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Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review + Coupon- Jun 2016


Peaches and Petals is a monthly lifestyle box that sends you “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern” items. You can expect items like fashionable jewelry, accessories, and beauty samples.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Susbcription Box: Peaches and Petals

The Cost: $19.99/month with free shipping

COUPON: Use codes PEACH-SAVE50, PEACH-SAVE25, PEACH-SAVE10 to save 50%, 25%, or 10% off of your first month-to-month box. Coupons deactivate once their limit is reached.

The Products: “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle” items

Ships to: US

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This month’s theme is “Under the Boardwalk.” This is the information card that was provided, detailing the contents of the package.


Swimsuit Cover Up – Value $30?

Wow! I really wasn’t expecting a swimsuit cover-up, and I’m just thrilled! It’s kind of sheer, and the colors and patterns are wonderful. I’m also really happy it fits! This must be a one-size-fits-most, with a very generous definition of “most.” Nice! I couldn’t find this piece online anywhere, so I’m guessing at the value.



Sunglasses – Value $12?

I couldn’t find these shades online either! These sunglasses are actually pretty cute on. I have millions of pairs of sunglasses now, thanks to subscription boxes, but I tend to go through them really quickly, so this will be a nice pair to wear that I’m also not devastated to lose. I like the woodsy design and the rhinestones!


Flip-Flops Tumbler – Value $13?

I’m sorry, I’m having terrible luck finding these things online today! I did find this brand on Amazon, though, and they seem to be selling similar tumblers for about $13. In any case, this is very cute and summery, and it fits the theme well.


Handmade Earrings by the Starfish Project – Value $25?

I love these earrings! The color is gorgeous. These were handmade by women who were victims of trafficking through an organization called the Starfish Project.


I actually received some earrings from the Starfish Project last month in a different box, and I think it’s a great organization. I couldn’t find this exact pair on their website, so I’m basing my value on similar items in their shop.


Alterna Stylist Summer Ocean Waves Hair Spray – Value $6?

The link is to the 4 oz. spray, and this seems to be a travel size, so the value is an estimate. This is a summer texturizing spray that doesn’t seem to involve salt, so I gave it a try on my wet hair. It’s not making my hair dry out, but it also doesn’t seem to be doing much in terms of volume.


Summer Fruits Makeup Bag – Value $5?

This was my beachy surprise this month from Peaches and Petals. I have plenty of makeup bags, but this one has a fun, summery print.


Spoiler Alert: Next month’s theme is “Dance to the Music!” Sounds like a fun one!

Verdict: I am really enjoying my subscription to Peaches and Petals! It’s always full of such nice surprises, and the packages are always really well curated. The items are not the highest quality items in the world, typically, but the box itself is inexpensive. This month’s value (if my estimates are close) comes to about $90, which is amazing for a $20 box! I think Peaches and Petals is a really great way to treat yourself to a lifestyle box on a budget.

What do you think of Peaches and Petals? What was your surprise item this month?

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Written by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Anna has been a fan of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013, but didn’t become a true addict until discovering subscriptions she could share with her children. Her favorites include Kiwi Crate and Fab Kids.

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Comments (49)

  1. So far I am disappointed. I paid for my box on the 16th of last month, got an email a week ago with tracking info, and I think it finally left the wear house yesterday. But what really disappoints me is that I haven’t gotten my first box and they are trying to charge my card for the second! I want to make sure I want the subscription before I pay for a second box!

    • I canceled mine after this last Box…. Totally a waist of Money! I never got a bag in mine so I emailed them after 2 weeks of no response I cancelled. Terrible Customer Service & the K-Mart Sunglasses… Totally Tacky! Never Again will I give them 1 penny!! Plus everything you get is Dollor Store Quality!

    • Same for me. I went onto the side and put pass on my next box so they wouldn’t charge my card. Hope it works.

      • Went on site not side. Oops.

  2. My tracking was created on June 22 and still has not left the warehouse. This is my first box and I am incredibly frustrated. I wanted that coverup before I leave on vacation tomorrow, which will definitely not happen. This is just a giant disappointment and I think I’ll be canceling my subscription.

    • Same with me. This is my first box as well, and I am started to get frustrated. Does it normally take this long?

      • According to the Customer Service rep, it does. My e-mail states:
        “the tracking numbers aren’t an indication that the box is ready to be shipped. It just means the shipping team is getting ready to prepare the boxes and needs them to put on the boxes — it also takes a few days to sort through them because an employee goes through every label and reads them for comments and coupon codes and sorts them accordingly. All boxes will ship around the scheduled time, the label creation isn’t indicative of when a box will ship.”

