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Revive Clothing Depot Subscription Box Review + Coupon – May 2016

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Revive Clothing Depot is a used clothing boutique and online consignment shop! They’ve recently released a monthly bundle/subscription – basically, you pay each month to receive credits on your account, which you can then redeem at any point in the month to pick the items you want, regardless of the items’ selling prices! You can also pick your items at any point during the month, at once or at different times.

They have 3 different subscription plans offered: The Revive Pak has 4 items per month, Revive Bundle has 8 items per month, and the Revive Crate 15 items per month. This is a review of the Revive Pak.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

REVIVE DEPOT MAY 2016 - packaging 1

REVIVE DEPOT MAY 2016 - packaging 2

One thing I noticed was that they had some great packaging, even though there was a lot of it! So, it came in that plastic bag above, then inside was this Revive tote bag.

REVIVE DEPOT MAY 2016 - packaging 3

And inside the tote bag was everything wrapped in double-layer tissue paper. Twice!

REVIVE DEPOT MAY 2016 - all items

And inside that was all items, also individually wrapped in doubled tissue paper. It was a lot of packaging but it was nice to feel like they put a lot of time into preparing my package for me.

The Subscription Box: Revive Clothing Depot

The Cost: the Revive Pak (4 items) is $9.99/month, the Revive Bundle (8 items) is $14.99/month, and the Revive Crate (15 items) is $24.99/month. Shipping is $5, but they have promotional offers for free shipping!

COUPON: Use code ReviveAddict and get unlimited shipping for your first 3 months!

The Products: Gently-used to Like New clothing and accessory items. Revive has brand and condition standards for what they will accept.

Ships to: US

Check out the Women’s Clothing Subscription Box Directory and make sure to add Revive Clothing Depot to your subscription list or wishlist!

REVIVE DEPOT MAY 2016 - info

My packaging included a packing sheet and this info card that explains all three of their subscription packages.

REVIVE DEPOT MAY 2016 - items 1

Carter’s 24 Month Boat Polo (size 24 month) – retail value: $14

I regularly spend way too much money at Carter’s for clothing for my son! I was so excited to find this cute little polo (in my wedding colors!) for him. He doesn’t wear 24 month size clothes yet, so that means I have time to look forward to putting this on him!

REVIVE DEPOT MAY 2016 - items 2

Under Armor Men’s Shorts – retail value: $26?

Under Armor is another brand I was happy to see. I snagged these because my husband needs some new athletic shorts for summer. He was going to model these for you, but they were a bit snug so they’ll have to just be for lounging.

REVIVE DEPOT MAY 2016 - items 3

Cherokee Women’s Sleeveless Top – retail value: $16.99?

I like this top! It’s comfortable and flattering, and in good condition. It would also work for maternity (someday!).

REVIVE DEPOT MAY 2016 - items 4

Apt. 9 Women’s Floral Dress – retail value: $30?

This dress is super pretty and very comfortable. It’s made out of a sort of slinky, cool-feeling knit so it’ll be great for summertime. This is a large, and it looks okay in the photo but I should probably wear a medium in this because the waist was a bit big on me.

Verdict: I’m happy with my experience with Revive Clothing Depot! Their subscription bundle prices are great for the number of items you get and they offer some nice brands and pieces in their shop. Also, their regular boutique pricing is great, too, in my opinion. One thing I will say is that these clothes definitely had an odd smell to them – normal for “used” or stored clothing. I’ll have to wash my items before wanting to wear them, but I do that with any used clothing I purchase so it’s not a big deal for me. All in all, I think this is a nice sub!

What do you think about Revive Clothing Depot?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

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  1. Anyone have an idea when they’ll be launching the accessories, and will they be getting more shoes? I see a lot of clothes, but not a lot of shoes and no accessories yet.

  2. I LOVE THIS SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE!!!! I joined and paid ~$20.81/month when paying for 6 months in full for the crate (15 items per month). My first shipment was 13 items and one of them did not pass their pre shipment inspection and was given an extra credit for the inconvenience so they sent 12 items. My shipment arrived, and yes I do agree they use way too much tissue paper but it shows they try to make their shipments feel special, and I loved everything! Two items didn’t fit and they said to send them back after my next shipment for free! I use the little chat box on their website to speak with a customer service representative and it’s always fast and nice people. I actually chatted with one person for awhile on there while I was shopping and they said they plan on expanding their services to another service where it’s all higher end clothing and another one thats all items for less than $5. I’m thinking about trying to sell some of my clothing on their too. Overall, I do feel like this is almost too good to be true but so far I’ve had a wonderful experience and will tell everyone I know about it! I hope they can keep up with all the new subscribers based on this review.

    • Also, most of my items were listed as good or fair condition and everything arrived in like new condition. There was a pair of flats I got that were listed as fair and they look brand new. So from now on I don’t think I will even pay attention to their ratings.

