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Adidas: Avenue A Summer 2016 Box – FULL SPOILERS!!

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Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 4.25.20 PM

We have the full spoilers for the Summer 2016 Avenue A by Adidas Box thanks to Hildol in the forum! Each summer box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.17.44 PM


adidas’ miCoach Fit Smart watch ($150 Value)


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.41.25 PM

Edge Lux Bounce Running Shoe ($85 Value)

M10 Woven Short ($32 Value)

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.41.20 PM

Supernova Tank (Value $35)

Adilette Ultra Slide (Value $35)

And the 6th item: Running Headband

And here are some pictures from Hildol. (Thank you again, so much!!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.01.42 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.01.17 PM

What do you think of the spoilers? I am thrilled!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this box!

More about this box: Avenue A by Adidas Box is $150 a box and ships once every three months. Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel, and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness and performance.

Check out my Avenue A by Adidas Box reviews to learn more about this fitness subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hi Gals,

    So I got my tracking email yesterday – but when I click the FedEx tracking link, I keep getting thst the tracking number can’t be found. I was told by Adidas customer service that since the tracking number is new – I should give it 24 to 48 hrs. Or most likely, it’ll be there late yesterday evening. I just check and nothing! I’ll give it time but is anyone having this problem?

    • I got my tracking number Wednesday and it still says “label created” but it also still lists a delivery date of today. I was looking forward to getting my box today, but I don’t think that’s happening now.

      • Ur better then me! It says that the tracking number can’t be found on FedEx website.

      • Mine still just says label created also.

        • Bummer – I really like this box, and am beyond excited to get it but this mess is taking the fun out of the whole experience.

          hopefully it’ll be easier in with the fall box.

        • Mine did too. I was charged on 6/2, confirmation received 6/3. I’ve had a delivery date of 6/17 on my account.
          Every time I checked the tracking information that I was sent on Wednesday, there was no change. I contacted Customer Service on Friday morning and they said it was on its way for delivery for that day.
          However, about an hour later, I got an update that my box was picked up and would be delivered on Monday. I didn’t get the package on Friday, so I’m hoping it arrives Monday.
          I even asked Customer Service if there was any chance that it was missed by FedEx when they picked up packages for Friday delivery and they said no it was picked up. It is disappointing that I was getting conflicting information.

          • I double checked FedEx and now it says it will be delivered on “Tue 6/21/2016 by end of day”.
            I hope I get Fall box on time like Spring box.

          • I have the exact same story. I was contacting customer service the whole time. I was told multiple time of get it Friday and yet now fed ex says Tuesday. It’s really frustrating.

  2. holy smokes this is probably the best sub out there right now. I subbed as soon as I saw what I missed for the spring box. The value is crazy good, which makes me think…my only negative thought is the quality…I’m wondering if it’s more sample quality? How have items from the first box held up? Anyway, that’s just my skeptical thoughts and I’ll be able to judge tomorrow when it arrives. Can’t wait!

    • They’re not sample quality. Quality is excellent; these products are exactly what you buy at the store. I’m still using everything at least once a week three months later and everything is in excellent condition. (Granted the shoes got a little dirty from all the puddles I’ve run through.) I love love LOVE this box.

      It makes sense that they’re able to provide so much for so little – the markup for most products is high and since this sub is direct from Adidas they can provide the products at cost.

  3. I got my Avenue A box and posted it on Instagram. Still freaking out. Best subscription box ever. I put in XL for my sizes and I’ve lost weight so the shorts are too big. Oops. Maybe they’ll exchange them? You’ll love the box ladies!!!

  4. I am so glad I’m not alone in obsessively checking for spoilers. I loved the first box, and was not expecting another pair of sneakers. Can’t wait to get my box tomorrow!

  5. Found this in the comments section of the refinery29 article on this box, “Hello from adidas Avenue A, we…can tell you that Spring 2016, Summer 2016, Fall 2016 and Winter 2016 editions all include a shoe!” All of the boxes this year will have a shoe! How exciting!

    Already sent Liz the screenshot I took of the comment 🙂

    • AHHHH. So excited

  6. I have been liking all the boxes and caved on this one! I need some motivation to hit the gym and the trails this summer and a great running outfit and tracking watch should do the trick. I ordered and cancelled both today hoping to try this box and then decide if I need new workout clothes in the fall. I just did a closet cleanout and have WAY too many unworn workout clothes but do not have may running shorts, I lost my fitbit charger and need new running shoes so this is a great box for me.