    • They ship in three cycles, on the 2nd, the 12th, and 22nd of each month. Your cycle depends on your billing date. And it always takes my box about 10 days to arrive after I receive the shipping notification. I think this is typical of sub boxes – my Barkbox and PSMH and FFF boxes always take at least a week. LLB is the only one I know of that uses 2-day Priority Mail. So I doubt P&P was late in shipping your box, although if there’s no progress with your tracking info, there may be an issue with the carrier. If you decide to give P&P another chance and you want to receive your box earlier in the month, adjust your billing date so you are included in an earlier cycle.

      • For other boxes, it takes about 7-8 days for me to receive a box after getting tracking information. I e-mailed their Customer Support about it and apparently they take time to sort things *after* creating labels, which seems backwards to me. (My workplace prints a Bill of Lading -> warehouse picks the items -> items are scanned as they go in the box and box is packed -> label is created -> box is shipped.)

        My box has not left their warehouse, though, so it is late in shipping. I don’t care what billing / shipping cycle I am in, as long as it ships when it says it will. I will give them one more month to see if there is always a considerable delay between sending tracking and actually shipping the box out the door.

      • I don’t know what y’alls shipping info looks like, but is it possible it’s still sitting in the carrier’s warehouse, not P&P’s warehouse? Honestly, in this day and age, nothing should *actually* take 7-10 days to get anywhere, except maybe over seas. I know that half the time my boxes are en route to me, they are just sitting in a processing facility of some sort anyway. If a box is going to take 10 days to get to me, and it only spends 4 days actually in transit, does it really matter as long I still receive it within the promised timeframe? It’s only been 5 days since the 22nd (and only four business days). Maybe I just don’t take my boxes too seriously. I think of them as a gift to myself, a little bonus, rather than something I rely on receiving by a specific deadline.

  3. my sunglasses said 14.99 from kmart…all well and what not but there was a huge gouge across the sunglasses that you really cant miss..i emailed them friday so ill wait to see what they say this week. I had this box back when it was 14.99 and canceled after getting dollar store donut candles <.< Retried this month and im conflicted..i love my tumbler (i got the green one with blue whales) this has become my outdoor wine cup..dont judge LOL. The makeup bag is not my taste at all. The spray did help a little on my hair and smells nice, so thats a plus. i got metal looking earings that are hard to make out what the actual design is and im actually a big fan of the cover up-went to the beach the other day and so many people liked it. the spoiler for next month looks like a good value- 18$ on amazon for the portable speaker, so i may bite for one more month and see how it goes

  4. I got the exact same print of the coverup on my “enjoy legging” I got this month! And, the coverup is on Amazon for $6.50 and free shipping!

  5. I’ve gotten 4 boxes from this service and normally I really like the majority of items. But this has definitely been my least favorite box to date. The swimsuit cover up is ok, the hair spray smells great but naturally curly hair means I will never use it, the earrings have a good message, but are generally underwheming, and the tumbler is meh in my opinion. One thing that is really odd is that the sunglasses I got still have a 9.99 price tag from K-Mart on them… And they are kind of hideous. Anyone else have that?

  6. Unfortunately my peaches and petals box is not as nice as yours. I received a nautical cup which is not me at all.
    The earrings are plain just silver nothing extra ordinary
    The glasses have no embellishments which I would have liked
    My surprise is wooden luggage tags ? I would never use these. The beach coverup is cute
    I started my subscription several months back staring with 1 month and then ordering a 3 month. I was overcharged for the 3 month twice which was frustrating.
    I hate to say it but I will not be continuing this subscription. ?

  7. This was my first month of Peaches & Petals, and I was REALLY looking forward to receiving my box! Sadly, it was a huge disappointment. The cover up is super thin & doesn’t even come close to fitting. One size fits all… I’m a size 10 & it was huge! Let alone how ugly the print is. The lobster cup I received seems to be good quality but it’s not cup holder friendly so don’t know how I’m going to transport it without it rolling all over. I received gaudy looking gold earrings – I wish they had an option available as I don’t wear earrings (& I hate gold jewelry). I like the makeup bag & will definitely use it! Haven’t tried the spray yet. Really glad I got this box with a coupon for $10, so it’s not a terrible loss of money. But, seriously, if anyone wants anything, I’m willing to swap! You can email me at thunderbritcam (at) icloud (dot) com.