    • Love the idea of the higher end service -but fear that will take away ALL of the higher end clothing on the service that is in place now (doesn’t seem to be a whole lot:(

  3. I just got my first box of 8 items. Most of the conditions were listed as “fair”, but I saw no issues with the clothing. They sent me an email saying one item did not pass their quality assurance. They gave me 2 credits and the item, which was fine as far as I can tell. The packaging was fantastic. The clothing did smell heavily of dryer sheets.

  4. I joined a few days ago with the $14.95 bundle. I talked to Customer Service and they said subscription tiers could be upgraded anytime but downgrading can only be done after the initial subscription tier has been in effect for two months. They also said subscription rates will likely increase soon, so if you want to subscribe or upgrade you may want to do it now. Current subscribers will have their rates honored for the length of their subscription.

    Customer service is awesome!!! The only thing I am concerned with is the somewhat limited selection of items. Doesn’t seem like women’s items have had anything new since this original posting.

  5. I just received my first order. I signed up for the crate option and my first package contained two items. One item had been listed in the incorrect size. I contacted Revive, and they responded immediately. They added one credit back to my account and said they would send return instructions with my next shipment. Both the products I received were of great quality and appeared clean and without any flaws. I am a grandmother on a fixed income and this type of service is a godsend. I can spoil the little ones without spending a fortune. I am so, so impressed with their customer service!

  6. Oh my….sucked in….this is right up my alley. I went and got a small bundle. I ordered a NY and Co dress, a maxi skirt, a pair of Croc loafers and a cute striped hoodie for evenings on the beach. I love thrifting and second hand deals so I’m hoping this whole thing isn’t too good to be true! I did go on there today and they have nothing new posted….that worries me a tad….hope they update their inventory quickly.

    • Trying to get this all you have 8 items in the month to choose ( in revive bundle for example) – can you pick 1 or 2 in the month – get to 8 item at some point in that month and then they mail you all eight in one delivery a month – but you can choose throughtout the month?

      • I don’t think they hold the items for you so if you choose 4 items out of 8 they will ship those to you and then you still have 4 credits left to order within the same month. This is fine while you still have free shipping but once that’s over, you’ll pay $5 every shipment so it’d be better to choose all 8 items and pay one flat shipping fee. By the way, their CS is great! They have the instant chat available and they’ll help with all kinds of questions you have while you shop.

        • Thank you!

    • I really want to try this,but I am also a bit worried that after my initial bundle there will not be any “new” listings. I was going to subscribe but the shoes I wanted sold out before I placed my order:(

      • I’ve seen new things listed since I joined. Not a lot but some. I’m sure they will get faster at posting new items. Just gives me another reason to shop their page every day. haha

  7. Amazing deal. All your pieces are keepers.

  8. Added this to my wishlist. With 5 kiddos I think this might be great for our family. I see you can “sell” gently used items to them as well? Going to really look into that too since my girls have a nice amount of clothing gathering dust!

  9. I have 2 kids and have always been big on garage sale/consignment/thrift store clothing. When you take into consideration how quickly they outgrow things & their potential for destruction, it is silly to spend too much on kids clothing when there are so many great, gently used, items out there. I decided to give this subscription a go. We’ll see how it all ends up, but so far, I am pretty excited about it! I went with the $25/month option. I have a son that will be starting High School and a daughter going into second grade. They both play sports, and play outside often, so inexpensive “play clothes” are always a good idea. I got him a T-shirt and pair of shorts (both NIKE), some rompers and tops for her, and a couple of sweatshirts for me. I only used 10 out of the 15 credits that are given with that monthly plan. I could have easily found enough to use them all now, but figured that I would save some and check back later to see what new items are added. I agree with another comment, that it does seem too good to be true, as thrift stores often charge more. I decided that for me, personally, it was worth the risk to try it out. The price per item is about $1.50, which you can’t beat. I used the coupon code to get free shipping on the first 3 months, so even if the shipping after that is high-ish, it should still work out to a great deal. Also, I just wanted to note that I had a question before purchasing, and the customer service was very helpful and friendly. That’s something that I always appreciate from a company. Hopefully I will enjoy this sub as much as I think that I will!

  10. I signed up. $25 for 15 pieces is less I would imagine than goodwill. Customer service was also prompt in chat response as well which was really helpful with my questions. Can’t wait when bags and accessories are back on the site to check those out too 🙂

  11. I’m going to look into this…interesting.
    I also wanted to point out that ALL clothing, even if it’s new should be washed first.
    I’ve seen the factories where clothes are made and I’ve seen (in person) where high end USA made clothing is made. Even very high priced designer clothing gets piled on factory or garage floors on just a tarp or cardboard pad, stored in cardboard boxes that are old and questionable and of course there are bugs, rats, mice and other typical factory and home pests around. Clothing is not treated with “kid gloves” in the sewing, packing or delivery process. Finally, once delivered, it sits in backroom then might get shaken out and steamed…just to be hung and tried on or brushed past by shoppers with who knows what on them…So, yeah, we need to wash all clothing before we wear it.