  7. OMG! LIZ!!! I’m so over you.. LOL!!! I just ordered this.. I couldn’t resist!??? I’m thinking about dropping some of my boxes, I’d NEVER think of getting rid of. Like PSMH, FFF, Birchbox..?Sephora..? (after being on the waitlist forever) &/or Allure.. I have SO many beauty products, it’s kind of embarrassing. I don’t know though. I’d probably have FOMO big time! Right after I subscribed to Avenue A, I was going through my emails & I noticed I had a 30% off coupon from Adidas “Friends and Family Sale” sitting in my inbox from yesterday. I sure hope I didn’t miss out on an opportunity to save on my first box. I just emailed Adidas asking about it. Waiting to hear… I did however, receive an immediate confirmation from Adidas upon ordering the Avenue A box, that was so interesting. I’ll copy it here:
    “We have received your reservation for your Avenue A subscription box.

    Your Visa will be charged on or around June 16, 2016 prior to the shipping of your box. Your Avenue A box will then be delivered around June 17, 2016. Note that your credit card statement may show a pre-authorization from SAFECART.COM*ADIDAS prior to billing. However, your account will not be billed until June 16, 2016.”

    Are they going to run it on over to my house tomorrow? LOL!! So funny! In the end, I’m glad you did the “Spoiler” on this box. It looks FANTASTIC!! It has the best value I’ve seen. It’s also different than my usual boxes & very useful, as it is time to lose all this weight, post-failed back surgery and a year of epidural steroid shots, that made me eligible to be an actual FLOAT in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, this year! Time to get to work!!????? So.. I’m not mad at you Liz! I appreciate you, each & every day.. I truly look forward to your daily emails! xoxo?

  8. If anyone wants to swap their size 8,8.5, or 9 sandals with me let me know!

    • If they don’t let us exchange them for different sizes I will! I know wear only like a 7 in their slides but my tennis shoes are size 8.5 so I’m sure these slides will be massive on me!

    • I’ll be swapping my size 8 once I get them.

    • I’m swapping size 9.

  9. Is there anyone who has not received shipping info? I’ve been charged but have not received any other info.

    • Me too. I ordered 3 days ago. I was charged immediately, and it’s still says my order should arrive on 06/17.

    • Still haven’t received tracking info either, however when I emailed them, they said I should have email with tracking info today….

    • I haven’t yet, card was charged monday…but my sub page says it’ll get delivered tomorrow??

    • Hello from adidas AvenueA, we are doing our best to get them all out at the same time but you will receive your shipping information as soon as your box is packed and ready to ship!

      • Hi Lo. I received shipping notification yesterday but fedex says the tracking number is incorrect. I emailed CS but haven’t heard back. Can I assume my box will arrive with no issues?

        • Hi Lauren,
          I’m on the product side but will try to get answers to the shipping questions ASAP!
          Thanks for the notes-

      • Hi Lo,

        The tracking number given to me can not be found on FedEx – is there a reason why?


  10. Okay, I just ordered. I have been wanting a watch style fitness tracker for a while, so half price on the tracker, $10 off on the shoes, the rest is just a bonus! Yea for spoilers!

  11. I want this soooooooo bad! Soooooooo bad! Ugh. I really need a REAL money tree in my yard right now. Lol. Looking on your site is so bad for my bank account.

  12. I love this subscription. I did not know how they could top the first box but they did. I think Adidas gives you investment pieces and although this is by far the most I have spent on a subscription, I am so pleased with the value. Compare this to the Popsugar Target box and you get more durable items. Only thing that is not spot on for me is the headband because I have short hair. I can’t wait for FedEx to drop my box off on Friday.

  13. YAYYYYY! Going to be here Friday hopefully. FedEx never wants to drop my package at my door and I’ll probably have to wait until after 6p to pick it up. Anyway, is everyone getting the same color options?

    • Great if you got slim feet. However, the sneakers look a bit narrow and there are no options to select wide-width shoes.

  14. So it appears that if they are out of something in your size & try to sign up, you get bumped from getting that box? I just tried to sign up to get this box & it said some items were unavailable in my size, so I would be pre-ordering the Fall box.
    Can anyone confirm? I may get in touch with Customer Service tomorrow…

    • Yes, that is how it’s been working. You can play with sizes to see if you can get a combo that’s available. Good luck.