    • Heather, you may have seen my comment below, but I emailed them about the earrings, because my ears aren’t pierced, and they offered to send me a necklace instead. They aren’t even asking me to return the earrings! Perhaps they will do the same for you? Good luck!

      • They did that for me so I got an ‘antique gold starfish pendant necklace’ instead of earrings. I don’t look good in gold vut I guess its really more of a bronze tone which hopefully won’t turn my neck green. They told me you can put the no-earrings preference in your profile somehow but since I ended up cancelling I didn’t bother. I got the same box as Anna here except for a pineapple mason jar style mug that I actually really like (its huge! Perfect for the pool), and the starfish necklace instead of earrings. I was just underwhelmed, kinda felt overpriced and overhyped to me and shipping takes FOR-EVER so it wasn’t totally worth the wait. I did get the hammock deal though, so that helped, otherwise it would have seemed like an even bigger box without much in it. Maybe if my budget wasnt so tight right now this would be a fun one just to see what they come up with each month, although July didn’t wow me either, just saw that one so I’m ok with canceling for now.

      • The green coloring is a result of certain metals coming into contact with an acidic moisture – most likely, your sweat. Copper and nickel are the most common culprits, and both are often used in alloys. Even real gold jewelry is an alloy – 24 kt gold (pure gold) is too soft, so other metals are added to increase hardness – and could leave green marks on your skin. Sterling silver and white gold are alloys too, usually mixed with copper and nickel respectively. White gold is typically coated with rhodium, which wears off over time. This is why you might wear a white gold ring for years with no issue, and then suddenly start to develop a “reaction.” Most jewelers recommend having white gold pieces re-plated every few years. Anyway, whether a piece of jewelry will leave a green mark is largely dependent on the amount of copper or nickel used in an alloy (with higher levels indicating cheaper quality) and the acidity of your own skin and sweat. Rhodium plating will prevent the chemical reaction that causes the green, or you can just refrain from wearing cheaper jewelry in high humidity weather, or when you anticipate sweating or getting wet.
        Sorry for the dissertation, but I hope it’s somewhat helpful!

  8. Correction… $49 and if you use code Peachshop10 you get an extra 10% off….I just ordered one and the code worked

  9. Nice! This will be my first box and if those are the contents we all get I’m thrilled! Plus hammock since I got in on that promo 🙂

    • Hey, what promo is that? I have been looking for coupons or anything to make this a little more appealing.

  10. I had this box when they first started and though it wasn’t to my taste I thought it was fun and their customer service was quick and friendly. My big complaint was how long it would take to receive a box (2-4 weeks after the target month) but it was growing pains and they were always honest and sympathetic. I think they did a great job with this month!

    • I joined last month and mine for June hasn’t even shipped yet, still says ‘unfullfilled’, so this is normal? Hmmm…

      • Nvm, I saw another post around here re P&P that shipping is based on billing date so mine should be anyday now, by the 22nd, amyway. Thank you MSA, ever so helpful in so many ways:D

  11. Peaches and Petals was quickly becoming one of my favorite boxes, but I was pretty disappointed by this month. To their credit, they do a REALLY good job of picking fun themes and curating the box perfectly around the theme.
    The items themselves are mostly great, I suppose it’s more that I don’t like the particular styles I received. The kimono is probably my favorite item. It’s cute and versatile, but I’m pretty sure it’s polyester, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it started falling apart after a couple washes. I will wash it cold and hang it up to air dry. The tumbler is a nice idea, but I’m so in love with the flip flop design and I got the crab one. Hopefully I can work out a trade! I was surprised not to see sunglasses in any of my other boxes this month, so these will probably be used but the ones I received are embellished more than normally suits my style
    Finally, my biggest complaint and disappointment – the earrings. My ears aren’t pierced. I really wish they’d taken that into consideration. For example, PSMH asks in your member profile whether your ears are pierced. The month they did send earrings, I got a super cute bracelet instead.
    Also, I ordered to of the solar jar light add-ons which were supposed to ship with this box and they were missing. I sent an email (and also mentioned my frustration over the earrings). P&P usually has pretty responsive customer service, so hopefully this will be resolved quickly.

    • EDIT: By the time I finished typing my comment above, I had ALREADY received a response from customer service. WOW! I guess I didn’t order the add-ons until after my June billing date, so they will arrive in July. As for the earrings, she offered to send a necklace instead. I am very impressed and now much happier with the June box. Compliments to P&P’s highly efficient customer service!