    • Yes, I have to wash all clothing before I wear it. Especially when is from an actual store where it could have been tried on by who knows how many people. *and even more important for me if part of the price tag is missing, meaning the $$ about is torn off bc it was probably given as a gift then returned*
      Whether it’s right or wrong, I’m usually slightly more lenient depending on the specific article and condition of clothing when I order it online bc at least then I know it hasn’t been sitting in a store where lots of people have been touching it. But even then I still wash 75% of stuff from online.
      It drives my son nuts bc sometimes he’ll want to wear something right away. But he’s just gotten used to it by now.

      • I’m laughing at this because we could be twins. I’ve actually shifted to ordering most clothing online for this very reason. I would much rather have something that’s pristine and in the original packaging that hasn’t been touched by a million hands.

  12. This is really tempting but I have to wonder if it is “too good to be true”? I’m a lifelong thrifter and four items for $9.99 isn’t unheard of but where I live most brick & mortar thrifts charge at least $5-6 a piece, $12 dresses aren’t unusual (And I’m talking thrift, not upscale consignment).
    I notice that postage is free the first month–three if you use the code–any idea what they charge? Clothing shouldn’t cost a lot to mail I guess, unless that’s where they make their profit…..? I would love to hear more about this!

    • Linda, I don’t think they make their profit on shipping costs. Shipping is a $5 flat rate. 🙂

    • Linda,

      Also I found out through their CS that these prices are “introductory” .. so its best to try them out now at the lower rate before the increase before end of year (estimation on my part)! 🙂

      • that makes sense because I was wondering how they will make a profit at these prices.

  13. So interested! I just don’t like the idea that I have to commit to a six month subscription. Is skipping months allowed? Can I switch between subscription tiers when I like? So many questions, lol.

    • Hello,

      we would be happy to help answer any questions. Yes you can switch subscription tiers up or down. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any other questions.

      Thank You,

      Customer Service Team

    • Hufsa, when I spoke to a CS rep they said skipping is not an option at this time, though they seem responsive enough/new enough that I imagine you can email CS and ask them to work with you. Maybe not for the free shipping promotional period but probably after that. They may just have you unsub and resub. Worth emailing about.

      • uh oh! I just chatted on web chat and I was told I can put it on hold. I hope it’s allowed or gets added by October/November when I’ll need it.

        • Oh, good! If you JUST chatted with them, then I’d go with that. I asked them a week or two ago and they said they were looking for feedback of options to add and such. Maybe they made a way to make skipping work!

  14. So I guess I’m confused is this like wardrobe rental or do you actually own the pieces then? Also does it come in plus size and mens’s?

    • Molly – yes, they have mens, and babies/children, and you can check their site and sizing options for women but I’m pretty sure they do have plus size options. And you actually own the pieces!

    • They actually have A LOT of plus size pieces (more than I find in some of my local goodwills).

      I just signed up yesterday and am amazed at the offerings. I mean I think like with thrifiting there is some +/- (they are constantly adding items), but at that price it really is a steal (I did the crate option).

      Some of the brands I picked are ADIDAS, Patagonia, and Ann Taylor.

      • I agree, I found plenty of plus size options, including Big & Tall mens!
        I appreciate how much easier it is to find on Revive than digging through at my favorite thrift store. I got 8 items that I would have paid $30-$35 for at my favorite local thrift store but my bundle was only $12.50 ( I pre-paid the 6 months).

  15. On it aka JUST signed up as I’m a thrifter and the price point is awesome! ?

    • Agree,great prices!

  16. The thought of use athletic shorts is making my skin crawl!

    • Why it’s just a pair of “basketball” or gym shorts? Did you see the picture above? These are not the gym shorts we had to change into & wear in middle school. I’m not sure what’s making your skin crawl????

      • Umm, ball sweat? The fact that the shorts smelled bad?

        • Haha, I understand! But the shorts specifically didn’t smell too bad… the women’s clothing was what had the “thrift/musty” smell most. It’s a good idea to wash every item of clothing before wearing anyway, especially used, so it doesn’t bother me! =] thanks for reading!

          • I received my bundle yesterday and I understand what you mean…all my items had a strong “Febreze” type smell not musty per se….but just need to be washed out. However, I was SUPER happy with my finds and will wear them all….great, like new quality thats are TTS on my three clothing items. My shoes were a little “worn” on the inside but super cute and for $2.50 for a pair of Croc loafers I’m not complaining. All items were wrapped beautifully and the shoes came in a box! I might suggest they use bags instead to cut on shipping costs (that’s what Twice/Thredup do). I am excited to see what I can score next month 😉

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