    • Hello from adidas AvenueA, we are sorry but you are correct. We are at the end of the order window and when we run out of sizes we can’t fully meet your requests. Rolling into box#3 will guarantee the right fits!

  15. Amazing box! I’ll have to gift the tracker, since I can’t stray from my beloved Garmin, but the rest of it will definitely get used.

    • I would swap generously for the tracker!!! If you are interested let me know. I have a 1951 in Musgo 3D and a couple other items in high demand hat I would be happy to swap towards one! Daisydoodle2u at hotmail dot com

  16. Hey guys!
    I emailed then on Saturday because I hadn’t gotten any shipping info – they responded today to say that I am still on track to get the box.
    They’re shipping it out tomorrow and it should arrive on Friday.
    I’m in NYC by the way.

  17. Anyone still waiting for shipping notification?

    • Yep! I emailed them a few hours ago. I will update when I get a response. I live in Hawaii and will be shocked if it shows up even next week. I checked both my UPS and FedEx accounts and have nothing on its way from them 🙁

      • I’m in NJ. I got the payment email from them back on June 2, so I hope it ships soon.

      • Hello from adidas AvenueA,
        We are trying to get them all out and you will get your notification when your order is packed and ready to ship! Thanks for your patience- we are SO excited that you are excited!

        • Hello adidas AvenueA. Thank you so much for such an amazing Box #2!!! I missed the first box. It’s so refreshing that adidas is keeping the momentum going and I’m sure everyone will agree that you had
          Be the BEST sub box out there.

    • I got my shipping notification this afternoon and when I clicked on link it’s scheduled for Friday (I’m in the midwest)

    • Just got this email: Browning,

      Your order should ship today or tomorrow and will then deliver on either Friday or Monday.


      Avenue a customer support

  18. This box looks amazing. I won’t get mine till Monday, and I’m ready to wear everything now! So glad we got shorts and a tank, that’s my running uniform!

  19. Do you think everyone will get the same colors? Did everyone get the exact same in the initial box?

    • I’m pretty sure all the colors were the same in the last box. Wow…..This is a pretty awesome box (yet again!). I can’t wait to get mine Friday

    • Yes, everyone seemed to get identical colors in the last box.

  20. AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!
    I needed both kind of shoes!!
    I just only worry about the shorts being long enough for someone who used to weigh a lot more than they do now? But if the inseam is too short for me, I’m sure I will find plenty of swappers! (Lol)

    • May I make a suggestion? If you feel the shorts are too short when you get them, buy some contrasting or matching compression shorts to wear underneath. They are usually longer and look really cute!!

      • That’s a great idea! I’m glad you mentioned that

  21. I am “fluffy” too so know the clothes won’t fit but my nieces are thin so no problem there. I felt with just getting the tracker, shoes and slides I was ahead of the game. This is a wonderful box and a very good deal. I’m thrilled to be able to get it and can’t believe its not sold out. I soooo can’t wait to get it.

    • My thoughts exactly! I think those slides are so cute too. I hope that’s the exact design we get.

  22. If Rita Ora was tapped to cultivate the next box, though, it might / will probably be in there. A jacket in summer would have been odd, but not for fall…

  23. What does the headband look like? Is it just basic black elastic? Just curious. Can’t tell in the pictures.

  24. So nice to see two boxes in a row so well curated! If anyone would like the tracker, I’d be happy to exchange for pop sugar summer edition blanket or bag from spoiler!

    • I’ll swap with you!

    • Oops, natvp7 at hotmail 🙂

    • I’m looking to swap my giant towel from the PSMH must have and would throw in other stuff from my swap profile.

    • I don’t have a towel but I have a 1951 Musgo 3D in XL and a few other items that are in high demand and I am happy to swap generously for a tracker!!! Daisydoodle2u at hotmail dot com

  25. OK, I LOVE THIS!!!!

    BUT! Now I am thinking about Fall! LOL

    Do you think maybe Rita Ora is the curator, and we’ll get the jacket and those pink pants we saw on Instagram? Because I’d love that!

    • I really don’t think the jacket will be in a box, because I think the videos are meant to get us wanting other Adidas items. 2/2 videos have shown outfits not in the box. I think the pants are still a possibility though…at least I hope so!