      • That is terrific! I have had phenomenal customer service experience with P&P as well. I think I’ll reach out to them now about requesting an alternative to the earrings in my box. My boxes don’t go out until the 22nd of each month, so they might have time to customize mine. Thanks for reporting back!

      • No problem Sarah, good luck!

      • Me too since my ears are so sensitive I can only wear stainless steel or .925 sterling. Since most sub box jewelry IME is costume (aka cheap with nickel), its not good. Since mine hasn’t shipped yet I hope I can do this! TY!

    • If I for some reason get the flip flop cup then I will totally trade for the crab one! But I haven’t gotten my box yet (literally I never get this box until like a week after I’m “supposed” to and nearly 2 weeks after everyone on here).

      • Hi Gina!
        I also commented to Bre below that I would be willing to consider a trade with her, before I saw your reply. Please feel free to email me: smagc7 (at) mail (dot) umkc (dot) edu. I spell out “at” and “dot” because comments including links do not appear immediately. If I don’t work out a trade with Bre, perhaps we can make an arrangement after you receive your box.

      • Hi Gina!! Could I please get a crab cup too? My email is [email protected] Best Customer Service!! Thank you in Adavance! 🙂

      • I meant Stephanie lol 🙂

      • Sorry Kristin, I’m not quite sure what you are asking. I only have one crab cup to trade, but if I cannot work trades out with either Bre or Gina, I’d be happy to consider trading with you.

      • I haven’t gotten mine yet either.

    • So glad they offered to send you a replacement item for the earrings. If you decide to list the earrings I would love to swap for them. 🙂

      This box seems to have improved a lot since the beginning, I just signed up again because of next months spoiler. They aren’t high quality items but they are fun and unlike some other boxes like this I have seen, the price is very reasonable.

  12. I find it very interesting that I have read 3 reviews of this box and all the sunglasses, cups and earrings were different. I guess it is kind of nice though because I can see what the items will be, but will be surprised on what they actually look like. I have my fingers crossed for the crab mug I saw someone else receive.

    • Hi Bre,
      I received the crab cup. I replied to you earlier, but I don’t think it’s showing up because I included my email address and I know they monitor comments containing links. I am interested in trading if you want, especially if you receive the flip flop cup pictured in this review – it’s SO cute! I am in the swap, but I haven’t listed the cup yet. Feel free to email me at smagc7 (at) mail (dot) umkc (dot) com
      Thank you!

      • Sorry Bre, my email is .edu, not .com – oops!

    • It looks like a lot of people complaining about the cover up falling apart. THAT is my issue with this kind of box. I don’t need more cheap stuff that falls apart. And I’d rather get my own cheap falling apart stuff at Target!

  13. Darn. I’ve been with Peaches and Petals forever, and this is my LEAST favorite box, haha. I can’t wear sunglasses or earrings! 🙁 And my hair is only two inches long, so I don’t think the spray will be good for me, either.

    The cutesy beach tumbler isn’t really my jam. Hopefully I will like the cover-up and whatever my surprise is. (I usually get the same as Anna, and I guess another makeup bag won’t hurt.)

    I liked last month’s party supplies, but since I haven’t got to use them yet, I was really hoping for a box I could dive right into! (At least a lot of people will get to do just that this month, though, so I think P&P did an okay job of planning here. Just wish there had been maybe a bracelet instead of earrings.)

    • The Facebook post for Peaches and Petals just says an item from the Starfish Project, and the card says a jewelry item, so maybe not everyone will get earrings?

    • UPDATE: So I reached out to Peaches & Petals, and they went above and beyond with customer service! They were super happy to make sure I got a necklace instead of earrings, and even offered to sub out the sunglasses for a different pair that will wrap around my prescription glasses!

      The icing on the cake is that they are going to prepare my box now and ship it out tomorrow to avoid any confusion that could result later. This is SUPER AWESOME because my usual ship day is the 22nd of each month (determined by my billing date). I’m a happy girl.

      Really looking forward to next month now that I’ve seen the spoiler on MSA.

  14. I just signed up! I used the 50% off coupon code and it worked! I can’t wait to try out this box. Now I need to figure out which one I want to cancel.. Lol.

  15. Ive been eyeing this sub for few months now. It seems like they have a pattern (at least to my taste): one bad month followed by one good month. Since this is a bad month for me, I went and signed up for two boxes for July! Yay logic

  16. Really cute box. Loving that little makeup bag.

  17. I like this best of all their box reviews so far. If I subscribe now will I get the July box?

  18. Wow great box !
    Love the earrings , I may have to order this one if its not to late , I have to say this one beat popsugar this month for sure!

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