-own boxes, plus the New Beauty Awards box. Added to the regular monthly boxes I’m subscribed to, and I SO do not need any more products!!

    Must stop reading MSA posts…Must stop reading MSA posts…Must stop reading MSA posts… 😉

    Oh by the way, for anyone who is interested in the Goodbeing onetime boxes, they just sent out an email code…URLOVED brings the box price down to $20.95 (free shipping til Friday) from $25.95…

    • Haha? I know that feeling! Lol!

    • Goodbeing has great customer service as well. Probably my favorite sub box. Always use everything in the box.

      • I agree! I think Goodbeing really takes our profiles into account, because I’ve never received anything I said I didn’t want (kind of reminds me of Beauty DNA & Wantable makeup), including one of their latest spoilers which was a lip plumper. Since it was a spoiler I was so afraid I was going to get that, but since I marked that lip volume was not a concern of mine, they guaranteed that those of us who marked our profiles that way would not be receiving the spoiler, but rather an alternative product.

  27. I suppose this is a lot of useful stuff if you aren’t picky, like me (or have a big hoard like most of us already do). I would like to have the skinfix for fall and the chapstickis always useful in a house with two daughters and a dog with a taste for lip products. I don’t think I would actually use $60 worth of these products, though. The extras are just too heavy to ship. I am happier with the New Beauty Box that I did opt into. Without the deep wrinkle cream, this would be great to send to a college student.

  28. This is most definitely better than the last box. More stuff I can actually use. But still not as good as the one’s last year. I did the pre-pay so at least I don’t have to struggle with the buy or not to buy decision.

  29. Oh my goodness! Another box so soon? I’ve barely made a dent in spring. Kind of regretting pre-ordering, but this does look like a better box than the last one. Some brands I’ve never heard of but am excited to try. And of course, a new toothbrush and toothpaste. I don’t know why it gives me such pleasure not to have to buy those, but it does.

  30. Hmm. This looks better than the previous several boxes, to me. I don’t think I’ve bought one in about 2 years, after buying every single one for 2 years. I will probably try to snag this one. Thanks for the advance notice & item list!

  31. How do you pre-order? When I go to the website all I see is the current lame box lol

  32. I’m a wenner and the WEN alone makes this a good price. Considering buying this one just wish it more MU and less hair hair products.

    • LOL!!! My maiden name is Wenner!!!!!!!

    • @Betty, the news story that recently came out about wen products causing baldness in some women frightened me off of it. Do you (or anyone reading this) know anything about the validity of those claims? I’m torn because I want to try a cleansing conditioner and I love the ROC cream — it really works! Hmmmm, decisions decisions…

      • I’ve been using Wen for about 6 months and love it, my hair has gotten so much healthier. I do have a lot of fallout but have it no matter what I use, the Wen actually seems to cause less fallout for me.

        • I know that a few years ago the boards at QVC (where Wen seems to be almost an in-house product) were full of comments about hair loss. The pro-Wen people were saying something along the lines that because you rinse so much you lost more hair in the shower vs when you brushed your hair. It just seemed more noticeable coming off in your hands vs the brush catching it.

          I didn’t use Wen so I stopped reading posts about it. I’m not sure if the lawsuit is saying hair loss or thinning hair. I know my sister is way pro-Wen (even uses it in her dogs!!).

          I’ll try it but I get so bored and always have something new to try that I probably won’t shed too much even if it does cause a problem. I

      • As a many years user of Wen products I can say I’ve never had a single problem with hair loss. I have a ton of hair and shed constantly anyway; seems like a whole lot of noise about nothing remotely provable (at least not to the legal degree required in a products liability case). As a lawyer, I don’t see the suit being successful unless you count it as a win to line class action litigators’ pockets.

      • I’ve used about 3 years and my hair is the thickest and healthiest it has ever been and don’t let anything else touch my hair. Have less fallout than I did before and don’t even find fall out days after washing my hair. Only need to wash my hair x2 weekly with it and before had to wash daily because it was so oily. Pantene makes my hair fallout by the bucket loads but many people love it. Think as with all beauty products WEN won’t work for everyone but it saved my hair.

        • Now that you mention it, my sister always talks about only needing to wash 2x a week. If that’s the case, you might naturally see more fallout (a few days buildup). Like I said, I’ll still be trying it…I doubt I could ever come close to losing as much hair as I did after I gave birth…LOL

      • I’ve been using Wen for at least three years now and never had any problems with it. I don’t put it on my scalp because I have a problem with most hair care products leaving terrible build up in my hair. I just use it in the ends and it makes my hair so soft and healthy. I love it.

      • I had hair loss. If I had a time machine I wouldn’t touch the stuff.

        • Hair loss beyond normal fall out. Noticeable large area in front of scalp. Still never remotely returned to full normal. The rest of my hair is super thick. Wen was a bad idea.