  26. Yaaaassss I’m super happy I ordered!

  27. I can’t wait!!

  28. Thanks to Hildol, I can now focus on other things in my life. I will now be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that I am SUPER HAPPY with my box on its way!! 🙂

    • Omigosh…that’s so true. Lol! I have been obsessing majorly over this box. I’ll definitely sleep better knowing what’s coming!

  29. I’m at work…refreshing the page to see if full spoilers would be posted soon.
    I almost screamed – tried to contain my reaction! I really like the items that were picked.

    I LOVE the shoes! The running shoes are very interesting and a lovely color. While I wouldn’t exactly purchase slides for myself, I think I can get good use out of these around the house or when I travel and don’t want to walk barefoot.
    I didn’t expect shorts for some reason, I thought capris. But seeing as it was curated by Morgan Brian and she was wearing shorts, I should’ve known.
    Right now, I have a orangey-red (was red, it’s pretty much a dirty orange/red now) Fitbit Charge HR, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw someone indicate that the reviews indicate that the white band would get dingy quickly.
    Avenue A continues to be my favorite subscription! They just sent my tracking info…so I can obsessively refresh the FedEx page!

    • Kind of off subject but a magic eraser should clean up the band and make it not look so dingy.

      • Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give it a try! I didn’t even think to use that, even thought I use it to get stains off the wall in high traffic areas (my dog likes to rub herself against the wall sometimes).
        I have been searching for solutions, I’ve tried rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, dish soap, baking soda. I love dark color jeans, so some of the stains are probably from the band rubbing against my jeans.

  30. Really awesome box but I’m glad I decided to wait until Fall. The shorts and white tank would not get worn and as much as I like the FitBit white is not my first choice. The shoes and slides look awesome. Great job Avenue A!

    • I agree, I am a little
      Bummed the jacket isn’t included . In MINNESOTA We
      Can use lightweight jackets
      all year round . I don’t like to wear shorts at all. I wear capri leggings all summer . I am also shy about wearing tank tops . So 2 miss items for me . I tried to update my size to small so my daughter can have the shorts and tank so we will see. It is my fault that I am not psyched , I should have figured they would send shorts in a summer box . I will love the fall and winter box so much more !

      • They sent capri pants and a jacket in the last box, so they’re probably trying not to send out too many duplicates.

  31. This is a perfect box for summer. They did soooo good!

  32. I’m torn if I should size to a medium or large? I usually wear a size 8 in women’s clothing. How do the adidas shirts and shorts usually run?

    • Hello from adidas AvenueA, I wear 4 or 6 and fit into a small so I think an 8 would be medium… Please look at the sizing charts in the fit guides for reference- ( Let us know how it works out!

  33. Oh yeah! So glad I ordered! Need everything in this box! Thanks Hildol!

  34. I wish I could get this box but they don’t offer plus sizes. Or wide shoes.

    Oh wait, I forgot. Fat people don’t exercise.

    (I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be a downer. I’m just bummed.)

    • It’s okay to be bummed. One of the worst battles I fought with trying to encourage my friend to start exercising was trying to find cute exercise clothes for her. There is a heck of a market that isn’t being sufficiently tapped by Fabletics and the pro brands.

      Thanks for the heads up on the shoes – I need wide too and am glad to save $150!

      • somewhat off topic — FYI – I see a lot of plus sized workout wear on the TJ Maxx website. Check in stores too. Every once in a while, they’ll offer free shipping on any size order. I am addicted to shopping for gym clothes — trying to not be addicted to BUYING them. In normal clothes, I’m not a plus size, but for gym clothes — I’m an XXL ?? really !!??!? and no one wants clingy shirts that don’t cover their butt if they “feel” they are fat…. come on manufacturers !! We’re not all size 6 and lacking of middle fat !!

      • Athleta goes up to 2XL on most of their clothing and their stuff runs big (I wear a 10 at lululemon & a large from almost all the pro brands like nike and adidas but only a medium at Athleta), not quite a full plus size line but definitely better than most brands.

    • Kohl’s also has some great plus sized workout gear !

  35. I am sitting in a meeting right so I can’t do what I really want to do: scream, wave my arms around, do a little dance and finally jump up and down with glee! I must look like a nut because I am smiling soooo hard! I literally had to stop myself from leaning over to the lady next to me and say, “look at what I am getting!!!” Yaaaaaaay! Ok, back to the meeting.