          • Wow that’s terrible. I don’t think any of the comments I read elsewhere mentioned anything this bad. So sorry Have you ever been able to find out why the product caused this?

          • Replying to you here Jayne as it won’t let me continue thread: I have super thick, straight naturally red hair. I had very little fallout prior to using Wen, and I used it for about 8 months. I started noticing the fallout and didn’t think anything of it at the time, this was like 3 years ago I believe now. I didn’t even hear about the Wen connection until under a year ago. It caused some overall thinning but most noticeably in the front of my hair, which has never appeared normal in one patch area again. As soon as I stopped using Wen my hair stopped having major fallout and the spot stopped. It has grown back some there in the same spot but it will likely never match the rest of my hair again and I’m very self conscious about it. I know people say you can’t prove its the Wen etc or they’ve not had it happen, but if I knew back then what I know now, I wouldn’t even risk it. There are lots of YouTube videos about “suspected” hair loss from Wen. I would caution people to be very careful about using it, because personally I cannot determine any health cause or any other product cause abnormal that would have caused this to happen. The no ‘poo movement got big for awhile in general and there are many people who have hair suited to do it but many who don’t.

      • My two cents. There is no “One size fits all” for hair care. I have used Wen for nearly 3 years, and for me it works wonderfully well. I no longer have an itchy scalp or split ends. My hair, which tends on the oily side is very shiny and soft with great volume. I no longer have to wash it every night, and is easy to style. Certainly if this changed in any way I would not use the product!

  33. Definitely a mistake pre-ordering these boxes. The last 2 years were so much better than these. A couple of the items are repeats from the last box and a lot of Target brands (which is fine but they used to be more luxe products).

  34. At least this one has shampoo and conditioner but this years boxes have been the least impressive. I’m really regretting prepaying. Especially after the last box was still available even after the sale date!!!! I think I will pass next year and if I hadn’t prepaid I’d be passing on this box too.

  35. Do I need this? No.
    Do I want this? Yes.
    Will I actually use this? Maybe?
    Will I buy this anyway? DEFINITELY!

    • Joy, I am 100% with you! I actually wish there were less things in here that I would use so I wouldn’t be tempted at all. I do not have room in my apartment… (or on my body!!) for all of this but I really want to buy it.

      I just bought the New Beauty box. I don’t have room. I have way to much stuff. BUT- I love rituals shower gel, skinfix. always been curious about wen… is that enough of a reason to buy? Someone please talk me out of it! Also, I feel like I just saw the grande lips in something else but I can’t remember if it’s something I’m getting or not. it’s just such a good value for the price. Ugh. I’m going to have to hope it sells out before I remember it exists lol.

      • I will never use WEN!!! There was a lawsuit by many women claiming they experienced major hair loss and I told my best friend about it who was using it and she said I knew my hair was thinning out!!! I just didn’t know why!

        • OMG I did not know that! OK that may have talked me out of the box. I have PCOS so I’ve got more hair thinning than I can handle already. Kind of funny that there’s wen and then toppik, ironic?

          • HAHA I didn’t even think of that!! Good catch!

          • I had hair loss from Wen and wish I hadn’t used it. I’m sure some people don’t have issues with it but it’s a risk I wish I’d never taken.

      • The grand lip is also in the other New Beauty Box, im getting both boxes so hope one of the colors i can use

  36. I miss when these boxes had variety years ago. I feel like all I get now is hair serum/oil, toothpaste and face cream….

    But, I still buy them.

  37. I think this box looks pretty good! Much better than the last box. I’m looking forward to receiving it. 🙂 I’m hoping they finish 2016 big like they did with the Fall 2015 box. Hopefully, those of us that prepaid won’t get charged again when it ships like we did with the Spring box.

  38. I got the last box and there are few repeats or variations, but I am super happy with the box! Anybody know a shipping date?

  39. Looks like one of the better boxes in a loooong time!

  40. Can you customize the products? For example Toppik comes in multiple shades.

    • No, you kind of get what you get (although I think they are consistent in all boxes…meaning everyone will get the same color). I looked at the Toppik and the have a lot of colors….not sure everyone will be able to use this (I’m a redhead and don’t see that option….nor would a lot be able to use it).

      I’m hoping the Sally Hansen isn’t the pink in the picture either…that color just doesn’t work for me.

  41. Wasnt a few of these items in the last box? Still a good deal, hoping for more variety.

  42. I did pre-order so I’ll be getting this. Nothing really standing out. I miss the days of the more “premium” brands. But most things in this box will get used so that’s a plus.

    I’m backing up on toothbrushes though….LOL

  43. Are these full size products?

    • Most likely they will all be full-sized! 🙂

      • Thanks Liz! Seems like an awesome deal!

        • Yes! I can never resist buying these boxes! 🙂

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