    • lol!
      glad I’m not in a meeting or I’d feel the same way!

  36. Totally amazing! Love it!! I can’t wait to have those things in my hands. Two more days.

  37. Could. Not. Resist.
    Kicked myself for missing the last one. Looking into getting a tougher tracker for the hubby so the rest is my bonus.

    Anyone have any experience with the tracker good or bad?

    • I just looked up reviews (I’m really having an internal struggle on if I want to buy this box or not) and they weren’t terrible. They only thing they noted was the white gets dingy quick but that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone really.

      (From the review I read where it got 3.5 stars)
      Great battery life
      Activity tracking now on board
      Much improved companion app

      Distance recording is way off
      Heart rate monitor readings dubious
      No GPS connectivity

      it’s also worth noting that some people commented that they felt the heart rate monitor was fairly accurate despite their thoughts on it.

      • I wish it was black instead of white. He probably won’t even like it white. Meaning it will default to me anyway.

        • The tracker is in a sealed box. I bet you could go to a store, tell them how you got it and ask if they would switch it for black. They might 🙂 its always worth asking

          • Good call it’s worth a shot.

  38. this box looks amazing! I’m super excited! i wonder if all the items will coming in different color variations

  39. OMG YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!! My box gets here on Friday! I can’t wait!

  40. Hildol you rock!! Great box missing the hot pink though 🙂 Mine is due on Friday and like a few others I really hope everything fits.

  41. I can’t wait to get my box!! I’ve been watching all day for full spoilers. Thank you for posting them! I ordered my box on Sunday but haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation yet. I got my receipt saying I’d get my box by 6/17 so fingers crossed!! I’ve never been so excited for a box and I’ve been a Play subscriber since the first box.

  42. Thanks Hildol! Mine will be here Friday. I hope everything fits!

  43. So happy I could run home early 🙂 and share. There is also a 6th item, a running headband. Amazing Box!!!

    • You are THE BEST!!! Thank you 🙂 I’ll add the note about the headband too!

    • Thank you for this!!! I can only imagine your convo with your boss. “Look, a LOT of people are counting on me so it is urgent that I leave early………….. to post photos of this ADIDAS box!” 🙂

      • If I was her boss I would totally understand.

      • Luckily I am the boss and would not be happy if someone else did what I did lol. well maybe. The addiction is real! My husband and I own the company and HE KNEW and was laughing and slowly shaking his head when I cut out early. I have to pick up a kiddo at 3 (i was a little late with the detour) but was DYING to know what was in the box. So glad I could share as I know I wasnt alone in dying to see spoilers. Thank goodness Fedex doesnt know my package stalking capabilities. Now Im at swim lessons wishing I was wearing the shorts, tank and slides as its over 100 outside and Im still dressed for work.

        • Thanks so much Hildol! Love everything!

    • Thanks so much Hildo! You made my day! Now I just have to wait til Monday.

  44. Love love love this!!! Can’t wait to get my box! My shipping alert told me until Monday.. (boo!) I really want that Smart Watch!!!!

  45. The rep from Adidas told me if I changed the size of my shoe I would be able to get the box but it never updated the subscription status. I hope he gets back to me as I really want this box and those sneakers.


    • Agreed! If they had it in a men’s box, I would have bitten. Great deal, but it’s just not for me. Would be great for husband and son though.

    • Yes!! Hubby has serious box envy lol

    • My hubby said the same thing!

  47. This is an incredible deal, it’s basically like buying the watch and getting everything else for free. This is what I expect to see out of subscription boxes!

  48. I LOVE THIS BOX! That is all!

  49. OMG – YAY!! Thank you Hildol!
    I can’t believe we’re getting another pair of shoes and the watch and then still more!!!

    LOVE this sub! Can’t wait to get mine on Friday!

  50. Yay! I didn’t like that jacket we thought we were getting that much and this is much more of a summer box.

    • That jacket bummed me out sooooooo much. I’m really excited now. It ALL looks good!

      I’m thinking about writing them and thanking for NOT putting it in.

      • I mean who wants a jacket that doesn’t cover their stomach… Makes no sense 😉

    • I still cant find what jacket y’all are talking about lol

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